Does The Chateau Exaggerate The Perils Of Niceguyness?

Reader archerwfisher passes along a vagnette from the omnipresent sexual market.

Random, the other day I was thinking, “Maybe the Chateau is overdoing it, maybe being nice and sweet and a good guy isn’t such a bad route.” I stop at a grocery store, buy a few items, head back to my car. In the SUV next to mine, a cute blonde college age girl is getting in the driver’s seat. Long hair, dressed cute and not slutty, no visible tatts or piercings, in decent shape.

She’s accompanied by two similar aged guys, one white who looked like a boyfriend, one maybe white hispanic, and they look like dregs who would be getting arrested for shoplifting beer. The girl playfully locks them out and starts teasing them with a grin on her face. The white probably boyfriend’s witty, playful response? “We’re trying to get in the fucking car, unlock it.” She did so.

Aaaannd that is why Chateau Heartiste should be studied the same way you study a textbook to earn a certification.

The hottest girls in their fertile primes respond with the greatest intensity of arousal to jerkboys. This call-and-response never dies in a woman, it only fades away with her looks and shrinking repository of eggs. The specter of settling into a life of lonely spinsterhood scares many women straight into the arms of a reliable niceguy, but their fantasies always drift to the cocksure assholes who put them in their place and treated them with an amount of respect inversely proportional to the respect they demand from their beta borefriends.

If you’re a niceguy unwilling to better yourself, you have the option of hefting your blue balls for a decade and then relieving your psychological load in a woman on the cusp of Wall crashing. But most men don’t want to sit on the sidelines that long, waiting out their shot at love with an aging beauty. They want the YoHoTis — younger, hotter, tighter women — just the same as the jerkboys want them. If the niceguys want them bad enough, they’ll learn to love breaking bad.


  1. on October 4, 2017 at 1:21 pm every single time

    (((Esther Perel)))


  2. The Chaeteau does not exaggerates such perils at all.

    Not even an iota.


      • “Nice guys finish last.”

        This coming from women who I presume some are at least 19 but are already hitting the Wall. Seriously, this is a 3:33 collage of why Western women are crap. The shitty attitudes, the partying, the excessive sun tanning, etc.

        The lesson here: Dont be a nice guy, especially not to these skanks. If you want to smash some puss, by all means, but wear a condom, don’t get drunk, ask for an ID, and don’t let them stay over. They don’t like nice guys after all, so I suppose they don’t mind getting kicked out of your apartment at 4 in the morning.

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      • “They don’t like nice guys after all, so I suppose they don’t mind getting kicked out of your apartment at 4 in the morning.”

        exactly right. why would we use our genetic and behavioral powers of selection to select for more cunty skanks? abuse, with extreme prejudice.

        OTHOH, nice girls should be rewarded by getting the best of the best men these days, for holding up their end of the patriarchy deal when the attention-garnering deck is stacked almost entirely in favor of going full skank.

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      • *OTOH. can’t even spell acronyms correctly. heh.

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      • I took care or tried to somewhat of all the chicks when young none with black dudes all had kids 🙂
        Cept for one that got raped and wouldnt tell me who it was.
        Take care of their souls playas.

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      • “nice girls should be rewarded by getting the best of the best men these days, for holding up their end of the patriarchy deal when the attention-garnering deck is stacked almost entirely in favor of going full skank.”

        no kidding

        imagine how much strength of character and self discipline it would take to not become a feminist liberal skank then bitter angry shrew in this day and age.

        any girl who manages to avoid all of that is going against the norm and fighting against some mighty strong powers.

        she deserves to be rewarded handsomely for that.

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      • seriously, cracker. aren’t WE supposed to be the ones telling women what their worth is, and not the other way around?

        abusing these worthless skanks is actually too generous. treat them like their invisible is more appropriate.

        OTOH, their egos DO need a good whooping, but who has time for that when you’re not only fighting to build a life but also fighting against your own cultural and demographic replacement?

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      • exactly right

        the only way things are going to get better is if girls who act appropriately, who are feminine, kind, etc are rewarded and nasty foumouthed sloots are ignored and shamed.

        i’m torn on it too. hate to reward them with any kind of attention because attention is what they want most. and if someone says things they don’t like, they will just tell all their white knights and girlfriends they are being stalked or something so they get all kinds of attention and support from that.

        i do try to call some of them out when i have a chance though. someone needs to do it or they will continue thinking everything they do is fine.

        hopefully the men out their in the dating market are doing it. whether it’s giving crap to a girl on tinder or to an old classmate on facebook, it does need to be done or nothing is going to change.


      • btw, any time a guy hears a sloot talking about being “stalked” (which I’m convinced is nearly 100% either a complete fabrication/fantasy or they purposely set it up where they purposely triggers decent guys into panic mode by hooking him on good, free sex and then one day just start ignoring his calls) a good response is a mocking “HAHAHAHA! stalker… right. nobody wants to stalk YOU, except maybe in your dreams. puh-leeze.”

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      • Give ’em what they want, fuck ’em and dump ’em.


    • You should always be with each *young* girl the kind of guy she prefers, plus select for the girl most convenient for yourself.

      A malefic maquiavelic, narcissistic bad guy with each and every girl who loves that.
      And inversely, a great supporting good and nice guy with each girl that prefers such behavior.

      Good girls are obviously the most convenient, so some people in here; yet not as much as in most of our Civ.; have been ignorantly committing injustices which were also awful, costly and extremely disgusting mistakes.

      Also please check a great site,

      bad girls and bad boys follow an ” r ” reproductive strategy; while we, in this forum follow a ” K ” Reproductive strategy with all the implications that haves, in every aspect of not only our lives , but our very selfs.


  3. *exaggerate.

    Damn typos.


  4. on October 4, 2017 at 1:24 pm Diversity Heretic

    In the present market it’s hard to deny that charming jerkboys have the edge. Betas can mimic the attitude via learning game, but I wonder if they can maintain frame indefinitely.

    The only long-term solution is the restoration of patriarchy and making fathers’ attitudes toward women’s potential partners just as, or more, important, than women’s own attitude. And silencing several of the Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse.


  5. on October 4, 2017 at 1:28 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    I remember my older cuz taking me to McDonalds with this girl he was plugging on the side

    we sat there for 40 mins and he was ripping on her the whole time to make me laugh. Calling her ugly and mr. ed and shit

    he told me she blew him after they dropped me off lmao

    fuck buttering up these bitches


  6. […] Does The Chateau Exaggerate The Perils Of Niceguyness? […]


  7. on October 4, 2017 at 1:33 pm Damn Crackers

    If anything you’re too easy on these nice guys. I wish someone would have slapped me in my teens about this information.

    I’m wondering if there ever was a time when Beta males made their women happy. Maybe when a peasant lass was churning her butter while her husband was out in the fields, she just wanted a barbarian to ravish, rape, and take her away.


    • The Chateau is one of the few places that a Beta won’t get constantly shit on, not if he’s trying to change. As to your second point, I really envision a time when women, by and large, were much happier, because the culture didn’t encourage or suffer Betas very well. Imagine a world where men were taught from an early age that they were leaders of women, and then allowed men to discipline wayward wives without fear of divorce rape and possible jail time. I really do think that was the world we had, and women were happier. Women crave dominant men, and back then men were taught, encouraged and enabled to be dominant.

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      • on October 4, 2017 at 4:08 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        When is this time? Settler times (1700-1837)? Victorian/industrial rev’ln era (1837-1910)? I suspect that Anglo Saxon society hit some sort of “sweet spot” where men were encouraged to be alpha in the home and beta in society. Alpha at home meant being the unquestioned leader of the household, the master of the wifé and children, who brought home the bacon, whose word was law and was backe up by force if necessary. No divorce, no “headache tonight.” When he left the house in the morning, he was a beta. He passed other men amicably on the street, he didn’t fear for his personal safety because his fellow men were evolved creatures who realized that forming a social contract, and working together peaceably in pursuit of building a society was in all their interests and far preferable to constant, petty warfare. At work, they strove for the best and dealt with each other earnestly and honestly. And while their day to day conduct might have been beta, the ideal of a man was still a strong, upright, courageous an honourable Christian, who defended God, King, and Empire.

        My rough guess, based on empirical research and accounts from my grandparents, is that society hit this equilibrium in the early 1940s. That, combined with the technology and moral propriety of the time, may have made for a high water mark for our society.


      • In all fairness, I myself was a big beta before swallowing the red pill again, so I presume I’m not the only one. This blog, among others, has become a refuge and a school of thought for those of us who definitely don’t hate women (contrary to what feminism may say), but won’t put up with bullshit.


      • Not bad Protestant what happened was with welfare and hud u have people who chill all day every day and hustle so the guys doing the go work thing can’t compete on time with a chick with the guys who dont so those chicks that need lots of attention can’t get enough if you throw in not keeping her pregnant not good.


      • Look at McDonald’s woman working their asses off and giving up there your wallowing in grease.


      • U want equal make it equal is probably fine not dude gonna go work and then have a woman with no contract to full fill.


      • @ Les

        The best men come from the hardest times. I would have to think those who grew up in the depression and fought in WWII (south pacific) were about at the apex.

        Boomers were shit. They grew up in such easy times (easier than now by the most important metrics) and realized they were never going to be as badass as their parents. Vietnam killed any of the courageous ones in the generation.

        Really anyone before the boomers was probably pretty based. Postwar is when stuff just started exponentially going downhill.

        Look at GHWB vs Mewling Jeb for proof


      • I changed by becoming cold, calculating, and reacting 10x harder to any shit test. On the topic of all these pigeonholes we men are put into ..Beta, Alpha, Nice Guy, all are symptoms of a society where men are competing against one another for a whiff of pussy. The engineer in me has taken over, and now I spend my time skilling up rather than being a replaceable cog in a machine hijacked by the FI. Avoiding and rejecting is far more enjoyable now expired milk women approach me – the same women that 20-30 years ago tickled my lust.


    • Or, alternatively, she wanted her beta husband to kill the barbarian who had come to rape her, which would have caused her to lust for her husband more strongly than for the barbarian. In today’s Western social order, if you’re her beta mate and some alpha dude is making his move on her, chase him away and she should desire you more, especially if you then follow up by putting her down hard verbally (and possibly also physically) for having the impudence to want to stray from you. Spank her.


      • Kind of like when that guy said he was going to fuck somebodies wife at a baseball game, big guy said it to an average to possibly small sized guy.

        Dude broke a bear bottle over the big guys head and “knocked him the fuck out”.

        People forget; on some level the shit test is actually a form of mercy or kindness by a women.

        She’s giving you a chance to convince her she’s wrong about you.


      • That’s type of shit dude begging to get ktfo


      • Dudes saying that shit will always thank you for the attention he he he


  8. I hate to say it, but I’m in such a bad mood half the time that I act like a jerk anyway because I don’t care and can’t be bothered anyway…


    • and that will actually get you more attention.
      When my T levels tanked i got so much attention, i started wearing earbuds, growing my beard, and wearing sunglasses indoors. 🙂 eye opener


  9. Lol apparently all ya got to do is fight for kids any kids and do hunger strike and I’m hungry a bit. Ex ex wouldn’t even let me touch a bag of groceries he he he


  10. on October 4, 2017 at 1:49 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    This also explains why guys with girlfriends have an easier time picking up girls (factoring in pre-selection). When you’re getting laid regularly, you cease to give a f*ck what women think and the entitled jerk in your comes out.

    I wish I knew this in college. I used to naively wonder “Why is it when I have a girlfriend they all seem to come ’round hyuk hyuk.” Well, in retrospect it’s because getting high-quality tail all the time turned me into the smug jerk college girls love. Nothing succeeds like success, esp. with women.

    [CH: that old saying “the hungry dog doesn’t get fed” applies in form-fitting fashion to the secrets of women’s attraction.]


    • Considering how it seems to be a “universal law”.

      Aside from pre-selection; would say that apparently getting “any” tail is good enough to bump up the confidence, regardless of quality.

      Or simply getting laid itself that is doing it.

      Sure you might find other women more attractive than your woman but when you got somebody back home whose going to drain the snake every couple days or so for you.

      The urge kind of drops down a peg or two.

      The need just isn’t there.

      Like that joke about how guys are before and during sex but right after they just couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck anymore.

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      • “Sure you might find other women more attractive than your woman but when you got somebody back home whose going to drain the snake every couple days or so for you.

        The urge kind of drops down a peg or two.”

        very true. when your woman takes good care of you, in and outside the bedroom, you are rarely if ever tempted to stray.


  11. on October 4, 2017 at 1:50 pm Carlos Danger

    One of my all time favorites from 1973. Still sounds very fresh and contemporary. Cool photos of women from when they still looked awesome in Britain and the US.


  12. The irony of all this is, the more successful I become at game, the more I am nauseated by women’s behavior.

    My increased alpha finesse has not left me with contempt for betas, but only pity and guilt.

    I feel pity because I can see betas being drawn and quartered by our perverse society. They are our worker bees, they make this whole machine run smoothly. We have so much to thank these betas for: without them we would be living like shitskins, snacking on termites and walking 10 miles for water.

    And how do they get rewarded for their work, innovation and dedication? They get married to some burnt out corporate slut who advocates to destroy the society that he helped build (via dirt world immigration, libtard politics, etc.).

    And when she gets tired of him? She gets a divorce so she can get more alpha cock and steals half his shit that he accumulated his entire life. Hell, he may be on the hook to pay child support for kids she had WITH A DIFFERENT MAN.

    Fucking hell. I try to warn every beta I can but often times they won’t listen til it’s too late. Women are cheap. They are so freaking cheap and slutty and easy it’s mind boggling to believe.

    Pretty soon our government is gonna have no innovators left. Every guy will be on welfare knocking up random sluts, and the west will be dead.


    • The fact that my comments don’t show up until 10 minutes after I posted them is annoying as shit. Now I have another comment repeating the same thing I said here because I thought this one didn’t go through.


    • A growing society harnesses them, a dying one eats them.

      Anyway I feel you. I look at pretty girls and see the ugly hamsters within. One of the many benefits of the civilization we’ve lost was that it required them to keep their hamsters in their cages.


      • And you don’t need to go all insane-muzzoid to keep it under control.

        All you need is real consequences to actions. The main limitations on promiscuity in the past were: 1) Pregnancy 2) Disease 3) Small population size.

        Now the pill and abortion eliminate risk of pregnancy (even if she carries the kid to term, the government IE white betas subsidize her), she can get a pill for almost any STD (once again, thanks to white and asian betas), and she can go on tinder or live in a megalopolis to get endless, anonymous exposure to alpha dick (once again, thanks to white betas).

        I don’t want to turn back the clock on the pill or STD meds, or even urbanization. But I think its a fucking crime that white men are (via taxes) on the hook to financially support some white slutty single mom’s mulatto kid.

        And I don’t just mean feeding and clothing him. I mean paying for daycare, welfare, unemployment benefits, college (pell grants), EVERYTHING. What a laughable disgrace.

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      • on October 4, 2017 at 5:32 pm Vagina dominator

        @ Libertardian “A growing society harnesses them, a dying one eats them.”

        Very astute observation. Because betas are capital and we are in an era of capital destruction.


      • “A growing society harnesses them, a dying one eats them.”

        Thumbs up x 1000


      • Entertaining to watch from beyond the impact area:


      • A growing society harnesses them, a dying one eats them.

        Ranching of meat cattle yields seven times less calories and protein per dollar of upkeep than dairy farming–which, by the way, is a white, western invention.

        We are slaughtering our dairy cows, and, to make matters worse, are doing it far faster than we can breed them.


    • Kind of on both sides of it myself. On one hand you can get pretty burnt out from seeing the true nature of women.

      On the other hand; the less beta I become the more I can understand their contempt for how pathetic, shallow and weak beta’s really are.


    • I actually like women better the more i understand them. No need for hate or disgust. They are what they are

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    • I guess I don’t actually get more contemptuous towards them per se. I more get annoyed with the fact that the west’s current, highly anomalous level of success has thrown things way out of balance.

      I think there is a corollary to the whole “hard times make great men, etc.” cycle.

      Hard times select for prudes, prudes produce betas, betas produce good times, good times select for whores, whores produce cads, cads make hard times.

      Press repeat

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    • ^^This comment right here is gold^^


    • LeShitlourde: You have perfectly summarized the dilemma facing the modern man. Thank you.


    • Keep going, it does help. Societies that are affluent beyond their ability to remember the bad days always have their women turn towards alphas. In bad days the stable provider shines, the bad boy is shunned precisely because he can’t do what the provider does: provide


  13. A thin, moderately hot young woman from work told me the other day that I looked tired and old. Right out of the blue and in front of a couple co-workers. The way she said it and the snarl on her face were an unpleasant addition to my workload. I looked her up and down slowly and told her I don’t really care what a fat ass thinks of me, and turned my back on her.

    And This chick is pretty slim. The startled look on her face was epic.

    From now on any time a girl says something bitchy to me for no reason I’ll just call her a fat ass, no matter her build. I reckon it’ll make a fat chick sad, a skinny chick mad, and your average chick both. Not that i care, but she’s been a peach ever since.


    • Normally one would ignore these women, for the sake of civility and good manners. But a comment like this deserves a response. Well done. After all, calling a woman fat is like calling a black man nigger. That’s their kryptonite, so exploit it at full power. Oh, and let everyone else hear you. Let them know you’re not dealing with this nonsense.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 5:50 pm Vagina dominator

        “And you could lose a few pounds.”
        “Your teeth are crooked.”
        “You know, one of your eyes is a little higher than the other.”
        “And you have a very masculine jawline”
        “You should do something about that thick hair on your arms.”
        “Maybe a plastic surgeon could help you with those thick ankles.”
        “You know that thing on your face isn’t a beauty spot, it’s a mole.”

        And so on.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 6:16 pm Vagina dominator

        “Nice muffin tops yourself.”
        “How come you got such big pores on your nose?”
        “You kinda got man-hands, don’t you think?”
        “I notice you often have grubby hands. Do you wash them after you’ve been to the toilet?”
        “How many days in a row have you worn that blouse now?” (Whether true or not.)
        “You want me to comment on your breath?”

        A glass house is a very uncomfortable place to live.


      • kneecaps. kneecaps are a rife area to cause emotional distress…

        The Nuclear Bomb… “Your pussy is loose…”


      • Like

    • on October 4, 2017 at 5:46 pm Vagina dominator

      “And you’ve got resting bitch face. What of it?”


    • on October 5, 2017 at 1:38 pm LG Cleric of Trump

      If she was slim, call her a “flat ass” instead.


  14. The more alpha I get, the more I can’t stand women. Now that I see how much of a whore the average woman is, it obliterates my hope of finding an actual relationship. And marriage is laughable at this point. If I want kids I’ll just cohabitate.

    It feels like being drawn and quartered. On one hand, I want to make an actual contribution to society. But women don’t give a shit: hell if I just quit my job and went on welfare and learned a bit of guitar, I could probably bang 5x the women.

    Women like men who are content; content with himself, content of the way things are. Problem is that content men don’t change jack shit. Who needs innovation when your a 10/10 alpha?

    I like betas. Betas do stuff like invent medicines and technology and put men on the moon. I don’t have contempt at all for them. I just wish they were more saavy and wouldn’t fall for stupid scams like marriage.


    • I know this is a repeat comment but the mod crap made me think my previous one didn’t go through. My bad


    • You can’t cohabitate either, they will get you with Common Law.


      • I forgot about that.

        You’re screwed no matter what I guess.


      • In Ohio no common why I do kind of like it here


      • on October 4, 2017 at 6:09 pm Vagina dominator

        Relax. There will soon be no law. Anyone with resources can have as many kids and bitches as he can feed and protect.

        You think there is going to be family courts and liens on salary and wages or police enforcing Apprehended Violence Orders or any of that shit?

        Here is reality: All pensions are drastically underfunded > already paying out more than is coming in and this is constantly accelerating > pensions must be either cut back or be paid for by the Feds with increasingly worthless dollars > boomers don’t like eating cat food > boomers and pension funds sell assets for payouts/redemptions/expenses > stocks and housing deflate > pensions are then even more underfunded as they rely on high stock prices > cycle speeds up > historically unprecedented deflationary spiral or hyperinflation or both > dollars massively devalued > country impoverished > end of effective government across most of the country. End of the gibsmedat culture.

        Finally, “freedom”, for those who can handle it.

        In such an environment, bitches will be looking for a “stable” man, i.e., a man as hard and tough and pitiless as granite.

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    • The problem is; if a beta didn’t fall for a stupid scam like marriage…..what would he do?

      Become a burn out? Spree killer?

      ZFG alpha wolf predator with no hint of compassion or remorse?

      Or just become an autistic sperg of a coward who has no motivation to interact with others or achieve anymore?


    • “The more alpha I get, the more I can’t stand women. Now that I see how much of a whore the average woman is, it obliterates my hope of finding an actual relationship. And marriage is laughable at this point. If I want kids I’ll just cohabitate.”

      I have the exact same attitude as you do.


  15. The enigma is Mothers try to turn their sons into nice guys. Ostensibly, this should be an evolutionarily punishing strategy- nice guys don’t get laid. Its actually a defensible instinct – a nice guy son will probably net her a couple grandkids. Whereas an asshole alpha son is more variable. Maybe he has 5 kids. Maybe he gets in a motorcycle accident and has zero. Women aren’t gamblers. They want to pass on that mtDNA so they play the straight and narrow.

    What they really don’t understand, and what really grinds the gears of men is how increasingly shitty of a deal this is for the son. It used to be “don’t explore the new worlds searching for Gold and a harem. Mind this plot of land and marry this local girl.” She wouldn’t be a super babe but she’d be 20yo, 110 lbs, and a virgin. Okay, compared to a 50% chance of drowning or getting scurvy that aint fucking bad. But now the deal is, “get an accounting degree and marry a 28 yo, 140 lbs, fucked 10 guys all taller than you, and deal with it”. Facing this option, jumping on a wooden ship with a 50% chance of death, 50% chance of being a conquistador ends up not looking so fucking bad. The calculations of mother and son are increasingly at odds. You want to fuck 100 girls because there’s none you’d settle down with. Your mom doesn’t give a shit – she wants her 2.3 grandkids. She doesn’t care if you’re stuck with a fat chick or a slut.

    A lot of guys around here probably had decent relationships with their moms. I did. But if you think back to your teen years I’ll bet these conflicting goals of mother-son were at play. Her trying to betatize you for her own ends, her hypocrisy wafting over you (you knew she fucked alpha males before your dad), and then worst of all if you had a beta dad who teamed up with her. And in typically boomer fashion the only thing that keeps you from getting the hell away from them is they have money and you don’t. I have a better relationship with my parents than probably 90% of people and I couldn’t wait to get away to college.


  16. Since the timing is terrible, I’ll pour salt into the wound. There’s a story around about the Las Vegas incident about 2 dudes who were saving a 21 year old hottie who’d been shot. All total strangers

    Bro #1 lives, Bro #2 catches a bullet. Hottie still in the hospital. Story is about the girl.

    Bro #2 has 2 lines, max.

    Now valor, I get. Saving people with connections, I get. Taking a bullet for a random girl in a terminal White Knight move? No, don’t get that. I stopped helping random women years ago when I redpilled.

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    • on October 4, 2017 at 6:31 pm Vagina dominator

      Two incidents:

      1. Going to work in near-CBD Sydney, near the very busy Railway Square. I am crossing the highway and get to the median strip. Blond comes running out of an alley screaming, “he is going to kill me”. Pursued by a tall, sketchy-looking young guy all in black. He catches her arm. I finish crossing road, tell him “unhand her sir” and he turns on me. There is a ditch behind him (gas works or something) about 5 or 6 feet deep. I push him into it. This makes him angry. He climbs out and says “I am going to break your jaw” then swings and in fact does hit me on the jaw but I ride it off (I learnt a lesson that day about properly finishing what I start) and grab him and wrap him up. I realize he is a junkie and i am concerned about needlestick injuries.

      I know the cop shop is 30 meters around the corner. Dozens of people pass and no one will go get cops for me (I look a respectable as hell and other guy does not). Blond girl is now screaming at me to let him go. Two huge fucking, armed and radioed railway police are standing also 30 metres away, watching all this and doing nothing.

      Fuck it, I let him go.

      2. I am walking down Glebe Point Road in Sydney – this is shitlib, goodthink central. Woman walking my way, purse on her sholder. Two abo kinds – 12 to 14 years old – swoop on her and one grabs her purse and takes off coming my way. I shoulder block him into the wall and hold him.

      Woman comes up, “Thank you thankyou thankyou.” Gets her purse. I say “Okay, the cop shop is just there. Could you call them?”

      “Oh no, I don’t want to do that. These kids have a very rough life.”

      I let the kid go. One day they’ll break into her house and kill her, if there is anything to all of this karma bullshit.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 7:15 pm Belle Igerent

        Story 1. See a gypsy slap his woman at 7am. Eyes roll back like John Milton , and giddy exultation dissipates into frighteningly serene calm,, while all the morning commuters scramble for their lances.

        2. Pub brawl breaks out, everyone’s swinging and there’s a minor stab wound sustained by a compadre. Another is surrounded by 3 large women who fancy their chances . He shrugs and proceeds to lay them out. A John Milton-esque ecstatic reverie descends .

        3. Mouldy locks


      • >Abos
        I know exactly what you mean.


    • You might be on to something. Most stories I keep hearing about the shootings involve women. Either they saved someone or they got saved by someone. You don’t hear much about men.


  17. on October 4, 2017 at 4:45 pm Brad Matthews

    After you’re fit, wealthy, and successful, bestow benevolence. People never forget unexpected goodwill from the powerful. But general niceguyness, never.


  18. haha, when I was younger I was mean to a girl I wanted to break up with and it made her into a sex crazed stalker. Kinda funny how you get the opposite effect.

    “Don’t have guts to break up…I know, let’s be mean, that’ll work”

    “meets girl I like, I know, let’s treat her super nice, that’ll work”


    • on October 4, 2017 at 6:14 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      when i was younger i was trapped in a relationship with a BPD girl because I really didn’t know wtf she going to do if i broke it off.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 6:17 pm Muerte aka Luciano

        like murder-suicide shit

        i was scared of this bitch


      • on October 4, 2017 at 6:36 pm Vagina dominator

        Taking responsibility for other people is one of the great traps men must avoid.

        Women test for that white knight personality factor very early after meeting you, to see how usable you are. And once you get into that relationship, it takes a real effort of will to free yourself of her dependency and of your dependency on her dependency.

        All of these relationships are two-way. We can bitch about them, but we are still cooperating in them. It can’t happen if we don’t allow it.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 7:28 pm Belle Igerent

        it’s quite possible that’s to do with molecules of one being active in the other. Genetic material, cells, etc. The whole telegony argument whereby women are getting dedperate Dan jawlines via absorbing the virile spermatazoa of a host of devil may care chads .. well, it’s likely a two way street to some extent, and the vaginal run-off that men are imbibing affects their physiological/emotional disposition too.


      • back then girls needed warning labels. Now they dye their hair gray and molest their pictures with cat whiskers n’ shit to let you know they cray.

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    • in reference to girls acting crazy and stalking after heartbreak…

      there’s this quote from dustin hoffman that makes you think

      “a woman will pour hot wax on her vagina and rip it off just so you’ll like her and you’re surprised when she acts crazy?”


  19. My Little Pony: The Movie (horribly God-awful insipid and testicle-shrinking, if not SJW fodder) comes out on Friday… Just say NO! Take another Red Pill to be safe!


    • most chads mock the movie because of bronies. But I read gavin McG who said it’s a good learning lesson, unintended, for the spergies who need the apparent lessons in humanity the cartoon provides.


  20. I think legalizing prostitution would solve most if not all of the problems in the current sexual marketplace, especially the ones facing beta males. If beta men could just pay for sex with attractive young women it would correct the supply/demand imbalance between men and women. Women would no longer harbor such a grossly exaggerated valuation of themselves and would be more far more inclined to treat men in general, and even beta men better. Men’s tolerance for shit tests would fall to near zero, and there would consequently be a lot less of them.

    Decoupling Game and sex would probably result in a world where everybody was a lot nicer to everyone else. There would most likely increase overall happiness, possibly drastically.

    Of course feminists are militantly opposed to this as they are not in favor of increasing overall happiness, but rather increasing women’s happiness relative to men.


  21. What is jerkboyish about ““We’re trying to get in the fucking car, unlock it.””?

    [CH: how many beta males do you know? betas never talk this way with their women. just the thought of sternly rebuking a girl gives them the hives.]