Merry Christmas


  1. Merry Christmas, brothers.

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    • Merry Christmas bitchez

      inshallah this coming year will be better than the last…


      • jewlywood LONG since passed the point of caring about profits. What’s good for the jews? Profits? LOL…they can just pluck money from a tree if they need it.

        Look at what they did to Star Wars. they apparently bought that franchise for the sole purpose of defiling it and the icons that we grew up with. The latest movies have so flopped that they have rolled back plans to flood us with more

        you don’t have to buy their shit. turn off NFLX, shut off your cable, unplug it all. Don’t watch TV, watch no sportsball except white sports if you want to see something

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 8:51 am LembradorDos6Trilliões

        Some graphs that will help redpill Evangelicals and other Christians on the truth about Israel being anti-Christ. Enjoy: – “How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 1” – “How Evangelicals have been duped by Satan into supporting the earthly Israel, which rejects the Spiritual and Eternal Israel, Part 2”

        The True Eternal Israel exists in the hearts of those who have faith in Jesus Christ, not in the earthly country we call Israel today.

        Zionists are always traitors. Verify:


    • Here is a little Christmas cheer for ya. No doubt a CH reader!

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    • Merry Christmas 🎄


    • on December 27, 2018 at 7:05 am Sebastian Hawks

      It was a very Merry Christmas to find out Hollywood lost 60 million on some ill advised stinker about an incel creep who plays with dolls and walks around in women’s stockings and high heels. The whole movie was supposed to make this creep the hero and the guys who beat him up for his disgusting behavior “nazis.” The creep went on to fetishize the local women with lookalike Barbie Dolls and put himself into a diorama in his back yard and we are supposed to think the women found this “cute” rather than be creeped out by this? It was another pro trans shit anti small town America fare that fortunately flopped epically at the box office. Movies are mostly young people going on the weekends as a social event. What kind of dude would take his girlfriend to such a creepfest? Surely she’ll be in the mood to put out after seeing this right? Almost as bad a move as when the weirdo Deniro character took Cybil Sheppard to a Dirty Movie in seedy 70s Times Square in Taxi Driver Surely a pack of teen girls want to see this? What executive gave this the go? Someones career has to end over this box office disaster.


      • oops I replied upthread about this…


      • on December 27, 2018 at 8:45 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Disagree. They defile everything wonderful about childhood in this. Makes GI Joe toys for kids look like psycho-Rama.


      • Speaking of hollywood… anyone remember that “Girl next door” movie from back in 2004? Typical teen comedy about a guy that falls in love with a porn star.

        Reason it popped into my head is because it’s one of the last few movies I can think of with an all wh!t3 cast… hm…. wonder why… a movie glorifying porn and the cast is all wh!te sheesh


  2. The promise of Christ is a resurrected afterlife…

    The dull mass doesn’t want “it.”

    So be it…

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    • on December 27, 2018 at 10:10 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      If Christ returned to govern the United States the left would nail him up all over again.


      • Feel satisfied to know that when Christ returns, he will be wielding a mighty sword to cut down everyone who rejected him. Interesting that most people have never read the Bible and think that Christ is some kind of long-haired nature-boy hippy. Read the New Testament. He will wreak tidal waves of blood when He returns. (((Le Happy Merchants))) will not get a pass or a do-over.


      • And most of them would reply to this comment with “YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT WE WOULD!!”

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  3. Christ, by sharing in our humanity, through his life, death, and resurrection, permits us to share is his divinity.

    What a gift that is.

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    • Hebrews 2
      11 For both the One who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are of the same family. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.
      12 He says: “I will proclaim Your name to My brothers; I will sing Your praises in the assembly.”

      Romans 8
      17 And if we are children, then we are heirs: heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ—if indeed we suffer with Him, so that we may also be glorified with Him.

      Take a moment and reflect on this… SHARE in His glory… as BROTHERS. And then consider how big the universe is, and what other worlds need guidance.

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      • ” then consider how big the universe is, and what other worlds need guidance. ”

        Woah , woah, that’s a little too Mormon for me. I’m getting off on the next stop. lolz


      • Professor Moyn simply denies historical reality. He writes:

        A number of conspiracy theorists tracing the origins of “cultural Marxism” assign outsize significance to the Frankfurt School, an interwar German–and mostly Jewish–intellectual collective of left-wing social theorists and philosophers. Many members of the Frankfurt School fled Nazism and came to the United States, which is where they supposedly uploaded the virus of cultural Marxism to America. These zany stories of the Frankfurt School’s role in fomenting political correctness would be entertaining, except that they echo the baseless allegations of tiny cabals ruling the world that fed the right’s paranoid imagination in prior eras.


    • Eloquent.


  4. Your favorite warhammer figure?

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  5. on December 25, 2018 at 12:36 pm Captain Obvious

    My crazy liberal cousin got angry during Christmas lunch a couple minutes ago

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    • on December 25, 2018 at 12:37 pm Captain Obvious

      “She just left, she got very heated and angry with me. We were debating the state of the economy and the effects on minorities and she started spewing vile curse words and invective on Christmas Day. Wow. Threw the Christmas cake on the ground. She’s 35-years old, works in finance in Morristown, NJ and New York City. I’m perplexed this holiday season. Now, I just want to stay home and just watch TV or something. Should I bring them over again? Anyway, Merry Christmas.”

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 12:38 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Threw the Christmas cake on the ground.”

        Now that, muh Bruthaz, is a BATTLEcunt.

        Cumming soon to a family near you.

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      • Sounds as though the battlecunt had this premeditated. That’s just the vibe I get from reading that story.

        Christmas cake, eh? Is that like fruit cake? Oh wait, that’s the liberal cousin.

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      • Tell her to grow up and put her over your knee, pull down her panties and spank that ass beat red. That’ll have her eating out your hand.

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      • I would feel angry. Christmas cakes take very many months to make them (if they are the same like here and you feed to it brandy to age it).

        My son throwed a box of ginger bread and kourabiedes in the floor yesterday and they took some hours to make,, i wanted to cry for one minute. But then he start to throw them and laugh and he was haveing very much fun that it WAS adoreable. And he is 2. Not a grown up woman and in some one else house. No respect.

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      • Its hard to be angry at a two year old. The cakes were probably still ok to eat. Just blow off the dust. If they were on the floor less than 10 seconds there is no dirt anyway, or say they say:).

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 9:51 pm Oswald Spengler

        How to deal with battlecunts.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 10:20 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “How to deal with battlecunts.”


        But down below here, Corinth & JnDC are talking about how that attitude got their lives ruined by the Reserve Army of Beta Pedestalizers.


      • “My son throwed a box of ginger bread and kourabiedes in the floor yesterday and they took some hours to make,, i wanted to cry for one minute. But then he start to throw them and laugh”


        Sorry buddy but that says more about who you are as a man and a dad than it does about kids.

        Its not that everyone’s kids haven’t done a shitty thing once or twice but the way you described it sounds like stuff like that happens all the time (Oh see this is what two year olds do all the time not grown women…..har har har!). Good dads wouldn’t mention something that embarrassing either, even on the internet.

        Might want to think about what kind of dad you are and what kind of kids you’re raising. Not trying to be a dick, but that kind of stuff is not normal.


      • Agent X, what kind of kids I am raising? Because my 2 years old throw some biscuits? If you like to insult me,, it is ok but my boy is wonderfull. It is sugestions like you said that make people drug up children with ritalin and other adhd medications. Let boys to be boys. You know some thing else he does? We build towers of blocks and then he says 1,2,3 bame!! And hits the whole tower down. Some can say that means he is destructive,, but children need to learn cause and effect, it is normal.

        I am a mother,, and he is more good behaved when papa is home and also that is some thing normal. I would have more worry if he was a boy who sits quiet playing with dolls and painting etc. That is what many people want young boys to be. I disagree very strong with your reply to the comment. For sure I am not ashamed to say that my son throw some biscuits (and I said it to my friend in light hearted way because I know also he has young children). I do not want to be upset with you because it is easy to not understand each other correct in writing. So I apologise if it seems that way, but my son is wonderfull and as a mother I do the best job that I can. My husband the same also.

        [CH: if your kid likes to throw stuff he might grow up to be an mlb pitcher.]


    • I had to wonder what this broad’s notch count is.

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    • If you don’t understand the primal and grossly conflicted nature of modern wahmen, I HIGHLY encourage you read this. It is also why most of them are batshit crazy.

      She -literally- says her pussy doesn’t tingle for nice guys but only for bad boys but her logical brain tells her run away yet she cannot. Said, every woman… ever.

      Once you know this, half the battle is won. It is also a very sad statement of what unchecked female id will bring. This is why societies kept women in check, it is a necessity.

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      • that article was a better read than I thought, not because of the obvious, but because of her reaction to the guy who turned her down.

        NOBODY female would EVER tolerate even the FAINTEST WHIFF of the notion that if a woman said to a man “LJBF” that he has ANY right, ANY prerogative, or ANY basis to get upset or be even the tiniest bit offended, hurt, angry, or anything the fuck else. If he does, he’s a complete fucking asshole rape culture male entitlement dickhead.

        Yet here she gets friendzoned by a dude she’s into and she has a fucking conniption, blaming HIM for everything.

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    • Yet here she gets friendzoned by a dude she’s into and she has a fucking conniption, blaming HIM for everything.

      That right there^

      The “asshole” in the story is a guy that friend zoned her. Showed her a good time, but then texted her later “oh yeah I’m only here for friends”. The audacity of that man to play with her fee fee’s like that. The poor lady child.


  6. Merry Christmas,, Christ is born.

    God bless you with day full of love and joy.

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    • Merry Christmas and God bless you too. I hope your day was good. We made a roasted goose, which is our family tradition for many years. Dumplings, brussel sprouts and red cabbage were the rest of the meal. The best part was watching the children open their gifts.

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      • Thank you Carlos. Our day was very lovely,, thank you. My son had fun openeing his gifts (he recieved some from extended family that I think so are a bit exsessive, but he loves them so that is nice.

        We had chicken and lamb and pork babecued. Tomorrow I will cook a turkey,, we got a big duck but it is still alive because the kids in extended family have be come attached to it.

        Tomorow my husband is back to work but we have 31st and 1st and epiphany to feel excited about. 😊

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      • It sounds like a beautiful day.

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      • And the duck seems depressed,, i think we will have to take it a friend. The poor duck is stareing to the wall in the coup all day, I could not bare to eat it now.

        I never tryed goose,, is it little like duck?


      • on December 25, 2018 at 3:27 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I like ducks and geese, too. They’re smarter than most kneegrows, so I can’t bear to eat ’em. Plus they make great watchdogs. They raise a phucking racket that’s better than ADT.


      • Goose is similar to duck but has more fat and a milder flavor because they eat mostly grass. Goose is a Christmas tradition in Germany. I actually like the flavor of duck more but the roasted goose is tasty.

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      • I like ducks and geese, too. They’re smarter than most kneegrows, so I can’t bear to eat ’em. Plus they make great watchdogs. They raise a phucking racket that’s better than ADT.

        True on all counts. I intend to keep a flock of geese as guard animals when I buy my land in the country.


  7. on December 25, 2018 at 1:20 pm Corinth Arkadin

    Thanks, CH. I love the Christmas season, because it takes me out of my normal existence which has been and is a hard slog the last few years. I won’t deny that suicide has reared it’s ugly head more than once, and I have actually held a loaded,cocked pistol in my hand before deciding that it’s a extremely pussy way out.

    In the last four years, I had to deal with a bogus accusation of sexual harassment that turned into a Stalinist NKVD ordeal, lost my cousin to opium addiction and was never able/was mentally unable to grieve properly. I am getting older and not dealing with it properly, am embroiled in a lawsuit that costs a lot of cash, and now am working at a job where I am responsible for people who have to make a living under my direction (having to deal with the stresses of low IQ individuals/CPT are harder than it looks). My parents are elderly and infirm and it’s difficult to watch. My family relationships suck, my woman is a pain-in-the-ass (but everyone has that issue) and friendships with real American men are hard to come by.

    This blog and the readers here go a long way to creating a forum where I am largely welcome, even though I get thin-skinned. It’s hard to go from being a Rock Star and a Champion to being ground-up by the system that’s rigged against us.

    As a certain philosopher here sez: I’m Glad Your All My Bros.

    P.S. Plumpjack, I’m ready to bury the hatchet if you are. There’s too much to do and very little time to do it, and we can’t MAGA if we’re fighting amongst ourselves.

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    • Easier said that done but life is a struggle. Never forget that. Modern western comfortable living disguises that.
      Life is a harsh test and everyone has the genetic ability to respond to the challenges, get the adrenalin / testosterone going and thrive.
      Without challenges and stress, life would be boring and meaningless.

      And no matter how stressful things are, dont sweat it. It’s a clown world and learn to laugh at it.
      Things pass . ..things get better. Life goes on.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 3:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Right. I refuse to go out like a pussy. Life isn’t fair, and Deserve ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.

        It’s hard sometimes, but I got the love of a good woman, and I’ve had some spectacular successes in my time, and that’s not something to brush off. Eventually I’ll win. Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

        CH’s place is in the stratosphere, and outer space is the place, my bros.


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      • on December 25, 2018 at 9:08 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 25, 2018 at 9:08 pm Captain Obvious


    • That’s gut wrenching to read. I relate to about half of it by experience and the other half by supposition. You should focus on you not MAGA. Where self-focus is not also MAGA, such MAGA is not appropriate. The important thing is MWPGA. We must allow raze first to get the free white hand one day. For each of us today: Shrug, Atlas, shrug!

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 4:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

        MAGA keeps me alive. It gives me strength.

        Single combat is the only other thing that would keep me going.

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      • follow your instinct. pay no attention to “”””RealityDoug”””””” he’s been a commentator for like 9 years


      • I gotz a troll hater named Ted. Long-time commenters bad. Like trav I said focus completely on self and shrug off everything else. Ted says follow instincts, but some say insanity is doing the same thing over and over. Emotional attachment is a kill shot funnel. Chase not fake relationships. Happy Saturnalia, Ted. That’s the real issue, Ted, isn’t it?


      • Uniting over blood and soil has brought men together for thousands of years. Its absolutely a fundamental place for a man to think about his place in the world and what’s worth fighting for outside of himself, along with God and his family.

        One of the pet peeves of mine in the manosphere is the segment (mostly MGTOW) that emphasizes pathological selfishness in the name of virtuous self-improvement. I have far more respect for men who say the crisis of our civilization and people is what got their asses off the couch and into a gym than guys who said its all about themselves.

        I mean……isn’t that really just “muh dicc” in more sophisticated language?


      • Agent X, I don’t think farming out my value to the highest bidder is problematic. It is a solution regardless of what others do (game theory).

        What is the highest bid? The fanciest house or a nice house in a safe and friendly neighborhood? Everyone is an organism that ‘wants’ to do the best for itself that it can. An ideologue defines that externally and perhaps deserves extinction. There is maximal check and balance with self-centered human power by maximal distribution, but sheeple subvert checks and balances by faithful/thoughless devotion. Beneficiaries of sheeple have no standards of behavior. Their value is never examined. Very bad incentives.

        Cooperation is best where there is actual win-win value that must be maintained. That’s called stewardship and culture. That’s called team not herd or slavery. No succession option is slavery or domestication. Being part of something bigger than yourself really means to be a part of something that make your value insignificant and irrelevant. It is irresponsible not virtuous. It is dehumanizing not civilizing. The best cooperators ought to be able to outfight and outproduce antithetical others to include herds. Cooperation is a fine line to maintain that ideology does not admit. Organic life requires stewardship.

        Men fighting for their homeland but way of life/culture/sexual property rights always fight harder, are always willing to suffer the most in conflict. Men have nothing meaningful to fight for with institutional supremacy. Either their is patriarchy or there is not. Ideology has always had successful players and unsuccessful suckers. That’s the point!

        The rules are not the rules because the real rules are the laws of nature, which are the laws of evolution. Human’s can’t be superhuman but they can be trash. Trying to be part of something to which you can add no meaningful value is to degrade oneself. Christianity was orthodox during the most dehumanizing period of Western history for a reason.


    • first thing- get your T checked.

      Do a hormonal panel and ensure that you’re not pseudo-ill

      make next year a year where you ditch dead weight, if you have to bail, bail…on the job, the woman, all of it, and start over elsewhere. don’t live in misery

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 4:21 pm Corinth Arkadin

        You tread heavily, Trav, but you speak the Truth.

        Excuse my sentimentality. I had a powerful taste for the hops today.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 8:54 pm Captain Obvious

        You got any ch!llunzzzezzezes by this woman?


      • I’ve never been one to mince words, Corinth. When it is time for action, it is time for action. That time is now. It almost always is.

        I may jump to conclusions, but I land on the truth


      • on December 26, 2018 at 1:31 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I gots no chillens. I never had any money in my prime, and I got put through the ringer by a few women before I was 23 (a clinically schizophrenic woman was my first LTR, the sex was goooooood but daily dealing probably scarred me for several years).

        But yeah, no kids. That time is past, I think. All my brothers and sisters had kids, and they’re all kinda inner city stupid. When you say Whyte Bunz in Oven, you want quality. I guess I could start over with a younger woman, but I’m too tired and bored now.

        And I knew I couldn’t really trust women at an early age. I got a large family- lots of brothers and sisters- but the only one who I could relate to was my cousin. His mother divorced my uncle around ’90 and it phucked him up good. I saw him change practically overnight. My uncle was the nicest d00d in the world, but she wasn’t haaaaaaaaaaapy. My cousin killed himself with junk in his veins and it was a direct line from her leaving my uncle. I tried, but I could do nothing to help and I lost that battle.

        Also, I had a bit of an ‘anger problem’ when I was in my 20’s. I knew if I had kids I would have beat the sh!t out of them; I didn’t want to do that. My father was yuge on corporal punishment and that may have been the root of my rage problem LOL. I was wise enuff to figure times were a’changin’ and I didn’t want to a) hurt my kids and b) get locked up for ‘abuse’.

        My dad is a good guy but with ten kids, he was an old school Catholic and he didn’t phuck around. I prob. deserved every ass-beating I got before I was 16. (but I def. deserved jail time for the wild stunts I pulled as a teen. I had a good, solid crew going for me back then, luckily we were never caught. If we ever were, we were staring at a solid dime in the hoosegow).

        So if you add all this up, you kinda get a phucked-up individual who thought he wasn’t going to make it over 35 yeas of age, so I didn’t plan to get old.

        Luckily I was intelligent, I was good-looking & I got laid a lot, I laffed a lot, and was a bit of an epicurean (no 500$ ravioli ever, though); SCUBA dived and climbed mountains.

        Now I’m devoid of purpose. I question my existence now almost daily.

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      • You sound a lot like me growing up. I had my first kid at 52 and the second one at 55. I am very happy to be a father. Get past your troubles and find a good woman and knock her up. You won’t regret it at all.

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      • Being around a toddler and their zest for life rubs off on you in ways you cant imagine

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      • on December 26, 2018 at 4:21 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “When you say Whyte Bunz in Oven, you want quality…”

        Nope. I just want White Bunz -> White 0venz.

        I don’t give a sh!t about quality.

        The wrong White ch!ldren by the wrong White women are infinitely better than no White ch!ldren at all.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 4:23 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>>”Now I’m devoid of purpose. I question my existence now almost daily.”

        Precisely because you haven’t put any White Bunz -> White 0venz.

        Ditch the cynicism and come back home to the Tree of Life.


      • yeah get your T checked dude.

        There is no such thing as $500 raviolis, btw, hell I never spent even $400 on the check at that restaurant, but i digress

        I just dove with bull sharks in Playa, and a couple cenotes.

        Dunno how you can question your existence with shit like that to do out there. You wanna go diving hmu


      • @corinth

        I think it’s time you chow down a couple of $500 Travioli specials.

        life isn’t complete until then


      • Interesting point, Captain Obvious, about more white bunz vs better white bunz….

        If those white bunz are just more civilization trashing white whores with no men to control them they might as well be Jamals or Achmeds who are here for free stuff from whitey.

        Maybe worse, as those women multiply the Jamals.


    • Praying for you brother.


    • Brosef, we have walked a mile in each other’s shoes.

      My issue was not sexual harassment but legal troubles you cannot even imagine but all the rest you described was my life in the past few years as well.

      Having cocksmokers smashing my house apart and steal all my shit, point guns at me, and make me a felon wasn’t in my ‘plan’. I also considered a quick exit strategy too.

      You HAVE a job. I have nada. I’m nearly unemployable now because of this system you are describing. There are MANY of us out here and if/when this pops off there will be a biblical reckoning for the amount of good white men who’ve been smashed apart by this system.

      I’ve picked myself up by my boot straps after a pretty hardcore depressive period of my own including a descent into a chemical hell. But I ain’t goin’ out like that. I’m getting the fuck out because it is my only real option.

      I’m 100% w/ Trav. Get your T checked out this is a real thing you should look at. After that, start blowing your ballast tanks like he said. Drop off anything that isn’t immediately useful and helpful to you as much as you can. I’ve trimmed down to lean living and I had a fucking rockstar lifestyle as well. Fast expensive cars, beautiful women, all of that. It is a bitter pill to swallow but I ain’t that nigga to sit around and complain or do nothing. Move forward until your breathing stops.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 9:17 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I’ll tell you one thing: when the GDOTR comes, there will be a reckoning. When the system hammers good men into desperation, they get something they did not expect.

        There’s a reason why they call us “Desperadoes”.


      • on December 25, 2018 at 9:27 pm Corinth Arkadin

        BTW, Jay, since you are proximity-wise to me, maybe if you trust me enuff in the next few months maybe I’ll be able to find a place for you, job-wise.

        Let CH be the mediator, if he’ll allow it.

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      • Corinth, you are a good egg bud. I would love any help I can get of course. I got a few irons in the fire right now but if they flame out as they have before I’ll give you a heads up in the new year.



      • I can sympathize…my conviction isn’t anywhere near as severe as yours, in fact it’s so ticky tack that it’s almost laughable. But nobody’s laughing.

        At present, I am *unemployable* in fed contracts. I don’t even bother to apply or even pursue the reqs. Was doing this, easy money, for 20 years. Cut off just like that. Over the literally, 100% uncorroborated accusation of a woman. No videotape (would have exonerated me), no eyewitnesses (we called one who backed me up), no evidence…nothing. This is the reality of the courts in DC. Guilty. She cried, mfer, and Ima make you pay.

        I’m facing a final adjudication which may or may not go my way and if it doesn’t, another $6000 in lawyer bills to fight it in court, which I have to.

        So I am looking for work elsewhere, commercial sector, less money, so fucking what. I won’t stop, this won’t kill me, i will put one foot in front of the other and I will go forward. I already live cheap which is why i can afford “$400 ravioli” or whatever the losers here fantasize I am buying.

        During my sojourn in the legal troubles area I ran into niggers who had multiple convictions and didn’t even GAF, felonies. There are different rules already for them WRT this. In the “white supremacist” patriarchy. I’ve already had two GREAT jobs revoked when the shit in my jacket was discovered. Fucking $200k gigs. Think about that. snatched away over the words of a bitch.

        You people think I’m irascible? LOL. I’m taking this in stride like I did my divorce. DF am I gonna do, kill MYself? For what? If’n i wanted to off someone it’d be THEM, not me. Taking your troubles out on yourself is a horrible idea; if you snap, eliminate your enemies and your tormentors. If you’re going to do yourself, do it by lighting yourself on fire in front of some famous building, make a fucking statement. Don’t swallow a bullet.


      • 2 quick things F-Street

        1) Nogs have a diff set of rules fo’ sho’. The ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ Oh you have a violent felony? You are oppressed by whitey, welcome to the firm! White guy– “You have WEAPONS charges?!” Call the cops he may start shooting any moment!

        That is Clown World in essence.

        2) I.E. Self-termination- I made the same determination as you after drowning myself in a bottle for a while unfortunately. If I’m ‘checking out’ I’m taking mafuckas w/ me, I ain’t going out like a bitch. If you don’t see me on the news, I didn’t do it right. 🙂


    • Thoughts and prayers to you, Corinth, glad you’re my bro.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 10:07 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I think I’m gonna cry.



        I’ve got guts deep into the whisky. Laphroig 18 year, phuck It’s soooooo goooooooooooood.

        And I still have a boner. Amazing.


      • Ahh, Laphroig!!! It smells and tastes like iodine filtered through a mud bog. You have to really love scotch to love Laphroig.

        I love Laphroig. Corinth, our bonds grow deeper yet.

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    • “P.S. Plumpjack, I’m ready to bury the hatchet if you are. There’s too much to do and very little time to do it, and we can’t MAGA if we’re fighting amongst ourselves.”

      agreed and no hard feelings, Corinth. let’s make it a good year.

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    • Just came across this, Corinth. Had no idea you were having such a hard time of it. I should’ve known many of us have similar stories of being sidelined or outright targeted by the system. Do these fuckers not realize they’re creating an army of capable, pissed White Men?!

      Mine came when I was 26 and worked for a bank. I was outside, on the sidewalk (not even in the office) talking to my best friend on the phone about the weekend I had when an old hag receptionist walked past me. Later that day the bank branch manager pulled me into his office saying a sexual harassment complaint has been made against me because I was talking about “some broad I banged over the weekend” (he made quotation marks with his hands.)

      I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or take it seriously- but I pleaded my case that I wasn’t speaking to her. I was on the phone and outside the office. Didn’t matter. I was technically on company property, and she heard me conducting myself in a sexually offensive way. And that was it. Sexual harassment complaint in my file with that bank forever.

      That hag did me a huge favor. I decided then and there I would learn to create a business and live life self-employed if it killed me.

      You’ll get through this. Take a self inventory of the skills you have. There may be ways you can diversify your income.

      You’ve got bros on this board, and I am glad to count myself among them. We’ve also got a common enemy. Clown World is unsustainable.

      Love Laphroaig but been drinking Lagavulin the past couple days.

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      • Though my current issues are an order of magnitude bigger than some sad career shrike messing w/ me I’ve also been hit by this more than once in my career.

        I was reading ON MY LUNCHBREAK at my desk bothering nobody. One of these sad overweight cat loving no dick getting man hating cunts was bitterly jealous she wasn’t going to be the one that was catching my dick that week. She ran RIGHT to HR and said she found me looking at photos of women inapprorpriate.

        These people hate your guts and want you destroyed, and lots of them are white. Never forget these facts. You made the right call FE, I may have to get on that same self-employed train to ever get outta this mess too.

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      • Lol
        Oh man I thought mine was bad! At your own computer, on your lunch break, not even speaking with anyone?!

        I’m not saying starting a business is easy. The stress alone weeds out most. But if you’ve cut your expenses to the bone, I’m willing to bet you can do it.

        If you break even in the first 2 years, you’re doing well. I ran two companies into the ground before (teetering on bankruptcy by the time I was 28) before I made one fly.

        For me, I saw things trending the wrong direction 13-14 years ago. Made my peace that any amount of stress is worth avoiding clown world nkvd.

        “These people hate your guts and want you destroyed, and lots of them are white. Never forget these facts”


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      • “because I was talking about “some broad I banged over the weekend” (he made quotation marks with his hands.)”

        That’s like a scene out of a movie, some PC corporate phag who just can’t even and has to use quote marks. I probably would’ve laughed


      • on December 26, 2018 at 1:49 pm Corinth Arkadin

        These stories are INSANE.

        I was accused by a fat co-worker when I wasn’t even AT work or a work-related function. I was in a BAR and didn’t even COME FROM WORK. I was off that day. No matter; they went to the mattresses over nothing.

        That’s why I’m in my lawsuit. It’s expensive, but I want my pound of flesh.

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      • @CA
        Completely insane stories all around. It’s like our own version of pound metoo except everything that happened to us was real, reported, and extensively documented.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 3:40 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “These people hate your guts and want you destroyed, and lots of them are white.”

        Theorema Nigrum.

        Only Whites can be so vicious with fellow Whites because the other races simply aren’t worth the effort.

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      • lol i got run out of a job by an accusation of something I never did by someone they didn’t even name.

        just like hey there’s been a complaint, work from home until further notice while we investigate. at the end of it, “you’re fired.” LOL.

        they weren’t interested in my side or anything…heard through the grapevine it was a disgruntled intern who shit on a lot of people on her way out the door. Yours truly apparently was a sacrificial lamb. They never even confronted me with either the person or the complaint.

        I’ve been fired more times than I can count…who fucking cares? Know why I work? for money. fuck passion for the job…and fuck you too people who say it. You know what your passion does, you sorry ass fucks? It makes the owner and the execs rich you fucking tools.


      • I’ve been fired more times than I can count…who fucking cares? Know why I work? for money. fuck passion for the job…and fuck you too people who say it. You know what your passion does, you sorry ass fucks? It makes the owner and the execs rich you fucking tools.

        I can think of no poorer existence than working at an occupation that one doesn’t enjoy.

        Mastering one’s calling leads to a quality of life like no other… from which many other masculine traits flow, like confidence, loyalty, commaraderie (that’s ‘mutual trust and friendship’, remember… not just dicking around with your crew at the local sports bar or nightclub), and honest pride in a job well done.

        As well as all the other good things in life… it’s always been my experience that it’s almost immaterial what a man chooses to work at… so long as he does it with all his heart and soul, a good living will come from it.

        “Even a cobbler can become famous… IF he masters his craft.”

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      • yeah and that’s the difference between a fucking boomer and me.

        I give not two fucks about their revolution. I work for the money. FUCK you and anyone who says WORK is what life is about and oh you will get some kind of motherfucking personal worth from enjoying your gd job.

        I find my satisfaction in LIFE and my children and the things that fucking MATTER.

        Lemme ask you this- you put your heart and soul into your job and you love it…are your coworkers and bosses through your life gonna be there around your deathbed as you exit the world? Are all the stupid little awards you won gonna be on your mind? NO. It’s family, it’s life, it’s who you are. Not your job.

        You boomers are the living embodiment of the mindfuck foisted onto this country by the jews who master the debt hamster wheel. RUN RUN RUN so they can collect their vig. Fuck this shit.

        EVERYTHING about your generation is toxic, the worst of it is how you cling to these shibboleths and attempt to suck everyone else into them as well. Your generation is a cancer.

        All our bitches are now at WORK trying to find this imaginary satisfaction you claim everyone needs to get there…

        I didn’t get my masculinity from a fucking JOB you boomer clown.


      • Everything you just said has nothing to do with the point I was making, and you once again jump to binary-thinking stereotypes.

        And for that matter, finding satisfaction in your calling leads to a better, more stable and steadfast father to one’s children, both psychologically and in the ability to take care of the entire family, in sickness and in health, and provides the quality leisure time necessary to give the children their due measure of attention and guidance, as well as allowing the mother to stay home rather than having to go out into the workplace to make ends meet.

        Whether a man finds that in his own business or working as part of a larger outfit is, again, immaterial.

        What, you think a man who hates his work, and usually that means has to scrape by to make a living because what he does is not a “profession” or a true calling, rather “just a job”, is going to come home at night and be a pleasure to be around, or have time for anything except “decompressing”?

        Slough it off under the insipid “muh boomer” Alinsky shaming, but this precept holds true across all generations.

        My advice to my own sons, as well as all of youse yeggs, is find something you absolutely LOVE to do, so that going to work for the greater part of your adult life is not a drudge or a mental and physical burden.

        And yes, what a man does for a living does define him in a great measure, both in the eyes of society but, foremost, in his own eyes. Pride in one’s performance is the one pride that seldom goes before a fall.


      • My experience- it’s not necessary for a man to love what he does. My dad just retired after 35 years as a stockbroker and hated every day of it. He’s a great dad, was almost always in a good mood and took pride in providing for all of his 5 kids. Paid for private school K-12 and college for all of us. Didn’t spend it on boats, lake houses or cars.

        My parents are a big reason I can’t get behind the gripe of “boomers suck.”

        My advice- find something that provides you with money and FREEDOM. Find anything that insulates you from the current system. If you’re White and male, you’re public enemy no. 1. Look at all the horror stories just in this thread. Travvy Trav lived something straight out of Kafka.

        There is plenty of satisfaction to be taken in building a business, but satisfaction was never my first concern. My business partner and I have always said we’d sell toilet seats if the margins were right.

        Glad you’re all my bros.

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      • My experience- it’s not necessary for a man to love what he does. My dad just retired after 35 years as a stockbroker and hated every day of it.

        Obviously, most men, alas, won’t find a calling they truly love… and of course, there’s necessity gnawing at each of us, especially when one has mouths to feed.

        I do admit, in a decent-paying job… especially white-collar… at least the money isn’t a dissatisfier, and allows for other areas of life to compensate. 😉

        Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly makes misery much more tolerable. lzozlzozlzozozl


    • Wishing you well CA.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Thabx all…I prob. am doing well enuff now, but the last few years were hard.

        I make a good amount of money, it’s just mostly going to the lawyers and I hate the work.


  8. on December 25, 2018 at 1:36 pm CulturalResilience from Mobile

    God rest you merry Gentilemen.

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  9. I had to spend time with shitlib extended family. ..holy sh1t.
    Every cliche in the book.
    I know baby boomers get possibly undeserving abuse but these baby b00mers (state employees of course) now hate Trump because the Dow dropped so their retirement savings have dropped. They live in an area whose manufacturing base has been decimated but to them they don’t care.

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    • liberals are so stupid that they vote and support policy that makes their neighbor lost their job, and thus lose value in their home and community….

      all because of ignorance and emotion.

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      • on December 25, 2018 at 8:59 pm Captain Obvious

        Ripp, that’s the charitable explanation.

        But the Darker explanation is that they know exactly what they’re doing with their votes, and they’re effectively psychopaths who don’t give a [email protected] about how these policies ruin their neighbors’ fortunes.

        As long as that pension check keeps clearing the bank – that’s all these gubmint bureaucrats [and especially retired bureaucrats] give a [email protected] about.

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      • on December 26, 2018 at 9:36 am Samuel Skinner

        That isn’t the darker explanation. The darker explanation is the measure their status in life compared to their neighbors and the worse their neighbors do, the better they consider themselves so they consciously aim for policies to hurt those near them.

        Given San Francisco is overrun with shit…

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      • As is oft done, you project your humanity onto animals.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 12:25 pm Captain Obvious


        SS out-cynics moi.


      • I agree with ripp, co, and skinner on this issue of shitlibs’ reasons for shiting on their neighbors with votes. It ties into the border control/ immigration issue: well off white shitlibs promote open borders for to ego signaling reasons: the first is conventional virtue signaling ‘I care about browns because I’m more moral than you’, but the second is flaunting their socioeconomic status by being unafraid of losing their jobs to beaners. They want to separate themselves from the badwhite ‘they’re takin r jobs’ crowd

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      • on December 26, 2018 at 3:35 pm Captain Obvious


      • on December 26, 2018 at 3:41 pm Captain Obvious

        Cum to think of it, Theorema Nigrum explains everything in this subthread, as well.


    • “hate Trump because the Dow dropped ” – Ahhhh, the Dow just might be down because the (((Fed))) raised interest rates AFTER Hanukkah and BEFORE Christmas ?


    • Let me guess, Buffalo NY? NY is as fucked up as California.

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      • Near there yeah but overall its great up here. Said it a million times before.
        White girls everywhere (in every serviceable job ), friendly people, no traffic, great places to eat, old Europe names and food everywhere


      • Just meet a gorgeous mother of 5 as well…only 30…including twins.
        I see a lot of pretty young mothers around here and young white nerds hooked up with some tasty women (they’d be incels in shitropolis)


    • A good friend of mine is suffered to work for a narcissistic shitlib from Dunkirk NY. Her parents were teachers and she was raised to look down on her fellow townsmen. She is forever bragging about herself and her station in life and is deeply insulting to those around her. She survives only because her boss is also a narcissist and they seem to have a common wavelength. Most everyone who knows her hates her except her boss.


  10. on December 25, 2018 at 3:00 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    Merry Christmas, snow nuggaz.

    You too, Aids Eliot.

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    • on December 25, 2018 at 4:26 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      What’s the basis for the 78% claim? I can understand the 40% of the population being owners.


    • Jews controlled the trans Atlantic slave trade and many of the large plantation owners were Jews. I don’t doubt this statistic at all.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 2:26 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        I understand that. Ultimately every planter and captain would be in debt to a eJw in the City of London. But the actual ownership in terms of pink slips? At the apex of the shipping and banking all these slaving businesses were shopvacs for Schlomo but on the ground? I’m not so sure. If you widen the net to the America’s and Caribbean I would not be surprised with numbers like 70% as there are plantations on islands and Brazil that were huge.

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      • I think it includes the Caribbean and Brazil


      • it needs cites and sourcing, not just a bald assertion…

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      • There is a website footnote on the twitter but I couldn’t read it.


      • I copied the URLs but they are in mod. I wonder why?



      “The total number of slave owners was 385,000 (including, in Louisiana, some free Negroes).”


      There were 15,000 Jews in the US in 1840 (additional Jews came in 1848, but they were radicals from Germany who settled in the North).

      Not seeing how the circle squares. Southern Jews were over-represented in the slave ownership and number of slaves owned but it was widespread throughout Southern society.


      • Slavery was the dumbest thing the the Europeans / Americans ever did. A self inflicted, almost fatal wound.

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      • I think words matter and slavery is not the correct word for a plantation type economy which mirrored feudalism in its control. Serfdom is the right term to describe the phenomena. Only wealthy landowners could afford serfs throughout history. The south had the right to secede from the United States and Lincoln was the first SJW president. The presidential elections of 1860 and 1960 were the two biggest turning points in US history for the worse.


      • Amon Ra, can you imagine how great our culture would be if we’d picked our own damn cotton?

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      • Lincoln forced the South to return to the Union because London bankers behind Wall Street would only lend to the Union at usurious rates and the Southern states provided most of the Federal government’s revenue with the tariff on exported cotton. Abolitionists were funded and encouraged to create the war as an issue by the City of London. The Civil War was yet another war instigated by Jewish banking interests and the second attempt to bring America back under the dominion of the Crown. One more thing they don’t teach us in school anymore. This makes the Jewish propaganda to discredit the Southern cause via slavery all the more galling. The Army of Northern Virginia’s general staff were some of the finest men this nation has ever produced. It is blasphemy in my eyes to smear them as they have been smeared.


      • Amon Ra, slavery was replaced by feudalism starting under Charlemagne and was strongly supported by the Church. Farming was run on estates worked by slave gangs until the 10th century or so in Italy. Northern Europe used serfs before Italy did. After the plagues, serfs could name their own price and land owners had to offer them favorable terms to get them to work the land, especially in the newly Christianized territories such as Poland and Silesia.


      • Slavery was universal and a holdover from the Ancient World in Europe. Slavery continued far longer elsewhere in the world and still exists in Africa in its old form and elsewhere in the form of prison labor or human trafficking victims. Slavery in Europe was contained and then abolished only through the efforts of the Church.


      • Danger, you’re ass backwards on this.

        The north was a manufacturing power and wanted tariffs on imported goods. Retaliatory tariffs hurt the south, which was an agrarian exporter.

        money was the central issue in this conflict, and the friction between a mercantilist manufacturing base (see modern china) and an agricultural export producer.


      • Because manufactured goods were not produced in the South, they had to either be imported or shipped down from the North. Either way, a large expense, be it shipping fees or the federal tariff, was added to the price of manufactured goods only for Southerners. Because importation was often cheaper than shipping from the North, the South paid most of the federal tariffs.

        Much of the tariff revenue collected from Southern consumers was used to build railroads and canals in the North. Between 1830 and 1850, 30,000 miles of track was laid. At its best, these tracks benefited the North. Much of it had no economic effect at all. Many of the schemes to lay track were simply a way to get government subsidies. Fraud and corruption were rampant.
        With most of the tariff revenue collected in the South and then spent in the North, the South rightly felt exploited. At the time, 90% of the federal government’s annual revenue came from these taxes on imports.


      • @Major7

        We’d look more like Europe.

        Tariffs weren’t the cause of the civil war.

        ““Though it cost the blood of millions of white men, let it come. Let justice be done.” ”
        -John Quincy Adams

        The North declared that slavery was wrong, started openly disobeying the Fugitive Slave Act and celebrated John Browns raid.

        Slavery was the excuse- the cause of the civil war was power. The North declared they were morally superior to the South and the South had to obey them. The South disagreed. The South saw the North was getting more and more radical and realized the North was going to try to crush them by slices (no expansion of slavery was inevitably going to transform into rolling back slavery).

        As for the ‘stupidity’ of slavery, India has had thousands of years with a racial caste system. Having stupid foreigners in your country is sustainable over the long run- as long as the elite aren’t infighting. Because once the elite start fighting among themselves, they conscript said stupid foreigners to kill their enemies. Aka good whites importing Muslims and Mexicans to murder bad whites.

        The problem is the traitors, not the foreigners. Gut the traitors and the issue will resolve itself.


      • Serfdom not slavery SERFDOM. There was nothing wrong with serfdom but yeah the US civil war was mostly a power grab by the north which plundered the wealthiest region of American permanently transforming it into the poorest. In many ways it can be viewed as the first regime change undertaken by Washington.


      • on January 1, 2019 at 5:01 pm Clay Matthews

        “Slavery was the dumbest thing the the Europeans / Americans ever did. A self inflicted, almost fatal wound.wound”

        Because ‘Indentured Servant’ is just a more sexy term for white slavery. The Irish suffered just as much or more than the winey nig nogs.

        BTW, Blacks and Jews bitch and moan about hard labor, the knee-grows about something that happened 200 years ago, and Chosenites about the work camps in National Socialist Germany


  11. Is this the new Christmas expansion for Dark Souls?


  12. Merry Christmas to all. Rest up, hard times are coming.

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  13. Our God is a consuming fire.

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  14. on December 25, 2018 at 5:58 pm Darth Caucasious

    Shout-out to the greatest Israeli the world has ever known:


  15. Maitre,


    the rest is details

    Peace Out!


  16. on December 25, 2018 at 10:11 pm Captain Obvious


  17. on December 25, 2018 at 10:11 pm Captain Obvious


  18. on December 25, 2018 at 10:15 pm Captain Obvious


  19. on December 25, 2018 at 10:16 pm Captain Obvious

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    • The King James Bible is Catholic. I never understood why the church hasn’t adopted it.


      • King James was a anglican-leaning presbyterian who tolerated cathcux in as much as they ‘were useful’ as his toadies


      • He asked if a more collegial approach to church administration might be in order. In other words, “Let’s broaden the decision-making base.” Reynolds posed his question this way: “Why shouldn’t the bishops govern jointly with a presbytery of their brethren, the pastors, and ministers of the Church.”

        The word presbyterie was like waving a red flag before a bull. The king exploded in reply: “If you aim at a Scots Presbyterie, it agreeth as well with monarchy as God and the devil! Then Jack, and Tom, and Will, and Dick shall meet and censure me and my council.” He then uttered what can be considered his defining motto and summary: “No bishop, no King!”


      • Anglican liturgy is almost identical to Catholic liturgy btw, even if the church has been corrupted in the last 75 years by the usual suspects. James did more than just lean Anglican as well. I would say it was more accurate that he tolerated Presbyterians as toadies and had no real objection to Catholics.


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  21. A Merry Yule from Denmark, to all you Christ-worshippers.

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  22. Saw a saying that went, “Take the Jew out of White and you can forget White Privilege”.


  23. on December 26, 2018 at 10:43 am A Patron of the Arts

    These days when I use the expression, “Merry Christmas”, it’s with the same attitude I say, “fuck you”.

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    • on December 26, 2018 at 1:03 pm Captain Obvious



      • on December 26, 2018 at 2:35 pm A Patron of the Arts

        What I mean is, with so many of the Enlightened™ taking offense to Christmas, wishing them a Merry Christmas is akin to telling them fuck you. And at least from me, that fuck you is very well meant. Merry Christmas has become a statement of defiance rather than a holiday greeting.

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      • It’s common saying when playing FPS games like Call of Duty or CounterStrike when someone gets a head shot.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 3:27 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Merry Christmas has become a statement of defiance rather than a holiday greeting.”


        You must be in Deep Blue.


      • on December 26, 2018 at 3:28 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “It’s common saying when playing FPS games like Call of Duty or CounterStrike when someone gets a head shot.”

        That’s pretty sick.

        Although I guess moast video games are pretty sick to begin with.


      • Not much different than Pulp Fiction’s popularization of Ezekiel 25:17-

        relevant part @ 2:31


      • The ending of that scene resonates so highly w/ me. ESPECIALLY today, but even as far back as when that movie was released. A nation full of sheep with very few wolves walking around these days.

        I see it still in the eyes of men even though I’m older now but I can still get them to glance aside. “You’re the weak… and I am the tyranny of evil men.”

        Goddamn right.


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  25. Like

  26. the jews showed how much they like Christmas by bombing Syria

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  27. Merry Christmas to all! Even the haters and losers.


  28. OT but beautiful.


    • lol gotta be a troll

      400 matches on tinder? ummm…a dude that hot wouldn’t have been with her in the first place


      • You got good radar trav, that entire thing is an incel shitpost. 400 matches for ANY male is a thing of fantasy. There have been numerous studies done and even guys that are fucking diesel and look like male models don’t get anywhere close to that type of action.

        The whole thing reads like an incel revenge fantasy and doesn’t pass the smell test. Sexual dynamics simply don’t work that way and the incel loser who posted it clearly doesn’t know this. ANY woman can get as much dick as she can handle all day long until her uterus prolapses. This chick only got 1 match but the boyfriend got 400? Right…


      • To get 400 matches he’d have to be swiping right on absolute trolls.


    • It is better she breaks with him. It is no chance to redeem that relationship. If she said she wants sex with another men she does not love him. Only now she loves him because he got other women. How can you invite others to your relationship and wonder how is gone the “spark”? I would not even get a part time MAID because when you let other women to do what you are suposed to be doing for your man,, it is some thing few men resist that temptation of. But he had the right because she said she wants another man, she only was short sighted and thought so she would take the better part of it.


      • If a man would not be come insane with anger for the sugestion it is one of 2 possibiltys,,

        1. He was frightened to lost you and had low self esteem
        2. He does not love you.

        I think so 1 is more likely, but that has changed now.


  29. CLASSIC Beta Bux situation. Heartiste, you coulda picked this one. Chech the chick, then the poor guy. CLASSIC!

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    Good breakdown on the Governmental shutdown. 9 of 15 Departments are funded. Agencies are subordinate to Departments.



    Where the white people at?

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  32. Cash for Clunkers. Shovel ready Jobs. Green Energy. Obama spent a trillion for bullshit and Democrats are afraid to laugh at Trump for his wasted 5 billion. lolz we r so screwed.

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    • (((Miller))) attended elementary school with my White 2nd cousin in the ’90s & saw that SoCA was being OVER-RUN w/ spi x & FREEEX within his own classroom (U can GOOGLE his class’s pic via a 2017 Breitbart article)!
      Surely, (((he’s))) /ourguy/!


      • Why am I so blinded? I think he is so awesome and everyone should emulate and step up their game, If I can’t recognize genius in all what good am I? For the moment he seems to stand for everything important.


      • However, I know nothing.


  33. FYI. An interesting 2002 article by Michael Gilson De Lemos, the head and developer of the modern world libertarian movement, that focuses on a lot we later said here. The e-zine where the article was originally published is gone.

    The Gilson snapshot is used by management consultants to get sense of what is really happening in a large company or city and see how it might connect.


  34. Where is the 24/7 coverage of this


    on white bestiality?


    • Should’ve stuck with the piano.

      Whole thing could’ve been avoided. Do not play afroball, do not watch afroball, do not associate with afros or mud sharks.

      And the mud shark deserves the needle.

      Glad you’re all my bros.

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 1:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

        STEM FTW

        The days of the Gallopin’ Ghost are GONE. Knute Rockne’s echo has faded.

        If you’re Whyte, why even think about going into this sport? Love for it? Ridiculous. More likely they were pushed into it by a well-meaning (but deluded) father, or were seduced by the promise of future hard cash or more likely a constant turnover of fresh pussy.

        I would push my sons into more manly and self-reliant sports such as skiing, ice-climbing, mountaineering. You buy your equipment and you’re set for a while.

        Also, need I say you develop strength of mind and will, get an eight-pack, become strong as phuck, and not least you avoid the ‘groid.

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      • on December 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm Captain Obvious

        Dude was at friggin EASTMAN!!!

        He must have been [email protected] good at it.

        [No one waltzes in off the street and studies at Eastman – it takes a decade or more of sheer blind dedication to the craft in order to work your way into that school.]

        This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

        But after looking at the pics of the phemales who lured them to the ambush, it makes you wonder whether Eggplants will stick their d!cks in anything?

        If F-Street really isn’t JIDF, then he must be one of those guys.


      • on December 28, 2018 at 1:51 pm Captain Obvious

        Eastman chicks must be even moar hideous now than when I was a kid.

        These days, they must all be BattleDykes.


      • @Cor … mtn. sports FTW!
        Get on the National Ski Patrol in HS/college, etc. & you’re SCHUSS-BOOMIN’ thro’ da BEST White girlz!


  35. Watching MSNBC and some fat soy boy said ‘Trump is doing this as a nod to Moscow ‘
    Yep he is a Ruskie spy.
    These are wh1te people telling you blatant lies

    Burn it all down


  36. on December 28, 2018 at 10:04 am Captain Obvious

    Sears Chairman & CEO, (((Eddie Lampert))), spent the last decade loading up Sears on DEBT and transferring all of Sears’s assets to…


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  37. on December 28, 2018 at 10:05 am Captain Obvious

    China loaded up Kenya & Zambia on DEBT, and, now that [of course] the Kenyans & Zambians can’t repay, is demanding to transfer all of Kenya’s & Zambia’s assets to…



  38. Random thought: the uxorious beta male is the random equivalent of the mudshark.

    In the case of the mudshark, a frequently unattractive wahmen hooks up with a groid because the reproductive urge trumps self-preservation.

    In the case of the beta, a socially unattractive male (not ALLOWED to be dominant by the current system) hooks up with thot because the reproductive urge trumps self-preservation.

    In both cases, the instincts prefer creating a future link in the genetic chain to preserving the current one from ruin and/or death.
    Another random thought: male feminists and soyboys are attempting to be females to the females. The system incentivizes male submission, so the male feminist attempts to submit to female dominance in order to breed. However, women are not incentivitized to take up actual male roles (and are probably incapable of doing so in most cases), so the reversal is short-circuited.

    Nevertheless, the point holds that the males are responding in a quasi-rational fashion to the pressure of the environment they’re in, from the standpoint of genes. However, failing a massive genetic shift to a hyena-like species — small, timid males and big, violent, warlike females — the attempt is impossible and doomed. Particularly with still-masculine males of other subspecies present in vast numbers.

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  39. Few of us ever thought we were going to see the grace of Audrey Hepburn again


    • bukowski vs celine
      physical resemblance is uncanny as it is their disgust with 20 ct humans
      although their subject as well as continents are very different you can make an argument that bukowski is a natural extension of celine
      but let me extends this to houellebecq as well
      They give us an artistically accurate picture of 20th century western demise


  40. Soon the USA (& its possessions), CAN, W. Indies, N. Mexico, S. Africa, Europe (E. to Urals & So. to Leb.), N. Africa (Morocco E. to Israel), OZ/NZ, Sri Lanka & Singapore will be 99% WHITE/English speaking!

    The REST have to go BACK (to the Hijaz, Cen. Africa, So. China, etc.)!

    Most cool.


  41. Jews are not White people!