How A Man Can Reduce His Divorce Odds (The CH Options Theory In Action)

Answer: Marry a younger, hotter, tighter babe. You’ll never want to leave her. (“the best thing about high school girls….i get older and they all stay the same age”)

Less succinctly, a blogger by the handle Free Northerner put together a fact sheet compiled from CDC data to help men reduce the chance they’ll get ground up in the remorseless gears of the divorce industrial complex.

Looking at all this, it’s easy to see the two best determinates of her divorcing you are her education and whether she has had sex prior to marriage.

A bachelor’s degree is a 40-point decrease in the odds of divorce over a high school graduate.

A women having sex with one other partner is an instant 25-point increase in the odds of divorce, with another 10-point drop for a second partner, and another for a fifth. Related to this, her having sex before age 18 is another major risk factor. Marrying her before she’s 20 is also a risk factor, but not as great a one as her having had sex with someone else; if the choice is between a virgin under 20 and older non-virgin, the young virgin is less risky*. Do not marry a slut.

I don’t disagree with any of Free Northerner’s prescriptions for a divorce-free life, (except that the best defense is eternal bachelorhood). The data are clear, insofar as the data go.

The problem is that the data mask a deeper undercurrent that primarily influences divorce risk: spouse options.

Recall the infamous CH maxim:

Options = Instability.

A wife who feels like she can do better, or who has numerous suitors of equal or higher SMV than her husband, is a divorce-via-infidelity-and-boredom waiting to happen.

Similarly, a husband with lots of sexual market options will be greatly tempted to stray, or even abandon his wife, if his bang options on the extramarital market are better than his authorized intramarital outlet. The main difference between the two scenarios is that a husband with options is less likely to nuke his marriage than a wife with options, the husband preferring instead by the harem-building nature of his maleness to maintain marital appearances and a loyal wife at home while satisfying his carnal urges with side pieces.

Female sluttiness (measured by premarital cock count) and female education are the two biggest factors governing divorce risk for men, and both factors are emergent properties of the CH Options Theory of Divorce Odds.

Female sluttiness may not immediately strike the reader as necessarily an indication of female options, but it is in both direct and roundabout ways. First, remind yourself that the majority of women in the middle of the SMV belle curve have as a condition of their sex far more *sexual* options than do men. A 7 can spread her legs and have a thousand men lined up to take her to pound town. A male 7 has no such surfeit of options; he has to work for the few he gets. Even a male 10 unzipping in a roomful of horny broads won’t have as many willing participants as a female 7 would have unzipping at a closeted homosexual National Review loveboat cruise.

Given this inherent biological difference in the sexes, female sluttiness is therefore best understood as the interaction between a woman’s SMV and her sociosexuality (i.e., her willingness and urge to fuck around for the pleasure of it).

So, a woman has to have sufficiently high SMV to have the options to screw around AND she has to have a (probably inherited) disposition to want to avail herself of those options. The former — sufficient SMV — is the direct relation to the Options Theory, while the latter — aggressive sociosexuality — is the roundabout indication that a woman has options.

In short, if a sufficiently attractive woman is eager to fuck around, by definition she has options. I know it sounds like a tautology, but great truths are sometimes revealed by tautology. And the validity of the tautology is apparent by the nontransitiveness of it. If we try to apply it to men, it fails. A man of average SMV who is eager to fuck around does not necessarily have options. Unlike women, a man’s eagerness to wantonly fuck does not increase his available options as it would do for a woman.

The education variable — the other crucial risk factor for divorce — is really a proxy for female age at first marriage. The more education a woman obtains, the older she’ll be when she (finally) abandons the alpha fux highstyle for the beta bux homestyle. As we Crimson Pillers know, advancing age decreases women’s sexual market options exponentially. If female education lowers a man’s risk of divorce, it’s less to do with the woman’s erudition or grasp of the intricacies of patriarchal hegemony, or even her IQ and related impulse control. It’s mostly to do with the fact that overeducated women are older when they marry and thus have fewer men chasing after them, which certainly contributes to these age 28+ women magically discovering devoted marital bliss and avoiding justifications for divorce.

Vox adds to the debate an idea with which I have a rare disagreement,

It won’t show up in the statistics, but based on my observation, there is also a relative aspect to the divorce risk. For example, the statistics indicate that a woman with 15 prior sexual partners has a divorce risk of 70 percent, but how that applies to the specific marriage will vary greatly between the man who has had one prior sexual partner and the man who has had 100.

For the former, the knowledge that his wife has been with 15 other men is likely devastating. For the latter, that sounds like the summer after graduating from college and is of no concern to him. And given the way in which hypergamy works, it probably shouldn’t be, as it’s almost certain that she will, rightly, worry far more about his faithfulness than he does about hers. Rank and relativity are not easily accounted for, but they do matter.

Vox is right to figure that a woman married to a high notch count cad has more to worry about regarding his fidelity than he has regarding her fidelity. Where I disagree is his assertion that men who’ve bedded lots of women wouldn’t be disgusted with a slutty wife prospect with the same intensity that a relatively inexperienced man would be disgusted. In my meanderings through the tingle trenches, I’ve found the opposite to be true: womanizers who’ve sexed lots of ladies are MORE put off by a serious LTR prospect who has herself a history littered with discarded lovers.

Why? It sounds like a double standard. More precisely, it’s a different standard, and it exists because men who do well with women have the alpha jerkboy leverage to demand chastity from the women they intend to wife up, (said female chastity being much more relevant to a man’s Darwinian success owing to the fact that slutty women are bigger cuckold threats in a state of nature unoccluded by the distorting effects of birth control and abortion). And pushin’ come to cushion, almost all men will, if the option is available, prefer a wife with less sexual history baggage than the modren norm.

Ironically, Vox would be onto something if he had swapped the men in his example. It’s much more likely that a weak, sexually inexperienced beta male with few options would tolerate (happily or insincerely) a wife prospect with a double digit telegonic cock count. And in fact that’s pretty much what I see happening in real life: weak betas marrying older, former sluts who may still have a little gas left in their dilated crevasse for a rode hard trip.

*Free Northerner writes, “if the choice is between a virgin under 20 and older non-virgin, the young virgin is less risky”. I concur. The under-20 virgin objectively has more mate options based on her resting SMV, but like I wrote above a woman’s options are a function not just of her SMV but also of her willingness to indulge the sexual attention that her SMV brings her.

If you’re a man looking for wife, always bet on inexperienced youth over slutty maturity. More men may eye up your virginal blossom, but the wilting slut is more apt to allow interlopers to take a surreptitious sniff of her musky overripe aroma.


  1. Brother Heartiste,

    How can you advocate eternal bachelorhood over the continuity of our people, communal solidarity, and communal defense–even if the price of these is divorce? That vaunted European talent for cooperation depends on having people to cooperate with.

    I get public lip service to bachelorhood as a scarcity play to right the reeling mating market, but we are essentially taking amongst ourselves here.

    [CH: this blog frequently explores the tension between the individual and society. the lesson is that no one should fool themselves that marriage isn’t a sacrifice for men, even if it’s societally or racially beneficial.]


    • on October 7, 2016 at 6:23 pm Captain Obvious

      Sooner or later, every man has to take one for The Team.

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    • on October 7, 2016 at 7:11 pm Ponce du Lion

      Yes and that exploration makes the whole thing more interesting and legitimate even in the collective level.


    • I just want to clarify that my reference to “vaunted European talent for cooperation” was neither sarcastic nor passive aggressive. It was entirely sincere. I probably should have used “exceptional” (or even “superlative” – it is possible we are rivaled only by the Japanese) instead.


  2. on October 7, 2016 at 6:17 pm Captain Obvious

    The ONLY reason to [email protected] is for the making & birthing & nurturing & raising of CH!LDREN. So in addition to the disgust at other dudes’ d!cks having been in her various orifices, and the attendant specter of all these horrifying venereal diseases nowadays, what is really phreaking me out lately is this emerging “Epigenetics” theory, which holds that some other playah’s sperm could have embedded its genetic material in her womb, and that that genetic material will sit there waiting patiently for your child to come to rest, at which point it will jump ship and infiltrate your child?!?!? YIKES!!!!!

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    • What do you think about adoption? – As you know, it is an issue even the most passionless of Cuckians abide by dogmatically.

      At the church I go to there are at least five big white families there that have adopted black children. To be frank, it is off-putting as fuck. On one occasion I could see the dismay and annoyance in the eyes of the real children as they had deal with and share toys with their adopted counterparts.

      On another occasion I recall a white couple sitting next to each other – where the husband had cuck face, literal real time cuck face, and the wife looked very despondent and careless when dealing with her crying black adopted girl. I don’t even think this couple had a white child. i think they only had this one little black girl. Once upon a time I would simply assume that they lacked the ability to produce children for whatever reason so they’ve compensated by adopting a black kid. Now its fairly clear that the husband is a weak kneed faggot and the wife is a deranged woman who bought the “the blacks are in need. we must save them!!” When I see her handling the child, however, I can see a real sense of regret and disdain in her face. It is saddening

      On a third occasion there was another white couple who took the bold step of not having just one black adopted baby (oh no, every good Christians got at least one now! lolollll!) but two!! They were crying loudly, the wife was trying to tend to one of them but again you could see in her eyes and facial expressions that she knew deep in her heart this child was not hers, yet she kept trudging away regardless. Her disposition gave off the vibe that she was taking care of some one else kid – because she was!! – as if the fantasy of being a cuckcunt was not as satisfying as she initially thought. And then the father – another faggot – had one of those gay baby backpacks strapped on tightly with his soft gut popping out. This backpack was designed to carry two babies at once, one on the fucking front and another on the back. The wife strapped both babies in and then the father started walking around coaxing the two brown turds to silence. I couldn’t believe it.

      And people in the congregation found all of this to be normal Christian behavior!! I haven’t conjured the balls to even vaguely mention to members of the church how all of this is an oddity or that one should focus on their own fucking offspring and not some unlucky kid. I think I would get thrown out


      • on October 7, 2016 at 7:47 pm Captain Obvious

        Dude. IT’S THE TRUMPENING. Conjure the Balls. Get thrown out. Now is the time for all good men to cum to the aid of their country blood/race/civilization.


      • Epigenetics sounds too X-Files to be true.
        The womb is actually a pretty hostile environment – to no ones’ surprise – and there’s no way any sperm could survive long enough for this to work.
        There was a picture on pi-news dot net the other day of Das Mürkül, the gravedigger of Germany, fawning over a black baby.
        This blog likes to rag on cat ladies, cats don’t threaten you with a knife on the bus or gangbang your daughter at school, making them a much better outlet for unfulfilled mother instincts than half of Africa and South Asia.

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      • This is the reason that the church has been hemorrhaging men over the last 30-40 years. In the world of tolerance for hypocrisy, men tend to be the least so, in my experience.

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      • Adoption can be to the benefit of any group as much as to its detriment. Our bodies have longer lives and greater potential health, but our fertile lives are still as short as ever. The world as it is produces many unwanted children and allows people who are not functional or independent to breed. Unadopted children or children who are fostered for a year at a time often grow up with unresolved issues. Parents who have raised three or more healthy children to their teens or above have experience handling a variety of forming personalities. And there are numerous government incentives to foster and adopt children. All in all, it makes sense to make the most of your fertile years and then go on to long-term foster or adopt (depending on which is more economical and gives more freedom in your country] children who match your family and lifestyle, but who may need a bit of support in recovering from a bad background and becoming good adults.

        In short: adoption isn’t a replacement for breeding, but an extension of our childrearing capacities to match our extended lives.


      • I adopted two white kids from South Africa. I plan to adopt one more from Eastern Europe.


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  4. i’d add that a woman’s reasons for infidelity vary widely.

    she’ll stray from a beta provider for an animal style in-n-out pounding. but she’ll just as quickly stray from a zfg asshole if her confidence is shrinking because her shitlord boyfriend refused to take her on a date for a couple years, even though he pounded her properly every morning, noon, and night.

    they’re slippery creatures. “two in the hopper” is a wise insurance policy.


    • agree with and have experienced this. too much alpha without any beta comfort sprinkled in every now and then can lose you a girl. that said, it’s better to lose a girl by being too much of a selfish fuck than too much of a beta niceguy.


  5. on October 7, 2016 at 7:09 pm Ponce du Lion

    Yes a bachelor’s degree. What could gonna possibly get wrong? She’s a mature and professional woman, we could even said she’s is perfect a true princess at least in her and some beta mind, she knows what’s to have several dicks inside her at the same, she knows how to do blowjobs and lubricate her anus to get a black dick size inside with minimal soreness. Now she feels that is ready to settle, βeta has bucks, and she’s financially independent so beta gets cucked and he can’t realize that!! This is why there is no divorce because there is a parasitic force!!


  6. There’s no one indicator. As with everything it’s a combination of factors. It’s all relative.

    A beautiful 17 yr old virgin bride from a tiny village in Albania will cheat once brought to American and initiated into our terrible culture.


    • Well; why bring her into our culture?


    • Move to Albania. Sure it’s poor. But she’ll never cheat on you.


      • Pretty much.

        That and the more she stays in her original country/culture the more being “american” still gets some of that mythological going on.

        There your Superman; back home your Clark Kent kind of deal.


  7. If you’re a man looking for wife, always bet on inexperienced youth over slutty maturity. More men may eye up your virginal blossom, but the wilting slut is more apt to allow interlopers to take a surreptitious sniff of her musky overripe aroma.

    After all, old whores are willing to give it up to inexperienced beta males, so what makes you think they wouldn’t give it up to anything above that?