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Bonus TOTW:

Haha, best Twatterer ever.

But…..still doesn’t make up for this glibly dumb tweet by our President:

Mass immigration of peasants lowers the wages of working class Americans. Mass immigration of code monkeys lowers the wages of white collar Americans. Both types of immigration ruin the aesthetics of America and fray the social contract.

America has plenty of smart, talented people who can be trained and educated for high skill jobs, AT A DECENT WAGE. But of course the oligarchs would rather import their skilled workers on the cheap from countries that aren’t exactly known for having values and ideals in line with American values and ideals.

If Trump wants to win over some of the Berniebros-slash-AOCsoys saddled with college debt and no high wage prospects, he had better turn hard against H-1Bs. This comment by him is just silly and wrongheaded, not to mention at odds with what he has previously said on the subject:

From a reader,

You have understand Trump’s a boomer. He knows what boomers know. So we have to tell him these things. Give him the truth and he seems to act on it.

Ann Coulter almost single-handedly got Trump to back down from signing the original spending bill that had no funding for the Wall, and it cost her Trump’s following on Twatter. But it worked.


  1. on January 13, 2019 at 9:25 pm Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “You have understand Trump’s a boomer. He knows what boomers know. So we have to tell him these things. Give him the truth and he seems to act on it.”

    Well, since he’s a Boomer, and we have to tell them these things: WE LOVE YOU G0D EMPEROR!!!!!

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  2. cold af


  3. Arrgghh! Code monkeys. Tricky that. But these people will at least not rely on welfare. As to competition, yes it probably depresses wages in the relevnat areas. I was once, several decades ago, offered a job by, as it turned out,
    a guy who ran a code-sweatshop in California, staffed with Polish programmers. And the salary he offered me was about 40% of the going rate for comparable work.

    OTOH, if H1B gets cut back, many of the jobs will go to code monkeys who remain in India, Russia, Poland etc.

    This is not cut and dry.

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  4. Once again the Beloved God Emperior has proven to be worth more than double his weight in gold. Those tweets are priceless. The ‘Amazon Washington Post’ sums them (Wapo) up perfectly.
    As far as far the last tweet that you’ve posted CH ( regarding H1 visa’s). I think it needs to be viewed in the context of the previous tweets. In that it may be a sucker punch to the oligarchs. A kind of Sun Tzu move a la ‘subdue your enemy without fighting’ Allow them to believe they have the upper hand, when they really don’t. (Hopefully I’m not reading to much into this). Potus doesn’t seem to be the kind to do policy flips especially on ‘Gold Ticket’ policy items such as migration. He does however seem to be good at the ‘Chinese finger trap’ type of move. Perhaps this is one of those occasions. Keep doing what your doing Potus you have fans all over the world. Who would’ve thought a Billionaire Propery developer would care so much about ordinary people.


    • Really? I mean the tweets are funny but ultimately what have they accomplished? I want heads on spikes, not jokes.


  5. /pol/ had an insight (I know):

    The H1B statement by Trump isn’t necessarily the wrong direction.

    “Talented and highly skilled” could easily mean a return to the “point system” of immigration, meaning all the poo-in-loos getting here by fraud and nepotism are out, all of the smart and skilled whites from Europe are in. Clearly, the brownies aren’t “talented and highly skilled,” so this could be a dog-whistle for harsher laws against non-whites, couched in rhetorical jargon that will slip by “under the radar,” so to speak, until the hammer blow falls and it’s too late for the screeching harpies to do anything about it.

    “Simplicity and certainty to your stay” translate to “simply put, you’re brown, you don’t belong here, and it’s a certainty that you won’t be staying.”

    Food for thought.


    • I thought along these lines too. The wording is ambiguous enough to include a positive outcome.


    • Set up your system so that you only allow as many immigrants from a country as emigrants from the US to that country.

      It will

      a) keep the population stable thus no class warfare over increasing labour supply and decreasing wages,

      b) lock out third world countries from immigration as no US citizen will want to emigrate there, and

      c) can be argued to be ostensibly fair as every country is treated equally.

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    • Sounds like treason to me. The H1-B in the dot com boom/bust was a kill shot to my financial means. Trump is out for Trump. The labor participation rate has flat lined not improved. I’m still fucked. The line is not flat for white men. He knows the system better than anyone and articulated what flyover wanted to hear. Much ado about nothing and the cucks are back in the Overton, but finally the white Bible squatters are warming up to civil war. It is lately expressed obliquely but explicitly and openly on talk radio in some parts. Make White Men Dangerous Again.


    • And where will faceborg, twatter, and goggle, be without an endless supply of cheap coders? Perhaps TGE has a plan to reign in his tech. Giant. Opposition before the 2020 festival
      And really, if these “giants” evaporated overnight from lack of technical support what would be the actual impact on heritage America?


  6. I really fear Trump is going to give up something huge to get Wall funding. Something that will ultimately give the Democrats more than we will get.

    It baffles me that the Democrats are too stupid to just rubber stamp the wall money and blow all 5 billion on endless environmental and engineering studies for the next two decades without putting a single panel up. If I’ve thought of that then any of them could have. Are stupid black women really running the show over there Now?

    I’m really concerned they are going to get a fatal concession on firearms out of Trump. It’s probably his weakest ideological issue.


    • He already signed a ban on bump stocks, so no need to worry about that! The G0d Emp3ror to the rescue!


    • Yes, I’m half-expecting him to endorse some form of Feinstein’s semi-auto ban.

      Probably not, But with the direction politics and demographics are taking, such a ban is a matter of “when,” not “if.”


  7. Sometimes politicians lie to get what they want. The key is to keep his motives honest with carrot and stick.


  8. Could the recruitment of “talented and skilled” vibrants (and not the current giant tidal wave of the entire planet’s subnormal excrement) be a ploy much like the one favoured by the top leagues in “soccer”?
    e.g. Real Madrid buys up all the decent strikers for a king’s ransom and promptly parks them on the bench, for the duration of their gold-plated “careers”.
    By this method, lower teams get locked out of the big money .. forever.

    And in the same way, America could skin the H1barely-competent and above from other nations’ tech and industry, keeping them at their current level of barbarism in perpetuity. Who cares what they do when they’re here, just give them something harmless to do, like harassing the indigenous middle class via social media.


  9. I’m absolutely sick of the media constantly asking and worrying about immigrants rights.

    To hell with them, They deserve No rights. They are foreign nationals. They can fucking go home! None of them have the right to enter the US… None should get asylum. All will vote Dems if they get naturalized. Sick of it.

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    • What if these ILLEGALS happened to be Russian nationals? The Left would tell them to get the fuck out! Trump would never be allowed to grant them citizenship because the dems are all for Nonwhite Migrants to come in and help them seize permanent power.

      I’m still pissed trump gave the dems a DACA deal a while ago. He better not do it again. But since he did give them DACA a while back (which Ann Coulter ripped him for), they owe him the wall.

      The dems are hoping he caves because during the 2020 campaign they can attack him for failing to Build a legit Wall.

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  10. on January 14, 2019 at 9:59 am Corinth Arkadin

    Reading the tweets above, it’s evident that Trump reads CH, if there was any hint of doubt.


  11. H1bs hate Trump 100% and probably want him dead

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  12. on January 14, 2019 at 10:59 am gunslingergregi

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  13. Look, sometimes some schadenfreude is good medicine. This dork Bozo having his sexts leaked, his lawyer’s narrative so blatantly false – is just too funny. Great stuff, but really, the guy is acting like he looks: clownish. This loose woman will be the poster child for ‘female hypergamy’ – what used to be known as ‘gold digging’. She is the pinnacle – and in her quest to clamp her self around, er, nail, uh, ‘romance’ her way to the richest mark ever – she may also create the richest woman in human history.

    As long as riches are measured only in wealth. Like for Bozo.


  14. on January 14, 2019 at 3:51 pm Buck Turgidson

    We dont need any more immigration–skilled low-skilled unskilled or high-skilled. These terms are meaningless bs. We are at 335m ppl and are on our to a .5 billion overcrowded 3rd world s’hole unless it is stopped. We have plenty of ppl to do all necessary work and the imports just drag down wages. Immigration moratorium now.


  15. Like

  16. How can it be that the people that invented medicine (and continue to lead all medical technological advances) are now allegedly no longer able to generate a sufficient number of doctors to keep their populations healthy?

    How can it be that the people who invented the computer, and computer programming languages, and founded all of the titanic companies in that industry, are now allegedly no longer able to generate a sufficient number of computer programmers?

    How can it be that the people that founded the world’s largest and greatest corporations, that have enriched mankind by bringing technological advances into everyday human existence, and that were at the forefront of management theory, are now allegedly no longer able to manage those companies or to found new ones?

    Even more amazingly, how can it be that the people that did all of these amazing works are no longer able to generate the ranks of educators and professors able to propagate the requisite knowledge?

    If there is an over abundance of high quality doctors in the third world, would not the level of healthcare and life expectancy in the third world match that in the western world? And if there is no such over abundance / healthcare and life expectancy in the third world does not match that in the western world, is it not profoundly immoral for the western world to seek to fulfill a shortcoming in its own society caused by its own social illnesses by relieving the poorest countries in the world of the very talented people that are most needed there and in whose education they have invested their most precious resources?

    A similar case could be made relating to computer programmers and industrial technicians and engineers. If there is an over abundance of high quality technicians in the the third world, would not the third world be at the forefront of technological development? And again, if there is a shortage, is it not profoundly immoral to relieve the poorest countries in the world of the very talented people most needed there because of shortages driven by social illnesses in the west?