Another Clinton Corruption Eruption

It’s not like anyone who isn’t snorting Hillary “thecunt” Clinton’s magic muff dust needs the additional confirmation that she’s a corrupt wicked bitch, but here’s another log to add to the inferno that will be thecunt’s eternal lair in the short time it takes for her Parkinson’s to progress past the point where her security detail and the media can’t hide it anymore.

Close Clinton ally gave $467,500 to wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who was investigating Clinton

Executioner’s Summary: Longtime Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe donated, via his Virginia Democrat Twerk and Fat Cat Party, a half million dollars to the wife of the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, who helped oversee the investigation into Hillary’s email use, (which was predictably dismissed on grounds of….insufficient evidence? nope, that wasn’t it……the FBI’s excuse if I recall had something to do with…what was it again?…hillary broke the law but didn’t break it *enough* to justify affecting the election outcome?…yeah something along those lines).

In Sane World (instead of the Clown World we currently inhabit), this would be known as bribery, which as far as I know is a felony crime if a public official is involved. But nooooo the media isn’t in the tank for Hillary at all, what with their studied effort to ignore any and all evidence pointing in the direction of Hillary malfeasance. /sarcasm

Trump will be our next President (the two most accurate polls from 2012 show Trump either with a lead or tied), but if the force multiplier media shilling for Hillary should somehow deny the God Emperor his rightful throne, then I expect — predict! — that thecunt will be impeached within her first two years trying to shove as many syrians and somalis into heartland America. The media can pull the wool over Americans’ eyes for a couple of weeks leading up to a national election; it can’t keep up thecunt circle wagoning charade for years.


In related poll rigging news, far fewer state polls have been done in the past month compared to the same time period from 2012.

It’s very easy to see the purpose of the rigged polling strategy that is being pursued by the Crooked Cunt Campaign-media-polling agency Axis of Untruth. The number fudging, oversampling, and “the lackeys doth protest too much” MSM insistence of an inevitable Cunt victory are designed to demoralize and depress the turnout of Trump’s constituency: heritage America.

Trumpentroopers, don’t fall for it. This election will be FAR closer than thecuntmedia lets on. You’re at the despot’s walled sanctum about to storm the globohomo COCKtail party; this is no time to go flaccid.


For your viewing consideration: “Anonymous” conducts a 1,000 person-per-state poll weighted 33% D, 33% R, and 34% I:


  1. […] Another Clinton Corruption Eruption […]


  2. Another one of her secrets exposed? At this trend rate, revelations and leaks will continue well past HRC’s death!

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    • What death? You don’t think the body double that stood in for her the third debate will assume her role and position?

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    • The best new handle i’ve seen for libtards is “DemoCreeps” instead of “Democrats” I find it more snappy and easy to use, it’s short, sweet hits at their use of the word CREEP and puts them on the defensive, while libtard requires more people to think for a second. In short, effective tool to get message across to even low IQ idiots.

      DemoCreep, lol.


  3. on October 24, 2016 at 12:36 pm meistergedanken

    A report from the field: on Saturday the Wife and I were about to sit down for brunch when a knock summoned me to the front door. My wrath was checked and my ire mollified when on the porch I saw two older gentlemen wearing Trump/Pence T-shirts going door to door in the neighborhood. One of the men apologized for interrupting our meal and said he merely wanted to pose three questions to me, to which I readily agreed.

    “First, do you plan on supporting Trump, Clinton or some other candidate on election day?”
    I told him that I – and my wife – would be gladly casting our ballot for Trump in November. I got pleasant smiles in return.
    “Do you want a Trump sign to put in your yard?”
    I said no, because I didn’t want to deal with the very real possibility of ensuing theft and/or vandalism. The men nodded, and one of them said, ”I don’t blame you. We’ve seen a lot of that. I would say for every person that accepts a Trump sign there are 9 Trump voters who don’t.”
    This shouldn’t have surprised me, but the magnitude of the ratio did, a little. I reside in an affluent suburb in a district that has had Republican representation in Congress for as long as I’ve lived here (over twelve years), and only 10% of self-declared Trump voters are putting up signs, such is the oppressive shadow upon the land. But you just KNOW that every single Hillary supporter is proudly defiling their own front lawns.

    Finally, he asked if I was going to be supporting Rob Portman in his bid for reelection to the Senate (I live in Ohio).
    “Hell no,” I replied vociferously, “that man is a God-damned traitor. He should learn how to back his party’s nominee!” (Portman is one of those arch-cucks who recently and publicly rescinded his endorsement of Trump.) One of the men sighed, the other put down his head a little and smiled sadly. “Yeah, I totally get that. I understand where you’re coming from. Well, thanks for your time and have a great day.”

    It was an illuminating exchange – for both of us. Make of this what you will.

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  4. This is from Jim Stone:

    “Trump is already at 85 percent and “they” believe they can rig that to a loss and get away with it if they keep publishing false polls that show Trump and Hillary so close that the electoral college will make the difference. I am confident that is the plan – rig it right up to the threshold where they can blame a Hillary victory on the electoral college and then rave about how great Trump did, and compliment the hell out of him. That’s how it is done. They have run their psy op tests to see what outcome would be least likely to spark an armed rebellion and that is it. If they steal this one, America is over.”

    Probably Stone is correct, Trump is at 85%+. Whether the election can be successfully stolen with numbers like that will be the story of the year.

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    • “see what outcome would be least likely to spark an armed rebellion”

      That sounds like the US government. And plausible.

      The beauty is that Trump wont stop. I dont believe he will. I believe he will fight every corrupt inch of every state in question.

      My biggest concern is the Soros-linked voting systems. its almost like a fail safe for the global elites. When all else fails (like now) they have the count manipulated electronically and verified by an owned 3rd party.

      lets look at all the facts going back to the primary:
      -Trump lost all caucus states, but practically won every popular vote state
      -confirmed rigging against Bernie
      -confirmed media/debate/dnc/hrc collusion against the Donald
      -confirmed coordinated efforts by establishment GOP to thwart Donald
      -confirmed foreign country donations to HRC
      -confirmed media suppression of donalds rallies and platform

      And given all of this, hes still making waves. most small donor donations to republican candidate ever.

      The people are speaking and the elite hates it. I dont see how theyll be able to steal this election without several smoking guns being caught on alt-right media.


      Time to spill the blood of tyrants

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      • Trying to get away with such treason, on such a scale, with so much collusion between both parties and the media to do so, with so many crimes already uncovered, yet still trying to suppress the evidence — the US government has already lost legitimacy.

        It rules by force and lies alone, without any legal authority at all. They have tried to put themselves above all law, but all they have done is make themselves outlaws, with no rights anyone need honor, no duties due from anyone. The government continues in empty form from mere habit, like a dead man who hasn’t yet realized it. But it is dead, not only dead but rotting, putrid with corruption, a zombie lurching on with mindless malignancy.

        The people continue to follow the laws out of habit as well, like an elephant that hasn’t realized that the chain that bound it through its childhood is now too weak to hold. When the elephant is finally goaded too far and turns on its zombie mahout, as it will this November, it will find it no challenge at all to stomp its lifelong tormentor into a wormy paste, and it will wonder why it waited and suffered so long and so much before doing what needed to be done.

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  5. At this point the DNC is compelled to hold on to power at every cost or it’s long prison terms and epic scale civil damages for legion of them.

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  6. OT, but related to Witch Clinton’s impending loss:

    I had a brainstorm Halloween idea for all of us deplorables:

    Witch Hunter.

    All you need are the following three items, though feel free to embellish:
    1. Pilgrim-era hat
    2. Plastic pitchfork (such as those sold for demon costumes)
    3. Anti-Hillary shirt.

    As for the third part—the anit-Hillary shirt—there are three different ways to make it:
    1. Buy an anti-Hillary T-shirt, such as ones making her look like a witch or one of Alex Jones’s “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt.
    2. Buy a regular Hillary shirt and vandalize it by putting a circle and a line through it (like the “no smoking” signs).
    3. The cheapest option: go to your local (demoralized) Hillary campaign headquarters and ask for Hillary signs from the staff (they’ll be weirded out and a bit frightened by a confident white male asking for some, but they should hand them over willingly, just don’t give away your game). Poke holes in the signs and hang them around your neck, except, again, vandalize, again to make sure even drunk people know they’re anti-Hillary.

    (But make sure you’re not calling for violence against her, even jokingly writing about “burning her at the stake”. They WILL make arrests for that, and pretend they don’t get it. MAGA and protect yourself).

    On Halloween:

    Strut around proudly and declare yourself the “Witchfinder General” for your city. Pass out flyers of the SeaHag with the words “Have you seen this witch?” written on it. Declare that a vote for Hillary will create jobs—for Witch Hunters.

    Let’s see if we can get this meme going on Halloween. Create flash mobs of Witch Hunters. Take over bars and clubs. Get drunk Halloween crowds to chant “Make America Great Again!” and “Bring Back Salem!” and “Witches are Bitches!”

    Bonus points if you can somehow look like President Trump at the same time, or get a Wiccan to cry.

    Have a Deplorable Halloween rape!

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    • “they’ll be weirded out and a bit frightened by a confident white male asking for some”

      HAHAHA! Classic WF!

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    • Get a real pitchfork… just saying, plastic leaves a lot to be desired. Also, people acknowledge the real steel with additional deference to the alpha. I’m reminded of a Halloween party in my early 20’s, went as a musketeer-era duelist. Having actual experience using the blade, I habitually keep a hand on hilt, so when some drunk punk (trying to AMOG me, I expect) laid hands on it and tried to pull, he got my firm grip and the actual weight. His eyes got real wide and in one of those tones of reverence, “Oh… that’s real”. I smirked, and quipped at the girls nearby, “Yeah, and it’s the softer of my two swords.” Got some that night.

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  7. on October 24, 2016 at 12:53 pm Divine Son of Kek

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Russia/China is actually operating through Assange for plausible deniability and to make Hill look like a paranoid warmonger.


    • on October 24, 2016 at 1:51 pm Canadian Friend

      For what it is worth, I read something, well… kind of the opposite theory,

      what if the democrats are worried Trump will win, and if he does win they ( and Obama ) will say the election is not valid because Russia was intervening?

      Maybe that is why Hillary is so obsessed with Russia?

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      • She wants Putin to fuck her. Picture that.


      • What if the fake poll numbers are to provide cover for saying that Trump rigged the election after thecunt’s defeat on election day?

        what if they are rigging the poll numbers because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of her wrath?

        just a thought

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  8. (((Show force and make believe)))

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  9. (((They))) will pull out all the stops in the coming weeks…(((they))) simply cannot let Glorious Leader into office. But what will all the deplorables do then? That’s what keeps the mr. skype man awake nights.

    CH, I wish I was as confident thecunt will be impeached if/when she steals it.
    But doesn’t impeachment start in the House of Representatives? Cuck Ryan?!? More than likely he’d start proceedings against a President Trump.
    And anyway thecunt’s shameless hubby Rapin Bill was impeached , and didn’t leave.

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  10. Wife of FB’s Dustin Moscovitz, who just gave $20M to Hillary on top of $15M earlier… “running” his $2B charity…


  11. “I expect — predict! — that thecunt will be impeached within her first two years trying to shove as many syrians and somalis into heartland America. The media can pull the wool over Americans’ eyes for a couple of weeks leading up to a national election; it can’t keep up thecunt circle wagoning charade for years.”

    I presently sit outside a courtroom in Pine Bluff, AR, where I’ve been summoned to testify regarding a case. An old man here to observe the proceedings just related to me his personal story regarding politics [corruption] within the local judicial process.

    The rot is deep. If The Cunt succeeds, there will be no impeacment. A state funeral is more likely, but a secret gravesite to avoid defilement.

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  12. “Go get your rope. It’s time.” – DJT

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    • Trump or Revolution

      What do I mean by that?

      Trump gave a “Gettysburg Address” Saturday. He honored Lincoln. This Cracker will give the man his one chance, but after that, ya’ll are on ya’ll’s own.

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      • on October 24, 2016 at 4:54 pm Canadian Friend

        Isn’t this in the USA constitution?

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        Trump may lose, he may go away, but the anger of the people will not go away.

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      • Declaration of independence.

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  13. on October 24, 2016 at 3:34 pm rappa parappa

    “The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government and Its Silent Coup”

    as seen on Paul’s site (well, one of his).

    So who or what is the Deep State?

    Look like there are two Deep States.


  14. Not to discourage anybody, the supposed 50,000 person poll seems to be fake, and it’s months old. The original source has some other numbers that indicate strong suppport for Trump that are more believable, though:

    She’s getting trounced in social media and indirect indicators.

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  15. I spend hours every day posting online. Things are changing. The first time I really noticed it was when Merkel opened her borders. The MSM made it out to be a wonderful thing but the comments section were 75% against with some real red pill truths.
    Saw the same again with Brexit and I’m seeing it now with Trump. People not taking the bait…not lying down.

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    • on October 24, 2016 at 6:02 pm Canadian Friend

      I also spend a lot of time posting and reading comments, have been doing that for many years, and I also see big changes.

      An example, years ago at yahoo news, almost no one posted comments that were politically incorrect, or that said negative things about immigrants or blacks. In the last two years I am seeing more and more such comments, people are not afraid to say what they think now.
      I now also see people complaining that Yahoo news is unfair to conservatives and are helping the liberal/left.

      Or at some political blogs, I used to be one of the rare few who dared say things such as ” Obama hates the USA, everything he does hurts the USA”, now I see similar comments everyday.

      Things have changed and are still changing.

      Judging by this I would think Trump will win.

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      • The fact that there is “Last Man Standing” as a show on a major network also is an unusual indicator. They had an obligatory “man gets beaten by his female relatives voting for Obama” episode in season 2, but if you’re red-pilled a lot of things have slipped past the censors.


  16. on October 24, 2016 at 6:17 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Trump’s recent Gettysburg speech has more YouTube “likes” than Hillary’s recent speech has views. I’ve noticed this as a trend. Could this predict election results more accurately than polls? When you factor in view counts as well, it seems like Trump is way more popular — especially considering there are several copies of the Gettysburg speech on YouTube and all of them have impressive numbers.

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  17. I don’t see how, absent fraud, Hildebeest can win. At least 80% of the voters she’s counting on are “hold your nosers.” Can she really do it, getting the required turnout, when nobody actually likes her whereas Trump has a huge enthusiastic following? I’d be amazed.


  18. on October 25, 2016 at 5:54 am Experienced Father

    Check out this post —

    Minnesota’s 8th – The Monster Vote

    o Trump is beating Hillary by 12 points: “Our poll shows Republican Donald
    Trump with a 12-point lead over Clinton, 47 percent to 35 percent“

    o Trump is winning with women: “leading Clinton 41 percent to 39 percent.”

    o Dems are crossing over: “the number of Democrats dropped from 34 percent in 2014 to 27 percent in 2016. The number of independents jumped from 31 percent two years ago to 41 percent this year.“


    This district could be a microcosm of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. According to Wikipedia, Minnesota’s 8th district has voted Democrat for the past 4 presidential elections, so why would it be polling +12 for Trump???