Purity Vortex


If inventions of the White man didn’t exist, there’s a very high probability that the polar vortex shattering records across the northern states would cull a disproportionate number of the resettled tropic-evolved gifts of love.

The best maul-right argument for addressing and reversing global warming* is that it will create an environment favorable to Whites and hostile to invasive tribes.

J.R. strips away the rhetorical fluff,

Europe and North America were cold and hostile places

we invented central heating, AC, supermarkets, and fast food

so now you can easily make it 70 degrees all the time
and have a constant and steady supply of cheap food
that requires almost no effort or intelligence to acquire

we’ve basically recreated Africa

Which means we’ve recreated a dysgenic breeding environment, which affects Whites as well.


From a reader,

A single winter without modern heating and many northern states would be 99% founding stock again.

A snow-kissed lass.

Seasonal mood music: “Winter Chan“.

PS Twatter has banned users from tweeting “Learn to Code” at fired whorenalists. From Aquinas,

All effective rhetoric will be banned. It is a new axiom. If your online campaign does not end in some kind of banning, then you know it was not effective.

I’m strangely proud that I was among the first wave of Twatter bannings. (And then the second and third waves.)

PPS Since we’re on the subject of snow white purity, if demographic destruction is baked in the cake (see: France, Scandinavia, Anglosphere), then it stands to reason that many if not most of the beleaguered Whites in those rapidly transforming countries would respond by abjectly placating their POC replacements. Once the Fuggernaut becomes unmanageable (IT’S ALIVE) Whites will try to rationalize their dispossession absent the will to fight. “Not to worry, these new vibrant miseries imposed on us by a hostile elite are actually good for us! I’m so happy! Couldn’t be happier!” This is the shitliberalism central tenet. Defying this tenet means you are, in essence, calling out White shitlibs as cowards. That is why they screech in pain.

PPPS My soul is the North.

My heart is the South.

My head is the Midwest.

My erotic anime collection is the West.


*I won’t get into the thickets of anthropogenic global warming theory here, except to say that

a. the earth is likely warming a bit, but not as much as warmists claim.

b. humans are probably responsible for some of that warming, but exogenous sources such as solar cycles are downplayed or ignored by shitlibs.

c. shitlib laysoys and shitlib scientists exaggerate the threat (and goose the data when they think no one will hold them accountable — see: NASA, NOAA).

d. we are entering a solar minimum period which will counteract any global warming effects for the next thirty years or so.

e. detached polar vortices are theoretically explainable by current AGW theory (a smaller high latitude-low latitude gradient in upper air temperatures allows the jet stream to meander more wildly, allowing “pieces” of polar air to plunge southward), but of course shitlibs have poisoned the science by retroactively explaining any climate variation, hot or cold, wet or dry, as evidence of AGW.

f. AGW is the substitute religion for shitlibs, and like all zealots they have embraced the apocalyptic overtones of their religion and can’t tolerate heretics. Their AGW religion is rivaled in intensity of belief only by their race denialism religion.

g. In the meantime, the best solution to AGW is mitigation. That includes nuclear power, sea walls, and northward migration, among a bevy of other rational responses to the threat. It DOES NOT mean killing the modern economy by banning oil or requiring governments to give every person in the world a $7K subsidy to buy an electric car. Solar and wind power can fill energy niches, but can’t scale up without massive state subsidies. Batteries are of limited use and cause their own ecological problems. The only energy source, as of now, that can compete with oil in terms of EIEO, is nuclear. If a shitlib you know is against nuclear energy, then that shitlib is not serious about her global warming hysteria.


I’ll admit I laughed.


  1. Fucking a girl at 2 am outside in the snow.

    WimHof your way to cold-love

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    • ok CH, you wanna play?

      most of what you said on AGW is misleading or outright wrong.

      Fuck shitlibs.

      They are not climate scientists.

      Stick to the fuckin research. Get over this politicization of it. ANY politician expressing an opinion on it or commentator expressing some issue with a POLITICIAN’s opinion on it is gaslighting.

      There are not fucking “warmists” or whatever else you imagine. These are REAL scientists putting forth real research.

      You people think bc there’s a youtube video on solar cycles or aerosol albedo that the actual climate scientists didn’t think of this? It was in models I read in Science 20 fucking years ago. It only NOW has made it up into the Youtube “science” community where they sell it as if nobody had ever thought of it before them. This isn’t the case.

      NOBODY has downplayed solar cycles, sunspots, or anything else. Including cosmic ray flux. It has been in the models and accounted for for more than a decade. Likewise water vapor vs methane vs everything else including CO2.

      This is why people with actual scientific literacy are so fuckin dismayed at GW-deniers. the science unfortunately is not comprehensible and everyone is using a REAL phenomenon that is human-sourced, to spin into some kind of lever to do harm to people.

      That is the issue that should be taken with politicization of science, not the science itself, which is unassailable at this point.

      Nuclear power unfortunately…phew…after Fukushima…if the Japs, one of the highest IQ societies on the planet, could not get it right, what hope does anyone else have? The fuel cycle is incomplete; that accident happened bc 50 years’ worth of spent fuel rods were kept next to the reactor. There was no disposal plan.

      I went round and round, people who remember me from ZH remember, where I told everyone what happened at dai-ichi 1-4 long before any of the nuclear analysts realized it. It wasn’t a reactor problem it’s always been a spent fuel problem. Until we come to grips with this, nuclear is fucked.

      And this highlights the problem both with AGW and nuclear power- the two issues are similar. It’s too much of a long-term problem for humans to plan against; we have according to psych research a hyperbolic decay function in our brains against future events” importance.

      The adults, the big brains, people like me, have to be empowered to make ruthless decisions for long-term planning. As an INTJ with an IQ several sigmas right of mean, this is the shit I was born to do…but I cannot win a popularity contest. I am outvoted by two dipshits every time.

      I pose a geometric growth thought problem to people in person..only two people have ever gotten the answer correct. My son and that Stanford Korean spook chick with the IQ of 170 and even she got it wrong the first time but that was admittedly bc I had just fucked her brains out of her. Once they came back she was able to answer it. Everyone else, my dad, my accountant, smart people…all fail.

      Alfred Bartlett was right- but exponential math is something that does not jibe well with the paucity of long-term planning that humans do and it jibes HORRIFICALLY with democracy. Or any other rulership system.

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      • I see another chapter has been added to The Tale Of Two Travs.

        You make a lot of the right kind of noises… but there’s still a lot of chaff to muddle through to get to the wheat.

        I’m gonna keep an eye on you… you just got off the no-account list, congrats.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 2:25 pm TerryThePirate

        “The adults, the big brains, people like me, have to be empowered to make ruthless decisions for long-term planning. As an INTJ with an IQ several sigmas right of mean, this is the shit I was born to do…”

        Careful. This is how tyranny begins. A “benevolent dictatorship”–with people like us running it, of course.

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  2. I don’t quite understand or follow the PPPS, but I like it.

    Ah, anime. . . .lol

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  3. on January 31, 2019 at 2:06 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    What costs us if the Ganges delta floods? And kills all Bangladeshis?


  4. “Defying this tenet means you are, in essence, calling out White shitlibs as cowards. That is why they screech in pain.”
    That’s one of the biggest obstacles to redpilling indoctrinated men: their ego. Barnum said it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they’ve been fooled


    • Yep, you can’t even tell a shitlib that they’ve been cucked by the J00z without the boilerplate ‘anti-semitism’ response diarrhea-blasting from their mouths simply because you used the word j00 that wasnt in the context of a victim of muh holohoax


  5. “…then it stands to reason that many if not most of the beleaguered Whites in those rapidly transforming countries would respond by abjectly placating their POC replacements.”

    From what I’ve read, this describes a helluva lot of whites in S. Africa right now.


  6. on January 31, 2019 at 2:13 pm thesegregationofdialogue

    The idea that a polar vortex would literally kill all black people is a bit silly…


    • You’re an idiot.


    • Its merely history repeating itself. Neanderthals lived in the harshest climates for half a million years before being overrun by gang raping Sapiens. These Sapiens then used the hybrids most similar to neanderthals to keep the engineering departments running.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 5:42 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        Even those who do have Neanderthal DNA only have a very small amount. And I’m sure neanderthals raped each other, too. Tribal life is full of sexual violence.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 7:52 pm Captain Obvious

        And yet you never witnessed that violence all those years you spent with the Gori11as in the Mist.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 7:53 pm Captain Obvious

        Tell Yossie Cohen that your c0de needs to be upgraded to version 3.0.


      • Hey dummy, Neanderthal and Cro-magnon are really locations not different species of humans.They are both Homo sapiens and classified as such today.
        The Neanderthals were misclassified because they believed they did not have a hyoid bone. They do.

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      • That’s Fossey Cohen


    • on January 31, 2019 at 2:49 pm Corinth Arkadin


      Heavens to Mergatroid! Exit, stage left!

      Fucking fairy, you sound like Snagglepuss.


    • “I voluntarily lived in the ghetto and babysat for single mothers while interviewing gang members.”


      Got to admit, I lol’ed when I read that. How hard doze niggaz laugh at you?

      Dontavius: Where been Sharonda at?

      Mkombe: Nugga. I gotta white boy watchin em right now!

      Dontavius: You got cracka playin’ baby daddy? What dat cost you

      Mkombe: Nugga. I jus’ talk to him. He wanna learn from me.

      (silence continues)

      (raucous laughter as D and M set off in search of a CardiB video)

      In all seriousness, I can’t wait for your next comment. You’re almost as entertaining as TSW.

      How many black guys show up to White neighborhoods asking to understand the achievements of White society and cast off the stain of Wakanda?
      (To chase White chicks doesn’t count..)

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      • “Hey, white boy… whatchoo doin’ uptown? Hey, white boy… you chasin’ our women around?”

        “No, pardon me, sir… it’s furthest from my mind! I’m jes’ waitin’ for a dear, dear friend of mine.”


      • hahahah
        You kill me GE.


      • I got a good laugh from your story too… especially the momentary silence broken by raucous laughter.


      • Dude. Cucknationofdialogue. I might stop making fun of you. You’ve got some real problems, kid. You came to the right place:


      • on January 31, 2019 at 5:45 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        Actually, they didn’t like me at first. Partly because I kept bringing around attractive college women, meanwhile many of them were simply fighting over scraps.

        Not only did looking out for some of the kids raise my social standing, I genuinely benefited from it. Helping kids is a moral thing to do.

        I realize that you sort everybody into racial teams, but not everybody does that. And some of the people who do are willing to give it up, when presented with new information.


      • Kid- after you answer my other questions:

        Why is it important for you to learn from black gang members, but they have nothing to learn from us? What african countries serve as a model for civilization?

        Do you think White people are the only ones who “sort everyone into racial terms?” If so, how do you explain over 95% of the black community voting for Obama?

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      • One last thing kid, before I gotta run.

        “Actually, they didn’t like me at first. Partly because I kept bringing around attractive college women, meanwhile many of them were simply fighting over scraps.”

        Nobody asked for your sexual resume. Comes off as try-hard. Something your father should’ve taught you to avoid when you were young.

        Also notice the way you try to put yourself above them- ” meanwhile many of them were simply fighting over scraps.”

        If we’re just a bunch of rayciss rednecks on this board, why work so hard for our approval?

        Watch out for that in the future, kid.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 7:55 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ” Hey, white boy… you chasin’ our women around?””

        THEOREMA NIGRUM!!!!!


      • on February 1, 2019 at 8:19 am thesegregationofdialogue

        I’m literally never once said that African Americans have nothing to learn from white people. I actually specifically said that we have things to learn from one another.

        and to the person who posted a video of me being interviewed at the Palestine March, what exactly is your critique of that interview? I was there undercover, setting up for a blog post about how crazy the Palestine kids are.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 8:22 am thesegregationofdialogue

        Oh and Fast Eddie, nobody’s working for your approval. All I’ve done is respond to the things that people have said to me. My first post is always policy-based, or about the topic at hand. People then call me names and so I respond.

        As for me talking about the sexual politics of the neighborhood I used to live in, how much of my writing is dedicated to the fact that sexuality and reproduction is the primary source of human conflict. So it’s relevant, not a flex.


      • I was there undercover, setting up for a blog post about how crazy the Palestine kids are.

        Ah, fellow yeggs o’ dis here chateau, take heed.

        I immediately called this guy out as a (((shill))) due to the usual poopytalk he brought ’round chere ’bout pet negros and muh Israel, and in doing a little digging, he seemed to involve himself overmuch in meat world gathers for both.

        Now he admits he went undercover to a Free Palestine march, acting as a supporter, but actually to gather more blog poopytalk against those folks… and who knows what other kind of (ahem) information-passing to other (((interested parties))).

        My take is, beware… if he truly is merely a useful idiot for the Sanhedrin through White naivete` and shitlibbery feelz, he’s still someone best kept at arm’s length.

        One has to wonder why, if not an actual paid agent, he would go through such pains to go undercover (self-admitted now) to a Free Palestine event.

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      • That’s not how it reads, kid. Rationalization won’t help you there. Notice you didn’t answer any of my questions.

        Let’s try this. Your book is titled Segregation of Dialogue. Btw, you might want to proofread your description. I caught 3 grammatical errors in a glance. Anyway, you’re all about ridding yourself of biases. So let’s do that.

        This blog is a treasure trove of info. So YOU argue for racial differences at the genetic level. YOU present the arguments for historical and contemporary examples which show multi-culti and negro worship to be disastrous .

        And I will present the arguments against it.

        Let’s use your methodology. Ready to start?


      • “One has to wonder why, if not an actual paid agent, he would go through such pains to go undercover (self-admitted now) to a Free Palestine event.”

        Good catch, GE. Kid- sneaking around isn’t a good look.

        Kid- get the T level checked. Lift, eat right, compete at some sports. Try out a contact sport.

        You’re not disfigured or anything. If you added some muscle, got a better haircut, and did something with that beard, you’d probably be able to get a White chick.

        Also- what does your father think about your behavior and your chosen “profession?”

        (Reminds of the Gladiator scene- And what does your father say?)

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    • Street shi!!ers can’t figure out indoor plumbing. How are they to manage electricity and a natural gas system?


    • I’m sure 10% or so would survive, by cooking and eating their (or your) young and weak. But they would be appropriately handled come Spring. Can’t have cannibals walking our streets now, can we?

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 5:38 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        How would cannibalism save you from the cold? Sorry to ruin your genocide fantasy but yeah


      • Kid- in the video above you changed your language with the black guy. You refused to speak as plainly with him as you do with us. No mention of a “black ghetto.”

        If they are just like us and so accepting of you, why change your language?

        Have you ever competed at a sport? Ever tried out any contact sports (boxing, jiu-jitsu, etc?)