The Price Of Women’s Love Is Adjustable

Angry Gamer, on the Jeff Bozo cringe-fest,

Of course Jeff B is a Beta. Compare him to Trump or Ellison and you will get the full picture.

And of course the Dirty Sanchez opened Jeff up. I would not be a bit surprised if she wore him down in a concerted effort to get her puffy lips around his modestly sized personal Kindle.

Skittles Man is the perfect model of how men should treat women.

Casual gifts that mean nothing are fawned over. Multi thousand dollar rings are looked at contemptuously.

I really think that women have an out of range mental reset built in their hindbrains. You trip it by doing something at the extremes. Give her a Pony she will go gaga. Give her a 10 cent piece of candy “you personally picked out at the Mart” she goes gaga.

This kind of mechanism is the only way to explain Skittles man and Doubling Down. Women are idiot boxes to out of the norm behaviors.

A half-assed cheap gift wrenched from an emotionally distant heart: women swoon.

Thousands of dollars in expensive gift jewelry: women can barely conceal their contempt.

Women’s love doesn’t have to be expensive unless you insist on it.

Then it will get very expensive for you.


  1. I used to give my ex some McDs fries as a ‘gift’ when stopping by the house ..although id eat half of them. I got the wtf look, but later that evening she ripped my pants off

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    • this advice in this article is horrible

      don’t try to buy your girl off is what you should say bc it won’t work.

      but the notion that women look contemptuously on expensive gifts is shit advice from people who are broke. she has to love you first tho

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      • Agreed. It’s not the gift. It’s the man giving it.

        However, I will take any opportunity to shit on Betazos. The texts and subsequent stories are the stuff of comedy gold.


      • Yes, trāv777 is cōrrect.

        G=ifts are like ōrders. Never give an ōrder when you’re fāirly cērtain it won’t be ōbeyēd; never give a gīft except from a pōsition of strēngth.

        The pōsition of strēngth thing is the kēy. If the brōad lōves you, or is at least infātuāted with you; or the trōōps respēct you; then you have the bāsis for giving gīfts (or ōrders).

        It’s all about persōnāl āuthōrity. If you don’t have any in the sitūation, then giving an expēnsive gīft EXPŌSES the wēaknēss of your pōsition and your complēte lāck of āūthorīty.

        Genērally, you can tell from an instīnctive rēad — a gūt fēeling — whether you’re in a pōsition to give gīfts. If you feel ānxious or ēager about the ōutcome, then you’re fūcking up by givīng the gīft. If you fēel a sort of benēvōlent detāchment abōut the ōutcome, thēn it’s okā to do it.

        There’s a diffērence bētween a sūbōrdinate offēring up a brībe, and an ēstāblished āuthority decidīng to hand out a rēward for good sērvice, and your gūt will usually know the diffērence. Just don’t rātiōnalize yōurself into making the wrōng decisiōn.

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      • Oh yes — and phuck m0d.

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      • ” she has to love you first tho” Huh? Have you ever actually talked to a woman?

        Whether she “loves” you or has any interest in you at all is not fixed, nor are you home free just because you’re in a relationship or even married. The whole point of “game,” which is why this site was originally created, was to educate you chumps on how to create that interest. If you think that game is only about attracting women in the first instance, you’ve missed the whole point. The point is not the gift (expensive or otherwise), but the underlying approach. The Skittles aren’t given because you’re a dick; they’re given cause its funny, fun, and if she doesn’t get and enjoy the joke, well, “whatever happens, you’re toes are still tapping.”

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    • McD’s fries is perfectly good food!

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      • Yeah, back in the day when they cooked them in beef tallow. Now with only using soybean or rapeseed oil, it’s not the same.


    • I bought my woman a bike lock yesterday. She freaked out.


  2. Wahmen love contrast. The careless guy who forgets birthdays and anniversarys seems like a saint when he finally throws a shred of effort her way.

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    • Agreed. Just saw this after posting my comment.


    • It’s the prodigal son parable all over again.


    • a girl with any self respect is going to leave your shit for this stuff

      if you’re going to legitimately treat a girl like shit instead of just like a piece of property, then cut her loose

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      • trav is right on this

        can’t buy a girl’s love by spending and giving her shiz all the damn time but if you show no respect or effort at all, she’s eventually going to shut down emotionally, cheat and/or ditch you.

        besides that, treating your girl to something nice when she’s earned it is fun and reinforces good behavior.


  3. thanks for the shout out CH

    I like the tag line too ‘The Price Of Women’s Love Is Adjustable’

    very pithy

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  4. CH, I recall in one of the archives you made a tape of yourself singing for some chick you were seeing. From what you wrote, she was gaga herself over it.

    Women seem to think the opposite of the thought put into a gift:

    no effort = he’s terrific

    gusto effort = he’s pathetic

    Seeing this play out at work. IT lapdog is doing similar to the new gal.


    • sigh. no.

      it depends on whether she’s into you or not

      if you do something big for her and she’s into you she will want to have your kids right there on the spot

      she has to be into you first and you have to not do too much too soon

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  5. When you buy a woman a present, you’re telling them how valuable they are to you.

    Make it expensive, and she’ll think her value is higher than yours.

    Make it cheap, and she’ll think her value is lower than yours.

    So, in effect, a gift is a qualifying event, and you’re choosing whose being qualified to whom.

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  6. You should NEVER feel guilty about using women for sex. Women are natural Machiavellian operators. They see you for your utility and nothing more. They feign morality, only because they know the boys that walk around with the blue pill anal suppository will fall for such drivel. Women want to be called out, removed from the globohomofeminizedjoo matrix, and put in their place like the dog poop scooped from the miracle-grown lawn into the big BFI dumpster, where they in turn become one in the same of such a receptacle; that for alpha cum.

    The only people that women complain to about a guy/ex that ‘used them for sex’ are beta males. They dont do this with their BFFs over mimosas and mozzarella sticks, No! They rant on and on about how the said Alpha bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her in the ass and broke a dish over her head and she wishes those times were still-a-happenin.’

    Those stupid beta cucks ‘listen’ to the said woman and all her diarrhea sentences, and foolishly chase her down and aim to comfort her from that asshole man. Little do they know that the woman is using him in the exact same manner the said Alpha used her; she takes all his time, affection, resources/spontaneous gifts, and he gets nothing in return due to his low value and eager sniveling need for approval like he gets off on from his domineering single momma.

    The said woman’s greatest fear is that the asshole man will leave her for younger, hotter pussy, and the only concern in his mind will be if that bimbo is jailbait or not. And she won’t want him back after that either, as she knows she will witness the blisters on his cock from the tight walls that he hath painted over and over again with great enthusiasm; the kind he lost for her well’nye 40 years ago. Be this guy, not the other guy.

    Women use men. Period. For attention, for money, for cock, for jobs. Do not hesitate to return the favor and never offer investment, only dick and cum and failure to respond to texts.

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  7. on January 16, 2019 at 4:46 am driveallnight

    “Then it will get very expensive (for you).”


  8. on January 16, 2019 at 5:09 am gunslingergregi

    i notice they get cheaper and cheaper

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  9. on January 16, 2019 at 5:28 am Elmer T. Jones

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  10. I love that Bezos’ soon-to-be-ex wife will be 20 times richer than Oprah. That is really funny. She will be the wealthiest woman in the world by a mile. Not from business acumen, or even from an inheritance. Just from fucking a beta a few times and then taking half his money in a divorce.

    Note to career-oriented women everywhere: You’re doing it wrong.

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  11. The story goes that on their first Valentines day together, my father gave my mother a sack full of oranges from a discount grocery store. They didn’t have any special meaning, and he wasn’t demonstrating Skittles Man-level game mastery, he just always thinks practically and doesn’t have much interest in the flowers/chocolate racket. They’ve been together for 40+ years now, with no real rough patches that I know of.


  12. The best girtw


  13. “Women’s love doesn’t have to be expensive unless you insist on it.”

    but nature and aging have a say too unfortunately. good thing we can always adapt

    21: roi crash. now she has access to entire >21 crowd. if she ain’t ruined yet she will be soon. now “love” cost can skyrocket compared to actual value and number of thirsty bidders never decreases and inflation eats away at your medium of exchange

    working that young pussy out when young wires boy up to know that pussy is not a reward in token economy sense and should “cost” almost nothing

    “you can grab em by the pussy”

    and you MUST offer nothing first


  14. “And of course the Dirty Sanchez opened Jeff up. I would not be a bit surprised if she wore him down in a concerted effort to get her puffy lips around his modestly sized personal Kindle.”

    As I posted yesterday over at VD’s blog:

    “If a woman pursues a man she always, always either has an ulterior motive, or is desperate due to one or more severe flaws (crazy, slutty, ugly, old…). If a desirable woman really likes a man, she might metaphorically walk around in front of him wearing a Kick Me sign when she wants him to pounce, but she still absolutely won’t make the first move.”


  15. For working women:
    -Have her buy you things regularly. Dinner, housing, watches, candy, whatever makes you happy. And trust me, when a girl bring you home some small gift and you appreciate it, you better appreciate it because this is 2019 and that shit rarely happens anymore. I mean appreciate it by actually enjoying it on a personal level, not gushing over it to her like a tool.
    -Never pay for her rent, never buy her a car or house. Dinners are fine. Gifts are fine for occasions you choose.

    If she LARP’s as a working woman who is equal to you, then agree&amp. She will feel silly when she tries to argue the point, because it is after all the doctrine she has built her life protecting. Make her get skin in the game on the way.

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  16. on January 16, 2019 at 12:40 pm Mandy been here a while

    Satisfied Kazawa ( the most fascinating Psychology Today write so he has to be publicly shamed & fired) once asked,
    Why don’t teen girls swoon over middle age billionaires?


  17. Got my wife a laser engraved potato for our first anniversary


  18. on January 16, 2019 at 2:45 pm traitors first

    @CH this ties into the title
    Man walks into a bar sees good looking chick at the end of the bar, he then chats her up for a bit. After a few drinks he figures it’s time to get down to business.
    He ask, “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?”
    She says, “Sure, for a million dollars, I’d sleep with you.”
    He then ask, “Well then would you sleep with me for a dollar?”
    She says, “No, of coarse not, what kinda girl do you think I am?”
    He looks at her and says, “No, we’ve established what kinda girl you are, now were just negotiating the price.”

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  19. Be a Skittles man– here, babe, I got ’em for ya!


  20. Great advice.

    I found one surefire way to smoke out a low-quality woman is to spend as little as possible on her, at the very least until you’ve banged her a few times.

    For a night out take her to a dive bar (not faux dive bar, real dive bar that smells like piss). Get her to spend money “This is your round [smirk]”. The gold diggers and princesses hate that, easy to spot.

    I have an idiot buddy who attracted his now ex-wife by flashing a lot of cash and dropping big money on her. After 3 kids she cheated on him then reamed him in court, then married the other man who was CEO of some company and had more money.

    Don’t be my idiot friend.

    Just think “WWSMD?” (“What Would Skittles Man Do?”) and do that.


  21. “Of course Jeff B is a Beta. Compare him to Trump or Ellison and you will get the full picture.”

    Reminds me of Trump talking about 80s biz icon lee iacocca from his eloquently titled “think big and kick ass in business and in life”:

    “In the end, he would call me constantly to see whether he could get out of the deal. It got to a point where he called and it sounded to me like he was crying, I could actually hear him crying, in order to get his money back. This happened on two occasions. I am sure Lee has quite a bit of wealth, so I didn’t understand for the relatively small amount he invested (the banks put up most of the money), why he took it so seriously. One of the more shocking things to happen to me was to hear this man crying who I thought would never shed a tear in his entire life. I ended up giving him back his money and dissolving the partnership. It was easier than putting up with all of his bullshit. Dealing with Lee Iacocca was not fun.”


    • on January 16, 2019 at 9:44 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Lee Iaccoca is a wop faggot. I read his book.

      He claimed to have saved Ford in the 70’s, then he got the Feds to bail out Chrysler and then blamed Reagan for his fuck-ups.

      Then he was in a commercial on a golf course with Snoop Dogg in the 00’s.

      I hope he dies painfully.


  22. That ever-living Skittles Man of memory…