1939 Marital Rating Scale

Zoomable link here. The rest of the 1939 Marital Rating Scale sheets, including the ones for the husband, are here.

A sample of traits that are a mark against a wife:

“Doesn’t like children”: -5 points!
“Slow in coming to bed–delays till husband is almost asleep”
“Wears red nail polish”
“Flirts with other men at parties or in restaurants”

A sample of traits that recommend a wife:

“Has meals on time”
“Dresses for breakfast”
“Personally puts children to bed”
“Religious — sends children to church or Sunday school and goes herself”: +10 points!

Fast forward to 2019…

The bad wife:

“Is really a victim of a bad husband”

The good wife:

“Dresses her son like a girl, turns her husband into a kitchen bitch, demands cunnilingus despite HPV pussy smelling like a rotting animal carcass, is “With Her”, has a trail of mudshark baggage and a mystery meat bastard, has a sphincter tattoo, thinks men are ‘intimidated’ by nasty old skanks with resting bitch face”

Is there really any question that America was, culturally and psychologically, a healthier, better, SANER nation in 1939 than it is today? We trashed all that was good about America and replaced it with smartphones and a gynarchic dystopia. Are the gadgets worth the trade-off?


From plumpjack,

this wasn’t a very one-sided social contract. the patriarchy had rigorous expectations of men also. lets see a picture of a 1939 draft card for comparison.

I linked it. I couldn’t save the pic locally for an upload, which is why it’s not included in the post. For the record, from what I read of the husband’s marital rating scale, there wasn’t much I disagreed with. You have to keep in mind that in a culture in which the large majority of wives are deferential to husbands and faithful to the end, there really isn’t much need for dread-style “married man game”, and so the cultural norms of the time reflect the acceptance and expectation of chivalrous husbands who don’t flirt with other women. As always, it takes two to tango.


  1. Interesting that this was the cultural absolute, even as Communism was taking hold of the intelligentsia’s minds.


    • on January 25, 2019 at 1:58 pm Corinth Arkadin

      This cultural artifact is pretty brilliant (to us, today–as you say it was the norm back then).

      Of course we know exactly why it was penned.

      In fact, it should be reproduced and handed out to young men so they can re-align their sights. If a woman does not measure up, or gives you any kind of a problem at all along these lines, move on.


      • I’m holding my breath until I see a razor commercial for how to be better women.

        Or any “conversation” about toxic femininity.

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    • Honestly, even the commies were less straight up insane in the US (I say again in the US) than they subsequently became. Seriously, they still had a enough residual western civilization in them to keep them from going to modern extremes; they believed in strength, sacrifice, weren’t fans of several types of degeneracy etc..

      Still rat bastards, but it’s a sliding scale.

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      • on January 25, 2019 at 3:08 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I think they were mostly scared, because certain sections of the country were dangerous places for Commies. Even in J00 York you could get whacked for being a fellow traveler with the more seedy elements.

        Down South? Forgittaboutit. You’d get lynched if the Sheriff didn’t shoot you first for your agitation.

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      • but the Bolshevik jew communists were in the middle of killing 60 million Russian in the 1930’s


  2. on January 25, 2019 at 1:51 pm Hackett To Bits

    Makes samwiches diligently for you and your poker buddies +5

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  3. Damn. . .my married sister checks off just about all of the merits but doesn’t have kids. That’s the only demerit but sadly, the biggest.

    Even on the merits section, how many ladies out there can do what #3 mentions?


    • “Carry on an interesting conversation”

      They put it on the wrong side.


    • #3 was arguably the most subjective: am I comparing her to my male friends or to other women? I split the difference and gave her half a point for that one.


    • Preferences are personal. But I would NOT consider dating, let alone marrying, a woman who could not carry on a decent conversation. My wife sure could. And my sister can.


  4. on January 25, 2019 at 1:55 pm Hackett To Bits

    Notably, Dr Crane was not (((special))).


    • on January 25, 2019 at 1:57 pm Hackett To Bits

      Also notably, he collaborated with the GEOTUS’s mentor, Norman Vincent Peale.


    • Bob Crane was a kike, though.


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:12 pm Corinth Arkadin

        We talking Hogan’s Heroes Bob Crane?


        He was a degenerate but I thought he was Irish, not a J00.


      • He was allegedly raised Catholic, but I always heard he had some matzo in the soup, and his weird life fit the pattern.


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:34 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Did you ever see Auto-Focus. Hilarious, actually, from a dark, twisted POV (and that’s me, tho, lol. I am your go-to Dark, Complicated Prince for our Morally Ambiguous Times).

        The movie shows what happens when you’re a degenerate phuck and you hang out with other degenerate phucks.

        I remember when Bob Crane got whacked. They never did get the dood who did it. It got a lot of airtime for years afterword, esp. on Inside Edition and Hard Copy.


      • I actually did see that movie because Kinnear and Defoe are actors I respect for their abilities.

        I even remember Kinnear calling Defoe fehgeleh, which solidified my impression of Crane’s ethnicity… although who knows, hanging around Hollyvood, especially the seedier aspects of it, he might have just picked up a (((word))) or two from osmosis.


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:58 pm Corinth Arkadin

        To be honest, I do wield yiddish like a club. I think it’s mostly out of mockery because it sounds like shit and is a bastardized ‘language’ but I also use ebony phonics frequently to highlight the stupidity of it.

        Call me irresponsible.

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      • I’m often a bit mesuggah myself, you schlemiel. 😉


      • The commandant and that sergeant on the show were but Crane was a Catholic.


      • The Frenchman was as well… supposedly an actual survivor.

        If Crane wasn’t tribal, I feel better about him smooching on Elke Sommer in The Wicked Dreams Of Paula Schultz. lzozlzozlzozlzol


  5. Call me a defeatist, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never have a wife

    [CH: read this blog, with a focus on the game posts (there’s a sidebar link with categories). get better at seducing women and you’ll improve your odds of getting a wife]


    • Marriage is for submissive cuckold men who want a domineering woman like their single momma thwy miss so much

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 2:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I know a woman who is a virgin (pushing 30 something!!!). She’s probably about a fluid 5-6, but she’s in pretty good shape and a decent Christian woman.

      I was meaner than sh!t to her when I first met her. Won her over after several months. I surprised even myself with that one.

      She always complains she can’t get a man. I say there’s plenty of good men, and I point to this blog in particular and the manosphere in general.

      She says she wants someone who isn’t “uggo” and boring. My woman says “You may have ruined all other men’s chances, she is in total love with you. You’re basically her Jesus.”

      It shows you how even half-assed Game can work.


    • All too easy to despair, Evan. Preaching to the choir.

      Found this blog in mid 2014, havne’t really gamed much (notches and whatnot), but just lessons and advice have aided me tremendously. I can manage dealing with women much better as a result. It’s the advice my father should have given me.

      It’s a holistic transformation. Keep moving forward!


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:45 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “It’s a holistic transformation.”

        Yes it is, brother! I started off a good Catholic boy who respected (i.e. was deferential) to women, was a Beta and a romantic ‘nice guy’. I was also an inner-city Philly kid with a limited POV and sounded like Vinnie Delpino. I realized I had to CHANGE. It’s actually fun once you get into it.

        I became handsome as I aged into my twenties, and had some amount of charisma but didn’t know it. I realized the raw material I had (and what I didn’t have), and I turned my attention to getting it and refining the rest. Style, lifting weights, reading, and charm. After I tuned myself in to what I wanted, I was able to learn how to channel the energy towards getting what I wanted (i.e. getting laid by good looking and lol sometimes not so good looking women).

        I was basically a velociraptor touching the electrified fence; I was looking for weak spots. I looked to what worked and jettisoned the rest.

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      • I was basically a velociraptor touching the electrified fence; I was looking for weak spots. I looked to what worked and jettisoned the rest.

        Heh, heh… Jurassic game. 😉


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:59 pm Corinth Arkadin

        LOL’ed for real, dawg.


      • Clever girl

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      • Oh, bravo, mendo… I actually lzozlzolzol out loud.


    • At least you won’t be the only one.

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      • Indeed. This is so. When applied to the black US population, this has a lot of bite. The raw gender rate at birth is probably about 50:50 or so, as for other ethnic groups. But subtracting the number of black men in jail, or killed by each other, the gender rate is skewed towards a majority of women.


    • Perhaps Evan is black.

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    • seducing women isn’t what leads to [email protected]

      ffs, there’s a massive discontinuity here

      CH, you ever been [email protected]? so why are you speaking about it?


    • on January 25, 2019 at 11:38 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      I wonder if you’re like this guy I work with, whom I suspect will never have a wifé either.

      This fellow is about 37 or 38, huge gut from poor diet (eats French fries and coke at every meal) and inactivity. Balding. Not well dressed. Glasses. Looks slow witted, but during conversation suggests some intelligence. Worked at a call centre for some time, before getting a better, but still near the bottom of the chain, job at the corporation.

      He rents an apartment downtown, has no car. He talks about buying birthday presents for his niece and nephew.

      I’d be really surprised if he’s ever gotten laid, and if so, we’re talking maybe once or twice.

      What a pitiable and miserable existence.


  6. As a man in today’s gynocentric society, you can’t ‘put her in her place’ or effectively hold a woman accountable for bad behavior or reckless decisions unless you are her best option during that time.  Her hypergamous evaluation of you is contextual, which is why ‘Alpha’ is in turn, often contextual.  Your spatiotemporal value of masculine influence must be greater than that of ‘The Village’ of Blue Pill (see Rollos ‘Transitioning’) to effectively discipline and foster compliance in your woman.

    Women who don’t need a man for something that they can get elsewhere will be immune to influence by that man because they have the backing of society for the other available options (i.e. State funding or a career vs. a beta provider).  The same goes for a plate that doesn’t see you as Chad.  You can tell her to fuckoff when shes done wrong and she won’t try to make things right, she’ll just call on the next guy instead and laugh it off with her BFFs over mimosas.

    The difference between the above statement of modernity vs. our past ‘patriarchal’ culture is that a woman couldn’t afford to view her man as expendable because society would cast her out for it. She would be slut-shamed, reduced to poverty, or be stigmatized and ridiculed for being a single mother.  Those lifestyles were condemned then, whereas now they are glorified and empowering, and even incentivized (divorce courts, military wives/benefits, etc).  Hence the conclusion why many women will never be put in their place because 80%+ guys are beta and non-essential in today’s scene, coupled with the increasing decline of societal institutions that curb hypergamy (i.e. religion).

    Women won’t respond to your commands or discipline unless you are the best, and more importantly, if you haven’t established a value standard when it comes to her actions in your prescene.  This is not about voicing direct criticism of her unattractive behaviors.  To her, that is oppressive, emotional abuse bullshit unless you’re Chad.  The most pragmatic course of action to take is to shame other women and men (that are lower value than both your SMVs) for behaviors that you find repulsive.  Much similar to a beta who doesnt want to be ‘like other guys’ by conforming to her virtue signaling, a woman who is interested in you will take action herself to not act in a manner that turns you off  (acting slutty, being late, engaging in SJWism etc.).  If you can indirectly influence her this way by making the collective look retarded (as they often are), that will simultaneously foster compliance and make her feeeel like she’s special amongst the crowd in relation to your judgement because it provides her with social validation. 

    That’s the key; you aren’t validating her directly or making ultimatums and showing beta traits, you are creating a framework for her to be validated within based on your values.  You give her the sparkly sandbox to play in that she enjoys so much in her childlike existence while you manspread on the porch and own your shit.  In the event that other people try to come into her sandbox and don’t like to play with the cool little plastic shovels and dump trucks that YOU put there, she will tell them to GTFO

    Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen, and even then, never forget AWALT, and it’s just your turn.

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 2:10 pm Corinth Arkadin

      There is also a scale for men. On the equalizer, akin to a custom music slide, one must to attain that nexus of Game, good looks, and charisma in order to tame the pussy, put and keep her in her place.

      Sometimes your looks (or height/weight) might not measure up (say, with a HB8 compared to a a hard 6), but then you dial up Game and charisma.

      Sometimes you look good but you’re a boring motherphucker. Then you have to adjust your scale.

      Again, young men should be mentored in all these aspects along with the martial scale above.

      And that’s how we win.

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      • Im guessing the tools and smarts to Kombat Satan Worshiping Authority Figures falls under Game?

        Game is good and all, but with most women deferring to what The State, Psychiatrist, School Offcial, or even their friends tell them a man is now basically SOL. Unless youve found a way for your women to always follow your lead modern men reach an Impasse at some point. The final nut to crack is what does the man do when his Government and Community are against him. Going Full Kaczynski doesn’t look so bad at that point.


    • my ex made my bail one time, stood by me after i got arrested etc. being on a date with another chick

      just as SOON as the threat of leaving wasn’t there, bc she lost her visa, she turned right into that bitch i knew she was deep down. I saw flashes of that out of the corner of my eye a few times, just enough to make me go hmmmm.

      …which is why I never considered trying to keep her here. The tit implants surely didn’t help either as they increased her SMV and self-opinion a ton.

      Alpha is all about context…that leverage you have – if you lose it for whatever reason, and a kid might just be how you do – can be fleeting.

      Women only respond to the direct application of discipline. This is why they have my hands down their pants on aircraft; nobody’s watching and nobody will find out. It’s important to understand what you’re playing with in women so you can make decisions that don’t leave you fucked over

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    • Isn’t it interesting that people being favorable to the Ten Commandments (even if not religious) and people being favorable to the Constitution are to a large extent (i.e. large positive correlation) the same people.
      Others like neither, as these items put a limit on how much you can get away with.

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  7. Heh, heh… looks like that cooze journalist from the other thread ain’t the only one with a PhD in Romantic Comedy.



  8. on January 25, 2019 at 2:02 pm Corinth Arkadin

    We should define “kitchen bitch”. I don’t mind cooking and in fact prefer it, as we know that men are often superior preparers of meals.

    Making me a sandwich and doing the dishes it what i would say qualifies as a kitchen bitch.


  9. I’m happy to report that my wife is solidly in the Superior category.

    I’m also unhappy to report that I know about a half dozen women in my life who would get a score in the negatives here.


  10. this wasn’t a very one-sided social contract. the patriarchy had rigorous expectations of men also. lets see a picture of a 1939 draft card for comparison.

    [CH: i linked it. i couldn’t save the pic locally, which is why it’s not included in the post. for the record, from what i read of the husband’s marital rating scale, there wasn’t much i disagreed with. You have to keep in mind that in a culture in which the large majority of wives are deferential to husbands and faithful to the end, there really isn’t much need for dread-style “married man game”, and so the cultural norms of the time reflect the acceptance and expectation of chivalrous husbands who don’t flirt with other women. as always, it takes two to tango.]


    • CH linked it. The word here is the link


    • on January 25, 2019 at 2:27 pm Corinth Arkadin


      A man of that time was expected to do MORE with LESS. You were supposed to get and keep a job, keep your family together, and stay out of trouble.

      Of course, we didn’t have the ghey world problem then: laws upon laws, big brother, over-education, over-credentialing, HR, Socialist/Communist creep, insane Feminism, the digital plantation.

      Robbed a bank in ’33-39? Two years in the hoosegow. You could do that standing on your head. Then you were back on the street with DON’T PHUCK UP AGAIN burned into your brain. You became a productive citizen and nothing was held against you.


    • I was thinking more of what government expected of its men: the ultimate sacrifice, when called upon, even if it meant fighting (and often dying) for the destruction of your own civilization. that seems like a more apt comparison. wife submits to husband. husband submits to Uncle Sam.


      • on January 25, 2019 at 2:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Yes, right. The Government back then didn’t really ‘give’ you anything (other that non-porous borders, security) they just took less (less taxes, less rules, etc).
        You were expected to give your time and your life if called upon to maintain that society.

        Now they take and take and take and don’t give ANYTHING back. They don’t even have borders now. We got more cops than ever and it’s actually less secure. And it’s less of a society and more like a prison if you’re whyte.

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      • yeah, pretty much.

        I still can’t figure out if we’re better or worse off. the govt takes less in some ways and takes more in other ways. I guess if you were lucky enough not to die or get maimed invading Normandy then you were doing pretty good. the only downside seems to be that in exchange for giving your time and risking your life for society, you got to watch your kids and grandkids flush it all down the drain. so what was the point?


      • Corinth..when there are to many cops there is no liberty…when there are to many soldiers there is no peace.. when to many lawyers there is no justice


      • on January 26, 2019 at 12:31 pm Corinth Arkadin

        In the DeeCee area, there are at least SEVEN overlapping police jurisdictions and they can all descend on you: Metro D.C., Park Police, various VA and MD counties intersectional. Hate to make a goofy Star Wars reference (it’s lazy but fiction sometimes is clear), it’s like being in the middle of an imperial capital.



      • on January 26, 2019 at 12:42 pm gunslingergregi

        well i guess when china nukes it
        it will be like the death star


  11. “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”

    ― Napoleon Bonaparte

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  12. And now lets play: Guess the nationality !


  13. The best part is that the maximum possibly score is only 25, which simply gets the wife into the second lowest “Poor” rating. Gold!

    [CH: haha, i hate to ruin a good joke but the link goes to the additional pages of the wife’s marital rating questions.]


    • I thought this at first. Thought it was genius. A shitlord could remake this for the modern day and make it impossible to score higher than ‘must try harder’. See how long it takes her to do the maths to figure out it was rigged.


  14. You can have this today. Such women are out there – and they are not idiots.

    Follow the link and read the test for the men.

    If you want the woman who passes the women’s card, you should make sure you’re the kind of man that passes the men’s card.

    You can mold some women to be like this. Ironically they are often the kind of conformist women that end up as non-ideological feminists. That is, being conformist they accept the dogma of the day. And once married will conform to your views if you promote them.

    To make this happen an absolute requirement: no television.

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    • “an absolute requirement: no television.” Yeah. And that goes doubly for children, If I had to raise kids, I would ban TV, and at most let them have an old dumbphone, no downloads. OTOH, I would be generous with a DVD library, expanded on an ongoing basis. I hear of children (including AOC who is chronologically adult but emotionally, educationally and intellectually a child) who are in a panic that the world will collapse real soon because of supposed climate change.


    • on January 25, 2019 at 11:52 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      Forget television.

      It’s no iPhags/scr0tial media.

      A girl addicted to her phone is a lost cause for so many reasons.


  15. The 2019 card would have to have:

    Feminist bumper stickers: -1
    Wears pussy hat or feminist buttons: -5
    Has tattoos: -10
    Has college debt: -10
    Smokes weed: -10
    Smokes meth: -100
    Over 30 at wedding: -10
    Over 40 at wedding: -30
    Over 50 at wedding: -100
    More than 10 previous men: -20
    More than 30 previous men: -100
    Has bastards: -20 (per bastard)
    Has multi-racial bastards: -60 (per)
    Approves of gay sons: -100
    Approves of trans children: -1000

    [CH: LOL it’s so very tragically true.]

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 3:03 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I was gonna say if we were using a the public skrewl system of A+, B, C, etc., then we would have to start giving out Z’s to women today.

      That way we wouldn’t have to go into STEM territory with the negative integers.


    • So lenient…Bastards should be 200 each, 600 for mini jamaals


    • a yenta -6 000 000

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    • This is all well and good. The problem is, some of these data are not available until it is too late. And some, such as “number of previous men” might NEVER be available.


      • You dont need to know exact numbers.

        Virgin: excellent

        Less than one cock every 2 years since 18: sadly the modern equivalent of a good girl

        More: more than this, slut, avoid.

        Way more: If she has a lot of stories, keeps bumping into exes, has drunken one nighters she can’t remember etc, you don’t need exact numbers. Such a woman is lower than a literal prostitute. The wh0re at least has the dignity to charge.


      • OK, I agree you don’t need exact numbers. But even approximate numbers might be unavailable, especially in a big city, or if she has recently made a long-distance move.

        Also, items like how she treats children will be available – if she and you has them – but by then it is way too late.

        And stuff like “dress for breakfast” works only if she lives with you. Etc.


    • Your scoring system is WAY too low for many of the criteria but EXCELLENT job otherwise 👌


      • Ill defend my scoring. -100 puts a woman at below the worst rating on the test no matter what else she has in her favor.

        Maybe I’m a little lienient on bastards. But it seems to me that an otherwise ideal woman who got pregnant and had the moral decency to not abort her child may not be first choice, but is not the worst either.


      • “…….an otherwise ideal woman who got pregnant and had the moral decency to not abort her child may not be first choice, but is not the worst either.”

        How far we have fallen.

        Fuc this clown world


      • on January 26, 2019 at 12:37 pm Corinth Arkadin

        That’s an interesting point. Being Catholic, I think we seem to be soft (cucked?) on the concept of bastards, if not in reality.

        I would blame the mother and not the child. However the child should be raised apart for the mother and by a strong father-figure relative (NOT the State) and made aware that his mother is of low character and it is his duty to elevate himself.

        She should be placed in a nunnery and very little contact if at all with her brood.

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      • on January 29, 2019 at 7:05 pm gunslingergregi

        But it seems to me that an otherwise ideal woman who got pregnant and had the moral decency to not abort her child may not be first choice, but is not the worst either.”””



    • Oooh, my score is 66 (Superior) on the 1939 wife scale, but -1240 on Based Papist’s 2019 scale. My man’s score is 87 (Very Superior) on the 1939 husband scale.


      • Did you get that score by approving of gay and trans kids, slutting it up with 30+ men, and being 40+ at marriage? Maybe you cook well and dress for breakfast. It doesn’t make up for the other things. The primary benefit of having a wife is her ability to raise healthy children.


  16. It’s amazing how healthy White nations are when Jews arent at the helm of Kulturgestaltung. There is a sense of common purpose and future, above all so people gladly strive to live up to social expectations.


    • Any nation with jews seems to be diseased. They’re some kind of plague organism capable of talking.

      “Sorry to hear you’ve come down with a case of jews, old man.”

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  17. it’s worth checking out the whole list. that first page was just an appetizer.

    although, it might be depressing for some since the majority of women nowadays would have loads more demerits than merits if you charted them.

    aside from maybe one or two items, most women today would get a check in every one of those boxes on the second page of the w1fe chart


  18. I will admit that I often let wifêy warm her cold feets on mah back… she always sighed about how unfair it was that I emanated such body heat under the covers, and to be frank, although I acted like it was noblesse oblige, I welcomed the thermostatic effect of the cooling. 😉

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    • That’s highly unusual, for the husband to be moar warm-bl00ded than the wife.

      SRS question: Do you have a cardiologists and/or a nephrologist?


    • Is it? The vast majority of women I’ve known always complain about the cold, whereas the men bear it stoically.

      My circulation is, apparently, hitting on all cylinders… and all my life my blood pressure has been in the 110/75 range, heart rate 60 to 70, depending upon how soon it got measured after my morning coffee.

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    • You are a gem!


    • Women have a lower metabolic rate and thus generate less body heat than men do. That’s why we have space heaters next to our desk and warm our hands and feet on our men’s bodies in bed.


  19. Teacher: A society in which all races and cultures live together in peace and harmony is just over the horizon.

    Student: What’s the horizon?

    Teacher: An imaginary line that always recedes as one approaches it.

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  20. “Are the gadgets worth the trade-off?”
    Wrong question, It is not – or at least not mainly – the gadgets that caused the deterioration. It was a number of other things, such as virtue posturing, peer pressure – including guided peer pressure – etc.


  21. Dude…. no comment on how the husband rating sheet is structured? It’s got “beta” written all over it.

    [CH: i already commented, check the post. in short, it’s not so bad to be beta in a world of controlled women obeying a benevolent patriarchy.]


    • CH is right. back when things weren’t so out of control and the women were better, men didn’t have to be top grade assholes just to them somewhat tolerable.

      when you have rotten women, you need asshole men to keep them in line. wasn’t always that way.

      i’m older than many here and i can say for a fact that women even a couple decades ago were far superior to the crap women who are on the scene now.

      i don’t envy young men who are out their trying to find a good girl to have a future with. we older gents have had a lot more opportunities over our lifetimes to find a quality girl. shiz girls were the minority. not true anymore

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      • yes imagine if all you had to be was NICE to a fuckin woman, decent, and she would respect and appreciate it?

        Women are fuckin hyenas now. T has gone down probably 30% since 87 in men and probably up by the same amount in bitches

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      • It pisses me off no end that I have basically had to turn myself into someone I didn’t want to be, just so women would stop treating me like shit. Once upon a time being a kind, decent, dependable man was a goal in life, not a one-way ticket to inceldom.

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    • CH — that’s pretty my idea that a working society has a “societal alpha;” custom, thought, law, and social pressure giving all men at least partial share in a sort of collective alphadom, unless they screw it up royally.

      It’s what we call patriarchy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all or most men are alpha. It means that there’s a social force that effectively gives them partial alpha status which they can then maintain almost effortlessly, as long as they aren’t complete dishrags.

      I’m having a difficult time expressing it because I haven’t worked out fully on paper for my own benefit even. But I think it’s necessary for a stable society.


  22. Actually, the 1939 wife chart is now word-for-word the 2019 husband chart (just replace the word wife/she with husband/he).

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  23. on January 25, 2019 at 4:12 pm gunslingergregi

    came back from field for 3 months or 2 months
    extended field problem
    hadn’t showered or washed whole time
    wife met me at door
    grabbed my shit out my hands tossed it
    knelt down and yea
    and ran family support group i was e4
    usually captains wife would
    so yea made me look good


    • on January 25, 2019 at 4:15 pm gunslingergregi

      never went for e5 never wanted to go to war and tell a dude to go die charging a machine gun nest
      always knew my job was charging machine gun nest he he he
      or get lost
      never wanted to be responsible for getting lost rofl


      • I got out as an E4, passed PLDC.


      • Didn’t want to go to PLDC. Told my NCOIC that my ETS is coming up but I had to go anyway. Glad I did. Good training. I learned that you hallucinate after four nights of no-sleep.


      • ah, military talk

        sooo many acronyms.

        Not calling you fellas, just reminded me of a scene from Good Morning, Vietnam:

        Excuse me, sir. Seeing as how the V.P. is such a V.I.P., shouldn’t we keep the P.C. on the Q.T.? ‘Cause if it leaks to the V.C. he could end up M.I.A., and then we’d all be put out in K.P.

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      • LOL Mendo, I had exactly that scene in mind. Just looked it up, it’s no longer called PLDC.


      • It was called Primary Leadership Development Course during my service. Then, as I just learned, they changed it to faggy-sounding Warrior Leader Course. Now it’s called Basic Leader Course. What is the point of renaming a perfectly descriptive term.


      • I still once in a while have a dream that I went back into the Army. I’m on this desolate dirt landscape of GP-Mediums and Hemtts and it’s a feeling of absolute dread. “What the fuck have I done!” Then I see that all my old buds are there and it’s suddenly a good dream.


      • on January 25, 2019 at 5:16 pm gunslingergregi

        Good training. I learned that you hallucinate after four nights of no-sleep.””””””

        lack of sleep can change brain and allow u too solve problems you couldn’t while fully rested
        thats why i used to do the 36 hours of work before
        answer would just come to me after 24 or so


      • on January 25, 2019 at 5:50 pm gunslingergregi

        that field problem
        the end cap blew off torsion bar on 88 while we were sitting beside it eating lunch
        whole endcap plus the fucking end of torsion bar blew off
        never found any of pieces
        talking at least 15 pounds of metal flying through air
        yea some crazy shit
        to get the fucking rest of bar out had to take another bar and hit with sledgehammer
        took days
        at end i had to move my body to drink water out of my canteen could not bend my arms anymore
        hooked up a tanker bar to rope and had multiple dudes pull it rest of way out
        felt good getting it out he he he
        but after that knew of course any time standing around or working on tank could be a fucking death sentence
        va didnt think worth compensation though


      • on January 25, 2019 at 5:55 pm gunslingergregi

        every black in iraq i met that was prior service
        was getting disability for something though
        so again racism
        didnt apply for it till i got out iraq
        got pride from job well done though pushing body past max
        but yea shit had a minelayer drive over me while working on it
        under a 60 where one fucking side was 6 inches off the fucking ground
        worked under fucking aces with no jacks in field

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 4:23 pm gunslingergregi

      the stories she came back with from family support group holy shit
      woman told her everything
      but yea seems i have lives a thousand lives


  24. My current girlfriend scored comfortably Superior despite my harsh marking and some questions being impossible to answer (she doesn’t have kids but I see how she is around young neices and nephews etc).

    CH any comment on the fact that the list of 50 qualities makes virtually no reference at all to the woman’s physical qualities?


    • Good point, though perhaps because in 1939 the percentage of fat women wasn’t as large (heh) as 80 years later.

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      • that’s what i was thinking as well.

        didn’t have to address appearance because barring a few exceptions, the majority of woman looked good


    • I did consider that there would be less need for criteria such as ‘don’t be a fat slob’ and ‘don’t have blue hair / tats / piercings’ as it simply wasn’t an issue at that time.

      The list generally focused on behavioural traits that the woman can largely control. The only major criterion for physical attractiveness was losing points for being overweight, which is the main part of her physical attractiveness that a woman of that era could control.


  25. 1939

    …to 2019


  26. Here’s a thought. Could it make a difference if western men, en masse, stopped approaching women? I mean full cold turkey, no approaching, no busting a move, no attention, nothing.

    Women don’t understand cause and effect unless it’s shoved in their faces. They know that no matter how bad the culture of man-hating gets, men will still bust a move. But if that suddenly stopped, would the culture change?

    The dating app Bumble gives a glimpse into this world. Women *have* to initiate on Bumble, or the match disappears. Women are so bad at initiating that Bumble has had to feed women a list of possible openers that they can copy and paste men (chicks I’ve banged have shown me this on their app). Several of these women have also commented to me on how Bumble gave them a new found appreciation for what men go through in having to initiate a conversation. And that’s only on an app, imagine if they started to appreciate what it takes for a man to approach a woman face to face? Because at the moment they don’t.

    Women would pretty quickly forget about “me too” and all of the associated rubbish, and start to act on the fact men were not approaching them anymore, just like they have on Bumble.

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    • on January 25, 2019 at 5:29 pm gunslingergregi

      ex called i turned it down


    • Too many thirsters out there, to invent a word

      And if they’re not getting the validation or pedestalization in real life, there’s always scrotial media to fill ’em in, literally and figuratively.


    • The boycott you are calling for won’t happen for a couple of reasons. 2 many thirsty losers out there and rarely does anyone turn down pussy when it’s thrown at them.

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    • Say there, Meener… how are men going to boycott women when, even ’round chere, no matter how odious the bitch, a solid coterie (yourself included on a previous thread) would immediately mention how nice her tits were and/or “wb”.

      More thirst these days than when Moses took his Hebrews through the desert for 40 years.

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  27. We trashed all that was good about America and replaced it with smartphones and a gynarchic dystopia. Are the gadgets worth the trade-off?

    Post-hoc fallacy there, I think.  The gadgets came from goyisch geeks and outright racists like Hewlett, Packard, Tesla and Shockley.  The gynarchic dystopia came from the likes of Boas, Freud, Friedan and Gould.

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  28. Well so much for draining the swamp and firing the nonessential workers after 30 days.

    So they missed exactly one paycheck and now will get back pay, so essentially they got a 6 week paid holiday vacation.

    Wall is irrelevant anyway.

    Speak expressly for whites.

    Won’t happen. We’ve been had.

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    • Israeli told me today, “America is not a country. It’s a business,” while defending the idea of scamming insurance companies.

      It’s all on purpose.


    • The whites of the host nation, who must work for our food, as opposed to living off of passive wealth income AS ALL JEWS DO, never voted for that, Jew.

      As many have observed, the Jewish mind is fundamentally incompatable with Anglo society.

      As Greg says, our “constitution” is literally not theirs. They are not constituted like us.

      Hence they shit all over our constitution and our uniquely white concepts of honor, property, contract, and law (which includes the goal of fairness and an implied promise of GOOD FAITH in all contracts and deals).

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    • It’s discouraging. However we’ve been through this with Trump before. He says something — Media goes apeshit declares victory and “Drumphf finished”.

      Then 48 hours goes by and all of a sudden things look a lot better.

      This is the most disappointing thing he’s done though. I want to be wrong about this right now.

      To me he’s signed our death warrant as a race in the US.

      Boomer civnats will never get it. Neither will White shitlibs who live insulated from vibrant environments. The shitlib’s worst fear is being called a racist- a nonsense word.

      Molyneux put a tweet up asking people what the ideal percentage of Whites in a country is.

      The comments below will I think provide a good cross section. Quite a few people answered 90% or more. A lot also said 0% and said that would be good. Most of that crowd were the (((usual suspects))) and of course almost every mud.

      There is going to be war or we will be wiped out IMO.

      There is no compromising with the jews about our right to exist. They believe themselves to be chosen and all others who are not them exist merely to serve them.

      That is incompatible with White society. Jewish values are as alien to White culture as are mohameddan values.

      There cannot possibly be a compromise with them.

      As Winston Churchill once quipped: The jew is either at your feet or at your throat.

      No love for him but he’s damned right about that.

      We have a mission to secure a future for White children. Even a historical obligation and duty.

      Anybody that disagrees with that is my mortal enemy. Because he implicitly doesn’t want a future for White children.

      Enoch Powell was right. And so was Vlad Tepes.

      No quarter.


  29. Re:CH comments about the good wife dressing her son like a girl :

    Local news last night ran a video of a father who had bought both himself and his young son of about 8 dresses based on the movie “frozen” and then filmed themselves both dressed up and dancing to the movie’s theme song. It was all very feminine-looking and degrading, so of course they had to run a story on it. Apparently good husbands also dress their sons like girls.

    I looked closely at the male anchors’ faces after the piece ended but they were not showing any emotions. As for the husband himself, he did have the classic look of a full-soy millennial.

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  30. So, as a NYC Jew, I’ve seen pretty much everything. Stuff that would make you vomit if I told you (but you would never believe me, anyway). It turns out that leftist elites and (((bored millionaires))) are more psychotic, petty, debaucherous and bizarrely insecure than you could ever imagine.
    It’s not just Jews. Often mic’s, wap’s, and kike’s work together in what I call the “kumbaya from hell” (see the Lufthansa Heist in Goodfellas). They’d kill their own parents if just for the fun of it. It’s weird, jarring. They seem self-destructive and love the chase, then escaping through their terrifyingly good deception skills (only noticeable by the duper’s delight bc they can’t contain their glee from fooling you). One of my clients was busted and featured in the NYT for flagrant corruption. Everyone knew what they were doing. But, natch, they got out of it, which is the high they are really after.
    So, I’ve been expecting that *at least something* would come out someday to redpill the flyovers about how demonic their elites really are. I check Alex Jones, I check Heartiste, Julian Assange. Nothing, or nothing they couldn’t talk their way out of.
    Well, gentlemen, the wait might be over. Hillary is screwed with Uranium One. $140 million dollar bribe that endangers national security is just too much (not to mention her server). Plus, all those Dem senators running in 2020 might want her gone. The Clintons are holdovers from the centrist Dem days, and not in step with the AOC/Bernie/Kamala/Warren radical commies. This could be the big one, as Dick Morris, the man who hates Hillary the most (she exposed his foot fetish with hookers) gloats over. What the Dems don’t understand is that it won’t stop with Hillary once the flyovers finally get a clue and demand more investigations.


    • on January 26, 2019 at 2:23 am Carlos Danger

      This jibes with what I have been told and have read as well. What was that comment Jesus made, a rich man will sooner pass through the eye of a needle before entering the Kingdom of Heaven. Life needs to have challenges and tests of one’s character or the person’s character goes to shit. Good post.

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      • on January 26, 2019 at 9:34 am Carlos Danger

        A camel will sooner pass through the eye of a needle before a rich man enters the Kingdom of Heaven


  31. We fought a big war soon after. Sold the nation’s soul.


  32. Can carry on an interesting conversation.

    I wonder where they would found one with that attribute lol.

    There isn’t even one that can bear hearing an interesting conversation in the gina cohort.


    • I addressed this in an earlier comment:

      ‘#3 was arguably the most subjective: am I comparing her to my male friends or to other women? I split the difference and gave her half a point for that one.’


    • on January 26, 2019 at 8:36 am gunslingergregi

      the ones i can have conversations with i don’t want to fuck lol


  33. “Demands cunnilingus”?! If my wife demanded cunnilingus Id laugh in her face. She blows me on demand because its different (not very enthusiastically but we’ve been married a while).
    I don’t eat pussy its beta as fuck. I stopped eating box long before i was married, never had a complaint. Women like it but they lose respect for the man.
    Its gross. Stop being fucking beta, boys.