Platform Or Publisher? How Big Tech Can Be Brought To Its Knees

It personally offends me that Big Tech companies staffed by alien oligarchs, like Paypig and Goolag and Twatter, can demonetize and deplatform and silence the voices of ideological adversaries. This TRULY is not who we are. America, land of the dox, home of the censor? Not on my watch.

So it heartens that dissident opinion is gelling around an effective counter-attack to hobble Big Tech and make them kiss the Heritage America ring. From Macro Investor:

PayPal will cancel their relationship with any platform that posts the rantings of lunatics and assorted a$$hats. Selectively I am sure.

So social media are not platforms, they are publishers. Just what Zuckerf*g has fought against, because he knows it opens up a very expensive can of worms. As soon as you start editing and choosing, you can no longer claim to have no affiliation with content providers.

This is big and I’m 100 percent sure the reds are writing legislation as we speak. Get your popcorn supply now.

Bingo. Big Tech has gotten away with financially and politically exploiting a gray area between platform and publisher, straddling each and switching roles whenever it suits their needs. Are they a platform and therefore not responsible for user content, or are they a publisher and vulnerable to liabilities ranging from libel to violations of campaign finance laws?

From the looks of it, the FAAGs (Facecock, Apple, Amazog, Goolag et al) have been acting as publishers. Paypig demonetizes anyone now who is outed by the shitlib NPC swarm as a heretic to Globohomo orthodoxy. Goolag rigs search results to amplify leftoid sites and drown out nationalist sites. Twatter has a veritable coven of witch hunters who spend all day every day deactivating the accounts of anyone who has said a mean word about an icon of the Left or questioned a tenet of shitlib faith.

And it’s so totally one-sided as to constitute an in-kind campaign contribution to the Democortez Party.

Either way — platform or publisher — Big Tech loses, as long as the government forces it to one side or the other. If platform, then the FAAGs have to tolerate thought criminals using their services, just as if they were a common carrier, like a telephone utility. If publisher, then Big Tech can be sued to kingdom come and charged with innumerable violations of federal law.

No wonder Big Tech Billionaires are shoveling money into Democrat coffers! They need the House in Dem hands as badly as treason maestro Rod Rosenstein needs a false flag to delay his congressional testimony!

Because if you think the Dems will do anything about Big Tech’s predations, you are a fantasist. The Dems and Big Tech are in an incestuous relationship; the former gets money, the latter gets a wink and a nod to continue shitting in the face of Heritage America. If Dems get the House, all the real legit investigations will be prematurely stopped and replaced by Fake Investigations into Trump and the Proud Boys that will keep the media orgasming for two years straight, until Trump is reelected in a landslide on an even MAGAier agenda.

PS Paypig’s executive team:

CEO — Dan Schulman
CFO — John Rainey
Chief of Business Affairs — Louise Pentland
Corporate Affairs and Communications — Franz Paasche
Chief Technology Officer — Sri Shivananda

One of these perps is the primary party responsible for Paypig’s intolerant demonetization spree. Which one? My bet is on the woman. But, you know….Schulman. Sri? Could be! But wait….Franz Paasche. With any luck we’ve found our cuck!


  1. I’ve been in a year long dispute with Paypal where they’ve tried to sic collectors on me for a fake debt of $300. I sent the creditors a certified letter asking them to prove the debt and it moves to a new creditor. They have always been a fucking terrible company and I hope this wakes some people up.

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    • lot of people bitching about Gab.

      All the FAAGs simultaneously went after Alex Jones. He was gone in a snap.

      You tell me you think a legacy HW company like Apple has ANYTHING to do with Google? They happen to be HQ located close to one another but these companies are miles apart in terms of what they do.

      The plans were in existence already. When shit happens THAT FAST it is your cue that they had already put the plans together ahead of time.

      The tech industry is conspiring and has shit in place to deplatform; they collaborate on it so when the trigger is pulled….look, AAPL is a trillion $ company with a massive legacy bureaucracy dating from the 90s. You cannot push something through that fast thru them unless it was already ready to go waiting for the excuse.

      The way to get rid of them is BDS, the same as Israel.

      Everyone on here should be a bigtime BDS supporter bc dude they shoot innnocent palestinian babies n’ shit.


      • Naw, it’s the CIA shutting it all down… things are slow in meat world so they’re devoting full effort to Cyberia… Wikileaks sez so. :duckface


  2. […] Platform Or Publisher? How Big Tech Can Be Brought To Its Knees […]


  3. A lot of readers might not know that PayPal was at one point a monumental step for small time internet entrepreneurs seeking to monetize electronically. I can imagine that PayPal was big in wn circles at this beginning stage and so necessitated rapid convergence. Here we are.

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  4. The Left has had a monopoly on distribution of both entertainment and intellectual discourse for so long, they are in a panic they have lost the latter thanks to the internet and fear losing the former. So they are trying to regrip it through big tech monopoly.


  5. Just FYI for heartiste and co, I am a bit toasty this evening so my comments may be multiple and a ranty, fair warning. But I’m getting off GoDaddy ASAP.


  6. on October 29, 2018 at 3:41 pm The Spirit Within

    Hate speech is not free speech. Thanks to Reich wing extremists like Sayoc and Bowers, it looks like progressive Democrats are poised to take the House and the Senate.

    And then once Drumpf is voted out of office, we can finally have comprehensive immigration reform where white male privilege can be eradicated once and for all.

    One world, one race.


  7. OT: I read a link at your Goodbye America site to the cuckoldry article.and learned something you should share directly with your readers.

    $26.99 to verify paternity (the article quoted $50, so now it’s cheaper)


  8. Stifling opposition comms is a mistake because you don’t know what they are thinking or planning.


  9. on October 29, 2018 at 4:01 pm Holden Caulfield

    It shows how scared shitlibs are prior to mid term elections that they shut down the ONLY free speech social media site. Terrified, in my opinion, of truths seeing the light of day.


    • I’d like Trump to make this an issue for the midterms (i.e. vote R if you want us to go after the self-appointed Internet censors) but he might figure it’s best to focus on the core stuff (immigration, 2A, etc).


      • BB: “President Donald Trump is moving forward with a plan to end birthright citizenship via executive action, he said in an interview with Axios released on Tuesday.”

        That enough motivation to get out and vote?


  10. False flag ranting and now this insane screed?

    You have officially gone off the deep end,

    Look, NOBODY thinks like you guys do.

    There is a reason you are being feplatformrd.

    [CH: “benny meyer” lol]


  11. I was kicked off twitter. No explanation. Nothing.

    Fuck them all. Let them live in their shithole world.


  12. Who cares about steel, oil and other bulky stuff, when you can control information flow?
    For a long time, I did not understand why such a solid wall of internet companies (loosely defined) are way left of center.
    A friend had to set me straight, it only took a few words.
    But I will expand a little.
    The old captains of industry cared about mainly two things.
    1) Money (no surprise)
    2) It appears they actually enjoyed BUILDING things, Taggart-style.

    The new captains of internet claim to care about poor people.
    They do not, that is either a lie or incidental.
    They care about ONE THING:
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power
    1) Power


  13. you don’t think the perp could be “wanji” who apparently heads up legal?

    hell, that exec team is about 80% red flags


  14. The solution to defeating centralized Silicon Valley giants is not to use centralized Silicon Valley giant wannabes.

    If you don’t want tech lording over you then don’t give your data to tech overlords.

    Bitcoin, not PayPal
    EtherTweet, not Twatter
    Diaspora, not Facebook (yes I know about the (((name))) but it’s legit)


  15. Seeing as how people like me have been driven from “big tech” and replaced with pajeets and SJWs, anything that takes big tech down is a good thing. I would love to see a day when the midwest USA is “great again” with people having jobs, kids, and big pickup trucks and the slimy coastal cities and their shitlibs are experiencing the same stagnation that they foisted on the country folk for most of this century so far.
    Revenge to be served cold. But what is Sally SJW, Paki Pajeet, and Sean Shitlib going to do when they lose their big tech job and can’t make their 3000 a month rent?
    I don’t care. They didn’t care when were having their day in the sun. But I expect these hollow people to become filled with something that’ll lash out.


    • Ask Nevada, Idaho, Utah… Sally & crew will just move there and ruin it with their lattes and food trucks. Something huge will have to wake Sean & Sally at least from their stupor & get them on track to being normal Americans again.


  16. we do live in the land of
    “depending what the meaning of is, is”

    so I’m not holding muh breath


  17. I don’t see how government regulation is the answer, for two reasons.

    (1) The government tried de-platforming first — with Operation Choke Point. There’s no guarantee they won’t do it again.

    (2) Just like existing regulatory agencies, any new ones will quickly be captured by the largest firms in the industries they supposedly regulate.

    I’d feel much safer against the next de-platforming attempt if there were 20 or 50 “PayPals” (competitors with PP), mostly in other countries.

    As for Gab itself, let’s turn it into (or replace it with) a peer-to-peer app, designed not to have any single point of failure, so that no one can shut it down.


  18. on October 30, 2018 at 12:45 am Cut The Blue Wire Radio

    This whole situation seems like the pinnacle of clown world. All of these platforms got big in large part due to the initial push of outsiders and wrong thinkers who decided to use them. It’s supposed to be the left leaning side of the political spectrum that’s creative and pushes the boundaries. Instead we have the right wing innovating and pushing those same boundaries.

    This makes you think that the idea of left wing people being the more creative ones might be false. I mean, the testing does seem to have indicated that but perhaps that’s only because of when this was measured, we were at the point where the right wing was in power and the left wing were the dissidents. Now that we are in the next cycle with the left firmly on top, we might not get the same results.


  19. I’ve been saying this for years now. What I’d prefer is them being considered both a common carrier of an open platform and liable for the content on their networks depending on what suits us best. It’s not just them who can play this game.


  20. on October 30, 2018 at 8:28 am Ralph Stanley

    This is much worse than you think. I was listening to a satellite news program this morning and representatives of the Jewish community, described as “experts on the study of HATE”, were calling for outright de-platforming of all “hate websites”.

    The primary thrust of one of the panelists’ argument was that “de-platforming works” and “hate speech is a form of violence” and, basically, “we know hate speech leads to violence”. Over and over again she stressed the importance of “taking away their community of hate”, while the female moderator acknowledged he points one by one with absolute reverence. Don’t scoff too soon at this approach. It tugs at instincts of basic decency among the general population. Normal people are rightfully disgusted and horrified whenever some Nazbol lunatic commits an act of mass violence.

    We absolutely need a response to their line of argument, and it can’t simply be libertarian platitudes about free speech. Unfortunately, the Left is making an effective emotional appeal and spergy Reason Magazine-style articles only appeal to awkward manlets who still read comic books.

    When the Left refers to the other side as “free speech absolutists”, they are painting us into a corner (“They are unreasonable spergs who don’t believe in reasonable limits to speech. I mean, look at what just happened!”). We need a response that tugs at people’s emotional need to express themselves freely. This means stocking fear — real, not imagined — in reasonable people that they will be subjected to more and more monitoring and repression.

    [CH: anti-free speech appeals are primarily a woman and jew thing. all it is, is cover for continuing their dominance of the public communication square. they just don’t want dissidents upsetting their carefully manicured anti-White Christian ecology. sure, de-platforming “works” (for a short while, until war erupts) but so does tyrannical repression, which is exactly what these scumbags are calling for.]


    • “Israelis shot 50 unarmed palestinians on the other side of a fence. jews should stfu about hate.”

      Drop the mic.


  21. on October 30, 2018 at 9:44 am John Q Public

    He’s a lawyer.