Idiocracy In The Trump Realignment Era

I liked this comment from Yeager, about how the prophetic movie Idiocracy lines up with the cast of characters from the Trump Realignment Era:

Esteemed lords of the Chateau,

Idiocracy was mentioned here quite a lot lately. So I rewatched 1st time after 10 years in and would like to share my observations given the current state of affairs.

In short, Idiocracy seemed way deeper than I would have thought 10 years ago. After 2016 elections shitlibs generally did refer to Trump as direct reincarnation of a populist low IQ showman-porn superstar President Camacho. However, this time I couldn’t help but notice that Trump is actually way more Not Sure than Camacho.

Not Sure was the average-joe character played by Luke Wilson who time travels to the mystery meat future and discovers he is the only person left with an IQ above room temp.

See for yourself:

Trump is an unexpected blast from the past Heritage America
Trump comes to power after another globalist mainstream mulatto fails to deliver
Trump is breaking all existent conventions of newspeak, which drives future groupthink NPCs mad
Trump is absolutely hated by the mainstream media (‘talks like a fag’ to them due to vastly superior IQ)

But one of the most striking discoveries was the role of Brawndo fertilizer which ruins the crops by poisoning the soil. Not Sure simply tells them to switch to water, because that’s how it was done in the old times. Ring any bells?

Crops = US economy
Soil = way of life, culture, etc
Brawndo = brown globalist 3rd world workforce
Water = good old whites

Future groupthink: why use Brawndo instead of water? Cause it’s got electrolytes (diversity, etc).

Globalist economy (Brawndo) does collapse after switch to water and Not Sure catches some serious flak after that, while population is driven mad by the mainstream media hysteria, and he cheats death only by a very narrow margin. Is that what awaits us in the end?

Movie does end optimistically, country is saved for now, although another story loop is clearly visible: Not Sure marries black ex-whore from the past (IQ<90) and has 3 mulatto kids (clear quality drop), while his imbecile friend (IQ<50) from the future takes several imbecile but pretty wives and has 10+ kids spreading his low IQ on and on again.

Serious question: How can we reverse Idiocracy? I see three routes, ranging from possible to plausible:

  1. A Farewell to Alms. Recreate the environment of pre-industrial age Britain during which the upper classes had more kids than the lower classes, and over-production of upper class elites meant a long-term refreshing of the lower classes with the genes of upper class scions.
  2. Closed borders, mass deportation of illegals and their anchor families, immigration moratorium for at least two generations followed by (if desired) immigration that favors White Europeans.
  3. Economic populism which improves the wage prospects in occupations traditionally favored by men, resulting in the re-institution of the provider beta male as the fulcrum of national greatness.

If Trump is smart, he’ll refocus on fulfilling his campaign pledges during the second half of his first term. In practice, this would mean a deliberate effort to put #2 and #3 into policy. If the shitlib judges get in the way, send in the marshals.


  1. Georgia nearly elected a functionally retarded nigger

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    • Victims of our own success. It’s going to be a strange world when we run out of oil/potassium/phosphorus/natural gas/ etc.

      Our machines have made globohomo fake world possible.

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      • Not necessarily. Robotics and AI will mean massive increases in productivity, producing all the stuff that enables welfarists to spawn with all the diligence of stray dogs.


      • So, the world is isolated from a solar system (and Universe), bathed in energy and rich in resources. We can’t get there from here. Got it.

        What kind of people will it take to claim this destiny? Are you one of them?


    • yes and she will win next time and so will the nigger in florida who barely lost. you have 3 million spics from PR just moved to Fla plus millions of hatians messicans etc pouring in

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 7:03 pm Captain Obvious

        Plus felons now have the vote in Florida.

        And I’ll bet that tens of thousands [if not 100,000 or moar] Whites are still effectively homeless in the swath which Michael just cut through greater Mexico Beach.

        Will the Whites come back to Mexico Beach, or are they gone forever?

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      • CO…what was the Simon & Simon episode you recommended a while back? And what are the takeaways? Cheers


    • I’m in Georgia. I couldn’t believe how close she got. I thought she would lose in a landslide. She would make it illegal to be white and male.


    • I think the correct term is Nigress.


  2. my solutions:

    Step 1: Ban the pill, ban women from working (except in selected fields, ie they can be nurses), ban women from voting (fixes the family, seriously dints inflation, can go back to raising family on one income)

    Step 2: Ban or heavily discourage women from seeking education to reverse the effect of the high IQ but high credentialed chic who wont date anyone because status. (Which means the high IQ chick might actually have a fucking kid)

    Step 3: profit (lol no it’s build the fucking wall and heavily restrict immigration, if nothing else but to help with the labour market. (But obviously to stop you know what)

    That would solve it, or go along way towards solving it. Tighter labour market, more purchasing power, and smart women would have multiple kids again

    * I’d also encourage more religion, because “have fucking kids” is a big part of it.

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    • on November 23, 2018 at 2:58 pm Captain Obvious

      You can’t do any of those things until you seize control of THE CULTURE.

      That was the divinely-inspired genius of St Joseph Djugashvili.

      The Biology is the Culture, and the Culture is the Biology.

      Nothing else matters.

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 3:14 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        Captain Obvious celebrating a non-white, non-russian georgian who married a jewess and directed countless population replacements.

        Good God

        You are an imbecile (a shameless one, at that), along with anybody else who seriously entertains 80% of your gibberish out of fear of being branded JIDF.

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 7:09 pm Captain Obvious


    • Matt Rose (Matty’s Modern Life) suggests that the Franchise should be restricted to “net taxpayers”. That means society’s parasites (I use that term as a functional description, not a perjorative) – that’s anyone who derives their income from the public purse (politicians, public servants, “non-profit” employees (the vast majority of whom are women), university lecturers, the unemployed) will be excluded from its decision-making process. If you don’t contribute to the pot, you don’t get a say in how it’s spent. The major effect of this will be to disenfranchise the Left and its loony hangers-on.

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    • Stop giving student loans for education that is – or at least should be – unsalable. We people do not need to subsidize underwater lesbian macramé. Nor anything called “xxxx studies”.

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  3. The problem with America is that too many white people side to the left, in England this is not the case at all with the exception of London and a few smaller university cities around the country most white people lean towards the right politically. As a result we feel confident that we can elect right wing leaders who will speak in our interests though our political system means that so far only cuckservatives have been in power. This seems to be changing thankfully with tighter immigration controls meaning that in the near future our country will remain largely British.

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    • Well, I’ve lived in England for 60 years … and I can assure you that Socialism is deeply-ingrained within the heart-and-soul of the people here.

      They clamour for Welfare, for Socialised Medicine, for a Socialised police force, for Nationalised industries, for Socialised Defence and Education …

      Then, they get all over the Internet, proclaiming themselves to be “not of the Left”.

      Is it ‘cos they’re stupid?


    • The next leadership contest for the “right-wing” Conservatives will likely be between a Jew (Raab) and a Muslim (Javid). Just as for the last election for Mayor of London. If the white population leans right it’s not showing up in the country’s leadership.


  4. All I know is that if you see somebody black pilling/kosher posting, then you can bet they are JIDF and trying to (((demoralize))) you.

    Half chan and full chan have been getting hit hard with kosher posting beyond belief. (((They))) think they’re slick.

    Their chutzpah will be their downfall.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 3:00 pm Captain Obvious

      If you have 4- or infinity- chan accounts, then call out & identify every single JIDF agent poasting there.

      Gen Zyklon needs to know, in no uncertain terms, that EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

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    • There have been some new bp lurkers here in addition to some old salts.

      The former are easy to spot; took me a while to pick up on the latter, as they’re crafty veterans, a bit more sublime than the rookies.


  5. @DOME


    Ban the pill – yes for both women and men. Some members of this blog have been espousing vasalgel for men to have a birth control option short of jimmy hats. Also, the pill is poison and has no discernible benefit aside from homosexual zing heterosexual intercourse. Putting bubble wrap around society is horrible. Sex should equal children. (for the discerning autists, I understand some heterosexual couples are unable to conceive and the 100% of homosexual couple are unable to conceive, doesn’t matter. Bottom line majority of humanity is programmed for PIV and for majority of humanity that results in children, see third world.)

    Ban women from working – there has to be a better way to do this. Just as trump has removed the transgender training requirement from the military and hereby reduced the amount of transgender people who will join, so there must also be a passive incentive to remove the need for females to join the work force. Not sure what it is, but it is out there. Open to ideas.

    Ban women from voting. Repealing the 19th amendment is one of the most important political functions that needs to be accomplished, if we wish to prolong the American empire. There is historically a negative benefit to giving women the right to determine anything in government.

    Ban women from higher education – I honestly don’t think we need to do this if – we make school loans illegal. How many parents will send their daughters to get lesbian/porn actress/underwater/ communications degrees paying out of pocket? Open on this as well. Send ideas.

    Build the wall and stop all immigration – (again for the autists, this means stopping 98%. You still get your Ukrainian mail order bride) The only people who benefit from illegal immigrant labor are social cannibals. If our nobles don’t have noblisse oblige then hang them from the light post or guillotine them.

    Bottom line, nobility should care about the middle and peasant classes. This one doesn’t. They all need to die.

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  6. on November 23, 2018 at 2:51 pm Captain Obvious

    CH, November 23, 2018: “over-production of upper class elites meant a long-term refreshing of the lower classes with the genes of upper class scions”

    Gunslinger, November 19, 2018 at 9:24 am: “what do ya get for ki11ing black alphas? black women?”’


    • on November 23, 2018 at 2:52 pm Captain Obvious

      I can’t over-emphasize the fundamentally profound importance of Gunslinger’s insight from the other day.

      Even when we go on the Natal Offensive, and put moar White Bunz -> White Ovenz, we will still be trapped in the ecological/sociological DEFENSIVE position, because White women [and their babies] are the moast desirable on the face of the Earth, and White Men will never be properly motivated to go to war with groidish/muddish/j00ish/g00kish/streetsh!tterish peoples, simply because their women are so hideously revolting that they can’t possibly inspire an invading force of Whites.

      And I don’t see how we can maintain that DEFENSIVE posture forever.

      It seems to me that the long-term physical mixing of the races will necessarily result in the eradication of the White race, simply because the winner in a war can’t win until the winner makes the conscious decision to go on the OFFENSIVE.

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 2:53 pm Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == Either we undertake the [radically] successful preservation of pristine White homeland ecological systems, or else we have to be prepared for all future White children to be defending an increasingly untenable DEFENSIVE position, until those children finally vanish into a gr0idish/muddish extinction.

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      • The Tasmania Option is the only one that seems to work.
        I wish were otherwise (I’m quite interested in anthropology, e.g. those snack-size nigs who turned that “missionary” fool into a cocktail olive the other day), but anything less is slow suicide.


      • We need to go bleach-right as well. Find a whitegirl and put 5-9 kids in her as a nuclear family. BUT you should also put exactly 1 white baby in every black / latinx / oriental you can.

        1 baby as a single mother will prevent them from breeding more and depending on the sex and quality of the mooley child will be able to breed back into the white community or go on sterilization based welfare.


      • Sadly all the suggestions put forth about our ((( problem ))) are just pie in the sky dreams. Mass deportation ? Forced Sterilization ? Only land owners can vote ? Good luck getting those things enacted in the current climate. Barring
        incredibly unforeseen circumstances, there are only three options for our race: peaceful separation, violent separation, or extinction. Anything else is just an exercise in denial.

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      • Tasmania option for the win. Separate nation state isn’t going to work, if we don’t have the will to purge America we won’t have the will to defend new miniAmerica. Japan that beautiful example of homogeneity had standing orders for hundreds of years that soldiers/police were to kill any foreign sailors that turned up no matter the reason for their arrival.

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      • i told you all already what was gonna happen.

        the chinese will use CRISPR to edit the parts of our genome they like into their own and they will go on the offensive

        white genes will never die because they are desirable.

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    • Captain, to go on the offensive would, in my opinion, require something of value to fight to gain.

      Muds are of no value, I would consider them below animals when factoring in their cruelty. I dont have any interest in fucking a dog or etc, so what exactly am I suppose to see in a female jungle dweller?

      They are akin to termites. Offensive means final cleansing of our lands and, realistically, the planet.

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    • A lower crime rate? A place where id want to raise my kids. To name a FEW.


  7. Trump better do something otherwise 2020 will bring about the end.

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    • First order of the day would be to clean up the voter registration rolls.
      To be allowed to vote, you should have to provide reasonable evidence that you are:
      1) A real person, not a fiction
      2) Alive, not dead
      3) Over 18
      4) That you are a citizen.

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      • First step in cleaning the voter rolls, is to prevent repeat offenders by requiring biometrics in all elections. He has 58 days to push that one through.

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      • Certainly all of the above — but under no circumstances can a person be allowed to vote if they are on ANY form of assistance or have received any assistance in the last 5 years — next – complete deportation of all illegals


  8. on November 23, 2018 at 3:17 pm Pretty Boy Looch

    Did this fucking moron CO really just hold up Sta lin as a white hero?

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    • on November 23, 2018 at 3:27 pm Pretty Boy Looch

      a non-russian and a jewess lover who directed countless population replacements.

      Good God

      Captain Obvious is an imbecile (and a shameless one, at that), along with anybody else who entertains 80% of his comment section diarrhea out of fear of being branded JIDF.

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    • and you revere n1ggers


      • on November 24, 2018 at 11:30 am Libertarian_Pill

        That has nothing to do with the fact that the guy is right, in this case. Stalin was not a hero of the Russian people and he had just as much to do with the eradication of the deplorables of his day as his predecessors. That’s why Russia is a half atheist half Muslim shithole today. Stalin’s consolidation of power was done out of self interest, rather than for the sake of saving ethnic Russians.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 6:51 pm Captain Obvious


  9. There is no idiocracy. Politicians were always craven and venal and ambitious and retarded. Only now we have a microscope to scrutinize their every waking moment. Like the rest of us, they cannot withstand the scrutiny. The best ones embrace this new transparency and, like Trump, transcend the nitpickery that sunk politicians of the past who still benefited from the dignity of mystery.

    Idiocracy is a good example of the blindness of pride. It is based on the judeo-metro arrogance contained in the very premise of the movie:

    Hurhh. Only idiot hayseeds prócreate! *hand-rubbing intensifies in the background*

    Losers with no legacy rationalize their sterility with konvenient kike myths like, “I’m so smart and so virtuous I wouldn’t do something so bourgeois as breéd.” It is their prideful way of maintaining the self-delusion of superiority right until they go extinct. BY DESIGN.

    The degeneracy of our system results from an alien and parasitical manner of thinking infiltrating the commanding heights of culture. Niggers didn’t naturally rise to the top of our system because we were too altruistic or too naive. It’s because we were sabotaged.

    Mike Judge’s idea that our decline is the natural consequence of natalism is itself a (((sabotage))). I thought this was a white bunz in white ovenz crowd?? Wasn’t that very quote in the last post? SMDH

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  10. What was interesting about Idiocracy is that it was still politically correct because it had to be given that it was being made by a white guy. Ironically, even though there were many races portrayed, there were STILL too many white people cast as characters to actually portray a realistic future. He did get the prez right though, obviously.


    • Judge has always seemed pretty woke. King of the Hill is about the only show from recent times I can think of that DOESN’T present a conservative father as a figure for mockery or derision.


  11. on November 23, 2018 at 3:38 pm gunslingergregi

    everyone gets the orgasm chip and unlimited orgasms till dead and none of it will matter?


  12. on November 23, 2018 at 3:41 pm gunslingergregi

    Serious question: How can we reverse Idiocracy? ”””””

    take the ultrasmart boys and put them in schools that cater to their teaching

    instead of putting them in schools and drugging them to take away the essence of what makes them great?

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    • on November 23, 2018 at 3:45 pm gunslingergregi

      they take the white boys that are meant to be ceo’s
      and make them drug addicts then overdose them on heroin

      instead of grooming them for greatness

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 3:45 pm gunslingergregi

        they groom them to die

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 3:48 pm gunslingergregi

        the idiocracy has been intentionally created
        probably by whites to keep other whites from competing with them


      • on November 23, 2018 at 3:50 pm gunslingergregi

        there is really nothing going on for the super intelligent
        how can teachers who teach a chapter of a book a week supposed to possibly understand genius capability in kids or what the hell they supposed to do with that kid when they do see it


      • on November 23, 2018 at 3:55 pm gunslingergregi

        I have met a few little genius’s and they all were put on drugs 6 and under


      • on November 23, 2018 at 4:03 pm gunslingergregi

        me i’ll teach my kids to make 700k a year and tithe ten present to daddy
        if I have any


      • on November 23, 2018 at 4:07 pm gunslingergregi

        or why do you think we need more genius when we don’t know what to do with the ones we have lol
        only a genius knows how to raise a genius everyone else will be exasperated and jealous that they are dumber than their kid who is 4 years old


      • on November 23, 2018 at 4:11 pm gunslingergregi

        im listening to the kids doing activities on their computer for school
        and its asking 9 plus 8
        when I felt like it I learned the times tables in one day


      • on November 23, 2018 at 4:12 pm gunslingergregi

        regular school is geared towards almost retards


      • on November 23, 2018 at 4:52 pm gunslingergregi

        ok well the complete nerds kind of make it
        but when genius mind and a body that never get tired nobody know what to do with those really


    • Gregi is on point as usual.

      This is all by design. Someone recently proposed the idea that “natural alphas” dont succumb to the brainwashing and I’m inclined to beleive him. I also beleive that any white man can become at least close to an alpha provided he is guided through adolescence.

      On the flipside, in the wrong environment these would be masters of the universe get grinded down mentally and worse.

      I don’t necessarily think physiologically speaking we can determine whose alpha also. Here in libtropolis I know too many white dudes who are tall and good looking who are true believers in diversity and the “American dream for all”.

      Nature makes us what we are and nurture can either make or break you mentally.

      Who’s the alpha? The man who’s living in 2018 working himself to death owning his own business just to make payments on equipment every month, or the man who earns just enough to pay bills and enjoy the things he likes and has free time?

      We had the opportunity to own it all but money seems to do strange things to people regarding family.

      My great great grandfather made the biggest private real estate deal in Connecticut history in the 1980s, news station apparently came to the house to speak with him and everything. He owned so much property all over CT, houses in nice areas,houses in now shit areas, large complexes in Downtown Hartford.

      When his granddaughter and her husband wanted to buy their childhood home in the early 80s (which my grandmother literally just moved from this month, lived there her whole fucking life) he simply told them “You dont have any money…”.

      My family could have owned the whole fucking state of Connecticut by now but instead he sold it all to the highest bidder and his bloodline is now a bunch of poor fucks because his kids didnt invest shit. Least of all invest in their children.

      How you become so successful and not make damned sure your descendants continue on that path is beyond me. Especially something as serious as land and property ownership.

      Dont even have to kick money up you just gotta buy all the property.


  13. How can we reverse Idiocracy?

    Require sterilisation of mothers for state support of children.
    Specifically, food and shelter.
    Education, medical, clothing and transport subsidy – go nuts. These can be written off to the public good.

    Number of kids already in play – not relevant.
    A widowed mother of six would face the same choice as the pregnant teen: “can I now provide for the consequences of my life choices?”.

    For as long as the mother is smart and focussed enough to provide for her off-spring, whether by selection of community or occupation or partner, she can pop pups to her heart’s content. But to reach into the public purse, honey, go get your tubes tied.

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    • this is the most realistic and an almost complete solution. Men on welfare would also need a snip. In fact, I would offer a free $1,400 a month payment for voluntary snips. Women it would probably have to be semi-permenant birth control method rather than tubes. Unless they opted for it voluntarily which we could entice w the same $1,400

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      • Men on welfare would also need a snip.

        I see where you are coming from, but no.

        30% of women instantly lose all attraction to a man once they know he is sterile. A further 30% absolutely will not partner with a man who cannot provide children. Much of the remaining 40% will not abide his “loser” status, All of this knocks on into male employability and necessary self-esteem.

        Put ~90% of the dating pool permanently out of reach?
        Violent revolution within months.

        semi-permenant birth control … defeats the objective of “skin-in-the-game”


      • The nigger men don’t even bother to register for welfare. They just get fed and housed by their moms.


    • I don’t think our everlovin’ Big Brother overlords here in Britanistan would ever give up
      (a) the absolute despotic control that cradle-to-grave welfare/healthcare/education brings, or
      (b) forego the lovely, lovely P.A.Y.E income taxes, after-the-fact income taxes, business taxes, commercial exactions such as ‘Value Added Tax’, death duties, property taxes, driving taxes, TV tax, windfall taxes, and even more extra taxes to fund the taxation process I bet, together with FeesLicencesandFines.
      (Both of which, welfare state and income taxes, were derived from trying to survive desperate Total-War-type traditional European conflicts).

      So we’d get widows chucking themselves in the canal with their sewing machine tied round their necks. And still taxed until the pips squeaked.

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  14. on November 23, 2018 at 4:23 pm Manchasman Cortezidate

    White pillage and mixed metaphors alert:

    Serious answer. We cannot reverse Idiocracy per se. It’s more of a radical reset, jubilee, write-off situation.

    At some point the thing about diversity expands from mere groupthink—as disastrous as that can be, to willful blindness, to religious-like belief (e.g. Indian (feather) ghost dancers who posited that some spiritual force could and would stop US cavalry bullets) —to completely impenetrable robotic hypnosis.

    We’re almost hearing people say the following: Diversity is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful social policy I’ve ever known in my life. (Ergo must have more immigrants, etc.)

    It’s like a fever. Temp rises as body fights off disease (or virus or whatever), shutting down higher functions to free up mind share. We’re in, for all intents and purposes, and as a body politic, the delirium phase.

    Trump now, or soon, may have to shove the country into-a-bathtub-of-ice to break the Diversity Uber Ebola fever. Right now normal things like border control and not encouraging caravans of fake indigents is to half the country what sensible rest and lucid conversation is to someone whacked out by a 104 fever.

    The hypnosis must be broken.

    What’s the tub?

    Closing the border totally and radically. The wall. Ending birthright citizenship by executive order. Mass deportations. Etc.

    Radical actions like that will bring the logical inconsistencies of the diversity ideology to the fore, where they can be lanced or burn out on their own. The patient will resist and will have to be held down. (Obv. merely a metaphor for keeping one’s political nerve.)

    Once the diversity fever is broken, then doing totally normal things like controlling the border and AmerIca first will be as normal and uncontroversial as giving a thirsty man a glass of water.

    Or the county dies, the dogs bark, and the caravans move on. Second age of migrations. Amen.

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  15. Even CH isn’t untainted by modern Globohomo culture. There might be some level of desired immigration and a reason to end a moratorium? and it would merely “favor” “White Europeans”? Say it isn’t so.


    • Yes there always has been. But the candidates ought to be vetted and approved by the populace, or by a process initiated and approved by them.
      Not a demented free-for-all for the worst scum on the planet, in their millions.

      It’s the difference between a party invite (white tie, 7 p.m.. RSVP), and a home invasion (blackface, 3 a.m., gnomesayin bruv).


  16. Alright gentlemen. Who would like to psycho-analyze this latest ((( commercial ))) ?


  17. Alright gentlemen. Who would like to psycho-analyze this latest ((( commercial ))) ?


  18. on November 23, 2018 at 5:04 pm gunslingergregi

    course 829751 abortions so far this year how many of them were smart?


    • on November 23, 2018 at 5:09 pm gunslingergregi

      living in the largest death cult in the history of man and wondering how to save it
      I mean come one
      use your brain

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    • Well they were dumb enough to pick the wrong sort of mom. A stupid one.


      • on November 23, 2018 at 5:13 pm gunslingergregi

        he he he


      • I used to give to charities with bank orders and stuff until they were one after the other slowly exposed as scams, or nearest equivalent (globohomo activist cells e.g. Amnesty).
        Now the only ones are catholic(spit!), concerned with adoption and alternatives to abortion.
        Them polar bears, whales and political prisoners can all get fucked.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 5:12 pm gunslingergregi

      only a few countries not killing kids what do you think the bible meant when they said few gonna make it
      you think its gonna be people in countries murdering their own babies?
      or that they should?

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    • overall the babies getting aborted are definitely stupider than the ones that aren’t


  19. absolute lolz
    how long before they ask for the passages to be removed completely
    these people lack self awareness to an extent that baffles the rest of humanity

    but wait that is not all
    Other areas highlighted, following the conference, include addressing anti-Semitism online and within research organisations and academic institutions.

    This includes ensuring internet search engines privilege positive depictions of Judaism and accurate descriptions of the history of anti-Semitism


    • something even more related to the thread
      you see this kurtz guy was hailed by some a few months ago as a new “based” hero, as another right wing victory
      lolz encore de lolz toujours de lolz

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      • it’s not just him. every right-wing figure tries to “celebrate” israel because they’re afraid of being called natzis.

        in a ((( democracy ))) you cant be in power eating kissing their asses

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      • He wanted to avoid being JFKd like his predecessor Halder.


    • “.. these people lack self awareness to an extent that baffles the rest of humanity ..”
      It used to confuse the hell out me. Until I recognised it as the same sort of iron-clad mind-buggering subjectivity (if that’s the word) that autistic people display.
      We can never fully engage with these sad, ugly freaks. They’re just “alternatively-brained”.
      And they’ll go on believing and asserting that they are superior to the rest of the human herd (muh IQ! muh Morality!! muh God’s Own!!!) until Doomsday.

      tl;dr they only understand Fear, and Pain.


  20. The 19th amendment makes #1 impossible.


    • all 3 are pipe dreams in the current circumstances
      a new generation needs to be born turned into Men before the new dawn breaks the darkness 60×365 nights long

      but globoshlomo knows that


      • i’m all for drag queens and other multi-gendered freaks reading, playing and spending time alone with muslim children


      • “i’m all for drag queens and other multi-gendered freaks reading, playing and spending time alone with muslim children”

        In pakistan. put all the froot loops on boats and send em across


    • The 19th amendment makes #1 impossible.
      Right Voting will not be restored until after the next Dark Age, at which point the mere concept of “voting” will have to be explained to people again. It should go without saying that WCNVOWOO Universal Suffrage.


  21. on November 23, 2018 at 5:36 pm everlastingphelps

    Small correction — both Not Sure and the hooker were selected because they were exactly 100 IQ. He did in fact marry the smartest woman on the planet at the end of the movie.


  22. “he is the only person left with an IQ above room temp.”
    And that is in centigrade, deg C.

    The British aristocracy having larger number of surviving offspring?
    Well yes, And I suppose it did hold the fort for a while. But it was a partial
    blessing. For one thing, it was to some extent an adumbration of the smartest boy in high school marrying the prettiest girl. So the IQ (and whatever other useful qualities) gradually got diluted. And marrying the in-group, as was common, ran into problems with inbreeding – the upper class outside of London was, within any given geographical area, a small group.

    Add to that one more twist, the common practice of marrying off rich heiresses to men of distinction but modest means. Trouble with that was that rich heiresses came, almost by definition, from families with fertility problems.

    The British upper class was slaughtered, both figuratively – by taxation, which could have been reduced by smart lawyering – and by physical slaughter in WWI. They were the warrior khashytra after all, and noblesse oblige.


    • ” marrying the in-group, as was common, ran into problems with inbreeding”

      Most of them are like that now. The ones that fell down the hierarchy as younger sons and polluted their bloodline with local peasant girls were often the drivers of political change, and odd synergistic things like the industrial revolution, scientific and technological advance instead of dying gloriously of drowning/dysentery in the armed services, as was their duty.
      Posh girls tended to remain as dusty spinsters rather than be permitted to “marry down”, and consequently went mad and had to burned to death in attics or something. It was all a long time ago, and a bit fuzzy now.


      • Why would you burn ’em in the attic ? No rotty outbuilding or dilapidated cuckshed to toss the paraffin splashed dingdat into ? I wouldn’t want mess up my manor over the mere act of having to light a harpy up.


  23. on November 23, 2018 at 5:49 pm clarence boddiker

    nah I dunno, the nation seems lost. all the kids are being taught our history sucks and we’re evil…at least the natives are.


  24. “Economic populism which improves the wage prospects in occupations traditionally favored by men, resulting in the re-institution of the provider beta male as the fulcrum of national greatness.”

    Indeed. Stopping illegal immigration would quickly result in higher wages for labor; when you reduce the supply of anything the price goes up. “Jobs no American will do” is a misnomer. What it means is “jobs that no American will do for three bucks an hour” is more accurate.
    Additionally, reducing welfare payments, mainly by stricter standards, will make the workers lost by repatriation easier to replace.


  25. God I love that movie Idiocracy! Such a portent of what’s coming with an explanation of why…


  26. Gotta get women reproducing. Shutting the borders won’t do that, although it will put the focus on a declining native population, which might lead to a discussion of the low U.S. birth rate. Ending abortion and shutting off federal funds for education will get women reproducing.


  27. “The country is dying cause of an lack of men, not a lack of programs.”

    ― Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, For My Legionaries

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  28. Leverage the decline. Make yourself as competent as possible because competence will be the coin of the realm and the market will find the true value of welfare parasites, Vice presidents of diversity and equity, civil rights attorneys and gender studies professors. Their value is massive negative equity. They are upside-down in their human value mortgage.

    Engineers tradesmen soldiers and small businessmen who can organize things will be feudal lords of the near future. Shitlib soyboys and smug hebrews might try to command us but their fate will be decided in a microsecond.

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  29. le vent nous portera ( wind will carry us)
    but can also easily be translated in to “wind will scatter us”
    this ambiguity persist in the whole song going from the exuberance of youth
    to the acceptance of an end coming with old age

    Pendant que la marée monte
    Et que chacun refait ses comptes
    J’emmène au creux de mon ombre
    Des poussières de toi
    Le vent les portera
    Tout disparaîtra
    Le vent nous portera

    As the tide is approaching
    and everyone is settling his accounts
    I am taking in the void of my shadow
    the dust of you
    Wind will scatter it
    everything will disappear
    Wind will scatter us

    except your children

    Toujours #1 on our Top 50 Bunz->Ovens


  30. Who would have guessed? Human crap in your Romaine lettuce….


    • on November 23, 2018 at 8:05 pm Corinth Arkadin

      From Mexico.


    • Most UK salady stuff comes from Spain (until 29th March. Miss Havisham’s Chequers “Deal” bombs soon, and we’re pretty much looking at “No Deal” unless even more treachery is activated).
      Anyway … the veg. stuff is collected from the dago latifundia by highly trained Africans (trained not to just grab random plants from the landscape and devour them, that is). I shudder to think what ends up all nicely packaged on the shelves of Waitrose. It would be advisable to boil one’s chicory, for instance


  31. Know you will a field day with this

    Women who stayed on (birth control) hormones for 10 or more years experienced a 38 percent increase in their relative risk of developing breast cancer, compared with nonusers.

    Even the enemy was forced to write about it


    • Women on BCP’s also have empathy much like men (making them better corporate employees!). Most sane women would call that a loss, and it is anti-childrearing.


  32. Ignore my previous comment. Didn’t realize that was a year old


  33. President Camacho

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho


  34. I have Idiocracy on DVD and have a nice Kenwood touchscreen in my Benz and about a year ago I was driving with that same broad who was playing the gimp for his credit card and phone service.

    She had lost her two kids to her exes mother or some such horseshit over drugs I’m guessing.

    I remember us being in the car driving around and the scene where the woman is trying to order food through the kiosk came on. We were both silent as the machine tells the woman in a passive robotic tone “Your kids are starving. Carl’s Jr beleives no child should go hungry, you are an unfit mother, your children have been placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr. Fuck you, I’m eating!”

    I just had an awful Grinch grin on my face and said “Brutal huh?”

    Enjoy your XTRA BIG ASS FRIES bitch


  35. Libertarian morons love to cackle that Trump is Camacho.


    • Columbus was a Marano


      • on November 24, 2018 at 9:40 am Corinth Arkadin

        Are you trolling? Because that is manifestly, demonstrably untrue.

        Marranos/Conversos are ostensibly “Spanish” and Columbus was Italian. And that’s just surface sh!t.

        Come on man. We have enough issues with the Left disrespecting Columbus (even the Director of the Naval History & Heritage Command dissed him, when he wouldn’t make a pimple on Columbus’s ass) without CH readers piling on.

        Columbus is a legendary explorer and had giant brass balls.


  36. Damn. If you want to get depressed watch the colorized version of Miracle on 34th Street.

    An all white New York City full of polite kids and grand architecture seems like more of a fairy tale than Santa Clause himself.


  37. TFM posed a good idea for votership. Obviously, repeal the 19th. And for men to vote, they have to be a net tax payer. Meaning they contribute more to the system than they receive. The middle and upper classes could vote and the poor/women/shitskins wouldn’t be able to vote themselves other ppl’s resources.


    • With no federal reserve there would be no need for an income tax at all. No one here has made that connection yet in well over 100 comments. We would get all of our government revenue from excise taxes as before. Then it comes down to property owners- preferably those with families and a stake in the future. Too many people from Northern Virginia here, used to paying taxes to Fairfax County and its nation state pretensions.


  38. […] Not sure (get it?) I buy the analogy in full, but I do like the recommendations at the end. […]


  39. This may sound dumb, this is something I know nothing about, but is it possible that Trump could somehow, some way ram through some sort of legislation to get a Trump TV network up and running?

    24/7 Real News to counteract and neutralize the Fake News? Just non-stop truth and red pills about Feminism and Illegal Immigration beamed directly into every American household? With a clear explanation of why governments and globalists promote lies about white civilization and patriarchy non stop – what their motives are and how hugely they benefit and how high the stakes are. As a regular guest, Roosh, Vox Day, Ann Coulter, whoever… whoever can tell the truth.

    That might seem impossible, but a Trump presidency seemed impossible too.


  40. “ranging from possible to plausible”:

    1. A Farewell to Alms. — Not going to happen, as the forces of Cloward-Piven are clearly in charge and will remain so until the final implosion.

    2. Closed borders, mass deportations… — Also not going to happen, because such could only result *after* a civil war to retake the country. The time of election is over, as the Shadow Party votescams the primaries of both parties to ensure that only its agents are on the final ticket. It has been this way since the 80s.

    3. Economic populism — possible, but only because the term is an arbitrary mush. What’s “popular” when whites are no longer the majority? Whatever’s not white, that’s what. I.e., high-octane Venezuelan communism will be the “economics” that is then “popular”, right up until the last Midwestern farmer decides he’d rather burn his fields than harvest them at a loss to feed the Zerg Rush.

    ~ ~

    “If Trump is smart, he’ll refocus on fulfilling his campaign pledges” — And I wish I had a fucking pony. What is wrong with you? When is it going to dawn on you people for realz that this guy is just a planted Shadow Party “heel” acting out a “Republicans are vile creatures” persona calculated to reduce the country into a state of permanent low-intensity conflict ideal for the government to slowly ramp up gun-control and oversight of the internet (which I note is something you guys have literally been begging it to do vis-a-vis Facebook, etc)? The split-second he’s succeeded by the next Democratic/communist administration, they will run ape with new powers gained by the previous administration. –Which, of course, is the plan all along, and has been the successful plan-in-progress with the tit-for-tat revolving door of Republicans and Democrats for the last half-century because if there’s one thing a silent majority still enamored of political solutions can’t shake out of their system, it’s leaping at the dangled-fruit promise that *they* will are now in charge of an uber-powerful government that will do what they want.

    But those campaign promises just NEVER resolve, do they?

    Face it: you’re not going to get your wall from Trump. Deal with it: Levitate to reality, and come up with a new plan, because *everything* done in American politics is calculated to keep you sitting on your plush-bottomed asses bullshitting online until you are well and truly outnumbered, at which point, when you finally *do* rise off the couch, it’s too late and you’re facing a South African dilemma.

    –Trump was a liberal Democrat right up to the split-second he announced his Republican candidacy, whereupon the commie press immediately gave him a billion dollars worth of saturation-bombardment free advertising to drown out every other candidate in the race, aside from the perennial Manchurian “Queen of Diamonds” Hillary (the other Shadow Party candidate). Reflect that if Trump weren’t the Republican Anointed One, the MSM would have cold-shouldered him, and thus deprived of any name-play, would have sputtered on fumes to 8% or some such by Super Tuesday, and then dropped out. (But he’d have never run in the first place if he hadn’t been a hired gun.)

    There are no political solutions. *Zero*. Pull your heads out of the unicorn’s ass.


  41. Some good ideas here, boys. I like it. Don’t worry about it. The System is about to collapse. The enemy is scared. They are dropping their masks and going for broke. These cowards don’t get aggressive unless they’re trying to hang on by their fingernails. That’s where they are, going for broke.
    What we have here is Babylon. These idiots were supposed to build it in the Middle East, but good help is hard to find around here. After Babylon rises, it will fall. Its in The Book.
    Your Mission, whether you like it or not, is SURVIVE. You’re all familiar with Natural Selection, lets see if you can actually do it. This is for real. The Fall of Babylon is this rancid system collapsing. It’ll be Biblical. You will see some serious shit now.
    All of you must pass The Ultimate Test. Do not comply. Resist. Unplug and DO NOT TAKE THE MARK. Seriously. You fail, you’re dead and damned. Almost doesn’t cut it. No excuses. Resist or Fail. That’s it.
    After the Fall, you fall into Heinlein. Crazy Times over. Join the Mobile Infantry and Get Citizenship. You don’t fight, you don’t vote. I don’t care if you’re old or scared. Only veterans have a say in The New Order.
    Change is the only constant. What cannot go on, won’t. Nothing is Forever.
    The System is about to Collapse. You’ve heard it before. I’m sure, but this time for real.
    The Swamp needs World Reserve Currency status for the petrodollar to keep borrowing the Trillion+ to keep their House of Cards standing. All the Russia and China talk is about BRICS. THE WHOLE GOVERNMENT OF BRAZIL WENT DOWN BECAUSE THE B IS BRAZIL. Russia and China are the Head of the Rival Currency, the Oil monetized Yuan or Renminbi. Once they lose WRC, the House of Cards falls down. No EBT. Zombie Apocalypse. No food at your local grocery store. Hyperinflation. For real.

    SOON. Babylon is now Complete. It MUST Fall Down. It is in The Book.

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  42. On a somewhat pedantic point Not Sure’s wife was not black.


  43. Many great comments. I’ll offer one of my own —

    He who eats, wins.

    So how well stocked is YOUR pantry??


  44. People keep talking about bringing in more European immigrants. I’m not too impressed with Europe right now. Do you really want immigrants from Sweden, Britain, and France voting in our elections?

    Really, most European immigrants’ descendants from the last century vote Democrat (Wisconsin Germans, Boston Irish, etc). The Republican party is supported by the descendants of those who have been here since colonial times.

    The solution to our problems isn’t to import more people and hope it works this time. That’s just another kind of demographic displacement.


    • Sadly you just described Minnesota politics, in the 1930’s the Young Communist League played a big role in Northern Minnesota started by a one Gus Hall. (((Born Arvo Kustaa Halberg))), a rabid communist


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    All three of them and more…


  46. Elon Musk talks publicly about how it’s every high-IQ man’s responsibility to have many children. He has 5.

    I tend to agre with that.

    Not only for society’s sake, but for my own gene pool. It’s quite rewarding to see my children and know that my genes will pass to the future. Manly, in fact.

    What kind of man doesn’t want children?


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  48. I made this img for you guys.