Election Fraud….It’s Happening

Election fraud in the US is no longer a conspiracy. It’s happening, right now.

Between the laughably unbelievable polls showing Sick Hillary leading Trump, despite the fact that she can barely fill a high school gymnasium while he draws thousands to every rally, and the extreme hubris and arrogance of the cuckservative/shitlib globalist coalition, it’s safe to assume they have one last failsafe trick at the ready to prevent a Trump presidency

My best guess is election fraud

These people are not acting like hopeful candidates with something to lose–they’re acting like smug managerialists who know they already have it in the bag, whatever the American voter decides in November

We have dead people voting in Colorado, the NYC Democratic election commissioner admitting openly that he sees evidence of election fraud, and illegals registered and voting in Virginia and Pennsylvania, and those are just the cases we know about.

If the anti-White globohomo bezosian ruling class and their media shills are so stupid to heft clit lickin’ clinton first across the finish line by resorting to the dirtiest of tricks — outright election fraud — then there will be war.

Not the op-ed rhetorical war favored by pansy liberals.

Real war.



Dead bodies.


My advice to the leftoid equalism hate machine and the cowardly traitorous GOPe cucks: think twice about this road you’re going down. It doesn’t end well for you.


  1. Trump should start talking about this soon, so it doesn’t look like he’s suddenly crying foul after the fact.

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  2. I have told family and friends that if they vote for thecunt (whether it wins or not) I will no longer make myself available to them in anyway except to go to there funerals and have a long piss in the casket.

    I have some idiots in the family that voted gay mulatto (white guilt…) and every year I pay my health care liberty tax I berate them and shame them. I warned them back in 2008 I would give them hell for there poor judgment every time homomuzzie does something to harm my business or my person and I have stuck to my promise.

    Holidays are great. They all regret the vote as it hurt them in their pocket books but most of all they hate my gloating. My smug look of disdain towards them makes them most angry. And on the occasions I have to send more money to the feds I send out berating texts. They argue back but there is no fire in there stomachs. Just mulattojizz and regret.

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  3. In 1960, Nixon knew he had the election stolen from him by Kennedy thanks to the Mob. He chose not to take it to court to preserve the integrity of the office.

    We’re well past that charade now. If Trump thinks he got shafted – God forbid Assange proves it via more emails – he’s the kind of man who won’t back down until the fight turns physical. And he knows he’s got the support to go all the way.

    The Left has managed to win political fights because they will escalate everything to the point of violence – the Right will always have a back down point before then. Trump could have one, but maybe not.

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  4. OK, back from the store. My mixed-race son pointed this out to me. It’s ok cause he’s mixed race.

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  5. [CH: there’s a reason why i call her thecunt. it fits better than any other appellation.]

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  6. […] Election Fraud….It’s Happening […]


  7. on October 11, 2016 at 4:42 pm Canadian Friend

    That is probably why Hillary smiles too much and laughs too much during debates, she thinks of the gigantic voting fraud that has been carefully planned and will happen.

    She knows there will be so much cheating she will be elected.

    She knows the media will lie for her and accuse everyone of paranoia and of coming up with silly right wing conspiracy theories.

    She smiles too much, that is not normal.


  8. “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”
    -Admiral Yamamoto, Japan, World War II

    Misattributed quote, but that’s irrelevant. Those in positions of political power would be wise to remember these words. The most politically disgruntled in our nation have the most [literal] firepower.

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  9. The more they lie and manipulate the more people wake up, they don’t know it yet but they are not defeating trump they are destroying themselves!


  10. Watching Khmer video on youtube. Saw this link. I think Billy Bush is a rising star. Never heard of him before this scandal. He’s got that funny impish country bumpkin party-guy look. Getting canned from NBC will turn out to be a blessing for his career.

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    • There is great comedic material in the bus shot. Guys howling with each other about women and then acting perfectly polite when they emerge to talk with one. Has a Laurel and Hardy effect to it.

      [CH: key and peele did a skit about this. the two of them would call their wives “bitches” in private convo, then get all quiet and mousy when one of the wives appeared from around a corner to ask them what they want for dinner.]


      • When God Emperor kissed the girl he mentions his wifes name and says that “It was OK with Melania to so that”.

        Why hasn’t anyone picked up on that.


  11. 14% of the population residing in the United States is foreign born. Throw in their first generation kids and you’re at roughly 30% of the population that isn’t very American. That’s enough to sway any election. Their work is almost complete.

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    • on October 11, 2016 at 7:13 pm Abraham Lincoln

      Way more than 30%. Its mid-40s when you throw in 40 million illegals. All told, about 100 million people, legal and illegal, need to go back. The population is officially 325 million unofficially 365 million, and there are only 200 million Whites, so expelling 100 million would only get us back to 1990 or so, and it wouldn’t provide for a fleet of slow ships to the Dark Continent.

      This is why a Trumpenwall isn’t enough. Demography is destiny, and we’re already toast unless THEY ALL GO BACK.


  12. Here’s a great article on how they are rigging the polls. It’s blatant yet no one in the shit lib media will bring it up.


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    • So, if you account for their oversampling Democrats, thecunt’s lead VANISHES after the debate, and Republicans have RALLIED around Trump.

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    • “After Sunday’s debate, Republicans also showed more support for Trump as their standard-bearer. Before the debate, 67 percent of Republicans said that GOP House and Senate candidates should back Trump, a share that has now increased to nearly three-quarters – 74 percent, including 83 percent of Republicans reached post-debate on Monday.”


  13. For our brothers in California: your presidential vote might not count for much, but you can still vote against this treasonous motherfucker.


    Get in that booth and vote for “Ami Bera” whatever the fuck that might be.

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  14. Oh yes, yes, PLEASE let there be war, before I am too old to participate! I.beg you, oh great blood-thirsty Gods of my revered Northern European Ancestors, let me have that wild intoxicating Berserker joy before I die!

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    • This.

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    • Hear, hear. And the gods of war (channeling Manowar here) will give us just that. It’s just a matter of time. And it could take many decades still. The establishment has a lot of levers to pull. On the other hand, things are moving faster.

      Why won’t it just be Brazil Norte? They’ve hobbled along with a race-mixed majority for a long time, why not the same in the U.S.? Because if the U.S. becomes like Brazil it won’t be Brazil, it will be Bosnia. Brazil today exists in a world where a majority-White West holds up the world economy. Where White taxpayers have bailed out Brazil, Argentina, Greece and others time and again. If our economies go down the drain too, there is no one to hold us afloat. No one to give us free money through the IMF and the EU, no one to buy our exports in immense amounts, like the U.S. and Western Europe buy from the whole world, thereby feeding them all.

      If there is a non-White majority in the U.S. – or just severe policies that have the same consequences without even waiting for that majority – we’ll have Bosnia sooner than people think. By the way, remember that Bosnia was full of people-mixing propaganda for generations. See how that worked in a country with three corrupt, bloodthirsty peoples.


    • This is where I come down as well but it’s hard to wage effective war when 90% of your potential fighting force don’t understand who the real enemy is, and most of the remaining 10% are scared to so much as name them out loud let alone put crosshairs on them.

      Keep speaking the truth and pray for an abrupt stoppage in the flow of beer, corn chips and Monday Night Football because this is the only thing that will wake enough people to change things before it’s too late.


  15. Off topic…Somebody brought their grade school son to work today and in the elevator, I watched the brat punch every floor button after a harpie wouldn’t let him punch his mother’s floor number. I lol’d and realized it’s a good thing Trump was born in 1946 instead of 1996. I bet my dominant hand little Donnie was an impulsive, high-energy, disruptive, creative, risk-taking child. If he had been born 50 years later, all of those attributes would have been extinguished by the modern classroom, psychiatry, and Adderall.


    • on October 11, 2016 at 5:52 pm Sean Fielding

      Not off topic at all – my vote for COTW.


    • “ADHD” they’d say. A bullshit invention if there ever was one. If there was some mental disease only children have, why has it never been discovered before in world history? Why is it still not discovered today other than in the West, and not even all of the West, and only half-heartedly in many places where it’s official policy?

      A collection of traits they want to eliminate, and they put them all together and declare them to be a mental disease. Regardless of the widely varying degrees and definitions of these traits. In reality it’s just about having an excuse to give pills to feral Black children who sabotage class. This then spills over to White children because you can’t admit the origin of the policy, and because leftist feminists want it.

      Want to get rid of “ADHD”? Get rid of sugar-drenched cereals. And Blacks.


      • Fun fact – do you know anorexia didn’t exist in Hong Kong until women’s magazines started writing about it? There were some prominent cases being highlighted, and when Hong Kong women saw that it was a disease among White women in fashionable America, suddenly there was a wave of cases.

        Before that Hong Kong had a domestic version, where women got bloated stomachs and felt bad when eating. But when anorexia became fashionable, in a matter of weeks this domestic disease disappeared.

        “Cutting” you have heard of – teenage girls cutting themselves to “express the inner pain in a physical way”. This never existed in the past. Then the media made it a big bogeyman, and suddenly it spread. And when it had spread in the U.S., then naturally it spread in other countries too, the U.S. being the world’s foremost agent of mental disease thanks to Hollywood.

        But this kind of thing has happened before. When The Sorrows of Young Werther was published, there was a wave of suicide among those young men who could read the novel. Later, there was “hysteria” among middle-class women, known today only because Freud wrote about it and made a big deal out of it for profit. A real treatment would have been exercise and getting out in nature, not navel gazing.

        Note that Freud didn’t cure a single patient in his entire career – there is no record of a single successful treatment. There are however several examples of patients whose conditioned worsened during the costly years they went to Freud. “The Wolfman”, for example, who Freud treated for seven years without progress.

        Tangentially, there have been cases of women mass fainting in schools and factories in South-East Asia. Some start fainting and the others follow, and afterward they say it was caused by evil spirits. Fashion. If Hollywood decided to make a big deal out of it, I’m sure we’d see cases of mass fainting in the West as well.

        So, ADHD? Allow me to laugh.


      • “Want to get rid of “ADHD”? Get rid of sugar-drenched cereals. And Blacks.”

        That belongs in every kitchen.


  16. on October 11, 2016 at 5:07 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    when i voted for God Emperor Trump in the primaries, in Coral Springs, FL, every single polling station worker was a google. every! single! one! the lack of diversity makes one go hmmmmmmm


  17. The Republicans will burn. And a new party will emerge from the ashes: The Shitlord Party. We’ll call it the GSP (Grand Shitlord Party).


    • You disapprove of the Globalist Order Program? Report to the nearest re-education center, or watch twenty-four hours of Hollywood TV shows.


    • (((Globalist Order Program))) bosses can kiss my proud white All-American ass. I will burn down every re-education center and trash every fucking TV in my city.


  18. These asswipes and “through any means necessary” phony revolutionaries have signed their own death warrants this time. They have way to much faith in fools like Monkey Boy and Granny. If they believe these fools can pull off Martial Law its only because they hate the Military and have no understanding of what that takes. Let me tell you all right now, Simple Simian would have done it already if he could. Lyin Ryan and Bitch McCuckold wouldn’t stop him, hell they might cheer him on. They don’t have the troops. Even Hillary and her bullshit about Executive Order Gun Control has to count on Americans turning them in or she can’t do shit.
    Let the War begin. The sooner the better. These idiots have got nothing. Those UN vehicles just shows they do not have the troops. They call these blue helmets “peacekeepers” cause they don’t fight. They might rape, and they’ll certainly cut and run, but no way they will fight. When push comes to shove, we will win. We are Legion. They have nothing but bums looking for freebies and goodie bags.

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  19. on October 11, 2016 at 5:27 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    I’m looking forward to this.

    My colleagues and I are discussing getting some AR-15s. And I’m in the market for another pistol, 1911 45 ACP.

    Know your area. Keep track of where your local adversaries live.

    This is all talk–until suddenly it’s not.

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    • Dude the time to get your first AR was at least 18 months ago. 1911 belongs in a museum.

      This is serious. Get a Glock. If you already have a Glock, get another Glock before you buy a 1911.

      If you already have at least two rifles and two Glocks ( and appropriate gun leather) and more than 12,000 rounds of ammo, then consider buying a 1911 for the hell of it, if you are loaded. Otherwise buy body armor and a helmet or back up boots.

      You sound like a 19-year-old frat boy sometimes.

      You are “considering” buying a rifle just now!?!?


      • on October 11, 2016 at 6:42 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        AR-15, yes.

        Glocks are too small for my hands.


      • Why so harsh, Anonymous? He is considering buying an expensive AR-15. That purchase is more than probably 90 percent of even CH readers have done. And you berate him not for the choice, but for not having done it earlier. Talk about purist!


      • Trav, 1911 is a very reliable and powerful platform. The USMC returned to it recently.


      • Nothing wrong with the 1911. Not my choice but then again neither is Glock.

        Side arms are nice but rifles are absolutely crucial. Own a few and be able to maintain them. Having a few thousand rounds of ammo (for each gun) sounds crazy to most normies but if you start shooting, you’ll quickly understand why it’s anything but.

        One more thing, have a good knife. Not some Rambo tacticool bullshit but a sturdy knife that will hold an edge and that you can use for preparing food etc.


    • LBF; “My colleagues and I are discussing getting some AR-15s.”

      FUCK the “discussion” ! Procure them, get them sighted in, lock and load.
      “Let’s ROCK” !


    • AR-15 is fun to shoot I have a relatively new one as well. Great choice.


  20. Expect BLM terrorists to be at polls in the suburbs intimidating white voters.

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    • Expect fighting.

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    • If the BLM terrorists (or New Black Panthers or whoever) show up in your town to intimidate voters, whatever you do, control your rage until AFTER you have voted for Trump – only then, after you have voted, may you unleash the fury of the White Devil upon them as you are exiting the building.


  21. I have given a lot of deliberate thought to how things go kinetic. In reality, its anyone’s guess but racial strife is the most likely catalyst.

    An H. R. Cunton DOJ is likely to allow the Googles and Skittles to express their vibrancy at will and then severely crack down on any white backlash.

    Here’s a dirty little secret, Federal 1811s almost never conduct their own arrests, they make the local LEOs do the dirty work.

    When suburban and rural whites start viewing the local constabulary as an occupation force for thecunt, things probably start unravelling quickly.

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  22. Great minds think alike rape!


  23. Vote first, violence second. Both important. Don’t skip the first one lusting for the second. Don’t skip the second if the first doesn’t work.

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    • * DISCLAIMER* I am not white. I am of Middle Eastern descent born in Detroit to parents off the boat from Jordan and they were Catholic. I consider myself white.

      One of the reasons a race war/voter fraud war/violence does not really frighten me is because to put it simply nogs can not organize properly. Most lack several things necessary in order to form a proper war machine.

      Yes they can run roughshod and riot and act all noggish and tough but:
      -They can’t form orderly forces
      -Are generally not capable of male bonding (which is critical for not only survival but war time)
      -Ever see a nog think critically or have much sense of future loss? No. Makes them very impulsive and unruly.
      -Most are unskilled so they will not even be able to fix they things they destroyed
      -Farming for them is sowing the fruits of their looting. Once the Cheetos are out they will go hungry.
      -Any smart black person has already formed friendships with white people and will fight to the death for those white people. Especially if they have a family because they know if the nogs get the women folk they will rape them. As rare as they are there are some good black people and know in order to make bread and have butter to put on that bread they better side with whitey

      I remember watching a few shows of The Walking Dead years ago (my GF at the time liked watching TV. I gave up TV years ago so it was all new to me and now am back to watching nothing) and in the program the producers took every opportunity to make any strong white male leader look crazy, insane and power hungry. Black guys and women were saints. As were Mexicans holed up in a hospital.

      I laughed at the idea that it would all be war between factions. My GF asked why. I told her it was white men that made society livable to begin with why would they all of the sudden be the mercenaries and miscreants? We went back and forth a bit but then see saw the truth of what I was saying.

      I explained to her that in Africa and most of the Middle East as well as parts of Asia and South America (where there are no white people) you have the warring factions and war lords. White people made rule of law and she should thank the ground she walks on to white people.

      She now roots for God Emperor.

      [CH: christian middle easterners are huwhyte. welcome aboard the trump train.]

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      • I have w Christian (Coptic) friend from Egypt. I call him “my African American”. He’s as pasty White as I am.

        He told me how he when he was just a few years off the boat he competed for and won some college scholarship for African Americans, but when he went to receive the award they rescinded it and said he wasn’t the type of African America they meant. still cracks me up

        I told him that when they said that he should have given them a “sheeeeeeeweeiiiiiiiiitttttttttt bix nood”

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    • @Sigma K & Co.,

      * DISCLAIMER* I am not white. I am of Middle Eastern descent born in Detroit to parents off the boat from Jordan and they were Catholic. I consider myself white.

      We need a concise new expression for this, which is bears discussion here, I think. Like fellow reader Sigma K, I’m not White either. I’m not Catholic, I’m Protestant, but I was born to Indian parents, in India. Of course I look Indian but I have always considered myself White: if not ethnically then culturally. You should see my collection of indie rock. Not only have I every intent to vote for our pending God Emperor, but I’m grateful to have grown up in White (North) America, in the late 20th century, an era which hasn’t yet ended, yet an era for which I’m already becoming painfully nostalgic.





      • on October 14, 2016 at 3:50 am KsytriaKhalsa

        So what you’re saying is the rice came first or the cross came first?

        Or they put the cross in a bag & you accepted jesus rice?

        RICE BAG!!!


      • Yeah, I have done phone interviews and all was well until they saw my white looking face. I look more guinea/daygo than anything.

        I once had a guy flat out tell me he wanted me hired but because a vagina interviewed she was getting it. Even though I was more qualified.

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  24. If we lose this election, at least we will know that the democratic route is closed. The choices become much simpler after that.


    • If this election is lost, Whites better not be tricked into a “Go Romney because we can’t let the Democrat win” situation ever again.

      In fact, this is probably the last chance for the Republicans to ever win the presidency. Whether the GOP candidate is a cuckservative or nationalist. This election … and possibly the next election, that’s the last chance. And that is true even if Trump wins. Even if he throws out the illegals. Because the majority of school children are non-White. And legal immigrants are still pouring in.

      So what can Trump do? By fighting the battle against illegals he can embolden Whites, educate Whites, and make Whites organize. Trump is a step toward the future. How the solution looks after that is something we can’t foresee at this point.

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  25. Nope, Hillary won because TV says so and Anderson Cooper has homoniscience.


  26. My sister is a 100% Republican, I am an Independent but voting for Trump, well she went to a mall in Homestead Florida and two men were asking people to vote (early vote) and my sister told the man “i am an illegal alien and I’d like to vote” and the man ask her for her drivers license and she said “i don’t have one” well, the man said I am gonna help you to vote, and then my sister told him “OH i’d like to vote for Donald Trump then the man change his face and told her “that’s illegal sorry I can’t help you” that’s the way demoncrats are working in this important state of Florida for the elections

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  27. Independent exit polls are being set up. All the state laws for contesting counts are being looked at, this will not end with a concession.

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    • on October 11, 2016 at 9:23 pm evilwhitemalempire

      Exit polls are no good in this case since they can’t be accurate with the masses of secret Trump voters.


  28. Anyone see the map where if we only counted male voters; Trump wins in a landslide but if we only count female voters, Hillary wins in an even bigger landslide.

    Makes you think.


  29. HItlary
    is Anti-White. Anti-Black. Anti-conservative and Anti-christian (therefore against most of the Hispanics). She cant be trusted even by Jews, since she has no problem taking bribes from Muslims.

    I believe Hispanics are not stupid, but damn when the Black folks will wake up….

    All what Hitlary can offer is to sell-out US resources and taxpayers money.As soon as US turns into dindu-colony this will bear little value.
    She can do nothing for Israel in the long-term global events, She can smile and say “we are there for you” thats all of it. She is a weak leader.


  30. I am on the other side of the planet yet the anti Trumpers are out in force thinking it helps the Killary campaign. (trolls needed at mamamia.com.au)

    I just hope my American alt right mates do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent thecunt from stealing this election.

    I’m also of the CH thought that Killary looks too smug at this stage of the election campaign to not have some bs election rigging already in place.

    I pray every day that Trump remains safe, and that the voting process is uncompromised.

    Free Ricky & Milo.