Your Daily Arrow Of Causation

Ann Coulter:

Selfie saves a man from 99 years in prison.

Also, another woman who lied about a man attacking her. Because apparently people don’t think this happens.



she claimed her old high school boyfriend – who she hadn’t seen in years – broke into her residence and carved an ‘X’ into her chest

luckily for him he took a selfie 65 miles away with his mom
cops still raided him w/o warning and put him in jail
cause Berieve Awl Wahmen and whatnot
he had to post $150k bail

notice you can tell it’s self-inflicted by how neat it is


ps obvious cutter is obvious. aren’t there any police who know how to identify a headcase cutter? or are we just gonna lock up every White man at birth and spare the expense of due process?


  1. Notice the last line in the article where it says they’re not identifying her because she hasn’t been charged with a crime? Why is that, exactly? She should be charged at minimum with filing a false police report. She should spend the 99 years he would have spent in jail.

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    • Exactly just what I was thinking.

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      • was a teen girl in OR, think i said this one before.

        accused a man our age of raping her and threatening to kill her dogs if she said anything and to prove he was serious, he shot her black lab in front of her.

        50 years. Arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced.

        Problem is, he was innocent. He appealed to OR Innocence Project and was like look this dog was given up for adoption, find it. They did. She was a complete liar.

        Why did she do it? What was her REASON?

        GTFO and wake tf up- women don’t operate with REASONS, they operate with FEELINGS. There IS NO WHY other than “she’s a crazy bitch.”

        Men need to stop wondering what is the reason for a woman’s actions- there are rarely any. In fact, you may ask a woman years later why did you do that and she will say “I don’t even know, myself.”

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  2. on November 14, 2018 at 2:05 pm PBR Streetgang

    Good thing for the selfie …
    Mom would have testified against him.

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  3. Everything is going to chit anyhow in USA, might as well let sharia law take over.

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    • Because following sharia law has worked out well for all those muslim countries….oh wait no it has not because they are all shit holes that even the goat fuckers themselves do not want to live in

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      • on November 14, 2018 at 10:03 pm Abraham Lincoln

        Women are naturally property. Don’t disparage the muzzies just because they have a spine.

        The crazy in the OP is frustrated and lashing out at her former soyfriend because his seed was weak and his gravity-well of womb-ownership defective. From a Darwinian perspective, he dined and dashed — it’s illegal to fuck a restaurant, why?

        The mudbloods come to white countries to rape and pillage. Also a manly endeavour. Grow a pair, psychoeunuch.


      • Lincoln
        Any reason you look to the muzzies and not onto the history of your own people?
        Is it easier because the TV feed you an alternative, and you don’t have to get out of your chair and research outside the comfort zone for an alternative?
        Have a look at the old Romans description of their encounters with the Teutons/Gauls and how the women went into battle with their men and chose death rather than surrender.
        I’d rather have the women support the warriors among us than having to feed these braindead muzzie women dressed in their stupid tents with no purpose but breeding and cooking.


      • You chose the name of a man who murdered millions of white men to free nogs….No wonder you support a destructive ideology like sharia law


      • White societies considered women property for thousands of years without needing to resort to the religion of brown goat fuckers to do it.

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      • dude, you think they’d be better off as cuck christians who let their women rule them like the NORDIC RACE?

        Their bitches are low IQ like they are and even MORE emotional than ours.


  4. Editor’s note: KVUE is not identifying Precopia’s accuser because she hasn’t been charged with a crime.

    Why the hell hasn’t she been charged with a crime? She almost ruins this guys life, costs him thousands in legal fees but gets the pussy pass.

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    • None of it passes the smell test. They clearly wanted to railroad the kid and had no interest in knowing if he was actually guilty. There has to be more to it than what is being reported. The bitch is either related to a cop or prosecutor or politician or the police and/or prosecutors have some kind of vendetta against the kid or his family….or they were acting as proxies for some judge or politician. Something there is crooked. Having incontrovertible proof of innocence they couldn’t move forward so now they’re limited to protecting the accuser and a coverup of what really happened.


  5. Most cops get high off their own supply and look to create carnage so they wouldn’t notice a head case cutter–they’d just wanna cut heads.

    And besides, many of them probably married a cutter.

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  6. Are there any political representatives pushing for legislation to make such filings of false accusations felonies?

    Any lawyer commenters out there? What would be required to grass roots such an endeavor?

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  7. Why hasn’t that b**** been charged with a crime!? The only way to stop this is to make sure there are consequences

    I’m not in my early twenties anymore but when I was a twenty-something girl and friends with a bunch of other twenty-something girls if we had the option to ruin the life of some guy that rejected us, without any consequences to ourselves, we would have. The madness that came with rejection is unbelievable and any woman that says otherwise is lying.

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    • on November 14, 2018 at 2:55 pm PBR Streetgang

      Take comfort in your cats


    • what??? No. I’m a woman and nothing like that has ever entered my mind.


      • on November 15, 2018 at 7:43 am John Joel Glanton

        It’s a 50/50 split, same as with men. Half are retarded the other half normal. Cops keep sticking their noses in other people’s problems however which makes it worse.


    • Men are supposed to accept rejection except when it means they are to be persistent. And if they are persistent when they were supposed to accept rejection then they are considered criminal. Men suffer consequences for just not understanding signals well. Women can destroy men who reject them and suffer absolutely no consequences what so ever. Men are bad just for asking a second time.

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    • Excellent point on why twenty-something women shouldn’t be near any real responsability and power other than their own little kids, most importantly the right to vote and run for elected office.


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    • Making the case for Sharia law?


  8. This is how you get a person to ACTUALLY want to carve you up like a turkey.

    This shit will stop when the false accuser gets the sentence of the accused. Or they find her body strewn across several counties. Not a minute before then.

    No consequences life destruction is something many sick people will take and run with.

    What prevents it? Fear and pain. Full stop. It is the simplest equation know to man, and we are so pussified we do nothing. He should have put her ass in a woodchipper because she basically attempted murder on him. Disappearing for 99 years into a dark cell is death by any other name.

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    • If I’m in my 50’s or 60’s and that happens to my kid,and the justice department looks the other way, she’s disappearing.

      This is from Glenn Reynolds/instapundit

      Police don’t actually protect law-abiding citizens from criminals so much as they protect criminals from the much-rougher justice they’d get in the absence of a legal system.

      Burglars would be hung from lampposts, and shoplifters would be beaten and tossed into the gutter if there were no police, as in fact happens in countries where there isn’t a reliable justice system and a civil-society culture that restrains vigilantism. Reminder to the criminal class: Ultimately, we’re not stuck in this country with you. You’re stuck in this country with us.

      If the cops keep letting these ladies off, vigilante justice will happen eventually and we’ll get the cries from the press “Who could have seen this coming!”

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      • Some locals in Brazil just burned a guy alive for stealing a cell phone. Everyone watched, police, men, women, kids, etc.

        It’s all on camera in high quality…

        Head on over to


      • on November 14, 2018 at 5:39 pm Corinth Arkadin

        MOAR of this necklacing.


  9. That does not look like an x that was carved out of anger and malice. Generally, when someone is angry enough to take a knife to someone, the cuts are deeper, more ragged, with an an aim to mutilate.

    Clearly, she didn’t have the guts to do that much damage to herself. The police should have known better. I’ve had worse cuts while cooking.

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  10. What’s the betting she doesn’t get charged?


    • She needs help you heartless POS.

      Get with the program. Male criminals get punished and everyone makes jokes about dropping the soap.

      Women get the help they need (paid for by men).

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    • She will claim something like PMS or any of the the numerous other go-to women’s afflictions. They let her go because woman and that will be that.


  11. on November 14, 2018 at 2:49 pm Enfant Terrible

    America is such a fvcked up country, it’s surreal, Land of the free, home of the brave, right!!!

    If a person accuses someone of a crime, and it turns out to be a lie, they should be punished severely, and I mean, jail time, fines, and a public listing somewhere. Just imagine what happens to some poor guy, with limited means to defend himself, that gets accused of rape, or sex assault, or murder, while all along being innocent. His life is finished. It’s an immense injustice not too punish people that falsely accuse someone of a crime.

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    • btw What’s happening with the Renaldo ( I was raped 10 years ago and got paid off ) case?


      • on November 14, 2018 at 3:47 pm Enfant Terrible

        There was a big hoopla when that stuff come out, but it seems to have died out. I guess his lawyers are dealing with the case, and sooner or later it will came up again. I doubt the guy is guilty of anything, other than being a sucker for getting involved with some non-professional whore in Las Vegas, lol.

        It’s not the famous guys that get affected the most from false accusations, it’s mr.average guy that really gets screwed over when some woman falsely accuses him of sexual assault. Accusing someone of rape is a big deal, and if the accusation turns out to be false, in my mind, that is just as much of a crime as someone who commits rape, and therefore it should be punished just as harshly.

        But I’m sure feminists would claim that punishing women for falsely accusing a man of rape, would discourage women from coming forward after being raped.

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    • Now there’s an idea: put anyone who makes such false claims on the sexual predator list, make them register, cannot live near schools.


  12. That guy – the real victim – should post that article along with her name and full picture on every social media account possible. She should be in jail for 99 years. If the justice system won’t take care of that, at least warn the general public about that sociopath.


  13. I am surprised there are not method to understand where someone self cut the wound alone or some one else did. Surely there would be some minute difference in pressure (natural hesitation to pain when hurting your own self), angle difference, struggle etc. ?

    If there is not, thanks to God for that selfie.


  14. The intellectual absurdity is – well – absurd.
    “Believe all women” Why? It is at least as absurd as e.g. “Believe all men”.

    Variants exist. Senator whatever from Hawaii:
    “Survivors need to be believed”.
    This contains several fallacies.

    For starters, even actual rape victims are only very rarely murdered,
    so calling them collectively “survivors” is just hyperbole.

    Second: “need” as a verb. Sure OK Blowsy Ford “needs” to be believed,
    to achieve her goals. And I need a million bucks to achieve mine.
    Neither of these needs imply an obligation for anybody to fulfill that need.

    Third: Logical fallacy. Stripping out the extra inflammatory “survivor” term,
    we get “rape victims need to be believed”. But it is circular. How do we know a woman is a rape victim in the first place??? (Except if she is Juanita Broderick or Kathlleen Wiley (sp?) etc. etc.)

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  15. Don’t forget this little tidbit. She’s still a precious little flower in need of protection.

    “Editor’s note: KVUE is not identifying Precopia’s accuser because she hasn’t been charged with a crime…”


  16. anybody want to take a bet that the lead detective authorizing arrest is a woman?


  17. Somewhere out there is (or soon will be) a startup that will sell men a body cam that uploads tamper-proof footage to the cloud 24/7 where it is stored for life. Of course this is just what our overlords want.

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  18. When is she going to be arrested and charged with this disgusting crime.?

    She owes him financial compensation too for this damage.

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  19. This evil bitch should be in jail for minimum 20 years.

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  20. on November 15, 2018 at 1:45 am TerryThePirate

    Your selfie may be your alibi. Smartphones have their merits.

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  21. Not many comments on this story. Know why? We’re all used to them.

    Glad you’re all my bros.


  22. How is it possible that our legal system prescribes 99 years in prison for slashing two lines in someone’s body?

    Even if I were attacked by a stranger who jumped on my back in the dead of night and was trying to kill me while making the two slashes, I can’t imagine demanding 99 years in prison for him.

    And the message to would-be slashers seems to be “might as well slit the person’s throat while you’re at it; the sentence is the same”.

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  23. Ironically, if a man had been really capable of the type of violence she described, probably she would have defended him in front of her relatives and friends, “he is misunderstood, nobody knows him like I do, he has a good heart, he is essentially a good man, he just can’t control his temper sometimes, we will work through this, etc.”


  24. The problem is white knight policemen that are too jacked up on “I’m all this” and that the woman will let him “touch it” because he saved her and is savior to all women. What a bunch of puds.


  25. The elites are trying to do away with the white man: it will soon be homo’s and brownies.