A big pet peeve of mine is the smugness of our current elites. They’re all hubris, no perspective. Giant walking talking egos which must constantly feed or deflate instantly with the tiniest puncture to the moral, lifestyle and credentialati bubbles they live in.

They haven’t just abandoned noblesse oblige, they’ve trashed it and replaced it with its evil twin noblesse malice. Whatever tenuous organic and emotional connection the American ruling class had to the nation which they deign to lead is now totally severed. They act more like usurpers than as sons and daughters of the land.

And our elite buttress their entitlement and vanity with the requisite empty rhetoric deployed with no other purpose than to shut down criticism of their rule. Take Paul Ryantifa. FOR ONCE, I’d like to hear a reporter ask CuckRyan what he means by “that’s not who we are”? Who are we, specifically, Mz. Ryan? Explain in clear English and with no recourse to tautologies that invoke killwords like racist and white supremacy. Push these fuckers against the wall with their own vapid rhetoric.

As a reader wrote, “you don’t get to tell us who we are…we tell you who we are.”

Our Globohomo rulers seem to think they are gods, dispensing wisdom and truths which are only accessible to them through divine sanction. “WE will tell you who you are, pleb!” It’s like thecunt hillary saying she wouldn’t give “absolution” to those voters who didn’t bother to vote for her, as if she is some earthbound deity before whom the rabble must bow, and from whom mercy, or divine judgment, flow unchallenged.

Gabber @AlCynic calls this mental invanity “autodeification”, and pins the causative factor in its infectious spread on postmodernism, or what I have termed Equalism.

Postmodernism has resulted in autodeification.
They think they are divine by their own hand.
It’s not an illusion, it’s not rhetoric.
It’s insanity, but true.

Pride cometh before the fall, and there’s no greater pride than thinking oneself arbiter of all that is holy and right and those who would oppose you as unholy and immoral deplorables. What happened, Hillary? What happened is you thought yourself a god among mere mortals, when you are nothing but a rancid psychopathic narcissistic cunt of the most foul self-entitlement pedigree. And now you have jumped the precipice, and to shield you from the abject humiliation you so karmally deserve and which you have spent a lifetime imposing on your enemies through cackles of sadistic glee, your morbidly obedient Bezosian lackeys assiduously scrub one star reviews from your book’s Amazon page.

But the tenor of the times have changed, thanks in part to outposts of TruthLove and HateUgly like this ‘umble web abode. See through you and your ilk, we do. The GodCunt has no pantsuit. We point and mock and soon, the people will see you and your priestess aristocrats for what you all are: nakedly self-serving spoiled rich brats hawking a Fake Morality for a Fake Religion called Globalism, aka the vanity project of greedy rootless deracinated wealth capturers.

Another reader writes, “Equalism should be attacked like the start-up religion that it is. All value is derived from inequality. If we are all totally equal we are all totally unnecessary.”

It really is a start-up religion. Equalism is the perfect un-truth for the globohomoists to proselytize, because it presupposes equal outcomes and that any difference in outcomes is the result of discrimination (by BadWhites). The GoodWhites who sit at the top of the human hierarchy cashing in on their inherited suite of cognitive traits that allows them to maximally exploit the currently operative environment governing human status wars bear the duty to enlighten the Noticers and, failing that, to ostracize and silence them. An amorphous and ill-defined enemy is identified (“fellow White people”), and the elite are inoculated from the threat of precision-targeted rage of the masses. Equalism allows the elite to have their cake and eat it.


  1. They’ve been pushing out God from everywhere, so they could remake this country into their image and likeness–by which I mean the evil that persists within them.

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    • on September 14, 2017 at 4:13 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      you mean that foreign god that was imposed upon european tribes?


      • No. Not allah.

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      • Don’t worry. Magic Jeezus will save us. cough cough


      • Jesusisbad is an adolescent thinker. How clever.


      • jesusisbad is the new monicker of the old banned no-bones jones.

        WrongHaid is likewise one of those antiChristian dweeb-of-a dozen-names sock puppies.

        You’d have to gather both of ’em and their clones together to get one no-account.


      • on September 15, 2017 at 8:53 am Wrong Side Luciano

        if you put a gun to my head and made me choose between a christian theocracy, a caliphate, or a secular judaized pozzfest – i’d choose the first.

        but the average White christian is still a well-meaning, somewhat naïve person who can be easily persuaded that a 17-year-old boy in somalia is their neighbor and deserving of their unrequited love and charity.

        cuz dats what jesus would want

        we can all agree that out-group altruism is the White man’s weak spot

        so it’s kinda asinine to back a religion that preaches that he leave that weak spot completely exposed

        guard down, chin untucked


      • if you put a gun to my head and made me choose between a christian theocracy, a caliphate, or a secular judaized pozzfest – i’d choose the first.

        Awfully White of you. :duckface

        but the average White christian is still a well-meaning, somewhat naïve person who can be easily persuaded that a 17-year-old boy in somalia is their neighbor and deserving of their unrequited love and charity.

        We’ve been through this before. Scripture tells us “what fellowship does light have with darkness” and to separate ourselves from those who do not share our God and our values.

        I’ve quoted this before… pay attention this time.

        2 Corinthians 6:14-17King James Version (KJV)

        14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

        15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

        16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

        17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

        so it’s kinda asinine to back a religion that preaches that he leave that weak spot completely exposed

        What’s asinine is your Mickey Mouse interpretation of what Christianity entails. Would you not agree that America was a far, far FAR more Christian nation when we were young? Did we conquer this nation, and drive the Indians before us, hearing the lamentations of their vimmen? We didn’t hug them to our breast and give them our daughters.

        So what changed? There’s your answer.

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      • Europeans such as Doctor Luke. You need to consult a Biblical Scholar before your ignorance drives you to insanity.


    • on September 14, 2017 at 5:05 pm Captain Obvious

      You can’t understand the Antifa and greater [non-jewish] White sh!tlib insanity unless you analyze it as a cathartic religious experience.

      The Frankfurt School chased Je$us out of their lives, and now, as a subsitute, White sh!tlibs worship this Frankfurt-School-created mish-mash of Political Correctness, Equalism & Diversity [which, if their Amygdalae still functioned, White sh!tlibs would realize to be diametric opposites], Save the Planet/Climate/Whales, iPhag addiction, SSRIs, Chardonnay, new batteries for their d!ldos, and Muh Feelz.

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      • As someone pointed out on here, religious fanaticism has never been stopped except by use of utter ruthlessness.

        Who will exercise that against the shitlibs?


      • on September 14, 2017 at 6:10 pm Captain Obvious

        “religious fanaticism has never been stopped except by use of utter ruthlessness”

        I agree, except that, classically speaking, this sort of religious fanaticism tended to promote fertility & fecundity of the believers.

        But sh!tlibs aren’t having any [email protected]

        In another 20 or 30 years, they’ll be effectively extinct.


      • Ironsides I changed a shitlibs entire life with a few words
        Think about what you just said


      • on September 14, 2017 at 6:17 pm Captain Obvious

        Gunslinger has the best advice – we need to save as many of our White sh!lib brothers & sisters as possible.

        There may be some whom we can’t save, and The Frankfurt School may force our hand as far as v!olence is concerned, but either way, this problem with White sh!libbery won’t last much longer, simply because White sh!tlibbery is vanishing before our very eyes.

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      • and mandingo worship. let’s not forget that.

        oh, and phallic worship. that’s why birth control was such an urgent matter. damn pregnancy was making it difficult to replace Jesus with cock-miles.


      • Good point, Captain. Also, it tended to produce powerful states, whereas this fanaticism appears hell-bent on DISSOLVING the states it occupies and replacing them with foreign non-converts. It’s not going to be very sustainable in that regard long-term either.

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      • on September 14, 2017 at 6:34 pm Captain Obvious

        “It’s not going to be very sustainable in that regard long-term either.”

        Circa 2030, the Frankfurt School, with an army of IQ-75 chimpanzees & armadillos, is gonna have a he11uva time trying to win a [email protected] against Red State Trump-voting Whites.

        Maybe (((they))) are gambling that Brin & Page & Phuckerberg & Ellison & Citibank & the Fed will be so powerful that (((they))) can simply purchase (((their))) way out of a [email protected]?


      • on September 14, 2017 at 6:37 pm Captain Obvious

        Or maybe the Frankfurt School is confident that, circa 2022, the A.I. in the iPhag v13 will simply hypnotize all of the Wh!tes who stare into it.


      • suddenly I feel like adopting five niglets. what’s happening to me??

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      • @Captain Obvious

        Check out the up and coming “iphone X” at the apple store, specifically the part where the phone takes a 3d photo of your face to be used to identify you when you want to use the phone. As a “security measure”.

        I will repeat myself in case I was not clear. Whereas before they “only” took your thumbprint, now, as a “security measure”, they take a 30 point data representation of your face, which presumably will not be shared with the State or any other powerful NGO that can pay for it.

        I knew the second I saw it, that all the idiot fuckwits out there would run to buy it. And if I say even one word to the average worthless fucking shithead, I will be insulted and mocked as a “paranoid conspiracy theorist”


      • CO..thats what I tell them on FB all the time..’you’ll be extinct’.
        Low birth rates coupled with mass immigration of third worlders who are not liberal..not gay friendly…mot environmentally conscious etc.
        Liberalism has no future.
        Not one reply. There’s no comeback.

        Also shitlibs where I live occasionally go way above and beyond for me.
        Totally ridiculously nice. Eventually you realize this feel good altruism is a religion for them.


      • on September 14, 2017 at 8:24 pm Vagina dominator

        @ ironsides “…fanaticism has never been stopped except by use of utter ruthlessness. Who will exercise that against the shitlibs?”

        Mother Nature. She will come on four horses. Endless consumption will become endless starvation.

        They are all standing up against nature. They are at war with nature. They are pushing nature back on every front and slaughtering and laying waste to nature wherever they find her, including in the minds of the populace.

        But they can do this only because they have the vast machinery of the Oil Age and the Debt Machine. So how much longer?

        1. Oil? Not later than 2025, when Saudi Arabia stops exporting (and is immediately invaded from all sides)

        2. Debt? It is already dead. Apparently it died in 2010. See my next comment regarding this amazing situaion and I will try to show you the Death Certificate (if mod wil allow).


      • on September 14, 2017 at 8:38 pm Vagina dominator

        @ ironsides

        Mod doesn’t like it. I will try to break the comment up.

        1. Business Insider featured this chart back in 2010. Easy to find if you want to. The overall point is that while the govt has been adding vast amounts of more debt to the economy since the financial crisis, it has done nothing but keep the patient nominally “alive” on life support.

        But as the patient lays there, and the life support machine thumps away, the patient loses muscle mass, draws on it skeletal reserves, and the organs are kept in operation only with the help of expensive but non-productive machinery such as rising house prices, a rising stock market, rising educational debt, Obamacare costs, and all of these things are reported as maintaining positive GDP, so all is well.

        But the patient is actually dead, from any sensible viewpoint.


      • on September 14, 2017 at 8:41 pm Vagina dominator

        @ ironsides
        Couldn’t get all of the comment through. Anyway, if you go to look for the article, you will find the relevant discussion of the following chart.


    • Luciano was talking about Christianity…
      Which was not our own, and is first and foremost responsible for the spread of “be weak and easy prey” debilitating pogroms.


    • You cannot attack equalism without attacking its mother, Holocaustianity.

      Also read, please, about Trofim Lysenko and the leftist/communist/marxist war (ongoing) against Mendelian genetics.


    • on September 14, 2017 at 11:57 pm Captain Obvious

      “Autodeification” — It strikes me that this glorification of Narcissism is part & parcel of the Frankfurt School’s drive to infantilize the populace & see to it that the colleges & universities are producing graduates who are 25 going on 12.

      An infantilized population is of course hugely malleable & obedient, and lacks any MASCULINE [i.e. threatening] White men, and has White women who mistakenly put off their ch!ld-bearing until it is too late to actually bear any ch!ldren, so an infantilized population is hugely beneficial to the Frankfurt School.

      BTW, speaking of Autodeification & Infantilization, check out the latest JY Times piece on Jeff Sessions…


      • on September 14, 2017 at 11:58 pm Captain Obvious

        Trump Humiliated Jeff Sessions After Mueller Appointment

        “…Mr. Sessions would later tell associates that the demeaning way the president addressed him was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life…”




      • Has Sessions gotten off his azz and actually brought the hammer down on any swamp creatures yet?

        Or even any of their lackey underling thugs?


      • I agree with Greg. Sessions is a lazy fuckhead.


      • on September 15, 2017 at 9:59 am Captain Obvious

        Sessions has never lived a single day in the Real World working with Masculine White Men.

        Getting raked over the coals, like when Trump unloaded on him in the Oval Orifice, was a frigging NORMAL day in our household, growing up with my Dad.

        My entire childhood was spent somewhere between mildly apprehensive to full-on terrified of my Dad.


      • on September 15, 2017 at 10:01 am Captain Obvious

        One of our football coaches in skrewl would beat the sh!t outta us if we misbehaved during skrewl hours.

        Some of the n!ggers on the team would even get in fights with the coaches.

        It was NORMAL behavior.

        [If I’d gotten in a fight with the coach, my Dad woulda killed me. Literally.]


  2. that allows them to maximally exploit the currently operative environment

    The Linear Progression Theory of Diversity: a seamless transition from an all-White to a non-White country.

    The Compression-Explosion Theory of Diversity: Whites tolerate the squeeze until an inflection point at which they actively or passively destroy Diversity.


  3. Phronesis is the scariest word in vocabulary, because every other word and everything it represents can be taught or illustrated or wiki’d or articled, and phronesis is that knowledge which cannot be transmitted by books. Phronesis is that knowledge which can only be learned by experience. Phronesis is often the point at which people learn that they are inescapably wrong. Phronesis is why it is a holy obligation for the smartestand most genuinely qualified Ivy League whiz kid to do some summer construction work.
    Just like it is the natural tendency of all governments to centralize, it is the natural tendency of all people to try to escape phronesis. Oh, that was useful when I was a teenager, they’ll say, but having bonked my head a few times I cannot derive further benefit.
    What is different now is that our economic stability, our technological ability and our intellectual insularity have created an unprecedentedly impregable fortress against phronesis. Failure for the elite either does not exist (meaningless academic masturbation, ambitionless pseudo-professors, research papers with four hundred authors, the crisis of reproducibility, the proliferation of “sociology,” Theranic non-companies, or gobalization allowing trash to be exchanged quietly) or failure is positively rewarded (“failing up,” golden parachutes). It used to be okay to fail to persuade a guy that he was wrong about something because he would “find out the hard way” soon enough. Now, more than a year after the biggest cold wet phronetic slap in recent politics, two months after the lugenpresse abandoned Egg McMuffin’s brainless Russan Hackers obsession, Hillary is still babbling about the electoral college — to receptive audiences of college educated adults.
    Discussions about modern economic corruption tend to swirl around one ugly but inescapable drain: we must bring back failure.

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      • on September 14, 2017 at 8:16 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        Yeah, this is a great comment.

        This reminds me of a lyric in an old Queen song that goes “Thinking it right/doing it wrong/it’s easier from an armchair.”

        It’s part of a song that the drummer, Roger Taylor, wrote about his working class roots and it always stuck with me as to why doing as opposed to observing is important.


      • Thank you, J. Ross. Great stuff.


  4. What are your thoughts on God-Emperors recent tweets?

    [CH: they were tacit goads to his base to start speaking up on behalf of Trump the Populist so that he has leverage against Trump the Neutered Deep State Puppet.]

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  5. there definitely was a severance. people like winston churchill could never get into any kind of office today without compromising their values and themselves. what we are left with is sleazy people in it for themselves who hate anyone who is privileged but historically those people made good leaders.

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  6. Yeah, Obama was always saying that. And you know what? He was right. Because “we” – as in the American people – are not Kenyan mulatto homos.


  7. In case we need any more prove.

    – Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe –


    • There can be only One- one race, one nation, one ethnic group. Theirs.

      Their revolutions have killed hundreds of millions usually by starvation resulting in cannibalism and yet nazis are “worse.”


  8. on September 14, 2017 at 4:43 pm Oleaginous Outrager

    This attitude has been around a long time. It’s known is some circles as antinomianism, it’s just they’ve chosen a secular God for their justification through faith.


  9. Even omegas aren’t safe from the ((( brainwashing ))). Look up the main players in the comics industry.

    – Superman Protects Undocumented Workers From Armed White Supremacist in Latest Comic –


    • on September 14, 2017 at 9:01 pm Vagina dominator

      You can go back to popular novels ofthe 1950s to identify all of this. The security services are substantially behind it.

      Most popular books since the 1950s have been committee written with novelists serving as front men and supervisors. Lee Child books are a good example. All mainstream pop culture is just a LEO/MIC/SecurityState mongrelization and overlordship psy-op.


  10. I’m afraid the full scope of evil escapes whoever penned the piece, they did not “betray” you, they never have adhered to noblesse oblige, and strayed from that path.

    C’mon Americans, with an Obelisk in Washington DC, the pyramid and eye of Horus on your bank notes, and the white house being modeled after the temple of Solomon, (the temple (((they))) want to rebuild in Jerusalem) is it still not clear to you that all of this Egyptian symbolism is nothing Christian.

    Your country was a sham from the get-go.
    Will your just please get it…. some day…..


    • Knew that shit at 17


    • That’s true. The USA was f*cked from the get-go by Freemasons in top positions. It was therefore easy for the kikes to infiltrate an overarching organization and therefore change the direction of the wind. They have been, after all, in top positions in England for over 100 years before the American Revolution. The close ties with England, even after the AR, pretty much guaranteed mind poisoning of the political elites.

      And I wonder how many kikes pushed, and profited from, the American Civil War.

      The Founding Fathers should have outlawed the Freemasons and all other secret societies (but did not, as many were members), and made it clear in the Constitution that only White gentiles are, and may become, citizens of the USA.

      Donald Trump is turning into a massive, back-stabbing traitor. A disappointment…bigly. “Better than Hillary” just isn’t cutting it at this point. Ever time I see him, he is surrounded by bagel munchers.


      • The 1860s saw (((them))) control Wall Street.
        It must have been an interesting time..the banking sector being run by (((them))) with thick German accents.
        The Warburgs…Lehmanns…Loebs..Schiffs…Kuhn..Untermeyers etc.
        You will never see a movie made about this.


      • Johnny….Lincoln rebelled against ((( them))) and printed his ‘greenbacks’.
        Said he has the Confed..Army in front of him ..and the bankers with a gun behind him.

        This is a bit long winded but good


      • The kikes control Freemasonry. It is the based on the Kabbalah.


      • The Civil war was another Cabal effort to bring the US back under the empire and reestablish a central bank. Most wars are their doing.


    • Listen to the Dianne Reedy rant in Congress from 2014.


    • I tend to disagree. The founding landed, Christian, Anglo Saxon stock carried with them from England the ethic of the faithful servant — i.e., “to whom much is given, much is expected.”

      However, even granting your assertion as true, you can’t deny that the ruling classes of the 18th and 19th and even early 20th centuries were so far superior in intellect and character to the globohomo elite that they are essentially completely different classes altogether.

      Comparably, today’s elite” have third rate minds, are poorly read, abysmally incurious and are at core money grubbing cowards. Just look at people like, LBJ, Dick Cheney, The fucking Clintons, the fucking Bushes, Romney, John Fucking McCain,… Third rate dumbfucks and rebrobates. Bill Clinton would have traded nuclear codes for a couple of new suits and a blow job. Said another way, they’ve come to ape the personal ethics of their Jew banker masters in every way, including their disdain for anything noble or beautiful.

      The tree of liberty is dying of thirst…


      • The terms ‘dumb’ and ‘retard’ are thrown around about the Clintons, Bushes etc. They are not. Evil to the core, ye, and corrupt traitors one and all. But they are not dumb.


      • Dumb as in low IQ compared to the general population. No.

        “Brilliant” as promoted in the media? Hahaha. Hardly. Dumb as compared to people of the same social status 100 years ago? Absofuckinglutely.

        My whole point is how much the bar has been lowered over the last 100 years with respect to all important metrics for a society’s “elite”.

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    • Lot of truth to this; Elites have barely ever made any real sign of supporting the populace and now pretty much do it openly.

      It’s almost our own god damn fault for not seeing it years, decades, a century or two ago.

      Comes down to that old bit about everybody looks at themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires. So nobody really wants to fight them because deep in their hearts, “they” want to be the one whose boot is on the face of humanity.


  11. “If we are All Totally Equal we are all totally Unnecessary” seems like that might be the point.

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    • on September 14, 2017 at 6:41 pm Captain Obvious



    • on September 14, 2017 at 9:04 pm Vagina dominator

      The day is not far off when Americans might all be living in “Cambodia USA” Year Zero”.

      Does anyone think whites are exempt to their plans for mass slaughter? Holodomor, anyone? Whites are top of the list.


      • Followed by all the “intellectual” leftists…they are the first ones shot.

        Then those who wear eyeglasses, then those who can read.

        Those who live will be because they ate those who died.

        THIS is Communism. Yet we hear about Nazis.

        Yeah, the Holocaust- um…those emaciated jooz, poor things. Ever see pics of a contemporary german POW camp? THEY LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME. And the Germans were never accused of trying to exterminate their POWs.

        See, during the War in Germany, as the Allies had ab initio decided on a policy of Total War (against culture, population, infrastructure), there wasn’t as much food to go around as people would have liked and prison camps became beds of hunger, starvation, and cholera.


  12. “Precision-targeted rage of the masses.” I have that one covered in various calibers. Sure gonna be a lot of leaking libtards, jews, and colored peoples.


  13. Read this closely:

    ” Today, officials are more attuned to the fact that some of these offenders suffer from mental illness, and furthermore, convictions could lead to deportation for undocumented immigrants, Mr. Vance said. ”

    – Manhattan D.A. Aims to Stop Prosecuting Subway-Fare Evaders –


    • Unreal; as long as it took to clean NYC up from the sewer of a city it was before Giuliani…and they throw it all away.

      New Yorkers aren’t even New Yorkers anymore; city is full of stupid liberal girls who watched a TV show at some point.

      Fare evasion leniency is something they were practicing back in the Dinkins days, the nadir of the City.


  14. No disrespect to anyone on here but the Cunt always talks about ‘American values’.
    What are those values?
    The US has a poor reputation in most places in the world. Even in Europe alot of smug Europeans look down on the US.
    The Third Worlders who come here keep their mouths shut as they want better lives.
    Even day Serbians whose country Clinton bombed heavily..keep their mouths shut here and vote for his wife.
    Everyday the US drops bombs.
    So what do shitlibs want?
    Bomb them over there but feed and clothe them over here?


  15. More time passes more the magnitude of the defeat becomes clear


    • As I always tell family and close friends, what we see today can DIRECTLY be linked back to the loss of Germany in WWII. Stated another way, the victory of Jewry and filth over the forces of good and decency. A solid cause and effect relationship. We are simply reaping the bitter harvest that our forefathers (many duped, for sure) planted for us in dark fields, fed by the blood and bones of many, many good White men and women. Karma is a bitch, and she is headed to the West with a vengeance.

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  16. If you thought the depravity of the ((( Juice ))) couldn’t sink any lower, I present to you the following video. Those with any semblance of morality, and human decency , might want to lock up their weaponry. The time is not yet here.

    – In “Parents Explain Masturbation”, children who did not even reach puberty are given a course on touching oneself and using sex toys. It is cringy, it is upsetting, and one can almost feel some these children’s innocence evaporating as they are being used for YouTube views. –


    • Words fail– embarrassment by parents from hell…


    • on September 14, 2017 at 9:08 pm Vagina dominator

      Bullet. Meet temporal bone. Stupid sap thinks he is doing the right thing. He think she is being his son’s friend, always a disaster. Just be a fuicking father!

      “Hey, you! You’re what, late 30s? Maybe you should get some friend your own age and stop grooming your son for the Jews?”


      • That’s actually a good point, about the friends I mean. Back in the day people use to have honest to goodness, flesh and blood friends they hung out with, had gatherings, went to church, played pool, cards etc…..nowadays it’s all on-line, over video games if at all for many people.

        Could the disconnection of humanity via technology be causing these people to be interacting with their children in strange ways as a pseudo-replacement for the adult friends they no longer have?


      • on September 15, 2017 at 7:35 pm Vagina dominator

        No homo, but many men are desperate for the feeling of doing and achieving something with other men. Wasn’t that a key attraction of the Hobbit books? Manly, mission-oriented togetherness?

        This is another reason why I always say “Join a gang!” Go to shooting or survival or MMA or woodshop or some kind of self-improvement activity with other men.

        Don’t worry, there will still be whores around to fuck when you get back.


    • Jesus Christ, if God doesn’t destroy this country, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.


  17. OT – Trump better be trolling the Dems with talk of DACA legalization. He better build that f*cking wall. He knows full well every last one of the DACA rabble and their soon to be imported 3rd world families vote Democrat in perpetuity.

    If he betrays us he deserves whatever is coming to him.

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  18. And here is Trump’s counterpart in Britain…the ugly, hooked-nosed, inbred bitch, Theresa May. Here, she explains how “Jewish values” will prevail in Britain.

    And more filth, straight from the horse’s mouth: “But as Prime Minister, I am proud to say that I support Israel. And it is absolutely right that we should mark the vital role that Britain played a century ago in helping to create a homeland for the Jewish people.” (Yes, how you gave the kikes land belonging to others, in return to get America into WWI to save your sorry war-mongering asses in a senseless, fratricidal war against Germany.)

    Nope, nothing to see here folks, it is all just cohencidence.

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    • Like

      • Don’t think for one second that this cunt is ethnically British. I’ll bet my last shekel on that.


      • on September 14, 2017 at 9:25 pm Oliver Elkington

        I can’t stand PM May at all, she does not have one bit of respect or care for ordinary working and middle class British people, what concerns me is that Trump seems to like her. He is a man of principles who is actually making an effort to improve the lives of ordinary Americans but he shows nothing but respect towards our shambolic PM.


      • Solid middle class vicar’s daughter with a 2nd in Geog. Daddy’s name Brasier ( like Ryan Brasier the pitcher from Anaheim) goes back to 14th century in England, Mummy’s surname, crucial in (((naming))) was Barnes, which is as old as the hills/Saxon, after any number of villages containing … (tithe) barns. There’s one just up the river from her now, past Putney.

        I think it’s the childhood saturation in churchianity which prevails.
        Hubby the City financier is also of the same class, grammar-school Scouser (daddy a shoe salesman, mummy a teacher of French).
        Can’t find any trace of actual bagel in their blood, just culturally absurdly philo-semite, in that pathetic English upper-middle-class way inherited from the Victorians. And it won’t have hurt hubby’s career.


  19. The Juice has a pathological inability to stop their subhuman impulses. That is why they will need a little ” assistance “. Uncle Adolf was onto something after all.

    – Entertainment One has partnered with Israel-based Armoza Formats to co-produce Sex Tape, a provocative new hour-long social experiment reality series for the U.S. market. As the title suggest, it will feature couples making sex tapes.-


  20. Got something for ’em:


  21. on September 14, 2017 at 8:44 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Can you write something about that fat lard who killed the high school teacher in Maryland? It’s been big news around here. Turns out he’s homeless yet he got a teacher pregnant while he was engaged to another woman!!

    This, I think, says more about American women than him. No one from the media can say this, of course, because it’s “blaming the victim,” but someone in the manosphere needs to look at this.


    • 50% of all women of our race (and 90% of women from the dark races) are absolute worthless trash. Anytime you randomly date, without noticing obvious tells of the bat-shit-crazy-slut, you stand a high chance of dating one of them, especially since a good many of the ‘good’ women (i.e., feminine, less-slutty women) are snatched up already.

      Rome Trash Migrant Fuck Slut (although most likely a prostitute) is a good example.


  22. “Pride cometh before the fall”

    Actually, pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.


  23. In ode to GBFM-
    The GodCunt has no pantsuit.
    Her butthexxing has been Bernankified. Butt butt, she wants a do-over-
    one a clit to rule them all, and in Haiti to bind them.

    The Golden Dawn burns too brightly,
    so back to her crypt she crawls, with Huma, Chelsea and and a few children,
    to snack on bi-nightly.


  24. The attempt to remove Trump via the 25th Amendment is underway.


  25. Like

  26. This is why they think they are Gods, Most of them are into this stuff.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 5:33 am Wrong Side Luciano


      you’re a more intelligent man than I, but I can’t tell if you’re trolling with this shit most of the time.

      I take a 60 (substance)/40 (fringe entertainment) approach to alex jones.


      • 10/90substance/sensationalism

        He’s a fear porn huckster. A safe escape valve meant to focus the righteous anger of the goyim on anything but the real cause of their bondage.

        Fuck Alex Jones.


      • Exactly what Scanman said, from where I’m standing.

        And it’s not just Jones… sites like ZeroHedge and WesternRifle, etc. are likewise the alt-R version of mostly fake news.

        The only time I’ve seen this genre right is when they report on things that already happened… and even then they’re usually only right about the event itself, not the interpretation.

        Well-intentioned lies are still lies… and I’m giving a LOT of leeway on the well-intentioned part.


      • Scanman’s got it. Jones is more of an impediment than anything. He distracts our side, and lets the other side make us look ridiculous at times.


  27. This is an important post.

    When you are arguing with a liberal, you are not arguing over truth, you are arguing about what their status is.

    Liberalism is not a means to an end, it is an end in itself. To a liberal, the ideology is not a way to create a better world, it is something you profess and therefore immediately win high status.

    It attracts hopeless who wish it make them better, more attractive, richer. It also attracts those who wish to use it to claim they have some sort of moral highground without actually doing the work of helping people.

    Everywhere and always liberalism is a shortcut to status. Its not utopian in a communal sense, its utopian to the individual who believes in it because its tenets make them high status, noble, attractive, moral and important.


  28. Autodeification makes perfect sense. One has to be a god in order to set aside the Laws of Nature (Science!) to make reality bend to your will. Blacks are geniuses, Third World immigration is enriching, Islam is a peaceful religion, etc., etc., can be willed into reality. At least, in their sick minds, that must be the way they see it.


  29. The ugly fruits of equalism

    and endless virtue signaling.

    Not one whyte man anywhere was alpha enough to impregnate this b*tch and say no to celebrity auto deifying mud-doption? She’s over the hill now but you know that other celeb-tards are right behind her, giving the impression to a gullible public that this is the height of virtue.

    I predict that Jennifer Lawrence (((Aronofsky))) is next. She can’t deform her figure at the height of her career. So adopt-a-mud is a twofer!


  30. Autodeification is nothing new… indeed, it’s the original sin.

    Genesis 3:

    4 “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.
    5 “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”


  31. This is without a doubt the most serious issue.


  32. […] A big pet peeve of mine is the smugness of our current elites. They’re all hubris, no perspective. Giant walking talking egos which must constantly feed or deflate instantly with the tiniest puncture to the moral, lifestyle and credentialati bubbles they live in. They haven’t just abandoned noblesse oblige, they’ve trashed it and replaced it with its evil twin noblesse malice. Whatever tenuous organic and emotional connection the American ruling class had to the nation which they deign to lead is now totally severed. They act more like usurpers than as sons and daughters of the land. And our elite buttress their entitlement and vanity with the requisite empty rhetoric deployed with no other purpose than to shut down criticism of their rule. […]


  33. on September 15, 2017 at 10:50 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    The black pillers clearly have no idea how Von Trump (an aside, remember those hats and t shirts at da club in the early 2000swith “Von Dutch” or “Von drunk” – I used to think they were greasy; now, I suspect those guys pulled some pretty decent poosy, a striking indicator of how my thinking has evolved over the years) operates. He’s coy about his intentions and toys with the enemy, he’s even said as much during the campaign. He’s getting called Cuck Trump for the DACA tweets and signing some (worthless) resolution condemning the “violent racism” at C ville. Doesn’t means jack. Immediately after signing, he went back to attacking antifa, for example.

    If you think you can win this battle by laying all your cards on the table and being open and honest about your intentions, you’ve got another thing coming. After years in the corporate bureaucracy, I’ve learned this only too well. WASP notions of decency and fairness don’t cut it against these serpents, not in the boardroom, and not in politicks.

    Watch what Trump does, not what he says. (Or as I would do, I tell a girl giving LMR, “we shouldn’t do this, we need to slow down”, as I’m unhooking her bra.).

    [CH: pro comment]


    • Dude he just signed a resolution against “white nationalism”

      Let that sink in for a minute

      I don’t understand him. Why face all the death threats, actual simulations of him being murdered etc if he’s just going to cuck anyway?


      • Anyway as the West descends into third world globohommo filth…its good news still for alphas.
        We have the competitive edge and awareness to thrive…pussies are wet for our cocks…

        Make money…fuck hotties…leave the shitlibs to die

        That’s what will always keep me going


      • dude, why WOULDN’T he sign a resolution against white nationalism. the WNs are shooting their mouths off and getting everyone paranoid and making it impossible for him to do his job.

        HE’S the one that has to be surrounded by security 24/7. HE’S the one who has to worry about being po1soned, sh0t, bl0wn up, [email protected] constantly while working his ass off 24/7. HE’S the one who’s entire legacy is at stake. HE’S the one with the empire building experience. HE’S the one who understands that it’s going to take decades to fix this mess.

        and what risk are the WN’s taking? not a single one is running for office. not a single one has taken a stand for anything except some fantasy of a nation that’s bonded together by… what, exactly? muh white skin? white like all the white traitors in Congress? whiteness means nothing if you don’t WIN. just ask all those white guys that in Stalingrad.

        wake up dude. nation building is about taking huge, calculated risks and then conquering. telling the WNs the STFU so that he can quietly reverse the great demographic flush is EXACTLY what’s needed. if the so-called WNs had an ounce of respect for how powerful their enemies are they wouldn’t have to be silenced.


      • that *died in Stalingrad


      • Okay, let’s dissolve all our sites and trust in a New York traitor. Got it. Why are you commenting here if you despise white people who try to stand up for themselves so much?


      • “Why are you commenting here if you despise white people who try to stand up for themselves so much?”

        i don’t despise people who “stand up for themselves”. what I despise are people who want others to take actual life-and-death risks on their behalf, while they sit back unscathed and reap the rewards.

        if these WNs were ACTUALLY putting something they value on the line, and their leader ACTUALLY sold them down there river, then they might have reason to call him a “traitor”.

        to me this just looks like a wise leader saying “shut up about the Nazi stuff, you idiots”.


      • Well, you’re probably right that white people should just sit down, shut up, stop trying to red pill people on race realism or reporting on the hatred that the third worlders have towards us, and keep our heads down.

        It’s not doing anything anyway, so probably acceptance and cooperation with the left and the third world is a better strategy. Slaves survive, rebels don’t.


      • one has nothing to do with the other. the resolution is a strategic maneuver that gives him plausible deniability, which is absolutely necessary because it buys us time. the redpilling will continue, in whatever form is required.


      • people have elevated the enemies if civilization to god status. and relagated ourselves to peasant-serfs. relax. Trump is our guy. we’re allowed to WIN, but you have to allow it time. and i’m sharing this not to preach but as someone who’s done very well in life. winning takes time. a looong time.

        to me Trump us not incomprehensible. he’s making all the right moves. we NEED that guy to still be in office eight years from now. and if he has to put on a show of distancing himself from his most loyal supporters in order to do that then it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.


    • The man is incomprehensible, I agree. Unless we’re in deep conspiracy territory here, and this ENTIRE thing — even the outrage against him — was a dog-and-pony show entirely designed to encourage whites to stand up for themselves in order to give an excuse to crack down and explicitly outlaw white identity politics, rather than just implicitly suppressing it.

      My gut is still telling me that the utterly berserk response by the press, the leftists, etc. to Trump’s candidacy and victory was (and is) genuine. It “feels” real, for lack of a better description.

      But in that case, his kowtowing to the people who hate him and wish his destruction, while throwing his base under the steamroller with a gloating laugh, is incomprehensible. Unless he’s suicidal, senile, bizarrely masochistic, or some combination of the above.


    • thank you. exactly. he’s keeping everyone guessing and wetting their panties, as any superb general would.

      note to the BP’rs: if YOU could guess his next move then so could his enemies. if you reeeeally trust those aryan genetics, now’s the time to show some love.

      wait… what’s that? you don’t really trust white genetics after all…? guess you’ll have to build your own multi billion dollar empire, have all the ladies you could ever want, and get elected for the highest office on the planet and show us how it’s done.


  34. on September 15, 2017 at 11:44 am vaguely human slav


    Christians: God created us in His image.
    Asshole Atheists: Actually, you created a god in your image (except when you don’t).
    Assholes: I am a golden god, I went to college.


  35. on September 15, 2017 at 11:45 am vaguely human slav

    also, if the Goad Emperor does betray us, at least it will be final. The negation of America through immigration should be mostly complete. Here, as it is in Europe.

    I hope you non-slavs can figure out a way to immigrate the semi-white paradise of the other side of the Berlin wall.


  36. … All value is derived from inequality. If we are all totally equal we are all totally unnecessary.”…

    If everything in this universe was at 71 Degrees Farheinet, from stars to cosmic dust to water in our streams to the air we breath and the blood in our veins, then …

    – Nothing would be cold and nothing would be hot.

    – Nothing but be warmer or colder.

    – Nothing would ever be too hot or too cold.

    No one can deny the above (if such a world existed).

    well…If every human is equal then…

    – No human is better or worse than any other human.

    – There are no bad humans and there are no good humans.

    – and if there are no bad and no good humans, then nothing humans do can ever be bad, and nothing humans do can ever be good, thus, helping an old lady cross the street or saving a man from drowning is of equal value as a vibrant enricher beating up an old lady or raping a 4 year old girl.

    No need to argue, such a world does not exist.


  37. But you know RINOs: