Liberalism Is The Truman Show

Long-time commenter Captain Obvious vividly analogizes modern liberalism to The Truman Show movie.

“She added that she couldn’t understand ‘how you could do that to somebody.’”

The problem in a nutshell. The only way someone could possibly think this is some sort of incomprehensible action after even a cursory glance at human history is a level of naivete that shouldn’t even be possible. People like this woman have no place in adult discussions.

The Gramscian Cocoon of Anti-Reality.

These Insula-dominant Amygdala-submissive sheep have lived their entire lives in an artificial world created exclusively for their delusional pleasure by The Frankfurt School.

It really is a psychological “Matrix” within which they are unwittingly imprisoned.

And this particular chick’s li’l sailboat just collided with the End of the World as She Knew It.


The only difference is that, in the movie, Truman tried to escape his artificially constructed environment once he realized it was all set pieces and illusion. In our world, shitlibs have no interest in escaping their anti-reality; in fact, they fear escaping it. The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.


  1. Timely.

    Tried to tell a lib neighbor getting ready to watch the NFL game yesterday that

    a) Yes Kaepernick DID call to disrespect the flag
    b) Yes the NFL is taking a huge hit in terms of empty stadiums.

    He disagreed on both provable points.

    Me: “The problem with trying to discuss anything with liberals is that you don’t live in reality.”

    Him: “The problem with trying to discuss anything with conservatives is that you don’t live in reality. What do you watch, (sneer), Fox News?” **

    Me: “Fox is just as liberal as any other news source.”

    ** LOL who gets “news” from television????

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    • Right. How insulated do you need to be to think that TV is a place to get “news” from. Or anything else, really.


      • Made me realize I get ALL my news from online.

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      • Look at the actual numbers. CNN and ESPN get the most web traffic of their respective categories. Yes they are falling, but they still command the average sheep.

        Most people just don’t see the value in thinking too hard about anything not, in their minds, directly related to their everyday living lives. America is cucked.

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      • @Reb “America is cucked.”

        You misspelled kiked, Reb.


      • on November 20, 2017 at 6:17 pm Vagina dominator

        I’ve reached the point where to get the real news of the day, I just scan the fake news, add “Jews”, and work it out from there.

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      • Look at the actual numbers. CNN and ESPN get the most web traffic of their respective categories. Yes they are falling, but they still command the average sheep.

        Any net-present-value-slice of hit volume is not the significant factor, it’s the “yes they are falling” trajectory that matters.

        Just as the left (or “The Gramscian Cocoon of Anti-Reality,” to coin a phrase) has eaten their entire existence from the seedcorn capital bequeathed them by Chad-Trad ancestors, these obsolescing giants of old media are coasting on a momentum that was last refreshed last decade, before the social-media and smartphone revolution.

        As St. Travis warned, “Some day a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.” Some day is now. In any event, we are well enough past the tipping point, there are enough encouraging developments on our side, that we should allow our imaginations to be filled with the small and large victories we are accumulating rather than dwelling on the inevitable setbacks or black-pill forecasts that accompany any noble effort. #Winning


      • At King, thank you.

        Because I still feel 99% sad and pessimistic.

        Not sad. Furious.

        We get only one life. This is not the life we were supposed to have. Our ancestors earned a better one for us.

        How many white men have killed other white men because of skypes and Africans? Think the world wars and American civil war alone.

        I meet a lot of Eastern European men. Another thing that makes me sad: they are surprised to learn I am woke to the JQ. As Ford noted 100 years ago, when the rest of the world pictures “Americans”, they picture the Jew.

        Eastern and central European brothers are shocked to learn that we enslaved white Americans know that the bad guys won World War II and it all relates to the bankers.

        Knowing what has been done to my people, in North America and Europe, while knowing that too few know, is maddening. And knowing who is still in control and still owns all the wealth and multiple “investment” properties while most of my people struggle—even more infuriating.

        So I have legitimate anger issues that my loved ones (children and wife) are not capable of understanding (they don’t know what I know) and should not be burdened with.


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    • Most shitlibs will often parrot whatever is said to them, mainly when a non-shitlib asks them a question, since they’re unoriginal in all that they do.

      And right on cue, their default is Fox News. That’s all they’ve got. And they usually get that from tv shows, to boot, i.e. Family Guy.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm Vagina dominator

        True. People actually get their news and opinions from shows likeThe Simpsons.

        That is one another reason why I see lots of potential positives in this siuation, breeding-wise.

        We want the careful thinkers, the ponderers, the long-sighted wise preparers, and the self-respecters..

        Got a perfectly good job that could easily – or with a little care – pay for all of your family expenses but you are still so underwater on your credit card that you now only pay the monthyinterest. And you are STILL adding to it?

        Well, frankly, you and yours are not going to survive. And that is good. We don’t want you. In my opinion, such people are not *really* white because they do not display the best characteristics of the breed.

        Covered in tats? Dress and actlike a wigger? Always want to keep up with the Joneses even though you can’t afford it? Have no curiosity. Ipulsive and easily controlled in your emotions? Think families don’t matter? Think two lesbians and an adopted niglet make a family?

        Then you are metally ill. Feel free to die. Please breed out. We don’t want you.You are not really White.

        Easily swayed by social pressure? No core beliefs rooted in the realities of nature? Soft-headed and easily swayed? No sense of family and tribe?

        Fine. Then again, please go fuck niggers and have niglets because – in my opinion – you are ALREADY a nigger. The change of skin color is just a formality that makes it easier to identify you.

        Note everyone who is “white” is really White. In the future – once everyone once again has the skin color he truly deserves – true whites will rule again.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 6:37 pm Vagina dominator

        Fuck these internet cafe computers. The keyboards never keep up with the typing. Long delay.

        Anyway “NOT everyone with white skin is White.”


      • Most shitlibs will often parrot whatever is said to them, mainly when a non-shitlib asks them a question, since they’re unoriginal in all that they do.

        See the Asch experiment of 1955 to explain this, the Emperor Has No Clothes phenomenon. I learned of this from the recent Jordan Peterson conversation with Jonathan Haidt.

        Know your enemy — in that the malefactors are (a ((small (((coterie))) of)) people) with truly destructive intent, whereas “most shitlibs” are rather innocent herd creatures responding to deliberate, powerful, psychological cues. This means that not only is a sea-change possible when it comes to shifting “most” bourgeois back to nature and away from cultmarx illusion, but also that we are only dealing with a very few nefarious actors whose public comeuppance will liberate the hoi polloi from intimidation against wrongthink.


      • King, when?


    • I recommend a strict diet of CH, Zerohedge, and Delicioustacos.

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    • when a shitlib starts advocating their empty virtual signaling about a topic, NFL bullshit for example, or any anything really, I’ll simply pause then say “I disagree.”

      it’s amusing to watch their faces and hear their reaction. many can’t handle it. can’t handle that someone disagrees with their opinion and has a different view.

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    • TV based news is so so scripted and produced, it’s really just entertainment. soundbytes, talking points, graphics, typography…then advertisements. for the lazy.

      talk radio is a much better news source. but still doesn’t beat an array of written articles with multi media linked info.

      the best news ‘source’ is an individual’s propensity to review many different web site articles on a same topic. and if possible look for local and regional news sources in addition to aggregated news sites.

      TV news literally programs the viewer by boxing in the topic by withholding and focusing on certain information, then leading to a specific conclusion.

      what amazes me these days is the lack of critical thinking in the population. and the shitlibs unwavering and effoetless ability to apply double standards and reject facts to fit their belief.

      just like this Roy Moore smear job going on. liberals think allegations = convictions. allegations with ZERO EVIDENCE brought forth, no witnesses. somehow liberals equate that with Harvey Jewstein, where there is truck loads of documents, media, witness statements. most liberals can’t calculate the differences.

      And the NFL bullshit is hilarious. most don’t even understand how it started, and the original premise. and beyond that a simple fact checking of the Colon Krapernecks reason shows how stupid he is. Police brutality against blacks….LOLLLOL. but don’t mention any crime stats in proportion to zip codes and population.

      Shitlibs want to stay cozy in The Jewman Show with CNN as their wall. Dare they go outside and learn something no and admit to being ignorant on a topic.

      And while on the topic of faggot liberals I sincerely tire of the personal anecdotes they all digress to when discussing topics. Ignore all the facts and context and then want to talk about some personal relationship or experience that somehow supersedes facts. that or they’ll call you racist biggot etc etc.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 6:43 pm Vagina dominator

        1. Don’t you know that where there’s smoke there’s fire?

        2. I MUST form an opinion immediately. I do not have time in my busy life to wait and see how things turn out.

        3. I am a nobody but it is very *important* that I have an opinon on this matter *right now*.

        4. I cannot say “I don’t know” or “how do we know that is true?” because then the people on tv (who are real to me) may not like me.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 6:50 pm Vagina dominator

        I am starting to see the viewpoints of Noah and Lot…

        The story of Lot’s wife begins in Genesis 19 after two angels arrived in Sodom, at eventide, and were invited to spend the night at Lot’s home.

        The Men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and prompted Lot to offer up these Men/Angels; instead Lot offered up his two daughters but they refused.

        As dawn was breaking, Lot’s visiting angels urged him to get his family and flee, so as to avoid being caught in the impending disaster for the iniquity of the city. The command was given, “Flee for your life! Do not look behind you, nor stop anywhere in the Plain; flee to the hills, lest you be swept away.”

        Lot’s wife rejected the command, so she was standing there while looking, and became a pillar of salt.


        In the Matt Helm spy novel series, Matt is always teamed up with/manacled to some stupid or deceitful whore who can NEVER follow simple instructions that would keep her out of trouble

        “Hide in there! Lock the door and don’t come out or open it for anyone but me!”

        Five pages later the stupid bitch is out looking for him or in the hands of the bad guys,

        Matt Helm/Old Testament. Same-same.


      • Yeah, and good luck with Common Core teaching children “critical thinking” skills.


      • Good reference to the story of Lot’s wife… for those of further curiosity, it’s a parable and warning to those who yearn for the comfort of “how things were” and their material existence (i.e., the comfortable ‘devil you know’, so to speak).

        By looking back (with regret and longing, not merely curiosity), Lot’s wife chose defiance of God’s command and His will that her city be destroyed, and by her showing she was ‘tied to the earth’ rather than to God and her husband, she was made an integral mineral part of earth.

        An ironic twist on the usual connotation of “salt of the earth”. Salt was always used in sacrifice by the OT Hebrews, and while it can symbolize decency, a necessary nutrient of life, and friendship, it can also mean desolation (as when an area is described as ‘salt land’).


      • Matt Helm/Old Testament. Same-same.

        The single greatest illusion that we western-Christian-European-American-whites (but I quadruply repeat myself) fell into like naifs is that of “progress,” that old ideas obsolesce and can/must be replaced by the new. It is a truly adolescent idea: Adolescents embrace novelty because they themselves are “novel” compared to the existing world into which they were recently born.

        Hence the tsunami of sexual mayhem coming to our attention now in this delicious cultural moment. CH and others are wary as men not to let the idea of sexual harassment rampage too far out of control even though it’s the left’s precious oxen being gored. But I say gore them all, let the consequences finally range freely and massacre every living thing in the culture, left, right, and center.


      • Why? Because we are relearning, in real time, the consequences of ignoring sexual difference. Once every man is credibly charged with “harassment,” it isn’t the men who will be going away, it will be the female interlopers in a man’s world. We are effectively being forced to choose: Should we dismantle the naturally-occurring-in-every-time-and-place patriarchy just so a few mediocre women can play dress-up in a man’s world? Or should we relearn La Différence, separate the spheres again, and only bring them together under highly ritualized occasions?

        There is a reason why the Old Testament is Old and still living while absolutely every other institution of comparable age is consigned to mere historical curiosity. We are forced to return to its wisdom willy-nilly whenever some dopey generation’s addiction to novelty bets the entire culture on their adolescent view of the eternal things.


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      • @King>>True novelty of lasting value is painful and not worth the effort for most.

        Ecclesiastes 1:18


    • Punch him in the face. what is the point of arguing logic with an illogical person? They’re utterly convinced that the shit they’ve been told is the truth. Violence doesn’t solve anything? It solves everything.

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      • Highly underrated policy.


      • Also, the absence of this policy is the reason envious trolls and assorted sockpuppet haters maneuver freely online. This consequence-free behavior that once would have put a man’s life in the balance (duels) will have to be corrected if social media is to survive as a culturally viable vehicle for communication.


  2. -A guy meets a pretty girl from another race, starts dating her. She becomes the face of that race in his eyes, and statistics don’t affect him. Even if the bad ones are far more numerous than the good ones in that race, her “side” of the race is just as much the “real” race as the other side, even if the other side is far bigger. He decides: he won’t abandon her and those like her. The bad facts are easily pushed out of his mind. All the media encourage it.

    -Meanwhile the girl is relieved. She got away from all the crap in her own race. The men with their neglect, their arrogance and even violence. She got a white boyfriend who is easy to talk to and who treats her like a human being. She gets to spend Christmas with a white family with pleasant faces and good food that doesn’t stink up the place. No dad smoking at the end of the table and acting like he knows everything. No brothers ogling her. Nice people, relaxed, the white world she had always seen and hoped to belong to. It’s a bit like being in a fairy tale.

    She tries to talk to her boyfriend about the crap going on in her own race. A few times. He doesn’t want to hear it and just looks away. When someone on TV says pretty much the same thing as she had said he flies into a rage that frightens her, so from then on she never brings up the topic again.

    When they meet his friends he talks about their Interracial Relationship sometimes, and some columns he has apparently read. Making him and her part of some bigger political thing. She sits there quiet. When she is asked a question she says yes, that’s how it is. Well, she gets attention, she’s treated like someone special, that’s nice. But it surprises her. When she grew up far away from whites this isn’t what she expected.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm Captain Obvious

      You describing someone close to you?


      • Describing what I’ve heard and seen, putting it together to one story. It’s a typical way people close their eyes to the wider picture: they have a brown friend in school, or they date a brown girl who is sexy. And that becomes more real to them than anything else. They must be defended. And the white guy’s choice of friends or girlfriend must be defended. Most people can only see what’s right in front of them. And what’s on TV, because that’s also people their eyes can see. Bigger facts aren’t real to them, they are just words on paper.

        But whether the guy is that way or not, the relief non-White girls feel about becoming part of the “white world” through a boyfriend is common. Whether the girl is Asian or Indian or Latina or Arab or what. And it’s funny when the whites she wants to be close to don’t realize that, and fall all over themselves trying to talk about her culture, ask her for recipes, etc. Then there’s always that guy’s sister, for example, eager to ask about what she has learned in sociology class. Far more pro-brown than the brown girl herself.

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      • “Then there’s always that guy’s sister, for example, eager to ask about what she has learned in sociology class. Far more pro-brown than the brown girl herself.”

        This seems to be a feature (not a bug) of boomer goodwhites. They find a pet project, and “Poitier-ize” him (as in Sidney). Their view of minorities remains unevolved since the early 60s “he’s a credit to his race” days. Brown pets make goodwhites think there is hope for the rest, unaware or unconcerned with W.E.B. Dubois rueful elucidation of “the talented tenth”.

        The principal signaled virtue of goodwhite boomers is magnanimity, in the Aristotelian sense. They inherited the earth, and all its riches, after the second world war. No other generation had it so easy. They could afford to be magnanimous with lesser races. Their children and grandchildren cannot.


    • I’m thinking Persian (if she’s West Coast) or Indian (east of the rockies). How’d I do?


    • Unless the white guy is a MAGA cap-wearing Chad and the brown girl is super-hot — i.e., significantly hotter than the white girls he know — or he met her overseas while he was in the military and sex-starved, it’s a good bet that any white guy who dates brown girls is bound to be a libtard. That’s just the way it is.


      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:03 pm gunslingergregi

        yea my indo chick did get me sex starved hahahahaha
        still love her for what she did
        and I never came home to a house with nothing in it and her gone like more than one dude I know who went back to states


    • on November 20, 2017 at 6:59 pm Vagina dominator

      I am perfectly happy to see the breeding out of Whites like this who are clearly so stupid and ego-emotional and tribe-unaware that they cannot distinguish between personal experiences and general, statistically provable social observations.

      In my opinion, they are not really White to start with.

      Among the prime charactersistics of the best-of-breed White are the abilities to

      1. distinguish between the personal and the general and not make every issue a personal matter. Being able to personally “get outside” issues

      2. basic understanding of mathematics at the level of statistics, trends, proportion, perspective

      3. love of and protectiveness towards their own family and tribe

      If a white does not have to have these characteristics, what could it possibly mean to be White? Without this, you may as well be a shitskin, born to be ruled over.


  3. on November 20, 2017 at 2:25 pm Captain Obvious

    “The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.”

    I wonder whether The Frankfurt School realized that beforehand?

    That the White Sh!tlib ego [Quaker, Unitardian, Wesleyan, Jesuitical, Lutheran, etc] was so [email protected] haughty & proud & arrogant that it would rather continue living in the prison of the anti-Reality than confess that it had been duped.

    If The Frankfurt School realized that a priori, then they are some seriously heap big voodoo hypnotism masters.

    My hope is that it only started to dawn on the Frankfurt School after watching the effects of the propaganda as it settled in over the decades – maybe circa 1990 it finally became obvious that the sheep would choose to go to the slaughterhouse and be rendered into mutton rather than admit that they were wrong.

    Whereas if the proto-Frankfurt School knew this, say, circa 1890, then that would be terrifying.


    • This crazed bitch cannot be hit hard enough to have sense knocked into her. However, her pathetic plight can still be useful. Younger women are horrified by the idea of ending up 40, unmarried, and childless. This subway anecdote combined with red pill reasons why this woman is a genetic reject is a tremendous lesson that will permeate the consciousness of a late teen, early 20s lass who can still be saved.


      • She has been brainwashed by TV and movies every single day of her life. By teachers for hours, every single day in school. Human beings aren’t built to withstand that. So that it takes extreme circumstances to make people open their eyes. Can’t really blame her for having her mind destroyed. That doesn’t mean she should be treated nicer when she starts repeating the media line on Twitter, but keep in mind what the reason is. If she’d lived in a traditional society she’d be hardcore traditional instead.

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    • Yeah, it’s called Satan. And God said if you loved lies that He would send a “strong delusion”. Looks like what we’re seeing.


  4. most people are meant for slavery

    myself included

    i just want virtue from my masters.


    • This is in fact very true.

      Freedom? It’s a nice slogan. For a particular place and diminishing era. It’s never been the leitmotif for most of human existence. People want good rulers, that’s all. And they want to believe in some collection of thought that has it all figured out so they can feel safe, knowing that someone else knows exactly what to do.

      And on that note, conservatism isn’t about “freedom”, that’s just a line sold to us to make us accept mass immigration. “They have the right to move where they like, just like you!” Conservatism isn’t about anti-freedom either. Conservatism is simply just normal life and normal, decent values that make society work. And protecting the people if needed, which is just normal. Red coats weren’t conservative? German kaisers weren’t conservative? Peasants in a Thai rice field weren’t conservative? Of course they were. Without ever using the word freedom.

      I wish the Founding Fathers had picked some other phrases to put in their papers. What people back then actually did was to push a nationalist uprising and desire a country for themselves and their descendants, so they should have said so. Those who fought and died did it for these real-world things, family and the people who were like them, not English Enlightenment theories. The documents should have said so.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 3:46 pm Samuel Skinner

        “I wish the Founding Fathers had picked some other phrases to put in their papers.”

        Traitors tend to be horrible people obsessed with power. The fact they decided to lie about their motives to make what they did sound better and morally obligatory (even though this screwed their descendants over in the long run) is not a coincidence. It is what people do when they are pursuing power.


      • on November 20, 2017 at 3:52 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        A lot of cuckseratives I talk to in real life support immigration because it helps “grow the economy” and qualify that they have no problem with “hard-working people who want to contribute” immigrating, as long as they don’t go on welfare. It’s hard enough to reason with these fat boomers, but when they start pulling Christian shît into it, then you know these guys are lost. More so when they claim Canadian/Americans are lazy and won’t pick fruit. I always double down and respond that: many immigrants are on welfare, they depress the wages of the native population, and they aren’t the least bit interested in basic Anglo-Saxon freedoms that underpin our society. These losers often have a forreign wifé; Asian, Filipino, Hispanic, either after having dumped their frumpy Canadian/American wifé after the kids grew up, or finally managed to find a woman willing to márrÿ them, usually an HB5 from some shithole.

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      • “Traitors tend to be horrible people obsessed with power.”

        What are you, limey or canuck? They weren’t traitors. America had developed a distinct character that was no longer just a bunch of British colonies like any other.

        Britain treated the colonies better than people think – Britain was the world’s freest society, and the American colonies had the most freedom of any part of the Empire, with minuscule taxes – but America would have been dominated by British trade and corporations forever, and future laws from a government far away. And Britain didn’t want American expansion westward, which would threaten Britain’s hold of the colonies. Without the Revolution Mexico would have held the west. Who would Napoleon have sold the enormous Louisiana territory to? Either France would have kept it or it would have been sold to Mexico I guess. Russia would have kept Alaska and probably part of the west coast, down to the Mexicans. And yeah, we like Russia today for opposing the neocons in places, but they are no pleasant bunch in general. They never were.

        The Revolution was good. The Liberty talk enshrined in the Declaration of Independence was bad. It should have been about people and descendants. I don’t think they realized how much future politicians would fetishize that document and derive an entire ideology from it, one that no one could argue against since it is in the Declaration.

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm gunslingergregi

        british colonies had wayyyyyy less taxation that we have now right?
        boston tea party tax was

        ””””””’In 1773, the East India Company had a lot of tea it could not sell in England and was almost ready to close down its business. To help save the company, the British Parliament passed the Tea Act of 1773. This allowed the company to sell its goods to the colonies without paying taxes. This meant the East India Company could sell their tea cheaper than the American merchants.””””
        rofl too crazy


      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm gunslingergregi

        holy fucking lollzzzzzzzz


      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:11 pm gunslingergregi

        wild shit passed bill to give American colonists tea at cheaper rate


      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:12 pm gunslingergregi

        the more you know the more you know its all retarded all the time


      • By God that was a damn’ close-run thing! You lads could have ended up as an entire continent of tea-swilling nancies, with millions of Ruskis bashing the samovar all down the left coast as well.
        I mean look what it’s done to the Brits. The Mandarins’ revenge for that opium business, I suppose.

        “The drink which has come to supply the place of beer has, in general, been tea. It is notorious that tea has no useful strength in it; that it contains nothing nutritious; that it, besides being good for nothing, has badness in it, because it is well known to produce want of sleep in many cases, and in all cases, to shake and weaken the nerves. It is, in fact, a weaker kind of laudanum, which enlivens for the moment and deadens afterwards. At any rate, it communicates no strength to the body; it does not in any degree assist in affording what labour demands. It is, then, of no use.”

        “I view the tea drinking as a destroyer of health, an enfeebler of the frame, and engenderer of effeminacy and laziness, a debaucher of youth, and a maker of misery for old age. In the fifteen bushels of malt there are 570 pounds weight of sweet; that is to say, of nutritious matter, unmixed with anything injurious to health. In the 730 tea messes of the year, there are 54 pounds of sweet in the sugar, and about 30 pounds of matter equal to sugar in the milk. Here are eighty four pounds instead of five hundred and seventy, and even the good effect of these eighty four pounds is more than overbalanced by the corrosive, gnawing, and poisonous powers of the tea.”

        “It must be evident to everyone, that the practice of tea drinking, must rended the frame feeble and unfit to encounter hard labour or severe weather, while, as I have shown, it deducts from the means of replenishing the belly and covering the back. Hence, succeeds a softness, an effeminacy, a seeking for the fireside, a lurking in the bed, and in short, all the characteristics of idleness, for which, in this case, real want of strength furnishes an apology. The tea drinking fills the public-houses, makes the frequenting of it habitual, corrupts boys as soon they are able to move from home, and does little less for the girls, to whom the gossip of the tea-table is no bad preparatory school for the brothel. At the very least, it teaches them idleness. The everlasting dawdling about, with the slops of the tea-tackle, gives them a relish for nothing that requires strength and activity.” – Wm Cobbett, agricultural and social activist, and by heck he doesn’t half bang on about it, there’s pages of similar invective. It seems he was correct, after all.


      • When they used the term “posterity” I don’t think they were envisioning Abdul from Jalalabad.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 8:11 am Samuel Skinner

        “America had developed a distinct character that was no longer just a bunch of British colonies like any other.”

        I’d take that seriously if the Founding Fathers didn’t immediately approve of unlimited white immigration. Hard to have a distinct character if you immediately set about getting rid of it.

        “but America would have been dominated by British trade and corporations forever, and future laws from a government far away.”

        Ireland got admitted into Parliament. Not seeing the British treating the colonials worse then the Irish.

        “And Britain didn’t want American expansion westward, which would threaten Britain’s hold of the colonies. Without the Revolution Mexico would have held the west. Who would Napoleon have sold the enormous Louisiana territory to? Either France would have kept it or it would have been sold to Mexico I guess. Russia would have kept Alaska and probably part of the west coast, down to the Mexicans. And yeah, we like Russia today for opposing the neocons in places, but they are no pleasant bunch in general. They never were.”

        Without the American Revolution, no French Revolution and none of the events that lead to what you talk about happen. Of course if America is a constituent part of the British Empire, the British would aim to conquer more territory because it would make them stronger.

        While I can’t say where the west would go (or if the British would go full redcoat and conquer all of Latin America), I will say the Russians won’t hold Alaska and the West coast. They sold that territory to the United States because it was too vulnerable to the British Navy; in the event there is no US, the British would have probably conquered it.


      • Freedom? It’s a nice slogan. For a particular place and diminishing era. It’s never been the leitmotif for most of human existence. People want good rulers, that’s all. And they want to believe in some collection of thought that has it all figured out so they can feel safe, knowing that someone else knows exactly what to do.

        As another King (Mithradates) said, “Most men do not seek freedom but rather a just master.”

        And on that note, conservatism isn’t about “freedom”, that’s just a line sold to us

        Conservatism in a word is “anti-ideology.” The reason why conservatism has been identified thusly is because our default since the French Revolution has been expressed in terms of the left, which is 100% ideological, i.e., fixated on a single idea to which all evidence must be made to conform be it violently or non-violently.

        Conservatism therefore is pro-liberty insofar as ideology is slavery to a single filter through which one apprehends the world. It is also anti-liberty insofar as “libertarianism” is one more monomaniacal ideology that pedestalizes freedom über alles.

        True liberty belongs to the Patrician Class, i.e., those individuals who themselves (or by virtue of their ancestors) sacrificed power to an alliance of noble men guaranteeing they and their posterity would be left alone to flourish. Think of the business owner who sacrifices a steady and larger paycheck for the liberty to make his own schedule and choose his contractors, or the gunowner who forgoes the assumption of police protection with the understanding that he can defend himself. I still contend that the Roman Republic caste is the half-millennium model for a sustainable regime of liberty because it acknowledges that most men seek to trade their freedom for safety and “every woman adores a fascist.”

        This schema is practical so long that 10-20% or more belong to the patrician class of freemen, that the universal suffrage idiocy is reversed, that those invested in the future are overrepresented in politics, and that the “right to the franchise” is removed from its unalienable status and made exchangeable for guarantees of safety and security. We achieved this roughly under the old paradigm of land-holding gentry being given higher duties and privileges (e.g., to vote) than the scullery maid and shopkeeper. The golden age of our republic was antebellum America, when our informalized patricians achieved far more than the critical mass of 20%, extending upwards of half.



  5. […] Liberalism Is The Truman Show […]


  6. Like all good cultists, libs would rather see the world burn than admit they’re wrong.

    It’s almost narcissistic of them.

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    • Exactly. They’d rather be dead than dead wrong.


    • “Like all … cultists, libs” are misled by the demonic who take advantage of their middle-class weaknesses. The suicide-bomber commissars or “rootless, globalist, cosmopolitan elite” are the ones who would “rather see the world burn” while everyday Joe America stands perplexed, still in the early stages of wondering,

      WTF?? I was with you when you were talking about being nice to browns and tolerance and I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, but what’s with all the unrestrained hatred toward people like me?

      This is the fundamental contradiction — between unmasked lefty hatred and blue-collar decency — that Trump pressed to gain political power, and it is the flaw we must continue to pressure until it breaks decisively.


  7. My silly wife (but I repeat myself), in selling something online, gave our address to an internet stranger. I know this because Wife wanted to nap and gave me her phone so I could communicate with Buyer.

    Buyer’s response seemed off to me, so I did a little research. Turns out “she” appears to be a Black man who sells stuff that looks stolen. “She” was on her way to pick up the item when I texted “I’m [Mr. Husband]. Don’t ever contact my wife again. If you come near her, I will hurt you.”

    It cost me a day of work, but so far no knocks on the door.

    Baby steps.


    • I’ve bought and sold a decent amount of stuff on craigslist. Lots of shady people out there and you have to trust your instincts. Ex-gf tried to sell something on craigslist. Had 0 instincts. Didn’t understand there are bad people in the world who will lie to you. I eventually convinced her to stop using it cause she was going to get duped. Of course she believe in “refugees welcome” as well and can’t get her to stop believing that canard.


      • Yep. One of the things I’m grateful for in this internet revolution is realizing it’s okay to offend people. Trust the gut.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 7:12 pm Vagina dominator

      “so far no knocks on the door.”

      Answer the door with a six or seven inch piece of one-inch diameter dowel in your back pocket or in your hand concealed by your side. If someone tries to make trouble, hold it ice-pick style and apply it a few times to the miscreant’s head using a cycling action (stabbing actions also possible to the throat and face and under the chin).

      He will go down. The square-cut edges will rip the flesh off him.

      Keep it in your pocket and occasionally play with this little useful tool to see the many trajectories that it can be used on. It can be used to strike with both sides of the fist, up, down, across, foehand, backhand, under the chin, into the neck,onto the clavicle. From behind, it can be used on the ribs, so there is not too much blood.

      And of course it can also be held in the fist to reinforce it for front-of-fist punching.

      Fuck niggers.

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      • Actually, I was ready to answer the door with a. 357 snubby in my pocket and a 12-gauge within easy reach.

        The irony is that we sold the same item about 12 hours later to another impostor, only this time it was a woman pretending to be a man.

        Yes, Greg, you get my appreciation for the second time: Fvck this ghey Earth.


      • Pro tip: don’t shoot 357 snubbies. Far too powerful a round for such a small frame.


      • It just takes getting used to… I like my .38/.357 wheeler.


      • ^u got the balls to pull that trigger?

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      • i am a deadly weapon


      • i am a deadly weapon

        Breath doesn’t count.


      • i was recently rewatching roy jones jr (tbe) vs john ruiz

        rjj was giving up over 20 lbs and 3-4″ in reach

        and by the 3rd round, ruiz had no fucking idea what to do. demoralized and game plan out the window


        master the fine art of controlling distance and anybody can be beaten hand-to-hand

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      • Stop trying to make nigger culture a thing in these precincts, you tone-deaf juggalo. That you believe it possible to achieve some kind of alpha-shitskin fusion tells everyone here that you poorly understand both.

        I am not into calling for a ban on anybody except in the most extreme circumstances, but this is clearly a matter of hygiene. If you could discipline yourself and speak the tribal language, that would be one thing. But you are deliberately degenerating your manner of expression in a place attempting to not just protect itself from that kind of dysgenic encroachment but to allow space for the rebirth of its opposite — a winsome articulation of the defense of white men. You are a stinky shit stain on lace.


      • My little 357 LCR is awful shooting at the range, but it sure is comfortable carrying around.


  8. This kind of blissful ignorance is the real white privilege.
    Just like how whites against guns don’t think authoritarian rule could ever happen to them.

    I guess that those entitled white feminists didn’t get the memo that it’s not ok to be white.

    She hasn’t learned anything. Her bubble of privilege remains un-popped.


  9. on November 20, 2017 at 3:02 pm Odysseus Returning

    Plato might as well have described liberals over 2,500 years ago in his allegory of the cave (see ancient red pill below).

    Their very identity is anti-reality thus prophets of the coming dystopian future get attacked.

    If you are lucky enough to find the occasional normie that’s able to accept the truths about the realities that are not spoken, try to mold them towards us.

    PA has a good post in his blog about that.

    But if you are dealing with the true believers, then, if it’s safe to do so for you (not risk being Alinskyd), give them both barrels of… Truth and Beauty.


  10. >> People like this woman have no place in adult discussions

    More and more I get that being conservative means being “dad” to a household of hysterical and naive “women and children” (=the rest of the culture).

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  11. unfortunately the gramscian cocoon applies not just to shitlibs but to even some of our most capable fellow humans:

    the lesson here is that humans are incredibly dupe-able, but, with the right information and leadership, they can be made useful.

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    • Zach Galifiniakis should ask Dubya what it feels like to be the last cuckservative President.


    • world’s largest gramscian cocoon farm:

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      • tryna get Massa Mosby to blow a gasket, here?

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      • Those soldiers were conscripted. If they didn’t go to kill and die, they’d be thrown in prison. And their families would be socially ostracized. For their parents, for their wives and children and for themselves they had to go. People have far more physical courage than social courage.

        90 percent of Americans opposed going to war in Europe again. The anti-war movement at that time was the largest in American history, with seven million members. It was divided into American Fathers and American Mothers, working side by side. Why fight just because Britain and France decided to attack Germany once again? Make them accept Germany’s peace offer already.

        So Roosevelt told his cabinet to give him ideas on how to provoke Japan to war. One of the secretaries wrote this in his journal, I think the secretary of agriculture. Japan’s economy was strangled by freezing their assets in the U.S., but worse, by denying them the oil their industries needed. They saw how they were once again being controlled by the foreign empires. Those who argued for economic autarchy won, and to gain that independence they needed more land with more resources. They’d throw out the foreign empires from eastern Asia once and for all. American radio stations in Australia picked up their signal to attack Pearl Harbor – “East Wind, Rain” – and alerted Washington, but Roosevelt made sure the warning didn’t reach the navy.

        That way he could destroy the anti-war movement. “Look at the dead Americans! How dare you say we can’t attack!” Sound familiar?

        Meanwhile, of course, it was totally wrong of Austria-Hungary to invade Serbia in 1914, after the Serbian military junta (taking power after slaughtering the royal family) had armed and transported the Black Hand terrorists who killed Archduke Ferdinand. And then refused to hand them over to Austria. How dared they attack Afgha…I mean Serbia for that? Must go to war!


      • “Those soldiers were conscripted. If they didn’t go to kill and die, they’d be thrown in prison.”

        right. so no agency, then? why didn’t they storm Congress? why didn’t they just sit down in the street and refuse to go? why didn’t they start a white nationalist guerilla war and blow up the shipyards and munitions depots, instead of going off to kill their northern brothers or their German brothers?

        they BELIEVED in what they were doing because everyone around then was doing it, that’s why.

        there wouldn’t have been enough MPs and prisons in the entire country to stop those men if they were determined not to fight for a cause they didn’t believe in. they were “coerced” through their minds, not their bodies. that was my point.

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      • “right. so no agency, then? why didn’t they storm Congress? why didn’t they just sit down in the street and refuse to go? why didn’t they start a white nationalist guerilla war and blow up the shipyards and munitions depots, instead of going off to kill their northern brothers or their German brothers?”

        Okay hotshot. You have agency. Go ahead and start a white nationalist guerrilla war. Go ahead and storm Congress. Go ahead and blow up USCIS offices. Or at least sit down in the street.

        Have you done any of those things? Have you even joined an organization and marched in rallies? I think not, or you’d have an idea of what activism entails.

        And as I also wrote in that post, just below that part, the anti-war movement in the U.S. during the beginning of WWII was the largest in American history. That’s some agency right there. But I guess rageaholism is just so rewarding, and spitting at people means you won’t have to feel connected to them and feel sorry for what happened to them.

        When are you starting the guerrilla war?


      • “Have you even joined an organization and marched in rallies? I think not, or you’d have an idea of what activism entails.”

        why would I join an organization when I can start my own?

        a rally for what, exactly?

        “activism”? an activist for what? against whom? what are you being “activated” about? that makes no sense.

        “When are you starting the guerrilla war?”

        the only war I’m going to be fighting, which is the only one I can be absolutely sure is WORTH fighting (at least at the moment) is the information war. which is the one we should have been fighting all along.

        our enemies understand that knowledge is power. heroism and glory is also power, but when applied to futile undertakings it is short-lived. (where is the legacy of all that bravery that was expended in ww2?) the right narrative, OTOH, can last a very, very, very long time. indefinitely, perhaps.

        I’m all for empire-building, and fighting for something worthwhile, but I’d like to see an empire that’s built on a narrative of human greatness, not on petty feuding where we reduce everything to ashes every 50-100 years and then rebuild it, but to lower standards.

        there was nothing great or even necessary about the wars you described. they were simply the actions of small-minded men with too much power. or not enough power. hard to say.

        you described cases where men bought into a bogus narrative. yes, they did their best at the time and exhibited tremendous courage and loyalty, but that’s not good enough, is it? clarity of purpose and long term thinking would have put all those lives and limbs lost to better use, wouldn’t they?

        are you willing to give up your own life or your children’s lives fighting for something if you know that 50 years from now your descendents will be shitting all over everything you fought for, because the whole thing you thought you were fighting for was based on shit to begin with?

        no thanks.

        “I guess rageaholism is just so rewarding, and spitting at people means you won’t have to feel connected to them and feel sorry for what happened to them.”

        I would put our brave men and women’s lives to much better use, and treat them as infinitely more valuable, than our leaders have.

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      • Would you all please stop using “agency” incorrectly? It’s something the leftists have forced upon us, like “intersectionality”.

        Legally speaking, one can only ever be the “agent” of a third party. “Agent” means, basically, “representative”. Kind of effete, TBH.


      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:18 pm gunslingergregi

        I’m all for empire-building, and fighting for something worthwhile, but I’d like to see an empire that’s built on a narrative of human greatness, not on petty feuding where we reduce everything to ashes every 50-100 years and then rebuild it, but to lower standards. ””””””

        nice thoughts and yea why not build shit that will basically last forever
        whoever built pyramids dick is still hard somewhere in heaven he he he

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      • on November 20, 2017 at 7:18 pm Vagina dominator

        They forgot the first rule of warfare: Try to fight a real enemy.

        Let’s see, prison for the duration or Normandy to die for the Jews and the Great Poz?

        Prison, thanks.

        My grandfather died asa slave on the Burma Siam railway. Left a great job (which would have exempted him) a wife and three daughters to VOLUNTEER for the Jews.



      • Khakis vs Boers: the difference between defending your land and adventuring abroad for the benefit of oligarchs.


      • “whoever built pyramids dick is still hard somewhere in heaven he he he”

        bravo, gregi. exactly.

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    • Miss me with the anti-American memes, “comrade.” You may have a point, but it is far too subtle for posters and images and bold lettering, especially when you and others bring our glorious dead into the equation. You are a literally goddamned conspiratorial pipsqueak whose very existence is impossible outside the fantasy aggrandizement of cyberworld.

      Splitting fine hairs when simple patriotism is called for marks you as a deviant little fuck, a subversive, a fifth column. There is a world of difference between arguing our military was misled or taken advantage of — a defining tradition of Western politics since Thucydides — and starting a propaganda campaign whose veracity depends on regarding the finest men of any American generation, giving the last full measure of their devotion, as nothing better than a bunch of idiot dupes.

      To be as unsubtle as you: Get Fucked.


      • “Splitting fine hairs when simple patriotism is called for marks you as a deviant little fuck, a subversive, a fifth column.”

        I hold our veterans in much higher regard than you do. they deserve a much better legacy than the one they received. that their lives and talents have been squandered does not make them dupes. it simply highlights our pressing need to be informed.

        but since the view is so incredibly clear from your vantage point, M-A-T-T looking down your incredibly-enlightened nose, how would YOU go about pressuring our leaders to put our best and brightest to use fighting for life, instead fighting for death?

        any ideas to share, M-A-T-T?

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      • and, do tell, what is “anti-American” about arguing that our young men and women would be better off serving the country while alive than serving it while dead?

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      • Life is not the highest value, small-souled jew.

        I hold our veterans in much higher regard than you do. they deserve a much better legacy than the one they received. that their lives and talents have been squandered does not make them dupes. it simply highlights our pressing need to be informed.

        This is exactly the kind of sentiment that can’t be expressed in a bold-face meme, which is why you should refrain from propagating it in so blunt a manner.

        Regardless, you don’t honor a man by calling him fatally stupid, even if he is stupid. Nor do you hold his virtues “in much higher regard” if you contemptibly believe he gave away his life for nothing, which you so cleverly have figured out beyond the ken of such untutored grunts over whom you appointed yourself enlightened guardian.

        My point is: don’t reduce a man’s honor to a simplicity just to serve your conspiracy theory, particularly a fellow countryman’s, unless you hold your life as cheaply as you believe these poor proles you so generously pity do.


      • “There is a world of difference between arguing our military was misled or taken advantage of — a defining tradition of Western politics since Thucydides”

        right. it’s a “tradition”, so that makes it okay. a tradition, like apple pie.

        you can’t think of ANYTHING our country might be doing with all of it’s incredible talent besides fighting wars for other people?

        what if you had all the best men and women in the country at your disposal, Matt. what would you have them do?

        serious question.

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      • “Life is not the highest value…”

        perhaps not, but it does come in handy. for instance, when you’re looking for something to pass “higher values” ONTO.

        “…small souled jew”
        oh…right. you got me. any way I can enlarge my puny soul, big-soul M-A-T-T?

        how big is your soul, Matt? can you remember being born? is it THAT big?

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  12. “The only difference is that, in the movie, Truman tried to escape his artificially constructed environment once he realized it was all set pieces and illusion.”

    Tru-whyte-man. FIFY

    Except that Sea Haven Island needed to be getting filled up with various human detritus from the Caribbean.


  13. Totally off topic: arm wrestling.

    Never arm wrestle another guy when there are women around. There’s no way around it, arm wrestling is always humiliating for the loser. He can try to laugh it off, he can reason that it shouldn’t matter, but it’s no use. It always makes him look like less of a man than the winner, no matter how you turn it. And no amount of education can erase this simple fact, in any group, no matter how Enlightened said group is.

    Today a girl made a joking comment about her strength, so I arm wrestled her, and won of course. (Otherwise I’d have to burn my gym card in shame and become a monk.) But she was surprisingly strong, I actually had to make an effort. She got her strength from riding she says, so apparently saddling a horse with a heavy saddle builds muscles. She must also have pretty good genes.

    Another girl by the table felt her biceps and was impressed. We started talking gym stuff for a while. I arm wrestled the girl again with the left arm. Meanwhile a guy by our table studiously avoided watching our activity and suddenly became very interested in his cellphone. He was probably afraid that I would challenge him. But I wouldn’t do that, because I know I would beat him and he’d resent me for shaming him in public, and what’s the point in that? I don’t think the girls would have liked me challenging him either. They could see I was stronger. Horse girl made big, round eyes when I beat her the first time, that was enough. Less is more.

    By the way, she was the one who offered me her hand for arm wrestling, I didn’t ask. It’s fun when a girl has some spunk in her.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 4:53 pm Captain Obvious

      “It’s fun when a girl has some spunk in her.”


      • I’ve seen you post that before. Unless I make her pregnant my story is shit then? This is ordinary people hanging out at work. You should try it sometime.


      • I skipped reading BL’s post in favor of reading the comments instead. CO, your comment told me all I needed to know.

        This bricklayer person really doesn’t live up to his name. JIDF?


      • Oh, it also comments on replies.

        Bricklayer strikes me as a someone who wishes he got the part of the clownish guy in the Bollywood music video.


      • Man, you really seem to have some serious issues, “Jaded Jurist”. How did I hurt you? Does it still hurt? And of course the only tool you got is “YOU MUST BE A JEW!” LOL Nice try.


    • If a gal likes you, she won’t care about a loss, whether it’s arm wrestling, boxing, chess or tiddly-winks.

      Funny how that works. Vive le difference!


    • Ordinary people hanging out at work? In 5-10 years after you get that big promotion you’ll find out that roper chick was freaked out by your sexist grouping and you’ll lose your hang-out.


  14. Modern shitlib women flip the Biblical narrative for females.
    It’s no longer a curse to be barren and without children.
    Thus evil.

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  15. This Bricklayer dude isn’t Xtrabeing/SorceryBlob, is it? I’m seeing that critter behind every unusual posting pattern on this blog.


    • i don’t think so. xtrahomo has a different posting style.


    • Funny that you also picked up on this commenter. When my pic gets out of mod, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s accurate.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 7:47 pm gunslingergregi

      the arm wrestling was posted for me to flashback to my arm wrestling adventure from back in day but yea whatevs


    • on November 20, 2017 at 7:49 pm gunslingergregi

      but yea kind of why I got to avoid certain shit cause it does make me think about bad shit
      but why I kind of like to keep my mind occupied on other better shit and positive shit
      like fucking bitches or even problems with bitches is better than thinking about thousands upon thousands of houses with holes in em or stains on ground in Iraq and blood filled trucks


  16. Romanian textbook for kids: “Circle what doesn’t belong in each family.” (Actually says what is intruding, but the meaning is the same.)

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    • on November 20, 2017 at 7:21 pm Vagina dominator

      I’ve got the equivalent kind of kindergarten book for Indonesia.I’ll try to scan and post. It is completely unambigous about sex roles.

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      • Yeah Gypsies are Indian, did a test and found the genes for it. Can even trace it to the original tribe somewhere in northerner India.


    • Oh, so Bricklayer is a Gypsy–sorry, I mean Roma–then? Explains a lot.


      • You equate Romanians with gypsies. This is a schoolboy error and probably derives from the name ‘Roma’ by which gypsies are sometimes known and because there are many of them in Romania. In fact these scum are ethnically Punjabi as you can tell from their colour and facial features, their clothes and their propensity to rob everything that’s not nailed down.


      • I heard the original gypsies were of Egyptian ethnicity… and the ones I’ve known fit the Northern African-looking type.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 11:15 am HungarianPatriot

        Romanians are no more gypsy than Hungarians are Mongols.


      • ^why r some Hungarians so fucking dark?

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      • LOL No “Jaded Jurist”, I’m just able to find pics on Twitter. But I know you are “Captain Obvious”. You’re the only one who would have a reason to seethe with anger at me, I didn’t say anything negative to anyone else.

        But since you’re a coward you don’t want to write this crap under your Captain Obvious name, so you switched. Real easy to recognize you though. “YOU’RE A JEW!” “YOU’RE A GYPSY!” You have no actual arguments, only that.


    • Most Western SJW liberals will be totally confused and burst into tears over this today…


    • akshully, moar direkt

      “Identify the intruder” the instruction is


    • The next page asks: What would you rather be photo-bombed by?


  17. Manson died. CH, is there something that prevents you from becoming a cult leader?

    [CH: it’s not my scene.]


    • Twitter censorship.


    • Dude had

      1.Command over young women.
      2.Predicted a future race war.

      So props for those.

      But he had the morals of a street clown.

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    • Polanski is barred from the U.S. for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl.

      Manson’s crew of young women slaughtered everybody they found in Polanski’s house.

      What happens to raped 13 years when they’re 19-20 and living with a man who knows how the world works. “Do what you gotta do. I won’t come with you, but I won’t judge you either.”

      Manson spent 43 years behind bars not because he took part in the Polanski slaughter, but because he knew why the slaughter happened.


    • Cults are literally demonic. Any cult “leader” who doesn’t point the way to the genuine article, the King of Kings, but rather to himself eventually must be revealed for the fraud he is. Both angel and devil are daemons, the difference being to whom the daemon leads the acolyte, God or self, the divine truth or the mundane and vulgar.

      You can trick people long enough with drugs and psychology and prestidigitation, but one single sign of inconsistency brings the whole show down on yourself.

      It’s one reason CH remains pseudonymous. A genuine cult cannot be achieved online, and certainly not without risking one’s identity! There is power in mystery so long as it remains mysterious. True leaders acknowledge their flaws and emphasize their imitable overcoming, knowing that the maintenance of ignorance is impossible if a true relationship is to be formed. The leader points past himself to “your Father in heaven [Who] is perfect.” — whereas the pretender attempts to maintain the illusion of his own purity among the badly broken who cannot see past their own flaws to the fraudulent claim. The most generous interpretation is that CH allows the illusion to hide his own imperfection (sin) but is not so megalomaniacal to attempt cult status in real life, knowing what a low-percentage game that is and having much to lose.

      Cultism is a high-wire act. And the “wizard” behind the curtain is vulnerable to something as small and honest as Toto’s canine curiosity.


      • Then, however, something happened which made every mouth mute and every eye fixed. In the meantime, of course, the tightrope-walker had commenced his performance: he had come out at a little door, and was going along the rope which was stretched between two towers, so that it hung above the market-place and the people.

        When he was just midway across, the little door opened once more, and a gaudily-dressed fellow like a buffoon sprang out, and went rapidly after the first one. “Go on, halt-foot,” cried his frightful voice, “go on, lazy-bones, interloper, sallow-face!—lest I tickle you with my heel! What do you here between the towers? In the tower is the place for you, you should be locked up; to one better than yourself you block the way!”—

        And with every word he came nearer and nearer the first one. When, however, he was but a step behind, there happened the frightful thing which made every mouth mute and every eye fixed—he uttered a yell like a devil, and jumped over the other who was in his way.

        The latter, however, when he thus saw his rival triumph, lost at the same time his head and his footing on the rope; he threw his pole away, and shot downwards faster than it, like an eddy of arms and legs, into the depth. The market-place and the people were like the sea when the storm comes on: they all flew apart and in disorder, especially where the body was about to fall.

        — Nietzsche, ASZ I.6


      • on November 21, 2017 at 2:18 pm Traficante Musashi

        You know, my namesake, Musashi, was a man who made his place in history by hitting the mark of his opponent and missing the mark of skillful, upright conduct while still seeking The Way. We’re all like that.

        You say that Jesus is the “King of Kings,” but behind the veil of “God,” where some have only a God-shaped void, is the Buddha. This is why I follow Nichiren. Your god does not have the answers humanity needs. He demands obedience because he is powerless to stop the sufferings of the world he claims to have created. He is a figment of our imaginations, a faded ghost, a poorly formulated metaphor, theological phlogiston, a dimming light seen through a dark glass. Ultimately, he is only Zeus reborn into a Europeanized Semitic tradition, heavily tempered by classical philosophy.

        Buddhahood is the destiny of all beings—and the Buddhadharma potentially the destiny of the West, (as hopeless as the mostly gay, white, Marxist converts to Tibetan Lamaism all seem—bless their soul-streams…). Olcott understood this.


  18. This is just painful. Check the screen shots. A guy gave her a $3,000 donation on Patreon then asked for it back when he didn’t get nudes or something. She specifically writes that she won’t hand out nudes or pseudo-dates online, anything like that.

    “can you refund it, I don’t wanna go to my bank and patreon. I thought I was getting more…”

    Before that:

    “can I get a pic or something? I’ll keep the pledge going monthly if you’re cool.”

    “why’d u read it in stream? just like a nude or something or a snapchat video call.”

    “and can i be mod?”

    What’s with these guys obsessing over girls on the internet? If they’re going to buy themselves female attention, imagine how many visits to a hooker those three thousand would have given him. Physical contact. But women with stream chat become so “real” to them, they’ll hand over their money.

    Anglin likes to write angry posts about Lauren Southern, who has a big online following and talks anti-immigration on Telescope. (Twitter’s streaming service.) According to him what she says is nothing special, just stuff that can be found on any alt-Right or other website, but she gets thousands of dollars a month in donations. Donations that could have gone to edgier folks (like Anglin).

    If you look at Proud Boys events (Gavin McInnes’ “anti-racist,” pro-homo club for Trump and for Wall-building, which has attacked “racists” many times) you see Lauren Southern followed by a string of chubby mystery meats like she’s a goddess. They’ll never have her. But these are the kind of guys who give her money. Because Twitter has become such a big part of their world.

    This happens when people grow up with the internet, I guess.


    • Seems to be her thing; some kind of bizarre variation on the whole “dominatrix” thing but with no sex.

      Aside from being degraded like this being their kink.

      The guys who do this are beta’s; they lack the balls to go to an actual prostitute or an escort.

      Hell; three thousand dollars could get you a pretty wild time with a pretty high level escort.

      A stripper; hell plenty of random chicks walking down the street would do some crazy stuff for three thousand dollars, not just working girls.

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    • Don’t you see… How reverse trolling can make you some $$$$???

      Surely those who read here on a regular basis could easily fake a feminist, blackie, gayman, THOT in duress, etc. to evoke liberal sympathies for profit.

      Then donate a portion to your favorite manospherian.

      Maybe the Russian trolls will start to adopt this M.O.


    • lauren southern needs to either get the tits out or shut the fuck up and make children

      I don’t care what these bitches think

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      • Only one of these options is acceptable. You had a 50/50 chance, and you still blew it. That must really smart.


  19. The problem with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. -Reagan


  20. The Jewman Show

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  21. on November 20, 2017 at 6:25 pm long dong silver

    Clown World! You are describing clown world. It is a mental prison that becomes a real prison. It projects itself into reality. Pockets of clown world have manifested themselves into our reality. They include universities, public schools, corporate workplaces, and every government institution beyond local level save for prisons.


    • on November 21, 2017 at 10:07 am Captain Obvious

      “save for prisons”

      For the longest time now, it has really bothered me that only prisoners [ostensibly the most evil people in our society] will override the punishment ordered by the courts [ostensibly the most good & decent people in our society] and instead dispense the correct punishment to ch!ld m0lesters & ch!ld murd3rers, which of course is the d3ath penalty.


    • hehehe
      the only thing we have to fear is a sudden shortage of pop corn


    • Looks like the EGK has been paying some private eyes.

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    • Just another high-key Feminist Coup? Says the (((press))). But these are the heroes who made feminism possible. The self-flagellation male feminist crew.

      Could this be what I sense deep down it to be? A first glimmering of hope. A what of what, you ask?

      Could this be a turning of the female public consciousness from feminism’s Guiltless Age toward a rebellion against its captors? Are American women somehow seeing that their Tyranny was enabled by an internal displacement of true femininity in the traditional sense?

      The thirst must certainly be there. But now that the oasis has emerged (Trump, Alt-Right, shameless endorsement of White Power, public displays of Red Pilling); does it draw this primal urge forward?

      I think this is what we are seeing here. It could be another Trump Effect in action. Or it could be, as I am now seeing, a Great Awakening of Americans to the dire moral situation they are in.

      Meta-politics in action.


  22. Clown world we live in
    To illustrate the magnitude of of the downfall let us go far back when beauty and truth reigned supreme

    The Roman Theatre of Mérida is a construction promoted by the consul Vipsanius Agrippa in the Roman city of Emerita Augusta, capital of Lusitania (current Mérida, Spain). It was constructed in the years 16 to 15 BCE

    White Supremacy Part 7


    • u mean to tell me white people were great before xtianity?

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      • Do you really need us to tell you that everyone but Whites sucked until Christianity?

        Walked right into that one, didn’t you? Wew.


      • u mean to tell me white people were great before xtianity?

        Depends what you mean by ‘great’, I suppose.

        Did our buildings become any less impressive, post Christianity?

        Did our ships sail any slower?

        Did our art become less impressive?

        Was our music flatter?

        Where our armies less formidable?

        I don’t recall anyone claiming Whites weren’t splendid, indeed, before Christ walked the earth.

        But I do believe more than one great mind remarked about a real good thing becoming even better.

        IN short… fail more, eggnog… the card still says Moops.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 7:53 pm gunslingergregi

      what would Budapest hungry be cause I was Impressed with their architecture
      England was the shit too very powerful stuff


    • BCE?!?




    • BC

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  23. on November 20, 2017 at 7:58 pm gunslingergregi

    its like liberals for no guns
    ahh right yea maybe when the computers really take over and the autoguns are everywhere sure it won’t matter cause no hope of doing shit anyway
    but still not all the time people get fucked up but yea it happens


  24. on November 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm gunslingergregi

    The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.””””””

    de ja vu comment but it is hard to lose all ideals of what you thought the world was as a child
    course I allways thought it was harder to beat the game of life than it was too so there is that he he he


    • on November 20, 2017 at 8:21 pm gunslingergregi

      I think that one hurt the most
      it took me less time to beat life than a fucking video game I played
      like wtf why did all these people talk about struggling and shit their whole life and why do people dream of retiring at 65
      shit instead of going high school I could of beat life
      or instead of going college they could of gave me loan to beat life
      weird shit
      the youths time is being stolen


      • Yeah you think of all the money people spend on college but if they took all the loans they got, put in the bank and let the interest pay it off.

        How many of them would be better off than with whatever job they got? Especially for the high level, name colleges?


      • on November 20, 2017 at 8:54 pm gunslingergregi

        well a subway is like 120k to buy an existing one that makes like 10k clear a month so
        yea then could go school I wreckin


      • on November 20, 2017 at 8:57 pm gunslingergregi

        still ain’t done it and had the money so I guess that makes me a retarded patriot lol


      • on November 20, 2017 at 9:01 pm gunslingergregi

        my cous actually started a mens group and charges 500 bucks a year and I guess all you can drink beer on tap lol
        someones doing something anyway


    • on November 20, 2017 at 8:24 pm gunslingergregi

      20k to buy a wood chipper that can handle up to 8 inch logs
      can rent it to someone for 170 a day
      and make like 10k a week
      tip of the day


      • I’m better with words than with numbers, but I’m pretty sure 170 x 7 falls a little short of 10k.

        I like the idea, though. Even if kinda jewy.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 10:12 am Captain Obvious

        A chipper which can shred 8″ logs is gonna be scary.

        It’ll have a six or eight cylinder engine, from the likes of Ford or Cummins or similar, and if you f*ck up with it, your pile of woodchips is gonna get dyed red from your vaporization.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 11:33 am Gunslingergregi

        The 10 k a week is having an experienced dude running your crew not renting it


    • on November 20, 2017 at 8:26 pm gunslingergregi

      lifes a game that I would play if I was really really fucking bored


      • on November 20, 2017 at 8:28 pm gunslingergregi

        having kids of my own will prob be pretty fun though I suppose and watching my kingdom develop like a video game hahaha


      • on November 20, 2017 at 10:32 pm gunslingergregi

        actually maybe I’m pissed cause my dam body broke and I lost
        fucking shit in a way so far


      • “lifes a game that I would play if I was really really fucking bored”

        This kkkomment encapsulates, in an obscure but tangible way, the difference between Vox Day’s blog and this.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 10:35 am Captain Obvious

        Once you get Li’l Gunslinger Jr in your life, you’re gonna be leaving all that boredom behind in the rear view mirror.


      • on November 21, 2017 at 11:40 am Gunslingergregi

        ROFL cap it even has boredom on the mirror attention to detail

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  25. Watch Lakshwan plot access point locations to maximize overlapping frequencies, and provide maximum bandwidth , while utilizing spread spectrum frequency hopping. Meanwhile, Tyron will plan VLAN port layout, while also, minimizing network traffic. Afterwards they will go and have some local malt liquor.

    – Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit’s Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet –

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  26. Progressive’s “socially constructed” reality notion: I reject your reality and substitute my own (and if I get enough people to agree, I win)!


  27. on November 20, 2017 at 9:38 pm gunslingergregi

    Republicans in Congress also praised the proposal and the White House said in July that it supported the FCC’s plan to end the Obama-era rules.
    Democrats have blasted the FCC’s proposed changes.
    “Gutting these rules robs Americans of protections that preserve their access to the open and free internet,” Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), the top Democrat on the Senate Commerce Committee, said in a statement in April.
    “Depriving the FCC of its ongoing, forward-looking oversight of the broadband industry amounts to a dereliction of duty at a time when guaranteeing an open internet is more critical than ever.””””””’

    Obama had something right
    net neutrality ?


  28. Despite being unique to modernity, liberalism actually has primitive roots. It is politicized jealousy. When we’re jealous of someone, what do we do? Often we yearn for their downfall. It makes no tangible difference to us if the high school quarterback pumps gas or if the cheerleader who rejected you got fat. Yet, if you can understand the pleasure people get out of those things happening then you can understand liberalism.

    Status is relative to other people. It can be won by climbing great heights, or by dragging others down to your level. The liberal psychology opts for the latter.

    Its why blacks seek to destroy whites, sluts seek to desecrate virgins, the ugly hates the beautiful, the dirty disparages the clean.

    These are monsters of modernity. The way our brains evolved, you win your bit of status within a Dunbar number and feel contentment with your place in the world. But in modern world, you compete against the whole world, and everyone is doing better than you. It can be so overwhelming to feel like such a failure that liberals quit trying to actively better themselves, and seek to make other people worse off.

    Liberalism isn’t quite a mental disorder, its just a brain built for a world that’s in the past. They need their phones and facebooks taken away.


    • on November 20, 2017 at 10:44 pm gunslingergregi

      well when I went to dc and went in hotel they had party and was all white and prob a lot of libs
      liberalism is lying good it seems

      Maybe that was a poor explanation. Take for example Alt-Right vs Cuckservacucks. The very word “cuckservacucks” is a meta-political way of seeing the world. It’s not about GOP vs Democrats, it’s about seeing past powerful interests and seeing the way human nature actually works.
      It’s no longer a 2-party system of politics. It’s not even a three party system. It’s a decentralized approach based on one or two key issues. Take two meta-issues and make a political party out of it and that will become a more effective way of influence.””””’

      we do seem to need something else to do with the world massively fucking changing the way it has never been before
      how are people gonna handle that much power over everyone
      whats here is ability to totally control everything down to seconds of a persons life so how the fuck is anyone gonna be capable of handling that


    • on November 20, 2017 at 10:45 pm gunslingergregi

      politics not keeping up with technology basically
      or maybe it is with all the shit coming out now
      maybe will get the people taking bribes and such all of them
      so hmm


    • on November 20, 2017 at 10:46 pm gunslingergregi

      what’s it gonna be like when you have the power to look someone up click a button and they die

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    • on November 20, 2017 at 10:48 pm gunslingergregi

      how are we supposed to prepare for absolute power?


    • on November 20, 2017 at 10:50 pm gunslingergregi

      elections gonna be some serious shit
      people in power gonna have to be gods and just cause they will have more power


    • jeah

      liberalism is rooted in a hunter-gatherer past where everything was more or less evenly distributed and inequalities were evidence that somebody was defecting on the group

      liberalism is a power ploy that exploits this ancient circuitry

      Islam knows how to halt a holiness spiral

      u can’t try to be holier than Muhammad (PBUH) without getting ur head chopped off

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    Every Democrat candidate in the last 25 years has had pedophile ties.


  30. “In our world, shitlibs have no interest in escaping their anti-reality; in fact, they fear escaping it. The ego doesn’t take kindly to utter refutation.”

    One of the finest phrases uttered in the past decade…


  31. Lieberals love diversity so much they spend over half their salary to stay miles away from it. They do not understand why people want to build some wall at the border. They already have them around their house. They do not hate minorities. They just stay away from “bad schools”, unsafe neighborhoods”, and low SES (socio-economic status) proles. And they just happen to be mostly dark skinned folks. YEAH SURE.


  32. This website is a cesspool. Go back to talking about game, and stop trying to be the new Stormfront.


    • Game, politics and what you are and aren’t liable for are integral to game. The world at-large searches out and punishes the ignorant. Now, maybe this isn’t The Temple Mount you seek but might better find at your local synagogue, but learning what bullshit stunts the feminist cockblockers might throw at you next is constructive information. Junior.


    • shut up nigga

      there’s a whole archive full of game posts

      what more really needs to be said? the principles have been laid out for ur stupid ass

      ch is more than a pua

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    • The truth hurts. You got an owwie?

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    • You people should not have shutdown the old Stormfront. $PLC-approved, Hollywood (((Nazi))) white advocacy 1.0 was much easier on your neurotic constitutions than this new thing of ours.


    • on November 21, 2017 at 9:55 am Traficante Musashi

      Racial self respect is an inevitable result of game. For better or worse, what he’s doing is absolutely necessary and indirectly benefits everyone. It’s just like Trump winning the election: It made it that much easier for all of us to take life by the pussy and squeeze.

      Besides, American solidarity has always been based on Christianity and “Whiteness.” The West being disillusioned about the former, all that remains to work with is the latter. This is American asabiyya, and America and the West has done great things as racist fucks. The end of whites shouldn’t be one big punk out, and whites don’t deserve to be erased from history.


  33. lol “Transgender Day of Remembrance” by Rex Tillerson.


  34. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words .



    @ Lichthof

    You may be up to something concerning the Himmler speech. I found some information worth to study.


  36. on November 21, 2017 at 8:13 am Hackett To Bits


  37. We can laugh at that woman all we want. The video shows a (Dominican?) guy white knighting for this hag afterwards. The “manspreader/puncher” has since been arrested.

    And she now has the perfect story for her feminist book club.


    • i’d give the poc hero a high five

      bringing a bit of sanity back to a feminized world with one blow

      a true magic negro

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      • Nicely said.


      • There’s nothing magic about having no restraint, wigger. The miracle is for men to have enough self-discipline to master any circumstance, allowing the charioteer sovereignty over the twin horses of emotion and spirit. Only a muh-dikk boon worshiper would believe justice could be served by an animal giving in to his instinct.

        So the culture is not calibrated correctly to deal with empowered hags letting their cuntiness hang out. How does it follow that we should therefore empower a different kind of undiscipline, the valorization of chimpouts?

        Yeah yeah yeah, a certain segment of irrationally celebrated soyboys need to rediscover their manliness, no shit. But the cure is worse than the disease if it means replacing Eloi with Morlock, abandoning the golden mean between cowardice and rashness achieved by white men and leading to his unchallenged dominance of the world — a dominance that only a self-hating fatherless piece of white trash could imagine be challenged by adopting the traits of the inferior and subhuman.


  38. This meme has been making the rounds recently. Funny but true.


  39. liberalism is ultimately just sour grapes br uh

    it gives moral and intellectual cover to behavior that is thoroughly driven by feelings of inadequacy

    a fem1n1st rails against the objectification of women

    but really she just hates that my dick turtles for her and gets hard for this


  40. “Radical autonomy” is the key phrase incorporating both those who, without mass recognition, create the “make-tricks” and those similar to this female who are an absolute sum-total of the “make-tricks” obliviousness to reality.