Closure Is Beta

This is a classic rumination, written in 2013, by LaidNYC, one of the original PUAs who made his name during the Mystery/Tyler Durden era if I’m not mistaken. (All those memories lost in time…like jizz in thots.)

Closure Is Bullshit

As a man, you don’t need closure.

A girl either wants to fuck you or she doesn’t. A long, emotional conversation will not change this fact.

Girls, however, need to put a man they are dumping into a desexualized box and wrap a pretty bow of closure around it. By participating in the closure process you are helping her tie the bow around your desexualized fate.

If a girl breaks up with you:
Do not talk about your feelings
Do not talk about her feelings
Do not argue with her reasons

Just accept it and grieve on your own time.

This is hard.


Because a woman will never give her ACTUAL reasons for breaking up with you. She will only give you society-approved bullshit that makes her look innocent.

She will never say “you didn’t fuck me good enough” or “you’re too nice and not exciting” or “no other girl I know wants to fuck you so something must be wrong with you”.

She will say “I’m really busy with school and work and don’t have time for a relationship now” or “you’re great but I”m not ready for anything serious” or “I care about you as a friend”.

Sometimes the reasons she give will be SO false, such obvious flowery bullshit, that you will feel a deep burning need to set her straight, to correct her misunderstanding.


You can’t logic a woman.

You can say “okay”, walk away with a smirk and never contact her again.

Being robbed of emotionally dripping closure, she’ll always feel a little incomplete.
Why didn’t he fight harder for me?
Did I really not get to his emotions?
Am I not as desirable to him as I thought?
Is he more desirable than I thought?

Girls have egos. They WANT to know you’re emotional about her breaking up with you. It validates her. So don’t do it.

You want a girl dumping you to question her reasons, not verify them.

When a girl dumps you, you want to be able to look back on how your handled it with pride.

When you give a girl closure, you give her your pride.

Most Game wisdom is timeless. It will hardly change in substance over succeeding generations. What I write here isn’t much different than what great men from the past wrote about women, romance, and the nature of the sexes. The packaging may change but the tick, tock remains the same.

LaidNYC’s advice is similar to Chateau advice: when a relationship ends, be the one for whom closure means an opening to seduce and love new women.


  1. “You can’t logic a woman.”



  2. “You can’t logic a woman.”


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  3. Ironically, the feminazis have this exactly right, but obviously for the absolute wrong reasons (stopped clocks and all that):

    “If a woman tells you no, accept it and move on! She doesn’t want you to keep trying!”

    There are, of course, many, many women who really do want a man to keep trying to win them even after rejection—call it a shit test to see if the man has perseverance, or if he is really in the palm of their hand—but these women are shushed into silence by the man-hating hordes, and the fact that there are enough beta men who will continue to retry.

    Double ironic: if all men adopted a walk-away-with-no-drama-no-try-again persona, those women who really want men to keep trying would end up getting very angry and likely turn hard on their feminazi sisters.

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  4. Real closure is GFTOW.


  5. on November 19, 2018 at 3:46 pm Corinth Arkadin

    James Elroy talked about closure. He said it was bullshit way back in ’96. His mother was murdered when he was 10 or 12 and thus phucked him up.

    Elroy wrote L.A. Confidential, a great book and a good movie. Elroy is a Beta with an Alpha struggling to breathe under the cover he’s being smothered in.

    “Closure is bullshit. Nothing this bad ever ends.”

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 3:56 pm gunslingergregi

      “Closure is bullshit. Nothing this bad ever ends.””””’



    • Nice snippet, Corinth… the is why the chateau rocks.


    • He had a good one about facebook when he dropped off it a while back. I’ve gotta track that shit down.


      • Dear FB Friends,
        Fuck Facebook!!!!!—It has proven to be worthless as a book-selling device, and is nothing but a repository for perverts, reparation-seekers, old buddies looking for handouts, syphillitic ex-girlfriends looking for extra-curricular schlong and hack writers begging for blurbs. For those looking for the REAL Ellroy shit, go to my wigged-out website:
        Sayonara, Motherfuckers!!!


      • “Dear FB Friends,
        Fuck Facebook!!!!!—It has proven to be worthless as a book-selling device, and is nothing but a repository for perverts, reparation-seekers, old buddies looking for handouts, syphillitic ex-girlfriends looking for extra-curricular schlong and hack writers begging for blurbs. For those looking for the REAL Ellroy shit, go to my wigged-out website: JamesEllroy. net.
        Sayonara, Motherfuckers!!!”

        ― James Ellroy

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 3:21 pm Corinth Arkadin

        As far as alliteration goes, Elroy is the best.


  6. Heeeey I’ve been thinking you’re not really serious about me, better off friends, too busy right now…

    Cool- is my go to response.

    The vast majority really do just walk away (a new ride on the carousel just popped up.) But I’ve occasionally run into girls who pop up again or straight up grill me on how I can be so casual.

    This is also something I think falls outside the fake it till you make it principle. My experience, chicks seem to know when you genuinely dgaf.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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  7. Closure is BS, period…There is no such thing..For example, if your child dies, no amount of happy talk will keep that from staying with you until you die…


  8. Closure doesn’t need to come from a conversation or understanding with the other party. It can come from post-action analysis. (Some may take it too far to the extent they obsess over it- that is not healthy). I’d recommend this analysis only if breaking off an LTR. For any other reason, other than serial rejection, you are being stupid.

    Regardless of your intentions with the relationship, it might be helpful to conduct such a review- perhaps you missed a red flag, etc. understand what type of person you were with, to make sure you don’t fall for a “type,” and/or repeat the same story.

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  9. on November 19, 2018 at 4:01 pm gunslingergregi

    closure I can’t get em to close their legs

    got ex ex texting me what are you doing being bad boy lol she on overnight with her group all girls in the city

    and ex staying over while she gone
    guess im hitting stride at just turning 43 both of em free now

    me about to go back to wife probably got something to do with it trying to get their time in

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    • Gunny Rides Again!

      (((shakin’ mah haid… in admiration)))


      • on November 19, 2018 at 7:32 pm gunslingergregi

        hopefully off to another adventure have the 60′ diameter magnifying glass made get a generator from germany that runs off heat and have some fun


      • on November 20, 2018 at 1:04 pm gunslingergregi

        rofl ok ex spent like 100 on herself last night her money and she bought me pack of cigs and cooked cleaned danced cuddled and when I woke up in morning and had to bring dad to doctors she did ask for 15
        and she turned down people who wanted her to come out and make money or free shit last night

        so she got ten minus cigs still working on her lol

        I come back from bringing my dad about two hours after ex ex had got home and my phone had died so couldn’t call her that I would be late
        ex ex in backyard waiting for me to get home with a fucking
        going to keep warm rofl
        and yea preselection definitely helps here
        the woman I get with are some fucking original bitches


    • preprepre selection, prepre selection and preselection works!


      • on November 19, 2018 at 7:40 pm gunslingergregi

        but only the wife was faithful


      • on November 19, 2018 at 7:45 pm gunslingergregi

        being in indo I won’t have to think about fucked up shit like chick im with might be fucking nother dude or saving them lol so might be able to think about other things

        which I did learn a lot but haven’t provided mass loot and free food / power/manufacturing for my relatives or anything


      • on November 19, 2018 at 7:49 pm gunslingergregi

        or water purification


  10. I broke up with my girl right before Christmas last year cuz my gut said she didn’t want me. Confused the Hell out of her when I did it.

    She reached back out months later, even though she had already been planning on fucking a different dude FOR MONTHS, STARTING THE VERY NEXT WEEK.

    Why? My best guess? Cuz I flirted with another cutie, right in front of her. Stupidly, I thought her reaching out meant she wanted me. Nope. She just didn’t want “her backup plan” finding anyone else in case “PLAN A” went to Hell. (Which I hear it did.)

    There are seriously heartless whores out there, guys.

    Trust your gut. Not their honeyed words.

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 7:35 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “There are seriously heartless whores out there, guys.”

      Hang in there, muh brutha.

      Search relentlessly for one with just a hint of a moral compass in her soul, and then move immediately for BUNZ -> 0VEN.

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    • The medium is the message. Or watch what she does, not what she says.

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    • on November 20, 2018 at 4:09 pm Reinald Vallejo

      Planning on fucking a different dude for months? She sounds pretty damn pathetic to me. I have yet to meet a woman (my age or younger of course) who is anything but useless at best.


      • Her best friend’s ex-husband no less. She knew best friend was cheating on hubbie, moved in right after best friend moved out and served husband with papers.


    • You should always dump them in November and then after Valentine’s Day pick up again.
      There are plenty of stray lonely girls around Christmas, New Years and Valentine Day so it’s easy to get laid.
      And without her you don’t have to get into that typical gift giving crap.That’s just a big hassle anyway.

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  11. You basically have to completely drop any and all contact/emotion/etc. Even when they eventually call you 3 weeks or 3 months later. You have to make them do all the work on getting together and have something else to do if they flake or it doesnt go anywhere. Zero investment.

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 8:10 pm Macro Investor

      Closure is bullshit, but it’s a lot more complicated than just “she didn’t want to fuck me.”

      Sometimes women will auto reject if they don’t feel worthy (most are timid insecure creatures) or high enough status. I’ve had them reject even talking to me, then find out they asked around about the “handsome” guy. If you maintain a cool, non needy frame you can get a lot of dates/lays that started out badly.

      Do persist if you don’t first succeed, but just be chill about it.

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      • The auto-rejection comes out of vanity and pride, not the worthiness you seem to believe.

        Basically, vain prideful mind seeing everything as a contest says “We are 2, and I’ll always come out second”, and flees.


      • Same dynamic is at play whenever you try to have romance with, or befriend, people who are markedly less moneyed and/or intelligent and/or educated than you are.

        Contrary to leftist anti-classist garble, it’s the lower-status one who makes these relationships, be them same-sex friendship or inter-sex romance, impossible, because hurt pride and vanity rule their mind.


      • this sort of falls back to game 101 but a good point to review.

        if your value is perceived to be too high by her shell sabotage the encounter to save face.

        but this isn’t true rejection or being dumped. and this usually happens before any sexual activity. if she does this after you nailed her, has buyers remorse or becomes uncomfortable/insecure etc…its much different then being in a vested LTR and later getting dumped for AMOG


      • Hey Ripp,

        I beg to differ. I’ve been married for 8 years to a low class but very kind chick. She never managed to fit in and started cheating on me like crazy.
        Her excuse was she was sure I was cheating on her, which in retrospect I had a lot of opportunities for and should have done.

        She cheated on me with guys that one clearly couldn’t call AMOG by any standard. Neither was objectively good-looking, one was planning to have a career as a dishwasher at 32… another one was extremely violent but only with inanimated things and people who wouldn’t fight back.

        So yeah, I think that ego theory has some substance.


  12. on November 19, 2018 at 4:17 pm strongwhitecock

    Couldn’t agree more. Saw it play out first hand too. A buddy of mine was on/off again with a despicablely entitled creature who broke up with him (and blamed him for the reasons, refused to look like the bad guy). For once in his betatude, he did exactly this. He said nothing. Did nothing. Refused to talk to her or send her a sloppy, heartfelt message ( like he had done so manu times before).

    For a month after, she continuously harassed him via FB message, text, friends/family, even email. Her messages would try to justify the break up and she never admit to fault or guilt (not outright, it was always by first saying she acted a certain way because of his actions). But continuously she would do it, just to invoke any kind of response from him firstly, and secondly probably hoping for some confirmation that he agreed with her reasons for breaking up or for her bad behavior..

    She wanted closure BADLY, and the fact that she chased him for it so strongly probably gave her more than a few tingles and hamster spins as to whether or not she should have broken up.


    • on November 19, 2018 at 7:40 pm Captain Obvious

      The behavior you’re describing here, in a young fertile girl, will, as she heads towards menopause, almost certainly degenerate into a dark ugly vicious poisonous Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder.

      We put up with this sh!t when they’re young & fertile, but as they wrinkle up and turn into old barren prunes, this sh!t will drive a weak man straight to su!cide.


      • I know of two young White men, one a USMIL veteran, the other just a blue collar guy, who both killed themselves immediately after being dumped by their girlfriends.

        The veteran’s dad is big time situational alpha. Successful business owner. but beta AF with women. Sadly his son committed suicide at 22.

        In my pre-redpiill days I went through a devastating breakup with my oneitis. She dumped me and it took me quite a while to get over it. The whole experience redpilled the shit out of me and made me a better man.

        In subsequent relationships, I never let on too much investment or even let myself feel much of anything. And guess what? That was like catnip to them. I ended up with a better looking, and most importantly, a much better quality person than the oneitis.

        Being romantic, devoted, nice, and all that is what Hollywood says they want. Not what they really want. If they’re not fucking you they’re invisible IMO, barring some sort of usefulness in a business or social context.

        Young men: If she dumps you, you’re better off. Your SMV will increase and hers will decrease going forward for the next 30 years. With each passing year you’ll have more options and she fewer.

        That;’s the thing most young men don’t understand. It’s sad to see young White men kill themselves over a bitch.

        Fathers, teach your sons well.


      • on November 22, 2018 at 8:13 am TerryThePirate

        She always was crazy; we just overlooked it when she was young and cute.


    • If you never give a woman closure, she will always consider the relationship open. And her legs, too.

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      • this is true. there is no “end”. you just put it on the shelf for awhile.


      • amen.

        best response is to ghost on the situation. take out any pain on weights and nature on your own time. let her and your social circle have nothing.

        the lack of response to her cold icy heart will drive her hamster to ludicrous speed. she yearns for a reaction to stroke her ego and feel power. deny it to her and redirect the energy. easier said then done, but life is full of these down swings. handling them like a champ puts you ahead, every time.

        it also reconfirms a true game tenant: keep up a rotation. especially in an LTR with a high smv.


  13. Even a total doofus loser of a “man” can be molded into something useful. Taught to use his hands. A worthless cunt is just s worthless cunt. Theres no hope for such a woman. Heartless sociopaths who teach their daughters to do the same. Women exist for our pleasure and our babies. Teach a girl shes good for anything else, and civilizations burn.

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    • “Women exist for our pleasure and our babies. Teach a girl shes good for anything else, and civilizations burn.”

      Should be carved in marble somewhere


    • “total doofus loser of a “man” can be molded into something useful. Taught to use his hands.” Wot, like a surgeon or a pianist, you mean?

      Nope, got no use for anyone who can’t do mental arithmetic (occasionally involving (memorised) arbitrary constants and powers) while balancing on a scaffold ledger in a 38F rainstorm, and coffee 2 hours off. Danger to themselves and others.
      The types you mention gravitate towards MBAs and bureaucracy/law. “Accidents” there have lesser consequences, and a load of good stock won’t get trashed.


    • Everyone, man and woman both, has potential.

      How many realize it?

      In this day and age, what percentage of dick-havers are men?


  14. for high school guys:

    dump every girl you bang in hs. it really drives them crazy (some chad gonna do it anyways so might as well be you)

    but be cool

    and don’t ever reach out

    because they will all come back around during undergrad and even a few years after

    and if she happens to break up with you because she’s super hot and you’re a pussy who doesn’t get it and won’t let her go carousel…

    be cool.

    she still wants to bang.

    she’ll reach out. they always do

    no such thing as closure for them once you been up in there and worked it out good because she knows you know what you can do and that a bunch of other bitches knew/know now too and she’ll have had her share of duds and you being a proven and discreet thing get to always pick up right where you left off….

    down her throat


  15. Yeah this concept of “closure” always struck me as a feminine thing. Especially in cases of death or disaster, you see these pastel-wearing types running about “needing closure”. A real man who can handle hardship does not need closure.


  16. Ghost. Disappear. No emails, no phone calls, texts, have none of it. No recriminations, give them no answers. Didn’t work out is the deal, nothing more need be even considered by you, but not even expressed to her unless absolutely necessary. A few of them have tracked me down in the past. In person. When the ‘why?” was asked, a couple I told em they got too fat. True enough, but I felt compelled to insult because they were getting lousy about being dumped, calling and cussing, on the voice mail. Another I reminded that even Billy Joel got tired of sleeping with Christy Brinkley. Can’t remember I ever got specifically dumped, but I’ve seen them coming and perhaps preemptively dumped them. Happens. But there’s no closure. You split and move on.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 3:27 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Christine Brinkley dumped Joel, from what I remember.

      Why she ever lowered herself to begin with was probably $$$.

      With cunts, always the dollars. Always the dollars.


  17. as a woman I disagree – all women don’t lie all give phony reasons. Sometimes there is a problem that can be fixed by addressing it. And it’s really not true that “a woman either wants to f–k you or she doesn’t.” The opposite is true. A woman’s mood and disposition can be completely changed in a moment, by one gesture or statement – or by making her laugh.


  18. >You can’t logic a woman.

    >You can say “okay”, walk away with a smirk and never contact her again.

    >Being robbed of emotionally dripping closure, she’ll always feel a little incomplete.

    That is all you need to know.

    Several years ago, a woman I had been seeing socially and intimately for several months, called me on the phone–in the office, early evening–to break it off. I wished her luck finding what she was looking for, said good night, and hung up the phone.

    A minute later, the phone rings, and it is her, again. She was calling me back to make sure I understood and got the message. I said I did, wished her luck again, said good night, and hung up.

    She wanted and needed closure. I couldn’t be bothered with what she needed once she’s made up her mind.

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  19. Closure

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  20. on November 19, 2018 at 7:05 pm PBR Streetgang

    That’s a hard lesson – writ simply – so one will not have to learn through bitter experience … harder yet, when you factor in hypergamy, it becomes inescapable – this will happen to you … Hemingway wrote ‘you could never remember the exact moment she was in love with you – but you knew the instant she wasn’t’ … He also wrote about grace under pressure – though not as simply as is done here. Applause.

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  21. God I needed this post and especially the comments right now. I was recently out of town, hotel, by myself, kind of lonely, and my recent ex ( who moved out of town and already has a new boyfriend that she LOVES LOVES LOVES) called me. And yes, I know she already had her new love teed up and ready to go before she left me, I’m not stupid, every woman has a plan B somewhere on the periphery, it’s in their soulless cheating DNA. Anyhow, lonely in my hotel room, I confessed that I missed her and that it hurt to learn she was already in love with someone else. Yes it was stupid and beta as fuck. I’m human and fallible. Well my brothers, it will come as no surprise to any of you that her response to that was just as blithe and icy as you can imagine. There was a subtle satisfaction in her voice. And the second I said it I deeply regretted it. Complete mistake. Deeply foolish and unfixable. Now if I talk to her again I’m a pitiful beta orbiter hoping to somehow slide back into her good graces. If I never speak to her again I’m a perpetually wounded butthurt loser.
    Either way she wins whenever she might think of me. Btw, I date and fuck a fair number of women and I’ve got sexual relationships with two women going right now. My game is pretty tight but not perfect and man did it fail me this time. Hanging my head in shame.
    Fuck closure. Fuck it all. And please …don’t be me.
    PS if someone has a time machine I’d like to borrow it so I can go back and not say the things I said.

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    • Everybody stumbles. Everybody. Imagine how the new boyfriend would feel if he knew his new “soulmate” was already contacting you.
      You dodged a bullet with her, bro. Now don’t look back, but go forth and hunt.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 3:32 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I stumbled with my first woman and that’s it.

        I learned very well from her (she was clinically schizophrenic but WHOOHOOOO GODDAMMM! the sex was so gooooood).

        I got really, really good afterwards. I got some Game from that crucible.

        To young men everywhere, I recommend your first LTR be a schizo left-handed redhead, and then the world is your oyster.

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    • every woman has a plan B somewhere on the periphery, it’s in their soulless cheating DNA.

      Don’t forget plan C, D, E, … it doesn’t stop at B, not at all.
      Actually, they are so programmed to have as many plans as possible that with Internet giving the illusion of unlimited options, they are getting incapable of relating with (= not discarding) just anybody (except the visually top ten percent of men maybe).


    • Forget it. We all say stuff we regret. Don’t pick over it like a dog worrying a bone. You’ve acknowledged your mistake. Literally push it out of your head. She no longer exists.

      Now go angry – bang another chick till she’s a wet, quivering puddle.

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    • Who gives a shit what she thinks of you anymore? Don’t allow yourself to boost her ego and even call you. If you’re worried about contacting her, delete everything about her from your phone and move on. Just preemptively block her number so she can’t contact you again. You’ll forget about her pretty quick once you meet a girl you like. Keep gaming them and keep your head up brother

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    • Its Ok brother


    • on November 20, 2018 at 6:51 am Elmer T. Jones

      If it’s any consolation she quickly informed her new beau about your despondency over losing her, thus planting the seeds for their inevitable breakup.

      And yeah, 40 years later you will cringe upon remembering your beta move. Even the pros step on their own dick when their game gets rusty. You were just being kind-hearted and she moved in for the kill shot.

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    • Now if I talk to her again I’m a pitiful beta orbiter hoping to somehow slide back into her good graces. If I never speak to her again I’m a perpetually wounded butthurt loser.

      This is the best regret post ever.

      I pulled a similar “boner” 30 years ago in high school and chagrin to this day.

      The past, it’s not even the past. It just gets further back in time.

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      • Ain’t it a kick in the haid that our regrets stick in the mind and revisit us periodically with full chagrin and eating of one’s liver… yet our triumphs, when recalled at all, are but distant memories and felt emotionally only as if an objective observer.

        Conscience… it’s what’s for breakfast… and lunch… and dinner.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 3:34 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Regret is for Pussies and Betas.

        I don’t regret sh!t. My first arrest, every job firing, every fight lost (and won) every woman I was involved with, all of it. I learned and grew with everything.


      • Congratulations, Lochinvar… but the rest o’ us yeggs happen to be human.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 8:04 pm Darth Caucasious

        You may not be human, but least you’re not a mestizo, Arkadin. ☺️


    • on November 20, 2018 at 12:34 pm gunslingergregi

      no big deal I’ve sent thousands of texts to ex and ex ex when we broke up lol
      even when not anwered but they do read them he he he
      then I quit texting when I feel like done and then they go nuts cause they got all that gush and emotion then it stops dead
      I think it is a good technique really
      if you want to say whatever fuck it say it its doing what the fuck you want to do

      probably healthy getting shit off your chest too

      don’t care about responses though say what you feel like


      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:39 pm gunslingergregi

        who the fuck ever sent a thousand texts and didn’t care who read them
        ex’s mom was reading the texts at one point
        and I said I could never marry the ex
        the mom went back on crack and destroyed the whole family lol went back out on street
        talk about revenge probably got jealous and went out to find a me
        he he he


  22. on November 19, 2018 at 8:29 pm Godzilla vs. Not-Quite-So-Much Godzilla

    Been reading/lurking at this site for quite some time. It’s got a great deal of genuinely astute analysis of modern life — not just the Game stuff, but the general consensus about politics, socioeconomics, it’s all quite sharp. Not the only arguable POV, but a consistently clear-minded and well-reasoned one. I take you guys far more seriously than I do your average spaghetti-armed LeftFag.

    I never really had to learn or study what you folks call Game, because I had the very good fortune of being raised in an old-fashioned common sense manner, where not only my whole extended family, but also my whole community, took a sort of unspoken but assumed proto-version of Game for granted. To be quite honest, I never even really noticed that something like Game even existed, until I began to notice its absence in the increasing numbers of soy-boys and leftards one encounters. For a long time, before I noticed places like this beginning to articulate the issues, my only response to soyboys was a vague pre-verbal “what the hell is WRONG with you?!”

    For example, the topic of this post. I’m not a shitlord by any means, and I’m no particular Casanova or Love Expert, but I’ve literally never had a girl break up with me, because that’s Not How It Works, so I don’t even understand the mechanism. You date a girl who instinctively wants to bang you, for reasons only she understands (or more likely, doesn’t understand, which is sort of what makes love and poetry interesting, right?), and she gets stuck in your orbit, and if you have a decent moral compass, you continue the relationship in good faith, in a sort of experiment phase, the main question being Is This The Girl I Should Settle Down With? Will This Work Out In The Long Term? If after a reasonable interval, the honest answer is No, You Shouldn’t, then you stop wasting her time and end the thing as gently as you can. Which is why I don’t get this she-broke-up-with-me thing. That just makes no sense.

    I do have a genuine Game question for CH, which is just a kind of a bit-of-a-puzzler Game issue from my ancient past (I’ve long-since come to a jolly resolution to these questions, I’m an old fart) but it’s the kind of question that is probably still of interest to the youngsters, it’s a thing I was never sure I solved correctly, so I’m curious what the answer of a genuine Shitlord like CH might be. But I’ll post the question later, because this comment is now too long.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 11:49 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “because this comment is now too long”

      How the phuck did a First-Timer get that much blather past M0d?!?

      M0d must be a ch!ld-mo1esting middle-skrewl Health teacher.


  23. Alpha male detachment comes a lot more naturally once you realize that chicks across the board simply aren’t wired for pre-coital romance like Eurasian men are. You either worship them from afar, or you callously seduce them first and try to enjoy the slimy warmth once they open up. Unfortunately for us, where female consent reigns supreme, true romantic courtship is invariably out of the question.

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    • What’s pre-coital romance?
      You mean like you buy her a drink before banging her?

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      • The male fantasy of falling in love with a girl before you pop her cherry, while she enjoys your adoration and doesn’t run away to go fuck captain ZFG.

        [CH: “captain zfg” nice. hey what do you guys think of this title for my book?
        It’s opaque, which the experts say you should never be on book covers, but the stylistic draw of it is too much for me to pass up.]


      • 2018 pre coital romance = getting blowjob while you txt other bitches

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 6:55 am Elmer T. Jones

        It used to mean calling on her at her father’s house and sitting primly on the porch chair with her while the celluloid collar chafs your neck. Since masturbation and pornography were forbidden, you were likely to crank out 10 kids after the nuptials.

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      • [CH: “captain zfg” nice. hey what do you guys think of this title for my book?
        It’s opaque, which the experts say you should never be on book covers, but the stylistic draw of it is too much for me to pass up.]

        It will pique the curiosity of those who don’t already know what it means… which will make them want to find out what it means… which is a good thing. 😉

        It’ll be the books-in-print equivalent of something like “pompatous of love”. lzozlzozlozlozl


      • CH, the title of ZFG will work and others will think it’s some new variation of the children’s book, BFG

        It’ll be the shitlord version of BFG

        [CH: still others will think it’s a variation on Doom’s BFG]


    • Precoital romance, SE Asian version:

      Ok then I suck your duck before condom, 10 dollars more!

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  24. She will never say “you didn’t fuck me good enough” or “you’re too nice and not exciting” or “no other girl I know wants to fuck you so something must be wrong with you”.

    She will say “I’m really busy with school and work and don’t have time for a relationship now” or “you’re great but I”m not ready for anything serious” or “I care about you as a friend”.

    Sometimes the reasons she give will be SO false, such obvious flowery bullshit, that you will feel a deep burning need to set her straight, to correct her misunderstanding.


    You can’t logic a woman.

    I wonder… what % of men who complain about women are aware that the common woman is what men have selected for, and mirrors men’s preferences.
    Is it higher or lower than the % of male-blaming women who knows the average men is what a big majority of females has selected for?
    Probably, it is the same.

    Now, you “can’t logic” her. She is such a well honed decepto-machine that she’s mostly self-deceiving too (and doesn’t even tell herself why she wants to dump you, because that clashes against her self-image).
    Could it be that men treat one better when they are deceived, or maybe, even, deceiving them is the only way to get along with them (the same applies to women of course)?

    You “can’t logic a woman”.
    What women do men like best, logical or illogical ones?
    Could it be they have slightly favoured illogical women to reproduce with, over the logical ones?

    It’s all so funny.


    • It’s hard to say whether people today are the way they are due to some sort of selection over long periods of time or it’s just the way they are hardwired by Nature.
      I think it’s all intersectionality (lol) Things sort of interconnect and work in tandem and with the female it all revolves around her uterus and offspring.Even before the days that humans learned that PIV sex caused pregnancy (like 99% of humans’ 2m years history) females were still programmed through inherited DNA to instinctively and subconsciously behave in a predictable way.I sometimes even think that the DNA is just looking for its opposite sex DNA to replicate itself and the body is just a carrier for it.It doesn’t care about your comfort and it can reproduce itself blindly even with a crazy or irrational female.
      This is complicated and it would take a book and a gazillion footnotes to explain it. Intersectionality :o) Females are irrational to keep the male off balance but also because those same hormones and chemicals that act on her brain are also the same ones useful in pregnancy and Nature’s #1 objective is reproduction.


  25. “misspent youth indeed”

    Yes and no. I definitely wouldn’t have used condoms. Would have been a disaster.


    • She climaxed when that guy took the picture. The amount of attention and force she was receiving from men had never been higher in her life. That was her peak.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 3:39 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Nice side boob shot there.

        Not a bad lookin’ woman. WTF is wrong with these people? Go out, get a husband, have some kids.

        Are they that brainwashed?


    • Anglin : “She didn’t bother to complain or even mention the pretty serious beatings her girls received, furthering speculation that this is part of the whole thing – these women are engaged in a type of sexual fetishism, where they enjoy being manhandled”


      • Females will actually lubricate in the presence of aggressive or rampaging males.Obviously it’s in their subconscious memory that they’re going to get fucked and this was likely also a common practise throughout human history where men would just grab them and fuck them and they may have liked it.Rape is a new concept and it was made into laws by men to protect their female property. They must have known that all of the chastisement and force wouldn’t keep the promiscuous female from wanting to fuck other men so they made these laws to control the more rational males with punishments for fucking their female property.


      • Femen? Those Ukraine girls don’t even know what they’re protesting.Most of them are slim and not bad looking so basically they’re just advertising and you can be sure that they all have ‘dates’ that night after the protest.
        If they get lucky they may even find a western male who will get them out of Ukraine :o) Just another example of the female using her body to get what she wants. There would be no other reason to be naked if you just wanted to protest.Just like slut walkers they want attention from men and you boys have let them down. They want cock so give it to them, they’ll be much happier.Even the most chaste looking proper schoolmarm wants dick as much as the slut.Underneath they are all the same.


    • look at the forlorn look on the heavyset chics face as the skinny chick gets the attention and arousal…I wish he would do THAT to #meeeetoooos


      • Ol’ ProblemGlasses on the left is disappoint. Why’d she get the only lesbian cop in town? (who seems to be enjoying herself mightily)


      • I watched a longer video on stormer and there was some hot cunts topless in that group. I say this.. I am willing to risk my life to volunteer to infiltrate that group go undercovers with the girls to get info . probably have to bang at least ten maybe more. risking my life to do this means nothing cause it would be my patri-erotic duty


    • she hasn’t experienced arousal in a long time. and no, if you’re a woman, being manhandled by a rapefugee isn’t tingle-inducing, although it’ll give you another chance to use your virtue signalling rhetoric


    • The Femen broad got enough bondage, but she was whining about the degradation not being as good as she was used to. Too much pedestalization from the cops.


    • Richard Russell appears to had been a well adjusted and liked man
      He flew turboprop for one hour performing incredible maneuvers for somebody that apparently never flied a civil aircraft and did not have a pilot license
      I think undercover fellow is right this is a metaphor of the chained Faustian man living in the cunt age who decides to free himself


    • on November 20, 2018 at 3:42 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Beebo SkyKing was a Chad underneath all of that gooey stuff.

      He left his wife behind, though, who seems a good woman, so that’s kinda Beta in a way.


      • not sure where you got the good woman idea from. need to do more reading up on it because from what i’ve read so far, he had a job he hated, spent much of his time working in a bakery that she ran, moved to be close to her family instead of living in alaska where he wanted

        that makes me think she was your average nagging shrew who wore him down so much he gave up all his dreams to “man up” please her and get her off his back.

        that’s not a good woman in my book. that’s a woman who puts her own selfish needs before his and the best interests of the family and spent their whole time together crushing his spirit


      • on November 20, 2018 at 7:06 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I didn’t get that, but it was a skim reading on the whole situation.

        First reaction was that she was ok, but I could be wrong. I guess if you have a good support unit you don’t do what he did…but I don’t think he expected to crash either.

        I wish he’d made it. It would have been the greatest troll ever. He would have been the Greatest American Hero, gotten a talk show, etc. Serious street cred.

        Beebo, man, you made me sad. You remind me of my cousin, RIP.

        Fuck this gay earth.

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  26. Yesterday, it seems, it was International Men’s Day. Normally I don’t care about these BS “international days”, usually conceived by some beaurocrats from the UN.

    But there were so many nasty, snarky, misandrist messages from feminists on Twatter (e.g. “There’s no coincidence that International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day are in the same day”), that I felt my blood boiling and I couldn’t help replying to a couple of them.

    Ironically, the ones who started bashing me the most and calling me names were not as much women, but soyboys of the “save a ho” variety. “You don’t talk like this with ladies!” they kept telling me, a woman. But what “lady” would talk like those hateful women?

    This solidified my opinion that soyboys and cucks are more despicable and dumber than feminists.

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    • never miss an opportunity to bully a soy boy theodora
      these little insects should perish before the new dawn arises


    • Ironically, the ones who started bashing me the most and calling me names were not as much women, but soyboys of the “save a ho” variety. “You don’t talk like this with ladies!” they kept telling me, a woman. But what “lady” would talk like those hateful women?

      This solidified my opinion that soyboys and cucks are more despicable and dumber than feminists.

      💯 agreed

      $oyGoys really are a unique creed, and breed – constantly in submission to someone and somebody not of their race or tribe, or their gender (all 63 of ’em)


    • on November 20, 2018 at 3:43 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I noticed that the Woman Take Off Work Day resulted in a lot less traffic and no crashes reported in the DeeCee area.

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      • our janitors said there was half the amount of trash to take out at the end of the day. didn’t have all their microwave meal packaging, starcucks cups, protein bar wrappers, and yogurt containers filling up the cans.

        even the single men in the office make their own coffee and pack real food lunches. less waste, better for them, all of it. the women are lazy spoiled slobs


      • on November 20, 2018 at 7:09 pm Corinth Arkadin

        100% Truth.

        Phuckin’ brawds, they think it’s a free lunch out here. Although in my new place of work we seem to have an upgrade, even the middle-aged brawds dress nicely in heels and some specimens have tasty racks…

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    • on November 22, 2018 at 8:52 am TerryThePirate

      There was so little publicity for International Men’s Day this year that I didn’t see anything about it until the day after.


  27. Before getting redpilled, I remember I believed that authors of the past were true misoginist. Schopenhauer for example. Then I got redpilled and… surprise, I discovered that all the answers I was looking for were already there, in books written by those past gentlemen.

    So it seems to be that the PUAs of the early 2000s, and you Heartiste, just updated the old texts to the new times. But the core principles are the same. Kind of like the books that explains the Bible for the modern people that would miss the core message due to the different context in which the books were written.

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    • You mean, it’s all there in Great Books For Men©? Lzololozolol!

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      • That was one of C.S. Lewis’s steps to his conversion. He kept noticing that all the great and profound writers that he loved as a nonbeliever like Homer and Plato and Sam Johnson believed in God or the gods, and the atheists had only thin gruel like Voltaire and Bertrand Russell.

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      • BTW, where is da GBFM? I haven’t seen him in a while…


  28. on November 20, 2018 at 1:03 am Italian-stallion

    *This is tiresome* another I have to correct my NATURAL behaviour to please a woman.
    What validation you talk about when she is with other dude? LOL you BhETASS really this gas more importance to her, more than the reality.

    [CH: women and men who stop trying to please the opposite sex are either elderly or mentally ill.]


  29. Last time my ex tried to break up with me and involunyarily this is always my go to response..

    I just start laughing. Then I say we can still be friends. Then I kiss her. Then I start laughing again.

    I dont choose to laugh. Its just how I react to girls trying to stir something in me. I just get called a psycho but they weirdly always come back.


  30. “She will never say “you didn’t fuck me good enough” or “you’re too nice and not exciting” or “no other girl I know wants to fuck you so something must be wrong with you”.”

    I got “I want to feel butterflies” during the post mortem one time. Probably contributed to my immediately accepting game and the red pill when I eventually found them.


  31. It can be the opposite reason- you were too “alpha” (for a lack of a better word) and did not commit. Happened to me multiple times.

    Also had absolutely bizarre situation when a girl I was shagging (without explicitly commiting to)”dumped” me for an obvious beta boy who would literally stalk her for months before.She dumped him shortly and went on a carousel spree.This one remains a mystery till today.

    In any case-contrary to the popular belief girls wont necessary return even if you were the alpha with unshakeabe frame. They will perform closure on their own without you being present-they mentally put you in a box (“assholes”) and may eliminate you from their lives completely. Or when you were dumped for being beta sissy boy-they will dissect you and put you in the box of “listen to your heart, he wasnt right for you”.And even at the age of 40,sourrounded by cats-she will never think of dumping you was a mistake (even though you are currently a Fortune 500 CEO).


  32. on November 20, 2018 at 7:08 am Elmer T. Jones

    And somewhat related, if you are out in public and cross paths with a former co-worker resist any urge to hail them as a long lost friend. Afterwards the beta shame will engulf you. Talking with them has never availed me anything. Usually it devolves into them droning on about the company you left long ago.

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    • on November 20, 2018 at 9:51 am Baron Julius Evola

      Good tip Elmer,

      I hate that faux friendship bs.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 3:59 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I run into people I used to work with all the time. Usually they’re rivals or out and out enemies.

      One short conversation with a fat soiboi I ended with, “You still look like shit, man.” Laughed and walked away.


    • The faux friendship is a yuge part of the feminized work place. Faux friendships. Secret Santa. Cake parties for every occasion. Trust building. Team building. Byzantine HR departments. Everyone is besties on the surface and underneath it’s a bubbling cauldron of intrigue, backbiting jealousy and hate. Modern corporate Cube life is thoroughly female in its group dynamics.

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  33. Good stuff.
    “You can say “okay”, walk away with a smirk and never contact her again.”

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’d say smirk first, hold it for one second with strong eye contact, then smoothly walk away, with your best masculine body language. Maybe you’ll luck out and she’ll catch the reflection of your face in a window, as you’ll now be sporting a cat-that-swallowed-the-canary grin.

    It will probably drive her batshit crazy and you’ll occupy massive real estate in her brain for a long time.


  34. We need more of this timeless wisdom!


  35. Also, CH do post more of this old school stuff. There is literally nobody left who does this. Its either incel beta escapist loosers (e.g. rooshv), outright scammers and liers (krauser and similar clones), some bizarre shit (rsd) or just solid theory and philosophy (the king himself-rollo tomassi). I miss this basic 101 pua because it brings one back to the game.

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  36. Closure is what her legs do if you reciprocate to her rationalizations with reason as though she were a man. Don’t. Closure is a woman thing only.

    The above suggestions of saying “okay” and walking are good. Those apply to THOTs though.

    If however the girl that is breaking up with you was a Bunz>>>Ovenz possibility, then you, as a man need to grieve. That, you do alone or with a trusted male friend. Grieving is not closure. It is the after action report of the self that leads to maturity.

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  37. Lot of work coming up so won’t be around for a while. Wanted to say:



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  38. If you seek closure, you show that you are too heavily invested in a relationship. When you are less heavily invested, you will feel less of a need for closure than the girl does. Use that advantage.


  39. LaidNYC had a great tagline to his blog as I recall: “Love you forever until you turn 30”


  40. I got the time-honored “I dont have time to date…LJBF” nonsense not too long ago.

    My answer “I have plenty of friends.” *delete contact*


    • “I’m not your friend.” Spins the hamster and usually results in additional lays in my experience.

      [CH: be careful with this one. if you aren’t in full possession of your emotions, it can come across butthurt.]


      • on November 20, 2018 at 4:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I pull non sequiturs on those events and wave at them as they go by.

        Last one I texted “Marlboro and Budweiser”, indicating she was White Trash. I’m sure she got it, and it must have burned like acid.


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      • the marlboro and budweiser comment is good

        i’ve done something similar with reality shows, asking if she’s a sports/car girl, gamer girl, cosplayer, etc

        works especially well with arrogant girls who think they are special/different than other girls


  41. on November 20, 2018 at 11:11 am Italian-stallion

    You really think that she remember your reaction when she is the one dumping you?

    [CH: she will if you don’t do what she expected you would do.]

    To who is important your reaction? for sure to you.
    You dream and feel good believing that you’ll get +1 from her (or a thumbs up)…while she has a thumbs up in your ass going with another guy.

    [no, what you accomplish is sparing your dignity, and that’s not nothing.]

    Ohhhhh maybe “if I look that I don’t care, maybe I will re-tap that ass (and fell nothing) in the future”? LOL changing your natural behaviour only to please her, IS ILL.

    [everyone who is still a contender in the sexual market changes his or her behavior to appeal to the opposite sex. refusing to acknowledge the reality of mate selection criteria and living like an MGTOW hermit IS ILL.]

    If you are pissed off, be that. You’ll be respected.

    [no you won’t. you’ll be pitied. not the same thing.]

    Damn, you dream those eastern women for their femininity forgetting that their femininity is a byproduct of the respect they have for their men, respect that comes from most of the time by fear.

    [thanks for the reminder. EE women don’t forgive sniveling betatude.]


  42. In college, a girl once broke up with me and I didn’t ask why. My reply was “Ok.” Then I turned and walked away. I was very in love with her, but my need for self-respect wouldn’t allow me to do anything else. She was also in love with me and went out of her way to hurt me by walking with a guy where and when she knew I’d be. It hurt a lot! I groaned and changed my habits. I found a more attractive gf who was earning money. Two years after marrying her, I needed help and was in the town where my college gf lived and called her up and spent the night there. She was so lit up to see me. Very musical voice and bright eyes and couldn’t keep her eyes off me. Obviously, she was still in love with me. If you don’t maintain your self-respect, other people won’t respect you either. And if girls don’t respect you, they can’t find you attractive.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 4:08 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Same thing with my first LTR. She couldn’t stand it, that I didn;t make a fuss.

      Would come by for post-break up sex for months afterward, and I would avoid her if i had good intel she was coming over, which made her even more desperate to find me.

      My final bang with her was a cervix bruising grudge-phuck creampie finish. Left her with a lingering memory and afterglow for years afterward.


  43. on November 20, 2018 at 4:29 pm Reinald Vallejo

    Several sources close to Tyler Durden have outed him as a fraud. Not that I care either way, because most PUAs are complete faggots, but for what it’s worth, if I was trying to sell myself as a Master PUA, I would not want my name associated with that guy. Mystery seems legit but mostly outdated.