The Answer To The Cock Carousel Anthem

From Ralph Stanley,

Hey Ariana, I re-wrote the lyrics for you!

One taught me herpes
And one taught me pain
Now, whenever I pee

I’ve loved and I’ve lost
More than a hymen
It hurts when I pee
So, look what I’ve caught

Look what you taught me
Crabs, gonorrhea
Syphilis too
Chlamydia gave me
A thick yellow goo
And for that, I say
Thank you, next

Forget a baby
HIV maybe
A daddy complex
Thank you, next


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  2. on November 7, 2018 at 1:22 pm Sleep Jeff Sessions

    I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone!!

    Thanks for all of the good times.


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    • Sleep tight, Jeff


    • Mucho well played and creative!

      The denizens of Le Chateau are bringing out their A game within the past 12-18 hours.

      Let’s keep it up, gents.

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    • Love Trump so bigly…

      D’s are losing their shit completely over Trump’s acting AG…

      What’s that you don’t hear? Anything about the 4 house seats gained…


      PS – wut aboot Muh Cahravaaaaaahn!!!!


      • Well, hell… let’s not lose track of the caravan… nor that Rosenstein rat, neither.

        On a side note, what’s with the delay on declaring winners of 3 Senate seats and 17 House?




  3. on November 7, 2018 at 1:33 pm John Joel Glanton

    I like it like that
    Got a brown dirty snatch

    I like it like that
    Got a couple million tats

    I like it like that
    Kapernick take a knee

    I like it like that
    It’s babylon A-D

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  4. Just remember: all of these celebrity chicks are just splooge dolls for the men behind the scenes.

    Remember The Fappening. Jennifer Lawrence smiling like a coy sex kitten with some producer’s spunk all over her young pretty face. And then I stopped wondering how she got so many choice, plum, star-making, award-winning roles.

    Ariana is a whore. She didn’t get this far by not being a sex toy for the wealthy and powerful. So she’s naturally going to sing their degenerate shit.

    P.S. This was that “comedian” Pete Davidson’s gf until she cheated on him and dumped him. You know, Davidson, who compared a Navy Seal who lost his eye in the Middle East to a “hitman in a porno movie.” It’s just patheticness all around.

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    • I finally saw that JLoad video when her name came up here a few weeks ago.

      Talk about eager beaver.


    • This is also the thought you should have whenever you meet a stripper or hb10 or, indeed, any cute chick that you fancy: this chick is/was just a splooge doll for someone else. She has done some disgusting shit and isn’t worth your worship.

      I remember knowing a girl who looked and acted as sweet as pie and had a long term bf—real girl next door type. One night she was drunk and we were telling stories and she told us about how she’d gotten banged by three different guys in one day, and she was all proud of it. (Her bf was not around to here this story.) It was one of those key moments in my life I think about when I feel like a woman is some kind of good girl/princess—they’re all whores.

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      • Just had such a moment about a month ago regarding the young, new chick at work.

        I caught myself (old habits die hard) just in time and that’s made all the difference.

        I was at the “ah, she’s so sweet and innocent looking” and damn if I didn’t hear the many wise words from CH himself and the commenteriat on here keeping me at bay.


      • “you meet a stripper or hb10 or…splooge doll”

        yes and no. More yes, than no. But don’t mistake 5s, 6s,. 7s etc as spooge dolls etc. Many women will sell their holes given the right situation and enough cash.

        for high SMV women, if theyre stupid and come from broken homes, all they have is their looks. theyll sell out real quick. but not all of them are stupid and broke, just most.

        the smart ones make good coin. they know they can throw the vagina on the table and yank it away for business gain. but once they hit theyre mid 30s in the business world…the anger comes in at full force. smart they may be, but theyre looks and eggs are fading rapidly…

        the larval form of the agnry lonely cougar…



  5. on November 7, 2018 at 2:14 pm Reinald Vallejo

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  6. I did one also (maybe too much time in my hands tonight) I call it “this lice is mine”

    “I do not know what can I do
    Since from the days my hymen broke
    I tryed to be very in love
    But I give it every bloke.

    I loved with my heart
    But I give love in vain
    Now my down there regions
    Is sad and in pain.

    The first one give to me
    In the very first day and deed
    He give to me a viciuos itch
    With out even giving his seed.

    Second he only touch my breast
    Gifting to me some strange rash
    He did not travel more far down
    He diseased me and he dashed.

    Third, I changed from only me
    I was not any more just one
    My lice layed eggs and I could see
    My lice begot theyre son’s.

    Four, I start to feel not well
    My area itch day and night
    This maybe is a living hell
    Vidocain is my only delight.

    Five, now I change
    Now I thank my ex for this
    I thank him for the gonarhea
    Even for the syphilis

    Now I am empowered
    Because even with lice I am strong
    All the men they so much want me
    For this I sing my song!!

    He taught to me
    He taught to me
    He give to me
    He give to me
    Love, More than one time
    He give it twice
    More than lice
    This lice is mine,
    This lice is mine”

    [CH: lol GBFM has met his match]


  7. In Wayne’s world he made fun of the stages of a fading (male) rock star’s career, including the”hanging out with Ravi Shankar” and “dead, bloated on the toilet seat” Elvis phase. What about the female pop stars? I suppose it starts with the Disney channel, then they go mainstream pop (career peak), then they have to slut it up and do shock pop, then they are too old for that and it is short hair (or even shaved — looking at you Spears), then it is pussy hat and feminist rally, then it is studying kabbalah (or even go Moslem, why not?), then it is showing up on the View or Ellen to lecture people about how evil the patriarchy is, then finally drowning in the bathtub after an overdose. You can sprinkle in getting publicly dumped a few times, adopting some diversity, etc.

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    • I can draw the line from Cher, to Madonna, to britney spears, to katey perry, hannah montana, and now this one. “Thank you, next!” What pop culture will say to her when she hits 27.

      (Also, I forgot to add a few months as a judge on a televised talent show.)

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      • on November 8, 2018 at 8:06 am Corinth Arkadin

        I’ve thought about that, too.

        It seems the trajectory does seem to be plotted from the Disney channel. I have suspicions they have a staff of Jimmy Savile-types there, and the Disney Corp. gives the Vatican a run for its money in protecting those who abuse.

        Of course, none of it would be possible without the unwitting (or witting) turnover of children by their parents for the possibility of $$$.

        For all those who thought Billy Ray Cyrus was All-American…welp, sh!t.

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      • on November 8, 2018 at 8:06 am Corinth Arkadin

        Had a comment here. Stuck in ghey m0d.


  8. on November 7, 2018 at 3:03 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    These thots and their social media, truly, they are out of control.

    Today, conservative mp tony clement was expelled from caucus over a “sexting scandal.”

    Here’s the “scandal”:

    He sends pics of himself to a woman of consenting age. He thinks it’s consensual. This happens millions of times a day worldwide.

    It turns out that the woman starts to blackmail him. He asks the Mounties to intervene and they are investigating. So far, so good, right?

    Later this afternoon, he was sacked after it emerged that there was a “pattern of behaviour.”

    Just what did he do?


    “Numerous social media posters have suggested they weren’t surprised by Clement’s revelation. CBC News spoke with two young women Wednesday who said they and their friends were made uncomfortable by the fact that Clement had ‘liked’ so many of their posts. ”

    He liked their posts. And it made them feel creeped. Because he’s a limp, middle aged male.

    Apparently, he also has the gall to send innocuous messages to these girlz through instawhoré’s message feature.

    So, to recap:

    Girlz post pictures of themselves on the Internet for all and sundry to see, on a platform that provides for, and is geared towards the aquisition of, likes and compliments.

    They then find this behaviour makes them uncomfortable. So a man has to have a career ruined because of their discomfort over a man using the site’s features as designed.

    Remember: post all sort of revealing (whorish) pics on instawhoré = ok. The wrong sort of Men like the pics = not ok.

    Wear jean shorts out in publick where the pockets are longer than the shorts, ass fold on display/wear yoga pants (underwear) so tight as to reveal labia = totally and empoweringly ok.

    Men glance/look at said display of sluttitude = like, totally not ok.

    That’s moderin life.

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  9. “I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex” will be replaced by “I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my cats” a few years from now.

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    • or a pug or pitbull

      i think the sloots are starting to resent the cat lady references so it seems like a lot go for crap dogs now instead. at least that’s what i’m seeing in my neck of the woods

      and while dogs are superior to cats in every way, and great loyal companions, women have to ruin dog ownership too.

      instead of loyal companions, guard and work dogs, etc, they are surrogate boyfriends and children to them.

      they share food with them, let them lick all over their faces, get on all the furniture, in their beds, etc

      that means hair everywhere, right after licking their asses then all over their bodies they let em lick them in the face, right onto their furniture and in their beds. nasty as hell

      women ruin everything


      • on November 7, 2018 at 6:48 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “women ruin everything”

        That’s why you gotta kn0ck ’em up immediately and keep ’em kn0cked up until men0pause.

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      • on November 8, 2018 at 8:12 am Corinth Arkadin

        Yeah, the pitbull sh!t has gone into maximum overdrive.

        Just think, pitbulls were the most hated/feared dog in the ’90’s. This was because they were the canine of choice for drug dealers (black), thieves (black) and other assorted criminals (of course, black) and that it was reported that their jaws ‘locked up’ when they bit someone.

        Now it’s a bunch of whyte wimmins who love “Pits” and sport buttons “Ban the deed, not the breed”; the same demographic that was soooo scared of them then.

        Funny how this sh!t works.

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      • They can’t domesticate children, bad boys or cars, so now they try to domesticate pitbulls. Makes sense, I guess.

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      • on November 8, 2018 at 2:35 pm Belle Igerent

        Very disheartening sight of a local of considerably ample proportions walking a very fetching huskie, while Vicky Veil walks the other direction pushing a pram overflowing with the next generation of supplanters. There’s undoubtedly an element of ‘you did this to yourselves’, as the svelte locals walking by will be just as unlikely to be pushing a pram.


      • I hate looking at pugs. Watching them breathe makes me just want to [snip] them and put them out of their misery.

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      • yeah, on top of the respiratory issues, pugs are prone to a shizload of other health problems too.

        instead of refusing to buy them so breeders will stop breeding the poor little buggers, people keep the industry going by buying and keeping up the demand.

        then every time they take one home they get attention and feels for taking on a dog with issues. especially true if they adopt it. they get to brag to all their friends about how generous and brave they are. fake and self serving to the highest level