Successor Preselection

This girl’s ex-boyfriend walked into the club with a new girl on his arm. She sees him. Her expression is priceless. (Commenter: “That is the face of someone who suddenly wants to go home”)

There are three great looks on a woman:

When she’s gazing up at you with her mouth stuffed full of your ocasio-cockas.

When her eyes dance the first moment she falls in love with you.

When her heart sinks at the sight of you with another woman, and her duckface retracts to a slack grimace.

If you cause any of these looks in a woman, you will feel like a KING. Strive to complete the trifecta.


  1. on January 4, 2019 at 11:28 pm Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

    This happened to me once. I couldn’t see the look on the girl’s face since electricity hadn’t been invented yet but I’m sure she looked something like this.

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  2. on January 4, 2019 at 11:35 pm Captain Obvious

    CH: “When her heart sinks at the sight of you with another woman, and her duckface retracts to a slack grimace. If you cause any of these looks in a woman, you will feel like a KING. Strive to complete the trifecta.”

    Not disagreeing with anything CH wrote.

    But my G0d, it was not supposed to have been like this.

    We were supposed to [email protected] them at age 16, have our first grandch!ldren at about age 32, and our great-grandkids at 48.

    All this horrible bitter purposeless nihilism.

    For what?

    So that the Frankfurt School can just laugh at us?

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    • I do not think that you should rejoice in the misery of a woman that (still) loves you
      If you have to go away do it with as less inflicted pain as possible

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      • Agree on “least inflicted pain” – unless she left you, and nastily.

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      • speaking of the plead of a woman in love faced with younger and more beautiful one
        for me alison tops dolly here

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      • Krauss = best pop voice of the last three generations

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      • But, muh “lady”……

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      • Her voice is beautiful,, but I think the song suits more to Dollys voice. Alison Krauss has the voice to make any song sound more “somber” because it is like angel. Is somber the correct word? When a voice is very beautiful it makes you cry. This is one of the more beautiful things I have heared. It is how I imagine angels to sound.


      • More evidence that men are more noble than women.

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      • Women do NOT love. If she only knows your cock, then handle with care out of respect for female innocence and value. Liberated but especially sexually experienced women are the enemy of men in their own hearts and loins per fully woke bitchdom. Win when you can against your enemy. White man sympathy without borders is what got us here. Non-wife materlal is not worthy of emotional stewardship because she only accepts stewardship from cockless alpha institution not you. It’s beta bait intentional or not. Experienced women for ltr are a lost cause and bane. ZFG. Traditional values require sovereignty/patriarchy. Once past honeymoon, burn bridge. She can only go away or make an illicit offer you can’t refuse.

        I am a libertarian and see the point of not rejoicing and minimal pain, but I am lately congruent with the animal inside. There is a season. Some luxuries we can’t afford. We can save our civilized principles for investments that will pay off. I guess what I am saying is that discrimination is critical. White-man sympathy can be a strength, but not without self-interest that by today’s intuitive standards is called greed. As the gaslighting definition goes, greed really is good in a self-possessed man of civilized bent. Be civilized and uncivilized with wise discrimination. Women are property beneath rank-and-file men or they are weaponized government property. We can’t afford softness. Fresh vag is the only sound investment vag if you’ve got the means to own. If you are happily married otherwise, I don’t know how you do it. No patriarchy, no true ‘love’.

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      • on January 5, 2019 at 6:56 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Krauss is looking tasty here, even through she’s definitely over the hill. WB.


      • Alison Krause is a real songbird in the classical American genre.

        I highly recommend a live viewing.


      • Krauss = best pop voice of the last three generations

        Alison Krauss is talented…but no woman had a better voice than Karen Carpenter. This is not up for discussion.


      • I’m not going to say who’s better, who’s best… but Dusty and Patsy could play the same stage as Karen Carpenter and not feel second-string… and if thick mo-lasses is on the table, Dionne or Marilyn McCoo wouldn’t assault White ears.

        Since most o’ youse yeggs wouldn’t know McCoo from McGoo, here’s a taste:


      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:29 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Her voice is beautiful,, but I think the song suits more to Dollys voice.”

        I have the same feeling when I listen to Pavarotti -vs- Lanza.

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:31 pm Captain Obvious

        Pavarotti clearly has the more refined voice.

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:34 pm Captain Obvious

        But with Lanza, you feel like he’s throwing his heart and his soul into the craft.

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:36 pm Captain Obvious

        Down South [in the Bible Belt of the USA], we would call that a “lamentation”, and we would call the style, “wailing”.

        As much as I love the conservatory-trained singers, it’s a more authentic approach to music.

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    • There is an underlying problem. Our society is complex, probably to some degree needlessly complex. Which means you need extra years of socialization/learning/whatever to even function. But physically essentially adult at 16. This has no obvious solution, But producing children does not have to wait till 40 either.

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      • neither men nor women have experience to choose the partner at that age
        it worked in societies where these crucial choices were made by their families
        even in such circumstances that age is/was too young for procreation
        we do not want children having children

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      • This has no obvious solution.

        Well, no “obvious” solution to a pornified sexual-wasteland culture.

        The solution is chastity and delay, impossible to contemplate for the adolescent hivemind that has squatted on the culture since, yes, GREG’S BELOVED BOOMERS.

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      • Hefner weren’t no boomer…

        … and I understand the flappers, vamps, and “It” girls of the Roaring Twenties were a bit free with their favors.


      • on January 5, 2019 at 9:34 am Corinth Arkadin

        Remember that the Roaring Twenties were brought on by the perfect storm of Post-War Trauma, Radio, Credit, Cars, Sex, Alcohol (outlawed, and thus cool).

        You’re a Doughboy or a Marine who experienced war the trenches (and the ancient moral turpitude of the Old World). Now you could buy a car on credit to take your flapper girlfriend to dance at a speakeasy where you could enjoy scotch and listen to jazz to soften her up.

        Afterwards you could pile into your mobile phuck pad and bang her out.


      • How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm,
        After they’ve seen Paree? 😉

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      • @King
        Well, restraint etc. on one hand. On the other, great reluctance to reproduce, this applies to both sexes. Again, waiting till age 40 is not so great an idea.


      • All this talk of “complexity” and “not ready” is a steaming heap of bullshit, IMO. If not (((bullshit))).

        Man remains an animal. One with a sapient mind bolted tragically on top, but a beast in the end, first, last, and always. The fundamental creature altereth not no matter what weirdness it’s temporarily convinced of.

        Humans are built, IMO, for pair-bonding in the mid teens to early 20s at the latest. Beyond that, it becomes progressively more difficult. Can it happen? Sure, but stability and permanence are less likely (though not impossible in individual cases.)

        Take my own family. My mother and father paired up when they were 17 and 20 respectively, though they had to wait a few months until she was 18 to get married. Her parents objected because they wanted her to be a rich man’s whore (literally), but she wanted to have kids and a family with the hard-ass roughneck forklift driver and slayer-of-norks instead.

        Decades later, they’re still together. He says something, she does it — cheerfully and without question the vast majority of the time. Fortunately for her, he’s a benevolent dictator, though his success accidentally and ironically led to my thus-far reproductive failure — but that’s another story.

        Her sister, my aunt, two years younger, basically identical genetic stock, “waited” until she was 27. Now, she’s been through two divorces, about 50 random guys, and 5 to 6 abortions with zero living children, and is far past childbearing age plus enormously fat, cohabiting with some random half-crippled dude on disability. She’ll probably stay with him due to it being too late to ever get another, but that’s not really a victory.

        So what worked? The two people who were “too young to pull it off” or the “mature, experienced wahmen ready to navigate modern complexities?”

        The idea that evolution produced a species that’s fertile in its early teens but isn’t supposed to reproduce for another 15 to 20 years is insane. Another piece of demented, stupid, smug modernity.

        Essentially, putting two people together when their brains are still plastic and adaptable due to being in the last stages of development causes them to finish their maturation process as part of a team, adapting to work together rather than developing a complete-unto-itself personality which then has a progressively harder time adapting to another complete-unto-itself-personality.

        (Probably why spring-winter pairings often seemed to work historically — as long as the broad’s mind is still plastic, the male’s plasticity is probably unimportant, because she’ll adapt to him.)

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      • “Delay” never ever meant “pushing against menopause.” It meant delay until men and women had the capacity to rule over their own unrefined inclinations. The secular shrews took the perfection of a golden mean — not too early, and not too late — and extrapolated its trajectory toward marginally older right past the window of fertility! Obvious now thinks a corrective is in order the other way, i.e., younger unto the pushing against menarche. Both are wrong, although Obvious is relatively less wrong given how far skewed toward menopause we are.

        I believe this is his sublimation of perversity into cultural politics not because I know Obvious but because I know myself. We are universally attracted to nubility and seek ways to rationalize its exploitation for ostensibly higher purposes. But white social genius developed entire institutions (which, YES, have since degenerated into absurdities: “pedo” shaming to no constructive end) to restrain men in moments of weakness, where we in a moment will trade our birthright for a mess of peak pussage.

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      • The ‘complexity’ is the matrix, a control grid. Sound principles are always simple. Getting to them is not. Mitt Romney is a retirement thief for example. The ‘law’ is complex all right, which is like saying that Fed policy is a measured response. Abuse is abuse, but the mark must never know.


      • “How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm”

        Keep the girls on the farm and the men will stay.

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      • “we do not want children having children”

        We have exactly that. Nearly all Western adults are infantile. The correct selective pressure of Nature’s God has been replaced with poz by daddy institution for a very long time. What we want is true failures to truly fail and get the fuck out the way.

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      • Hell, did yet another jest fall flat?

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      • Nothing fell flat. I know about the Paree quip.


      • Hell on YouTube… this was the more amusing version:


      • “We have exactly that. Nearly all Western adults are infantile. The correct selective pressure of Nature’s God has been replaced with poz by daddy institution for a very long time. What we want is true failures to truly fail and get the fuck out the way.”

        very thoughtful observation. it’s a slightly different take on the idea that prosperity necessarily breeds complacency by sheltering it’s beneficiaries from real world, life or death problem solving.

        not feeling good? call a doctor. need to eat? get a job someone stole your garden gnome? call the police. teenage son OD’d? call an ambulance.

        these are all problems that society agreed they wanted solved. and when they’re all solved what happens? no growth. no perspective. no purpose.

        when people are relatively free from basic problems, or at least PERCEIVE that they are, they seem to choose the life of eternal adolescence. and of course the matrix prefers it that way.

        sorry to rant but it’s been a rough day. someone scratched my truck. burn it all down.


      • Gonna break ranks w/ you here King. This shaming of being attracted to teenagers is a VERY new thing as you damn well know.

        There were 16 year olds fighting on battle fields and ruling nations just a hundred years ago and prior. We are infantilized to an absurd level. A 16 year old girl should not have been PREGNANT, per se, but she certainly should have been with a young man and being prepped for marriage and children.

        The ‘dark ages’ you spoke so fondly of in the last article here were prime time for this early marriage / children thing. Granted, life expectancy was phenomenally shorter so that factors, but even still… as you observed but then somewhat recanted, this pedo shaming shit has been taken to an EXTREME by middle-aged shrikes who want to desperately grasp onto male attention.

        They are calling guys who look at 20 yos pedos know, bitch puh-leez. Take your wrinkled roast beef sandwich the fuck outta here, we all know the score.

        [CH: i always enjoy your comments]

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      • Bad day, plumpjack? I admit to having a bad life. We are being tested mightily by decline. We worry about inadequate defense because we are prevented from going on offense and gaining ground. Anyway, I can’t say I’m any better on not ranting. I doubt anyone here is skating through life except CH, whom I envision as a senator’s son with elitist advantages and informed disgust. I hear he is the love child of Nancy Pelosi and John McCain. Hence, his youthful mantra that one must feel what’s in the vagina to know what’s in the vagina. The rest is history. Or myth.


      • “the idea that prosperity necessarily breeds complacency by sheltering it’s beneficiaries from real world, life or death problem solving.”

        I insist on better precision for accuracy. It is prosperity unearned that does what you say. Institution gets is raison detra from socialized costs for safety. Long-lived institutions pick winners and losers by thwarting individual accountability. The sheltering is of those who have the benefits without the responsibilities, useful idiots become useless eater, and you know the rest of the story. To be against prosperity defeats any wholesome purpose in life. Culling is a requirement of mother nature, like it or not. The culling of corrupt empires in whole is not exactly fair but it is.


      • on January 6, 2019 at 7:54 am Carlos Danger

        I agree with Ironsides. My parents were 26 and 21 .That was pretty typical in the early 60s. I dated my first serious girlfriend at 17 and I often think we could have had a successful life together. My mother’s interference broke us up more than anything else.


      • on January 6, 2019 at 12:44 pm Captain Obvious

        PJ: “prosperity necessarily breeds complacency by sheltering it’s beneficiaries from real world, life or death… no growth. no perspective. no purpose.”

        Death Squared: The Explosive Growth and Demise of a Mouse Population
        by John B Calhoun MD


      • on January 6, 2019 at 12:45 pm Captain Obvious

        “I shall largely speak of mice, but my thoughts are on man, on healing, on life and its evolution. Threatening life and evolution are the two deaths, death of the spirit and death of the body. Evolution, in terms of ancient wisdom, is the acquisition of access to the tree of life. This takes us back to the white first horse of the Apocalypse which with its rider set out to conquer the forces that threaten the spirit with death. Further in Revelation (ii.7) we note: ‘To him who conquers I will grant to eat the tree’ of life, which is in the paradise of God’ and further on (Rev. xxii.2):’The leaves of the tree were for the healing of nations.’

        This takes us to the fourth horse of the Apocalypse (Rev. vi.7): ‘I saw … a pale horse, and its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him; and they were given power over a fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth’ (italics mine). This second death has gradually become the predominant concem of modern medicine. And yet there is nothing in the earlier history of medicine, or in the precepts embodied in the Hippocratic Oath, that precludes medicine from being equally concerned with healing the spirit, and healing nations, as with healing the body. Perhaps we might do well to reflect upon another of John’s transcriptions (Rev. ii. 1): ‘He who conquers shall not be hurt by the second death.'”


      • >life expectancy was phenomenally shorter

        actually life expectancy for those who lived past childhood wasn’t all that much shorter. the average gets skewed downward by the incredibly high rate of infant mortality that preceded modern medicine


    • on January 4, 2019 at 11:56 pm traitors first

      ZFG …….. Remorseless

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    • We were supposed to [email protected] them at age 16, have our first grandch!ldren at about age 32, and our great-grandkids at 48.

      Enough with this canard. Whites developed civilization precisely because we delayed mar riage (and restricted consanguinity) through the influence of the church. Teenagers having children means a permanently adolescent, which is to say retarded, culture.

      The European scintilla of insight was to intuit that procreation was better off delayed until our frontal lobes were fully formed. We are not nature’s bitch; we are the stewards of creation endowed with sense, and with that sense we overcome the natural shortcomings that literally retarded peoples indulge.

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      • on January 5, 2019 at 12:42 am Captain Obvious

        The girl in that video is a fully formed WOMAN.

        She ought to have two ch!ldren already [if not three].

        At the time the video was sh0t, she should have just tucked those kids into bed, and she ought to be tidying up the last few loose ends around the house in preparation for the morrow.

        But instead she’s out clubbing away the very best of her fertile years in the Bluetropolis Wasteland so that she can catch herpes & venereal warts & antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea and have her poor heart broken by so many Playaz that The Darkness takes hold of her, and she becomes a snide snarky hateful Passive-Aggressive bitterb!tch Battlecunt who’s only good for ana1 & ch0ke-phucking?

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      • King you are a dumbass tradcuck. Women’s brains are fully formed at 15, they’re not going to get any smarter or mature than that. Their fathers should find suitable suitors and have them betrothed long before then.

        [CH: girls emotionally mature earlier than boys. most women are, psychologically as well as biologically, more than ready for motherhood by their early 20s.]


      • You have an ugly habit of projecting your old-man regrets into a program for utopian society. The girl in that video is NOT a “fully formed woman,” nor is any sixteen-year-old. Her body is outwardly and physically maturing, as Thor points out above, but she does not have the mental or spiritual capacity to do what you fantasize she should be doing, namely, “tuck[ing] … kids into bed” and “tidying up the last few loose ends around the house.” She is too close spiritually to the time when she herself was being tucked in, no matter her biological development.

        You creepily look upon demi-children as bodies alone, apart from their underdeveloped souls, destined by their fledgling physicality to fulfill the roles of fully realized women. This is quite apart from the crone-chic hysteria which calls all men pedos when they are involuntarily attracted to any female younger than a given, wall-approaching woman. Which is why, as in many things, you are the worst possible representative for our shared cause.

        This is where your and CH’s idiotic, idiotic “Biomechanics is God” hypothesis fails the white race. Precisely because we do not worship biology, we can transcend the physical imperatives that trap lesser peoples into the tyranny of rabbit-fucking r-selection. The institution of K selection is our crowning achievement! It is a gift that has virtuously and exponentially compounded into a legacy you would discard like a nigger with a hard on.

        I say “old-man” regrets because you are far enough away to forget the chaos of the years when your own underripe frontal lobe was still maturing.

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      • Whatever criticism of CO’s style, it’s effective in raising alarms about the national emergency.

        Teen-mrrge may or may not be optimal for us. But under the given conditions?

        And for men: there is also the woman-dearth after one’s teen years. It was never quite like that before, that even above-average men in their early twenties cant find a decent girl.

        A teenage girl can wait, in theory. A teenage boy? If you have a nice girlfriend of your race and culture and you respect her family, knock her up and make you and her parents help financially.

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      • It is a spiritual sickness that is only tangentially biological. Biological solutions do not address the source of the issue, and emergency measures of the type you propose are band aids on a sucking chest wound.

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      • It’s primarily an environmental disaster.


      • I’m with the Captain. King is flat-out wrong.

        A tale of two sisters:

        One sister married a guy when she was 17 and he was 20. Her parents wanted her to become a rich man’s mistress, she wanted a family and kids with a roughneck.

        Decades later, they’re still together, she happily 0beys his leadership, and has family and kids.

        Her sister, two years younger, waited until she was 27 to get married. She’s been through two divorces, about 50 random guys, and 5-6 abort1ons. Total live births — zero. Total happiness — zero. Total misery — 100%.

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      • Biology says Sweet 16 is prime woman. 16-year-olds are capable of being adults because for their entire lives they’ve only been extreme learning machines. Problem is that older people exploit the young, who grow up and want theirs the same way. That is a problem with long-standing superlative people via long-standing institution. Women are not finished with education until 22, at which point they are completely ruined. Big Education is, well, too big. The duration, too long. The culturally exhausted Greeks has recreational schools of philosophy supported by crowd funding.

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      • Fucking women never grow up… Oldest teenager in the house.


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      • Queen is RIGHT!

        We just need MOAR JESUS

        And more homosexual bishops! Don’t chase girls, chase altar boys like the Catholics do!


      • “scintilla of insight was to intuit that procreation was better off delayed until our frontal lobes were fully formed.” Before people knew about the function and developmental biology of frontal lobes Malthus recommended delaying child bearing until the man had developed the ability to support a family. This older criterion worked for me. I still have no idea how I would determine that my or anyone’s frontal lobes are fully developed. I just looked at my investments and ability to generate cash flow and compared it to cost of living. How did these Europeans with their insight determine when a particular man and his potential mate had fully developed frontal lobes? Was it before the invention of fMRI?

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      • The girl in that video is a fully formed WOMAN.

        Lisa Simpson?


      • From a biological perspective, a fully realized woman is the one who satisfied both of her AF/BB directives. For the sake of civilization, the fear of the fury from our maker’s hand must be instigated into the heart of every girl. In a civilized, K-oriented society, they’re better off married young in their teenage years as chaste virgins with older men (because men peak financially usually later in life) and having as many children as their bodies and their husbands’ wallets can afford. In this context, we can measure a woman’s sucess by how many children she has inside of wedlock and for successfully mantaining her life-long votes to her husband.

        Biomechanics is downwards from providence itself. Sexual dynamics are the way they are because that’s the will of God. I’m pretty sure CH acknowledges this.

        You know, King, I really appreciate your comments. I think they’re a great contribution to the site. But this… it doesn’t read like the usual repartee I would expect from you. Sometimes, your comments can inspire someone to ponder on the greater picture and foster a newfound appreciation for the timeless wisdom of yore preached by our forebears. I recently found out that the bible warns us about the wiles of women regarding fake rape accusations, but I digress. While you usually nail it, this time you came off as too hot-headed and spiteful in your analysis. You might be trying to incite feelings of humility onto him, but you’re not being fair on your assessment. He’s not worshipping biology over God, but just the opposite. Cut him some slack, and try to learn to appreciate him, even on his faults.

        And you’re wrong, Matt. Time and time again we have seen how women externalize the consequences of their bad behavior on society. It is foolish to expect irrational, present oriented beings to be capable of governing themselves. They’re slaves to their passions, after all.

        “But I want you to know that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of the woman, and God is the head of Christ.”

        1 Corinthians 11:3

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 7:58 am Carlos Danger

        Actually Matt, that is not true. In the 19th century, this sort of age pairing was common. The average age of a pioneer couple was 17 for the man and 15 for the woman. Wagon train captains averaged 19 years of age. I think 17 to 19 for both was common if not the norm well into the mid 20th century.

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      • Back in the day, some cooze, totally unrelated to the topic at hand in the classroom, was kvetching about “Puritan rape culture” and claimed forty-something men were taking young teens for wivês (which obviously would have been against the latter’s will, duckface), so I looked up the actual facts (go figger), and it turned out the average age of mårriage in that society was 23 for the man and 20 for the woman.

        Of course, since we didn’t have iPhones and 24/7 immediate ‘net access, I had to wait until the next day to dissuade her, as well as the rest of her coterie, of their feminist studies misconceptions.

        The look on her phiz was akin to the girl in this topic’s video.

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      • you’re fucking full of shit you catholic fag worshipper.

        Rome and Greece predate christianity


      • on January 6, 2019 at 11:07 pm thewanderer697


        Enough with this canard. Whites developed civilization precisely because we delayed mar riage (and restricted consanguinity) through the influence of the church. Teenagers having children means a permanently adolescent, which is to say retarded, culture.

        The European scintilla of insight was to intuit that procreation was better off delayed until our frontal lobes were fully formed. We are not nature’s bitch; we are the stewards of creation endowed with sense, and with that sense we overcome the natural shortcomings that literally retarded peoples indulge.

        People in Europe, throughout centuries and until the past few decades, married and started families quite early. Roughly it would be 16-22 years old for women, and 18-25 for men. Going past those age brackets meant pushing old maid and eternal bachelor labels respectively, and those were labels of stigma that no one wanted to be associated with.

        Starting a family is also one of the best lessons in responsibility, provided that society allows for a traditional model where the wife stays home to nurture the children and the husband goes out in the world to provide for them. Additionally, it is necessary to ostracize divorce so that people stay together and learn how to cope with difficulties rather than run for the hills at the first sign of adversity. It is not the most fair model of society or the most comfortable, but it is the most stable in the long run.

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    • Excellent comment. Indeed, it “wasn’t supposed to be this way.” This is what happens when you allow your culture to be captured and destroyed.


    • What about the look when oven ===> bun?

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      • here is a look that may be the moast im,portant of all. keep this in mind when you leave your kids with minimum wage day care wOrKeRs or angry negresses.

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      • I know I sound like a broken record but Himmler wanted Germans to met their partners at 16. It also fends off any gay/masturbation urges a kid may have.
        The tribal ritual of meeting your partner at this age will ensure both are invested into their tribe and culture.

        All this generational wisdom learned over thousands of years was tossed aside after 1945 in the West.
        9 women in my office area…7 white Americans and 2 Hispanics.
        All 24 to 30.
        3 children in total including 2 from the Hispanic who is 27 with still a rocking body and took the pregnancies in her stride and abounds energy.
        The white American women are tired, bitchy and wasting their lives on Netflix.


      • Here’s one where a baby hears mom’s voice for the first time:

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    • Sīck of typīng this. One last try.

      Kīng is flat out wrong. The Cāptain is correct.

      Nāture dīdn’t dēsign a crēature that is fērtile for 10 yēars befōre it’s supposed to rēprōduce. It’s a mōronic mōdern cōnceit that this is the case. Either started by pōmpous dōlts who know nothing about hūmans, or clever (((fēllows))) who know too much about hūmans.

      Pāir bōnding occurs most effectively when both pēople are under 23, IMO. The exact reason IS that the brāin is not fully formed. This is a FĒATURE, not a būg. The two finish the māturātion process in each othēr’s compāny and so evōlve into a team.

      Othērwise, you have two fūlly fōrmed peōple with no plāsticity, who nēver fully get used to each other. Does it sometimes work? Sure. But it’s inhērently unstāble, tēnuoūs, and ūnwise if it can be avoided.

      My mōther got mārried to my fāther when she was 18, he was 21. Her pārents wanted her to be a rīch mān’s mīstress, she wanted a fāmily with kīds with the toūgh, broōding rōughneck driving fōrklifts.

      They’re still tōgether decādes later. She got her fāmily and kīds. My dād says jump, my mōm asks cheērfully how high and does it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brōad more attached to a gūy.

      My mother’s sister, my āunt, wāited until she was 27. Result, 2 dīvōrces, 50+ rāndom gūys, 5-6 abōrtions. Total līve bīrths zēro.

      You wānt pēople not fūlly dēveloped and pliāble when they pāir up, not hārdened into a tōwer of iṣōlation, complete unto thēmselves.

      Sprīng-wīnter seemed to wōrk histōrically also, presumably because the yōung brōad adāpted pliābly to the oldēr gūys set ways.

      Kīng, mān is an ānimāl. A nōble beāst, at times, but still a beāst. This lōfty flōating intellēctual shīt is exactly that, shīt. You aren’t creāting some kind of perfēction by having pēople wait pāst thēir pāir bōnding pēriod, you’re just fūcking thīngs up by trying to oūtsmart milliōns of yēars of evōlved sūrvival fēatures. The ēnd.

      P.S. There’s nōthing “cōmplex” about it. The process is, mān provides resources, mān and wōman cōpulate and prodūce lārvae, bloōdline cōntinues. There’s nothing to “lēarn” that takes another 10 or 15 fūcking yēars, other than lēarning to whōre around and to leārn to be prōgressively less capable of bōnding to another person and crēating a stāble fāmily.

      Hell, I’ve read a lot of hīstory and there are tons of 13+14, 13+15 coūples in the High Mīddle Āges that you thīnk are the pēak of hīstory. They may not have known how to būild a spāceship, but they sure the hēll knew how to keep their bloōdlines alīve.

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      • “Pāir bōnding occurs most effectively when both pēople are under 23, IMO. The exact reason IS that the brāin is not fully formed. This is a FĒATURE, not a būg”

        BULLS EYE.

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      • Thanks, PA. 😉

        One final note: there’s a substitute for whatever “experience” waiting another 10 years is supposed to provide.

        It’s called “relatives.” Guidance & advice from a functional FAMILY papers over any gaps in the knowledge or maturity of the youthful c0uple.

        It’s almost like humans were d3signed for [email protected] [email protected] b0nding with the support of an extended [email protected] Hm.

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      • Excellent post, hard to gainsay… and who would want to? 😉

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      • You can put it in relig10us terms if you don’t like the ev0lution part, also.

        The w1sd0m of G0d is visible in causing the [email protected] and [email protected] to seek each other’s affin1ty before their [email protected] are fully matured, so that the two s0uls can become as one in the same manner as the fl3sh.

        It’s only the arr0gance of man, seeking to set their m0rtal pr1de above G0d, that makes them ignore the plain [email protected] of their [email protected], as visible in the life stages of His w0rks.

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      • “The exact reason IS that the brāin is not fully formed.”

        You beat me to it, @Ironsides, and I wasn’t going to type out another argument for it. So this.

        I think its more important that the bride have some little girl left than the man have little boy left, even though it could enhance bonding. The problem is that nobly naive men are a political liability. I speak as that kind of failure who was saving himself for ‘the one’. Men must understand power animal and civilized to be competent patriarchs. That is more important than being in romantic love, what under the rubric chivalry Dalrock has correctly labeled the blue pill. Husband blue pill is very dangerous, a luxury his grandchildren can’t afford. Wives are property, period, or it’s not marriage.

        In a patriarchy the best age for women to marry I think is 16-18; men, 18-22. A man would be a fool to marry so young now and perhaps to marry at all. If government did not pervert necessity and men were jealous patriarchs, the correct behaviors would result. Bastards would not deserve child support from the biological father. Being a libertarian has its moments of correctness. The trick is to impose the environment of the desired free-market forces.


      • I will say, 13-23 was when I had the most intense bouts of oneitis. Would still happen later, but less intense. Now all that’s left is pump and dump with women who were broken years before I ever met them.

        And a desire to bring those responsible for poz world to account.

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      • Killshot, the queen is dead.


      • Good stuff guys


      • I’m with Iron on this one

        nature didn’t design them to hit peak fertility at what, 15-17 and have a MERE TEN YEARS of it so that they could be waiting around.

        they were NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE GOING TO COLLEGE and shit like this. it’s a waste of their prime years.

        ALL OF THIS is so we can serve markets, aka jew confetti and banking, always remember that.

        this is why EVERYTHING happened- we live in a literal ponzi scheme, a red queen trap, running faster to stay in place.

        The PLAN is NOT for the brown people to keep having kids, fam…it’s for them to become consumers and most importantly, borrowers.

        the Market Beast must be fed

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      • “Now all that’s left is pump and dump with women who were broken years before I ever met them.”

        Fuck, dude. Just when I thot it couldn’t get any darker…


      • Great post. What are those 16 to 24 year old females supposed to be doing, if not mating it up?

        That would be an eternity, to the perspective of a “young woman” that age. She does not want to wait, and will be doing everything in her power to get around that restriction, which means you-know-what.


      • In re King’s minority opinion on this issue 😉


      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:09 am Carlos Danger

        In Rome the ages were on average 17 for the man and 13 for the woman. My guess is this was also the medieval norm.


      • The pair-bonding angle is a great point I hadn’t considered, Ironsides, thanks.

        I am more interested in the faulty, personalized way we approach the discussion of peak nubility more than the discussion itself. But if you’re going to go overboard and say I am “flat out wrong” and “The Captain is correct,” then I have to wonder what motivates your hyperbole beyond the rhetorical device.

        Because Captain Obvious is a blundering, gross goon of a representative for an issue that must be considered with more finesse (read: class) and euphemism. His crudity gives away his game: this is not an issue he analyzes clinically, disinterestedly, or objectively. However, the last thing I want to do is talk about the unrestrained id that sloshes over the brim of his comments like a bucket of sick. I do think shaming him is in order for that reason, and it’s not just about this topic. This is the guy who would regularly post nasty porn photos, dildos, feces, and I don’t know what else I’m actively repressing, back when he was able to. I’m not a prude (is it even possible today?), but it’s clear that we are coming from different planets when we talk about the culture. Refinement is a good thing, a white thing; graphic degeneracy is of the jew.

        … man is an animal. A noble beast, at times, but still a beast.

        You say this, but then you draw all your conclusions as though man were mere beast:

        … man and woman copulate and produce larvae, bloodline continues. There’s nothing to “learn” …

        I’m eager to agree with your observation, but your rhetorical excess makes it impossible. It’s all assertion that I see no reason to credit. But again, the topic isn’t that compelling to me so much as the motivation behind those assertions are. I’d rather talk about that, because that’s where I think you falter. We are all generally on the same team here. We don’t have to over-correct the enemy’s ignorance here. I know that the west was immemorially r-selective until it went K.

        Let’s try it this way: of all pre-modern peoples, the Europeans were easily the oldest to pair-bond. Was there anything salutary about the traditions, practices, and institutions that led to that fact, or was it all just incipient poz that must be reversed by an equal and opposite reaction?

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      • Excellent write up Ironsides. I have never thought about this before, probably because the taboo of thinking of any type of romantic relationship involving people under 18 beaten into us, though I and most of us here have been in such relationships during those years.

        Something that goes unmentioned in history that allows it to change when involving women is man’s love for women. It’s a classic mistake of the blue pill, to think that how men feel love is how women feel love. Thinking that you are oppressing a woman by making her beholden to a husband at such a young age because you are limiting her life experience, what kind of loving man wants that? You only live once and if you love women you want them to be happy and experience all life has to offer, right? It is such an easy trap to fall into and a foothold for this “equality” nonsense we have now. When you think something as simple as male and female love is the same it all starts to unravel.


    • I know better than to introduce a bit of pushback among ideologues. Especially embattled ideologues with whom I agree, and whose survival necessitates regarding any contrary word as the advocacy of total capitulation. We do indeed need a dose of biological realism in this avoirdupois-worshiping, trannyphile culture! Mea maxima culpa.

      I mostly mean to caution my brothers here, and myself, against fetishing youth — for creepy personal reasons — against the hard-won wisdom born of experience, and that includes civilizational questions as well.

      It is indisputable, with all proper disclaimers, that the female existence (mind, body, soul) peaks between 15 and 25 years old. But a culture that thinks with its dick — while an important corrective in today’s world of poz — is not where we ultimately want to be, nor is it a sufficient foundation upon which to build a sustained culture. A little more in that direction, yes, but let’s not (almost literally) throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      All of that said, and I can’t research this now, it’s well known in the Sailersphere that the unusual delay in mar riage and the reduced incidences of cousin-fucking has contributed to the accelerated development of the European west. The Hajnal line is also involved in this thinking somehow. I can’t find the literature on it with a quick search.

      We sublimate the denied, attacked, suppressed truth about the female zenith into a political program as a signal to each other that we are willing to test all idols in the pursuit of Making The West Great Again. Which is great. But it is also possible that the most extreme advocacy for that corrective also misses the mark, not equal to the enemy’s error, but substantially enough that we are led over a cliff on the other side.

      Old white men are the repository of wisdom on the earth, but it is still unseemly (read: creepy) for them to incautiously jabber about young white women — who are the civilizational equal of those éminences grises, given that the young woman’s beauty perfectly substitutes for her complementary lack of wisdom. And vice-versa.

      An ideologue too focused on present challenges must regard as a copout (a cuckout?) my drawing attention to this truth, that young women are the equal of mature men albeit in different virtues. And while individual representatives do not deserve an equivalent reverence, das Ewig Weibliche or the Eternal Feminine itself does, as we all know in our bone(r)s. The wiser among you will use that truth as a lodestar to navigate the topsy-turvy, androgyne fog we all grew up in and will contend with the rest of our lives. As for the rest, you keep doing what you do, and I appreciate the corrective.


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      • you know you sound like an old hag with this stuff, right?

        what’s wrong with an “old” (whatever that means) white man talking about a young woman? if he wifes her up and has a family, what’s the issue?


    • My comments are in moderation, but thanks for all the smart feedback. I read and considered it.


    • Comments in mod. Thx 4 smart feedback. I read/considered it all.


  3. Hmph. It was either too dark or that damned club lighting. Now I don’t know.


  4. When she’s gazing up at you with her mouth stuffed full of your ocasio-cockas.

    Indulging in faggot-inspired behavior is almost understandable for normies, living as we do on This Gay Earth in the third millennium. But enshrining sodomy as one of a holy trinity is the divinization of faggotry.

    On the other hand, a mouth is a mouth is a mouth, amirite?


    • There’s something about it’s that funny/off/not right.


    • Even your papist church of autism allows oral sex in foreplay between a m4rried couple, King Sanctimonious.

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      • “Allows” is very different from “divinize it into one of three crucial experiences to strive for in life,” Prot-stitute.


    • King, we heard you the last time you went off on this subject. Obviously CH decided to sidestep that rebuke. You’re not exactly being masculine when you bring it up again with hostility. You sound more like you live in a convent than a monastery.


    • on January 5, 2019 at 9:25 am Name (required)

      Come on now, the hypocrisy levels on this site are so over the top I thought it was a parody site at first.

      Here’s what’s wrong.
      Here’s why.
      Ok, now here’s how you do the wrong thing for the wrong reason, then call it “alpha.”

      This is my favorite part of clown-world, Hypocrisy Island.


    • on January 5, 2019 at 9:26 am Corinth Arkadin

      Anal sex is permitted as long as it’s punitive.

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    • King you obviously haven’t had a woman that was enraptured by you, kneeling down in front of you willing to do anything. If it finally happens to you you’ll understand the power. But will you know what to do with it?


    • @King, you are so incredibly wrong to apply constructive traditional values to the season of destruction. I’ll give you the traditional values for this season: Kill the biologically mature males (over 16) and the women who can never be good breeding stock, or enslave them, and enjoy the spoils of material and vaginal windfall. Christians are cucks. Conquest should be followed by colonization or complete withdrawal with any wealth that moves. Cultural conquest is good, institutional conquest is bad. KEEP THE CULTURE CLEAN AND MEAN TO BE KIND ONLY WITH THOSE WORTHY!!!


  5. when a chick tells you a week later that she sleeps better and feels more secure in her bed because she can still smell your man scent in her pillows and blankets and bed.

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    • I have a girl who requested a worn tshirt of mine to have with her outside the wire in afghanistan on ground movements

      always smell manly


      • Yeah, niggers and muzzies are acrid odored fucks that makes a wet dog smell like roses. I’m sure Takishia highly valued the stinky assed rag you gave her, .


      • she’s a korean who got accepted to stanford you pathetic fuck

        her IQ is several sigmas to the right of yours

        just stop speaking lest you embarrass yourself further with your inane attempts to put me down


      • Tavis, I don’t believe a fuckin’ thing you say. There is no attempt on my behalf to show you are a pissant , you prove it in every damn post you make , you fucking BOY.


  6. TRIFECTA indeed, sir!
    ALWAYS my goal.



    The real reason the Scandinavian women were beheaded;

    Watch at your own mental health risk

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  8. Don’t forget the most important look: her face upon seeing and holding your child for the first time

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  9. “If you cause any of these looks in a woman,…”

    I sure as hell caused a look in a woman last night, but it wasn’t that. In 39 years, I’ve never encountered this, and I have no idea what it meant. Bros- things are getting weird out there.

    I was at a whiskey and wine bar around 11 last night with a friend. When we walked in, we noticed a cute very tiny brunette (probably mid-30’s) wearing a really low cut blouse at the bar with a really little skinny guy.

    We posted up at a table and my buddy mentioned that guy is punching above his weight. I glanced over for maybe half a second and agreed. And that was IT.

    Maybe 15 minutes went by. My friend and I were talking and laughing, mulling over going somewhere else when I could just feel someone looking at me. I looked over, and it was the broad, glaring at me. I didn’t think anything of it and kept talking to my buddy.

    My buddy stops talking mid sentence because the broad had crossed the bar and is now standing, facing my friend (but will not look at me at all.)

    She starts yelling at my friend, “Do I fucking KNOW you? Are you laughing at something you want to tell me about?”

    My buddy immediately raises his arms in a conciliatory way and says, “No. We were just talking and laughing and having our own conversation. Nothing about you.”

    That’s just not my style. I interrupted and said, “Who are you, and what are you doing here.”

    Her mouth fell open (like she can’t just even..) and my friend apologized again and said, “I think he means who are you, and what are you up to tonight?”

    I said, “No. I meant exactly what I said. Who are you, and what are you doing right here in front of me, yelling at us. I was having a conversation with my friend.”

    She then turned to my friend (still won’t look at me) and said, “You’re really nice. Oooh you have soft hands!” She patted him on the shoulder, and then gave him a half-hug.

    She points and me and says, “HE is just so ABRASIVE!.” I shrugged and said, “Pretty sure you’re the one who came over here.”

    She stares daggers at me. Then she goes back to her date. Poor freaking guy. He was hunched over with his eyes glued to the bar the whole time.

    Maybe another 10 minutes pass, and they both stride past us, eyes straight ahead to leave the place.

    Whole thing lasted maybe 3 minutes. But it was a weird 3 minutes.

    Direct from Clown World, I am
    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • See that Australian university video above. White thots are begging to be patrolled. They literally lose their minds without patrolling.

      I have given up on Bluetropolis career cunts in their 30s. They are beyond saving even though they could still get bunz in ovenz. Someone should do it, but it’s not going to be me.

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      • Nay, the post 30 cunts are all P&D unless one wants his kids to be downies or autists. Lord knows, we already have enough of ’em.

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    • “I have no idea what it meant.”

      Learn some game FE… It meant she was hot for you. Thing to do was engage her in a playful way, invite the dude over and mack…

      Social calibration… not confrontation.

      [this is analogous to a peacocking shit test… btw]

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      • “It meant she was hot for you.”

        While I’d love to take credit for that, I don’t agree. I don’t have any issues picking up on the vibe when it’s there. This was something new. I believe guest hits closer to the mark.


      • on January 5, 2019 at 1:05 pm Macro Investor

        Sentient is right. I had a girl in college act either aloof or angry toward me. Being a dumb kid I friend zoned her. Years later I got a love letter from her explaining that the weird behavior was a fear response.


      • Eddie

        Her reaction was cogdis resolving… She ain’t getting what she wants.

        Do the math:

        She is out with a chode.

        You roll in and eye her up and down and then IGNORE her…

        She spends the time looking at you and you aren’t looking back…

        She comes over and doesn’t confront you directly but your buddy…

        Then she tries a jealousy ploy when you aren’t playing along…

        Get this… She hated the fact she was with a chode and hated that you ignored her…

        Girls don’t act like guys.

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    • on January 5, 2019 at 9:08 am Corinth Arkadin

      Holy Shit, FE, I am PROUD that you’re MY BRO.

      This blog gives me strength.

      Men of the West.

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      • hahahah. It’s getting weird out there, man. I’ve never encountered this level of unprovoked anger from a complete (White) stranger.

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      • on January 5, 2019 at 9:44 am Corinth Arkadin

        Would definitely buy you a few Glenlivet 18 Year Old whiskys on principle.

        You brothers are out there. One of these days we’re gonna see each other in a crowd, get a vibe, and know instinctively who’s who.

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    • Heh, heh… Fast AND Abrasive… sure to leave a mark.

      Welcome to the club, brother-man. lzozlzozlzolzol

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    • on January 5, 2019 at 2:51 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “In 39 years, I’ve never encountered this, and I have no idea what it meant.”

      FE, you’re finally crossing paths with true Battlecuntery.

      On the recent Battlecunt thread [“Your Daily Game: Provoking Tingleface, And The Killshit Test; December 17, 2018; by CH”], I was trying to warn dudes that their vignettes weren’t describing true Battlecuntery – that instead, they were merely describing baseline average snarkery from these hos in 2018.

      I guess because I spend my time in j00niversititty towns [which have been driven stark-ravingly mad by the Frankfurt School], I saw this shiznat a few years earlier than some of youse other guys in The Real World.

      BTW, if you try to engage with the worst of the Battlecunts, they won’t even acknowledge your presence within their personal spheres – they’ll just start talking/shouting right over you as though you don’t even exist.

      It’s the ne plus ultra of Frankfurt School soothsayiong & hypnotism – what the Frankfurt School was able to achieve briefly with Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China and with the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia – the industrial manufacture of True Believers who will k!ll for the religion.


      • ” they won’t even acknowledge your presence within their personal spheres..”

        CO- I can only imagine. Peak NPC.


    • on January 5, 2019 at 2:51 pm Captain Obvious

      FE, lengthy reply in m0d, but you’re finally crossing paths with true Battlecuntery.


    • on January 5, 2019 at 4:02 pm Corinth Arkadin

      “I’ve never encountered this level of unprovoked anger from a complete (White) stranger.”

      Two stories, come to think of it:

      1) This was about seven to ten years ago (before I visited Le Chateau frequently) and I pissed off some woman in a local restaurant who overheard my conversation about Alpha Fux, Beta Bux–I actually was there with my Texan economist friend and my woman, speaking about a mutual acquaintance whyte d00d who married a blac chick who already had a kid by a Ghetto a$$ thug. (talk about cucks! The KING of the cucks).

      So this whyte woman leaned in and (obviously I hit a nerve as she overheard) started saying something angrily, I noticed her lazy eye, and said “This is a private conversation, you amblyopic bitch.” with her man was standing rite there with her. I motioned to him, and said “Can’t you control her?” Being a Beta, he turned and ignored what I said. They both melted away without further incident.

      I had forgotten about this, but seeing as I actually provoked it, despite it being a private conversation.

      2) I’ve angered blacs simply by my presence. When I was in college, one middle-aged kneegrow on the Metro objected to my black leather Perfecto jacket and Punk Rock bleach blonde hair and pulled out a extendable baton on me apropos of nothing. Out of the blue, he yelled out something about protecting himself. I remember saying, “You get one swing with that before I close [the distance between us]. Make it count.” He didn’t swing, turned around, and walked very fast out of there.

      I never knew what triggered him. I had not engaged him or even looked his way. We were on the stairs and he just turned around yelling at me. The Unbearable Whyteness of Being?

      Avoid the ‘groid.

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 1:05 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “This is a private conversation, you amblyopic bitch.” with her man was standing rite there with her. I motioned to him, and said “Can’t you control her?”


        Oh man, the kkk0mments to this essay are trending Greatest of All Time.

        Le Chateau is on fire.


      • His name? Nogbert Einstein


    • I love these stories. Like Sentient said, she is resolving her cog dis. Not everyone is slobbering over her, and certainly not the type that she wants to.

      So in order to square what is playing in her head, with what is actually happening, she creates a situation where you were checking her out. And then because she is a hormonal and unhinged woman and no one is calling her on her craziness, she had the nerve to play it out.

      There’s a famous Clint Eastwood scene where some well dressed lady bumps into him on an otherwise empty, and gets all offended about it. Clint takes her by the arm has his way with her. That was the old west, and to some extent the current scene as well.


      • Full scene where he bangs her out after this hard to find these days…


      • Brilliant scene. Note when he starts walking away….

        I’ve done that at annual reviews where I’ve threatened to quit the job…works every time
        ZFG in glorious technicolor


    • Woman squaring their cog dis by pretending that everyone is slobbering over them, is not a new thing.

      Rude public behavior though, is.

      “This cannot be borne.”


    • FE- I read the replies and there’s some merit in each.

      However. I’m going with your gut read on it as I have seen this before myself. People who don’t live in shitlibtopolis think every woman is looking to be gamed or is High Plains Drifter bitch.

      They’re not.

      some of them are just nasty and they’re looking for a fight. they’re hyenas.

      While Transient insists that the answer to every affront is “game,” I reiterate- violence trumps game. This girl was looking for violence and deserved violence. Game will not persuade her of the idiocy of her actions.

      The object is not to ALWAYS get laid as the ne plus ultra of existence. The object is duty to society and being a better man.

      YOU did the right thing and you should tell your friend, dude, don’t ever interrupt me and rephrase what I’m saying when I’m confronted.

      Besides, High Plains Drifter used violence on her, not game. I’m not sure why the gamers trot this one out as an example when the guy literally physically dragged her into a fuckin barn and raped her.

      Violence was the game she was looking for.

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      • “They’re not.”

        My read as well. I give Sent a lot of latitude on the endless “game” preaching. My understanding is he’s pretty old and probably dispensing advice based on the way White broads used to behave.

        Failing violence, the new name of the game is product and status. And that’s it.

        What weirded me out wasn’t the age-old let’s you and him fight. Her date wanted no part of that, and she knew it. This was- let’s you and me fight.

        That was previously the sole domain of land whales and nagger broads.

        I’ve known for a long time that if you introduce naggers into White Society it does nothing to improve the naggers but greatly lessens and negrofies White Society. We’re seeing that play out rapidly with our broads.

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 1:08 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “some of them are just nasty and they’re looking for a fight. they’re hyenas.”

        Remember that R-Selection/Polygamy necessarily MASCULINIZES the women because they have to FIGHT their way into an Alpha’s harem.


      • on January 6, 2019 at 1:15 pm Captain Obvious

        After polygamy, I suppose the intermediate stage is the women demanding [email protected] as the only acceptable form of copulation, so that the Sh!t-Test becomes “To [email protected] or Not to [email protected]?”

        And then the final result would be a species like the spider, where the females EAT the males s/p copulation, so that the ultimate Sh!t-Test is “Will you give up your Life for the Pu$$y?”


      • on January 6, 2019 at 1:19 pm Captain Obvious

        Is this what Charles Darwin has in store for us?

        1) Overthrow of Patriarchy.

        2) Liberation of Hypergamy necessarily implies Polygamy.

        3) Polygamy becomes too boring & tedious, and [email protected] Culture moves in to replace it.

        4) Females evolve to dominate males, and [email protected] Culture is replaced by [email protected] Culture.


      • I’ve had bitches confront me out of the blue like this.

        my response is always “who in the fuck are you and why are you in my face, gtfo here”

        I replay it and think I could have been gaming them but in reality they needed decked. Why waste words when actions speak louder?

        …spending a little time dabbling in fetish land now for kicks…girls wanna be beaten and dominated so badly. but they have dual personalities; following their pussies in the bedroom while talking about how it’s somehow compatible with feminism to have a man telling them to sit, stay, and roll over while beating them black and blue. It’s hilarious

        my theory is their personalities are coming apart by being pulled so far one direction they have to get yanked the other way just to balance out

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      • on January 6, 2019 at 8:09 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “my theory is their personalities are coming apart”


      • Trav self admits he knows no game as niggers need no game run.

        High Plains Drifter scene, for those dipshits who can’t read for comprehension, was an example of the girls reaction. Not game. Fuckwhits.


      • Eddie

        Old? Lol. I’m fifty broski and game in the present.

        Trying to help you. It’s cringeworthy seeing a blind squirrel holding his nuts…


      • My bad Sent. I envisioned a 65-70 year old checking a mystery method flow chart while “gaming” the nursing home administrator. Turns out you’re sprightly 50 year old.


    • So I assume AOC’s dance video was cog dis too?
      She tweeted about the GOP policing women yet the GOP had nothing to do with the source or the clip being posted.


  10. on January 5, 2019 at 9:00 am Corinth Arkadin

    Remember: show me a beautiful woman, and I’ll show you a guy tired of putting up with her shit.

    There was a reason (or many reasons) why this dude broke up with her. She brought on any misery she has on herself.

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  11. How can I download this video?


  12. I made a gif with commentary

    can someone embed?


  13. on January 5, 2019 at 10:12 am everlastingphelps

    That, ladies and gentlemen, was a record of an amygdala hijack. Notice the slight swaying at the end — she was about to pass out.


  14. I’ve been pretty successful at avoiding exes. I did hear from a mutual acquaintance though that an ex had seen me out with my wife and children. I never got to see her reaction, but I was told it was not flattering.


  15. One last trot on this hobbyhorse and then I’ll give it a rest, CH.

    If, for whatever practical reason you cannot or don’t want to score AOC/Kyrsten, it is still incumbent on you as the founder of this fusion between game and maul-right politics to game it out “””theoretically””” for the benefit of your acolytes and poor imitators, who have the initiative, the purpose, and perhaps less to lose by taking this chance at immortality.

    It has never been clearer that you are the man and your moment has arrived. You understood from the beginning that modern politics is just sublimated game — which made your mission pivot nearly undetectable — and that men were only ever going to fuck our way out of the ruins.

    You have it in you to pen the Fifty Shades of Grey for men, the idealized presentation of game but from the man’s (omniscient) perspective. You aren’t just wise by experience, you are wise through intelligent study of those experiences, the combination that makes art possible. A third ingredient, techne or prowess, i.e., the mastery of the medium which is words, you also providentially possess.

    This is God’s test of your game! When you throw down those tests for your followers, ninety percent of the time you get cringey fabulists writing fantasy scripts of how gaming a woman would go, complete with dialogue that proves their relative inexperience in the crimson arts and the mysterious ways of women. But you have never succumbed to fantasy in your own conjectures, a figment of your mind rings truer than the fan fiction of a million combox lotharios, and most of the Certified PUA(TM) shekelgruebers. The former lack your experience, while the latter lack your heartistry.

    You have already written the technical manual, now make art promised by your very nom de plume. Your medium up to now has been the ephemeral social scene where few witness and memories fade, and the next best thing has been to publicly philosophize about it after the fact. You have developed a comprehensive mythos (in the ancient “archetype of truth” sense of the word, not in its stupid modern connotation of “falsity”) in lyrical prose but have not yet rendered it in its best, most permanent medium: epic poesy. You have it in you to be our Homer. Not in orotund meter appropriate to a different age but in lightly-fictionalized storytelling which idealizes and personifies your thoughts into interacting characters.

    For instance, idealize AOC into a shit-hot HB11 lawyercunt leftist riding a wave to the U.S. House of Representatives — if you have to. Explain how “some random PUA” would go about plotting her seduction for the purpose of not just political reality but for the liberation of her soul from the resentful lies her shrike mother told her. Make it up! Your fiction is truer than a quant’s obsession with “fact.” Better: tell us how you, should you be so inclined, would go about the transfiguration of oh-so-familiar-bar-whore-turned-congressperson back into the girl whose eyes are capable of “danc[ing] the first moment she falls in love with you.”

    Sing, Muse! and through me tell the story
    Of that man skilled in all ways of contending,
    The philanderer, sarging for years on end,
    Before he plundered the stronghold
    In the proud swamp of DC. …

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    • on January 5, 2019 at 11:16 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      RAGE: Sing, Goddess, Heariste’s rage, Black and murderous, that cost the Heebs Incalculable pain, pitched countless soulless NPC into Hades’ dark, And left their bodies to rot as feasts For dogs and birds, as God’s will was done. Begin with the clash between — The Battlecunt–and godlike Heartiste.

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    • If I read you right, King, you want CH to provide the manual and recipe to turn any institutional floozy/alpha widow into a good person and political steward, or to save her soul. I am not sure you don’t want idiot instructions that guarantee a happy ending with peace on earth for basically everyone. If so, you will never understand game because you deny evolution with faith. Maybe you want CH to give you a cult not game.

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    • If a Trump voting PUA seduces the Trump hating congresswoman he should keep it to himself shouldn’t he? When he’s ready to dump her he might let her know of his support for Trump, to create a “Trump Widow”.

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      • Ideally, he would keep it to himself and she would shout it to the world. Which is why I encourage CH to make some mythical hay out of it, at minimum: eternal truths should be articulated by being “idealized.”

        Great observation, though. If CH won’t make myth, then perhaps our collective wisdom, in its own herky-jerky way, can. Either his poetry or our dialectic.


  16. on January 5, 2019 at 10:57 am Hackett To Bits

    Alpha or Beta?

    “Accused stalker sent man 159K texts, records show Jacqueline Ades has pleaded not guilty to charges of stalking and criminal trespassing…”

    (Azcentral. com)


  17. “Our society is complex, probably to some degree needlessly complex. Which means you need extra years of socialization/learning/whatever to even function.”

    Boy, have (((they))) got us all turned around upside down. Life only seems complicated because (((they))) have infiltrated and destroyed every institution that provided stability. They built up the idiotic “rugged individualism” myth that you have to go it alone – yeah “rugged individualism for thee, tribalism for (((me))). They have made it so that you think you have to invent your own strategy for a successful life. You will never beat (((them))) at that game.

    The fact is you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. Christendom reigned for a thousand years before the shipwreck of the Protestant revolt with a simple motto: “Ora et labora” – work and pray.

    Go find a Latin Mass. Meet a girl with a pleasing face and figure who doesn’t contracept, who veils her beauty before God, who will put all her eggs in your basket. Marry her and love her as Christ loves you (he died for you, so that’s the extent to which you go for your family.) Have as many children for as long as you can and practice the liturgical seasons with them. Fast and feast. It teaches them discipline and joy while honoring God.

    Love them hard and strong, and you will see many little faces with your reflection growing around you like olive trees and grapevines. They are your harvest. Teach them to work with their minds and their hands, to stay the hell away from usury (that means NEVER borrow unsecured money at interest with recourse). They will stick together for life, and go forth and do the same. Several generations later, as you sit contemplating the life you have lived, you will see stretched out in front you of a field of beautiful human beings taking back our culture one family at time, and who wouldn’t have existed without you and your willingness to sacrifice temporal pleasures for eternal ones.

    Think in generations, my friends, not in lifetimes. Those stupendous medieval cathedrals, some of them going on a thousand years old, were never seen by the men who conceived them, nor their children. Do the hard work now, boys. Lay your own cornerstone of your own human cathedral, and Christ willing, may it stand for a thousand years.

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  18. I once saw a beautiful woman turn from flashing a gorgeous, sexy smile at a friend-zoned guy she knew had been in love with her to falling to pieces, her voice wobbling and the colour draining from her face, when she realised the stunning girl standing behind him was actually his new girlfriend.

    I am talking total loss of composure, her frame shattered… she even said – and I quote her verbatim – “my life is up in the air now”.

    The guy went on to marry the stunner and the fallen-to-bits girl went on to marry another man, but she happened to be in a supermarket with her new husband when she saw the friendzoned guy and his stunner wife there too. And her reaction? She started to kiss the face off her husband in front of the other couple.

    Strange creatures, are women.

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  19. Had a two week split with my present girlfriend a few years back. Discussing our reunion and I told her I slept with an old friend the evening we broke up. She went from open mouthed disbelief and anger to the bedroom in the span of 15 minutes.

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  20. Are any of those 3 an actual challenge? Women are so lonely nowadays.

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    • Women’s loneliness is a feature not a bug vis-a-vis men who make less than $50,000-$100,000 depending. Daddy government’s cockas is both insurmountable and unmountable, which is an unnatural input into women’s instincts. Women are functioning ‘normally’ in regards to ‘loneliness’. You must be a double d, lucky bastard.

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    • For sure. Women (and men) haven’t evolved much over the 100 (or 50 or 1000) years that Western society has changed radically so of course it’s not their ‘fault’ but a byproduct of environment. Which still makes these three not much of a challenge any more.


      • You are incredibly solipsistic or nonchalant. Epic corrupt creates mass poverty to very localized excess. There is a shortage of sexual gratification not a bounty, except for the very few. It is a challenge, obviously.


      • I don’t live my life in my parents basement so perhaps that gives me an advantage. But it’s really not that hard.


  21. Do not strive to complete this ‘trifecta.’ This is pride.

    Chasing after feelz, this is feminine, effeminate, and sentimentality. All striving towards feelz like this only weakens the male, his mind and heart. NFG would mean NOT CARING about how you ex or your ‘current’ looks at you or not. Sure, it might give you a quick high for a moment, but ‘strive’ for it? You’ll become a slave to the feminine, a slave to your bottomless pit of an ego, pride and the fears that come with it.

    With ‘success,’ you’ll become a slave to sex and female attention. Without it, a sexless slave. The slavery of a David Duchovy or the slavery of a sexless incel fapping all day long. Whichever it is, a Builder of Civilization, a Leader of Men, Salt of the Earth, you will never be.

    Pride kills. It darkens the nous, which is the eye of the soul, the eye of the psyche. This is all disgusting pride, foul pride. And juvenile.

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    • on January 5, 2019 at 7:22 pm PBR Streetgang

      Ecclesiastic horse shit


    • on January 5, 2019 at 7:30 pm PBR Streetgang

      Pride is good. Pride is right. Pride works. Pride clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Pride, in all of its forms — pride in life, for money, for love, knowledge — has marked the upward surge of mankind. And pride — you mark my words — will not only save you, but those other malfunctioning individual called women.

      [CH: gordon kekko]


      • Precisely the opposite, gordon shlomo. Humility. We are an ember next to the sun. Not deluding yourself about that most patent reality is the first step to any greatness.


      • What you mean is dignity, not pride.

        Worthiness, worth and dignity, and excellence, which can be had without pride.


      • on January 7, 2019 at 8:38 am PBR Streetgang

        When I’m old, my embers grown cold – and decay has stripped me of dignity – the world can roll by with those ambitious and bold – I’ll have pride to warm and comfort me.

        A poem by Shlomo Streetgang


  22. King says some good things, but some of them not so correct. The greatest refutation to some of those incorrect statements is Mother Mary, the Holy Theotokos.

    We need clean hearts and souls, of purity, of patience and longsuffering and fealty to responsibility, others, and this creates Beauty, long time preference intelligence (Wisdom), diligence and patience.

    Mary was no older than 15/16, to be sure, but her heart was pure, her resolve to suffer for God (the greater good) was steely. And no, her frontal lobe was not fully developed but she already mastered how to say ‘no’ to her sinful passions, and she helped change the world for the better. The Theotokos most certainly changed the destiny of the Western and Northern European peoples who were but backwater savages at the time. Some 800 years later, some of the most savage and unruly Europeans, without higher civilization at all, but with fully-formed frontal lobes, finally submitted to Christ and to the obedience and patience that the Virgin Mary showed them as a mere 15 year old girl. Those people were the Slavs. Russians and Slavic peoples, once abject savages and worthy of the term ‘slave’ have produced some of our finest culture and are now our last true protectors and defenders of high European culture and civilization.

    Self-control is about purity of heart and submission to God, not mere frontal-lobe development. See all the ‘adults’ of our age and their lack of self-control. Much of the self-control you see in adults is the lack of energy or hormones, the demands of paying the bills and putting children to bed, the desire to not have to work forever and ‘retire’, the aging body and boredom with the carnal pleasures after decades of indulging in them. It is a ever-deepening nihilism, or increasing materialism, combined with lower energy levels due to age, not some increase in ‘self-control.’ Fewer impulses and changing worldly desires, not more chastity (self-control). These ‘adults’ are still terribly blind and certainly dyscivilizational.


    • on January 5, 2019 at 3:06 pm Corinth Arkadin

      “Women are evil, Men are Gods.”

      Somebody wrote that in my graduation yearbook from a Catholic High School. Although I can’t endorse that statement as written (capital G), I can certainly appreciate the sentiment behind it.

      Of course, someone else wrote: “If you drop your keys in a vat of molten lava, forget it man, they’re gone.”

      Between these two statements, the Truth lies…

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    • ” The Theotokos most certainly changed the destiny of the Western and Northern European peoples who were but backwater savages at the time. ”

      Get out of here with such denigrating Pro-Christian dribble, no offense to Christians. I’m not going to debate the validity of Christianity here, and its influence on White cultures, because that’s a pointless argument.

      However,You talk a lot of smack but know very little about White history. Go open some books.


      • I may not know as much as you about “White” history, but I sure as hell understand better than you the relationship between holiness and intelligence.


      • “a lot of smack”

        ONE comment about Northern and European whites being savages compared to cultured and advanced Greeks and Romans at the time of the birth of Christ? Outside of a few minor points of contention with some random piece of technology Vikings may have come up with in their sailboats, and a few other minor things, their arts, their languages, their gods, the philosophies, their social structures… were most definitely primitive and simplistic compared to that of Rome and Constantinople and Greek Civilization. And yes, they were called ‘savages.’ For good reason.


      • “denigrating Pro-Christian dribble”

        Denigrating to whom and how?


      • ” “denigrating Pro-Christian dribble”

        Denigrating to whom and how? ”

        To people with actual historical knowledge of huwhyte history, and to anyone that doesn’t buy into the pompous arrogance of “modern” Christianity.


      • Amon is a muzzie name. You make no logical argument, pure emotionalism. Islam rejects philosophy and logical argument without question. I think you are a troll, and always figured you were. I suspect you are experienced with riding and eating camels.


      • ” Outside of a few minor points of contention with some random piece of technology Vikings may have come up with in their sailboats, and a few other minor things, their arts, their languages, their gods, the philosophies, their social structures… were most definitely primitive and simplistic compared to that of Rome and Constantinople and Greek Civilization. ”

        You keep digging your whole deeper good sir. First of all, Viking craft were called long ships, not sail boats, and are considered an engineering marvel to this day. Secondly, Viking navigational skills were superb, far beyond other cultures of that, and earlier times.

        Its now widely accepted that they used stars, starlight, and some kind of crystals to navigate. Really primitive huh ?

        Lastly, if you anything about religions / mythologies , besides your own, you would know that the Viking pantheon of gods is almost identical to the Greek one. Which happens to be almost identical to the Egyptian one. Which happens to be almost identical to the Sumerian one.

        Guess how Sumerians depicted themselves ? I’ll answer for you; white skin and blue eyes.

        See a pattern ? Whites existed before Christianity, and Ishtar willing, they will exist post-Christianity.


      • ” Amon is a muzzie name. ”

        You cant be that stupid, can you ?


      • “Get out of here with such denigrating Pro-Christian dribble, no offense to Christians. I’m not going to debate the validity of Christianity here….”

        No offense taken. But you are debating it.

        How hard is it to say to yourself “I disagree with those Christians but there’s no need to sh!t on them over a god that isn’t real?”

        I mean, if a Tourettes-inflicted retard says something silly, you would ignore him, right? Why then must you then engage Christians, who you obviously gauge as roughly inferior to you?

        Probably because they get under your skin. The mirror is probably the best place to figure out why this is.


      • *Meant to say “roughly as inferior to you as Tourettes-inflicted retards”*


      • ” How hard is it to say to yourself “I disagree with those Christians but there’s no need to sh!t on them over a god that isn’t real? ”

        I dont consider Christians inferior, however, the unread, in your face, know it all US variety annoys me to know end. For instance, this Pelayo character obviously has no grasp of history, yet calls our ancestors savages, that were only ” civilized” because of Christianity. That is obvious provable Bull*hit.


      • Amon, you just proved my point. All you trot out is some sailing and navigation ‘technology’ that you think should just WOW us, whilst otherwise they were living in mud, straw, and stone huts and houses whilst Greco-Romans has concrete and advanced mathematics and architecture.

        You trot out a cosmology that has similarities to many other ancient civilizations (pre-Christian) as if it’s some great proof of the cultural equality of Vikings that they merely deified created beings (man, animals) and the stars and planets that ALL pagans did, even many of the most savage.

        The DIFFERENCE is that along with their gods and goddesses, the Greek civilization had an entire culture surrounding those myths, explanations of those myths, philosophies, sciences, arts, and the breadth of vocabulary to speak of and articulate and debate these topics, topics both abstract and material, that your long-haired, tights-wearing, Thor reindeer fucker god could hardly dream of. THAT is the difference. That they outright copied other people with some of their gods, or just came up with the same moon-and-sun worshipping, stag-worshipping primitve crap all the others did… does not prove your case that they were somehow ‘advanced.’

        I literally pre-empt you with my ‘sail boat techonology’ and you gamma-like try and nail me on “uh, wellll, uh, it’s “LONGBOAT” mister, uh, ha, you know nothing!” Then pull out a ‘stars and crystals’ comment. Wow. Cue comic book guy from the Simpsons.

        So glad the entire world adopted their star crystal technology for navigation… wait. No one did.

        That white-skinned and caucasian-featured people groups existed BEFORE Christianity began… is a no-brainer. Not sure who you are arguing with on that, because no one is trying the claim the opposite.


      • Oink,

        WIth all due respect to your person and striving to live out the true Christian faith, my comments about papism are not snarky, in the least. They are purely factual and forthright in tone. The sky is blue. Read Hoffman’s “Occult Renaissance Church of Rome,” Rene Francois Guetee’s “The Papacy,” Michael Whelton’s “Two Paths” and Fr. Romanides’ work on romanity dot org, and there’s no going back to Rome.

        No childish snark here. Realtalk. And don’t listen to me, I am nothing, have no Authority. Listen to those men though, also to Gabriel Bunge and Paul de Ballester. Many others, far holier, more erudite, and endowed with apostolic Authority to speak on such matters.



      • “I dont consider Christians inferior, however, the unread, in your face, know it all US variety annoys me to know end”

        Fair enough point. It’s hard facing off with people who answer critiques with only creeds and catechisms.


      • Why is there a j3w star on king pedos(the pope)hat….?


      • Ohhhh wow. Pablo are you on non be blog discussing the bifucation on the papacy? There is a comment on youtube is Taylor Marshal blog saying how We have to make sure that the alt right movement in America is a Christian one. Pagans in Europe are on the rise and we have to stop those savages. We need to make Christianity great again. Everyone go to red ice tv and Thulean Perspective youtube channel and destroy the pagans in the comments section. DeusVult🦅

        Had know idea this was happening now I see it play out on this blog in real time!


      • our ancestors were civilized bc of the gd romans, who gave them law, civic society, and language, as well as some engineering structures that STILL STAND TO THIS DAY and are still in use!

        The fucking romans founded London!

        The doomsday cult spread in the aftermath of the decay of that great empire. Constantine unified this religion under himself in the 300s. Rome was basically a shell by that point.

        Modern republican and legal structures were created by deists like our founders, aping Napoleonic Code.

        Science muddle through for over 1000 years IN SPITE of Christianity, who almost never found a scientist they didn’t want to burn, including the likes of fucking Copernicus and Tycho Brahe. The Renaissance took place in the face of the church only because the Reformation had already happened (even Luther called them blasphemous) and the Church’s power had been severely constrained.


    • This may shock you, but one day Christianity will be a bygone religion like the pagan religions it displaced. It is glorified losing and so dysgenic. It exterminates itself if practiced with fidelity. Its leaders cannot simply define a robust theology like the Pope did for the Crusades. Playa Christians use Christian theology to exploit the conscientiously faithful, which is the whole point of any ideology: playas exploit played.

      Any financially well off Christian is a playa. Human knowledge and connectivity has already advanced to the point of making Christianity’s theology democratically known, exposing it untenable logic.

      Faith is fear shopped to the highest bidder, which is why Christianity is expendable. Socialism promises immediate comfort. Islam aspires to victory always. So does Judaism. If it weren’t for the Slavic peoples, who have never tasted superlative success and its overgrown institutions, you would be a relic in the maw or gullet of extinction.

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      • Reality check Doug. You don’t KNOW Christianity’s ‘theology’ and therefore your claim of its ‘untenable logic’ is null and void. You’re critiquing heterodox, Western, heretical “Christianity” which is NOT Christianity at all.

        You. Don’t. Know. What. Christianity. Is. That’s reality, Doug.

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      • No, not going to shock me. If you knew jack all about our eschatology, Orthodox eschatology, if you even knew what ‘eschatology’ meant without having to go look it up in the dictionary right now, if you cared to speak “Reality” rather than shooting off at the mouth about inconsequential non-Christian heretical sects that practice pseudo-Christanity (see: Catholicism and Protestantism), then you’d know full well that such a statement is just, well, retarded to say to a believing Orthodox Christian. We KNOW the persecution is coming and death and darkness and evil are coming. And that to you, and even to us, it will seem like, for a few years, Christianity is done. But then.



      • I agree with pelayo, but I could do without anti-papist snarkery. Some branches of the Catholic Church are not Putridania-style CathCuks.

        In Romania, Eastern-Rite Catholic bishops perished to the last in the stalinite dungeons, while orthodox bishops were toasting it up with the commies (hence resident cathcucks contention that there are no Romanian Catholics).

        p.s. nu mor caii cand vor cainii, cathcuck


      • on January 5, 2019 at 5:22 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The best Christianity is the Christianity that ignores itself until one is on his deathbed.

        That’s why Catholics have confession and Extreme Unction.

        I am a vengeful motherphucker and I will continue in this way.

        I plan on being forgiven when I’m on my last legs.


      • “If you knew jack all about our eschatology, Orthodox eschatology…”

        Your argument is not logos for your position but ethos against my value, i.e. an ad hominem attack. You can’t articulate an essence of Orthodox eschatology because that would lock you into a clear position and expose your infantile argument for what it is. I have run into this species of Christian argument. Chase, chase, chase. My post “Proving Morality: The Saddle Made Offering” completely addresses your stupid argument, which is nothing more than herd emotionalism driven by an identity crisis of setting shop on sandy, shifty ground. The Orthodox men still have balls and will kill. The Orthodox leaders may still sanction violence, but that’s obviously not Christian but a contradiction of the Gospel. It’s expedient backward rationalization. Deep down you know that. Anyone who seeks earnestly will discover that. When Slavs have imperial institution enough, they will learn a submission to underwrite a lack of individual accountability. That is the message of Jesus. Give up all of your worldly possessions (which others will claim) and expedite getting killed. A religion that rather says kill or be killed is much more suitable in the face of evolution and opposition. The late Roman Empire created Christianity for all its cucky potential. Hey, let’s die on a Roman cross. That’ll showem! Christianity serves mammon, which is to say superlative empires in decline. The disaster of the medieval aftermath protected Christianity with atomization. Western affluence tracks in parallel with philosophy and inversely with Christian orthodoxy. If Russia becomes the next great empire, and it won’t for economic reasons, there must be a recrudescence of Greek philosophy. Once all the various Christians teamed up for the Crusades, the greater intellectual capacity lead to a return to Greek philosophy: the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment. You would have us go back to the Dark Ages, the middle-of-no-where ages. The fact that Slavs resist change means they are resisting the Decline, not that they are at all progressive in the good way, like Muslims are. Can you describe what’s so great about Orthodox eschatology? No, you can’t. What’s great is the narrative jollies you get and nothing more. Big deal.


      • “I am a vengeful motherphucker and I will continue in this way.”

        Yah, a true Catholic, all are playas. If Catholics were the played in any substantial numbers, the corruption of the Vatican would have collapsed in on itself long ago. Come over here little boy, God’s grace and all.


      • ” Reality check Doug. You don’t KNOW Christianity’s ‘theology’ and therefore your claim of its ‘untenable logic’ is null and void. You’re critiquing heterodox, Western, heretical “Christianity” which is NOT Christianity at all. ”

        Got to love it, the various interpretations of Christianity are ready to kill each other again.

        Simple question: If the ” truth” is open to so many interpretations, is it actually the truth. You would think “God’s” worth would be simple, concise, and straight forward.

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      • The fault lies with me. If only I knew the true religion with all of its mysterious grandeur that is ineffable. Religion should be ineffable, so we can understand it properly, eek.

        Women are unknowable and morally pure. They are a great mystery but nevertheless are of irreproachable purity, I just know it! God could not be reached for comment on His expectations. News at 11.


      • on January 5, 2019 at 7:22 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I never met a Catholic priest who accosted a boy or girl.

        I was taught by Dominicans and Franciscans, monks of Orders, not Diocesan priests. My father was of Third Order Dominican himself.

        Hatred of Catholicism is an age-old Protestant American tradition. The same Protestants who gave Joos the edge in politics and money since Cromwell.

        Think on your sins.

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      • Reality Doug,

        Pacifism is a heresy, period. That’s Orthodox. See the new military cathedral Russia is building. Justified violence (self-defense, just war, protecting the innocent, the death penalty) are ALL 100% Christian and have been since day one.

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      • I just DID explain proper Christian eschatology, in part, and the very part you wish to denigrate, thereby dodging nothing. But which you didn’t notice because you were too busy trying to pre-emptively “call me out” for NOT explaining it. When I already did.


      • Corinth,

        With all due respect to you and your striving as well, I do not question it, if you have spent a lifetime meeting and interacting with Catholic priests, you most definitely have met at least one, likely more, that have touched boys. You may not know who it was, but you’ve met one or five.

        It’s the Church of pedophile and faggot priests. That’s just a fact.


    • I find it deeply disturbing that you credit the accomplishments of a people to their submission to Christ, rather than their own struggles and efforts and self-discipline. Patriarchy is the root of civilization. Not allowing women to make their own mate choices (because they don’t choose men who are good for the society and this tends to encourage men to engage in behaviours which are detrimental to the society) and marrying them off while they’re young is a hallmark of every great society, Western Christian civilization included. To see a moron like King not only state the opposite, that these societies were successful because the women waited around to get married, but to state that the success was also due to their Christian beliefs, is quite frankly enraging.

      I have no qualms with people stating things that are unfalsifiable, such as the existence of God or faith in Christ or what have you, but if you say things that have evidence to the contrary, you better stop talking about your faith. You can only have faith in things that cannot be proven wrong, having faith in real, material matters just makes you look like an idiot.


    • I’m not talking about Mary Immaculate, “Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.” I’m talking about broken people on this broken plane.

      We need clean hearts and souls, of purity, of patience and longsuffering and fealty to responsibility, others, and this creates Beauty, long time preference intelligence (Wisdom), diligence and patience.

      Low time preference is the ingredient for mar ital delay! I appreciate your supporting observations.

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  23. This, but compounded by the fact that women seek to work confidence in from the outside to the inside. After the relationship, they’ll try to uphold this clearly incongruent veneer, only for it to shatter, as did this one’s.


  24. Now I understand it. These are the alt-rightist, phallus worshippers who will gladly genocide Christians because they see any and all Christians, including Christ Himself, as ‘cucks’ and dangerous weak spots to White Hegemony.

    Fools. And they don’t even know what Christianity is. They have not even done their homework.

    They also hate the Jews, and rightly so, yet will side with the same Jews who crucified Christ because they saw Him as ‘cucked’ because He was not raising an physical, temporal army to wage a physical war against Rome like a “true” king and messiah. To usher in the earthly reign, victory, glory, and riches they were dreaming of.


    Fuck, I thought you guys were smarter than this.

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    • Please enlighten us wise Christian:

      Why did God create multiple races ?

      Why is God allowing the destruction of the huwhyte race ?

      Why does God seem to “tolerate” and even “reward” the nefarious activities of the K*ke ?

      Why should we resist our collective destruction, if the end times are just going to wipe us out anyway ? Why not ride it out poolside ?

      You see, you’re coming off as a passive, excuse filled, defeatist. Or is that you point here ?

      Let me paraphrase you:

      ” Hey guys, no need to worry or do anything. The rapture is coming !! “


      • It’s better to lay off intra-White reIigious taunting because in the end we’re dealing with realities that transcend the capacity of the human mind to understand things. An analogy to make would be Flatlanders’ 2-D universe encountering the third dimension, scaled up to our universe. Faith is the faculty that we rely upon to dimly grasp those higher truths. You don’t know whether the other guy is playing pious online or if he has genuine faith. Humility dictates that you let it be. If the faith is genuine, you won’t change his mind.

        Your ancsetry is powerfully tied with a nationalistic kind of Roman Catholicism that isn’t really understood outside of your country. You can deny or accept that your people have been over the centuries protected by Vigrin [email protected] Your martyrs of German Occupati0n have been given their recompense in Heaven. In sevnety five years ago, your country’s b0rders were restored to what they were at her founding in 966 AD and ethically h0mogeneous. Miracles also work in mysterious ways. If you don’t have the faith of your forefahters, better to be humble for their sake.

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      • on January 5, 2019 at 6:47 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Whitey has always survived against the odds.

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      • The rapture is heretical, wacky evangelical hogwash. Never taught by either Rome or the East, only pushed upon naive and uneducated American evangelicals recently, supported by the Rockefellers and their ecumenist movement. Ecumenist movement = globalist movement = antichrist.

        Your other questions. Well, if you truly wish to answer those questions, you will research them. If you honestly wish to know the Christian answers to those questions, the TRUE Christian (Orthodox) answers to those questions, I could post some links and books, but they are not answers that are merely accepted or considered by the intellect, but must be accepted by the heart. A humble heart.

        Humility is the path to God and Wisdom.

        A good place to start:


      • Please enlighten us wise Christian:

        Why did God create multiple races ?

        Why is God allowing the destruction of the huwhyte race ?

        Why does God seem to “tolerate” and even “reward” the nefarious activities of the K*ke ?

        All of these have been asked and answered numerous times, on past threads where I know you were present.

        You had eyes but you did not see, and ears but you did not hear.

        Now enlighten us Christians… at what point do we stop attempting to enlighten those who ask questions to which they don’t really care to hear answers, or even ask with an open heart and mind?

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      • ” All of these have been asked and answered numerous times, on past threads where I know you were present. ”

        You assume too much Greg, as I don’t remember seeing those things discussed. However, that’s not the point, as I’m not here to put down Christianity. My only beef is with the -unschooled one calling himself a Christian while throwing dirt in the faces of our collective ancestors. His version of ” Christianity ” is why we lose.


      • ” It’s better to lay off intra-huwhyte religious taunting because in the end we’re dealing with realities that transcend the capacity of the human mind to understand things. ”

        I’m not here for inter-religious “combat” however, when an pompous uneducated, arbiter of the “truth” puts down our collective ancestors as savages, while extolling the virtues of illiterate, dirty Semites, then yes I will add my two cents.

        As far as Polish history is concerned, at this point Catholicism / Christianity is inextricably intertwined with Polish identity. Having said that, Polish Christianity is vastly different from the US version as my people aren’t know for trying to convert ” sinners ” and running around extolling the virtues of their version of the ” truth”.

        In fact, Polish Christianity has been very open minded scientifically, artistically, and culturally, which actually was one of its many downfalls, as this open attitude allowed the K*k* into Poland, when other nations were kicking them out. That was a huge mistake, that Poland is still paying for.

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    • pelayo my bro, this wouldn’t be a group of white shitlords without Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, and atheists ready to kill each other over nothing.

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      • Thread over… we have a WINNAH! 😉


      • hmmm…sure man

        problem with your train of thought is that the cuckstains are trying to seduce us into their death cult.

        yes, drink the flavor aid with reverend Jim. cuckstains are all reverend jims now. We can see with our own lyin’ eyes what’s become of the vaunted christian churches dude.

        we’ve been to the sermons, heard the words of the pope. We can see.

        we can read the Gospel, the Sermon, the Golden Rule.

        it’s contra-evolutionary, sorry. Cannot therefore be true.


      • hmmm…sure man

        problem with your train of thought is that the they are trying to suck us into their doomsday cult


      • They’re all Reverend Jim with the flavor aid


      • They’re all Reverend J!m with the flavoraid


      • weird…these posts were eaten by the filter and did not originally appear…now they have been resurrected

        it’s a MIRACLE


    • These are the alt-rightist, phallus worshippers who will gladly genocide Christians…

      No, they are friends of Christ, if not in name. They merely speak a different, cruder language. “Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice … for those not against us are for us.”

      They worship by default the big five — power, pleasure, wealth, honor, self — because they do not know “a still more excellent way,” as we all labored under on This Ghey Earth before we heard the gospel. Don’t tear down their idols like an iconoclastic muzzie. Christ does not destroy but rather transfigures pagan worship because there is something of the right disposition in anyone who worships anything. That impulse is to be treasured, preserved, drawn out, and then directed to proper Ends.

      The ones who explicitly reject Christ by name have marked themselves as harmless fools and pawns of the enemy who deserve no attention beyond the dust of your sandals, to be shaken off.

      Χριστὸς ἀνέστη, brother!

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  25. ” I may not know as much as you about “huwhyte” history, but I sure as hell understand better than you the relationship between holiness and intelligence. ”

    Actually, in all your pompous, self-deluded arrogance you forgot one thing, nothing you say can be proven, nor dis proven, that’s why its called a religion. To believe that you know the ultimate truths, while still alive, is the pinnacle of arrogant pontificating.

    Like I stated, I’m not here to argue the validity of Christianity, but news flash, the kind of self-righteous attitude you exhibited here is a main reason why many are turned off by ” modern ” Christianity. Additionally, as you said yourself, you lack the historical knowledge to make any judgments about the true nature of the past.

    Here are just some examples of what the “savage ” huwhyte man was doing prior to Christianity, and even Rome and Greece.


    • do these fuckin retard Reverend J!m suicide cult followers even GRASP…that Greece and Rome rose to the zenith of human achievement (Rome wasn’t fully equaled until 1850) without their stupid doomsday religion?


  26. also: blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,




  27. on January 5, 2019 at 5:20 pm Captain Obvious

    Yellow-Vested Forklift -> Ministry of Finance and Economy


  28. what a cuck lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  29. While we’re OT’ing here, allow me to present a truly Heartistesque video.

    The combination of (1) ZFG jerkboy and (2) vision of what sh!thol!ers want our society to become is simultaneously inspiring and enraging.


  30. Two comments (one of them useful) in m0 d 😦


  31. on January 5, 2019 at 6:22 pm gunslingergregi

    yea yesterday ex comes in after not being here for a day
    got the pregnant chick here cleaning she goes in kitchen comes out
    i’m talking to preggers chick
    ex like i can’t leave chicks allways swarm here or some shit
    she like i should of known my fault or something
    you fuckers must got me bugged lol
    she was like somethings wrong greg
    had her arms and she fell back
    the look on her fucking face reminded me of dude in die hard when he fell out window
    i slowly lower her to ground she like writhing around and shit
    i snatch her upright
    squeeze her
    and she good somewhat
    still better than narkon he he he
    her mom shows up mniutes later with tears in her eyes yea guess they got me bugged too rofl

    yea ex ex lasted like 7 days then got my card closed
    wouldnt give my dad my phone to call me
    guess the pics of my wifes house looking comfy as fuck prob had something to do with it
    i come back she had started painting house got bed set up
    but yea my stamp colection and card collected that i got together when i was a kid was gone when i came back
    think ex ex did it not sure
    am sure god and devil will take care of it


    • on January 5, 2019 at 6:27 pm gunslingergregi

      its pretty gay being back
      i feel queer here


    • on January 5, 2019 at 6:29 pm gunslingergregi

      everyone here a faggot sharing ho’s
      getting dna on each other


    • on January 5, 2019 at 6:30 pm gunslingergregi

      nothing to create and disgusting


    • on January 5, 2019 at 6:40 pm gunslingergregi

      course things you own own you
      free now got nothing left to steal


      • on January 5, 2019 at 7:32 pm Corinth Arkadin

        LOL bless yore beautiful hide gregi

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      • on January 5, 2019 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

        why else would i of left that shit in my house
        crazy it took 7 and half years for it to get taken rofl
        i cant even fucking believe it
        course the 30 pounds of baseball cards i bought so someone could sell them and get rich still here
        see it ain’t all about them rubels with these dumb bitches
        none of em sold cards and got rich
        just steal 20 dollars and shit or whatever amount and have nothing


      • on January 5, 2019 at 8:13 pm gunslingergregi

        well some got taken 2 years or so ago
        then now the rest they left me one stack of dessert storm cards


      • on January 6, 2019 at 9:53 am Corinth Arkadin

        “thirty pounds of baseball cards”

        “desert storm cards”


        Over 9000 Random


      • on January 6, 2019 at 9:57 am Corinth Arkadin

        re: Desert Storm Trading Cards:

        The information on some of the Topps cards was criticized as being incorrect (such as saying NATO had 27 members, when in 1991 it had sixteen), redundant (such as “ground combat infantryman”), blatantly obvious (“Transport ships carry enormous weights”), or “simply incomprehensible” (such as the vague statement “Range and accuracy (of missiles) varies from a few feet to several hundred miles”)


      • on January 6, 2019 at 10:02 pm gunslingergregi

        naa not 9000 random box full of sets flea market 100 bucks


    • on January 5, 2019 at 7:53 pm gunslingergregi

      and i got it better than prob 90 percent rofl how bad is it he he he


      • on January 5, 2019 at 8:11 pm gunslingergregi

        dam imagine having to work to have this shit or way less fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    • on January 5, 2019 at 7:56 pm gunslingergregi

      yea guess just leave the mom shit up to god and devil they seem to handle shit more efficiently than i ever could


    • on January 5, 2019 at 8:17 pm gunslingergregi

      met more people for friends in the airport smoke areas than in last 7 half years lol
      i guess flying is good


    • on January 5, 2019 at 9:52 pm Captain Obvious

      Who knocked up the pregnant chick?


  32. Is it time for a ” state of emergency ” yet Trump ?



  33. Of course, lots of them then start trying to screw it up for you with the new chick. OT, but is this The Wall, and they’ve surrendered at age 35-48? Or are they now ‘Empowered’?


  34. Just need to correct the direction of this energy a bit.


    • @Publius, you are not correct because you have not correctly or at all identified who should redirect whom. (((They))) redirect subhumans, the foundation of sand that easily becomes our quicksand. I have no dog in fights between narratives and their vectors. Men who can consciously correct themselves are just this side of priceless and the only ilk from which true brothers may be found and patriarchy may be built. What is a flag? What is a document? Civilized freedom is about real people serving themselves whilst serving the advancement of mankind, damn it!


    • oh boy the flag of jewmerica that these guys fought and died for so Israel can have their bloodlust sated.

      show me one motherfucking positive thing any of these soldiers ever did for us.


      • Why don’t you go get up in their faces and run your mouth and talk that shit. shaheed ? Make sure it get some video cuz I’d lurve to see your face explode when the garon- damn -teed punch gets thrown . Tavis Smiley , the best part of you went runnin’ down your momma’s leg.


      • how about you come get in my face and talk shit mosby


      • C’ mon down, shitsack. I’ll do more than talk shit to you , BOY.


      • I don’t play that turn the other cheek biz, Tavis Smiley .If she only could have got to the bathroom in time to flush the wad that make you, we wouldn’t be putting up with your faggot-assed drivel.


  35. “Dark Ages”. Nothing but a spook.


  36. “When her eyes dance the first moment she falls in love with you.”

    That is a look women are even not aware about. Men must to have some love eyes detector instinct.

    I will say how I realised about the “look”. It is a romantic story. When I met my husband,, I was not very physicaly attracted to him. I do not say that in a bad way. He was intimidateing and always looked angry. I never ever was thinking one day he will be my husband. I was polite with him then it started some times we would have conversation together. I started to learn about him (he was never married,, what he likes to eat etc.) He said to me he likes a particalar kind of cake. I said if that fruits was in season now I would bake it for you. He got me the fruits and brought them for me the next day. In this point I had a curiosity about him but he was still a bit frightening. So we was neighbors but I did not see him very much in the evening and I knew one place he went for beers and to watch the football. I was invited to a birthday party there one night and for sure I knew it he would be there. I got dressed nice (I remember good the dress I had that night because I had a feeling he would love it). There was many people I knew in the party and when you know people long you know they send you drinks and you have to greet people etc. I had 3 glasses of wine by the time he arived. That is to much for me. I was so nervous and clumsy when I went to sit with him I put fire to his jeans. (It is a polite thing to light some ones cigarette if you like them). I was so shamed but also worryed about his jeans (thanks to God it did not burn his skin). I was fussing about his jeans trying to think how I could fix it the hole and he start to laugh saying do not worry.

    This is cheesey,, I know. But in that exact moment I looked up to his eyes and was shocked with how beautifull they looked. I was mesmerised by the color and how deep they was. I remember thinking how he has sudenly become beautifull to me. (Remember in the start I was not physicaly attracted to him.) And you know, he said Why are you looking at me as like you love me? I swear in my heart I was shocked that he could understand in that moment what I was thinking (it was the begining of love) only by the look in my eyes.

    It is very romantic. I think so one of my more treasured moments.


  37. It’s been more than 18 months since publication of

    Has there been any progress on that? Any “posses” formed, trained, equiped, and sent out for “vigilante justice” against alleged invaders or their white patrons?

    Oh, I see. You’ve been busy, instead, with traditional white male fun like completing a “trifecta” that includes the humiliation of your own females. How manly of you.

    Carry on, white boy!


    • on January 6, 2019 at 10:27 pm gunslingergregi

      rofl they arent our woman here
      the rules are all fucked up
      got a justice sysem against white men”
      and one for everyone else
      nothing to “save”
      not even the shikt from the 60’s


      • on January 6, 2019 at 10:29 pm gunslingergregi

        went into projects to save a white bitch some nog was throwing against a wall
        she hit me lol i ran
        6 months later he hit her in head with a hammer


      • “they arent our woman here”?

        You’ve lost the plot. Try to follow along now: The third of the “trifecta” is about CH rubbing the nose of a former girlfriend in the cleavage of a new one, who could possibly become a fiance.

        I do suppose, however, that you have an alibi, but it involves admitting that you date others’ “woman”, if not also the white trash you encounter in the ghetto on the way out from visiting your favorite prostitute or drug dealer.


    • on January 6, 2019 at 10:39 pm gunslingergregi

      the police and shit know whats going on in facebook and snapchat they only give a fuck if it is a white dude fucking a young bitch


  38. Great comments, guys. I think the end must be nigh (cf. Strauss and Howe). At least the golden age of PUA is over. The heated discussion demonstrates we want to own not steal and retreat. We just don’t agree on how to take what we want. We agree on the taking. I was considering to say this on my blog, but it’s less work and more public to say it here.

    THERE ARE TWO FEARS: The first is the fear of doing something, and the second is the fear of doing nothing. The first fear is herd animal; the second, cultural. I sense from Tucker, Yellow Vests, comments here that there is a change in the force. The second fear has arrived.

    I add that my timing is shit and timing is key for you. Fear as a locus of control is an animal response. Subconscious motive is what animates the herd. Herd action is uncontrollable. The timing is unpredictable. I will not endeavor to cooperate with herd animals as partners of civilization. If I had the means, I would seek out other ostracized philosopher-men and educate them in my fashion. I think evolution is messy and philosopher genes/memes have yet to form a social nucleus from which to operate and conquer and thrive. I would like to create that. I hope that someone who can do that will be inspired by these words. You can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear.

    Learn by (((example))). Globalism per se is not wrong. People want more, and greater coordination has important benefits. It is the audacity to rule at my expense without my consent and power that offends me. Natural rights depends on capacity for violence. Have they calculated their relative worth too highly?

    Another globalism could be quite good. Theirs is institutional globalism. I can’t imagine becoming a space-faring species without some world-wide standards of character and culture. I refer you to my recent comment about CULTURE on this page.


  39. German Finance Minister: the fat years are over

    Economy is starting to slow down

    Gonna be fun if the economy goes down…a nation with Jews and Muslims, Turks and Kurds etc

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  40. on January 6, 2019 at 3:20 pm Elmer T. Jones

    New rules of decorum : it’s OK to refer to Democrat congress ladies as “fatherf*ckers”.


  41. Was watching a Thor movie on JewTube. Thor is a demi-god with a multi-thousand year life-span and has his pick of beautiful nubile women on Asgard. Yet, he falls for a five foot tall jewess who has already hit The Wall. What up with that?


  42. Looks like your life experiences can permanently alter your DNA which propagates to the next generation:

    May explain why good times create soft men…


  43. on January 6, 2019 at 10:04 pm gunslingergregi

    dam bored to tears
    hopefully be fun being a crackhead in columbia