The Prime Truth

The Prime Truth that anti-White scum, Diversity™ mongers, sanctimonious baizuo, platitude pushers, parasites, pussyhatters, the comfortably sinecured, and cowardly cucks with phony pretensions of color-blindness
will never
escape from is this:
Nations are essentially societal, political and geographic expressions of race. And the further a nation retreats from its racial essence, the less it resembles the nation of its distinctive heritage. A homeland unrecognizable to its native people is not a home; it’s an imposed fiction. Worse, it’s a spiritual prison.


  1. Society is a racial construct.
    Or, as someone already said before :
    “Ein Folk, Ein Reich”.


  2. since every nation on earth has a unique ethnic mix, the globohomists’ goal of diluting the USA’s mix into something “matching the world” is bound for failure because the world is still made up ethnocentric countries.


    • Not necessarily true unfortunately. There are numerous examples of deracinated states with little holding the people together. Brazil being an obvious example. And it’s abundantly clear to me that the USA will become Brazil within two generations if current demographic trends are maintained.

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    • Exactly… Gobalists only want to fuck-up America.


  3. The man knocked it out of the park today.

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  4. on September 19, 2017 at 1:11 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

    Prime truths only exist for rarefied atmosphere IQ 130+ thinkers.

    For the majority, prime truth is whatever television tells them.


    • Met plenty of Mensa members who couldn’t put together the pieces. Do you really think it’s a question of IQ?

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      • on September 19, 2017 at 1:18 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

        The entire notion of “prime truths” is the kind of baggage (or leather portfolio, if you please) a university-educated man who can make up his own mind about things cherishes, for good or ill. How many average normies on the street do you think bandy about the phrase “prime truth”? Like, fucking seriously? Have you been to a bar lately? (“The fuckin’ Vikings blew an easy pass in the third quarter … those guys gonna kill me … yeah my old lady gave me hell … blah blah drivel drivel blah, not read a book in 2 years …) X.


      • What is the definition of “prime truth” to begin? I can see several possibilities:

        – Empirical reality
        – Logical truth (A = A)
        – Mythical truth embedded in humanity’s ancient stories

        As opposed to:

        – Evasions of reality
        – Logical fallacies
        – False narratives


      • on September 19, 2017 at 1:40 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

        You know math. Very good.

        Heartiste is an autodidact, obviously, so I want say that H-Bomb wants to go by the rule-of-thumb of empirical reality. (If you scroll through his many posts, he’s more of a car mechanic than a theorizer like Rollo of the rational male). Speaking on H’s behalf, I would say he means what aligns with the observable facts of social life. For example, game principles work, therefore they are valid. Principles of white social life can be observed (proximity/divers. equation), therefore they are equally valid. X.


      • on September 19, 2017 at 2:17 pm Wrong Side Luciano

        edenism is some wild stuff

        shouts to my bigeye melons.


      • “For example, game principles work, therefore they are valid.”

        I would put that, and the other examples, in the category of heuristic truth or practical wisdom. Rules of thumb, or contingent patterns of success that hold over time. So, if your objective is X (survival, say) then pattern Y tends to lead to that and pattern Z to the opposite. Sorry for sperging, but it’s important to know what domain of truth we’re speaking of 🙂


    • sublime nigrescent lord of faggotry, that you?


  5. Must-watch video:

    Deconstructionists can only be met by Logos-based arguments. Ie appeals to transcendent order.


  6. How do you convince people of things that they should know instinctively?

    We live in a time of such great abundance that I don’t think hard reality can be understood without an epic crash.


    • Absolutely 100% correct. Have been saying it for years. For so long as the eloi can afford the Electronic Jew and the associated bread and circuses they’ll remain quiescent.

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    • on September 19, 2017 at 6:05 pm Vagina dominator

      The full weight of all of Mother Nature is held suspended over our heads on a very thin, very taut, and now heavily frayed string. When it snaps, prime truths will very decisively come back into vogue. Old chestnuts such as

      “I must humbly acknowledge the overlordship of those who ensure my food and security.”

      “Those who do not work, will not eat.”

      “The work of women is to please men and breed.”

      “Strangers mind their manners.”

      And so on.

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  7. If there’s a world enemy #1, Soros has got to be it….

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  8. spiritual prison is an apt description of the current day western globohomodiverstopia/commie bankrupt nations

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  9. “…and I rink it’s gunna be a rong rong time…”

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  10. CH states the truth. The modern English word “nation” is derived from the Latin word “natio” – which means “A breed, stock, kind, species, race, tribe, set.”

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  11. holy crap how has that defintiton of baizou survived on urbandick?

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    • The mudshark definition isn’t half bad, either:

      “This is a female that wants to crush her father’s hopes and dreams, so she exclusively dates black men and makes a lot of noise when accomodating the licorice stick. This type of chick either winds up dead, or with five oreo cookies and welfare money, which the fathers will spend on additional booze, whores, and drugs. It is a vicious cycle. “

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  12. on September 19, 2017 at 1:58 pm Wrong Side Luciano

    sometimes i wonder ultimately what the fuck good is having a high iq if it means u can become convinced that up is down

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    • People confuse I.Q. with the ability to rapidly process data and flip models in conceptual space, because that’s what many tests actually measure. In contrast to “organic intelligence,” i.e., that which serves to integrate the individual’s well-being from self through family-community-nation, the ability to manipulate data and models actually serves only the (((owners))) who manage the various plantations they wrongly call “nations.” “The easiest person to fool is yourself,” and these “geniuses” have a head start on the process.


    • Precisely why I like the working class.


  13. The nations of both Europe and her settlements in the world are defined by:
    1. White race
    2. Christian faith
    3. Greco Roman legacy
    4. The conflict between the individual and the collective
    5. Usury, and its consequences.

    This applies to the US and the West European countries as well as the Eastern European countries.

    Sam Huntington tried distinguishing between core Europe and the not-quite-European countries e.g. Russia and Greece, based on the Catholic church VS the Orthodox church. This is a false dichotomy and divides us.

    If the US and greater Europe are to survive, we must recognize that the anti-West forces want us all extinct or enslaved. Every single one of us.

    The bazuo leftists are simply converts to the Anti-West faith.

    Why? because chicks and fem-men always want to be on the side of the victor, but always want to claim the opposite.

    When we start winning is when you will see the women change their disposition.


    • #2 should be Catholic faith

      When we start winning is when you will see the women change their disposition.

      And I agree women are the canary in the coal mine. If one wants to observe how society is destroying itself, or reasserting itself, look to the women.


    • In short Christendom and in reality the Orthodox Catholic faith, of which all other Christian faiths are its children


      • The Great Schism of 1054 between what became the Roman Catholic church and the Eastern Orthodox Church is probably as great a tragedy for European men as the wars of the 20th century, not in body count, but in the ripping apart of the mind from the soul, the intellect of reason from the mystery of mysticism.

        JP2 and his German heir agreed that the West must reconnect with the East of Europe.

        The current Pope? Meh…. he and Rev. Wright should get together.


      • My priest says the same. I’m RC but am impressed that they accept every OC sacrament without question. I go to OC mass and evening vespers on occasion. We have a beautiful OC church and excellent choir where I live and I find the mass moving as well as historical. Bancrum the Bulgar Slayer and Alexius II went to the same mass. Pretty cool.


      • there is no such thing as “orthodox catholic”. there is the real orthodox christian church, the eastern one and a bunch of sects. roman catholic being one of them


      • Carlos,

        I am Orthodox.

        If you wish to read about it from a believer read: the Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, a bishop.

        If want to read from an agnostic view, read: the Moutain of Silence by K. Markides


        You are correct. Orthodox Catholic doesn’t exist. Even the name Roman Catholic is a misnomer. Charlemagne wanted his Frankish kingdom to be an “Empire” and pushed for a proto split from Constantinople.

        “Catholic” is an assertion that the Western church is THE Church. A better name would be “the Frankish Royal Provincial Schismatic Christian Sacrament”

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  14. on September 19, 2017 at 2:44 pm Oleaginous Outrager

    Another truth – the pimp hand has been withheld for far too long:


    • they look like little mudlets. I say we invite the girls here to explain themselves. could be an case of legitimate hate speech being shut down.

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      • maybe they are misunderstood, they just need a safe space and I say that space should be a large metal box turned up to about a thousand degrees


    • pimp hand …………….. I’m not being rude but if that sheet is true that those women did that I’d be removing some BIRDS, just say’n




    [CH: probably a good idea to leave it to the experts.
    ps your name puns need work.]


  16. Nations currently exist for their ability to grease gimmedat underclasses and control their fallout.

    (((They))) had a problem. Nice white people save too much of their money and don’t buy crap with high profit margins, and they like to own land and not fork over their sweat-earned money to a (((landlord))). However, White people are also gullible enough to give their money to brown people in sad pictures. The problem is that those brown people all kill each other and can’t maintain civic institutions, so you can’t seek rent and set up shop in their countries.

    (((Their))) solution is to import the poor brown people into the White countries. Transfer the White money to the brown people through various social programs and makework govt jobs funded by taxation and inflation and debt. And then have the White people maintain the civic institutions like police forces, courts, schools, hospitals. So that you can minimize the collateral damage from the various problems the brown people bring in with them. More demand so rent prices go up, (((landlords))) happy, lotta crappy soft drinks bought and credit cards opened so (((Wall St))) happy. A lot of new criminals with court cases so (((lawyers))) happy.

    The question is when does it come full circle? When does the White country turn into Zimbabwe? What is the demographic tipping point where White-people-maintaining-civic-institutions-for-Jewish-profit turns into daily necklacing in the middle of the street?

    Unfortunately folks White people are very good at everything, including playing slave to (((globalist profiteers))). I’d bet you could get a country down to 5% White people and as long as they didn’t turn over all political power to the dark n’ swarthy’s like they did in SA and ZImbabwe, the 5% White people could run a successful and safe enough country to keep Coca Cola’s stock price surging.

    Enjoy the decline, buy KO. Good dividends.

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    • The answer lies in a sort of “dropping out “. Whites need to stop joining the police forces, the military, the fire depts., anything that keeps the machine running. What would ZioAmerica do if its military had no whites in it whatsoever ? It would be game over.

      The white man has the capacity to train himself for future military conflict, there is no need to become slaves to the Yid.


      • Great comment. The white man is the only one who can train himself or find books to teach him military skills. I used to work with some former gangbangers and none of them would know how to plan an ambush, defend/attack an area, or operate a convoy.


      • on September 19, 2017 at 5:37 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        No, whites need to keep being police because they need to protect other whites!! Get rid of whites on the police force and you end up with South African-styled “justice,” meaning minorities running roughshod over whitey.

        What white people need to stop doing is being materialistic. Live in smaller homes and you don’t need to earn as much money. Shrink the tax base. That means less money for the gibme class.

        Whites also need to stop watching sports. Play in your own league if you like sports so much. Finally, it goes without saying that whites need to unplug from Hollywood, the music industry, and the publishing industry. There are enough old movies, books, and albums out there that you can get for free or cheap and all this can last you 100 lifetimes. You don’t need to feed the system today.


      • on September 19, 2017 at 6:43 pm Vagina dominator

        @ DofBA

        I am with you on all of that. Starving the beast, getting off the sofa and living in the real world is a good move, especially psychologically. I do it too. But (((they))) also know we are moving that way. How many people have ditched cable this last year? Some amazing number like 10%, I think. The tide has turned. The producers are now realizing they have become the indebted poor and have started to retrench (those with any sense at least).

        That is why (((they))) want to move to a cashless society where we won’t be able to remove our money from the banking system and they can levy our surplus productivity at any time.

        The answer to that? Become a primary producer. Be a small basic service provider. That will get people ready for barter. Won’t be long now ’til the greedy fucks expl*de themselves. Mother Nature always bats last.


      • No, whites need to keep being police because they need to protect other whites!!

        The cops serve two functions and two functions only:

        1) To protect BLM, Antifa and other scum of society from white men, by whom they are heavily outgunned and outnumbered and

        2) to generate revenue from the same white men, sucking them dry over peccadilloes to fund their disgustingly distended pension funds so they can ride around in golf carts watching Matlock reruns for 30 years.

        In case you didn’t notice it, neither of these functions involves protecting you from criminals–after all, there’s no money in that and it might endanger the princess’ precious “officer safety.” (Officer safety is the most important thing in the whole universe, far more important than the constitutional rights and basic dignity of white citizens.)

        Were it not for the police, pissed off white men with guns would have straightened out this country long ago. The police are the jailers in your multicultural insane asylum. They are every bit as much an anti-white force as groups like BLM (They’re actually worse, since, now that Holder is gone, if you kill some BLM guttersnipe in self-defense, you probably won’t go to prison for the rest of your life.)

        Police are enemies of the white race and need to be tried for such after this country balkanizes into race-based nations, just as East German border guards were tried for their misdeeds after German re-unification.



      • Thirding Days of Broken Arrows. Stop watching sports ball and Hollyweird & get fit. Self Improvement FTW.


  17. on September 19, 2017 at 4:44 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    I am surrounded by corporate bugmen. These cretins are totally soulless and morally destitute. They are soft spoken with high voices, speak entirely in platitudes, use effeminate vocabulary like “amazing” and “tweak” and push Marxist/Globalist dogma. They’d lose a street fight quite handily and would be defenceless without the system around them. They are the class running our countries and leading them to ruination. They need to be eviscerated.

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    • on September 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm Vagina dominator

      When the time comes you will lead them. They like to take orders.Those who can’t fit in can be left behind. Just watch out, though. That type can be very treacherous and sneaky.

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    • Why I got out. Couldn’t stomach feigning deference to incurious cowards that I could kill with my bare hands.

      Best decision I ever made.

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    • Was thinking this the other day…since I was a child I hated the elites. I thought it was the usual Marxist crap of hating the rich but I soon realized I hated them as they do nothing to inspire me. Quite thd opposite ..i hate them and their corporate drones.
      Working in DC nearly killed me being surrounded by them. I think most people hate them and women loathe them.
      Clinton, Ryan, Rubio, Graham, then their lackeys Blitzer…Tapper …I want them all dead.

      It was never like this. For thousands of years the elite deserved to be elite. They lead men in battles..they riled empires.
      They were wise and spoke magnificently.
      They rightly got the spoils and the beautiful women.
      In WW1 the British and German elite fought in the trenches and the working class were exposed to them and respected them ‘ I see why he is a Baron…i could never be like him’.
      I grew up listening to British sports commentators who came from elite schools..Peter West, Brian Moore, Barry Davies…rational men with class.
      James Bond or the comic Lord Flasheart..was modelled on these heroes.

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      • I remember reading about World War I, some German general Freiherr von Whatever in a dugout waiting for the artillery barrage to pass over ahead of their assault. According to the account, as the thunderous crashes marched over them, shaking dirt down from the roof, the German infantrymen with him saw that his head was raised, and he was smiling. As the explosions rolled away, he remarked, “Have any of you ever heard more glorious music?” And, of course, he accompanied his men in the assault.

        One has a hard time imagining any of today’s leaders, of any stripe, reacting in that way to that situation.

        On the flip side of the coin, in the 18th century I believe, one of the later Dukes of Savoy showed his lack of mettle by “leading” from miles away while his men attempted to take a fortress for him. They soon gave up the attempt, and the Duke was shot by one of his men during the retreat.

        It basically came down to that men weren’t willing to die for leaders who weren’t willing to die for them.

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      • Really don’t elites still have there kids take up sword fighting and if so I imagine they could kill as many people I’m a room as they wanted to


      • Victorian elites and the Cavaliers inspired the masses


      • Heavily armed men used to killing don’t kill just because you order them to. They must have an emotional bond with their leaders and one another. A quote about the Eastern Front from a German company commander has always stayed with me ” I don’t give orders to my men, I make suggestions.” Ardent du Pique wrote extensively on this subject.


  18. Yep. How long after European-Americans dip below 50% of the “American” population until the browns are calling the Constitution a “White document written by dead pale stale males” that doesn’t apply to them?

    America was created and sustained by European ideas and beliefs. Rule of law, respect for the environment, respect for individual rights, freedom of speech in the first amendment. These are emergent properties of European blood.

    America simply will NOT be the same country when populated by voting browns.

    Thought experiment: If China dipped below 50% Han Chinese, would it be China? If Japan dipped below 50% Japanese, would it be Japan? Ditto Israel.

    It’s obvious as the nose on your face — race/ethnicity IS nation.

    [Side note: I lived in Asia for years. Asians call only Whites “Americans.” They do not consider Chinese-Americans or African-Americans to be “true” Americans. Asians have told me this directly. To them, “American” = “White.” This is because, to them, ethnicity *is* nationality. That’s the way it is in the rest of the world. Whites still don’t get this. But they will. Oh yes, they will.]

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    • Read up on the Ship of Theseus:

      “The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus’s paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.” (Wikipedia)


      • Are you suggesting that human beings from widely different cultures and races are interchangeable parts who magically assume the qualities of the other when they change environment?

        Rhetorical. Thank you, drive thru.


    • typical example of a hostily minory taking over a country


  19. Rob Reiner, David Frum, Max Boot – all jews – all gay and femmy, as well displayed here:

    Jews – shut the fuck up already. Fucking Gay Retards. Fuck-off. This is just so fucking stupid – I am just amazed at how gay and femmy and jew-like this shtick is – repulsive.

    Clapper – can’t even lie well – idiot.

    Clinton – an endless ongoing disaster of Cuntiscious Cuntiness. Fuck – does she smell like cunt instead of pussy? Pretty sure that must be on. She be hiding things up there most probably. Get away from me – fuck-off, go away and don’t come back fucking bitch. Repulsive doesn’t even describe it. Clinton – you are truly deranged and beyond any redemption. Therefore just go away and crawl under a rock somewhere.

    Morgan Freeman – man don’t you got no self-respect dude – wtf? (but hey – you just prolly be laughing to yourself about this whole western thing – pretty sure you don’t actually give one fuck – it’s hahahaha for you right?).

    Paul Joseph Watson – cut to the chase already dude on the ((( ))) – fuck. What wrong with you?


    • Magic negro, Morgan Freeman, will tell you who you need to kill in the interest of Greater Israel, goyim. Your job is to shut the fuck up and do what he says.

      Same goes for John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Rachel Maddow etc. These are smart people, goyim. Listen to them.


  20. Raw uncut line of 100% truth


  21. Like

  22. A homeland unrecognizable to its native people is not a home; it’s an imposed fiction. Worse, it’s a spiritual prison.

    A more apt description of the White White West would be hard to find. It’s time to emancipate the Whitemen. Fly, little angry birds. Be free. Go back to where you came from. Put us all out of your misery.


    • When the Whitemen’s angry little birds fly, the birds have names like Trident and Minuteman. You’ll be out of everybody’s misery then.


  23. on September 20, 2017 at 6:33 am RedPillOfHergest

    A Swedish politician of the openborderschickpowercommie party claims he was forcibly raped at knifepoint for his beliefs. If it were true, how lovely! After forcing Norse offspring to take it up the a$$ via political insanity, someone returned the favor literally. Imagine the return on investment if SWPLs were being forcibly sodomized by the native sons throughout the West. Unfortunately, this smacks of POZ porn. A little too convenient –rapey white males AGAIN– and a whole lot of personal rape submission fantasy from a politician who appears to spend a lot of time with his knees bruising his shoulders. It’s like the racist graffiti sprayed by Trump supporters that was really sprayed by a black. And the mosque burned by Nazis that was really burned by jihadist. HIs rape claim is having the intended effect on his audience. “You’re SO BRAVE.” Yep, he’s a hero. Says he would have “preferred to have buried what happened to him so deep that nobody but him would ever know.” Wow. That’s not just subliminal, that’s fantasy on display. “I just want to bury that guy super, super deep inside me b/c I’m so destroyed by what he did to me. Just cram him right up there and hope nobody finds out.”

    [CH: story is shitthatneverhappened.txt or shitthathappenedtoaclosetedhomowhowanteditallalong.txt]


    • Public claims of rape are always false. Doubly so when there was no police report.

      Hoax. Add it to the hoax list of:
      – Racist graffiti at Lebron James’ home (which he forgot to take a pic of and conveniently painted over before cops came)
      – Noose at the African-American museum in DC (cctv security cameras everywhere but no perpetrator ever found, duh because he was black)
      – Jewish kid phones in hundreds of bomb threats to synagogues
      – Jewish man in TX paints swastika on his garage, claims nazis did it
      – Racist letter left on windshield of black student at St Olaf College in MN (black student later admitted he wrote the letter)
      – and on and on….

      These are all hoaxes and false flags. All.

      It’s rational for them to do this. No downside. Media doesn’t much care whether it’s a hoax or not because they get to run with a breathless headline citing “Bad White Racists.” And if it’s uncovered as a hoax? Down the memory hole it goes. No retractions.


  24. “Race is not a social construct – society is a racial construct” – something that I saw posted at Stormfront before that site was taken down.


  25. Race…. is nice. But Japan, Sweden, were racially unified. Isn’t Mexico racially unified? The Congo is pretty racially unified. This is Kevin MacDonaldism ad absurdum that society is warring ethnic groups.

    [CH: the natural state of humanity is warring ethnic and racial groups. the only thing that puts a lid on it (for a while) is debt-financed prosperity and the danegeld.]

    Good societies have good ideas, systems, and people. Bad societies have bad ideas, systems, and people. Is racial monomania a good idea?

    [it’s not racial monomania, it’s rejection of anti-racial monomania.]

    Germans and Anglo-Saxons have appeared incapable of self-government for a while now. Lowly Slavs and Jews are doing better.

    Israel isn’t even racially unified (20% subversive Arab), but they have Religious Zionism and 90% two-parent families. The UK had the Church of England before the Fabians took it out. Poland has a distinct Catholicism. Russia has Russian Orthodox, but they make no babies and drink themselves to death.

    [racial kinship is a necessary if not sufficient condition of functioning nations. now you can bring up africa as a counter, but what is the result in the end of having a white minority ruling a black african country? prosperity and….endless racial resentment.]

    You need:
    Ecclesiastical family courts (like Israel)
    Unified religion and race, based on reactionary values (Poland, Israel)
    Visceral hatred of the Left (Poland, Hungary, Israel)
    The only way to forge this in the face of modern decadence is living under threat of existential doom (Poland, Hungary, Israel)

    [arguing reductio ad absurdums against racial purity is a strawman anyhow. the goal should be minimum 80% white america. we’re at 63% and dropping fast. our doom is sealed unless we chuck out the 30 million beaner illegals and close the door to any further nonwhite immigration.]


    • Isn’t Mexico racially unified?

      Ever heard of Chiapas, dumbass? The friction between Mestizos and Indians is so bad there they had armed civil unrest and de facto secession.


  26. We call it the Prime Directive. Whiteness is next to Godliness.


  27. on September 25, 2017 at 8:09 pm White Sharia Legislator

    Nations are expressions of the races which form and run them… That is why the rootless jew manages to infect so many nations across the map. It has no nation of it’s own (stolen land aside) but it has it’s racial code kept pure and tribal.

    A parasite is not limited to one host and there is no more target rich environment then a world map. So many races in so many nations all to be infected by the force that knows RACE IS FIRST and nations are second as a result.

    Cause and effect. Racial causes make national outcomes. WHITE IS RIGHT! Get the non-whites out of White nations and zero compromise to this mission.