Rise Of The Amazons

I am on record stating my observation that American women are becoming more masculine, in appearance, physicality, and attitude. (And, parsimoniously, that American men are feminizing.)

The sexual polarity is reversing. Societal ruptures are inevitable as the poles switch places.

Further, there are archived posts on this blog in which the category of women called “Amazonian Alphas” was identified and discussed.

From old school commenter Clio,

This woman [the Amazonian Alpha], along with the Eternal Ingenue, is the most likely of all femme fatale types to be perceived as an Iconic Woman. But whereas the Eternal Ingenue inspires dreams of perpetual love and happiness, the Amazonian Alpha inspires, in those who fall in love with her, dreams of glory, of being raised above all the ordinary people who mill around on the face of the earth. She is the Maverick Alpha’s natural mate [Editor’s note: think John and Cindy McCain], although she may choose a more ordinary Classic Alpha. Often she is unable to find a man she considers worthy of her, and may remain single.

Keep that last sentence in mind as you continue reading this post.

The Amazonian Alpha is usually very intelligent and generally beautiful or at least physically impressive, being statuesque of build, like Maud Gonne, the Irish nationalist who made Yeats miserable, and often athletic as well.

And then, another detour into clear-sighted personal experience which would be vindicated by SCIENCE:

My experience with Amazonian Alphas I have dated is that many of them have striking facial bone structure and an often exotic beauty. They are never “cute” or pretty in the dull, washed-out, southern sorority sister way. They have the kind of angular looks and prominent features that a sizable minority of men will not find attractive. They are usually taller than average and wear heels everywhere and know how to walk in them. You will never see an Amazonian wear flip-flops. She’d sooner submit to a beta male like yourself.

Because Amazonians are the product of the union of a successful alpha male and his beautiful wife, they often inherit their fathers’ blazing intelligence, cocksure attitude, and ambition. If they are lucky, they will inherit their mothers’ beauty, but this doesn’t always happen. More than a few alpha females look like drag queens in pantsuits.

And now, a word from our ¡SCIENCE!:

Tallness in women correlates with masculine ambition. […] Researchers theorize the higher testosterone which contributes to taller female height also masculinizes the female brain.


Height in women predicts maternal tendencies and career orientation. […] In pre-reproductive women (aged 20–29, n = 679), increasing height related to decreasing maternal personality (lower importance of having children, lower maternal/broodiness) and decreasing reproductive ambition (fewer ideal number of children, older ideal own age to have first child). Increasing height also related to increasing career orientation (higher importance of having a career, and higher career competitiveness). In post-reproductive women (aged over 45, n = 541), increasing height related to decreased reproductive events (fewer children, had first child at older age) and increased career orientation. Results provide further support for previous studies that show physical masculinisation is associated with psychological masculinisation.


Tall women with masculine traits seldom have children.

How do I do it? SCIENCE, sometimes years later, will reaffirm nearly every drop of knowledge and pearl of wisdom from this blog. I haven’t hijacked the minds of the labcoats. I simply observe the world as it is, instead of concocting a world as I wish it were.

What about the field? No doubt, the deep blue slutopolises are filled to the lip with tall amazonians whose pugnacious personalities are only matched in stridency by their heavy-heeled purposeful marches through the corporate battlefield.

The blue city beyotches are tall, and getting taller. And broader-shouldered. And narrower-hipped. And thinner-lipped. And bitterer of quip.

So if you want a feminine woman with babbies on the brain, stay away from amazons.

If you want pump and dump fun with perpetually contracepted fuck machines who foot their own bills, a tall girl is your squeal ticket. Bonus: Those belle towers have long vaginal throws, so if you’re packing in length what she’s stacking in height, take it to the hilt and leave a cream pie at her bolt-locked cervical door.

PS Maybe, given the lower fertility of tall women, the continued existence of short men can be explained by the higher fertility of short women. It’s Darwinian trade-offs all the way down…


  1. Late Spanish model and singer Bimba Bose.Charlize Theron.Sharon Stone.Giselle Bundchen.Some VS modes.Half of female population of the Netherlands.

    [CH: i’d assume the effects of tallness on women would need to be adjusted for racial/ethnic group, so that a “short” dutchwoman (who would be tall by say italian standards) is more fertile than a tall dutchwoman.]


    • on October 31, 2018 at 11:44 am Captain Obvious

      Steve “Sellout” Sailer [back before he sold out] used to kkk0mment on the explosion in Dutch height.

      My guess is that [either consciously, or subconsciously] the Dutch have set out on their own little Uber-Menschen breeding program, and probably now view sub-6-foot shorties as the Unter-Menschen.

      At the other extreme, the Dutch also lead the world in euthanasia of just about any human life forms of which they disapprove.

      From what I’ve read, it’s wholesale slaughter now in Dutch newborn nurseries & hospitals & retirement homes.

      [CH: there’s a theory that increasing human size is associated with decreased longevity, given that tall people have more cells in which something could go wrong. what is the dutch average lifespan? they would make excellent test subjects for that theory.]


      • I thought it was purely through natural selection. Every time that little bastard pulls his finger out of a leaky dyke (eww), the resultant deluge makes a selective sweep which only the longest Cloggies survive.


      • Many years ago Instauration’s featured article was “The Dutch Are Smarter”, and if memory serves, it highlighted some recent series of IQ and/or aptitude test throughout Europe’s schools (we’re talking back in the seventies or early eighties).

        On a side note, my w-i-f-e never let me hear the end of it, she of pure Dutch ancestry, but I digress.


      • No wonder the Dutch rule the world. Oh, wait…

        [CH: aren’t the dutch giving away their homeland to saracen invaders at a record pace? so much for that eugenics project.]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:06 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I thought it was purely through natural selection.”

        From what I’ve seen of this, it feels behavioral to me, and I suspect that much of it might not even be consciously understood.

        Do people make the conscious decision to mimic the speech affects of their peers, or do they simply lapse into it out of laziness?

        Do people make the conscious decision to wear the same clothes as their peers, or do they simply end up dressed the same because that’s all that’s available in the local sh!tlibistan clothing stores?

        Do people all dr!ve the same butt-fucking-ly ugly cars because they want to, or because that’s all that’s available at the local auto dealerships?


      • Many point to the high dairy diet of the Dutch (thus high in fat and protein) as the cause of their increasing height. Agnostic to the question myself, but I think that makes more sense than natural selection or eugenics.

        Genetic base matters, obviously. The Dutch probably have “tall” genes to begin with (possibly due to the type of hunting they did? dunno). A squatemalan that hoovers milk during puberty won’t be Dutch height, but will probably eclipse their parents by an inch or two.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:08 pm Captain Obvious

        Years ago, I read a kkk0mment at Slashdot, wherein a dude was hypothesizing that all cars nowadays look essentially identical because only two software companies controlled just about 100% of the CAD-CAM software market for automobile manufacture, which meant that all the auto designers in the industry were working from essentially the exact same design templates, and that, as a result, automobile design creativity had been destroyed.

        [CH: globalization is just another word for asian-ification]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:09 pm Captain Obvious

        Note that, In the old days of design creativity, the automobiles models were first designed by hand, using CLAY models [just like kindergarteners would do].

        Now compare this story from yesterday: Medical students ‘raised on screens lack skills for surgery’ http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3701207/posts


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:14 pm Captain Obvious

        Can you imagine a future in which pubescent video-game-addicted boys, circa the age of 11 or 12 or 13, are given sexbots to satiate their new-found cravings, and they never even achieve the manual dexterity necessary to earn some proper callouses on their palms?


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:23 pm Captain Obvious

        Point being that people can get swept up in societal fashions which they might not even realize they’ve been swept up in.

        Such as tall aryans pairing with tall aryans and b!rthing even taller, more-aryan aryans.

        When I see these statuesque Amazonian chicks [and they can be drop-dead gorgeous, like the aforementioned Charlize Theron], I do get the feeling that they’re the result of some sort of a breeding program [whether consciously initiated, or merely arising more or less randomly, as a matter of prevailing fashion].


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:43 pm John Joel Glanton

        Dutch are the purest Germanics in the world along with the Danes and Lowland Scots/Yorkshire English. That’s why they look so distinct.

        They are also extremely racist against all other groups. I wouldn’t make the cut there and I’m as British as it gets.

        [CH: wouldn’t the germans be the purest germanics?]


      • CO you’ve been rambling about da (((frankfurt))) school for about a decade? or was that the other guy too who i remember? either way i have yet to see you to type about the alt kIke german-kiwi-jew (((peter thiel))) literally being a faggot schoolboy at the (((frankfurt schools))) in germany…along with all of his other business partners who creep on me and you and others…(well specifically me because there aren’t too many hot big cocked blonde blue eyed top of their class catholic white males in la)

        you did know (((thiel))) was a literal (((frankfurt))) homo schoolboy, right?


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:08 pm John Joel Glanton


        If you have time, you should check out the book “The Passing of the Great Race” by Madison Grant. It was written in 1916 before POZ and was the inspiration for the 1924 Johnson Immigration Law and the Nuremberg Laws.

        Long story short, the Nordic (Germanic) component of Germany is very spread out over the country and balanced with the Alpine race (also good). In Eastern England the original Anglo-Saxons remained very pure, hardly mixing with the Native British. As did the original Germanic tribes in Denmark and Holland (Jutes, Frisians, Franks).

        Interesting stuff if you have the time to read it. You’ll only find it on Amazon though.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:13 pm John Joel Glanton

        But yes Germans are also cream of the crop racially.


      • [CH: wouldn’t the germans be the purest germanics?]

        The Dutch were Germans at first, but then the Germans waited for the tide to go out and sold ’em the land. 😉

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 6:44 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ““The Passing of the Great Race” by Madison Grant… You’ll only find it on Amazon though.”

        It’s all over eBay.


      • The Dutch are getting taller because they’re eating better. Height is genetically determined, but nutritionally moderated. Kid doesn’t eat well, he doesn’t grow as tall. There’s even evidence that women who are malnurished as girls have babies that are smaller, even if the woman eats a proper diet in adulthood.

        Americans were significantly taller than their British cousins because the colonial farmers ate far better than the coal-caked factory workers in Ol’ Blighty.


      • It’s all over eBay.
        And archive.org, for free.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 4:13 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Diet changed radically after ww2. They started to eat meat.


    • can confirm science on this.

      however- tall bitches like to be degraded. Alpha bitches love to be degraded. They desperately need to be dominated by someone.


      • The only thing your fuckwit self is truly qualified to discuss is poking nigger whores. Anything else you profess is just slop pouring out of your bucket.


    • The Dutch were the shortest people in Europe in the 1800’s (avg male 5’6″) so I don’t know what happened there.
      But in Europe there’s perhaps an inch difference between countries on average.Englishmen and Italians are the same size although the UK is much fatter.
      You have to really analyse these average heights. Does one country have a higher average because the people are uniformly around that height? Or do they have a small exceptionally tall group that brings the average up.Or another country with a small exceptionally short group that brings the average down.
      Everyone has a genetic height and if you’re living and eating normally you will experience the growth spurts at critical times and reach that height.
      A lot of the shortness in Europe in places was due to war or bad economic conditions where the person did not get to reach his full height and you’ll notice that their children in the US are much taller.


    • Germans are not as much Germanic as you my think.Almost the whole Northern and Eastern Germany is Slavonic (obodrites,polabians etc),later germanized.The whole topology of Northern Germany is of Slavonic origin (Lübeck, Rostock,Pomerania even Berlin).Mecklenburg was originally purely Slavonic (Pribislav).Sorbs have still retained their language and culture too.

      When it comes to Dutch-they probably are the closest to original Anglo-Saxon,west Frisian and Frankish population.

      Finally,its more complex.Dutch are the tallest people in the world but they share the top spot with Yugoslavians (from certain areas like Montenegro).Brits are shorter than Spaniards.When it comes to females-the tallest are Latvians,Dutch come second.
      Danish are significantly taller than Norwegians etc.


  2. Any thoughts on Trump’s expressed desire to end birthright citizenship? Hopefully I didn’t miss your post on the subject, I’ve been eager to see your reaction. Seems like something right out of the CH playbook!

    [CH: i appended a quick thought on the topic to a recent post. reiterating:
    1. yay!
    2. i hope he backs up his tough talk with action
    3. the 14th amendment was never meant to include the beanlets of border hopper beans.
    4. long-term, i want to see the 14th repealed, or clarified by a new amendment.
    5. trump is right, the shitlib media is wrong: all but two western developed countries don’t have birthright citizenship. the US and gaynada are the outliers.]

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  3. on October 31, 2018 at 11:36 am Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “fewer ideal number of children, older ideal own age to have first child”

    What’s amazing to me is that some dudes will date a chick for years, then waifu her ass [with $50,000+ in bridal expenses], and finally after two or three years of marital “bliss”, they’ll cautiously & hesitatingly & almost apologetically raise the question of making & birthing progeny, and cum to discover that the witch wants nothing to do with it whatsoever.

    If you’re a guy who’s even mildly serious about life, then you need to be broaching these topics by the second or third date: Career -vs- Stay at Home? Gubmint -vs- Private -vs- Parochial -vs- Home School? 1 kid vs 2 kids vs 3/4/5 kids? Gay-assed SUV -vs- awesome Pickup Truck? Defenseless -vs- 2nd Amendment RKBA? Inner City -vs- Suburbs -vs- Idyllic Countryside with White Picket Fence? Cats -vs- Dawgs -vs- Horses?

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 11:38 am Captain Obvious

      PRO-TIP #1: Amazonian chicks love horses.

      PRO-TIP #2: If you’re of a weak constitution, then you probably don’t want to ponder why that would be…


      • Neigh, neigh, and thrice neigh. Indeed sir, I do not.


      • CO is right again.

        Dated girl who was obsessed with horses (wanted to do some sort of pseudo-vet school program, etc.).

        Wasn’t super tall but big old rear end and wide hips, almost equine itself. Some tan mix of inner and outer Hajnal. You can tell it was a body selected for Costco-scale Catholic rabbit breeding, not upper crust Protestant elite 2-children-and-done k-selection.

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      • Pro-Tip #3: If you meet a horse chick…RUN! They are all cray cray.

        I’m talking about one that live the lifestyle vs grooms a friends horse every now and again

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    • Bite your tongue. Minivans are a gift from God.

      [CH: god was never much for style. that’s satan’s wheelhouse.]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 11:46 am Captain Obvious

        That’s why G0d invented the Crew Cab Pickup Truck.

        Starting at $75,000 courtesy of your local Ford dealer.

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      • I have an especial fondness for the ones where the seats disappear into the floor. 😉

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      • A minivan tells the world you’ve given up. It’s basically sweatpants on wheels…

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      • DO: lolol


      • Every one hates on the minivan… until you need a friend to help you move, or you want to take a gang of kids to a ball game… or relatives to church… or friends to a wêdding… or bros to a bachelor party… or (need I continue?)….

        If anyone is NOT mårried with children, your opinion on minivans is immaterial.

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      • I’d rather live amongst a nation of white, minivan-driving “betas” who actually produce white children then a nation of sports-car doctors who squeeze out 1.2 children from their nuts over the course of their life. Rubber needs to hit the road as we are learning quickly with the demographic implosion.


      • I do envoy watching folks go from childless minivan haters to zealous converts after having a kid or three.

        [CH: what’s wrong with throwing the kiddos into the bed of a pickup truck? you and they can have great fun every time you drive over a speed bump too fast.]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:59 pm posts only tweets

        Chevy’s gotta bring back the El Camino

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      • You’ll have to pry the wheel of muh Odyssey* from my cold, dead hands!

        It schlepps not only my champions, but it will schlepp my champions’ champions!

        *(built in Lincoln, AL thank you very much!)

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      • If anyone is NOT mårried with children, your opinion on minivans is immaterial.

        I was babysitting my nephews and my sisters minivan was awesome. Open doors with remote, kids can hop in and out without help, drives nice, and plenty of space. I mean, I’m not going to get one till I have kids but I’ll keep an extra motorcycle around to balance out the soccer dad minivan if I have to.


      • We are SUV people. My wife refuses to own a minivan. I’m sitting in a dealership about to look at a 4×4 Suburban for her, that has the room for the kiddos, the it sports stuff, luggage, etc.


    • Agreed, CO. I broached these topics with my current gf soon after we started dating. If she wasn’t in complete agreement with me on certain topics, then I made sure that she knew XYZ were my plans, and she can either coalesce, or i’ll be walking. Sure enough, she happily came to my wayof thinking not long after, and we’re doing fine, with plans of marriage & kids soon.

      Point is, the vast majority of relationship these days are not talking about these important topics. The current method of “dating” is one set up for failure. It is meant for the man and woman to go through the motions (have sex but no children, go and do other stupid couple stuff, no family planning for X amount of years, then get bored of each other and move on to the next wasteful relationship). Millennial and GenZ generations are worst hit and I see with the majority of my friends just going through the motions, with no future in sight. Their biggest concern is “having fun” and working at some soulless corporation. Funny enough, it is now men that I see more often talking about wanting kids than woman are… Sad really.

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    • Totally agree. Same goes for women – if the man you are dating will not have a conversation about these topics early on or gives you vague or misleading answers, run away from that mess. And if a man laughs at your desire to marry and have children, or tells you that you are too old, or too whatever, to have kids, get rid of his sorry a$$ sooner rather than later, and don’t look back.

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    • Totally agree. Same goes for a woman – if you are not having this conversation with a man early on, or if he is evading the questions or giving vague/misleading answers, walk away and don’t look back. And if a man laughs at or tries to talk you out of marriage and kids, run, as fast as you can.


    • Women also need to be asking questions, too, and dropping out of dating Peter Pans (guys who do not want responsibilities of a wife and children).

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  4. […] Rise Of The Amazons […]


  5. when i think of “alpha amazonians” I think of Vonn and that big-boned Kartrashian that “dates” the 7 ft crackhead ballplayer

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  6. I noticed women’s feet are getting much more big. The younger girls (family members in teens) and theyre friends have giant feet!! Before some years most often would be sold out of size eu 37 /38 of many shoes. Now they are always in stock and young girls are wearing 41/42/43


  7. “And bitterer of quip” Haha ! good one!


  8. The increase in average height in most industrial countries can have many causes.
    1) Better nutrition during the growing years, from conception to say 18.
    2) Increased mobility creates hybrid vigor. People living in little villages 100 years ago were to varying extents inbred. Mobility fixes that, inbredness is undone in ONE generation, as long as the parents are very far from related, if the parents are inbred.

    It is very unclear to me if there is a Darwinian selection, and, if so, in which direction.


  9. My three longest term exes were all long tall lean modelish statuesque beauties with exceptionally high intelligence.

    There is a strong correlation genetically between good physical genetics and mental fitness as has been shown here time and again. The first one was of German descent. If you google Sheryl Crow 1995 she was her literal doppleganger but tall. (Check the google first pics of her accepting an award it is literally my ex the remsemblance is scary to me). She is a literal rocket scientist. Launches fucking satellites for NASA!

    Second one was of Lithuanian / Austrian mixed descent. Again, tall long lean and the smartest woman I’ve ever known 140 IQ that is the one that is a SVP of a major international big pharma company. Dead ringer for Loni Sanders the 70s porn star except the very tall version. The porn chick was a 5′ nothing spinner.

    Third one my Hungarian ex, was well… hungarian. (Magyar) Whip smart spoke 5 languages fluently was a translator for Dept of State hobnobbing with ambassadors and what not. Long tall lean bright green eyes brown hair (I’ve noticed this is a trend in my women btw, all three of these plus more have this hair /eye color). She looks like a cross between a young Marion Cotillard / Leslie Mann.

    Every single one did have that somewhat angular appearance (a feminine but defined jaw line) fairly ‘ripped’ again in a female way muscle wise, etc. These to me are FAR more preferable than the disgusting fatbodies like Kim Kardashian with her implanted n1qqer azz. That is just gross and such a bad trend that all these white girls are glomming on to now.

    Long, lean, intelligent europeans are peak breeding material. Eastern Euros also tend to produce a preponderance of extremely tall and thin model types with pendulous massive natural breasts on those thin little frames. Good times!

    p.s. In my perfect world, I’d have impregnated every single one of them and have a harem of stunners but alas it wasn’t meant to be. I could have done my duty and knocked them all up to produce ubermensch but they’d be single moms with bastard sons so I took the high road instead of perpetuating the problem.

    [CH: i chubbed a little reading this. visions of the euro wench activates the walnuts]

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    • Ok, some visuals to help you along… LOL!

      You’ll have to demod them of course because of ghey mod. But here we go–
      Other than the fappable visuals this is also to illustrate the jaw structure and semi-ripped nature of these women re: amazonian builds

      Contestant 1:

      (had the jew from but not jewish, naturally curly hair does happen occasionally especially in the Irish)

      (see her arms here? thin lean muscle you can see juuuuuust a little striation / definition, they were all like that)

      Contestant 2:
      (did have a slightly jewy nose too like her, as I said, replicant including the bod which is easily gotten graphically since she is a porn star)

      Contestant 3:

      (again, its like her sister, notice the angular ‘lantern jaw’ but she is still hot as fuck. Some women can just wear a more masculine jaw and look beautiful, most cannot)

      I’ve dated and been in relationships with total fucking knockouts, but the old question always arises. Once I settle on one, all others are off the table. So when do I do that? I feel like there is a time when every cowboy has to hang up his spurs and that I’m getting close to it. I don’t want to be that deluded post-wall hag in male form. Although since according to The Atlantic of all sources men don’t “peak” until 50 I’m still good for a while. 🙂

      [CH: men don’t *have* to settle, at least not theoretically, if they have old age-compensating attractiveness traits including but not limited to vast wealth, fame, rare talent, absurdly intoxicating charisma, or great genetics. since these are all hard to come by, most men will need to consider settling down sometime around their late 40s, on average. Women, ofc, should think about settling down no later than age 24.]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:44 pm Captain Obvious

        JnDC, can you tell [possibly by [email protected]] whether any of these chicks went on to have ch!ldren of their own?


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:52 pm posts only tweets

        Sheryl Crow had great legs, and I’m sure she still does now, but during her heyday, very nice stems.

        As for men not having to settle, I just turned 40 but look like I’m in my early 30s. Late 20s when I shave. Scoping out the 23 year old long legged chick at our office.

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:22 pm Carlos Danger

        Sheryl Crowe was a honey in her day and even aged well. Still pretty doable. Pretty feet too. I would have liked to have met her as a young woman in Missouri. She’s also a great song writer. Her first husband died snarfing. How embarrassing.

        [CH: eating out a butthole?]


      • P.O.T.,
        same here, but a few years on ya. I’m routinely told I look mid 30s, but the ironic thing is that I do better at the local watering hole when I haven’t shaved for a few days and some peppered gray is showing on my mug.

        PS: You can keep looking young if you avoid processed wheat flour (breads, pastas etc,), add a potent omega 3 fish oil supplement to your diet, lift moderately and do 3 days of cardio a week.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:27 pm Carlos Danger

        I like photo four the best. She always plays a kind and sensual woman, the kind I find most attractive. As far as settling down, beautiful women all look pretty similar as their features converge into the Golden ratio. It becomes hard to cheat up and that should limit the desire to cheat.

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:29 pm Carlos Danger

        Snarfing means fapping and trying to asphyxiate yourself at the same time. It was even on her fan page, which is where I read about it.

        [CH: ah, a form of auto-erotic asphyxiation. yes, apparently cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain produces more vigorous orgasms. and jesus wept.]


      • I’de rather stick with ‘the stranger’…much safer


      • Sheryl Crowe is very pretty.

        This song is also lovely (the lyrics are not so nice but they sing nice together)


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:58 pm Carlos Danger

        auto-erotic asphyxiation

        That’s what they called it on the website. He apparently got carried away and hanged himself. I figure burning a good joint is a lot safer.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 2:12 pm posts only tweets

        Too bad Leslie Mann is hitched to (((Judd Apatow)))

        Guess she was desperate for roles.

        I recall her in a film called She’s The One and was looking tasty, though she played a lesbo. Also her turn in Big Daddy where she showed more of a rack than I thought she had. Then again, surgeries are funny like that.


      • “JnDC, can you tell [possibly by [email protected]] whether any of these chicks went on to have ch!ldren of their own?”

        Yes, and I’ve been in direct contact w/ 2 out of the 3. Every single on with those exceptionally good looks / bodies and high horsepower intellects are barren and childless. :-/

        This is our curse. And in this regard Passerby is correct. From a raw Darwinian POV the little brown people are absolutely ‘better’, but if you are talking quality vs. quantity r / K selection, etc. we win hands down. But we win nothing if we die off, I get it…

        Unfortunately there has been (((selection pressure))) for six decades to put career above all and make child care a dirty word.


      • My dad was 44 when I was born. You’re not over the hill yet, JayinDC.

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      • Jay I say you are full of shit


    • I like your taste, Jay. My first ex was also tall and thin framed, low enough bf% to see muscle striation and chin. I would broach the subject of children, but she was never fond of it. After wasting 5 years together, we broke up and she pulled the old hypergamy trick and got with someone 2 weeks after, who was much more successful that I, but a total soy-boy (I was as well in my pre-red pill days, but this guy was older and had much less of an excuse to be one).

      6 years and 3 corporate jobs later, she is now in her 30’s, childless, a complete NPC feminist and still putting career first. I always thank god for dodging that bullet.


  10. I will never go for the Amazonian Alpha ever again. The last one was fun while it lasted, but holy hell was she a goddamned BPD maniac. Former mili, Marine who always needed to prove herself to male counterparts. 5’9”, athletic build but not masculine. Sharp features in her face, but slender, blonde, and feminine. Fucked like riding an unbroken colt. I initially secured her stay in my bed by cutting her off mid-statement the night we met and going for an all-in metoo kiss just to assert dominance on her and lassoing my arm around her waist and giving her a squeeze that nary a beta in the land would dare. Fucking her good a la Château maxim poon commandment style was a double-edged sword— she craves a good fuck because she was so starved of a good hard jackhammering and cervical pounding… and that meant she clung like none other. It was a constant roller coaster of arguments she would initiate just to satisfy her BPD/bipolar disorder.

    When it was time for her to go home to Cali, I ghosted, and thanked my maker I survived.

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 12:45 pm Captain Obvious

      And guess what you are now?


      A BPD Widower.

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 12:52 pm gunslingergregi

      When it was time for her to go home to Cali, I ghosted, and thanked my maker I survived.”””””

      yea shit felt that multiple times

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    • Sometimes the alpha woman is a bit too competitive for my likings…like try to fug you harder than you’re fugging her. weird oneupsmanship in the sack.

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    • I was banging a 6’2 Hungarian woman for a good while (first generation, her dad escaped the Soviets in the Hungarian uprising in ’56).

      Alpha woman. Loved to be dominated and degraded, straight-up pearl necklaces, etc., (“Right here, baby…”)

      Didn’t mind exhibitionism. Used to bang her with the shades open so everyone might see (an Alexandria, VA high rise).

      She also had a few screws loose. Also met her mother, who was a critical pain-in-the-ass. Wasn’t LTR material unless as a side-piece.

      Last time (I was tired of her), I banged her like a tin drum, took a bath and drank all her beer in the fridge.


    • 5’9″ is not tall.

      [CH: 5’9″ is the average american male height.]


      • Hmmm? Tell a 5’9″ woman that. Most, when they confide the truth, wish they were shorter, and grouse about short, petite women “stealing” all the tall guys.


      • Well who wants to be average? But has it really declined to 5’9″? That’s a full inch shorter than the average male height was twenty years ago. La Raza strikes again?

        I still say tall starts at 5’11” for a woman, 6’2″ for a man.

        [CH: iirc that 5’9″ average is for white american men only. and yeah it went down from 5’10” over the last few decades. not sure tho, maybe somebody can do the leg work and find the relevant CDC stats. blacks have a slightly shorter avg height than whites. and latinos are shorter still. presumably including latino avg height would skew the national avg to well under 5’9″]


  11. Women are in need of a beat down in today’s society.


  12. As prescient as you are CH, remember there was a time in not so distant history where people intuited things instead of turning to egghead autistes in the asian-white beta male science industrial complex for answers to everyday social life.

    Any man with two eyes can see that taller women with deeper voices are going to act more masculine because they are, endocrinologically, more masculine. It would be foolhardy to suggest their dispositions would not reflect their physiognomy.

    [CH: my keen eye and powers of observation developed before i was piped into the science industrial complex, but oh what a joy it was when i stumbled into the science at a less callow age and discovered how everything i knew by instinct was now known by experiment.]

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    • Physiognomy is truly the finest gold nugget I have prospected at this site. It has made the mental calculus of how I should act, and why other people act the way they do, extraordinarily simple and accurate.

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      • I agree 100% and would expand only slightly to include the HBD related posts as well.

        I am always learning something here, either from CH or the many wise commenters.



  13. You know I observed with about 90% of the men i know who are Mediteranean, that they prefer tall women. Like tall Russians and Dutch etc. It is considered not attractive when a woman here is too short. Many times if I go out I wear heels and men have complimented that I look tall. Probably is because med men are usualy not tall but they want tall son’s.

    There is also the style of.man who just loves a “strong” woman, I asked my husband one time if he thought my 5’8 friend (and she wears, heels) was attractive because many men wanted to date her). She does not smile often and she has a serious moody demeanor ,,He said no but that she looks “interesting”. I do.not say that about her in a bad way because she admits it and says it is only how she was raised (in the ukraine) and that they are suspicious about people who.smile too much. On the other hand she thinks I am very imature and need to smile less. (She does not agree with me that maturity does not have to make some one not smile) anyway,, she is like that. She is beautiful in a angular beauty style of way and she always looks well dressed. Also athletic tall style of body. So men do like it,, but I told her many times she should be less bossy because husbands do not want a woman bossy all the time. (My sister is the same) she said is better than being a doormat.

    And to give a example of how different we are,, one time on new year there was still a gift wrapped above my husband’s cabinet. I said for who is that gift, Christmas is passed? (Ok I hoped so it was for me and he forgot it) he said it was for me but that I was not haveing it yet. He was moody about it. When my friend come over she asked me about the gift and she was shocked when I said i was not opening it or checking it. I said when you love you have to trust. And her exact words was, “yes but not blind trust)”.. you see she is more strong and.more following her own way. I admire some times those qualities and I would wish to have some of her good qualities. But that is life. I think so she is a Amazonian alpha for sure.

    [CH: but i would bet most men think you are more feminine than your friend]

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    • Tall women are most attractive to short men. The male hindbrain knows that being tall is a huge easy-mode trait that he could give to his sons when they go to pursue women, so there’s a huge payoff for him if he can just muster up the sheer force of personality to sow his wild oats in a taller specimen.

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      • Yes, I think so,, and I did not think this before but now I think for some men it does not matter so much. Maybe feminine women are more of a burden for men,, not so strong //self sufficient? I do not know.If someone was unfaithful to my friend she just would leave. I would stay,, and probably beg. And begging is not attractive. The Amazonian alpha type maybe is the type men want more because she does not seem so obttainable. That is what it.seems to me anyway. For sure many men can not stand those masculine women,, but they do get men’s attention and even comittment. One woman i know (i do not like to express very strong dislike for someone but this woman is something special) 1. She talks like a man, very loud and talkbs about sex in curse words in public. 2 she divorced her husband and cut her hair short like a man 3. 3 months later she was engaged to a very handsome guy. How?? I do not have a idea. Sometimes women who are not beautiful physicaly or feminine get decent men comitting to them. I.do not understand it.

        [CH: usually in cases like that it comes to light that the man is weak of character and boring of personality, ie a constitutional beta.]


      • on October 31, 2018 at 2:02 pm Carlos Danger

        Femininity in a woman is very important for me. I need the balance it brings me for my mental health.


      • “…for my mental health.”
        Good to hear.😉


    • Studies show that shorter women reproduce better than taller women. This is why, by the way women are shorter than men.

      This is the case in all human societies. Mediteraneans do not prefer tall women, otherwise women there would be as tall as men (or taller than men).

      Do not mistake your personal experiences (solipsism) with statistics.

      Height in humans is sexually antagonistic – the genes that favor height are turned on in men and turned off in women.

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      • Most Mediteranean men (in my.area) tend toward liking taller women. And many lighter women. And i was thinking there is a normal scientific.theory for this (small populations, less genetic diversity) they want to introduce different genes to the gene pool. The available women who are foreign are usualy tourist types from countries such as Russia. So it is was not realy so solipsistic, it was a observation.


      • @eofahapi

        Personal observations are not statistics. You observed, let’s say several hundred people, but there are millions more that you did not observe.

        Anyone who looks for personal observations instead of global stats falls prey for their solipsism, and this is btw mostly a female trait (i saw something, therefore this must be the case with everyone else).

        The genetic diversity view is ok, but still you should not forget that there is no human society where women are taller than men, ergo short women reproduce better than taller women in any human society, and tall men again reproduce better than short men in any human society.

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      • eofahapi,

        I have to agree with Passerby. I have been all over most of Europe, and whenever a man finds a physically attractive woman who happens to be tall(er), it’s almost always in spite of her height, not because of it. (The “Med’s” your talking about in southern Europe are really attracted to the ladies in question Nordic physiognomy, Russian, German or Skandis, not (*some of*) their hausfrau height and hand size

        Almost all men prefer a woman, like I said in the “Height Queens” thread, to be of medium height and stature, which is borne out by, as Heartiste says ¡SCIENCE! –



        It was hypothesized that women of medium height would show a more secure, long-term mating pattern characterized by less jealousy, less intrasexual competition and a “slower” life history strategy. In three samples of female undergraduate students clear support was found for these hypotheses. In Study 1, among 120 participants, height was curvilinearly related to well-established measures of possessive and reactive jealousy, with women of medium height being less jealous than tall as well as short women. In Study 2, among 40 participants, height was curvilinearly related to intrasexual competition, with women of medium height being less competitive towards other women than tall as well as short women.. In Study 3, among 299 participants, height was curvilinearly related to the Mini-K, a well-validated measure of “slower” life history strategy, with women of medium height having a slower life history strategy than tall as well as short women. The results suggest that women of medium height tend to follow a different mating strategy than either tall or short women. Various explanations and implications of these results are discussed.


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      • Veritas. I did not think of it like that,, maybe they like the tall women because they are foreign /blue eyes / light hairs,, and not because they are tall. Greeks are interesting in that there is so much diversity in the apearance from area to area. In the mountains there is more blue eyes and pale skin,, and some villages where people look like they could be Arab. I traveled with my, cousin and the boyfriend of her before 5 years to London,, when we come in the airport arival part where the people hold signs with the names of people who they collect,, one Arab man started to talk with my cousins boyfriend in Arabic!!!!! Hahaha we wanted to laugg too much but my the cousins boyfriend was angry and ofended. The only more big offence would be to addres a Greek in Turkish. They broke up after and now he is married with a woman from Estonia.

        I sometimes think if from place to place in one country (small villages more,, not cities) and you can identify sometimes what village someone is from from theyre appearance, probably it means years of lacking genetic diversity?? That is probably not very healthy, So so many men marry foriegners,, eastern Europeans.


    • I do not want a bossy woman at all and bossy women actually want a man who will put her in her place, ie to be a door mat for a man they can’t control, Men who m4rry bossy women always regret it and their children usually despise them too once they are adults. I seriously doubt your sister is happy in her m4rri4ge.

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      • She is not.
        For sure we do not know what is hapening behind closed doors but you see some men and just want to give them hugs,, for how theyre women talk to them in public.


    • never mind all that…what are you wearing?

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    • on October 31, 2018 at 1:01 pm Carlos Danger

      My wife is Ukrainian and she tells good jokes and smiles often. She is kind and feminine. I dated a woman as you describe and she was actually cold and distant. I dodged a bullet there. My children worship their mother and she has brought out my better nature as well.


      • Are her family the same? I met many Russian and Ukrainian women who do not smile a lot. Is she from a village? Maybe that is why she is more smiling,, Ukrainian women are usualy very beautiful. Is she orthodox?


      • .” My children worship their mother and she has brought out my better nature as well”

        That is beautiful Carlos. She seems very lovely.

        You know something else brings out a mans better nature? Sure you know,, having children. I did not understand it before,, I thought or a man is father material or he is not. If the man is decent before, having children makes him even more good. It is a beautiful thing to look, how fatherhood makes men shine.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:41 pm Carlos Danger

        Are her family the same? I met many Russian and Ukrainian women who do not smile a lot. Is she from a village? Maybe that is why she is more smiling,, Ukrainian women are usualy very beautiful. Is she orthodox?

        She was raised in a strong Christian home and also led me back to God, although it took many years, Her sisters are also fun and smile often. I returned to the Roman Church though because I have a sentimental attachment to it. I have deep respect for the Orthodox church and listen to Orthodox chant often and have many icons in the house. Agni Parthene is a favorite. Slavite Gospoda is another. I think she smiles a lot because it is simply her nature, If I make her cry I feel I have deeply offended God and am immediately ashamed. What you say about Ukrainian women is true but not all are like that. And yes having children has been a wonderful experience with her. She is the best mother I have ever seen, It is an example for me as a father.


      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:48 pm Carlos Danger

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      • That is beautiful. You seem like a beautiful family. (I am sorry if I was rude what I said about Ukraine women, If i knew it your wife was from there I would not have said it).

        It is also wonderful when you listen how one partner lead the other one back to Church,, and I can understand by how you write about her that you love her very much. I know you have a big age gap. Also with my husband we have a big age gap. (22 years) but when you love it does not matter. Often men at this age are ready to be the best father’s. My father did not disprove, but he did one day say to me that I must be prepared one day maybe I will have to take care of him in old age. I knew it that already,, one more reason to take extra care of health when you have a yoing.family. (actualy,, I recall reading one study where it said men who marry younger women live more long – I will try to find it). You are both blessed and I pray for God to bless you with many more babys.


      • So nice that chant Carlos.

        Yesterday I was at a beautiful Church set in a cave in rocks. I love to visit old Churches one time a month or so. Service is nice but sometimes it is so beautiful to feel close to our Lord and also the beauty and history of our Faith in simple old Churches. I wish I.knew It how to upload photos here because it is very awesome. You sit in a silence,, in a humble place,, filled with so much history. There is one I have not visited for 1 year now because it is far, in the mountains- a monk lived a hermetic life there in a very small cave. There are holy relics in some of them.


      • I see your lilting alto and raise you an orthodox basso profundo …

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      • on November 1, 2018 at 3:14 pm Carlos Danger

        I am fairly fit and healthy. The children are young. My boy will be 15 when I am 70. I want to retire to the countryside and lead a simple pastoral life. That should help to keep me fit. I want to spend as much of my remaining life with my family. I have loved many times but never as I love my wife. Age is immaterial with us. I do not feel her advice or confidence is ever foolish or youthful fantasy. I need her energy and her touch to be happy and feel complete. It is the best time one can spend. I also wish you much happiness and many good years together and many happy healthy children. So few people ever have what we have. The world would be a much better place if more did.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 3:18 pm Carlos Danger

        Christos Pantocrator is the Icon you posted. I have several. I wish more people loved the Roman church as I love her. She is the true successor to Plato’s Academy. I like Divna Lyuboyevic very much. She has an angel’s voice.


      • King and Carlos Danger, I see your angel voices and basso profundo, and I’ll raise you some good old Mountain Hymns from the sacred harp:


    • So men do like it, but I told her many times she should be less bossy because husbands do not want a woman bossy all the time.

      It’s a [fitness] test. Women become bossy to fill the strength vacuum in the relationship, in the attempt to shame a weak man into being a man, who will boss her around the way she would like to be (and needs to be) bossed around. Somebody has to wear the pants in the relationship or else it fizzles into mutual passivity. Women don’t want to be the catalyst, the initiator, the driver, and they resent it when they are forced into that role to make the relationship operable.

      Maybe feminine women are more of a burden for men, not so strong/self sufficient? … For sure many men can not stand those masculine women, but they do get men’s attention and even commitment. … Sometimes women who are not beautiful physically or feminine get decent men committing to them. I do not understand it.

      Have you heard that it’s all a game?

      A purely weak and passive waif without a spine or a will is not a challenge. It’s a ball of yarn when a cat wants a live mouse to chase. Men do want women to be strong but not unconquerable, just as women want to fight so that they can be defeated. Femininity is not weakness but rather the art of teasing the strength out of men for a prize worth conquering.

      Women are tied to the moon cycle:

      velut luna / statu variabilis, / semper crescis / aut decrescis

      like the moon / you are changeable, / ever waxing / ever waning

      Their moods vary as they swing between the poles of ovulation and menstruation. Their needs vary from day to day. What they want/need from men are different complementary personalities to fit their changing moods — the ruthless alpha conqueror mid-cycle, the provider/sympathetic tampon end-cycle. Few regular dudes can keep up with this relentless vacillating pace, which is why there is a War of the Sexes and much insuperable confusion.

      Female strength is a bluff meant to be called. But it has to be a credible bluff, you can’t be a starfish just laying there, a lifeless wet rag. You have to be a muse.


      • Thank you for your reply and wisdom 😊

        “Have you heard that it’s all a game?”

        But that is sad. It is not nice. For sure in the start it is easy to make a man chase you because you do not fall in love so sudenly. It is gradual and you are not sure if is the correct man,, etc. So for sure he will chase. Then you start to really love and you must play a game?? I think so that is very depressing. It is heart breaking, Are all men really that way? We must always tease our husbands so they do not lose theyre interest? I do not understand Men,, people say they are simple but that is because maybe they do.not understand how different men and women are. There was times I have looked at my husband,, and my father in the past (God rest his soul)and thought in myself (he seems so cold) about theyre reaction to something. If I was reacting emotionaly and they were still able to keep calm and detach from something sad. The truth is they are the oposite of cold, and maybe in some things, they just have a much better ability to supress theyre emotions. I can to a extent but the extent that men can is something alien for me. Theyre hearts are just as warm but they compartmentalise better the logic and emotion.

        Sometimes if there is conflict it can make it dificult together because I think so our attempt to fix the conflict is so different. Maybe the wife wants to sit to talk about it together, to fix the situation,, but the husband does not open when talking and instead wants to fix it with sex. You understand? But for women this feels like he only wants sex and does not love her,, and for men he feels rejected without showing he loves her by making sex.

        I know God made man and woman to compliment each other,, and I think we need healthy time apart sometimes because I think so when it is beautiful it is very beautiful, but when it is conflict it is so full of pain. More than if it is conflict with the same sex because we understand more the same sex.

        It I could change one thing in myself, it would be to have abilitty to better handle my emotions. I admire that in men,, and some women have it. I am not like that with every one, For sure I have boundarys, but with people I love them I just think for sure love must to be more important than pride and games. And that is not a challenge. But it is better to love and not have regret maybe,, than be cold and know you did not love enough. There is one saying that I love , kahlil Gibran

        “When love beckons to you follow him,

        Though his ways are hard and steep.

        And when his wings enfold you yield to him,

        Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.

        And when he speaks to you believe in him,

        Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

        For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.”


      • eofahapi,

        You seem to be, from what I can tell reading your posts, a truly beautiful woman, inside and out

        *I think Le Chateau has found a genuine Proverbs 31 gal



      • +! on the Carmina Burana reference.


      • Thank you Veritas mou,, that is very kind of you.


  14. There are alpha men but there are no alpha women. Differences in human variability ensure that (that men will be top performers in almost any area).

    Human society is sexually dimorphic – fewer men reproduce than women, which means that women gravitate around fewer men at the top of the male hierarchy.

    Men, but not women, exist in dominance hierarchies. Not surprisingly, women are more likely to believe in equality, while men are more likely to belive in inequality.

    Short women reproduce better than tall women, in this sense they are stronger women than tall women – and their genes are more successful.

    In the same way, the most successful women and those with the highest earnings/education are the women with the lowest birth rate – thus ensuring that their genes do not go in to the future and future women are not like them.

    In contrast, wealthy men have the highest number of children among men and educated men have more children than educated women.

    Among men, it could be said that the alpha man is a wealthy, successful man based on genetic succes. Among women, the strongest women are SAHM – agan based in genetic succes.

    As far as intelligence in highly educated women is concerned, they (on average) are the most politically retarded women of all – those most likely to support open borders and anti-white policies, ironically making sure that they are being replaced by brown women. In contrast, SAHM are the most right wing and patriotic women.

    [CH: “alpha” women are beautiful women. that’s about it. the alpha-beta dynamic is not as useful a descriptive of female hierarchy as it is for men, because women’s SMV is almost entirely a function of their looks aka bangability. “amazonian alpha” is a term of art to describe a physically imposing woman with the mindset of a man.]


    • “Short women reproduce better than tall women, in this sense they are stronger women than tall women – and their genes are more successful.”

      Logic fallacy. Roaches produce faster than humans, they are stronger; Ipso Facto Ab Absurdum

      Try again.

      “As far as intelligence in highly educated women is concerned, they (on average) are the most politically retarded women of all – those most likely to support open borders and anti-white policies, ironically making sure that they are being replaced by brown women”

      Because we took the leash off and let slack the reins. In prior eras this wouldn’t have been the case. Again logic fallacy. You are conflating -circumstantial / environmental- factors with hard coded genetic factors. They are polar opposites. Non-sequitir (This has been your greek/latin dialectic / argument lesson for today)


      • on October 31, 2018 at 12:51 pm Captain Obvious

        JnDC, with your criminal record, you could absolutely clean up with these NASA engineers and pharmaceutical SVPs.

        I bet you dollars to donuts that they’d bear your ch!ldren without even needing to be waifu’ed.


      • CH

        No problem

        Beautiful women are more genetically succesful than ugly women, but yet fewer men than women reproduce, ensuring that top level men have more women gravitating around them than top level women – in other words top men are more “alpha” than top women.

        Women are also more similar to each other based on a variety of traits. Thus the higher probability of a man to have some unique traits.

        In other words almost any women could get a man (equality), but not any man could get a woman (inequality)

        Jay in DC

        It is not fallacy at all.

        In nature, succes is based on genetic success and gene reproduction. Here you conflate different species. Even in that case, though, if roaches reproduce and humans stop reproducing, roaches will be more evolutionary successful than humans as they remain and humans die off.

        So even between species, reproduction can be a measure of success.

        Within species, genetic success is the primary measure of success, ensuring that future generations will look and behave like those who reproduce and the genes of those who do not reproduce will go away in nature’s garbage bin.

        So yes, this statement is absolutely correct, as far as humans are concerned.

        “Short women reproduce better than tall women, in this sense they are stronger women than tall women – and their genes are more successful.”

        Thus ensuring that future women will be more like them (shorter than men) and will have their genes.

        “Because we took the leash off and let slack the reins.”

        If someone needs a leash to behave properly they must be retarded anyway.


      • Jay you’re wrong.

        Evolution doesn’t give a fuck about your opinion or anyone else’s.

        Roaches are more successful than humans as they’ve been around many many more millions of years.

        However, that’s not an apt comparison. Evolution only cares about reproduction and passing on of genes. We live in dystopian times in humanity but this too will eventually pass. It may turn out that what we thought was “success” wasn’t. Nigger parasites for example may eventually come to dominate the planet, meaning their genes won.

        there won’t be any electricity but evolution doesn’t care about that.

        I had to educate a tall blonde “leader” woman about this. I said so what you’re a leader this means shit. Your genes will die with you, you are an evolutionary failure. She was taller than I was and yeah she liked being dominated which I took care of. But she’ll never have kids and her entire line of reasoning was oh what about women who this and that…i said they amount to shit bc their genes never get passed on. women’s function is not to lead it is to bear children. Sure whatever do what you wanna do just recognize that you are a dead-end and your “womyn leader” bullshit will vanish like tears…in rain. Time to die.

        [CH: jay is right in the sense that, if third world squats come to rule the earth one day, the few remaining euros would look about them and know with certainty that something beautiful had been snuffed from the world. and that, yes, evolution would not care one whit for the loss.]

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      • on October 31, 2018 at 1:13 pm Carlos Danger

        will vanish like tears…in rain. Time to die.

        Rutger Hauer’s last words in Blade Runner and my favorite scene in that film.

        Hat’s off Trav.

        Phillip K. Dick was a devout Catholic. It’s the tradition of philosophical inquiry the church keeps alive. There is hope for you yet.


      • CH, if third worlders replace whites, by the laws of this world, it would mean that they are more successful.

        Evolution does not care about what we value or like. It has its own views and laws.

        What nature thinks is successful: first and foremost whatever can live and operate on this planet. If whites do not want to reproduce, it would be obvious that they are incapable of existing on this planet as they disregard the first law of nature.

        1. The first law of nature is: you must reproduce. This comes first. Those who do not follow that law go away, no matter what else they did.

        Plus the third worlders may later evolve to become more intelligent than whites and thus surprass whites in other areas too. Even those roaches could one day, after many many years, evolve into something intelligent and surprass humans.


      • passerby,

        that may be

        yet the fat calf still awaits, fattened.


  15. One exception: Cory Everson. Married in college and still married. Works with a Christian group that helps Russian orphans get adopted here.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 1:06 pm Carlos Danger

      Russians no longer allow that because too many homos were trying to adopt them and there was that case where the woman returned the kid like he was a purse.


  16. If this means that I have to stay at home and raise the kids and my biggest decision of the day is whether or not I’m going to give up some [email protected] after the kids are in bed…well then I’m all in.


  17. CH

    No problem

    Beautiful women are more genetically succesful than ugly women, but yet fewer men than women reproduce, ensuring that top level men have more women gravitating around them than top level women – in other words top men are more “alpha” than top women.

    Women are also more similar to each other based on a variety of traits. Thus the higher probability of a man to have some unique traits.

    In other words almost any women could get a man (equality), but not any man could get a woman (inequality)


  18. on October 31, 2018 at 12:46 pm John Joel Glanton

    Damn, there’s this girl at my college, super tall, very Anglo looking. Dresses down, seems very nerdish. Can’t tell if she actually is or just doesn’t care.

    Want to talk to her but have no idea how to initiate conversation.


  19. Whatever, tall chicks are gross.

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    • most of them yes


    • No worries judge, there are an army of squatemalans coming with 4 foot beaner women as far as the I can see. So go get yourself a lil’ brown spinner and make lots of 75 IQ half-beaner dwarfs with her. Leave the 5’10” Anglo and Germanic blonde smokeshows for me you beta faggot. We are CLEARLY talking about the exceptionally tall / lean hotties not the big boned hausfrau types.

      I already told you to fuck off back to Vox Day’s site, but yet, here you are again.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:47 pm Carlos Danger

      Jewish women are gross


      • Many are but not all. My mother was very pretty. Everyone who sees her picture thinks so. One of her Jewish girlfriends was beautiful, she was married to a wealthy lawyer. One of my moms friends was really ugly though…dark skinned and a very masculine voice. My dad had a nickname for her “the black penis”.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 3:03 pm Carlos Danger

        The comment was aimed more at Judge who says lots of dumbshit stuff


  20. Ah, Alias Clío. I wonder what ever became of her.


  21. I expect that because of their alpha male traits, Amazonians are also intense drama queens — alpha males don’t shy away from conflict and may even enjoy it, and so you can imagine how that mentality would show up in women. Let’s You And Him Fight up the wazoo. Much, much harder shit tests that would make most beta males break down crying. More like a long, drawn-out hazing ritual.

    Ironically, because of their alpha male mindset, they’re also much less flaky, more determined, and more coldly logical than most women. The Dark Triad is not unlikely to show up in an Amazonian, because guess what? Yet another alpha male trait.

    Any man who actually gets a crush on an Amazonian, and she finds out about it and happens to be soft on him in return, is in serious trouble. Gammas and most betas WILL get chewed up and spit out.

    [CH: feminine women tend to be the ones drawn to playing the role of drama choreographer. think of the eternal ingenue archetype. the pixie. the BPD headcase. amazonian alpha chicks with male mindsets don’t typically go in for manufactured drama. they prefer a front forward confrontational style when challenged, and have a competitive instinct lacking in most women.]


    • Didn’t show her in my list but I had one of this type too and I agree with you that a lot of negative personality traits can be found in these wahmen. The three I mentioned were exceptional in every way. But I had ‘another’ 5’10” blonde Paris Hilton knock-off and she was a total fucking lunatic.

      Habitual aggressive drunk, mood swings, would -constantly- put me into ‘lets you & him fight’ situations. Etc, etc.

      She was the ‘bad’ archetype of the amazonian with the full on aggression and getting alpha males to engage in bloodsport for her. I hung around way longer than I should have much to my detriment. Live & Learn. She was an absolute insane fucking tiger in bed just like Titus said about his military chick.

      Long body, ripped, four pack abs, etc. but the body, the looks, and the fucking like a rabid dog in heat did NOT counter balance the constant drama / shit-testing.

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    • “feminine women tend to be the ones drawn to playing the role of drama choreographer. think of the eternal ingenue archetype”

      I’m guessing the more feminine grades of Amazonian have a lot of Ingenue traits. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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  22. wouldn’t the germans be the purest germanics


    Germans, even before merkelization, were a mongrel race of proper Germanic tribes (Saxons, Franci, Thuringii, Alamanni, Bavarii, and Frisians), goths, and western slavs.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:16 pm Carlos Danger

      Bavarians are Celts. So are German Swiss and Austrians. Germany straddles the dividing line between Gaul and Germania. West of the Rhein and Main and South of the Donau are Celtic,


  23. on October 31, 2018 at 1:39 pm gunslingergregi

    clio yea remember entire threads devoted to talking bout Hollywood actresses and actors that a shitton of people used to define real life


  24. Dated some tall chicks – problem is it’s like they’ve been split with an axe. The giant gash is typical of the amazon.


  25. Here you have your amazonian “woman” hahaha


  26. on October 31, 2018 at 2:14 pm Ralph Stanley

    I can think of one really, really hot girl in my city that’s a member of the “in” crowd. She is tall, slim, and has an angular, almost severe face that gets more striking once you get used to it. I wonder if she was an awkward teenager. There’s something to be said for a great bod with an odd, has-to-grow-on-you face.

    One horrifying trend I’ve noticed is wives keeping the extra pounds after having a baby. This goes hand in hand with the trend of women taking on masculine traits. it’s partly linked to women having kids later in life, but there’s a socialization aspect to it as well. All of the moms who “struggle with their weight” hang together, which relieves the pressure to lose weight. And these women inevitably work too, so the little time they spend at the gym is not sufficient to keep up with the wine calories they consume (to their credit, I’m sure they are legitimately exhausted all the time). Often the husbands/dads are in decent enough shape, either because they jog/bike or because they stay active just enough to maintain the sort of skinny-fat physique that looks ok in the right clothes (or maybe they look slim next to their fat wives). Many of these moms get away with it by wearing cute dresses and abandoning jeans altogether.

    The fat acceptance movement must be gaining ground and/or beta thirst is surging.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:16 pm Carlos Danger

      There’s something to be said for a great bod with an odd, has-to-grow-on-you face.

      They tend to become witchy with age.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:18 pm Carlos Danger

      Avoiding getting fat is not difficult, just drop that eating for two nonsense, which is a myth. Breast feeding will take care of the rest.


      • That is true. Breastfeeding can even make you loss too much kilos. The first 3 months you do not lose so much (in my.experience) then you just lose it without to try. It is amazing.


    • on October 31, 2018 at 2:22 pm Carlos Danger

      Working with newborns in daycare is a sin and prevents breast feeding too, Children bond much more with their mother when breast fed. There is a reason Globohomo wants women working- it is highly destructive to the family. I can’t emphasize the importance of breastfeeding enough. Our parenting classes took that position too.


  27. on October 31, 2018 at 2:39 pm Tatless & Beardless

    About modern vehicles, the very ugly, but feminine styling of SUVs and crossovers as the family car very much reflect the status of the marriage and betaness of the husband who is totally oblivious to being seen in a giant handbag on four wheels.


  28. on October 31, 2018 at 3:05 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    I found myself in a meeting room high atop some soulless corporate tower earlier this week with that globalist girl exec (the tall, ambitious 39 year old go-girl who wears designer pumps and skirts and has hair down to her ass).

    We were waiting for other people to attend a corporate meeting, and she remarked about a photograph on the wall; a shot of the Monmarte neighbourhood of Paris. Innocently, I said, “reminds me of ‘Under the Roofs of Paris’ by Henry Miller. Have you read that?” (That Miller tome is particularly egregious in its raw, ribald sex scenes, but part of the American literary canon so it’s “safe” to mention at work).

    She replied no (of coursh), but then allowed that she had Tropic of Cancer sitting on her bookcase in her trendy downtown condo, but hadn’t found the time to read it. She then smirked and said, “aren’t those books full of lurid details?” I rejoined, “yes, a perfect book to read on a tropical holiday.” She crossed one nude stocking’d leg over the other, and looked over and said “but I’d need a boyfriend to bring with me.”

    I think we’re making some headway.


    • lolz 39 years old not time to read a book, no time for a boyfriend
      but perhaps she could spare 90 min’s


      • “Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine.”
        ― Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934
        you see the eternal drama will live forever, even if confined to the kitchen it will still live
        that is one of the key premises when forming your strategy of how to see how to conquer and how to escape


  29. [CH: wouldn’t the germans be the purest germanics?]

    Not necessarily. German is a nationality and although in the North the nationality and ethnic groups are similar there has been mixing in Germany as well.Europe was made up with the Old European group which included the 1/3 N of Africa and west Asia.Then what we call the Indo European Latin speakers settled in Europe and mixed with them. The people were likely ethnically alike before and after the mixing whether in Rome or Trier.People spoke the new Latin language which of course over time changed into the dialects spoken in Europe today whether German or Spanish.Only the barbarians were outside of Latin culture and spoke their own Hun unwritten dialects. Germans were pretty much Latinised. If what you mean by Germanic is Indo Euro Aryan then all of Europe is in that category and it’s only due to more modern invasions on the fringes that changed the people there.The Ancient Greeks and Romans were Aryans for the most part.If you’ve read the Iliad ,or even seen the film Troy that’s what the people looked like 3k years ago even into Turkey (w Asia)
    I’m glad the writers kept the script and casting accurate and didn’t throw in any Negroes or Chinamen. I guess that writers who are smarter than producers didn’t want to look like illiterate horse’s arses lol


  30. I read “Amazonian Alphas” and came in expecting some instructions on how to avoid Death by Snu Snu

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  31. I got an instant chubby when I saw that you quoted Miss Clio. Oh, the good old days of this blog!


  32. Croatia is a tall country…which is surprising because I don’t believe the countries that surround it are especially tall. I look at a webcam at a cafe in Zagreb. I am in awe of the women there. They are tall yet they are thin (I see no fat women there) and feminine…as different from American women as can be.


  33. Short women have more potential mates. A woman rarely floods the basement for man shorter than she is, and what woman wants to have the children of a man she doesn’t have the hots for? It takes a combination of height and alpha to wake up the maternal instinct in a tall girl. Gabby Reece is probably the prototypical Amazon Alpha. I remember when I first met her – she could look me in the eye and her handshake was damn firm. It was a tournament so she had her game face on and radiated ferocity.

    But Laird Hamilton, a 6’4″ guy who surfed the biggest waves he could find and invented entire sports, convinced her to marry him 3 years later and have kids. She abandoned her Volleyball career – where she was one of the best, and best known, players – to have his kids. She thought about becoming a pro golfer, but decided she was too busy raising his kids. She was quoted on national TV saying women should be soft, feminine and submissive in their relationship, and should be proud of it. Not something I’d have expected to hear from the skyscraper in a bikini that tried to break by hand 25 years ago.

    Laird is a dude.

    Be a dude. And, be as tall a dude as you can.

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  34. Calling a braud an “Amazon” is a great neg.

    I had one tell me she went home and started cutting herself (telling fib if you ask me) after I mentioned her stature the week before.

    So I started calling her “Amazon” and “Wonder Woman” to amuse myself.

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  35. Amazonian Alpha: Jesyka Dereta



  36. Guess I got the outlier. 5’11” ex Natl team rower. Could do 20 pull ups in her prime. Mostly Polish, knocked out four kids, still had the physique of a 20 something. Could get pregnant from the air in a men’s locker room. Isn’t is great when you get the right tail of the distribution curve?


  37. How can anyone call that phony hero, fatty, and DemonRat-in-sheep’s-clothing John McCain an Alpha? Where’s my barf bag!

    [CH: that clio post was a long time ago. we know more now.]