Finger Length Ratio And Female Infidelity

A study with a decent sample size (N = 274 female participants) found that the index finger to ring finger ratio (2D:4D) in women predicts their potential risk of cheating.

Being more exposed to the sex hormone oestrogen in the womb leads to women’s index fingers growing longer than their ring finger.

By contrast, being exposed to more of the male sex hormone testosterone in the womb has a more ‘masculinising’ effect – and results in a longer ring finger and a shorter index finger.

Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers have been found to be better sportsmen.

Eiluned Pearce of Oxford University carried out the research which has been published in a Royal Society Journal.

She took measurements of the finger lengths of 274 female volunteers and also sampled their DNA.

They also completed psychological tests on their relationship quality.

She found that ‘women with higher (more feminine) left hand digit ratios are more impulsive and rate their romantic relationships less favourably.’ She added that the finding is ‘intriguing, because the opposite might be expected’.

Ok, a few words of caution. As with any sociosexuality research that relies in part on self-report surveys, take it with a grain of salt. Women lie, and women lie a lot when the question has to do with their romantic longings and sexual history. Women as a sex will “lie down” (heh), meaning they will undercount the number of men they have slept with and will reclassify non-vaginal sex as platonic friendship.

Having said that, we can assume, since women will lie in one direction (to socially signal more chasteness than they in reality possess), that the differences in sexual behavior or relationship satisfaction between high and low finger ratio women would hold as a valid finding, despite the magnitude of those differences possibly skewed by social expectation bias. This would only not be the case if, for some reason, high finger ratio women and low finger ratio women lied at different frequencies. That is, if high 2D:4D women lied more about their romantic lives than low 2D:4D women lied about theirs, we could not trust any uncorrected self-report data that attempted to compare the two groups.

This isn’t an idle misgiving. It’s plausible that very feminine women are more disposed to lying about their chasteness than are masculinized women, given that femininity is in general associated with a greater sensitivity to social pressure and with affinity for emotional manipulation of others.

One more word of caution: the researchers appear to have used “impulsivity” and “dissatisfaction with relationship” as proxies for “higher likelihood of cheating”. These aren’t equivalent, despite the former two characteristics being a leading indicator of the latter risk. Dissatisfied women in relationships can conceivably control themselves and resist infidelity……


….but that’s not the way to bet.

Still, based on my experience with women, I believe this study has touched on a truth about women that would be more brightly illuminated with better methodology.

In the research paper, she speculates that women with the higher index finger to ring finger ration are likely to be ‘more feminized’ and more highly sought after by males.

Because they know they have a lot of options, ‘this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners’ and this might lead to flings – or as the scientists call it ‘opportunistic mating’ and ‘impulsive’ mating with men who are not their husband or partner.

The two main strategies in sex are ‘opportunistic mating’ – in other words having lots of flings – and a strategy ‘focusing on long-term commitment’.

She writes that ‘If females with more feminised morphology [body shape] have higher ‘mate value’,

SMV: sexual market value.

The Chateau isn’t an outpost of the world; the world is an outpost of the Chateau.

this might be associated with dissatisfaction with current partners, leading to impulsive extra-pair matings and seeking alternative mates.’

Finger length ratio is a well-tread topic at the Chateau. There has been debate whether masculinized or feminine women are more likely to cheat (proponents of the former reasoning that women with high T are hornier and thus cheat risks), but this study says more feminine women are the cheat risks, which validates a classic Chateau pearl necklace of wisdom:

Options = Instability

The researchers also looked at the ratio of index finger to ring finger lengths in males, but did not find any connection with relationship quality.

FYI, there is very little discrepancy between the finger ratios of gay and straight men. If anything, gay men have slightly more “masculine” ratios.

That last bit about the dearth of evidence for a digit ratio-to-relationship quality correlation in men is very telling. It indirectly supports my observation that women make holistic assessments of male mate quality, seeking out a panoply of hsmv traits in men, some of which contradict each other. As such, the playing field is open to men of varying masculinity and femininity — think on, for example, how common it is to see brooding artist soyboys and musclehead jocks with cute girls — and how that might manifest biologically in a natural selection process that neither favors nor disfavors for long high 2D:4D men over low 2D:4D men.

It’s interesting to speculate on the existence of Darwinian balances that keep lower digit ratio men in the game, and further to speculate that this is the reason why there isn’t a connection between a man’s digit ratio and his relationship quality.

That connection is easier to see when looking directly at the source of a man’s happiness: his woman’s beauty, or lack thereof. Forget male finger ratios; if you want to know if a man is satisfied in his relationship, just ask yourself if you would eagerly fuck his girlfriend or wife. If yes, he’s happy.


  1. A more feminine woman has hordes of men begging her to either go out with them or have sex with them,

    while a less feminine woman has less offers

    more offers means more likely to eventually do it and cheat

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  2. It depends I think so. We can expect a ratio indicating the high exposure to testosterone women cheat for the different reasons to the low ratio.

    .”It’s plausible that very feminine women are more disposed to lying about their chasteness than are masculinized women, given that femininity is in general associated with a greater sensitivity to social pressure and with affinity for emotional manipulation of others.”

    Exactly. All women have potential to cheat. Maybe at more fare ends of the ratio spectrum it will be more cheating. Eg. – hyper masculine Women, hyper feminine women. But for very different reasons and motivations. My thought (I agree with you) is with the high t ratio they genuinaly want more variety because theyre libidos is more like mens. More feminine women can cheat if not happy. In stable fullfilling relationship I believe the feminine woman is very less probable to cheat (she does not have this need for variety, she just needs one man to “tame” her). If he has the ability to tame her,, and that means make her happy (not necesarily what she thinks will make her happy, it is dependant on the woman’s awareness of her self).

    The high t women are probably more what men desire in the way of many things. (Libido like a man, less neurotic) But I think so a feminine woman is going to be the best long term. With female hormones also comes the emotional sugestibility, and if you know how you handle that, a highly feminine woman will make one very happy man.

    [CH: a wise comment, eofahapi. men may like the expedience of a “manageable” or “relatable” tomboy, but men’s hearts only truly sing with very feminine women. it’s the decision between choosing a small reward for less effort, or a big reward for more effort.]


    • on December 6, 2018 at 4:28 pm Captain Obvious

      ^^^^^She needs to write a book.

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      • You both need to stop polishing a pedestal.

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 11:37 pm Captain Obvious

        I suspect that in her native Cypriot Greek, she could write a very interesting book.

        But I also suspect that she might need to experiment with different formats [self-help, romance, tragedy, comedy, commentary, whatever] until she found her groove.

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      • Captain, I think I could never write a self help book. Even if when I am 40 years old with a “empty nest” and I have the patience to sit to write,, it would probably never be self help type. And never would be Cypriot greek.

        In my lap top, I have a great program that edits what you write. It is genius. But now I always write in the phone because my son has obsession with laptops and will take it from me and throw it! I will ask my husband and say to you the name of the program, he uses it for businese needs. I loved it before. Now if I type in the phone I never use auto correct, I change so much between the Greek and English and if people think so the auto correct is bad in english,, they are blessed they do not use Greek. Look to how confuseing our grammar is.

        “γάμος” means wedding

        “γαμώ” means the f word

        Both are pronounced almost the same only with accent in the first part of the word for wedding and last part in the dirty word. A person tryeing to talk Greek (And this hapens very much) can try to say, “I am going to a wedding”, but because of his wrong placement in the accent he could say “I am going to f….”

        It is awkward. Greek grammar is very dificult. It is horrible to write I think so. And Cypriot? Very very interesting dialect but main land Greeks would never read a book in Cypriot dialect. They would not understand it. The island was colonised very many times and the dialect is very different. (Crete have dialect but not in the same extent). Cypriot dialect contains ancient Greek words that the mainland people do not now use and Turkish words.

        In the public schools now, there is a very big focus on standard modern Greek (discoraging of dialect). That is a two edge sword imo, in the one side I feel little bit disrespecting to the local dialect, But In the other sidet is good for future careers. My son will have private standard Greek lessons because he will attend a private school where the lessons is in english. I also attended a private school where the more classes was in English. The education is better there, you just must make sure your kid is also haveing the modern Greek classes. If you send your child to a public school here now they maybe will come out talking Bulgarian or Roma language.

        Sorry, I got very interested in the language topic and talked and talked and talked. If I ever write a book, it will be perfect English or perfect Greek (with a special dedication to Cypriot dialect in the front in the front to make it my point. It will be very anti turk) 😄


    • In general more masculine women/more testosterone have higher libidos
      Some of the most crazy f*uckers are small tits narrow hips masculine women
      They f*uck as there was no tomorrow, most of nymphomaniacs comes from this category
      Their minds are forever infested with an non sufficient power to reason which nevertheless makes the total mess of their female side
      Most of them are as expected (totally) unbalanced and unhinged
      An perpetual internal struggle leaves easily recognizable face scars removing the shine from their eyes
      They cheat often to satisfy their libidos and to escape the said struggle
      Most of them are not good looking so their choices may be a few
      Almost all of “artist” women comes from this category and those who as young men were made to seek intellect were there has never been one must have encountered this kind

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  3. digits digitally dissected


  4. Hm. On my right hand, the ring finger and the index finger are equal, while on the left hand, the ring finger is longer. Strange.


  5. Relationships are a constant power struggle. Make sure you hold all the cards so they’re less likely to bluff (cheat). Oh, they’ll complain about it, and demand “equality,” but that’s only because theyve got no hand to play. Don’t fall for it and give them two of your four aces in the interest of “fairness,” or you deserve it when they show a full house and clean you out (cheating, divorce rap3, whatever).

    It’s a game you CAN win, but you have to throw all your old-fashioned notions of fairness and equality out the window. They aren’t playing by male honor rules, so neither should you. Press every advantage and you may just be able to walk away with the pot.

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  6. on December 6, 2018 at 3:55 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    As long as he is banging her at that moment of course.


  7. on December 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Sooo there are Slut Hands?


  8. on December 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    One of my new charges, a willowy, incredibly slim 25 year old brunette, has very long fingers. They look to be as long as mine, only bonier. She’s about 5’8″ and is quite feminine.

    She looks like she’d be tremendous in bed. Alas, moderin life and HR bureaucracies.


  9. on December 6, 2018 at 4:24 pm Sean Fielding

    ‘Women with higher (more feminine) left hand digit ratios are more impulsive and rate their romantic relationships less favourably . . . while the opposite might be expected.’

    Quelle surprise: once patriarchy’s gone, feminine women act in feminine ways: more impulsive and more likely to indulge hypergamous dissatisfaction.

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  10. “Women lie, and women lie a lot when the question has to do with their romantic longings and sexual history.”
    Did Heartiste not report in this blog some time ago the scientific proof of how women underreport their sexual histories? How did that study get around the underreporting? and was that technique applied in this digit ratio study as well?


  11. Looking at my own hand, I can see that the ratio is indeterminate. I can hold my fingers to produce any ratio I want, within a few percentage points in either direction. How do you standardize this?

    [CH: the linked study answers your question. it was standardized by measuring from the crease nearest the palm to the tip of the finger.]


  12. not that I care least for the asshole
    but his case exemplifies
    the scale of Divorce Rape Industrial Complex

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  13. on December 6, 2018 at 6:06 pm Captain Obvious

    Many OB-GYNs now give weekly IM Progesterone shots to their pregnant patients with a past history of pre-term b!rth.

    And they’re even starting to give Progesterone as a vaginal gel for women with short cervixes.

    Has anyone seen any studies of the effects of these artificially elevated Progesterone levels on the ch!ld in utero?


  14. Thought I’d post this Bumble exchange I had as it’s a good example of a lot of game techniques. Hope I don’t get stuck in mod.

    Her: Hey hru

    Me: gd u
    (Ed: I am so sick to the back teeth of chicks and their lazy-ass openers that I just fight fire with fire now)

    Her:I’m alright what you upto?

    Me: having lunch & looking at your pics. You?

    Her: I’m home sick unfortunately. Haha you like what you see?

    Me: i did until you said you were sick (disgust emoji)

    Her: Oh

    Her: Well that’s kinda awkward

    Her: What you got planned for the weekend?

    (Ed: neg leads to her asking me my plans. Lol)

    Me: thinkin of buyin’ a new car. You’re clearly gonna be in bed all wkend

    Her: Oh awesome what sort of car

    (Ed: Cue lengthy para about all the made up bullshit she’s doing this weekend)

    Me: doing much tonight?

    Her: nothing planned think my housemates staying in so might watch a movie, you?

    Me: yeah just relaxing at this point. Might open a bottle of something or have a few beers

    Her: that sounds amazing. You could go all out and eat cheese too

    Me: (eyeroll emoji) fine you bring the cheese

    Her: haha it’s a date. What part of town are you?

    Enjoy my bros


  15. how bout inventing a technology that ahctually has been invented before
    Rise of this cunt opens a new era in american demoncracy, namely the one of diversity commie cunt being elected time after time with the vote of her ilk
    While europe has been for long time dealing with overt commies the murrica turn has just come


  16. I’ve been building comfort with this girl I’ve written about here, and she’s been opening up, and behaving satisfactorily, but what I’m learning about her is not boner inspiring. She has genuine issues, and if I stick my dick in her and bail, it’ll damaging to her.,

    So I’m at a moral impasse. I don’t think I should sex her, because I don’t think I could date her long term based on what I’ve learned.

    She’s very pretty, but in terms of adding value to my life, I don’t think that’s possible, at least I can’t see it from my current vantage point.. This one comes with issues.

    She needs Jesus, and the only thing I could do for her is lead her in that direction.


    • Man, I really like this one, but I feel that feeling starting to slip away.


      • on December 6, 2018 at 8:38 pm Captain Obvious

        It sucks to have a conscience, Holmes.

        I have left so much* p00ntang on the table on account of Muh Conscience.

        Life is soooooooooo much easier for Psychopaths.

        *Like mountains of friggin p00ntang which muh conscience instructed moi to walk away from.

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      • There is nothing more asexual more bang killing than bringing jesus into a story of seduction
        All of these women need jesus lolz but some other day not tonite
        Bring seduction back


      • seducing women does not equal psychopathy
        if you leave p00ntang on table somebody else will take it
        you will not in any way help a woman that instinctively desire to be seduced
        preaching jesus to her
        she may feel bad about what she is going to do yet that very fact excites her even more
        she will, in most if not all cases, hate you more for that than the one f*ucked and dumped her


      • on December 6, 2018 at 11:32 pm Captain Obvious

        cortesar, it’s about MY conscience being clean & clear.

        I can’t be pumping & dumping a chick with obvious mental health problems.

        That’s almost like mo1esting ch!ldren.

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    • You’re coming to the realisation that “dating” without marriage BREAKS women.

      PUA breaks women.

      Premarital sex breaks women.

      And we wonder why our women suck so bad lol.

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      • yet you live in a world that abandoned those premises
        it is self defeating to play a game with old rules while other play with new ones and cheat incessantly
        I know a man who suffered immensely despite marrying a virgin “paysan”
        until the time the old rules are reestablished by the force of laws and mores you have to live in this world in which almost all is stacked against you and where allies are few and far between


    • on December 6, 2018 at 8:39 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “genuine issues”

      Can you give us a quick rundown?

      Starting with whether her Bio-Mom is still [email protected] to her Bio-Dad?


    • on December 7, 2018 at 3:56 am TerryThePirate

      Yeah, DON’T pump and dump. Every time we do that, we leave one more chick a little more bitter–thereby contributing to the overall problem. By all means, talk to her about Jesus if you’re so inclined. (But then, if that’s how you roll, why are you even considering sex without commitment?)

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    • on December 7, 2018 at 6:58 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      She will come to Jesus eventually. In the meantime she’s just built for Sin.

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    • I have a practical solution. Play with her. Tease her. Use her to blue up your own balls and consider it exercise.

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  17. The Bifurcated Senses: when two of your senses, hearing and sight in this case, are pulled apart by equally strong stimuli. It’s like a composition with two objects competing for dominance. Not what you want normally, “too much of a good thing” is real

    The perfect mostly-acoustic rock song. The perfect woman.


    • on December 6, 2018 at 8:47 pm Captain Obvious

      FREEPER rbg81: “It’s not just IQ. Young people look fundamentally different today from when I was younger. There are still good looking young people, but far fewer of them. It is almost like there has been some kind of genetic collapse.”

      6/14/2018, 9:38:37 AM

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 8:49 pm Captain Obvious

        You just don’t very many chicks anymoar with that bone structure & that skin texture & that BMI.

        Obviously part of it is obesity & the sedentary lifestyle.

        But something else is going on.

        My money is on all the endocrine disruptors, from BCPs to flax/soy to plastics to WTFE.

        Or it could be simply that the best among us aren’t making enough [email protected]

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 8:51 pm Captain Obvious

        But I can’t disagree with Freeper rbg81’s instinctual reaction of “genetic collapse”.

        Something is badly BADLY wrong.


      • on December 6, 2018 at 8:52 pm Captain Obvious

        You just don’t SEE very many chicks anymoar with that bone structure & that skin texture & that BMI…


      • The familiar feeling of looking at teenage girls… none of whom are exactly fat but they do have that asexual chunky look. Thick thighs, short legs, no waist, bloated faces, dull eyes.

        Shitty diet, GMO, HFCS.

        You see much less of it in the upper middle class, even in aspiring middle classes. And in lower classes as well… lots of diamonds in the rought there as well.

        Go out to the country, and those places are full of healthy teens.

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      • — You just don’t SEE very many chicks anymoar with that bone structure

        Circa 2008, I made a comment here about a chick I saw in Baltimore who had “ballerina legs,” as I put it. I wrote that she was probably European, as local chicks all have thick thighs. That comment upset a regular female commenter. Don’t remember her handle, just recall that she was pretty red pilled.

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      • – You just don’t SEE very many chicks anymoar with that bone structure

        Circa 2008, I made a comment here about a chick I saw in Baltimore who had “ballerina legs,” as I put it. I wrote that she was probably European, as local chicks all have thick thighs. That comment upset a regular female commenter. Don’t remember her handle, just recall that she was pretty red pilled

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 8:58 pm Captain Obvious

        PA, I don’t know WTF it is, but it’s something man.

        There are tons of HB6s, but HB8s are getting to be about as rare as hens’ teeth.

        Something is WRONG.

        PS: Agree with the countryside remark. So much moar p00ntang when you drive out of town, away from the Blue precincts, and into the Deep Red precincts.

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      • – but HB8s are getting to be about as rare as hens’ teeth.

        An exercise in recall: how many girls do you remember looking like that actress in Amanda above in the 80s?

        Maybe not many? My 80s high school yearbook has so many nice looking girls, but few had the model-legs.

        Today’s HB6s would have been 7’s or even maybe 8’s thirty years ago, with better diet, femininity, effort. They just don’t have the incentive to try hard now.

        We grew up with a popular culture that catered to human tastes, hence surfeit of girls like Tawny Kitaen in that Whitesnake video, the girl in “Wicked Game” video, etc. Were they in fact all that common then, though, in daily life?


      • For some reason I thought that Tawny Kitaen had died young. Nope, she’s alive and 57, in good shape and posting thottish selfies on Twatter. She does have two daughters, so those genes were passed onward.


      • Are breast sizes changing too? It seems like all the young girls are fat (sure their tits are big,but not if she looses the weight) or are skinny with small boobs.

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 11:30 pm Captain Obvious

        Tiny breasts.

        Salamander necks.

        Telephone-Pole thighs.

        WTFE it is, there just ain’t many HB8s anymoar.

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      • I was walking on a country road and this blonde 20 year old girl passed up behind, jogging and with headphones. She was literally a 9.95. This was northern WI.

        Due to the circumstances of there being no one else around I had to say something, but it came across as being awkward.

        The point being, who were her parents. They are elite class people. I wouldn’t even have wanted to sully her genetic line with my defects.


      • My exact words were something like “hey do you know how to get into town?” which was actually fairly clever but alas! it’s all in the delivery.


      • this comment section has always had abnormal tastes in lower body proportions. most men love a nice pair of thick thighs and wide hips as long as the waist stays slim. it’s indicative of high estrogen. most of the girls I see posted here by CH and commenters, like the woman in the video, have hips that are far narrower than the ideal.


  18. Tell us what to think, Jews.


    • Occupy Wall Street came from the right, before you infiltrated it, Jew.

      It was a “right wing” protest of the (((bank bailout))). That’s populist.

      God these Jews are stupid.



      • “We don’t know what they want.”

        Same exact line (((they))) used about Occupy.

        We’ve seen this playbook before, Jews.



      • but but goy you are so privileged you will have a chance by (((grace)))
        to see shindler’s list again
        do not miss this unique opportunity to feel even more guilty than it humanly possible


      • A Swindler’s List trivia fact: the sole moment of color in this b/w film is when a little Polish girls rabidly screams at the jews as they are shipped off for the shoah. There was a follow-up interview with her 20 years later, in which the now-adult actress said that Spielberg advised her to not see the movie until she is grown up. She did wait to see it, and said that she regrets appearing in that scene.

        Something all Americans indubitably learned in public schools: when the USSR occupied eastern parts of Poland, local Jews — almost all of whom were ommunists prior to the war — think — contemporary SJWs — eagerly assisted the Soviets in identifying “class enemies”, which resulted in over a million Poles shipped to Siberia.

        This expatriation involved cattle cars, and months of transport in freezing temperatures. So when the USSR pulled back when Germans pushed east, there were socres to be settIed.

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      • Christ, it’s not just a meme is it.
        They genuinely think that we simply can’t help ourselves, that genocide is something that just naturally follows when whites start to feel the slightest hint of pride or anger


      • on December 7, 2018 at 4:05 am TerryThePirate

        Populist left and populist right hold more or less the same opinion of Big Banking.

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      • Curious to see if they try to nominate the rerelease for an Oscar, so that it’s the only motion picture in history to win TWO best picture awards.

        “more at stake than even back then” sez the self-back-patting kike, go figger.

        (((shakin’ mein kopf)))

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    • In other words, wishful thinking, Jews.

      Keep trembling.

      May you suffer a heart attack from the stress.


    • Lol the fact he originally thought delaying tax for 6 months would be enough shows you just how stupid and out of touch these communists are.

      Macron you faggot, they are still coming for you Saturday. 😘


      • Saturday has been hyped up so much that you just know it is going to be a flop.

        One of my many red pill moments was how (((John not his real name Stewart))) sent in John Oliver to Occupy and totally mock it.


  19. “…something inviting calling you to desecrate that red temple.”


  20. […] Apparently your finger length ratio tells you how likely a girl is to cheat on you. […]