Petition To Rename Minnesota To The Curdled Crescent

Interesting, but also misleading.

First, those numbers are a little off. In district MN-5 (Minneapolis):

Whites: 65%
Hispanics: 10%

Minor quibble. The bigger flaws are as follows:

How are Somalis classified? If they fall into the MENA category, then MN likely classifies them as White (as ludicrous as that sounds), which would undercount the total black population of MN-5.

WIkiheebia states there are 80,000 Somalis in Minnesota as of 2016. Assume most of them live in Minneapolis. If they were misclassified as MENA White, a corrected classification would boost MN-5’s black population to 28% of the total and reduce the White fraction to 54%.

(Reminder that Somali “refugees” in MN have stolen millions in welfare scams.)

But we don’t know how they’re classified. (My preferred racial classification method, and the one which most closely hews to the natural world, is to save the “White” designation for native European stock and their diaspora. Hungary — yes. Armenia — no. Russia — pale gray area.)

Not to mention how many illegal Somalis voted and are missed in census counts. I would bet that 65% White number is considerably inflated.

Next, raw district population ratios only fill in part of the picture. We’d need to know the racial breakdown of those who actually went out and voted in Omar’s MN-5 election. If a district is 65% White but only, say, 50% of those Whites voted, and 100% of nonWhites voted, then Omar wouldn’t need a majority of the White vote to win. She could coast on the nonWhite vote.

This is true for any district race. Don’t get fooled by district racial composition. You want the racial composition of those who voted. They probably align percentage-wise, but they may not. Always check.

You can see how a deeper analysis of voting behavior would clarify if MN-5 Whites are unfathomably cucked or just irretrievably cucked.

Anyhow, the point of this exercise isn’t to deny the existence of Scandicucks. It’s well known by anyone with a pulse nowadays that half the White race is cucked and has orgasms voting for nonWhites. The fact that a load of deracinated shitlib Whites in the poorest (or second poorest) district in Minnesota voted along with a load of tribalistic, super-racinated browns and blacks for the black candidate doesn’t disprove the Diversity + Proximity = War equation, nor does it refute the basic premise that nonWhites vote tribally (and cucked Whites join them to signal their lack of tribalism).

Yes, there are a lot of CuckWhites who will immiserate their posterity tomorrow for a good feeling today.

PS Minnesota has a voter ID law called vouching which is ripe for abuse.

(4) having a voter who is registered to vote in the precinct, or an employee employed by and working in a residential facility in the precinct and vouching for a resident in the facility, sign an oath in the presence of the election judge vouching that the voter or employee personally knows that the individual is a resident of the precinct. A voter who has been vouched for on election day may not sign a proof of residence oath vouching for any other individual on that election day. A voter who is registered to vote in the precinct may sign up to eight proof-of-residence oaths on any election day.

Crazy. No doubt, this is why MN has the highest voter turnout in the nation: it’s called voter fraud. One voter could vouch for up to eight people to vote, no SSN required. A valid address is needed, but that can be easily circumvented, and is something MN officials never check.


  1. on February 14, 2019 at 3:34 pm | Reply Hackett To Bits

    Telemundo to become first Spanish-language channel to host Dem presidential debate

    (theHill. com)

    Why has Trump not ordered the FCC to revoke the license of a foreign propaganda beacon?

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  2. on February 14, 2019 at 3:35 pm | Reply Sorcerygod at

    We need an alt-right media outlet NOW.

    Back when ++I++ was Xtrabeing, before assuming ++my++ final form of Sorcerygod, ++I++ mentioned this. The narrative needs to be fractured. The
    Cathedral needs to be shattered, ultimately. Fox just isn’t doing the job. We need TV programs showing caricatured negroes eating watermelon with huge lips and Jews greedily rubbing their hands.

    And we need Heartiste in charge.

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  3. What the fuck were you Minnesotans thinking???

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    • AverageJoe… thhjkn about this: Jesse Ventura was their governor. Stewart Smalley was elected to the US senate. Amy Klobuchar is a current Senator from MN and she is so delusional, she thinks she could be president. *smacks own forehead* No, seriously. LOL 😀

      “Minnesotans” and “thinking” should NEVER be in same sentence! They are looneytoons.

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  4. No doubt, this is why MN has the highest voter turnout in the nation: it’s called voter fraud.

    Actually, I remember reading this fact about Minnesota years ago when it was almost entirely white. Civic engagement is very high among whites there; it’s just a part of their culture, probably something they brought over with them from Scandinavia a century or more ago. And another reason for whites to treasure and preserve our culture from the brown hordes.

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  5. She won because the White electorate voted for her. We won’t even need to enlist IBMs help to mark our enemies when the DOTR comes. We will just need to raid the Board of Elections office.

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  6. When you read “Election Judge” did you imagine, in your mind, a Male?


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  7. on February 14, 2019 at 3:45 pm | Reply kentuckyjerard

    I define non-white as anyone who might be jealous and therefore be a cultural enemy of a person from Scandinavia. E.g. Greeks are generally nice-looking, clean-living, homogeneous, Christian, have European classical Greece as their touchstone and, most importantly, are not angry about living in a society where a tall, white Scandinavian is the ideal. Armenians, however, are a little darker and tend to think of themselves apart from white people, therefore ….they are *not* white, having separated themselves. (ps Russians are fine .. if they’re real Russians. It’s Viking stock!).

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  8. on February 14, 2019 at 3:47 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Wow vouching
    Are u fucking joking


  9. A district is not always represented by the type of people who live there, which is counter-intuitive, but by the ones picked by party leadership and by the Agitators that get out their voters.

    Robert Francis O’Rourke (a/k/a/ “Beto” O’Rourke, a false latin nickname for Alberto) is one example.

    AOC (Alexandria Dumbass-Cortez) won her primary by running a race-based campaign under the banner “there is a white guy representing our district”, a district now over 80% “minority” (a oxymoron – 80% is a “minority” in America). Anyway…. AOC got the Socialist Democrats of America, the NYC Community party (they even have their own newspapers there!), and race agitators and won her primary with 1% of total eligible voters voting.

    See what I mean? AOC got the Left to back her and she won. Once you get nomination in an overwhelmingly single-parrty area, you are a lock for general election in Nov.

    Soros, Code Pink (and other Feminist groups), and the Socialists went in and hand-picked this Omar, this Somali jihadist-anti-American piece of crap to represent that district.

    FYI, Somalis consider themselves “Arab”, not sub-Saharan black. Arabs always list themselves as “white”, unless a “Middle Eastern” option is available and they rarely check that for “fear” of recrimination (except in college applications and gov’t “minority, no-bid contracts”).

    She was elected because of mass immigration of Somalis into the Minn-St.Paul area. That is what happens when you have such #s just pour into an area en masse and create a little country inside our country there.

    This is why we either stop the current invasion of caravan across the Border we the country is finished.

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  10. Everyone needs to know that Trump won the white Minnesota vote in 2016, and got that closest of any Republican presidential candidate to winning since Nixon won the state in 1972. Even Reagan in 84 didn’t come as close to winning as Trump did in 16. As a matter of fact, Trump actually won more Minnesota counties than Nixon did. Of course counties don’t vote, people do, but it helps do dispel the black-pill Scandicuck theory. The confounding area where Trump did win was in the Duluth area. Very similar cities around the Midwest swung to Trump, yet this one didn’t. Lastly, they did a statewide mock election in Minneosta high schools and Trump won, the first time a Republican had ever won…so there is hope for the future. If we want to win, we need to understand the real factors going on in elections: Cruz won Texas because he won an overwhelming majority of voters who were born outside Texas, while losing those born in the state. Florida has tilted Republican because the amount of domestic in-migration to the state far exceeds the much vaunted foreign migration. Many from New York, New Jersey and such states who have moved to Florida are actually mainly Republican voters. Trump can win in 2020 and pick up Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, and even Colorado and Nevada. Some of you may not see it now, or may not want him to win, but one lesson we should have learned over the past 4 years is NEVER underestimate Trump.

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    • on February 14, 2019 at 4:35 pm | Reply kentuckyjerard

      MN is weird, weird. In the primaries, Trump finished a distant third. Foam Boy won of all people. Yet in the general, as you say….. If Evan McMullan the Never Trump mormon incel/fag had not been on the ballot, due to generous ballot laws, and won his highest percentage outside of mormon Utah and Idaho … Trump would have no doubt received the lion’s share of those conservative voters and won the state.


      • True, I forgot about McMuffin and Gary “What’s a leppo?” Johnson. Even if Trump had won the state outright, a lot of people would probably still be saying “Scandicuck”. Trump won 78 of Minnesota’s 87 counties. If you just take Ramsey County out of the equation, he wins the other 86 counties combined. Minnesota isn’t a case of Scandicuck, it’s a typical American case of voters in a few urban counties differing drastically from the rest of the state. If you want a state that typifies cuck white voters throughout, it would be Massachusetts where every single county voted for the cunt: rural, urban, rich, poor, and everything in between. Minnesota, on the other hand, is a state we should set out sights on for 2020.

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    • I agree. it’s much easier to flip minnessota (the libertarians should wake up) than to florida stay red in 2020.

      new hampshire the same thing.


  11. on February 14, 2019 at 3:58 pm | Reply Baruch Spinoza

    I’d say there are White Armenian individuals but as a group they aren’t White.
    Apparently there are two kinds of Armenians I don’t know if they really are different
    I’d say some individuals are assimilable

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  12. on February 14, 2019 at 5:24 pm | Reply Libertarian_Pill

    The racial breakdown is based on self reporting, right?
    If so, the tally could be very off.
    Or maybe they don’t count those who don’t want to answer the question. Maybe the percentages are only based on those who chose a race, rather than ‘I choose not to answer.’


  13. on February 14, 2019 at 6:59 pm | Reply BrachaBenedicta

    Armenians and Russians are out?? On what basis? Kar-trashians? I don’t understand. Please somebody explain.


  14. Several levels of voting fraud exist, in MN and elsewhere.
    Among which:
    1) People who are registered to vote but:
    a) Do not exist and never did
    b) People who are dead
    c) People who are aliens, legal or illegal.

    2) People who show up without ID and vote, impersonating a registered voter.

    3) Vote by mail, votes “harvested” etc. Complicated.

    All this needs to be tightened up. Start by having to PROVE you are a citizen to register to vote. Birth Cert plus ID OR Naturalization cert (has photo), OR US Passport.
    And continue from there.

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  15. Somalis are definitely classified as black. Not too long ago Maine’s black fertility was recorded at 4.0 children per woman, and most blacks in the state are Somali. Minnesota’s black fertility is 2.9.


    • VFM, that is only because the hospital staff check “black” as race on birth certificates. If Somali’s self-report, they would put “Arab” or “Middle Eastern”.

      I worked with Lebanese Christian family before, I learned a lot about these people and Islam (even though they were not Muslim, they live in a rough ‘hood and know this stuff). Somalis are considered ‘Arab’ by all Muslims and Middle-eastern people, as they are supposedly originally Arabs mixed with sub-Saharan Bantu migrants over the years..


      • Possibly, but I think the Census Bureau does at least classify those who write in “Somali” on the form as black.

        Also, whereas Sudanese are in fact as you describe — Arabic-speaking blacks who insist they’re “Arab” — Somalis are actually non-Arab, with their own language distinct from Arabic. But I’ll admit it’s probably easy for other Arabs to not be aware of this, since they usually have Arabic names and are basically entirely Muslim.


  16. Good safety tip: Be aware that anytime (((statistics))) are being bandied about, remember that (((statistics))) are collected/collated/tabulated by (((Le Happy Merchants))) and are always to their warped agenda’s benefit and to white Heritage America’s detriment.

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  17. MN-5 good huwhite checking in. You bring up some valid points. The problem is that almost every white woman in my district votes Dem. The browns and the blue-pilled women and the cucks are everywhere around here. They outnumber the MAGA men 5 to 1 at minimum. After the last election the local newspaper published a map of each city district and how they voted. At my local voting station it was almost 10-1 in favor of Dems. Something like 800-80.

    It’s funny how that works though. I have a FWB situation with a Northern MN Scandinavian heritage girl. Smart, good job, nice house, solid Dem voter. Her FB profile pic for quite awhile was her wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a kitty and the caption ‘This pussy grabs back’. Meanwhile every other Saturday she’s sucking my dick and begging me to blast a load in her.

    Omar is a fucking joke. I don’t know any of my white male friends that admit to voting for her. I can’t even get any of my Dem female friends to to verbally vouch for her. It’s all status whoring bullshit. I would say I’m sorry, but I didn’t vote for her. Sorry bros, Minneapolis is going the way of Portland and San Francisco despite the solid pure white stock of the residents here.

    You wouldn’t believe how many true blonde porcelain skin women still exist here. Perhaps more than Scandinavia itself. The gene pool here has not been pissed in (yet). That is rapidly changing with all the fucking mudsharks who get muh dicked though.

    I found a 24 year old golden haired beauty I’ve been hitting on lately. Flaxen hair, skin like milk. She’s fucking angelic. And she digs my strong Eurocentric appeal. She knows she is beautiful and deep down I think she knows that the lineage will only continue being beautiful if she nails the right guy. She wants kids too.

    The ultimate plan is to put bunz in ovenz and dip the fuck out of this corrosive liberal shithole and settle in the country somewhere on a hobby farm with 3-4 kids. Wish me luck.

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    • MN-4 CH reader, good to see a fellow traveler—had to double check halfway through reading your post to make sure I hadn’t also written it. We’re circling the drain, though I do see some prospects for real estate investment with pop influx and density projections in the metro, so that’s under consideration to fund my heirs’ eventual flight to Mars. Live it up


  18. Al Franken became a senator when an election official “found” an extra 100 ballots in his car. I bullshit you not. Google “Shadow Party” + PDF, and click the third hit down. (See page 33.)

    Minnesota leans communist because its urban newspapers are communist, and because the DFL has been communist since the 1920s. (Their influence is waning, however, and most of the state votes as “red” as any other non-urban plains-state rural county.)


  19. in minnesotta you have three sorts of white people, generally: big city liberal cucks, wealthy suburban cuckservatives (have voted, in 2016, more for the gop rep than trump. in 2018 fraud was rampant so I disconsider that election) and rural populists, which was the trump base, what ALMOST flipped the state in 2016, despite some “Old” democrats hanging there.

    I think the white number in that estimate was way off.
    but, yes, the big city folks there a ridiculous cucks considering that they dont have as many fellow whites distorting the vote



  20. And I’ll bet that the real Whites who voted for her would freely acknowledge that the Somali ‘community’ voted strictly on ethno-religious lines.


  21. “Armenia — no.”

    RIP Roosh


  22. They have to go back


  23. Maitre,

    I’ve known Magyars,

    Magyars have been buddies of mine.

    You, SIR, are no Magyar

    the Saxon “began” to hate … LOL … the Magyar never stopped


    • loudmouth, mostly unworthy elements

      Horthy M., K.u.K. Admiral, Regent of Hungary, describing Schicklgruber’s gang of cretins.


      • a rootless westhajnalian; imagining he gon’ sit in judgement of Magyars

        he gon’ call the Magyar his “equal”




  24. This explains Minnesota, and Scandinavia for that matter. It is worth your time to watch


  25. I suggest renaming Minneapolis to Minneadishu