Journolisters Feeling The Heat

Journolisters are upset that Americans hate them and are derisively insulting them as Hillary shills and Democreep Party propagandists, instead of praising them for their work as shills and hacks.

Journolisters have spent the last fifty years shitting on their profession and abandoning any pretext to ethics or objectivity. They have debased and discredited themselves so completely that, as WikiLeaks has exposed, they now collude with thecunt campaign to carry her to the Presidency.

Journolisters are zero integrity scum. Regular Americans are right to insult them and to strike fear in their hearts. Fear wonderfully focuses minds, especially the rotten, twisted, malevolent, lying minds that inhabit the shitlib skullcases of journolisters.

Faster, please.


PA (and Orwell) on leftoid establishment media whores.


  1. on October 27, 2016 at 11:32 am long dong silver

    #Hillbullies and #Hillbots have been exposed by the internet. The zero cost to publish ideas and viewpoints finally caught up to the legacy media. The barriers to entry were removed by blogger, wordpress, and youtube. Now an idea and viewpoint can placed into the hand of every person with a smartphone. It was only a matter of time. This is the greatest revolution since the printing press. The crack in the dam became a trickle, now the truth is gushing forth soon to cleanse the land of the lie mongering media whores. Long live Trump!

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  2. Well MSM mainstream journalism IS dying. Hence the rats are just going into a different ship (i.e. Politics). The fact that this new ship is also sinking is just too much for them to observe I guess.


  3. Some years back, before I’d ever heard of the Red Pill (or Kim Du Toit, whose “Pussification of the Western Male” was my very first bit of info that everything was, in fact, NOT totally insane in the world, because if he could write that and post it online, there must still be some semblance of rational thought alive in the world…), I watched Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. He mocked news reporters. Ruthlessly. I came to view him as someone whose opinion was worth listening to, because he was dissecting the sham that was our modern news media.

    I stopped watching him, of course, when he stopped grilling the “news” and started grilling every other topic that every other liberal media shill was grilling.


    • Amen. KDT was also my first taste of RP wisdom. The man Freed Mah Mind.


    • (((Stewart)))calls himself that trying to pass himself off as a regular guy of English descent who likes soccer and stuff. He like Elizabeth Warren raged against Wall Street for years even though his brother is a Wall Street CFO. And then when Occupy Wall Street happened Stewart send his faggot reporter John Oliver to totally make fun of it
      He’s a phony…controlled opposition.


  4. Nice goggles, faggot.




  5. Wolf Blitzer butthurt.

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  6. I went to a Trump rally in Newtown PA last week, and probably the loudest the crowd got was when he said the media was lying to us and everyone turned over the press area and started booing. Good. Fuck those guys.

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  7. on October 27, 2016 at 11:45 am CBR600RR_Rider


    • There’s plenty we can scald the dogs of cuckdom over…

      But overtly taunting over muh dik plays into the Synathedral frame of general antiWhite male demoralization agitprop.

      It doesn’t sit right… sort of like calling Hillary “Hitlery”.

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      • this. that meme is garbage. fuck the moron who created it and fuck you for posting it here.

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      • I was giving the poster the benefit of the doubt as being one of us…

        … but yeah, you’re right.

        Fuck him and the horse he rode in on for giving this two-edged neener-neener bullshit legs.


      • on October 27, 2016 at 12:18 pm CBR600RR_Rider

        lighten up people


      • Some of you alleged red-pillers still don’t realize the enormity of our situation and the war that’s been declared long ago…

        … our enemies have too much of a headstart for us not to be smarter-than-smart, especially on the agitprop front…

        … we have to consider every small detail… and I mean EVERY fucking one… and how it serves our cause versus theirs.

        This ain’t no Stripes “lighten up, Francis” hootfest… this is about a future for White children.

        The sooner ALL of us purportedly on that side act accordingly, the better.

        A wise man loves a reproof… be wise.

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  8. I like the subtle Instapundit reference.

    Glenn Reynolds is a secret reader rape!


  9. My (and George Orwell’s)
    indictment of the media.

    Linking own stuff feels dirty rape!


  10. So 8 years after the financial crises (caused in part by Bill Clinton repealing the Glass Steagall act)- Americans are on the verge of electing the biggest Wall Street puppet of them all with full endorsements from the likes of Elizabeth Warren and the Guardian and other left wing publications.
    You could not make this shit up.

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  11. I cannot believe a movie like this EVER got made.



    These niggers are voting, right now, in early voting in Florida.

    This “democracy” has failed, as the Founders anticipated.

    Jews: you did this.

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    • Media outrage, a la BLM?

      Non-existent… and then these “journalists” wonder why they’ve got front-row reservations for the upcoming necktie party.

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  13. There is a list floating around somewhere about all the pundits hillary invited to a special dinner – it includes pretty much evrey major news anchor, all the mega shitlibs like stepphopolis and muir

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  14. on October 27, 2016 at 12:18 pm Divine Son of Kek

    I really, really wanted to be a journalist out of high school.

    This election has been an extra dose of disillusionment and relief that I didn’t waste my time.


  15. president duterte has the right idea:

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  16. Lugenpresse. Use it. And Gleichshaltung. The communazifascist left has taken over the press, using media and government power to coordinate and bring into line a progressive coup of the US.


  17. I wish journalists would bottle their tears for mass consumption. Oh wait…


  18. I hate journalists more than anything on earth. I’d run past ten Carr brothers to get to one SJW journalist.

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  19. Shorter Blitzer: “Waaaahhhh, I don’t want my actions to have consequences!”

    Good, I’m glad those assholes are in their 20s and 30s. Kill ’em before they’ve had a chance to breed.


  20. A beautiful sequence. 77-year-old warhorse Pat Buchanan wtfpwns CNN cocksucker (?(?(?Smerconish?)?)?).

    I wish it could have been him in the debates.


  21. The War is about to start and the enemy has already lost. They have no soldiers, and they have no dog in this fight. They only had the media for the lame old lets you and him fight. Now that their media is dead, so are they. Their money is worthless. Their followers are just paid help. Their soldiers are mercs and soldiers of fortune. They have lost. We will win. We fight because we live here. They and their orcs will run, because this isn’t home for them. Trust me, the morale is to the material as three to one. We have to fight, they can run someplace else, and THEY WILL.


  22. That BuzzFeed guy with the cleft palate and the ugly face is obsessed with Trump isn’t he?.

    Can’t blame him i guess.


  23. on October 27, 2016 at 4:32 pm The Ferret Within

    Journos are lower than lawyerscum.



    “From the Washington Post:

    When Antonin Scalia died in February, Senate Republicans quickly proclaimed that despite what the Constitution says, Barack Obama had no right to appoint Scalia’s successor. Instead, they invented a new principle, which is that presidents — or Democratic ones anyway — only get to appoint Supreme Court justices for the first three years of their four year terms. After that, we must wait until the next president takes office, so he or she can make the appointment.”

    No mention, of course, that this “new principle” was invented in 1992 as the Biden rule. Journalistic integrity as usual.


  25. on October 27, 2016 at 8:04 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Point taken, but as a former journalist I have to say it’s been more like the last twenty years the field went downhill. Back in the Cobain Era, when I was first hired the editors were so adamant about not being biased we were not allowed to make political donations (which were public record) or even have political bumper stickers on our cars.

    I was told this during my hiring interview. I responded by jokingly asking if I could have a photo of Nixon at my desk, like Alex P. Keaton from “Family Ties.” He didn’t get the joke. He stared back in stony silence. Oops.

    The kicker? I was part of the arts and entertainment section. I wasn’t even a political reporter and that’s how stringent they were. These days when I see reporters make overly political Tweets I wonder how my former editor handles that. He probably stares at his screen in stony silence.


  26. “Journolisters have spent the last fifty years shitting on their profession and abandoning any pretext to ethics or objectivity. They have debased and discredited themselves so completely that, as WikiLeaks has exposed, they now collude with thecunt campaign to carry her to the Presidency.”

    People have to understand, that media is in private hands, and as such there is no longer such a thing as journalistic ethos. Media corporations are in the business of making money and no one should be surprised at it being their solitary goal. When media happens to report the truth, it is purely on account of it being in alignment with expedient interests of the corporate body.