Was The Trump-Clinton Debate Rigged Against Trump?

Evidence mounts that there was a coordinated effort between thecunt and the moderator Lester Holt to subvert the debate.

Watch this video. (((YouTube pulled it))) It looks like thecunt was signaling to Holt at advantageous moments to give her a chance at a direct rebuttal, after which followed what sounded like scripted responses from thecunt.

The media and thecunt colluding to rig the debate against Trump and undermine faith in the democratic process to boot? SAY IT AIN’T SO.

The Fourth Estate is now the Fifth Column, actively aiding and abetting traitorous enemies within to suppress the nationalist will of the people. Not hyperbole. We’re really there. A sociopathic man-hating cunt and vile media shills acting as propaganda arms for the ruling class are the demonic face of a globohomo alliance that ordinary Americans are beginning to see clearly. When the people fully wake, it’ll be war.


  1. Codevilla article was a good one wasn’t it? Knew you would like it.


    • Trump wins by tapping into the huge gaping hole that is people’s need to communicate freely how they actually feel.

      By that, i mean, Political Correctness and the deep guttural feeling of dread people get when they’re invariably being BlackSplained and GoodWhiteSchooled on The Issues That Affect Them Most In Today’s Modren America.

      Trump wins by showing us the side of him that everyone feels but cannot fully express and he’s kinda doing that.

      Hillary just tweeted about how the country’s problem is Implicit Bias and that if we just fix everyone’s implicit bias, then everything will be okay.

      It was one of her least popular tweets, because people know that implicit bias is implicit bullshit.


  2. Overall Trump did decent but could have done better. She succeeded in not fainting or going into a seizure, otherwise more slimy politician double talk.

    Trump will do better in the next one now that he knows moderators are working against him. That urkel looking google moderator was such a pussy both of them ignored and talked over him. Favorite moment is when Trump threw rosie o donnell under the bus AGAIN bahaha i couldnt believe it. I hope he never stops fucking that vile ham beast i was cracking up.

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  3. […] Was The Trump-Clinton Debate Rigged Against Trump? […]


  4. The Fourth Estate is now the Fifth Column

    This, this, and THIS!

    In Harold Covington’s novels, one of the techniques the rebels use is to pay a special visit to journalists who appear to have a problem with that whole “fair and balanced” thingy.

    Sometimes, it was merely an abduction and putting a Property Of NWA tattoo on a lady’s behind, as a lesson.

    Sometimes it took a bit more… (ahem) persuasion, like taking a roofing stapler and literally closing the mouth of an especially egregious spewer of agitprop.

    Within a short period of time, media coverage of the war took on a much more objective character.


    • The Left claims there’s anti-Left/Neo-Nazi terrorism going on everywhere and around every corner, when all evidence shows that it’s 99% Leftist terrorists.

      We’d know that anti-Leftists are engaging in major terrorist activities on a large scale if a major corporate news organization or Hollywood studio took a hit. Since that never happens—as MSNBC, NYTIMes, TIme Warner, HBO, etc. all remain safe and secure and pumping out their sewage daily—then we know that anti-Left terrorism in this country is not a problem.

      I do wonder if the Hollywood studios have taken the precautions to prevent a terrorist attack by an anti-Leftist group. I think the news organizations/divisions have done so, but I don’t know if their Hollywood brothers have realized how big a target they are. And I know it actually isn’t hard for a dude to get hired as a temporary security guard on studio lots or common, three-mile-zone filming locations in LA. Heck, many major studios in LA offer tours to tourists. It wouldn’t be hard for an anti-left group to recon a Lefty studio and get the lay of their land, so to speak.

      I hope it never happens, and all Leftism goes away peaceably, but if it didn’t—that’s how we’d know we’d have a major anti-Left terrorist organization on our hands.

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      • Not just with a temp security job, most lots have outside catering, so all you’d have to do is infiltrate that way and then you can have some real fun.

        Damn, this would make for a cool movie itself.

        Hollywood Has Fallen rape!


      • Yes, but somewhere in Alabama, a white guy didn’t say hello to his black neighbor!

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      • on September 29, 2016 at 4:20 pm Captain Obvious

        “I hope it never happens, and all Leftism goes away peaceably…”

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      • You guys have to read The Brigade… there’s a scene where the rebels send a message to the world on Oscar night.


      • “The Left claims there’s anti-Left/Neo-Nazi terrorism going on everywhere”

        Lefties suddenly forget how to adjust for population % when discussing terrorism because it indicts muslims.

        Then they remember how to adjust when someone points out that more whites are killed by police.

        Then they forget again when discussing black crime rates.

        I’m sure there are other examples.

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      • These guys all live in the Suburbs like you do. I knew several WaPo writers Kids at my NoVa high School where I grew up.

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      • White People usually don’t have black neighbors in Alabama

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      • Re accessing studio filming locations: they film tv episodes and/or commercials nearly every day in the back parking lot of the Sportsmen’s Lodge hotel in Studio City (corner of Ventura and Coldwater). You can walk right into where they’re shooting unchallenged, done it a hunnit-hunnit times.


  5. on September 29, 2016 at 3:05 pm WereallPalestinians now

    Wow, that is pretty damning actually. JacksonRev did a good job in catching that…

    [CH: yeah i wouldn’t have linked to it and posted about it if i didn’t think the evidence presented was strong. will the mainstream media pick up on this? HAHA that’s like asking a murderer to report on his own crimes.]

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    • I don’t put it past them (YT pulling the vid is damning stuff just by itself) and I agree with everything else you wrote, CH, but I just can’t see them adding another layer of complexity to the performance required of this neurologically impaired old lady Monday night. Her team must have literally been praying she’d get through it intact (there are no Leftist atheists during Hillary’s seizures) and would not have jinxed it for the world. I was amazed she made it through intact – my guess is that prednisone is the main way they pulled it off.

      Besides, they already had Dolt in the bag without her gesturing. Sadly Trump did let them get under his skin, but that’s an error he probably won’t make again, not if his team is listening to Coulter, which they are.


  6. on September 29, 2016 at 3:08 pm WereallPalestinians now

    Trump has been correct this whole time, its all rigged. The audacity of Killary epic, after all the hullabaloo about the DNC rigging. Bich just doesn’t know when to stop.

    [CH: that’s why she has to be stopped.]

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    • CH, it feels more and more like it cant be stopped. They are going full speed and expect to plow through. Like how can so many people and institutions stand at the sidelines while she robs the place?

      The DNC rigging primaries, the 33k missing emails, the health issue, the list is endless. The thing that is amazing is the REASON Trump made it this far is hillary. People are so fed up and sick of old crony politicians like her that they are speaking up by pushing Trump into the spotlight as a way of saying “no more, we are sick of the political royalty.” Yet somehow a lot of my friends think Clinton is great leader and trump is satan. They are so blue pilled it makes me sick. It seems Hillary/clinton foundation took in so much money for favors from big players that they will stop at nothing to elect her so they can call in those favors. Now we are truly seeing the lengths they will go to. We are seeing how many people want to buy the lie. For fucks sake she supports BLM, which is actively rioting across the country right this second. The goddamn plane has crashed into the building and most people are too busy calling each other racist or some other faggy term to notice.

      I think if she wins there will be a civil war. Too many shady things were done by the DNC and Dems have run the place for 8 years. it is not inconceivable they would rig the election/change voter records.


  7. on September 29, 2016 at 3:12 pm High capacity oven

    Just want to point out the variation in media coverage of two stories.


    A real person with video being physically assaulted.



    Someone’s hilarious irl trolling.

    You know which story will have more mainstream coverage


  8. on September 29, 2016 at 3:12 pm WereallPalestinians now

    It will never see the light of day. Without a free press, secrets can be kept forever. Any opinion to the contrary will be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist. Just enforce the 1940 Nationality Act (it already is in existence) and nearly all of the Neocons and probably a 3rd of senate and Congress would fly back to Israel. Then we could focus on the media. It will be a long hard road but priceless in the end.


  9. there’s no way this info doesn’t reach Trump. interesting YouTube pulled it. clearly it’s potentially far more damaging than all those 9/11 conspiracy theirs.

    it’ll be interesting to see how he responds. if his eyes weren’t 100% wide open to how these power-hungry sleezebags operate before, they will be now.


  10. There was a moment in the Casey Anthony trial when her mom was on the stand and lied to protect Casey. She made a purse-lip smile which some body language expert described as common with women when they tell a big lie. Saw it flash on Clinton’s face after one of her signals to Holt.

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    • Here it is @ 1:59 in the linked video :


    • cat that ate the canary

      (idiomatic) A person who appears self-satisfied or smug, especially while concealing something mischievous, prohibited, or private

      (idiomatic) A person whose appearance and behavior suggest guilt mixed with other qualities, such as satisfaction or feigned

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  11. Can you imbed the Vimeo video? Or is Vimeo not at that level yet?


    • Let’s find out:

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      • Thanks Mendo!

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      • They’ve fucking taken the sound out of the videos because apparently somebody is claiming they “copyrighted” the sound.

        1) This is not a private production for profit (well, not on President Trump’s part). This is public property—a presidential debate. The idea that we can’t sue the audio from it when making videos is Soviet-esque.

        2) they copyrighted the sound but not the video?????

        I smell bullshit rape!


      • I couldn’t get any audio on the Vimeo site, but there’s audio on the embedded version here, at least as of this posting.


      • on September 29, 2016 at 6:29 pm Captain Obvious

        Go to the following URL, view the “Page Source”, find the “609057578.mp4”, copy its entire URL [might need to add an “http:” or “https:” to its beginning of “//”], and be sure to include the full “token” [the token is time-limited and you need to use it shortly after it is served up to you]: https://player.vimeo.com/video/184766847


      • I gotta admit, two glances she gives Holt between 1:30 and 2:00 are highly suspicious in the context.


  12. on September 29, 2016 at 3:34 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    That video needs to be Tweeted far and wide. Any chance you’ll get back on Twitter again?


  13. on September 29, 2016 at 3:41 pm Wrong Side of History

    I’m prepared to go underground if Hillary wins

    Organize in meatspace


    • Am very interested in your meatspace

      Lucius rape


      • on September 29, 2016 at 5:41 pm Wrong Side of History

        I wonder where is Lucius

        He didn’t blog today.

        I’m worried sick.


      • I checked him out around the web. His comments at Unz aren’t even bad; totally level-headed, though hopelessly stiff, almost as though the K-pop stuff is an elaborate smokescreen. I wonder if he really thinks I’m this “sarah”, or is just triggered by my character.


  14. on September 29, 2016 at 3:42 pm The Spirit Within

    Whether or not those were codes (maybe, maybe not)…

    …a debate is a public argument in which both participants can answer one another. Both the Sociopathic Toddler and HRC got lots of opportunities to rebut one another.

    Also, it was announced that the debate would be six 15-minute periods. They each knew they had a while to talk and neither was going to be cheated out of opportunity to answer.

    Still, let’s watch for that finger again next Sunday.


    • Shorter non-Shishka: “It’s ok if she cheated, because I Hate Trump.”

      Faggot-Gamma within rape!


    • Why was Hillary asked no tough questions, while Trump got several? Riddle me that, jew cocksucker.

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      • There’s the real rigging right there, and right out front for all to see, though few are admitting it.

        Whether she had high signs and hand signals to add to the mix is immaterial, as far as I’m concerned.

        The n1gger moderator and his insipid questions alone were irrefutable evidence of bias.

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    • I usually don’t go for these CTs, but when even Strapunzel herself is willing to admit there MAYBE something to it, well… that’s as good as a guilty verdict for me.

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      • We live in times where CTs are the norm and must be believed


      • on September 29, 2016 at 10:00 pm Captain Obvious

        10 or 15 years ago, I would have told you that every CT was nuts. Lately though, I’ve completely flipped around, 180 degrees, and am inclined to believe that there is at least a kernel of truth to every single CT.

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      • Me too. I have some inside knowledge most don’t have here. Alex Jones is correct one everything he puts out.


      • Well, there’s always small kernels of truth in ANY agitprop, which is why there are always a number of people who will give them credence and not dismiss them outright.

        But when you look at the fruits of a tree, you will know what kind of tree it is…

        … and the vast, vast, VAST majority of CT, with their thousand-tentacled ink dispensers, serve only to distract, deflect, and otherwise suck up time and energy better spent elsewhere by the minds who give them credence.

        Indeed, I’ve seen fewer tactics MORE successful in providing smokescreens along the line of “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”.

        Which is WHY the MSM nudge/wink on them, when not outright promoting the innumerable books and “special reports” on the already too many dish and cable channels.


    • They were clearly indicators. TSW, please dont pedestalize politicans.


  15. Remember the 1980s and fads seemed to come and go? If something became lame or boring, out it goes and something fresh. One knew if he was just patient it would go away.

    Today, 8 grueling years under NoBordersBarack, social justice warriors constant bleating, legacy media still churning out garbage. What about these fads and why have they outlived their affection?

    Because barrel of a gun, that’s why.

    Other fads have a shelf live. Dictatorial Political Correctness lives by taking from others, so as long as there’s the living, they’ll keep feeding.

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  16. on September 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm The Spirit Within

    In that debate, the words that damaged the Sociopathic Toddler the most were the ones that came out of his own mouth.

    “Maybe it’s because I’m smart.”
    “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”
    “Where did you get that?”
    “She deserved it.”
    “My greatest strength is my temperament.”
    etc, etc

    As usual, he sucked up all the oxygen in the room with his deranged blather.


  17. Like

  18. I wasn’t good enough to pick up on that stuff, but I noticed immediately on Monday night how smug and confident TheCunt seemed. It struck me as odd because I knew she wouldn’t be acting like that unless she knew things were stacked in her favor.


  19. Another reason to wait for the final debate (with Wallace) and then lay down the big money when the odds are better.

    Given how shitlibs celebrated Crowley for jumping on Romney’s back, it’s hardly surprising Holt hoped to ape her.

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    • Those of us in the know recognize what he’s doing, but it will take the shitlibs by surprise: he is using his persuasion ability / jerkiness to hijack unearned media while Illary feels smug outspending him 6:1.

      Next month, expect a Trumpening barrage of ads, door to door get-out-the-vote operations (note: I’m in!), etc. They won’t know what hit them.


  20. Trumps past is nothing on the cunt. Wikileaks revealed cables from the US ambassador in Syria as far back as 2006 which showed a plan to overthrow Assad. The cunt is up to her neck in blood helping her paymasters of Israel and Saudi Arabia. God help us if she wins.

    I’m in Europe on travel and the bought media are all for her the murdering vile cunt.

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  21. Also the pessimist in me is dreading the day after the election if the cunt wins. The libs i work with will be unbearable, the cunt will be all over the tv, We will not see the Donald anymore doing rallies and press conferences and the cultural amrxists will be inspired and go into overdrive.

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    • the US will become a one party bolshevik country and if you object to your 7 year old being forced to take a class in trans gendered studies you will be called homophobic and may even be ostracized.

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  22. Of course it’s all rigged against Trump. He knows it and announced it weeks ago.

    It’s the only explanation that fits the facts: the journalist class all but uniformly declaring Hitlery the winner vs every major online poll overwhelmingly calling it for Trump.

    Even with their thumbs on the scale against him, Trump can’t be beat.

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  23. It may have been rigged; however, Trump could have easily side-stepped the landmines. Talk to Sean Hannity?? All he had to say was that Hillary was a US Senator who voted for the war while he was a private citizen making money in real estate. Not equivalent.

    Did he not do any debate preparation? How could he not have practiced for these questions that he and his team know they will ask? Makes you wonder how he would prepare for world events when he sits at the most powerful position in the world.

    [CH: “Makes you wonder how he would prepare for world events when he sits at the most powerful position in the world.”
    thecunt plant spotted.]

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    • “Makes you wonder how he would prepare for world events when he sits at the most powerful position in the world.”

      Trump trusts his instincts. 1) when you’re working 16 hours a day you have to find ways to save time. 2) when you try to “plan” for something that’s surely a trap you can easily fill your head with ideas that cloud your reaction to the present situation.

      my take is Trump looked at it like this:
      “It’s the first debate of three. It’s going to be rigged. How will they rig it? Let’s find out.”

      “Do I need to temper my approach when debating against a woman when the whole world is watching? If so, how? Let’s find out.”

      “How will she attack me? Let’s find out.”

      “Will I be more nervous than before? Let’s find out.”

      “Can I wing it? Let’s find out. First of three. I can afford to burn the first one.”

      “And, lastly, let’s force them to show their hand.”

      In a world crisis there won’t be three chances. Trump knows this. He’ll gather round his trusted advisors, weigh that against his instincts, and then make the best choice.

      the risk of burning the first debate was low, and he wisely spent the time he would’ve spent practicing adding to his growing stockpile of political capital (while hated hillary slept and conspired with her evil minions on how to cheat.) in a real life situation where the risk is HIGH, he’ll spend a lot more time weighing the down sides.

      read his books if you’d like to better understand your next president. it’s all in there.


  24. Liberal website snopes.com trying to spin rigging away: [snipped]

    [CH: no links to that shitlib site snopes. their crediblity is zero. have you seen who runs it? one fat ugly cat lady and one fagface smirking nancyboy canadian. (canadian? OH MY GOD YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR)
    for shits and giggles i read their attempted “debunking”. it’s a lot of hand-waving, very little hard evidence against the premise that the debate was rigged. their main counter-argument is that thecunt touched her face in past debates. great, but beside the point. did thecunt touch her face in the same spot the same way six times during one debate when it was most convenient just before her zinger rebuttals during any of those past performances?
    the best snopes can claim is “unproven”, not “false”. but hey they’re in the bag for thecunt just like every other shitlib owned and operated propaganda organ.]


  25. The libtards are insane, and as a group, have many underachievers and unemployed in their ranks. Ignoring them, and the vast ideological chasm that separates us, I thought about a very simple difference that separates us from cuckservatives – not choosing the dollar over race, nation, and honor. For a simple example, if (when) Trump wins, I would gladly quit my unsatisfying 6-figure job to join the border patrol, if permitted to (as promised) locate, arrest, and deport illegals, for half the pay. I would wake up excited to go to work each day, knowing that I am making America a better place.


  26. just another malignant cunt

    forward to 1.50 for meltdown

    Mika Brzezinski: How Can “Rotund” Newt Gingrich And Donald Trump Talk About A Woman’s Weight? Is It 2016?


      • Trump has been relentlessly, viciously, mocked for decades over his personal appearance– whether it’s his hair, his skin tone, or his facial expressions. The way he talks also gets made fun of.

        But call a fat woman fat and OH MY GAWD. The misogynist I can’t even. Muh equality.

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      • don’t ya know it is 2016 loooooooooooollllz
        This one I find particularly annoying and just look that cuck beside her
        msnbc has not been profitable in years yet these 2 are payed millions to spread the propaganda

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      • on September 29, 2016 at 8:51 pm The Spirit Within

        Exactly — this is why the Sociopathic Toddler is a terrible general election candidate. He cannot. stop. committing. unforced. errors.

        Nobody held a gun to his head and told him to keep yammering about fat women in a nation filled with them. Totally tone-deaf … and now vote-poor.

        Wait until the bulk of the good polls come in on Monday. Only four have been released, and all show a HRC post-debate bounce of 3 to 5%.


      • With that short hair that Mika’s sporting, she’s got no right to say a damn thing.

        Even with all that TV makeup, she’s beer-goggle passable, but perhaps if she had longer hair, maybe she’d be beer-goggle agreeable.

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      • sure it may not have been the best tactic to attract suburbia fat pigs
        but there is a certain pleasure in calling a fat cunt pig just like there is a pleasure in calling an idiot idiot
        don’t you know

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      • @The Faggot-Gamma Within:

        He cannot. stop. committing. unforced. errors.

        $10 billion worth. 😀

        now vote-poor.

        He’s gonna win…he’s gonna win…

        Faggot-Gamma Within rape!


      • Wait until the bulk of the good polls come in on Monday. Only four have been released, and all show a HRC post-debate bounce of 3 to 5%.

        What, quoting polls again, are we?

        After all the recent crickets on the subject, Strappy?

        I thought you said you were here to fight ignorance?

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      • “Sociopathic Toddler” -TSW

        That’s two legs of the Dark Triad stool.

        Make it “Sociopathic Dog-whistling Toddler” Game and you’d be admitting why your panties are soaked.


    • She’s gone off the rails. Another cunt banging the man in charge who gets to do whatever she wants.

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  27. “globohomo”? Nothing wrong with homos. Cf. Peter Thiel, Milo. The problem is the “globo,” not the “homo.”


    • There is something wrong with homos. They are, by definition, deviants. Twisted.


    • Merely because one or two homos go against the Synathedral… often merely because they’re muckraking attention whores, just for the hell of it…
      does not give a pass to the vast majority who are clearly on the side… nay, chief contributors… of moral decrepitude and societal decline.


  28. Megyn [sic] Kelly is about to make fun of us for pointing out Hillary’s signals. Fox “the right-wing network” LOLOLOL.

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  29. on September 29, 2016 at 7:30 pm Wrong Side of History


    • on September 29, 2016 at 7:31 pm Wrong Side of History

      Who are these sociopaths voting for, TSW?

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    • I noticed she’s a half-Asian just like Emma Sulky-witch.

      What’s with half-Asians being raging floozies?

      And coalburners, I might add?

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      • I think it’s well established that mixed breeds are of disparate temperament…

        Hell, it’s hard enough growing up normal with TWO parents in the home, and of the same stock and frame of reference.

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      • 10000 cock stare
        Every single stereotype confirmed
        Damaged beyond repair
        In fact it is a good thing that you abort little googles, or any other being which would carry on your genes Chelsea


      • In fact it is a good thing that you abort little googles

        I’d be willing to bet at least one of her abortions were the product of coalburning. If she was screwing white dudes, she’d be more likely to get dollar signs in her eyes instead, if you catch my drift.


    • on September 29, 2016 at 10:08 pm Captain Obvious

      This shizzazle is beyond heartbreaking. It’s end-times apocalyptic. It’s why I can’t even go out for drinks with sh!tlib chicks anymore. Being Pro-Life, I can’t risk dipping it in a chick who even in her wildest dreams might just might just might consider sneaking off to Planned Murd3rh00d and butchering our little [email protected]

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      • I once told a NARAL employee she was a baby killer. These women are humorless and evil. They seek power and are amoral. Nothing inviting or loving in any of them. Would not bang with strappy’s 12 foot dildo.

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      • These are miserable broken people hell bent on spreading misery and brokenness.

        Purple hair and problem glasses and that shit lib sneer mark these fuckers as dangerous the same way rattles on rattlesnakes do.

        I always give them a wide berth.


      • When women are proud baby-killers you know we’re approaching total societal collapse.

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    • How could somebody get it up to get it pregnant?

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  30. on September 29, 2016 at 7:40 pm The Skypess Within

    From NYT:

    The team had primed Mr. Trump to look for roughly a dozen key phrases and expressions Mrs. Clinton uses when she is uncertain or uncomfortable, but he did not seem to pay attention during the practice sessions, one aide said, and failed to home in on her vulnerabilities during the debate.

    [CH: the nybetatimes traffics in lies. nothing they write is believable.]


    • She lost and she would have lost bigger without Lester Holt’s shamelessly biased questions and repeated grappling. The only thing missing was Les sneaking up on Donald with a folding chair.

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      • At the next debate, Holt plans to sneak up and hit him with a chair and then spray paint “NWO” on President Trump’s chest.

        Bash at the Beach rape!


    • Aren’t you the one who tried to neener-neener us on Trump going “soft on immigration” the day before he doubled-down?

      The more I think about him missing all these beach balls, the more it makes sense that the rope-a-dope was in play.

      Clinton seems to have won the round on paper, in the eyes of the MSM, but the public seems to be calling it a draw… I won’t put much stock in the informal polls showing Trump actually won the round.

      You yids are crowing like it was a TKO, of course, but you’ve been doing that for months now on every alleged verbal “gaff” and tempest-in-a-teapot piece of muck you can rake up.

      One thing is for sure, though…

      This debate didn’t deliver any lasting blows… and we’re going to have ample opportunity over the next month to see which side was correct in their analysis.

      If recent history shows nothing else, it shows Trump plays the media like a fiddle, and he’s more teflon than Reagan and Gotti combined.

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    • on September 29, 2016 at 8:46 pm The Skypess Within

      he did not seem to pay attention during the practice sessions

      Unfuckingbelievable that you clowns would vote for someone with the attention span of a meth-addled spider monkey. He has cognitive issues, something that was clear thirty years ago to Tony Schwartz. Whatever you may believe about HRC’s health issues — jury’s out on that — she’s clearly far more able to concentrate on tasks at hand.

      [CH: shut the fuck up already you goddamned skypess calling in your lying shilling tribalist skypes for air support. thecunt fucking collapsed and had to be dragged lifeless into a van by four men. you disingenuous faggot. you company woman. you’re the filthy crust that collects on the floor of the grand central station urinals.]


      • Whatever you may believe about HRC’s health issues — jury’s out on that — she’s clearly far more able to concentrate on tasks at hand.

        And yet was completely unable to explain how she would make the economy better for the common American, rather than the globalists. Trump beat her in that arena hands down.

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      • on September 29, 2016 at 8:53 pm The Spirit Within

        His strength and passion is trade, and that was the first segment. He beat her hands down for the first fifteen minutes. After that, pfffffft.

        [CH: trump has all the winning arguments. thecunt is mincemeat when he decides to unload on her.]


      • (((Tony Schwartz))) was on the issue 30 years ago
        Jesus Christ Strappy why did not you bring this before
        Poor plebs here could have died in ignorance or even God forbid voted for Donald
        The whole humanity henceforth is immensely indebted to you

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      • she’s clearly far more able to concentrate on tasks at hand.

        Is that why she drew a blank during her hearing about the server? Didn’t know what the hell was going on, said she didn’t remember?

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      • For a guy with such a short attention span, he’s sure caught the American public’s attention… and has made a buck or two in the process.

        I’m surprised any of his buildings are still standing… or that he showed up enough times to make his TV shows as highly rated as they were… and all those millions of dollars he and his celebrities raised for charity… let alone all the other endeavors we don’t even know about, as outsiders… but every time you scratch the surface of one of his enterprises, those he helped can’t say enough nice things about him.

        Hell, even his former wives won’t badmouth him! And his adult children hang on his every word, though they’re quite accomplished and poised on their own. THAT, above all else, gives me the measure of a man.

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      • You keep quoting (((opinions))) from only one (((kind))) of (((people))).

        Why is that, Strappy? How is it that an alleged goyishe kopf, such as yourself, is so versed in theses sorts of (((pundits)))… almost as if you find a certain pride therein, like these were your very own type of folk.

        Ah, wait, I just remembered… it’s because (((they’re))) smarter and )))we’re((( just jealous, and you’re hoping to find worthiness as a mere water bearer for them.

        “Crumbs from the master’s table” is it?

        Or just being a good ol’ fashioned Catholic boy, trying to attenuate his time in Purgatory?

        You’re not fooling anyone, yenta.

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      • meth-addled spider monkey.

        Meth addled spider monkeys have forty year careers making billions of dollars in real estate?

        Who knew Harambe could’ve redeveloped the South Side of Chicago!

        Faggot-Gamma within rape!


      • Weird. I just mentioned the spider monkey in the other thread.

        Coincidence rape.

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      • Julian Assange


      • It’s a sad day

        [CH: the skypess within is not a troll. she’s too earnest (and unfunny) with her anti-trumpism. pulling out the troll card when the opponent is clearly not trolling is trolling, though, so you have that going for you.]

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      • “Attention span”? Donald Trump has built an international multi-billon-dollar corporation, and his many enterprises have a success rate of an amazing 93 percent. This when two thirds of all businesses fail within two years – he’s a fucking wizard.

        You don’t know anything about business. To become a billionaire many times over he would have to work twelve to fourteen hours a day, every day of the week, all year round FOR DECADES. And that is exactly what he has done.

        While the criminal Hillary worked at a failing law practice and then started feeding off people’s taxes together with her husband, their only competence being in aping whatever the media Jews wanted them to say.

        Her Arab aide Huma Abedin wrote in email that Hillary is “easily confused” and often forgets.

        So the reality is the exact opposite of what you claim, lying Jew.

        Also, the New York Times? Hah. Run by Jews and now just a mouthpiece for anti-White Mexican Jeff Bezos, very visible after he started buying up its shares. The day after the debate their front page had ELEVEN hit pieces on Trump, filling up the page. It’s just a propaganda blog for Bezos. You’d quote that and pretend its “anonymous sources” are real people? You’re a liar.

        [CH: good comment that needed saying. (not that it’ll enlighten tsw. she’s got her feels to worry about.)]


    • She’s gonna lose….she’s gonna lose…

      Faggot-Gamma Within is triggered rape!


    • Let me ask you 2 serious questions, TSW: (1) can you name a single thing that Hillary has accomplished in her 30 years of “public service” that has had a positive impact on the lives of white, Christian, working or middle class people?

      (2) If a person starts her political career in debt, and in 25 years is worth close to 200 million dollars while never making more than a few hundred thousand dollars a year in salary …. how does that happen?


    • The Strapon Within,

      what are you highly educated in?


  31. “Young women walking around in bikinis being graded on how they look.” Yes, that’s right, Mika. Because without their looks those same women have got nothing. They’re dumb cunts like you. By the way, how much time do you put in
    working out, putting on makeup, dieting, hmm?

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  32. Trump might win, but “ordinary Americans” awakewning to the “demonic face of a globohomo alliance” seems a little less likely. Seems a little like a bizarre fantasy, actually.

    I say try it out in the street somewhere. Yell, “Can’t you see the globohomo alliance, we need to go to war!!!”.

    It might work. Maybe.


    • Yet another sock-puppy, here to give us eye exercise.



    • Reminds me of Henry Miller in ‘Tropic of Capricorn’,

      “Missing a meal wasn’t so terrible – it was the ghastly emptiness of the street that disturbed me profoundly. All those bloody houses, one like another, and all so empty and cheerless-looking. Fine paving stones under foot and asphalt in the middle of the street and beautifully-hideously-elegant brown-stone stoops to walk up, and yet a guy could walk about all day and all night on this expensive material and be looking for a crust of bread. That’s what got me. The incongruousness of it. If one could only dash out with a dinner bell and yell “Listen, listen, people, I’m a guy what’s hungry. Who wants shoes shined? Who wants the garbage brought out? Who wants the drainpipes cleaned out?” If you could only go out in the street and put it to them clear like that. But no, you don’t dare to open your trap. If you tell a guy in the street you’re hungry you scare the shit out of him, he runs like hell. That’s something I never understood. I don’t understand it yet. The whole thing is so simple – you just say Yes when some one comes up to you. And if you can’t say Yes you can take him by the arm and ask some other bird to help you out. Why you have to don a uniform and kill men you don’t know, just to get that crust of bread, is a mystery to me. That’s what I think about, more that about whose trap it’s going down or how much it costs. Why should I give a fuck about what anything costs? I’m here to live, not to calculate.”


    • perhaps
      but this has more chance of moving multitudes
      Yell, “Can’t you see the (((globohomo alliance))), we need to go to war!!!”.
      In addition it sounds much better with that echoooooooooo
      doesn’t it (((Mastrubator)))


  33. One think I’ve noticed about the US is that race *always* trumps (heh) “gender”.

    I don’t know if she’s man-hating as much as she’s white-man hating. She did mention something about helping “these young men” in the debate, and you can bet your life she wasn’t talking about young white men.


  34. .


  35. on September 29, 2016 at 8:41 pm Alejandro Lagorio

    Alicia Machado also made a living out of selling diet pills in 2002 / 2003. They wer called “Reduce Fat Fast” and you can see some comercials in spanish here

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    • Total coincidence that Hillary’s mention of Machado dovetailed exactly with Holt accusing Trump of calling women fatties.


  36. FiveThirtyEight, run by (((Nate Silver))), initially said that Clinton would receive a post-debate bounce in his *totally unbiased* polling.

    Now (((Mr. Silver))) is trying to downplay expectations by saying that Clinton’s “bounce” may be smaller in his *totally unbiased* polling—BUT IT’S OK, DON’T PANIC, HILLARY WILL STILL WIN, I SWEAR, STOP LAUGHING YOU GUYS!:


    Clinton disappointing even in biased polls rape!


    • The reason is because the debate was 2 different styles.

      Trump actually spoke earnestly. He spoke what he believed.

      Hillary recited campaign lines. It was all rehearsed bullshit. She really actually said next to nothing.

      That’s what career politicians do in debates…they rehearse and they spout and they parrot. That’s all this woman can do. She can barely fucking stand on her own, do you REALLY think she can engage Trump in a real debate?

      Like him or not, and I don’t…he’s a piece of shit really as a person…he’s not feeble minded nor weak. He would eviscerate her in a real debate.

      The public is starting to awaken to the utter hollowness and intellectual bankruptcy of the narrative.

      Tea party was the opening salvo of this..Ron Paul’s campaign assassination in 2012 spent the GOP. It ended them as a party. This time around they could not even get ANYONE to even look at their candidates.

      Bernie did the same thing to the Demofags this election. This election has effectively ended any credibility the national media had, as well.

      EVERY SINGLE status quo institution is in a state of collapse before our very eyes. The center cannot hold and war looms. About 10 or 15 years ago I predicted “world war in 10-15 years.” I could point you to where I said it…it looks increasingly likely that I will be correct. The status quo is desperate for more war, now directly against Russia in Syria.

      It is OVER for these people but they have not figured it out yet. They cannot stop Trump because Trump is just zeitgeist, as was Paul.

      If we do not stop these murderous insane psychos, they will kill all of us.

      These abortion women, these faggots, these 1000 cock stare whores- they have self-hate and they want to die. It drips off of everything they say. They are empty and have no purpose nor meaning and they yearn for such.

      They are pushing for a corrupt candidate who openly calls for hot war with Russia, even to the point of Armageddon. It’s critical to stop this by any means necessary. I’m not exaggerating; these leftists are a psychotic death cult.


  37. Shredders working overtime at the NY Fed again


  38. on September 29, 2016 at 10:17 pm Captain Obvious

    > “Is that why she drew a blank during her hearing about the server? Didn’t know what the hell was going on, said she didn’t remember?” ——— Clintons’ Payments To Email Technician Match Up With Tax Deductions http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/28/clintons-payments-to-email-technician-match-up-with-tax-deductions/


    • on September 29, 2016 at 10:21 pm Captain Obvious

      “Tax deductions that Bill and Hillary Clinton took for computer maintenance expenses match up closely with payments they made to Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s personal email technician, a Daily Caller investigation reveals… The Clintons’ publicly available tax filings show that the former first couple deducted similar amounts from Bill Clinton’s speechmaking income for computer maintenance expenses in those same years…”


  39. Your betters know what’s best for you. How dare you proles question them?

    ‘Past and present Star Trek producers, actors, directors and crew members have signed an open letter denouncing Donald Trump as the presidential candidate who “stands in complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek universe.”

    Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams, an outspoken Clinton supporter, and new-generation Star Trek actors Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, and Zachary Quinto also signed the letter. Abrams has reportedly donated $1 million to Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

    “Either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump will occupy the White House. One is an amateur with a contemptuous ignorance of national laws and international realities, while the other has devoted her life to public service, and has deep and valuable experience with the proven ability to work with Congress to pass desperately needed legislation,” the letter reads.’

    Last week it was the cast and crew of “The West Wing”. When Hollywood is THIS ANXIOUS for you to to vote for someone, an average person might do well to ask:

    1. Why? What, exactly, are they so worried about?
    2. What, exactly, do I have in common with these people?

    Let’s see:

    ABRAMS: Makes 7 figure campaign contributions from the proceeds of shitting out reboots of remakes and vice versa

    YOU: Work at some soon to be outsourced job, paying taxes to support people who want you dead, earning negative interest rates dictated by Wall Street

    I guess they really do what’s best!

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    • That should be “for you not to vote for someone” and “they really do know what’s best”. That’s what I get for posting in anger.

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    • stands in complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek universe

      1. So do the reboots these jokers made.

      2. WTF do the “ideals of the Star Trek Universe” have to do with America right now?

      3. This is a most bizarre reaction by the Left. They truly are losing it.

      President Trump driving them crazy rape!


    • West Wing. I’m a Maxwell graduate too. LOL


    • “…paying taxes to support people who want you dead.”

      They hate you, of course, and everything you stand for but they need you alive and productive. They want you to shut your goddamn mouth, of course, and be thankful for their “leadership” and awe struck by their “courage” and “public service” as they write books about each other and give each other awards…. but they need you alive and paying taxes and contributing to that 401k (which you can’t touch until it will be worthless).

      Now… when there’s nothing left to skim from you, then yeah, … you old reactionary, unenlightened, piece of shit, you gotta go. Good riddance. They already have your children anyway. It will be a brighter world without you.

      This train ride always and only ends one way — in chaos and blood.

      Be prepared and don’t lose your honor.


    • (((Abrams))) and all Skypes do what’s in the interest of their tribe, full stop.


  40. I think the idea that Clinton won is a media creation – just go watch the first 40 minutes – Trump did well and got some good points in – where he failed and this is all due to lack of debate prep (which is in the record) is he failed to deliver the message he wanted to deliver – where was the meat behind his name for her, Crooked Hillary? I wanted him to brilliantly outline why she is crooked – it was gone. Where is his quick three point reason why people should vote for him – he needed to package his content better and he failed. Hillary packaged it well. This is the only reason he lost – I don’t care if Holt was in kahootz with Clinton – better ideas conveyed effectively win every time. He came across as more authentic which is why there will be very little damage from his poor performance towards the end.

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    • better ideas conveyed effectively win every time

      Many have had much better ideas than the establishment, conveyed effectively, and been beaten down. For decades. The media demonize them day and night.

      If people listened to facts Trump would have a hundred percent of the vote, since it is very clear that the establishment is sending away jobs and importing criminals and parasites, and very clear that America will suffer greatly if Whites, the wealth creators and innovators, become a minority. Instead people listen to their authority figures – politicians, Hollywood actors, and their favorite media. Only ten percent of opinions are formed based on facts.


      • What makes it worse, for BOTH sides, is that people have shorter attention spans than ever due to those fucking iPhones and MSM editing of movies and TV over the past two generations that must have short-circuited those brains to be unable to concentrate on any image or sound-byte for more than a few seconds.

        That, plus the inuring to sex and violence and ol’ fashioned respect of ANYTHING means a total n1ggerization of the culture.

        This is why some folks would even still think of the likes of a Clinton as a viable president, and why none of the neener-neener shaming attempts towards Trump stick, except with the SJWs who still believe such shaming nonsense means anything… those who shame as RAYCIS a kid pulling a stunt with bananas, but make excuses for racist n1ggers preying upon innocent White people.

        I know the other side often says “if (so n’ so) gets elected, I’m leaving the country!” and of course never do.

        But if Clinton gets elected, that’s the surest sign that these ‘Murricans are no longer possible to save, or worth saving,, and are certainly not my kind of people… up to and including family, if need be.

        The only thing left is pretty much find a place to make a final stand with a few kindred souls… or drop out altogether into the hinterlands somewhere and just stop worrying and learn to love the bomb, in the best Strangelove sense of the phrase.


  41. Trump could have laid the smackdown when she went after him for being a sexist + wild, disgraceful accusations: “‘When the go low, we go high,’ . . . that value went down the drain in less than an hour. How fast you think she’ll do the sane to American values?”

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  42. OT: Today I successfully convinced a close female friend fresh out of a break up NOT to hop on the cock carousel as she had planned to. She wanted a rebound and she knows I’m fairly successful on tinder so she thought that was the way to go.

    I struggled to get through to her initially when I explained it in terms of Red Pill Realtalk (e.g. “casual sex will reduce your worth in future relationships”) but it worked when I couched it in terms of emotive female language (e.g. “you have to learn to be happy on your own instead of looking for someone else to make you happy”).

    That’s my good deed done for the day.

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    • It won’t stick… you should have told her about casual sex leading to reducing her worth as well.

      That ’emotive language’ is just so much “yeah” head nodding stuff that goes out the window with the next swingin’ Richard that comes down the pike.

      Hammer home the image that if she’s looking for Mr. Right, what happens when he comes along, but he sees her hanging with some “just having fun” clown?


      • My bad, I see now you said you tried the “casual sex” lecture. If she’s worth saving, keep hammering that point home.


  43. Certainly the genocide of the white, Christian, American male is the
    ultimate objective of these devils. I would get a kick at seeing Megan Kelly
    dragged off on live T.V.


  44. Was the debate rigged?

    To ask the question is to answer it. How could it NOT be rigged by the media?

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  45. was it rigged?

    You mean were all the questions “fact checks” about Donald Trump no longer beating his wives, being broke, and being mean?

    All the shit that we care about this election cycle. The debate was worthless and served only to insult trump. Hillary sure seemed to have her anti-trump zingers ready to go tho.


  46. on September 30, 2016 at 7:48 am Diversity Heretic

    Steve Sailer mentioned that Lester Holt had been warned that he would never work in journalism again if he asked Hillary Clinton any difficult questions. The fact that major media outlets were ready to run with the Alicia Machado story indicates at least collusion, if not outright alliance, between the Clinton campaign and the media. Now allegations of collusion and signalling during the debate itself. Perhaps Trump should just pull out of the last two debates. How is it a fair match, to use a baseball metaphor, when the umpires call “balls” for everything that’s not right over the plate, chest-high, for your opponent, but let you see nothing but curves, sliders and high inside fastballs?

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  47. I honestly believe that when everyone comes in on a typical morning at any MSM news channel they sit down in a conference room and say, “OK guys, how can we help Hillary today?”.

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  48. It was rigged,

    Presidential debates commission admits Trump’s microphone was messed up

    It was fuck’n rigged!



  49. Obama is as guilty as Hillary, that is why the FBI let Hillary go free.