The Progressive Solution

It starts with stoic endurance…

then progresses to defiance…

which leads to open rebellion…

Be careful Leftoid America. Your final victory is not yet assured, and we are very close to the last panel of this triptych, and to what lies beyond.


The Real Right has gotten much better at Rhetoric.


  1. 1. When the Hipster Began to Hate

    2. The Smile Seen Around the World

    3. Deus Vult

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  2. My late White Tribal Elder father would agree.

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  3. See that… youse yeggs gonna start respecting yo’ WHITE tribal elders…

    … don’t make come up there!


  4. on January 23, 2019 at 3:48 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Classic sequence of images.

    First they came for Shitlords, I didn’t say much as I watched the world burn and being a Martyr. Then they came for the conspiracy theorists and who takes male vitality serums seriously?
    Then they came for the Barista he’d asked for it by choosing an artsy major. Then they came for the fresh faced young lad he was minding his own business. The smirk of all fears: There was no-one left to cuck.

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  5. and january 2019 ain’t even over yet

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  6. When that 3rd image becomes reality itll be Kristallnacht again and synagogue smashing.


  7. The last panel portrays all of these miscreants swaying as Mississippi Wind-chimes.


  8. CH didn’t get the word. We aren’t supposed to refer to old people as tribal elders, we are supposed to long for and celebrate their deaths according to Vox Day (who wants a clock counting down the deaths). You know, just like the left does in Europe and the UK.


    • Being old doesn’t make one an elder.


    • It is older voters in the US and UK who vote populist and nationalist. They are also the ones most against immigration. Older voters got Trump in office and Brexit passed. That is the reason the left has eagerly sought and celebrated the demise of the old voters in both countries.


      • on January 23, 2019 at 8:02 pm baked georgia

        the youth in uk is specially cucked. but considering the demographics of the age ranges the most nationalists are usually 30-59. you know, those stil slaves and not retired

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      • on January 24, 2019 at 9:59 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Intentionally young white men are likely to be nationalist.

        As men get older a live-n-let liberal, who may have paid lipservice to Dildolech, tends to become a little meaner with policy on taxation and is more willing to express resentment about race. But as that liberal ages and drifts a little right, he doesn’t necessarily redpill.

        The process really requires an epiphany or a conversion.


  9. Gillette put Nathan Phillips up to this.

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  10. Soon

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  11. Bring it on.

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  12. Speaking of good rhetoric. This guy (CEO) put his sack on the table. Every single person in his company was like you are committing financial suicide making this video. BUT! If you are watch wearing fellow and need a nice time piece? Check it out, and tell me if you don’t well up with just a little bit of emotion.

    He fucking kills its re: “What is a man?” and the Gillette cuck-out.


  13. on January 23, 2019 at 8:32 pm gunslingergregi

    maybe the last war is the war of the mind
    and spirit

    harness the demons make em your bitch and fight on all plains

    he he he


  14. I call white shitlibs “kapos”

    If the kapos fits..


  15. I thought of our Brazilian friend when I saw “the smirk”.
    I am developing some respect for the young men of America.

    Can we start a go fund me page to send this lad some money?

    Also, I tried to send $ to CH and it was blocked at pay pal. What is up there?