Comment Of The Week: Shot To The Thot

The COTW winner is Corinth Arkadin, crafting the wording of the next Amendment to the Constitution repealing the 19th:

Anyone who takes a protein shot directly to the face is immediately disqualified from any public discourse.

Hillary voters, male and female, hardest hit.

Hardest hit.

I see what I did there.


  1. That leaves Milo out in the cold then. What a shame.

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  3. I just realized why soyboys smile the way they do.
    They don’t want giz in their beards.

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  4. on October 29, 2018 at 11:38 am Diversity Is Good

    An idea whose time has come. A meme the libs can’t just wipe away or shake off.

    Make this posting a sticky one.

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  5. Bill on Hillary

    Not much of a face, but she does have one of the fatter asses I ever came across

    (I’d like to take full credit for that, but out of respect for George carlin, I must give crdit him withthe idea)


  6. tl;dr
    “cock sleeves shall not vote”