Evidence That Hillary Clinton Has A Serious Neurological Disease (And The Media Is Covering It Up)

Watch this amazing video that uncovers very strong evidence that Hillary Clinton suffers from a serious neurological disorder, and that the media is COVERING IT UP, going so far as NBC News has done here to alter newsreel video so that Hillary’s crossed eyes appear straight.

Step back for a second and take it all in. The accelerating cratering of journalistic ethics, the Orwellian manipulation of truth, the total and complete collusion between all arms of the globalist project firmly ensconced and enskyped in every American institution.

I dunno, but my impression is that wars, real wars, have been started for less.

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  1. Do you think of yourself as a serious person? because this is nonsense.

    [CH: obviously you didn’t watch the video.]


    • Nice avatar, where’d you pick it up?


    • on October 12, 2016 at 10:44 am Canadian Friend

      because this is nonsense.

      People like you made a HUGE story of he fact Trump said of a woman who gained 60 pounds that she was fat.

      According to people like you he could not be President because he said of a fat woman she was fat.

      now THAT was nonsense.

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    • thesouthernohioan, if you had to choose an letter of the Greek alphabet to represent you would it be fair that due to your choice of avatar picture you would consider yourself an Omega?


    • Hoosiers are losers. Anti-Fa, wannabe New Yorker, wannabe Southern losers. How does it feel to know that Louisville has more balls than your whole state?

      With that out of the way, I have no idea what was going on with that video. It did seem like there was reaching BUT there was also editing. Serious editing, enough that could go boy-pussy-skyward. They were covering something up. Further, I don’t think she was blanking out, I think she just has the smile of a serial killer and thinks that’s how everybody smiles.


      • On a second string of viewings of the video, it is indeed more apparent to me how her right eye looks like it is indeed going lazy. I kind of fell for what they were editing into the video. They were trying to make it look like a kind of light source passed through the room (but the whole room was not illuminated) and there was just a gleam in her eye. The “gleam” was so damn unnatural, I am beginning to believe that it was hellfire being caught on camera.


      • on October 12, 2016 at 5:34 pm Sean Fielding

        Here’s a nice slo-mo video that shows her left eye is the abnormal one. At several points when the turn of her head and right eye tell us her intention is to look just a little to the right, her left eye overshoots considerably, and turns almost as far rightward as it can go.


    • Thats called digital smearing, its a microwave feed, or a internet sat feed, happens quite a lot. Basically the predictive video encoding goofs up due to lack of bandwith. I work in quality control in broadcast and done my share of live broadcasting, we see this kind of thing all the time. The original recording was fine, the error happened in the broadcast. When broadcast again it looks fine, because the original was fine. If you watch a lot of live reporting, often on camera phones or using a sat van this kind of artifacting happens a lot. This guy is just plain wrong, dont if you dont believe me ask anyone who works in the video/tv/vfx ect.
      You would have to believe that the entire production chain, video monkeys doing the vfx work and editing, journalists, editorial team, of all the other channels present at that news conference would sit on such a hugely explosive story for the sake of HRC presidential bid. Despite the fact that blowing this story open would be the making of there careers…I’ve known quite a lot of those dudes, most of them would sacrifice there first born if it would advance there career.


  2. Shocker – “an error occurred” when trying to play the video. No surprise Google is in on it

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    • Worked fine for me just now, but who knows who long it’ll be up.

      This shit it telling!

      And when she gets disoriented and has to stabilize herself…that look on her face…eeesh…I’d rather trust Old Scratch himself.


  3. I love how her supporters, when they are convinced by something like this, immediately retort with, “FDR HAD POLIO THO!!” like it is in any way the same thing. Or even that it was right to had that then.


  4. this vulnerability of hers is a powder keg, and…I think our guy and his team is working hard to find the trigger. watch this:

    debate three. watch for death blow.

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    • “debate three. watch for death blow.”

      If I know it, then Emperor Lord Trump certainly knows it: people mostly remember the last thing they saw and heard. So unload your Depends, cinch your loins, and stop worrying that Emperor Lord Trump “lost” the first debate. By the time he eviscerates Thunderbiscuits and leaves her convulsing on the floor in a puddle of her own offal at debate three (literally or poetically), no one will remember he “lost” the first one.


      • @hard9bf

        The shitlibs don’t think he lost the first one. They were losing their shit that he won the first one and they are trying to say that now he was on the defensive and was not “presidential” in his carriage. Granted, they know he won both, they are just not making the same mistake by admitting it this time.


  5. No matter what happens this election, the media needs to be enemy #1 for shitlords everywhere. Even before the cucks, this nation can’t survive until the heads of the communications outfits in the U.S. are swinging from lampposts.


    • I’ve posted it before, but a good tale bears retelling:

      In Covington’s novel, The Brigade, he mentions that the rebels found a way to remind so-called journalists of their duty to be fair-and-balanced.

      For example, one of the more cunty go-grrl reporters was abducted one night and a tattoo placed on her backside before being dropped off the next morning: “Property Of The Northwest Republican Army”.

      And an especially egregious yapper of a talking head had a visit from some rebels one night and his lips were shut with a roofing stapler.

      And nearly overnight, the objective news coverage of the war on TV and radio became again worthy of the noble profession.


      • I remember reading some blog post about theoretical civil war 2.0 where the insurgents (patriots) go after the media and tell them to ‘do your job’ but I can’t for the life of me find it. I thought it was over at PA’s place but I can’t seem to find it there either. It was almost certainly linked to by a commenter here.

        Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about?


      • on October 12, 2016 at 3:30 pm Captain Obvious

        But the media ARE doing their job – which is precisely to indoctrinate the Shkotzim in the agenda of their (((Skype))) masters. That’s literally EXACTLY what they’re being paid to do, and what they’re doing.


  6. Ryan is the first one for the firing squad.


  7. […] Evidence That Hillary Clinton Has A Serious Neurological Disease (And The Media Is Covering It Up) […]


  8. https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5524

    What is it with these liberal woman constantly weeping over what a beautiful person HRC is?

    [CH: self-delusion….or recognition of a kindred sociopath soul.]

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  9. on October 12, 2016 at 11:07 am Enfant Terrible

    If Donald Trump wins, I hope one of the things he will push for is, a bill to break up the media conglomerates, plus laws to monitor and punish for reporting false facts.

    Seriously, at this point, the biggest enemy of freedom in the US is the media. They don’t just report news, they always frame whatever they are about to report on, in a manner that is compliant with their social/cultural/economical narratives.

    Thankfully we have the internet to counterbalance whatever BS the news media keeps pushing as “facts”, otherwise we’d all be living in lalaland.

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    • When Donald Trump wins….

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    • Anti-trust rape!


    • The problem remains, the majority of ‘Murricans still get their info only from TV and radio, and don’t do the Cyberian browsing they should of alternative news sources.

      I can’t tell you the number of folks I hear regurgitating the MSM spins… whether it be “scared of Trump’s finger on the nuke button” or merely the spewing of “He’s a bigot and a RAY-CISS!”


      • And yet, sane people see no problem with either one of these things. Further, the cunt is the one who is more likely to press that button just to see what would happen.



      • Is this still the case though? In a recent German poll 70% of Germans said they did not trust the media. Lugenpresse…lying press was the #2 most popular search term in Germany last year.
        Surely the US is not that far off?


      • Majority of older Americans. As they die off, so will the MSM influence.


  10. Of course. She is affected by the same disease as the Circle (I was saying “cabal”, but one’d better avoid anti-Semitism, that is, what the r3tB sesnehpetS please to tag as such).

    Power in English, Kraft in German, libido dominandi in the words of a wise one of old.

    The Master of mankind: a disease.


  11. Spreading the truth rape!


  12. by the way CH, aren’t you a little over-restless, for one who knows free will is but one of our conceptions?

    [CH: i am but an animal, with an animal’s passions.]

    Or maybe biomechanics aren’t always God, lol?

    [smashing thecunt to pieces as she so richly deserves is part of the biomechanical prime directive.]


  13. When the people no longer believe that the political process is fair, all bets are off.

    Although everyone has always understood that since at least the 1960s the media has had a liberal bias, the basic proposition was that the media served as a neutral mechanism through which facts and information were communication to the people.

    This election is unlike anything seen in modern times. The mask of “neutrality” has been removed and the (((media))) is openly and brazenly shilling for one candidate over the other. (((They))) choose what “facts” to transmit to the public; (((they))) create the narratives; any acts that (((they))) don’t like are downplayed, spun, buried, or simply ignored — complete non-stories.

    Remember those “tele-screens” in the book 1984, placed in every home and blasting non-stop government propaganda? We’ve reached that point — every television, newspaper, and major media outlet is an arm of government propaganda. It’s just like Big Brother, only with slicker graphics and more bread and circuses to serve as distractions.

    A democracy cannot function under these conditions; it is illegitimate. It will not continue.

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    • “Remember those “tele-screens” in the book 1984, placed in every home and blasting non-stop government propaganda? We’ve reached that point.”

      George Orwell was an intellectual and thus could not fathom that most people would prefer telescreens blaring 24/7 — now we know that almost all everyone finds the incessant noise and flickering imagery comforting. Like all very intelligent people, Orwell prized silence — and assumed the same of others. Wrong.


    • “When the people no longer believe that the political process is fair, all bets are off.”

      That’s what happened to the Soviet Union. Within a few months, the second most powerful country in the world fell apart because the government totally lost legitimacy with the people, all of the people, from party leaders to dock workers. When everyone suddenly wakes up to the fact that everything’s a lie, it’s over.


  14. The most likely explanation for her eye movement problem is a left sixth nerve palsy from her fall – – -> concussion – – -> thrombosis – – -> possible stroke in 2012. I think it was Dr. Noel who had an earlier video on that about a month ago, but now he’s refining his take to include the Parkinson’s theory. Unlikely.


    • “Unlikely”? Why exactly?

      Have you seen something that contraindicates Parkinson’s?

      The coughing fits. Diskinesia. Blue lens glasses. Her handler’s diazepam pen. Flashlights shined in front of her feet whenever walking. Sleeping 14 hours per day. Disappearing completely from public view for days at a time especially before the two debates. Head bobbing (400+ times during Bernie endorsement). Pill rolling tremors.

      This woman is not well. I find the argument for Parkinson’s compelling in light of the evidence presented.

      “Unlikely” without some counter factual evidence doesn’t cut it for me.


      • on October 12, 2016 at 2:45 pm Sean Fielding

        I offered to help Cernovich on this a few weeks ago, but either he didn’t get the email or he’s set on his take.


      • How many aborted nigger babies did she have injected into her to reverse the majority of the damage from the stroke?


  15. I took a look at my “Republican” congressman’s website and saw that he grabbed his own pussy and cucked with Ryan, issuing a statement saying he agrees with Ryan about Trump’s deplorable comments or whatever.

    I called his office, told them that if he couldn’t come out and circle the wagons and support Trump, he should have just kept his mouth shut. Told them I was going to vote for Trump but also vote for the Democrat congressional candidate just to punish him. He tried to feed me some line about how the congressman still supports Trump, but I told him that trying to play both side of the fence is cowardly and that I hope he goes down in flames in November.

    [CH: well done. this is exactly what cucks need to hear, and fear.]

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  16. on October 12, 2016 at 11:16 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    I reject the ableist notion that an amnesiac isn’t fit to lead the free world.


  17. on October 12, 2016 at 11:20 am sailor Pens Japan

    Current humanity isn’t equipped with what it takes to survive its degree of intelligence.

    J are being made to survive by the supremacism that masters the whole of their mind, singular and collective. The rest of whites don’t have that, and die off.
    So will J, if and when their trusty master, supremacism, should desert them.

    You can’t realize there’s no free will and get away with it, without sustaining nature’s verdict.
    The future belongs to the 90 IQ ones, provided we don’t erase all organisms in the world.

    (Gypsies bang more than twice the Romanian people living in the same country on average. Their IQ goes from 60 to 70, depending upon the country.
    These are people equipped for living without angst.

    When you instantly realize the meaning of “awarecrime” you are in trouble. When you coin a word like that, well, you are more troubled than troubled.

    Every day I come here and wonder, brother who doesn’t know me, if you feel really so bad, or you are only mocking your readers in a cunning way.

    You never mention courage among a man’s qualities. I think we who know the emptiness surrounding us shall be brave and stand it without losing our mind, or having to inhale illusions, along with perhaps other psychoactive substances.

    Don’t you agree?

    This is the only revolution we can do. Not hanging the sharks of the day.
    Who would, by the way, have to be substituted for by other sharks, since you ought to have sharks at the head of the herd, by necessity.)

    Stop deluding people, or stop deluding yourself and people.

    I miss when this blog was a place to learn and reflect. I just miss it.


    • Stop deluding people, or stop deluding yourself and people.

      In what way is CH deluding people?

      And if you think he never mentions courage among man’s qualities, you’re not reading this blog correctly.

      It’s still a place to learn and reflect.


    • “sailor pens japan” – that some anime faggotry?

      hardcore alt-right eh


    • A Samurai never backs down from a fight, especially a great one.


    • @Sailor Pens Japan
      I might be misunderstanding but, are you basically saying that chauvinism(or supremacism, as it were) is bad and also that intelligence is not needed? That we should not protect, nurture, conserve and make strong all that is good about our peoples? Because fuck that.

      @ Corvo
      C’mon, haven’t you been following the anime-cute-boy-nazis? Homophobia is just a skype construct to divide the White man.


  18. Social Media=Control The Masses


  19. on October 12, 2016 at 11:23 am Bitter Clinger

    Can someone post the link for the original video?


  20. on October 12, 2016 at 11:31 am Bitter Clinger

    Found it. Yes, the eye “anomaly” is in the original.


    • on October 12, 2016 at 3:05 pm Sean Fielding

      She shows at least a mild degree of eye divergence with a third of her rightward glances or more. I noticed a lot of it in the first debate (watched the second at lower res on the net). This is chronic – her brain has long since suppressed the double vision that would result from this if it were acute. The adjustment was back in her suppressive and corrective glasses phases.

      The real debacle is that NBC feels the need to cover-up for her in this clumsy way.


  21. This is my favorite slapstick comedy movie: “The 9/11 Candidate”

    Never forget rape!


  22. Trump’s in Ocala, FL right now and he is PUMPED! Man is angry! Righteous anger, that is.

    He’s hitting thecunt hard and with some heavy, HEAVY gusto!

    [CH: choice quotes? the trumpentroopers are titillated!]

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    • Trying…listening at work and getting bombarded with work junk

      He did mention the law firm helping Clinton out. Said he knows of them and that they’re good. And that no one mentions the law firm.

      Oh, and said that he’s upset at Congress for letting her get away with this and how could they do this….”it’s like they all do favors for each other”–too paraphrase.

      Now he’s ragging on obummer for campaigner for Clinton.

      Hammering her on the wikileaks data.

      oh, and on twitter, turns out that one of the ads for Clinton was written by Louise Mensch! Nolte’s having a field day. And, Louise said she’s gonna sue, which only confirmed her she did it.


      • Louise Mensch sounds like someone I don’t like, but remind me who is she?


      • She’s some femcunt reporter (I think) who’s hit the wall and even wrote an article awhile back (under a pseudonym, IIRC) about how to be a groupie to rock bands.

        IN fact, CH’s last tweets were about her.


      • on October 12, 2016 at 3:45 pm Captain Obvious

        Louise Mensch, with her current husband, (((Peter David Mensch))).


    • This was revealed in wikileaks email, that Louise wrote the ad for thecunt.


  23. If Thunderbiscuits AKA St. Strokes-A-Lot wins the election, this dude will be the recipient of a very strenuous audit.

    It’s well known that Jeff Immelt, president of GE which owns NBC and LGBTNBC, went full pajamaboy for Osambo and got billions of freshly-printed Bernankebux to build solar panels and windmills that helped Osambo lower the sea levels. NBC is the least credible and most noose-worthy of the gaystream media channels.


  24. I didn’t take the time to frame-by-frame the original video. Is it possible those weird blurs the good doctor points out are actually artifacts of the mpeg encoding process? You can frame-by-frame almost any DVD or Blu-Ray and find these sorts of evanescent defects, though they’re scarcely noticeable at 30 frames per second.


    • No, because usually if there are encoding errors, it affects the entire image and in “blocks”.

      The guy points out how the image is distorted due to a quick fix, the most notable being the sign in the bg that’s off-kilter. It changes back quickly, and before that time and after that time, the image quality is fine—zero distortion or other artifact delays.

      It’s as though they copied and pasted from prior frames, maybe even did a little bit of rotoscoping to try to fix it.

      But her eyes look odd, so that’s the bigger tell.

      Then later, when she blanks and has to look away and stabilize herself. No video jarring there….just her being jarred.


  25. on October 12, 2016 at 12:30 pm WereallPalestinians now

    Wasn’t it James Madison that insisted on a free and fair press? Without it, its just a farse. You couldn’t break up the media conglomerates fast enough. The longer they survive in their current, fake, form, the more damage will be done, destruction of credibility, and the more pointed questions will be asked. If nothing else, this really rings the bell for the end of Mainstream media credibility. I hope this elections spawns a more aware U.S. Citizen that does a little more hunting for their daily news then CNN (Cuck Needs Nation)


  26. on October 12, 2016 at 12:35 pm WereallPalestinians now

    This whole election has done more to single out the treasonous elements in our midst then an outright confession would have done. What a blessing this is. You can’t fight your occupiers and oppressors till you can see clearly who ((they)) are.


  27. on October 12, 2016 at 2:50 pm Carlos Danger


  28. on October 25, 2016 at 7:42 am Enfant Terrible