The Rejected Woman

From Jay, a field report demonstrating the power of female preselection.

I once saw a beautiful woman turn from flashing a gorgeous, sexy smile at a friend-zoned guy she knew had been in love with her to falling to pieces, her voice wobbling and the colour draining from her face, when she realised the stunning girl standing behind him was actually his new girlfriend.

I am talking total loss of composure, her frame shattered… she even said – and I quote her verbatim – “my life is up in the air now”.

The guy went on to marry the stunner and the fallen-to-bits girl went on to marry another man, but she happened to be in a supermarket with her new husband when she saw the friendzoned guy and his stunner wife there too. And her reaction? She started to kiss the face off her husband in front of the other couple.

Strange creatures, are women.

This isn’t so strange once you learn what makes women tick.

First, women know the score, their “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” platitudes to the contrary notwithstanding. Women know that their coin of the realm is their youthnbeauty. They know it consciously, they know it instinctually, and they know it soulfully. That’s why they have rationalization hamsters to spin away all that ego-crushing knowing.

So when a cocktease LJBF queen sees her beta orbiter in the arms of a hotter woman, she realizes on a primal level that she has been bested, and that perhaps she fucked up by not upgrading the former beta orbiter to an alpha reentry.

Second, the LJBF queen’s egregious public display of affection for her obviously second-rate husband whom she settled for in a fit of desperation is a common reaction among women when they bump into the lost but not forgotten alpha male of their dreams while out with their beta boy. The stark contrast in her feelings for the two men which is triggered by the impromptu meeting impels the woman to slobber over her beta hubby because, one, it assuages her guilt for desiring another man; two, it advertises (falsely, in the bravado) domestic tranquility and no regrets; three, it attempts to assure the other woman that LJBF girl does not covet her husband (which is a form of female neg); four, it conveys to the alpha male that she is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with her own man to spare her ego and prevent the alpha from enjoying “hand”; five, it deludes her to imagine she really didn’t lose anything by choosing her current beau over the former beta orbiter-turned-alpha with the hotter wife (“If I’m hungrily kissing him, he must be the best I can get”); and, six, it is a subconscious manifestation of her mate filtering urge to provoke jealousy in a higher value man and give her the external validation she craves that she is still sexy and desired by him.

All of these motivations occur at lightning-speed pace, as her synapses are firing off recklessly trying to make sense of the moment and of her suddenly activated libido. She’s not aware of the hindbrain processes at work in the background, but she doesn’t need to be for that ol’ Darwinian imprint to whirr and buzz to life as it works under the strain of achieving the goal of minimizing the assault on her SMV and maximizing the stroking of her ego.

FYI, this is related to the peculiar phenomenon of pre-finality sex, in which a woman about to dump a man will have bed frame-shattering sex with him the night before she lowers the boom. Enjoying one last bout of familiarity fornication is her way of finding “closure” and moving on without wondering if she made the wrong decision.


  1. Sic transit gloria mundi. But slobbering over her new beau is an obvious case of trying too hard. Obvious to the old BF, not sure about the new beau.


  2. Their view of their own SMV enters asset bubble territory because of Male thirst and desperation.

    She was using the orbiter ( I’m not sure he necessarily was Beta) as a trailing backstop while she tried to get a better one. Any subsequently acquired ‘better one’ would then be placed in orbit as the new de facto standard now to be beaten.

    Oblivious is she to the reality that her SMV is plunging in reality, she continues to demand a higher and higher price for a devaluing asset.

    When the backstop was taken out from under her she was forced to trade at the reality of her own SMV in a manic equivalent to a market sell off.

    She had her chance and she blew it.

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    • on February 6, 2019 at 2:22 am | Reply Tatless & Beardless

      This girl was most likely 8-ish which is the worst number and probably suffering from alpha widowhood and unable to get that experience again; I avoid these women like the plague. I’ve dated them, and I’m just another bloke, so it would be madness to formally shack up with one of these. 9s and 10s know there is hardly better and are happy, most 6s and some 7s just have to be content with their lot and are lucky if they meet a nicer alpha first time round.


    • nothing says you’re alpha like being with a hot chick.

      one of the hottest chicks i had, we were at a restaurant in belize and the hot af waitress sits down with us…this girl was in love with my girl at first sight. she was like “how did you get her, what do you have that got a girl like this??!?” these were earnest questions. I’m not even sure this waitress was really all that gay, my girl was just fucking stunning

      sadly, i was more focused on sleep and that we needed to fly out the next day (plus didn’t know if my girl was down) otherwise i’d have said “why don’t you come back to our hotel with us and find out?”

      the OP’s girl thought he was beta, had him in that category, then got whacked in the fuckin face with a 2×4 of a hotter girl. This is one way to get out of the friendzone or betaville. Another is to whip someone’s ass in front of her.

      was it on here or ZH where we were talking about that pajeet .roach with the gold shirt and some guy mentions his wife sees the pic of the dude on the article and says “ewww” or something then he says to her that shirt is made of solid gold and she responds after a second, “you know, he’s actually not half bad…” [email protected]


      • The best thing a human can be is a hot chick. The worst thing – a formerly hot chick. The soul gets Hiroshima’d when she realizes that no man has ever cared what came out of her mouth, only what went in.

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      • Trav is on point. I have had this happen on more than one occasion. The most recent one the girl I was with is NOT about the lesbo action (sadly) and the girl was drunk and pawing at her totally DTF if I asked them both to do so.

        Happened in the past with my Paris Hilton knockoff because she was like 6 feet tall with even modest shoes on an just drew a LOT of attention. She was also an attention whore to boot so that just made it worse. This had negative effects too because yeah, hot chicks would orbit me and her, but thirsty dudes would too and she was a “let’s you & him fight” type of bitch. So gotta watch out for that 2nd part when you are carrying a trophy around on your arm.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:33 am John Joel Glanton


        “That type” is every pretty lady. Look at the painting “Struggle for Woman” by Franz Stuck. Every hot girl will continually test your balls against every man she can.

        In the immortal words of Judge Holden:

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:34 am John Joel Glanton

        Pretty sure it only stops after you whack someone.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:40 am John Joel Glanton

        Like the song “Locked in the Trunk of a Car” by Tragically Hip

        Like it or not, that’s how you make a hot girl stay loyal


      • i’ve been fortunate; the hot chicks i’ve had have never been about other dudes in the LEAST. They’re always trying to back ME down when some dude gets out of line wrt them. Like calm down travis. I suppose they’re used to attention or something. My MO is that i get the chicks that every guy wants but those girls want me. Doesn’t end up well in the long run bc every bitch got her own set of problems.

        And when your girl is hot you have to understand that she’s gonna attract attention…just ignore it. If she seeks the attention out, walk tf out of wherever you are and leave her there.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 1:46 pm John Joel Glanton

        Damn I need to find a woman like that


    • on February 6, 2019 at 8:52 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “She had her chance and she blew it.”

      You are the prize.

      Not she.


      Learn it. Live it. Be it.

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    • “Their view of their own SMV enters asset bubble territory because of Male thirst and desperation.”

      When that bubble bursts (due to s3xb0ts, c1v1ilizational c0llapse, etc.) it’ll be audible from space.


      • I’ve got this theory on sexbots and everyone thinks I’m mad.

        Basically I think men are wired to duck whatever looks hot regardless of “personality”, if the visual cues are there to indicate good reproductive stick them men want to bang it.

        Different men have slightly different tastes but with a sexbot you can build your own.

        Add to that the perfect orifices that suck on demand exactly how you like it for as long as you like it and you can well imagine that a lot of men will opt for it in preference to the warpigs that is the reality of their real life options.

        Now look at social media and consider that the bulk of the endorphine hitting ego inflation the thots are getting from “likes” etc.. are supplied by beta herbs and you can well see that if these herbs changed their habits and walked away from social media there would be a lot of meltdowns.

        And it will happen overnight when the ZX81 of the sexbot lands on the shelves.


    • This interpretation makes the most sense to me.

      Women keep tabs on the men who are crushing on them and keep them in a sort of rank.

      She was intending to make herself available to that man, and possibly fairly soon, but he blew up her plan by getting a younger, hotter woman. That’s why she was saying her life was all “up in the air” now — she now had to search for her second- or third-ranked orbiter and try to get him back on her hooks.

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      • @vfm#7634

        She was using the “security” of his “investment” as a backstop. I actually think he was a desireable man because he got with a hot woman and the thot felt the loss.

        It was more than the loss of an orbiter, it was the loss of an entire security system that was enabling her to go out looking for “bigger and better”.

        Once that security was removed she folded like cheap lawn furniture and consolidated on the first thing she could get hold of.

        Had she found “bigger and better” then HE would then have replaced the previous guy as the security back stop and she would have spun the wheel again.

        We don’t know how many times she had already spun that wheel to get to the place she did, but if you keep bluffing the house you go bust eventually.

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    • It’s a bit disturbing that women think of men with crushes on them as beer or liquor brewing in a cellar that has to mature until it can be enjoyed — or discarded if it’s bad or second-rate — but it is what it is, I s’pose.

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      • No she’s not thinking it will mature, she’s thinking she can leave it there and it will always be there while she looks for something better.

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  3. This often happens when young women over-estimate their SMV, and hold out for the perfect 10, not realizing that two things are going on. One, their SMV is dropping as they age and two, other perfectly fine matches for them are being scooped up by rival girls, thereby reducing the number of available men of equitable SMV.

    Gather ye rosebuds, indeed.

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  4. Sort of OT, but has anyone ever noticed that super lefties often have asymmetrical eyes, with the left one squinty compared to the right?

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  5. I’ve always said the only way to get out of the friendzone is to get with a hotter chick, and let the LJBF chick see it


  6. “So when a cocktease LJBF queen sees her beta orbiter in the arms of a hotter woman, she realizes on a primal level that she has been bested, and that perhaps she fucked up by not upgrading the former beta orbiter to an alpha reentry.

    Second, the LJBF queen’s egregious public display of affection for her obviously second-rate husband whom she settled for in a fit of desperation is a common reaction among women when they bump into the lost but not forgotten alpha male of their dreams while out with their beta boy. The stark contrast in her feelings for the two men which is triggered by the impromptu meeting impels the woman to slobber over her beta hubby because, one, it assuages her guilt for desiring another man; two, it advertises (falsely, in the bravado) domestic tranquility and no regrets; three, it attempts to assure the other woman that LJBF girl does not covet her husband (which is a form of female neg); four, it conveys to the alpha male that she is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with her own man to spare her ego and prevent the alpha from enjoying “hand”; five, it deludes her to imagine she really didn’t lose anything by choosing her current beau over the former beta orbiter-turned-alpha with the hotter wife (“If I’m hungrily kissing him, he must be the best I can get”); and, six, it is a subconscious manifestation of her mate filtering urge to provoke jealousy in a higher value man and give her the external validation she craves that she is still sexy and desired by him.”

    Meanwhile, he’s thinking, “what kind of sandwich am I going to eat later?”

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  7. Jesus, if this is the endgame slough I have to navigate to “enjoy” the company of women, I’ll gladly take the loneliness company of the brotherhood and following of a “lord” mentioned in a previous post. Just saying.

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    • No one ever said it would be easy.

      Tech does present some unique hurdles as far as the way it distances and distracts women. It can be a pain to cut through, but trust me brother, it’s worth it. And no, you don’t have to go out and bed a new woman each night to reap the benefits, psychological or otherwise.

      Sure… some of the women out there are so scared and directionless that they’re now lashing out… but of course they are, women don’t form tribes like men do. She’s lucky if she has even one friend to talk to, even luckier if that friend is aware enough to be of any help to her.

      There are still sweet feminine women out there under the battle c|_|nt exterior.. it just takes a steady hand to get to it. As women become less and less sure of themselves and their direction in life, their negative behavior like this will increase, but don’t take it personally.


      • “There are still sweet feminine women out there under the battle c|_|nt exterior.. it just takes a steady hand to get to it…”

        aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand taking their rights away. #repealthe19th


    • I hear you. Fuck ’em. Metaphorically.


    • It was always difficult waters to navigate, but even more so in these trying times, when the waters have been mined with feminism, and the banks are lined with the “other”.


    • why man? just don’t give a shit what they do…there are more coming

      so i got told jjbf by a few chicks in a row…wgaf? i already banged them. maybe they didn’t like my political or racist shit i was saying…think i gaf? I wouldn’t want them around if they’re not on board with this crap.

      this girl i just met the previous night for a kickboxing class…i could see it in her eyes, texted her after class hey how did you like the class, good work tonight. she says oh i was horrible i say i’ve seen worse. I remind her she (actually) lives on loveless lane, she says oh ima become an old maid. I say well if it looks like that is gonna happen call me…my place needs cleaning and it’s hard to find good maids.

      eventually she says “yes sir,” I’m like “I’m sir now?” She says, shit you not, “the preferred term is daddy.” ok so I’m smashin this soon.

      next day “wanna come over” I say and boom in a snowstorm she shows up…RWD car. drove 40 or 45 mins. Got a bj while i was on a conference call. lol. got into the weeds about niggers and trump and whatever…she goes back home and later it’s like LJBF. LOL…do you think i care? NEXT. I got off the call and promptly fucked the hell out of her.

      Took a hot brazilian exhibitionist type chick out this weekend, she’s adamant about no sex on first date bc i guess she got fucked n’ chucked too much or something. Did I care? Nope…restaurant, few drinks, club, few more…back to my place, naked in a jiffy. Today “well i’m not sure i wanna hang out again.” Ok…Ciao. NEXT. I nearly threw her out of the fucking car coming home from the club bc she was going against Trump and for Shitlery when I was patently clear i voted for Cheeto 1 despite his being a monumental dick bc he was gonna end the immoral wars that kill millions. I said if you’re on board with this pro war shit, then get out right here and now.

      I tolerate women bc they have pussies. And I like to fuck those. Occasionally I’ll find a woman attached to one who I can stomach for more than a couple of date-bangs. In the meantime, fuck it WHO CARES.


  8. Happened to me once. My wife was about to give birth and in the maternity worked a doctor who had been my high school platonic love. Of course she LJBF hard back then, she was gorgeous and witty, at least 3 points above me. Ten years later and everything changed 180. I think desperation is the right word, as she was single, childless and approaching 30. She openly flirted with me in front of my wife, a lot of kino, she even asked my wife for my number so she “could take me out for a drink to ease my stress” (no FB then). My wife gave her a wrong number but that didn’t stop her. She shit tested me hard every time we met in that clinic and I passed all her tests, not because I knew back then what I know now but simply because the situation was so comical that I couldn’t help delivering all my careless lines with a grin. After all, my baby was about to be born and I didn’t have time for her stupid crap.

    Fast forward another ten years and we met at a party. Later found out that she invited herself there just to meet me. She comes straight to me she starts telling me that she has not one but two children. By that time she had hit the wall so hard that I barely recognized her. Married to some fat slob. All coyness in her eyes replaced by a tint of crazy. Looked at her wondering where the girl I once loved so much disappeared. Then I stood up and went to the other side of the room without saying a word. I never saw her again.

    Strange creatures are women. Glad I found you all here.

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    • That’s a great post. Sad really but thanks for sharing.
      I can never read enough field reports.


    • Heh. That reminds me of a couple exs I looked up on FB. One was a latina with a smokin hot bod. Dumped me. Years later she looks like an aztec warrior, all of the feminine beauty was gone. The other was chinee with that youthful lust that women are blessed with; later she looked like the standard yellow barrel-bodied drone. In both cases I learned (pre-RP) something about how beautiful wypipo really are.


  9. on February 6, 2019 at 1:20 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Yea that actually happened to ex when She realized who im gonna have kids with
    The collosal fuckup
    Think bitch tried kill me over it give her props i guess


    • on February 6, 2019 at 1:28 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      The chick that slept There two days on suicide watch kept coming house in tears after i came back from wifes with ex ex there


    • on February 6, 2019 at 1:31 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Ex said She had two more years to party at 23 then still partying at 26 Going on 27 went against her own rule
      She knew the game


      • on February 6, 2019 at 6:39 am John Joel Glanton


        What does partying mean

        Aka getting reamed by jocks every weekend

        Cross that one off the marriage list


      • on February 6, 2019 at 6:40 am John Joel Glanton

        Apparently “party phase” is like a normal acceptable thing now, like buggery

        I don’t agree


      • Had one reach out to me later in life; I met her when she was “living the California lifestyle”. Didn’t know what she meant at first, but found out it meant she wanted to party like a pr0nstar during her twennies before settling down. Turned into a landwhale, almost didn’t recognize her. Some women hit the wall so hard they become different people.


  10. Women can never admit they are wrong, especially to themselves. Hence, the instant hamster-induced actions in the above scenario.

    Good for beta man for moving on; too many gammas pine and tip the fedora in these thirsty times, m’lady.

    Let’s hope he actually did move on and isn’t secretly pining for the LJBF girl. I would bet dollars to donuts that LJBF girl afterward sent him a Facebook message/text not long after wards complimenting him on his girl and saying they should hang out, just to double check him and see if she can’t regain hand over him.

    And shame on him if he responds.


  11. on February 6, 2019 at 1:53 am | Reply Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

    Same thing happened to me once. We were at a dance in town when I ran into an old flame named Betty. She saw me with my new gal and I swore I could see steam coming out of Betty’s ears. She grabbed a guy from the crowd and they started dancing. I wasn’t jealous but they did a mean Charleston.


  12. on February 6, 2019 at 1:56 am | Reply Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

    What’s this Mod horse-puckey?


  13. on February 6, 2019 at 2:22 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Don’t be mad Amerika my new rejected bitch lol
    Guess don’t have to be eiither or
    Went to ocean
    Bunch of boats that catch fish with Nets
    100 or so all dudes
    Not one chick cept me and wife
    Dudes cool as fuck thought i was in pirate movie
    Tried to get US our on water
    Apparently being willing to riak life out on water job equals Zero bitches which again equals Zero equality
    Zfg was highly evident dudes running on boats in underwear lol
    Diding these Giant fucking Nets
    I was throwing jokes making em laugh
    Went to buy fish just came off boat
    Got 3 we eating the heck out of two now
    Have one to taxi driver cool as fuck base price to get There he had no problem hanging however long showing US places stopped on way back got wife flowers
    Then get to hotel ask the dude at resteeaunt to cook the fish for US he does it for 8 Bucks
    Told him i loves him lol and this hotel
    What place gonna cook fish u bring
    Ownage factory 909


    • I’m making a song out of this. I’ll pay royalties.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 7:03 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      So my wife gets me to go barber and share
      Holy shit
      Still got gotee
      She wants itu gone saya i look old
      The dude takes before picture so he can take after picture
      Like im a celebrity lol
      Man cute the hair shaves to skin
      My wife like yea the gotee im like
      Its like my buddy rofl wtf
      Then im like fuck it do it
      Dude all proud and shit taking pics from
      Different angeles-
      Im shaking his hand he having my wife take selfies
      Of US lol
      My wife like u look like that dude now on wall
      Some actor or some shit
      Wife and i walking home
      Chicks aint looking at me same with big smiles
      We here music
      Go on market area band playing American music i tell play Metallica they own
      Wife like everyone starting at US smiling
      Im like its ok baby
      She kept getting hotter and hotter
      Smiling bigger and bigger
      A chick Walker up to her gave her some pamphlet and then went and i sweat cried
      Was rubbing her eyes
      And so it beginner
      The transformation
      Is almost complete


      • on February 6, 2019 at 7:19 am Gunslingergregi

        Think the crazy beard untrimmed made me more accesable
        Now its reaching for stars i don’t know need teeth and more info should be able to get implants across street


      • on February 6, 2019 at 7:29 am Gunslingergregi

        There was more than one chick crying
        I wasen’t even busting a move lol
        Did sing wonder wall to my wife
        Sang like 3 song
        And changed west Virginia to Indonesia at the end
        Not too many people There
        Police dude was rocking lol
        He didnt carry gun eiither cool
        Yea nice thing bout police here they get to kill dealers so they really get to look out for people never Saw police harang nobody for chilling on street people hanging everywhere lol
        Did have column go by me in car on Motors with backpacks and assault rifles was cool he he he
        They got legit people to kill though


      • on February 6, 2019 at 10:42 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “She wants itu gone… the hair shaves to skin… Its like my buddy… Wife and i walking home… Chicks aint looking at me same with big smiles… Think the crazy beard untrimmed made me more accesable…”

        Samson, meet Delilah.

        She just neutered you.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:49 am Captain Obvious

        She [email protected] better give you multiple ch!ldren who pass their [email protected] tests, or else you need to throw her ass overboard with a millstone about her neck.


      • I got selfies with the woman who gave me a haircut and shave in mexico last time…i half thought of telling the girl i was with to ask if she would shave my balls lol

        don’t let it go to your head


      • on February 6, 2019 at 9:43 pm Gunslingergregi

        Lol trav wife was telling dude stored about me and motor incident
        I became his God lol


  14. What goes around cums around.  Yes, that includes Exes too (but don’t bother with them).  It’s called the COCK CAROUSEL for a reason.  When you apply TRP principles and sont invest in your sesxual options, they will all crawl out of the woodwork somewhere down the line (failed to lock down new BF,  in town visiting for cock, hitting the wall, etc.)

    This is where ‘Boomerang Game’ comes in.  If you were anybody worth anything, she’ll come back around.  Example below:

    Whenever you have a girl that you are plating (this is booty call only, none of the other shit) for 1-2 months or more, and she ‘all of a sudden’ ‘wants something more’ you best believe there is a new guy in the picture.  If a plate genuinely wanted something more with you, she would gradually make it happen over time via investment.  If a plate voices this out of nowhere, 1 of 2 scenarios is in play and it is up to YOU to not be the sucker.  Once again, all responsibility on us  (in her eyes)

    1.  She found a new guy that is more AF than you (she is just a booty call to you at this point), and she is trying to get ‘something more’ with you, which really means be my BB.


    2.  She found a BB or a boyfriend, but wishes you could do those things that he does so she doesn’t have to be sexually pluralistic.

    In either scenario, if you lose frame and show a shred of committment YOU become the BB.  If you show commitment, she will:

    Scenario 1:  Keep fucking the new Alpha guy and be his booty call, while you become BB boyfriend.

    Scenario 2:  She will get your committment, NEXT the BB guy she just met, so you are now her committed lesser Alpha, and she goes on to swipe tinder for the next unattainble AF.

    You lose either way.  Unless you hold frame, which will almost certainly result in her leaving anyway (So you still lose her), but if you go NC, she will reinitiate at a later date and try again after her strategy fails on other men.

    The tricky part to realize is if a plate returns after a long while,  it is NOT her sudden realization that ‘you were there all along’ (taylor swift coked-up audio) and she is now going to be your unicorn.  If you fall for this, you have officially become bull-prepping single mommy product marked down to clearance.


  15. My Lords, I’d like to share with you a rather tricky field report.

    So I’ve been seeing this 6 on the side for a couple of weeks, strictly NSA. One WE she asks me over to a party where I immediately spot her early 20s hard 9 BFF. Other guys look uneasy/scared to talk to her so she wanders around and looks a bit bored. I approach and chat her up, get some banter going but the 6 is there mateguarding me so no dice. I act as 6 is just friends but the 9 looks like she’s in on what’s going on between us and thus cant break the BFF code, I’m blocked and just get her numbers and agree to meet sometime. So shortly after I decide to book, kiss both 6 and 9 on the cheek no hoverhand (good waist on 9) and leave.

    0. you rarely see hard 9s these days, everything under 8 just pales (5 minutes of alpha)
    1. 9s do make you uneasy on the inside, so I had to double down on my ZFG
    2. 9 did herself project female ZFG / outcome independence, clearly aware of her HSMV
    3. was rather easy to talk to, no bitch shields, subtle negs made her laugh and open up
    4. environment made it virtually impossible to isolate/close, I had to maintain plausible deniability

    Another day I covertly gather some intel from 6 after some good pounding, since she clearly knows a good deal about the target. Turns out 9 has a beta orbiter and ‘kinda likes him, but there is a slight problem’. I push a bit further, and the 9 turns out to be a femme lesbian with her butch in other town, never slept with a man. I look for some faults in the story, like ‘you’ve got to be shitting me right’ but she comes up with some convincing pics so I move on.

    1. Could it be 6 and 9 are feeding me some story, has someone lived anything similar?
    2. What are my chances to convert that particular dyke and how would you go about it?
    3. (normal scenario) What is the best strategy to hit on BFF without tripping their defence mechanism and nuking you from orbit? How can you reliably stop BFF from alerting the pivot? (looks like a hard gamble)


    • on February 6, 2019 at 6:46 am | Reply Rant Casey - BR

      My ex is a 9-ish who prior have been almost exclusively with women.
      So the story that was gave to you could be true.
      You do not “convert dykes”. Lesbians and straight women have no real difference other than a psychological trauma that makes her avoid men, OR a kind of apathy that leads her to feel more at home with women – which is the case of my ex. There is nothing to be converted.
      You see there are those lesbians with a chip on the shoulder, and those like the one you met. This second type is apathetic. Spend time with her and her apparent serenity is in fact an appalilng lack of passion, coupled with fragile nerves and an hiperfeminine sentimentality that doesn’t know how to deal with the masculine psyche.

      You could bed her, but it will probably be a lukewarm performance of hers, and she will bore you to death if you continue with her. And later you will find unbearable to deal with her inability to coexist with masculine energy in an understanding way.

      But its a 9. Feels good to bang them, even if for a short time.

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      • Hi Rant, those are some good news from you. I did notice some serenity, but at that time simply attributed it to HSMV awareness. What was your approach with that one?

        I would definitely proceed with her. My biggest problem so far is the entanglement with her 6 BFF that looks tricky to resolve. Ditching the 6 (really into me) or any direct alpha move would trip the player alert for the 9. Too soft and she’ll friendzone.

        The orbiter issue is the least of my worries, I managed to bypass it a couple of times by isolating/escalating and neg-tease game closing the same night.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 10:52 am Captain Obvious

        You’re dealing with some pretty serious mental illness here.

        Just the 6 hanging with the dykeish 9 alone is an yuge red flag – how nuts is the 6?

        BIG PICTURE: Either these ch!cks are pro-l!fe, or else they’re pro-D3ath. There is no middle ground.

        But even if the 9 were pro-l!fe, your kids by her would, at best, be carrying recessive genes for mental illness, and could very likely be outright mentally ill themselves, and, in a worst case scenario, your kids might not even have sou1s.

        Your first & foremost job as a prospective [email protected] is to maximize the probability that your ch!ldren will have sou1s.

        Everything else is secondary to that.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 10:54 am Captain Obvious

        I’m not saying to give up hope on the 9, but [email protected] man, your k!ds have to have sou1s.

        PS: Any chance that the 6 & the 9 could be a package deal, as s!ster w!ves?


      • on February 6, 2019 at 10:56 am Captain Obvious


    • who cares man? Take the 9 out get her tipsy and fuck her brains out…df you need permission or somethin?

      ask the 6 to do a 3some with her bff


      • Already did that as part of aloof routine, 6 got jealous and insecure, tried very hard to please me. My major concern is that 9 tips off 6 and both are off the rotation list. Ideally both should be tricked to compete for me, that way keeps things quiet.


      • So then you lose a 6… big deal


      • then it’s dicey. 9 is gonna tell 6. happens to me sometimes. fucking her friends if YOU initiate is very precarious.

        invite them both over get them both shitfaced, find an excuse to get everyone naked. bring some coke if that helps


    • Sometimes I think there is no such thing as a lesbian, just as there is no such thing as a woman’s love. Bitches be role playn by world’s best method actn n shit.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 9:45 am CalvinDecline

        Bitches be role playn by world’s best method actn n shit.

        Put another way… “women be shoppin'”… which is why we must always be closing.


      • Many real lesbians are quite a bit different from the P0rnhub ones, though.

        The ones I’ve seen skulking about in this area are fat, dumpy, and sometimes appear have traces of mustache. In addition to making themselves look as ugly and masculine (or at least androgynous) as possible with clothing, haircuts, and demeanor.

        If they’re “advertising” for some kind of male attention, it can only be from a particularly weird variety of faggot.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:24 am John Joel Glanton

        Well I’m pretty sure my mom loves me, so there’s that


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:30 am John Joel Glanton

        Darwin is the prime cause of the western sickness, especially the women


      • on February 6, 2019 at 12:58 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Well I’m pretty sure my mom loves me, so there’s that”

        Even your M0m will turn on you if she senses too much Beta in you.

        And the worst of the Passive Aggressive M0mz will drive their Beta s0ns straight to su!cide.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 1:10 pm John Joel Glanton

        My mom tried that shit on me, like flirting with acquaintances at dinner or the grocery store. It worked for a bit and I would get angry, then I just started dropping all pretense of manners and doing a Holden Caulfield/Swedecuck skulk away routine, or just start blatantly insulting the guy to his face. It actually stopped pretty quick.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 1:20 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        CO, you’re an absolute loon and a cringelord.


      • >And the worst of the Passive Aggressive M0mz will drive their Beta s0ns straight to su!cide.

        CO can you expound on this?


      • on February 6, 2019 at 3:47 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “CO can you expound on this?”

        All women are disgusted by weakness in their men – both in their [email protected] & in their s0ns.

        I personally know two viciously Passive Aggressive w!tches who drove their pathetic weak husbands to su!cide, and a third who failed with her [email protected] but succeeded with her s0n.

        And I know a fourth Passive Aggressive w!tch who’s getting [email protected] soon, and as sure as night follows day, I can [email protected] that she will try the same routine on her [email protected] & and on any of her s0ns by him.

        Every medical examiner who is dealing with the corpse of a su!cided man in his morgue can be assured that there was a woman somewhere in the man’s life who took glee in pushing him over the edge.

        PS: I’m convinced that the worst of these w!tches get something akin to teg tinglezzzezzezs and an “O” from achieving this supreme victory.


      • Older sisters hate weakness in younger brothers.
        That hatred never leaves them until the day they die.


      • There certainly are lesbians just not as common as the media likes to pretend.
        Maybe 1 in 200 and they look dykey


    • yeager & Rant Casey- There is no such thing as a ‘lesbo’ 9. There is only a hot 9 that has had her ass burned by a ZFG alpha cad so has “sworn off” men.

      True dykes are mannish by nature & design. The ‘lipstick lesbian’ is a porn fantasy for the most part and doesn’t exist much in the real world. So when you have a super hot ‘lesbian’ just become her psychologist and find out what trauma has gotten her to swear off dick.

      Get out you (((Freud))) hat and cigar and go to work…

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 12:19 pm Rant Casey - BR

        One cannot measure women according to himself, for they are two different creatures that probably didn’t even evolve from the same animal.
        Male sexuality is very preferential. If you’re normal you like women and that is what you like. Even then, not every woman, only the visually appealing.
        Now women… their buttons seem to be more disperse, and they can get off on a bigger scope of stimuli.
        Little is talked about the “secret and occasional lesbian”. Girls love to sleepover. They do play amonsgt themselves, not having the same-sex repulsion that men have (in most cases).
        That some cute girl will date mostly girls for a while, is no surprise to me. And they are different from the “lesbian performer” of porn: the cute temporary lesbo femme, unlike the actress, is not a sex hungry beast. Quite on the contrary, she is more like dyspeptic towards men. Not even a huge trauma is required. Some poor souls are born lacking in passion, too indifferent to the kind of turbulent lust that causes men and women to become interested in each other.

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  16. on February 6, 2019 at 5:00 am | Reply John Joel Glanton



  17. “I once saw a beautiful woman turn from flashing a gorgeous, sexy smile at a friend-zoned guy she knew had been in love with her to falling to pieces, her voice wobbling and the colour draining from her face, when she realised the stunning girl standing behind him was actually his new girlfriend.”

    The dude was actually VERY lucky!
    Hot Women can’t handle rejection by an Alpha…..if all he got was a bit of silly drama then count your blessings!


  18. “FYI, this is related to the peculiar phenomenon of pre-finality sex, in which a woman about to dump a man will have bed frame-shattering sex with him the night before she lowers the boom. Enjoying one last bout of familiarity fornication is her way of finding “closure” and moving on without wondering if she made the wrong decision.”

    Explain this!
    I’ve done the earth shatter last night together sex and it’s always good. Fuck HER performance is right up there. How does this help with the decision? I do everything to them on that last night and fulfill all my desires. Last one was rough anal (not too out of the ordinary) but then ass to mouth (never done before).

    Good sex = right decision to the hamster?


    • on February 6, 2019 at 6:40 am | Reply strongwhitecock

      I’m curious too how great earth shattering sex can equal closure to a woman, as you’d think it would trigger a response of, “the sex is awesome, maybe I should stick around?”

      Best I can come up with is they take the earth shattering sex as a validation of THEIR sexual prowess, not yours. They feel like they proved to it to themselves by rocking your world and it was one last, good deed to you before moving on to “grace” another man with their prowess.

      If they couldn’t have that last great sex they feel like they failed to rock your world and wouldn’t be up to task to make another man happy either?

      Or maybe in all their stupidity think it’s best to leave things in a good note, a bittersweet ending and all.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 6:50 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        It’s a form of hate fucking.

        If you think that’s what happening when it’s happening to you…make sure you tear up her knickers and leave her crawling around weeping as you satisfy yourself and depart.


      • Many times they get pregnant on that last round, Its their way of fucking you for another 18+ years.


    • See my post below. It’s guilt.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 11:07 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      The movie “Road Trip” had a few lines about breakup sex, but I can’t find that scene at j00tube.


    • She would like you to miss her when she dumps you. You can handle the breakup better if the sex quality was in decline. She is also using good sex to camouflage cheating.


  19. on February 6, 2019 at 5:19 am | Reply PBR Streetgang

    They’ve a monkeys appetite – they have a pear, they want a banana- they have a banana, they want a mango – so they swing from branch to branch, happy in their hypergamy and the agility afforded by a pretty face … another more attractive monkey picks up the scared and discarded fruit – monkey is shattered – because it’s now an irretrievable loss and she’s no longer so secure in her social trapezing act … that night, she’ll eat a pint of ice cream, text another old BF and insult the next hapless monkey that wants to take a swing with her.


  20. I had a crush with a blondie in my universitarian day. She knew it, but a friend of her overtook her and hooked up with me. Next week, I wanted to have something with her, but she proudly rejected me. This was 10 years ago. We never talked again.
    Last month, she saw me in my fiancée’s instagram. She liked 3 pictures of my baby, my woman and I. I suppose this is the same case.

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  21. The counter-part to this to watch for is the “Disappearing Woman”. I’ve had this situation where I’ve gamed an HB8 or above perfectly and we’re banging regularly.

    Suddenly she’s rude or stops responding. 100% of the time there’s an ex or another guy she’s returned to.

    In one case a few years back girl I banged on first meet up and blew me in a back alley disappears. I quite randomly run into her hand in hand with another guy after she suddenly went cold not responding to a ping text.

    We saw each other and I just kept walking. Not 3 minutes later she starts frantically texting and calling. I laughed. I let her stew a day then responded. Her guilt over this was so great she banged me senseless for another 5 months until she tried unsuccessfully roping me into a bf situation (as if).

    I have other examples of this and read about it on other boards with guys asking why has the girl disappeared for no real reason.

    Always some guy. The key to getting her to come crawling back is not to chase and when she does come back respond proportionally to her explanation. If there isn’t one just carry on. If there is a guilt ridden apology say “find a way to make it up to me”.


  22. I’ve seen this from all three sides, and always I’ve been zfg.

    Note, none of these experiences are based on ltrs. I like to go karaoke bars. Karaoke btw is a great way to do a cold open, but if you’re like a god, right song right girl right night, you can get a 8.5-9 to come home with you. Without karaoke I’m just a BB, former hs tackle who lost a lot of weight, great biceps but will never have rock-hard abs.

    Anyway, I’m out at one of my favorite places. Singing whatever, talking to the barkeep, one or two male buds wander by and we chat for a bit. 8 comes by, I don’t approach, she’s got me pegged as a BB, and she goes into the insult/interrogate you thing. I take about three minutes of this, then I go, “look, honey, I’m just a guy in a bar, go be obnoxious to somebody else.” After a moment, she starts, “I wasn’t–” I cut her off with a smirk.

    Every time I get on stage after that, and it’s a real slow night so I can sing whatever I want, she makes a point of being girly with another dude, at the far end of the bar. I go back to watching the game when I’m done. Finally, a little after 12, she comes over again, “you know your last four songs sucked but that one was pretty–” she stops, ‘cuz this 9 has just arrived, she drops her purse down beside me, we greet each other, and then the bartender has her drink ready. It’s a girl drink, 9 is about 22, 8 is about 29. 9 and I do a duet together, she finishes her drink, I pay the bartender, we are leaving.

    On the way out, the 8 has grabbed another of the men, she’s jumped up, has her legs wrapped around him, and is deep tongue. 9 looks at me accusingly. “I was just sitting there.”


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  23. So when the book coming out there Heartiste (real one)?


  24. Chateau, it would be awesome to see your breakdown of this thread. The paranoia is off the charts, yet these are the same women who invite Turd Worlders.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 9:03 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      Not paranoia

      Every woman knows that Beta Bill the cubicle slave ain’t fixing to do shit

      It’s just a way of insulting powerless men: “you might rape me so I need to be curt” is another way of saying “you’re a bitch and your presence disgusts me”

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    • A female “explains” the female thought process, lolzlz


    • Not a lot of RealTalk on that thread, unless she’s censoring it.

      I’d like to see all them women respond to a simple question:

      “If you’re all so scared to be alone on the street, why the hell are you in favor of more men immigrants from nations that are demonstrably far more dangerous for women?”


      “Are you more afraid of White men or men of color?”

      I’m sure hilarity would ensue.


    • ^^Tru dis! I’ve seen women ignore and/or disrespect White men, while falling over themselves to be kind to black/brown losers. I have personally had women treat me like a pariah, or a potential rapist, just for speaking to them in public interactions (stores, gym, etc.). Extreme cold shoulder/bitch reactions. Always in urban locations (country girls tend to react to me in quite the opposite way). I know this is because I reek of MAGA, but it can be quite disturbing (coming from women of my own race), as it truly is Nature turned up on its head.


      • The only response is “who the f*ck cares what you think?”
        No arguments, no shivs, no speech-dancing or wordsmithing. Just say it loud that “hole = opinion invalid”.
        You’d think after enough time here you’d know that women don’t have thoughts, only feelings.
        “buhbuhbuh you the real racist, a-ha!”
        Whether you get her to drop the topic or short circuit into a rage, the result will be the same 20 minutes later: she’ll forget that she was bested in the argument and go back to thinking what she originally felt.

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      • They do this because they can. They are afraid of brown because brown may drag them away by their hair and murder them if you ‘disrespek me biatch’.

        Whites don’t do that. And they know it. This is the crux of most of the malaise of our current problem. If women weren’t sure they would survive the encounter when they want to front and show out like they are aggressive men, this would stop tomorrow.

        This is trav’s point about going mad niggerish, but the problem is, you simply cannot do this if you have any skin in the game today. You will be destroyed by the system utterly. Nogs don’t give AF because either a) they have no skin in the game or b) more recently, they know they can cry RAYCISS! and get a free pass even against white wahmen now.

        You are afforded no such luxury and will not be until more men finally stop caring and erasing these bitches. Fear & pain. Let’s all say it again…

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      • “Nogs don’t give AF because either a) they have no skin in the game or b) more recently, they know they can cry RAYCISS! and get a free pass even against white wahmen now.”

        According to the dialogue of segregation, this is the “masculinity” that Whites can “learn” from nonWhites. Zolzolzolz


      • Yes, because I see the potential ramifications of speaking my mind in certain locations (like work, gym, stores I frequent, etc.). For example, very possibly getting kicked out of my gym for telling nasty women and THOTS what I actually thought of them. As a man, of course, I would be viewed as the offending/guilty party in any such interactions.


      • all i know jay is the last time a bitch got up in my face i told her to get the fuck up out of my face…it starts with NOT STANDING THERE AND TAKING IT.

        Sandman and starbucks guy are not your role models.

        A fucking BOY? This is who you wanna emulate? A pudgy millennial barista with a nigger blaring at him? No. START by reacting and see where it goes from there. stop smiling and smirking and start grimacing, frowning and scowling. Start narrowing your eyes and pinning your ears back like a wolf.

        But you cannot be afraid of physical conflict. If you’re afraid, you’re beta. Forget all this game shit and trying to get better women than you deserve…become a man first. Then get women. It’ll be better for all of us.

        Gayg is a clueless boomer thinking if you point out reality to women they will accept the sanity and rationality of your premise and agree with you. LOL.

        DF good would it do to ask them about immigrants and brown fuckin people!?!? They’d just call you RAYCISSS and clam up totally.

        The ONLY thing women respect is force.

        FFS we’re on a game forum where you’re trying to learn to use force of will and wit to bed them. It’s all about force. women are motherfucking stupid, ok?


      • Whether you get her to drop the topic or short circuit into a rage, the result will be the same 20 minutes later: she’ll forget that she was bested in the argument and go back to thinking what she originally felt.

        Kinda like some of the yeggs ’round chere, whose hamsters got nuthin’ on the cooze.


      • Gayg is a clueless boomer thinking if you point out reality to women they will accept the sanity and rationality of your premise and agree with you. LOL.

        DF good would it do to ask them about immigrants and brown fuckin people!?!? They’d just call you RAYCISSS and clam up totally.

        We’re talking about an online forum where this particular cooze was pontificating to the mewls of both men and women of like mind… it might have done SOME of her peanut gallery good to hear a dissenting voice.

        I guess I could have jumped through the screen and just given her a backhand… oh wait, that’s not possible… otherwise I would have shut your flapping yap long ago, punk.


      • I’m still impersonating a BN online and saying all kindz a shit especially about k1kes and I’m still not banned or had any commentz deleted…shiiiit..


      • A line I use is..

        ‘Its just as well I dont believe in equality or I’d be punching your face in now’


    • same cunts who complain about “rape culture” when they’re fuck ugly.


    • “Who the fuck cares what you think” is the only answer. Drop the oh so clever word smithing, it doesn’t speak to a creature guided by emotion and shame.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 11:14 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      Theorema Nigrum [at least its female version] says that the White b!tches view the muddish immigrants as PETS – akin to German Shepherds or Rottweilers or Pitbulls.

      Whereas the White b!tches fear White men because only White men can break their hearts.

      Their dog sure as he11 ain’t never gonna break their hearts.


      • Or Theorum Boobtubum — they’ve been brainwashed into this crap by the (((electric jew))), since prior to the introduction of said hellish device, Whites seemed to completely and openly despise niggers, and a sudden shift occurred when authoritative people in suits suddenly appeared in their livingroom all the time to tell them “don’t believe your lying eyes, Whites suck, nogs are wonderful!”


      • M0d can kiss my hairy fascist ass.


      • Iron is correct

        the system has a voice and it has force

        it tells them what to think and feel

        their emotional states are literally the result of marketing campaigns.

        talked with the brazilian hottie about this, encountered a girl, youngish like 24 or something, who told me she sobbed for an hour over Kavanaugh.

        I told the brazilian, ok you guys also have a supreme court…has ANY OF THEM or ANYTHING they’ve EVER done really affected your life so profoundly that you would CRY over the appointment of one of them to the Court?

        Of course not. The marketing campaigns are so good, the Bernaysvision can cause women to FEEL. This is NLP, btw. If you master it, it’s game on steroids. But it is challenging to be able to do so in real time; it is a science requiring polish, practice, and tuning.

        They haven’t got a clue what Trump has or has not done, they just know orange man bad.

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      • I’m with CO.
        These refugees are viewed as ‘harmless children ‘ they even speak English like a 2 year old.
        Despite alt r prop i have not seen any wh1te women personally socializing with them


  25. Second one, more like a 7, closer to my age (eww), we hook up a few times, then she gets weird, flakes a bit, whatever. Delete. But I’m in this town, corporate furnished two-bed on the water (west FL, I’m a digital nomad.) This is a small town, so I’m always polite when I see her, and I even helped her with her tab a few times, but I never tried again. She went out of there with maybe a dozen guys that I saw.

    This wasn’t really a hookup bar, there were other places nearby, but I hung out there a lot. Sweet little thing, great body but insane, however would be leaving in a few days for home, so I gave her all my best songs, and she dances for me onstage. The 7 saw this, went insane, apparently banged two guys that evening, Eifel Tower or whatever, after I took the Chicagoan home. Contract didn’t end for another three weeks, so I saw her again, but, small town, and one of them was sitting next to me.

    Heard she broke a mirror.

    Last one made a grownup salary. Lived a few hundred miles away, 8, always came by on Saturdays with food, some beer, would walk my dog and then slip into bed with me and wake me up. Cool chick, thought about it, pills for years. She’s kind of, you know my company is moving me further away, but your lease is almost up and you can work remotely for most of your jobs… and I’m like, well, I’ll see what they want me to do next. And she said, sure. Hey, what is the one thing you want me to do? The one thing no woman has done, and I said, well, I’ve never had a woman dress up as Dot from Animaniacs. I didn’t take it serious.

    The following week, she knocks on the door. She had a key, but… anyway, I open the door, maybe it was somebody else… she even had the bow right.

    Never saw her again, but she still mails me birthday cards and the odd Christmas gift. Heard she got married.

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  26. A more primitive perspective may be Occum’s Razor’s choice. Women get off on hurting men as the measure of their intoxicating sexuality to the point that not hurting men or a decline in hurting men is to themselves painful. Maybe it’s just status as a stupid bitch keeps score. Let’s you and him fight is just another expression of this measure of female herd status. If she can’t beguile him, she can beguile her husband and fish to beguile him. Just maximum beguile from a beguile bitch. I expect this one has a very developed need for heartbreaking, as opposed to other expressive means: alpha sperm acquisition and children, hierarchical rank in society, or relative income. Who knows what social patterns got locked in during her formative years and why, and now who cares? We may pity her husband as inevitable target of psych-ops destruction. My fundamental mistake in social skills was attributing far too much humanity to subhumans, so I always look for a simple dark side answer in these things: She’s a bitch, and heartbreaking is her primary measure of self-worth. She’ll torment her cats 20 years from now if I am right, except that the CW will preclude that result if I am right. I wonder what she would do to her children. Eek.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 9:05 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      Another gem from Reality Doug

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    • on February 6, 2019 at 11:23 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “I wonder what she would do to her children.”

      RD, I have long been convinced that the very moast evil of the Passive Aggressive w!tches will seek out weak men to [email protected] [typically in college or in grad schul or early in their careers thereafter], with the intent [either consciously & explicitly understood by the female, or subconciously & implicitly acted upon by the w!tches] to drive those weak men to su!cide.

      And if the w!tches misjudged the situation, and they’re unable to drive their [email protected] to su!cide, then they’ll flip on a dime and unleash their venom upon their s0ns, and make [email protected] certain that at least one of those s0ns commits su!cide.

      Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder is, among very many other things, a means by which Charles Darwin eliminates the psychologically weak from the gene pool – it’s living breathing neverending [email protected] nightmare.

      Speaking of G0d, I don’t what the he11 He was thinking when He allowed Lucifer to introduce the genes for PAPD into the female of the species.

      Because PAPD is pure unadulterated living he11.

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    • on February 6, 2019 at 11:24 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      RD, lengthy reply disappeared into The [email protected]

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    • However many broken hearts they collect does increase their status among other women — the female version of notches — but it’s not the whole story. There’s a purpose here. I suspect that what they mean by a “real man” is one who can be hurt by them but take it and carry on without having a meltdown.


      • We are so inured to never hitting a woman I think it is driving them crazy.

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      • on February 6, 2019 at 3:56 pm Captain Obvious

        Being beaten to a pulp is precisely what a Battlecunt WANTS [and needs].

        But of course muh Frankfurt School controls the media & the courts & the law skrewls.

        And muh White-knighting LEOs & prosecutors are gonna White knight [because Black-knighting might endanger their precious pensions].


      • There’s a difference between weeding out gammas and attacking her suitors’ dignity. In the former case, they’re never actually a couple.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 8:23 pm Gunslingergregi

        The highest honor for them is how many dudes died over that pussy


      • “The highest honor for them is how many dudes died over that pussy”

        The Iliad, by Homer…


      • on February 6, 2019 at 8:25 pm Gunslingergregi

        Prob yea the broken hearts are nice too for some
        Till they get their stay broke and all the sudden not a game anymore


      • on February 6, 2019 at 9:47 pm Gunslingergregi

        Ok so im same way and Ive had more bitches die over me than anyone mua mua hahahaha
        I resurect most though he he he
        Does pumping my head up bitch got to die at least once to be with me

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  27. on February 6, 2019 at 9:00 am | Reply marquisdestade

    Also noticed often: Couple waking towards me, me making eye contact with the girl, girl reaches for bf hand


    • Or imagining herself with you. lulz Getting to that point of body language conversation, at times on the sly, is a real accomplishment. Most men don’t enter that universe. It was a struggle for a year or so for me to get there, but very rewarding. I stalled at comfort stage. Got to be somebody if you’re old.

      First time it happened to me, at park for exercise. Wife/mother in lead looks me up and down while hubby is turned back watching their son, not yet a reliable walker. I was thrilled and sickened at the same time. ‘Tis a dark place alright. I think CO musta just spend some big time in the dark place himself lately, the way he’s been promoting it. I did not see light of salvation in State of the Junion last night.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:29 am Captain Obvious


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious

        Actually, if you haven’t seen the movie, then you owe it to yourself to watch it from beginning to end, without knowing the spoiler [it’s the DVD with Mimi Rogers & David Duchovny] –


      • i get eye raped by every chick on the damn street, it’s not a big deal. i’m just hot

        i’ve locked eyes with girls with dudes a million times…df do i expect them to do? it’s not a chick’s fault for fucking me on the first date nor is she a slut, i’m just all that.

        stop fucking blaming everything on emotional creatures with no agency. let’s pass the 119th amendment and give our fucking dogs the right to vote and see how that goes huh? last time i gave my dog the keys to my car and told him to drive…he wrecked it. So i had him put down, stupid fuckin dog, wtf, man that car was brand new.


    • Young women are not used to being around strong White men these days (at least in urban environments). Her reaction may not have been sexually based, but instead the result of unnatural feminist training at her local GloboHomo University to fear White MAGA men as dangerous, violent rapists, in the same way that White women SHOULD be reacting to black men walking down the sidewalk in their direction.

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    • It’s a dick move to amog on a White couple. Not alpha either. “Sneaky fuck” is a beta gambit.

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    • on February 6, 2019 at 10:28 am | Reply virile gentleman

      This has happened to me too. Wonder what it truly means.

      Even had guys go “she’s mine” while making eye contact with the girl as they walked hand in hand. I just smirked.

      Anyone know the psychology behind these two instances?


      • on February 6, 2019 at 11:46 am Captain Obvious

        Chicks with dudes have stared at me for muh entire adult life.

        Fortunately for their dudes, I have a moral code.

        But if I didn’t have moral code, I could have all of those chicks.

        Every [email protected] one of ’em.


      • shit…I can’t help here bc I never actually looked at the guy

        i was too busy basking in the eye lock that his gf had on me


    • hahaha in my anedoctal evidence those that try most to portrait an imagem of faithful when they’re with the husbands, are the ones that have something to hide


  28. on February 6, 2019 at 9:16 am | Reply Deter Naturalist

    Women aren’t the only ones with a committee inside their heads, each “voice” shouting to establish dominance among the chaos; we ALL have such a committee, and while the female spectrum exhibits mean/median differences from the male spectrum mean/median, men too benefit from understanding (and thus managing) which voice is the dominant “decider.”

    Self-control is synonymous with the Deliberative Mind being dominant. According to the best available research, this is an arduous, constant task.

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  29. I do not believe that women who engage in “pre-finality” sex do it for closure. That assumes some sort of positive purpose for this behavior. Instead, they do it to make the hurt that much worse when she lowers the hammer by dumping the fellow the next day (and ghosts him thereafter). Sadistic behavior. Taking pleasure from the thought of, “Oh yes, he really, really misses my ______.”


  30. The female ego is very strange. I remember when I was 19 years old one my friends was in a relationship with a soldier. Because I was in the same friend group with her some times when we was going out in the summer (usualy to the beach) her boyfriend and other soldiers was around. I had not had relationships and not very many big “crush”. (I think so I was a late bloomer). The one soldier liked me very much and always asking to take me for a date. Always I was saying no and genuinaly I was feeling no interest for him. He was very handsome and polite,, I just was not interested in him. Some of other girls in our freindship group was more experienced and one day we was sitting to talk about what soldier is handsome etc. And why I do not give chance to him. I found out he had had sex with 2 of those girls!! I was feeling very annoyed about it because in my hind brain I am thinking “wait?? This man can get girls and he wants me?!! And the other girls they like him!”. Imediately my feelings change and I start to like him. I went with him for one date. (I think so it was my first real date) he took me to a high class restaurant and I wanted to order lasagne. He said to me he will feel sorry if I eat lasagne because he will order steak and he wants to buy for me steak. He was lovely and polite. He walk me home and even insist to meet my father. A perfect gentleman. But my attraction for him was short lifed. After that date I realy was not feeling I want him anything more than a friend.

    In that age I was curious about why I would feel so not logic. Why did I only like him when other girls did? This made me to understand early that who we are atracted to is not logic. In theory he should have been very attractive to me, a good boy, polite, a soldier. But he was not. But God forbid it when I ever saw him with other girl I would feel jealous!! It is very stupid to feel that way but it is not some thing easy to control. We just must to try to not act on it,, some thing I think I managed good untill my husband and then all the hope was out of the window. But that is the great thing about marriage, you feel jealous some times but you choosed that man so the committment is more inportant than temporary feelings like that. Sure if I look a woman looking my husband that way or some woman he was with before,, I feel very jealous.

    Female attraction is very much about ego,, and rejection, etc etc. There are very suitable evo psych reasons for this, but it is still not pleasant truths.



    Could do an entire discussion about body language, flipping the script, amused mastery, etc, etc based on just this part of the SOTU. Watch and learn


  32. on February 6, 2019 at 11:11 am | Reply whowantsgingersnaps

    Chicks eh? Chicks.


  33. The real incels are women.

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  34. OT

    Russia’s female witches organisation cursed the enemies of Russia and declared support for Putin and Russia as US female witch organisations casted negative spells against Donald Trump, “White Supremacists”, and Brett Kavanaugh.


  35. Trump did a great job last night making the ‘pale riders’ jump and shriek – exposing them for what they are, what they want and what they represent.


  36. When my ex decided to dump me for Mr Sir-Cad-Lifts-Alot, I had a rebound I tried to start with another Filipina chick at the gym, who wasn’t as good looking but had the goods in all the right places.

    She was bubbly, full of fun and always wanted to hang out. We were out in the city one night and after leaving the bar (mind you we had been drinking and grinding all up on each other) she pulled a stunt as we passed a group of dudes that I’ll never forget.

    “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

    I heard some snickering from the guys, and realized despite my attempts I was still a hard beta, hurt by a former relationship and struggling to find my way.

    I flirted with her a few more weeks, and finally ended up ghosting her after giving it another shot.

    Fast forward 3 years later, meeting a huwyhte chick who IMO doesn’t have the fantastic looks of the flip, but she has a rock solid family, great core values, is a hard worker and not only became my wife but gave me a beautiful baby girl.

    We bumped into said flip chick at a get together one evening with a bunch of people from the gym, and CH could have not been anymore truer. She saw the two of us, the rock on her finger, everyone congratulating us on the baby, and she immediately began hanging all over her accquaintance (a negroid no doubt) and showing massive amounts of pda.

    Her IG is routinely pics of her going to foreign beaches and hanging with the dark locals. We all know where that leads.

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  37. The reverse of the rejected woman is the soul crushed man. This post made me thinks of that scene in Sideways where Miles makes a quip to his ex-wife about her not drinking, only for her to hit him with she’s preggo by new husband. You see his soul crushed by the news. Great acting.


    • on February 6, 2019 at 4:08 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      Sideways is possibly the greatest movie since Josey Wales.

      It’s basically a sequel to “Animal House”, about what happened to the boys when they finally had to grow up.

      Plus it has Virginia Madsen.

      Virginia Madsen in her prime was the kinda chick who would have made me so woozy that I might have fainted.

      At a bare minimum she woulda hypnotized me. For life.


      • on February 6, 2019 at 8:12 pm Gunslingergregi

        Cap u got to go to that dark place inside the pussy

        And bring a lantern


      • on February 6, 2019 at 8:36 pm Gunslingergregi

        Really you got to stop shaving showering washing clothes
        Acting human
        Warung shoes without holes
        Living on a house
        Go full homeless bum
        Go to that bright place on your mind
        Ya might find true love


      • on February 6, 2019 at 8:38 pm Gunslingergregi

        The cog dis Will eiither kill bitches or make em eternally love u


  38. Finality Sex is like paying a hooker to leave.


  39. This is so true that there is even a **tango** by Carlos Gardel, about this very same topic. It’s “Lo han visto con otra”, “They have seen him with another woman”.

    This tango is almost 100 years old.

    “They’ve seen him with someone else, they told you this afternoon
    they’ve seen him with someone else, with another woman,
    That you didn’t love him, you had been boasting
    but now you confessed your deep love.
    So you see, little neighbor, how ungrateful you’ve been
    Yesterday you mocked his poor love
    but today a friend has told you in the ear:
    “They have seen him with another woman,” and you cry in pain.

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  40. Funny, and the responses are great. Here’s my story.

    Was seeing a hot woman from New Zealand for about four years, and she decided it was going to be LJBF, basically because she fancied another guy … branch swining … He was good looking and had social prestige. I was really hurt as we’d been talking about marrying etc.

    I was in involuntary monk mode for about a year, as no woman would come near me coz I must have been giving off such huge oneitis vibes. I concentrated on my work, lost some weight, did yoga and weights and by the end of it I was looking good and had achieved some successes with my work.

    I fast forward another year of occasional dating and more improvements and I meet a super hot lady about 20 years my junior, very intelligent and accomplished as well as really sexy. We started dating. a couple months go by and we are really into each other. I took her along to an event where my previous happened to be there. It was a really smart local hotel. I didn’t know the ex was going to be there, however. She comes up to us during the event and starts chatting and asks to be introduced, which I do. My current girl walks off to leave us be for a bit. I find out the ex has been pumped and dumped. She’s mighty impressed with my guest, as well as my own improved physique.

    My hot guest comes back and the ex walks away. Next thing I know the ex is sending me little sexy texts from the hotel bathroom with selfies of her getting undressed in the cubicle and asking me to join her. I tell her I’m busy looking forward to what my hot date is going to do for me later on.

    Not seen the ex since, but I hear from a friend that she’s constantly bad-mouthing me. Who gives a shit. I’m happy and fucking like a Trojan every night.

    [CH: women are so predictable.]

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  41. on February 6, 2019 at 8:15 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Wifes sister and niece asked if i got friends he he he