The Truth: Donald J. Trump Is A Great Man

Trump is the emblem of the shiv-right revolution, a reification of genuine hope and change. But the man himself is more than a talisman or mystical avatar to propel and strengthen the resolve of a righteous rebel alliance against the anti-White Empire. He is truly a great man, who rightfully belongs among the pantheon of Great American Men. I quote an MPC poster in full who explains in clear blunt language why Trump deserves to be considered a Great Man.

This got long, and rambling.  Perhaps worst of all for MPC, this got sincere. Real as f**k, yo. But hell with it:

For all its Vox Day-ness, SJWs always lie is damn good stuff.  Never apologize.  Never surrender.  Especially never surrender the narrative.

Trump is already ahead of Romney. He’s polling closer in blue states-heck, Washington is just about in play.  NJ too.  Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, PA-when were these last in the game?  Hes even holding steady with Romneys numbers in California. Even New mexico will come down to how Johnson’s 24% collapses nov 8th.

By any measure, Trump is the best Republican candidate since Reagan. Bush I coasted on Ronnie.  Dubya got a split decision by judicial fiat, and barely managed to put away JOHN KERRY in 04 with a point here or there.

I have not a word of criticism.  Every scandal faded when he ignored it. The entire media elite on both sides has only held him to a tight race with a near certain win (many paths to victory!) and a potential electoral landslide. His gaffes arent not a bit worse than anyone elses.

“It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood…and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

Be as alpha as you like.  Be as silver tongued and fearless as you like.  Any of us-anyone else- would have long since broken. Its been a year and a half and every day from every side, Trump has been under unremitting, vicious, downright depraved attack.

I mean- we forget, you know?  Not to get mushy…no, f**k it.  Lets get mushy. Lets get real.

Theres no reason in HELL to do this.  For all the shitlib conspiracy theories, he has the favors, the connections to get out of any supposed debt or legal tangle.  Hes been good friends with the Clintons, the Bushes, the Kennedys, a dozen others.

His name, his family, his company, his legacy, his health, his pride, his history; his life-both his social and literal life-all of it thrown on the altar. Not to mewl cuck BS but because he loves this rotten shell of failing dreams.  He loves the country that gave his family everything, and he has pledged his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor to fight for her in terrible peril.

Damn us all.  Damn us all to hell.  A year and a half ago every cockswinging deplorable was jerking off to Teddy Cruz and glumly ready to suck it up and vote Jeb. So we could get our amnesty with a side of guac before we ran to some f**king hideyhole. Maybe let our kids turn ten before the jigs moved in next to the spics. So we could huddle down and “enjoy the decline.”  Maybe catch a piece or two of bluehaired vagina while the Romes our fathers built-not just one, but a dozen Romes from coast to coast- rotted and burned.

Criticize? Comment?  The unlimited hubris of it.  We were WHIPPED, gang.  We joked about road wars to whistle past the f**king graveyard because we knew it’d never be that good. Just slow rot and shitty jobs until we died, getting older and weaker and fewer while an endless horde of muds twerked in the ruins of our grandeur.

70 years old.  Taking 15 months of endless hate to take a chance at 8 years more.

The more I think of it, the more it moves me.  I didn’t think we got men like this anymore.  Laugh if you like. I dont give a damn. Donald Trump turned his back on endless, unlimited fame, wealth, hedonism, luxury and peace.  Cincinnatus left a plow, not a throne.

I dont care if he ain’t couth.  I dont care if he had every wife in Christendom, or missteps ten times or ten thousand times, or doesnt hand me every policy I love on a golden platter.

Theres a story, about Washington. After the war, with no money coming, a number of officers started the Newburgh Conspiracy-plotting a coup.  Fascinating stuff, but the gist is this. Washington found out, and went to address them.  He gave a speech-great, beautiful speech-to little effect.  In a last attempt, he pulled out a letter from a congressman promising (again) money.  Started to read it, and faltered.
He took out his glasses. Something almost none of them had seen him wear. And said:

“Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country.”

From anyone else,almost any other man in history that would be grotesque pandering.  But Washington was really everything they say he is.  And his men, these tough bastards from Saratoga and Valley Forge, wept.  The conspiracy ended.

I never thought Id see a leader like that.  I never thought they’d make another.

Call me naive.  Call me glorystruck, blind,  a sycophant and a fool.  I dont care.

That’s how I feel about Donald From the By God Celebrity Apprentice Trump.

We say “God Emperor” for ironic detachment. A fantasy from Dune or a silly game for overgrown manchildren.  The symbols of our cultural degeneracy used as a wall to shield us from the terrible hope we feel.  We nitpick and niggle to stay on the details of this and that maneuver to hide away what we’re scared to say.  Using the same humorously ironic detachment we condemn in straggling millennial twerps to hide from ourselves.

He isn’t a “shitlord” or a fantasy figure, or a meme.

The terrible, terrifying truth is for the second time-for all the warts and wives- we got another man that goddamned GOOD.  We deserve-hah.  After decades of failure, neglect, tomfoolery and greed, we deserve to get exactly what they say he is. Every filthy lie, every depraved fantasy of the sniveling f**king cowards we call fellow citizens is our due.

But by the grace of God-the no s**t, real deal, grace and blessing of the Great Jehovah- the dying remnant of our gangrenous nation flipped one last card.

And it came up a Trump.

Im with him.  If he wants me to go to Valley Forge or hell, I’m with him. Even if he loses, he gave it all, all the costs he’ll bear-and he will suffer terribly- to cut a path for us out of the wilderness.

Im going back to ironic detachment now.  But I wanted to speak my mind to say that I no s**t, no homo, no takebacks, no lie-love Donald J. Trump. And the only thing we could ever do to repay this truly great man, is Make America Great Again.

Trump’s tremendous personal sacrifice to campaign for President against an array of malevolent corrupt American institutions, the media, both political parties, and the vicious malcontents strip-mining America of Her heritage is incomprehensible to most people, even his supporters. But it’s a sacrifice that deserves acknowledgement and admiration. His courage — the courage not just to speak truth in an age of lies but to risk every creature comfort for himself and the futures of his posterity — marks him as a great man that all of us who have called the Chateau our retreat from this gay world should be proud to follow into battle.


    • on October 3, 2016 at 11:57 pm Captain Obvious

      ATTN TRUMP CAMPAIGN – THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!!! Michael Chertoff, who was supposed to have lead the Senate Whitewater investigation [which “found” nothing], today endorsed Hillary. Kenneth Starr, who was supposed to have headed the Whitewater/Rose-Law/Monica-Lewinsky investigation [which “found” nothing], plea-bargained Bill Clinton’s best friend, Jeffrey Epstein, down to a slap on the wrist for pimping underage Shiksa sex slaves on his island. [Note that Starr was subsequently kicked out of Texas A&M for covering up their football team’s rape scandal.] THE “JUSTICE” SYSTEM IS RIGGED!!!

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  1. Faggot-Gamma Within bait post rape!


    • Totally. And we shall await for her (((rebuttal)))


    • The best part about this confession is all of the apologizing for being earnest rather than engaging in the much easier mpcdot-style acid cynicism or CH-style “poolside” despair.

      Perhaps worst of all for MPC, this got sincere. … Not to get mushy…no, f**k it. Lets get mushy. Let’s get real. … Laugh if you like. I don’t give a damn. … Call me naive. Call me glorystruck, blind, a sycophant and a fool. I don’t care. … But I wanted to speak my mind to say that I no s**t, no homo, no takebacks, no lie-love … I’m going back to ironic detachment now ….

      The manosphere ghetto still struggles with the fact that sincerity is strength and cynicism is a dodge for the weak-willed and a last-resort comfort for the terrified. Snark never fueled a revolution nor won a war. Observe the noble beasts, are they “ironically detached”? The lion is simply strong. It cannot possibly be apologetic or clever. It can never remove itself from reality. Sniveling detachment is a species of cowardice.

      The deliberate adoption of millennial 4chan sarcasm has different purposes though:

      First, irony is protective, and detachment is plain sensible (along with pseudonymity) in a culture that persecutes men for thinking bad thoughts and saying bad words.

      Second, “We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful” (CS Lewis). Virtue is laughed at, vice is celebrated, deviation and defectiveness are worshiped in today’s idiom. Snark is the coin of our degenerate realm. To communicate properly you must speak the local language.

      This community does not yet see irony as a necessary tactic; it may still believe it is a virtue to be positively pursued — with frogs and anime and Harambe memes. But, careful staring into that abyss. Insincerity eats out the soul from within. Consider the hipster.


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      • Matt you slick bastard, as soon as I started reading your comments on sincerity vs irony I thought of David Foster Wallace. Your final sentence tells me you did too haha nice pun.

        I agree with you on the danger of detached irony. It is a hard habit to break because as you mentioned, a lot of us we were born into this culture. Sincerity is so much more powerful but people attack it endlessly, much like Trump is being attacked as mentioned by the original poster at MPC. I admit I enjoy the pepe and harambe meme shit, because we are taking their weapon (irony) and using it against them. And look how they hem and haw when they realize that it’s their fault. When they established everything is a joke, EVERY THING became fair game including their safe spaces, agenda, and their feelz.

        For anyone interested in the history of how irony became the cultural norm, read David Foster Wallace’s essay “E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction” (easy to find pdf, just nigger it)

        Here are some excerpts:

        “So then how have irony, irreverence, and rebellion come to be not liberating but enfeebling in the culture today’s avant-garde try to write about? One’s clue’s can be found in the fact that irony is still around, bigger than ever after thirty long years as the dominant mode of hip expression. Its not a mode that wears especially well. As Hyde puts it, “Irony has only emergency use. Carried over time, it is the voice of the trapped who have come to enjoy their cage.” This is because irony, entertaining as it is, serves exclusively as a negative function. Its critical and destructive, a ground-clearing. Surely this is the way our post-modern fathers saw it. But irony’s singularly unuseful when it comes to constructing anything to replace the hypocrisies it debunks. This is why Hyde seems right about persistent irony being tiresome. It is unmeaty. Even gifted ironists work best in sound bites. I find them sort of wickedly funny to listen to at parties, but I always walk away feeling like I’ve had some radical surgical procedures.”

        “…. And make no mistake: irony tyrannizes us. The reason why our pervasive cultural irony is at once so powerful and so unsatisfying is that an ironist is impossible to pin down. All irony is a variation on a sort of existential poker-face. All U.S. irony is based on implicit “I don’t really mean what I say.”


      • Matt,

        Glad to see you’re commenting again. What are you currently reading?


  2. My god, you are some gullible sons of bitches.

    “Naïve, glorystruck, sycophantic fools” barely scratches the surface.

    You understand nothing, while our enemies run circles around your dumb, easily manipulated, easily controlled child-minds.

    A fucking silver spoon new York blowhard who cant form complete sentences or win a debate with a half-dead, demonstrably evil zio-war criminal hag.

    This cloying stupidity is the real source of our problems, and the reason we are such a parasite-ridden abomination in the first place.

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    • So what’s the alternative, kid?

      You think Trump’s Supreme Court picks would be no better than Hillary’s?

      (this one issue, beyond all others, is the lynchpin of an election which is absolutely the most binary on nearly every front, within our lifetimes)

      You think we should all pack it in now, call Trump a fraud like the rest of the Synathedral, and just let Hillary walk into the Oval Office unchallenged?

      You think a Trump presidency is merely going to be same-ol’-same slow crawl to Sodomesque decay that we’ve seen the past 20 years?

      What’s your problem here, boy? You the kinda man who takes it lying down, so long as they leave you alone and do it to Julia instead?

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      • Greg-

        As for me, I aim to misbehave.



      • The SC nominations do make it important that he wins, assuming he will do as expected on that front.

        There is a world of difference between that observation and pretending he is some kind of Washington-esque self-sacrificing hero.

        I noticed in this stupid (((rabbi media))) video, the guy calls Hillary “the most anti-Zionist candidate ever” LOL

        They cant tell 3 minutes of truth without 10 minutes of lies.

        I don’t pretend to have all the different factions and alliances figured out…I just know the smell of shit.

        The guy is clearly in bed with the Likud side of the house, if there are indeed any real divisions in the (((establishment))) that aren’t just theater.


      • Brasky, that’s a fair point and anyone who isn’t skeptical these days just isn’t paying attention.

        But there comes a time in the soul of an Aryan to allow a glimmer of hope to grow… and to fan that spark, no matter how small, into whatever flame he can.

        We get plenty of nihilistic Eeyorism and gloom-n-doom snark from the Synathedral.

        Me, I’m willing to give this Trump fellow a benefit of doubt and see what happens.

        Believe me, if he turns out to be just another pffft, and is the sideshow huckster you nay-sayers make him out to be, his name will go down in our books into greater villainy that any five of our next best-known traitors.


      • There is a world of difference between that observation and pretending he is some kind of Washington-esque self-sacrificing hero.

        Neither can you deny that he could have easily tended to his empire and family and lived out a nice Godfather-style of existence, instead of throwing himself into the political lion’s den to suffer the slings and arrows of THAT endeavor.

        How many of us would put up with half of THAT bullshit, if we had his life?

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      • Exactly. A Hillary-packed Supreme Court with even more SJWs even harder left than Ruth Bader Ginsburg and say goodbye by judicial fiat to the Founders’ ideals that are still left. I’ve walked 10 precincts in the last month, and I’ll hit another 10 before election day. Most people are just not attuned to politics or its real-world consequences. The Dems are loaded for bear-the teachers’ unions, the women who equate feminism to religion, the parasites on government — I see them, they’re phone banking, they are going door to door and mailing CONSTANTLY – and I’m in a core blue state. They are NOT resting, they WILL work for it, they are targeting their highest possible “flips” and undecided voters. If you haven’t figured out what your precinct is, and gone door to door to encourage people to vote for Trump in that alone — you haven’t done jack. It has the added benefit of getting you over any approach anxiety. So GO WORK IT. Make America Great again!

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    • Haven’t you been paying attention? We on the alt-right have no obligation whatsoever to listen to leftist/marxist preaching.

      It is YOU, marxist pc sycophants, that have to repair the damage you have done and are continuing to do before we will even consider giving you a seat at our table.

      For now, continue with your feeble barbs. It only cements the view in our minds that you are among the most arrogant, vile people.


    • Listen smartypants.
      When your house in on fire you don´t search for a non-jewy Bank to get a new mortgage!
      You show the damn Firetruck where your house is, even if there´s Jews sitting in it.
      AFTER the fire is put out, you start taking care of other business.
      And believe me, the Eskimos will be put under special scrutiny after the collapse.

      Learn to pick your time&battles.


    • I generally agree with you. His YKW connection is very, VERY scary.


    • And yet Trump is the only major-party candidate in recent memory who has attacked globalism, immigration, and outsourcing.

      Hillary, just like Obama, Romney, McCain, and the Bushies, is all for globalism, immigration, and outsourcing.

      Nothing else matters, because these are fundamental issues.

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      • “Nothing else matters, because these are fundamental issues.”

        Precisely. And that’s why the (((MSM))) is hell bent on deflecting and misdirecting like we’ve never seen before.

        Because if the focus was on those issues all the time, Trump would win hands down. The logic of Americans First resonates with the majority.

        But the smear campaign is meant to ’emotionalize’ the women, browns, blacks and cuck whites. HRC’s base.


    • Like

    • A fucking silver spoon new York blowhard who cant form complete sentences or win a debate with a half-dead, demonstrably evil zio-war criminal hag.

      Trump won that debate going away. The fact that you are drinking the poison Jew-Aid and pissing your pants over the normal vicissitudes of an election demonstrates that the “zio” crowd has more influence over you than you are even capable of realizing.

      All you easily-spooked, fainthearted, sky-is-falling dupes to the mainstream narrative, kindly remove yourself from view and go shit yourself quietly in the rear with the gear and the women. The war is in the balance, and the charge order is about to sound — get the fuck out of my sight with your sniffles and panic.

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      • Ok queen, don’t have time for the music but Im sure its a rousing hymn you and your church lady militia have put together for us.

        Your ridiculous man titty thumping here – IM OFF TO THE VOTING BOOTH LIKE A REAL WARRIOR, BITCHES!!!

        Reminds me…Imagine if they had managed to put Jeb in there. I think we’d all be so pissed off and clear-eyed we would actually be meeting up in IRL at this point, damn the consequences. Getting in the faces of LEO, military with the truth, etc.

        Instead the surface dwellers are verbally fellating a guy who may or may not kinda sorta be ok with some of us existing in the future.

        See how that works? Pressure valves/controlled opposition? Didn’t think so, dumb ass.


      • Brasky, keep a civil tongue in your homoerotic projection-filled haid…

        … especially when addressing men whose boots you aren’t fit to shine.


      • go suck off your magic jew pimp, stupid old man


      • If you would shoot off your snarky little mouth, try not to make your opponent’s points FOR him, pismire.


      • To be fair Matt, I remember you wailing about Trump gonna be a loser after one of his scandals a few months ago. You’ve only become a believer yourself more recently…


      • on October 6, 2016 at 11:36 pm Carlos Danger

        Them’s Yankee drums, Matt! Shame on you!


    • What, would winning/losing a debate with the Monster make her any less evil and destructive to America?

      Trump is a man with a vision; a vision of taking America out of the shit pit into which Clinton/Obama/Biden/Kerry/Jeb etc… have put it. If nothing else, he at least promises to work on America’s problems. All of the others just mouth blandnesses, in hopes of getting their fat snouts up to the troughs.


    • Yeah, Trump sucks up to Jews, but they still hate his guts. That’s a good sign for actual Americans.

      Even I would vote for Trump.

      Your claims about him being a ziocuck are likely true, but many people here are drowning in the sea and will accept a lifesaver by a man actually TALKING about real issues.

      There is a good chance he is just lying to Joos.


  3. Amen… back when Strapunzel, especially, cast aspersions on his motives for running this current race as mere narcissism and hubris, it was mentioned that the man didn’t need any of this aggravation and hold-one’s-nose walk through the mudpits of what we fancifully call a “political process”…

    … and when he spoke of making America great again, once could sense he was on a mission far-beyond any self-aggrandizement.

    His rallies are alive with it… whereas other lifelong politicos mouth pithy phrases and pseudo-patriotism, to little enthusiasm or genuine conviction detected in the audience (please clap)… Trump’s words ring true.

    And the storm that has arisen within his own breast has created a tempest within that of his listeners.

    Moreso than any other time in his life, he has literally put himself “out there”…

    … and given the herculean vicissitudes of said life, that’s REALLY saying something.

    So fuck the Strapons and Pajama boys, the whores of realms social and political, be they north or south of the border… hate Trump for his warts and his chutzpah… but only disparage his true patriotic concern and credibility at the cost of your own.

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    • It’s amazing that they ask perfection from Trump, yet let every other pol go free with all their shadiness and villainy.

      It’s always “…well at least…” Pathetic.


      • Man is imperfect. Cowards rationalize their panic and retreat by obsessing over those imperfections all out of proportion with reality.

        It was bound to happen as the time got short. I’ve seen stalwart Trumpites go wobbly over some jacked-up, jew-directed shitpoll — but these are just cathartic expressions of fear as domesday approaches. Our job as men who have been there once or twice is to put things in perspective. Trump has essentially done that to the otherwise moribund cuck party, resurrecting it in the process.

        “We are going to win. Don’t worry your pretty head, just follow me. Let me worry for all of us.” At least women instinctively understand leadership and defer when the stakes are plain. But your fellow man, your erstwhile compatriot in the foxhole next to you? When he bugs out, there is all kinds of complicated psychology going on that can yield a range of reactions.

        When one’s moment arrives, some men focus, some men flail. Some fight, some freeze, some flee. And some find their purpose. Which are you?

        Adversity introduces a man to himself. It does not build character, it reveals character.

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  4. Personally, I was on the Trump Train the moment he proposed the Wall and the Cathedral shat enough bricks to build it.

    My hat is White and Gold because I bought over a year ago. And when the sun rises the day after election day, we will all stand witness to the dawning of the Trumpenreich.

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  5. My dad on FB:

    (picture with my mom) “Lake Tahoe with mahoe”

    (my sister): what a babe!

    (dad): yeah, and your mother’s not so bad either

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  6. Yeah. I read something recently about that Cuckfag Dreher & his upcoming book about the “Benedict Option”. Which is basically normal people running & hiding away in caves from triumphant, irresistible liberalism.

    And I remembered how not too long ago, that made a lot of sense to me. That, and “enjoying the decline”.

    But that seems like it was another age now. Something has changed. Instead of running & hiding, it feels like we are fighting & winning. And Trump has been a big… no, make that YUGE… piece of that change.

    MAGA, motherfuckers. MA-GA.

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    • … a.k.a. “poolside”


    • — Something has changed. Instead of running & hiding, it feels like we are fighting & winning

      When cavalier about something I’d eat or drink, I used to joke “eh, I’m one foot in the grave anyway.” A fit and healthy froty-smething’s gallows humor. Then several months ago in such a situation a person asked me, “so what about that one foot in the grave?” I replied with seriousness: “I no longer feel that way.”

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    • I don’t particularly enjoy the decline of society, but I have moments of justified schadenfreude whenever a Leftoid gets hoisted by his own petard (like say peace-loving Muslims get into conflict with the gays or YKW).

      This election is about the fate of European Civilization. America is not great because of “muh capitalism” or “muh constitution” or “muh freedoms” — it’s the fact that a single nation had 200 million people of white European descent at their disposal. Go to Paris or any other great European city and marvel at the art and architecture. If Germany, France or the United Kingdom had America’s population they too would have done the same things such as putting a man on the moon.

      For those cuckservatives who still criticize the rank and file Republican base for nominating the ‘offensive’ Donald Trump, why haven’t the cucks presented a “better” uncucked option than Trump? Did they really think that the base was willing to hold their noses and vote for Jeb! in the general election?

      The people have had enough. To quote George Bernanos, a more apt aphorism cannot be found: “To be a reactionary means simply to be alive, because only a corpse does not react any more — against the maggots teeming on it.”


      • Antonin Bernanos, George’s grandson, was recently arrested after putting a police car on fire with a couple other sub-humans. he is an “antifa”. thought you’d like to know.


  7. great post but dude needs to learn the difference between hyphens and dashes


  8. on October 4, 2016 at 1:16 am Sean Fielding

    When he campaigned in Indiana with Bobby Knight before the state primary, there was a video on his Twitter feed that brought a feeling to me I’d never had for a politician. You could say the AirForce 1 theme he sometimes uses is maudlin, but that music made the video, and as this MPC poster writes, damn the criticism, sometimes sentiment is justified.

    And yes, our (((enemies))) have a point: the feeling I had must’ve been close to to the feeling many had in another suffering country 83 years ago. This scares the hell out of them.

    And Trump is old enough, though with unbelievable stamina for a man his age: the video did not make him look young – he walked a little slowly, slightly bent. But when I saw the crowds and heard the music and the message, I too wanted to see history being made, and I took my family to his rally when he came our way.

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  9. A beautiful salute.

    — rotten shell of failing dreams

    So true.

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  10. on October 4, 2016 at 5:14 am Wrong Side of History

    I tongue-in-cheek called him a divine figure, but he’s definitely something more than just a man.

    Most men wouldn’t be risking everything to do this.


  11. When every word that they utter is a lie and every shot that they fire is directed at him, what are we to deduce?


  12. I started paying attention to Trump a little over a year ago, when he said – as part of the Muslim debate – that the London or Paris most Americans envision and want to visit no longer exist.
    I was like, wow, finally one of those guys GETS it !
    I don’t see him as a ‘God Emperor’ who can single-handedly fix all of our ills, I don’t think it will be possible to build that wall, BUT if he can help us get rid of the horrible scourge of political correctness (which is part of the root system of many of the things that are wrong today) and maybe help prevent Europe from becoming Eurabia, his will have been a YOOGELY successful presidency.
    Just think of all the crap we could have avoided by electing Ross Perot in ’92…..

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  13. He’s a great man, but he’s not handling this manufactured tax issue like a shitlord. He’s acting the supplicant when he did absolutely nothing wrong by taking a NOL deduction, regardless of how large it was [imagine how large his investment had to be] or how long he carried it forward. This “unfair” tax code nonsense is just that. All sorts of people benefit from the NOL deduction, mostly through paper expenses like accelerated depreciation or inventory change.


    • Fair point… he seems to be dropping the ball now and again on these innumerable “gotchas” the Synathedral keeps hurling at him.

      It’s puzzling… but then again, he always seems to come back even stronger after an initial let down.

      But one wonders how many times even he can go to that well.

      There are still two debates left… let’s hope these letdowns are mere rope-a-dope maneuvers.


    • He’s a great man, but he’s not handling this manufactured tax issue like a shitlord.

      You complain about his “handling” as if there were a proper way to “handle” a concentrated media narrative beyond outflanking, manipulating, or destroying it — three strategies he is in the process of deploying over the long term. The entire modern lugenpresse has been designed to make the target’s reaction either impossible or self-destructive.

      There is no straightforward way to handle their tar-babies; the attempt at finesse only legitimates the press as a fair-dealing truthteller rather than the fifth column it is. By acknowledging and responding to their ginned-up criticisms, he only further empowers them to keep lying and attacking.

      Fortunately, this time around not only is the nominee wise to their game, but an energized populace is done playing the game. They were done in 2010 after Santelli’s famous rant, but the “Tea Party” had no visible leader, no standard around which to rally. Twenty-Sixteen is, finally, the importation of the enthusiasm of 2010 and 2014 into a presidential election cycle. Trump’s genius was to recognize that latent white frustration and to unleash it.

      The payoff will be in five weeks. Until then, expect a dozen more manufactured “scandals” that will die just as quickly as they appear. The media-industrial establishment knows there is no tomorrow for them. They have nothing to lose and therefore every tactic will be attempted, up to and including calls for his assassination.

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  14. Meanwhile, our president’s been whining about white people for decades.


    • How is “Obama Whines About Whites” a “Never Before Seen Video?”

      [Yeah, I know that’s nit-picky. It’s funny, too.]


    • This Obama is one weird guy. How does he identify? After all this time that is still one big question mark. For instance – in this vid – he is representing to the Kenyan family of Barack Obama Sr., that he identifies as blood with their father and his family – and makes out that he therefore shares sentiment with them. But it’s gotta be BS. Because by the age of 27 surely he knew Barack Obama Sr. was his father in name only – a sham. So what weird psych ops is this dude already playing at, at the age of 27?

      Got me. If somebody is pulling his strings I still don’t know who it is.


      • Where ya been, that you have to ask how a who-cares-what-percentage-negro is going to identify?

        They identify as negro, no matter how much they, deep down, wish they could identify White.

        And that’s also the way the world sees them.

        “First black president”… DUH!


      • Hey Greg Eliot – yes Obama, being half black himself, identifies with the plight of black people – no controversy there – but it is the way he does it that is weird. Barack Sr. was an black African anti-colonialist – OK – that’s not hard to understand why Barack Sr. would identify that way, given the changes occurring in Africa during his formative years – but Barack Jr. has no skin in that game at all (Barack Sr. wasn’t around at all, to provide him with any influence, and he is not his biological father either, and by the age of 27 Barack Jr. surely knew that).

        Yet Barack Jr. pretends to be an anti-colonialist anyways (and was that Barack’s normal speech annunciation back then, or was he just being try-hard to impress those he was visiting in Africa that he was one of them, as having anti-colonialist cred, because he sure doesn’t speak that way now?).

        I think Barack Jr. really doesn’t actually give a shit about black Africans except by way of their usefulness with respect to a borrowing of their particular sentiment of white privilege, to strengthen and uphold his own sentiments around American white privilege. Now why would he have to do that? Perhaps because if one really focuses on this idea of American white privilege via-a-vis blacks, it doesn’t hold water that well unless one stares intently at the victimization/blame-others part of the American white privilege concept dynamic, while at the same time trying very hard to ignore the self-agency and associated personal responsibility part of the concept dynamic. Barack Jr. enjoyed the care of his two white grandparents – so of course it would be difficult for him to ignore the self-agency aspect implied by the white privilege concept – thus – he needs to look around to find reasons to bolster his flawed outlook with regards to this part of his identity (as victim, or hero of the victims).

        My take on the vid is that his African “sister” who was the narrator, is one smart cookie, who saw all this, and very covertly and masterfully insinuated such into the overall arc of the story of the visit from this unknown brother from America. She mentions the weirdness around the black African perception of the tourism trade. She was hinting that the cognitive dissonance is about the perception of touristy misappropriation of black African culture by way of preconceptions and misunderstandings. Anyone can appreciate that. That is a common observation among people everywhere of all cultures. Was she hinting that her so-called brother was subject to this himself, but just at a deeper and more perverse level? She mentioned his reaction to treatment by the black staff at restaurants when she was present with him vs when he visited such restaurants without his African “relatives”. I think she was meaning to show that the colonialist white privilege meme is much more complicated and nuanced than it at first seems, being that she chose to depict it by way of this example – the example seems to have more to do with who would be perceived to have more money (American black brother) and who would not (native black), as borne out by the tells of the black staff, however Barack wasn’t interpreting it that way (and she left her own interpretation as an open question).

        You come away with the sense that she has doubts about the sincerity of her American”brother”, but chooses to be kind to him nevertheless (perhaps because she thinks he is mostly unaware of his own insincerity).

        Greg – I notice that there are plenty of American black people that see through the sham around the BLM narrative and call it out as such. But I think you are right that many many blacks suffer form this “less than” mentality – that then informs their “blame-others” emphasized narrative. Black people that get over this ‘less-than” mentality, seem to be much less reactionary. For some strange reason Obama is not one of them – he is reactionary – like his African “sister” saw, despite the fact that you would think he had the tools at hand with respect to his life experiences, to see beyond that.

        That makes Obama one very weird guy.


  15. on October 4, 2016 at 8:05 am Wrong Side of History

    Trump’s biggest accomplishment is guaranteeing that a Rubio or Jeb will never be viable candidates again.

    The battle is now nationalism vs. globalism.

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    • Well, that’s a nice little side-effect, to be sure.

      But it’s not enough to be called an accomplishment… we need much more than that from a man of his stripe at this juncture.


  16. OT, but hilarious Hillary song/video: Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

    Next shitlord of the week made this rape!

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    33 year old Trump, being heralded by none other than Tom Brokaw for growing his dad’s “modest” real estate company in an area that no one wanted…

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  18. Look guys we need to be a bit honest here. Trump pays AWESOME lip service to nationalism. But he made his money sending jobs to china, massive YKW connection, former democrat etc. Don’t think I like hillary, but trump being a nationalist through and through? no way.


    • on October 4, 2016 at 8:19 am Wrong Side of History

      Doesn’t matter.


    • But he made his money sending jobs to china,

      Oh? I hadn’t realized his buildings were built over there.

      Are the rent-collectors outsourced as well?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      Look, one thing you assholes have to think about… using three dimensions, thank you very much… is that as people get older they often see things in a clearer light.

      In short, if I had a dime for every young man who was a we’re-all-brothers democrat that switched over to a more conservative and realistic outlook as he got older, well… I’d be right there with Trump, checkbook-wise.

      Massive YKW connections? Guess what, Sherlock… you don’t do business in NYC, or elsewhere at the scale he has, without eating a bagel or two along the way. DUH!

      Lawdy, we’ve been gainsaying these “look outs!” for over six months now. When are you fucks going to start paying attention to the task at hand?

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    • When Trump was just a private citizen and a businessman his job was to make the best out of the circumstances prevailing at the time. His job was to look after the bottom line, not be Captain Save-a-hoe for the whole country. Nor should he be punished retrospectively for doing that job well just because it doesn’t look too presidential in hindsight.

      But as he got older I think he realised, as most men do, that there’s more to life than money and that maybe there WAS something he could do to fix the sorry mess the US was fast becoming. He loves his country, no doubt about it. And if he can Make America Great Again that will go down in history as the greatest in a long list of achievements.

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    • Nothing nationalist at all about building a wall and charging NATO for protection, tarrifing china… Thanks for your (((concern)))…


    • Look guys we need to be a bit honest here.

      More “good is the enemy of the perfect” thinking from our side’s permanent betamale addiction to losing.

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  19. Trump 1988

    “The people that really like me are the taxi drivers”

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    • on October 4, 2016 at 6:45 pm Sean Fielding

      Guy made it in NYC, for fuck’s sake. It’s very clear what he means with:
      ‘Wealthy people don’t like me because I compete with them and I like to win.’

      (((Wealthy people))) – it’s a wonder Larry Zeiger didn’t start spitting at him then and there.

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  20. 1991 congressional testimony on the S and L failure


  21. Another choice quote from MPC.

    I started warming up to Trump after Le Chateau started discussing his legitimate chances.

    After the first, “blood coming out of wherever” debate, I was sold. After he won NH, I was all in. After Strapunzel began losing her shit with each and every CH post, my supports was crystallized.

    And now…


    • Wanted to share this hilarious comment from VD’s site:

      Pence will set the table tonight against Kaine.

      It’s all about the optics.

      Pence v Kaine is like Hannibal from The A Team up against a creepy geography teacher with an unhealthy interest in young boys.

      No contest.

      Trump v Clinton was Shitlord Bruce Wayne against the ugly woman who got turned into a computer in Superman III.

      Nobody who isn’t a limp-wristed faggot or professional media whore gives a shit about carefully rehearsed talking points or contrived debate gotchas.


      • Now it’s our chance to see if Pence is the man he’s been touted to be… this Kaine guy gives off the vibe of the stereotypical bought-and-paid-for political lackey… among other things.

        I want all honest men and women two days from now to be walking around with the thought that, should anything happen to either candidate, Pence is the man they want in the Oval Office, not that lickspittle Kaine.

        Of course, if said John and Jane Q. Public haven’t already had that thought about Trump instead of Hillary, I’m not sure they can be helped.


      • on October 4, 2016 at 10:48 pm Canadian Friend

        I watched the first 40 minutes of the debate, had never seen or heard either vice presidents before. Knew pretty much nothing about them.

        Kaine to me looks more like a guy who would host a tv show, you know like Anderson Cooper or Matt Lauer, a kind of metro sexual “cool” guy that white liberals would love, not too manly, could even be gay ( Kaine says he has a wife but for a few minutes in the beginning I thought he was gay ) while Pence looked, behaved, and talked like he is or is very close to being president material. Pence is more manly, more sure of himself. more calm.

        I just got back, have not read any news about the debate, don’t know how it ended, but my guess is Pence kicked Kaine’s ass.


  22. Wasn’t Trump’s campaign supposed to be over the morning that that 1/4 million charity funds “scandal” arose about two weeks ago?

    Or when he dissed that (ahem) Gold Star fambly of muzzie stellars?

    Or when he made an on-the-rag reference to that news cooze?

    Or when he called that spic whore a fatty-fat-fat-fat?

    Whatever happened to THOSE chapters of the shitlib romance novel?



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  23. Trump has been subject to attacks and lies that would make almost any other man on the planet shrivel up. That this includes me goes without saying. Romney was subject to attacks that were bush league in comparison and he couldn’t take the heat and began self censoring.


  24. Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the third-worldization of America. Woke whites better get to the polls on November 8th.

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  25. Trump is a man of incredible energy and ambition. The title of “President Donald J. Trump” is last on his bucket list, and he saw his opening against the Demokrap’s weakest candidate since Dukakis. When you’re as rich as The Donald, what do you do all day? He’s not the type to sit poolside.


    • Stupid auto-mod… I’ll wait and see if the reply to this shows up.


      • on October 4, 2016 at 4:29 pm Captain Obvious

        From the point of view of software architecture, I’ve always felt that there’s some sort of a LIFO stack in the middleware, which is set to permanently [forever] discard kkk0mments if they are cumming in faster than they can be written to the database backend.


      • on October 4, 2016 at 4:31 pm Captain Obvious

        So that the keys to breaking through are: 1) Pick a low-volume time of day; 2) Keep it short & simple; 3) Don’t use [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], w3dding, or similarly verboten woerte.


      • Whenever I’ve sent a comment right after another one has posted, I get a warning from WP that I’m commenting too fast and need to wait about 10 more seconds or so.


      • Try just slightly re-writing the comment, or slightly shortening it.
        I mean, I could call always call up HeadQuarters to get an over-ride but calling for help can be taken as a sign of weakness.


    • There are many possible definitions of what constitutes a great man. Perhaps Trump is one, but his campaign is not a matter of self-sacrifice. Unlike politicians, he enjoys making hard decisions quickly. Why else the TV show? Or as my lovely Brazilian wife said, “He not sacrificing himself. He wants to be in the bustle.” So we agree with you, hard9bf, and thank Odin that such a personality is available at this critical time.


      • He’s making significant sacrifices of time, energy, money and putting up with aggravation that could all be avoided as he lives out the rest of his life in G-o-d-f-a-t-h-e-r style, devoting his energies to other means of polishing his legacy.

        But he chose to enter a lion’s den of corruption, deceit, and outright satanic sway.

        There is no longer a sheen on the title of President… the last six or seven terms have proven that, so the mere position is not what will be the diamond in any crown.

        But making America… and White folk… strong and safe again? Now THERE’S a task worthy of a hero’s steel.

        Mind you, I side with the school of thought that says ‘Murrica is done… due to a demographic shift that cannot be reversed short of civil war that would make the Thirty Years seem like a minor inconvenience.

        But dammit, I salute those, and will follow such, who refuse to take it lying down.

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  26. This reading choked me up in a way that Thomas Paine I’m sure reached the Founders.


  27. “The Jewish gangsters and their well-heeled think-tanks have overinvested in our unelected elites and underinvested in the little people. Wall Street, the mainstream media, the political establishment, the re-education camps opened up inside once proud institutions like Harvard–every day folks are realizing that the system isn’t misinformed, it’s our enemy. They really thought whites were done, but we’re racial procrastinators that rise from the ashes as soon as you think we’re done for good. At the end of the day, the young white men Zionist skypes like the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt attack , suppress, defame and exclude are still smarter than they are.”


  28. The poster that touched on Trump’s vision being clearer in his old age is spot on. Trump has an incredibly beautiful and successful family. His children are his pride and joy now and there’s no way in hell he wants to leave them in a country that is turning a shittier shade of brown every month. No sane rational white man would.

    OT- Was in Arizona recently. What a bunch of fugly ass looking people. All the ‘latinos’ spoke English well, and in fairness were well-mannered in the places I went, but damn they are not pleasant to look at. Short, fat, brown, and tatted up. And the few younger white chicks I saw looked like scabby biker tweekers. If this is the future of American beauty then we certainly need to speed up the R&D & manufacturing of those life-like sex bots.

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  29. I like Trump. He is a good man but for the love of God he needs to listen to Putin and Nigel Farage. He is wasting valuable time talking about his LEGAL tax situation. Arguing with a woman is almost a no win situation and when you combine CIA strategies then it is almost impossible.

    Trump, ignore her attacks. Simple game strategy which works. You have so much damaging material you can bring up on Hillary it is like drinking out of a fire hydrant.

    #1. Hillary hijacked democracy by corrupting the DNC and disenfranchised Bernie voters. Talk about this! Invite the Bernie supporters who have been disenfranchised to join you on your fight to end corruption and bring back democracy.
    #2. Her war on women and children along with Christian and secular peoples. . Tens of thousands of women, children, Christians and secular peoples have been raped, crucified, murdered and thousands more have become refugees because of her direct and indirect support of questionable groups in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemeni, etc
    #3. Her desire for war with Russia. Her lack of diplomacy. Her reckless behavior toward other countries resulting in damaged relationships and a new cold war. You WILL END THE COLD WAR and make the world safe again.
    #4. Hillary’s obsession with Putin and her strong desire to blame all her issues on Putin while never taking personal responsibility.
    #5. Clinton foundation. Why the fuck are you talking about your taxes.


    • You set the frame of discussion not her.

      Emails, enabling predators of women, habitual lying. etc..

      Still cannot believe Hillary got way with accusing Trump of being disrespectful to women, lol…was that a joke?!


      • on October 4, 2016 at 4:42 pm Captain Obvious

        MICHAEL CHERTOFF: In bed with Bill & Hillary.

        KENNETH STARR: In bed with Bill & Hillary.

        JAMES & PETER COMEY: In bed with Bill & Hillary.


    • And now comes the cacophony of allies — who are worried more about themselves and projecting it onto the campaign as a stand-in panacea for all troubles in their lives — and what their candidate absolutely NEEDS to do.

      These directives are expressed in panic, but they are also invested with an eye toward palliating the post-election blues, where their ignored pleas will help with disappointment after he loses, which the loser naturally expects his candidate to do. He will have his “if only he did this…!” mutterings to salve the bad, but all to familiar, failure feelz.

      Twenty four years of losing, and losing while you’re winning, messes with the collective mind. Read @NolteDC to get the full flavor of the fever. I’ve seen it every cycle from the usual cuckspects, but never this bad.

      Everybody r e l a x . He’s got this. Ye of little faith.

      Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, bid me come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus; but when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, “Lord, save me.” Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him, saying to him, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”

      Every fear is ultimately grounded in faithlessness.


  30. On that MPC link, further down, there’s another solid comment from poster: Jung Man.

    A nice follow up.


  31. (Newsreport by Sorcerygod) — Like a Justin Bieber love song over which some haters vomit, yet other nascent-breasted girls scream thrillingly with waving arms, Donald Trump’s tax return fiasco is mixing it up.

    The anti-Trump viewpoint is popular in Iowa, Maine, Utah, Idaho — all those places where neighbors are all supposed to be on the same social plane and no one ever rises up above the herd.

    [to read the rest of my news article, click on my name and the first article of the website]


  32. No, I understand morale is fragile, but it is time to stop the self-delusion and time to stop feeding each other’s confirmation bias. He’s a lazy, old man and quite possibly a virtuoso con artist who either way has fucked ordinary white people hard. He has had a year to get serious about shoring up his serious weaknesses and building on his unique strengths and opportunity. He would never walk into one of his major real estate deals totally unfucking prepared like he did in that debate, and no one is forcing him to go off message to focus on every piece of retarded minutia the Jewish-Marxist Media complex throws in his path. It says a lot about his character and judgement. He needed to get serious about framing that will convince persuadable normies not us, and he didn’t do it.


    • on October 4, 2016 at 2:10 pm Carlos Danger

      Lew, you’re such a lying kike. No one would be spending the money and putting forth the effort they do for a conman. It would be at 50% and nowhere near as frantic. I’m more concerned we don’t have enough cattle cars.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Lew – rhymes with?

      so many of these one named trolls showing up these days. That should be a key indicator, like Domino’s pizza orders to the Pentagon. Why can’t they even come up with two names, I wonder? And they don’t even bother to disguise the first… Lew, David, Joel, Ben Zion…

      “He has had a year to get serious about shoring up his serious weaknesses and building on his unique strengths and opportunity.”

      A year? Really. Seems to me at the RNC Convention he was fighting back insurrection and mutiny from his own, ahem, stalwart allies within the GOP… Ryan and his ilk… and the duplicitous Cruz…

      A year you say to prepare?

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    • no one is forcing him to go off message to focus on every piece of retarded minutia the Jewish-Marxist Media complex throws…

      And no one is forcing you to buy in to the Jewish-Marxist Media interpretation that his supporters are “deluding” themselves into thinking he is winning solidly.

      Nobody thought he was “unprepared” or that he came close to losing until the Jewish-Marxist media set about with their usual unabashed hackery in the days after. See the instant polls on the night of, which at very least demonstrated tremendous universal enthusiasm among his supporters for his performance.

      Only now that the satanic narrators have whispered for a straight week uninterrupted to Lew, “Give in to your fears,” it seems easier for the weak-willed like him to relent.

      This is straight-up war. Stop being subtle, stop dissecting and splitting hairs. Just push forward, summon up the sinews and the blood, and kill everything in front of you.

      Show me your WAR FACE, Lew.

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      • “Nobody thought he was “unprepared” or that he came close to losing until the Jewish-Marxist media”-

        Wrong. Within minutes I was posting on this site about the complete fail. It was epic. I was having trouble watching it as I am sure Nigel Farage was also. As for the so called “Jewish-Marxist media”, you would be better updated with neocon-CIA.


    • “He’s a lazy, old man”

      That guy hustles. Every. Day. Like a soldier.

      Fuck off (((Lew))).


  33. GE wrote “Mind you, I side with the school of thought that says ‘Murrica is done… due to a demographic shift that cannot be reversed short of civil war that would make the Thirty Years seem like a minor inconvenience.”

    America of the 1950’s has been done for a while. That doesn’t mean that white middle and upper classes evaporate. In Brazil, whites of Portuguese, Italian and German descent are still in control over the majority made up of browns and blacks. The U.S. may move toward that situation, but the elimination of whites is not on the horizon, given the number of AR’s in the hands of white men. A prolonged civil war would be highly unlikely, unless the military backed the elites rather than the extended families of its own soldiers, again unlikely.


    • another (((one))), a single named troll saying relax all is well…


    • “demographic shift that cannot be reversed short of civil war”-
      Uncomfortable truth

      “America of the 1950’s has been done for a while.”-
      Uncomfortable truth

      “That doesn’t mean that white middle and upper classes evaporate. In Brazil, whites of Portuguese, Italian and German descent are still in control over the majority made up of browns and blacks.”-
      Way wrong. You are right about Brazil and other countries like Mexico but that has been culturally established. Think South Africa for the U.S.. Simply amazing you can’t see the hate in America which is being perpetrated on white people of European decent. Reminds me of Nazi Germany when some Jews tried to tell themselves everything would eventually get better. Those who had passports and decided to use them lived to tell the tale. Same goes for whites in S.A.

      Do you know how dangerous it is to be a white person in S.A. now?

      Simply amazing how easy all this is to see. God must of given me the gift of perception because I am constantly taken aback at little people understand this.

      Btw, our boys, girls and transgenders in uniform are so drugged, GMO’ed and propagandized by the elite neocons that there will never be a rebellion. Unlike Egypt’s military which finally had enough of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood bullshit. But then again they were real men.


      • You keyboard warriors misread whenever you get a chance; you have to I guess because otherwise you would have nothing to say. My point was that there are so many ARs in the hands of white men that any civil war would necessarily be brief. From that, I get characterized as a Jewish troll. Go find a real enemy to fight. Like the BLM crowd in Sylacauga.


      • on October 5, 2016 at 8:29 am carlos danger

        What do you know about our military first hand?


    • Who wants Brazil? Basically the white elites at the behest of YKW have betrayed the white middle and working classes to the brown hordes by pushing immigration, affirmative action, outsourcing, H1Bs and other methods of defacto soft genocide for short term profits.


      • “Who wants Brazil?”

        Make no mistake. Being European in many South and Central American countries is a cultural advantage as the race agenda is not pushed and looking at races differently is not the ultimate sin.

        What is going on in the U.S. is different. The political correctness is off the charts. Think South Africa.


  34. In the tradition of the (((effete))) New Yorker: things overheard in Bryant Park Cafe (after early afternoon midtown meeting…

    20 something Asian woman: “I wish I was Jewish …”

    30 something beautiful WASPy blonde: “How many calories are there in bone broth? (My peeps!!!)

    Late 20s swarthy go grrll!: “Trump’s an asshole but Hillary is evil.”

    Extrapolate what you will, goys.

    Liked by 1 person

    • First broad has some identity issues, but I find it disturbing she didn’t wish she was blackola. (I find that Asians and Latinos almost always adopt ghetto culture, especially if they’re first generation.)

      Is bone broth the new euphemism on the street? I’m guessing that WASPy blonde was ISO some action.

      Swarthy go grrl: finally, someone original


      • on October 4, 2016 at 4:45 pm Captain Obvious

        Scott Adams’s new squeeze is rather swarthy:


      • She looks more like she’s rocking full C’s rather than D’s, as is stated in her bio.

        Same with Katy Perry. She’s more of the C variety than D.


      • on October 4, 2016 at 7:02 pm Sean Fielding

        Scott Adams better have learned some serious Game in the last few years if he wants to tie this one down, Bindi though she be. He broke the ‘betas think I can’t wait until my friends see me with her/alphas think I can’t wait until I bang her’ rule with his announcement, and he has an enormous phsyiognomy deficit to overcome, but OTOH, he’s the very definition of the ‘nerds can game Game if they put all their studiousness and aloofness into it.’

        But as long as he doesn’t commit resources, why should he care if she only lasts months: a 60 year-old vegetarian sperg is hitting that – good for him.


  35. on October 4, 2016 at 3:22 pm Hammer of Love

    ” 20 Outrageous Examples That Show How Political Correctness Is Taking Over America ”


  36. The thing that Trump’s enemies on both the left and the right don’t get about Trump is that he is a man of principles. They doubt he has any principles except “what’s good for Donald”. Blinded by there own lack of principles methinks.

    Every plank of Trump’s platform is informed by “what’s good for the American citizen, is what has been proven to be good by way of the western tradition – which is respect for and valuing of the self-agency of the individual, and respect for the individual responsibility implied thereof, first and foremost”. The west rose to prominence because it has been a meritocracy – yes? It’s completely obvious. It’s ludicrous to believe otherwise.

    Why are so many people blind to the fact the Donald Trump is a highly principled man? The west rose to prominence because it was, first and foremost, a meritocracy – many people seem unable to grok that today.

    If Donald Trump wins and can lead, according to the principles upholding his promised platform – many more people will again begin to be able to grok this. May meritocracy again reign supreme among the American people. The entire western world is depending on this American outcome.


    • There is no right and left anymore, just evil. The sooner people understand this the better.


      • Yeah – it’s more like those that have major dirt in their past or otherwise possess a major character deficiency, and a lack of revulsion about being blackmailed by such (as long as the blackmail is packaged with tailor-made rewards), then partake of a much quicker ascendancy of their personal brand in human affairs, as if they were being intentionally groomed by unseen elements. Just like some fictional stories in popular culture – weird huh? But there is just too much evidence now to see this as more than just coincidence. Take McCain for instance – word is his prisoner of war record is not what it seems.

        But the regular citizen is largely unaware of this type of thing, and the regular citizen still dutifully lines up on either the left or the right, and many of the citizenery so fashioned into sheeple, unbeknownst to them, do see Trump as the enemy, nevertheless. But of course what is presented to the people-fashioned-as-sheeple is a sham, I agree. Anyone who looks beyond just the cursory, will come to this same conclusion now. It has become all too obvious lately. Weird.

        Weird because there is no consensus among those studying this carefully, as to what is actually going on behind the curtain. Makes me think that perhaps what is occurring behind the curtain has not been ascertained yet because there is still an ongoing struggle among unknown elites, behind the scenes, for dominance. A secret war of some kind. This is so opaque I don’t think anyone really knows for sure – but the real power struggle certainly does have the stink of hiding behind the globalist agenda, as a front, – thus hiding the real struggle. It does stink like that. I wonder what the real struggle is? (this wondering can get mighty esoteric indeed if one gives imagination too much free reign).


      • I am still not so sure why this is all so easy for me to understand. I say easy because it is all on the internet for everyone to see, pictures included. Quotes from Pentagon officials and plenty of evidence in regards to the CIA. The depth of the evil is what goes over most peoples head.


      • Putin, you cannot understand because you are going sane in an insane world.


      • Hey Putin – yes ISIS and Al-Qaeda with McCain, Clinton, Obama, Bush, the neocons etc etc., American covert involvement with such elements going who knows how far back.

        But why? Why is it that the Saudis can do no wrong (when come’on, officially, they were responsible for 9-11 for god-sake – which of course was officially but not publicly known prior to the commencement of the Iraq war ….. but ….. the official story probably isn’t even the whole story)? Why playing to Sunni subversive interests in Syria, Libya, (and Egypt prior to that)? But then play nice with the Shiite state sponsorship of international terrorism in Iran? All the while playing nice with Israel? All the time supporting each of these parties fucking with the other parties? And hasn’t it been something like $5 trillion been spent on all the foolishness by this point (making the “we did it for the oil” narrative not very believable, and the cold war isn’t a realistic excuse either given that the Western shenanigans in the middle east only escalated after the end of the cold war)?

        At the same time making efforts to erode the 1st amendment, by way of a concerted 20-odd-year campaign of slowly deconstructing it once the writing was on the wall some 20 years ago that media would inevitably start to become decentralized via the rise if the internet, so that the Bernays-type and Alinsky-type public control operations wouldn’t work so well anymore in the future ……. so we first got the media deregulation allowing for concentrated media ownership, then the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, NSA collecting everyone’s every keystroke (among other intel), and the latest deconstruction of the 1st amendment being – handing over internet address protocol jurisdiction to an international body now without 1st amendment protections – while nobody hardly says boo?

        Why is Black Lives Matter used a a subversive front to sow racial tension (we all know the BLM narrative is a farce)?

        Why were some subversive strands of feminism supported and propped up prior to that?

        Why not call out Islamic Terrorism as Islamic Terrorism?

        Why, for 40 years, pretend to do something about illegal immigration but never do, thus damaging the black demographic particularity?

        Why destroy the dollar without any sense of responsibility?

        Why the ridiculous war on drugs which has been an ongoing complete fiasco of international proportions (exporting the tentacles of this American perversion abroad)?

        Why not working towards making Russia the west’s natural rational ally at this point?

        Why not more worry about the inevitable ascendancy of China (with their historical penchant for arranging a dynamic of dominance by way of enforced tribute – which is clear has been their long term strategy for dealing with the U.S. now for at least 20 years)?

        Why this constant pandering to the globalist agenda and globalist interests when the U.S. has already long lost control over that sponsorship to serve American interests (if it ever had control in the first place)? Besides we all know that globalist trade cannot hope to provide for the greatest good for the most people worldwide (as is it’s apparent high-brow selling point), unless there is international free movement of peoples, but that is not occurring concurrently with the rise of globalist trade, ….. but when something like that occurs willy nilly and chaotically, this causing issues and problems, like the migrant crisis in Europe, ….. then those that pander to the globalist agenda advise that this uncontrolled dynamic must be embraced? If there is any hope for globalist trade providing the greatest benefit for the most people worldwide it would have to be synchronized with the a correlated international movement of populations, if the globalist actually do want to avoid instead having wealth concentrated in the hands of the few. But the world isn’t even close to having the capacity to undertake demographic engineering of this type – so what gives?

        Why the rise of the coercion of thought police, 1984-style, by way of enforcement of politically correct thinking and speaking only?

        Why are those that do not conform to PC-speak shamed?

        Why is it that when somebody like Donald Trump demands his right to be heard with respect to the topics outlined above, he is virulently attacked for his efforts, when any westerner with average 16 year old level intelligence, given the real facts, would naturally ask these same questions?

        What is going on? This is deeper than Isis or Al-Qaeda or any of our past and current leadership personalities, or the neocons, or the Saudis, or Israel, or the Sunnis, or the Shiites, or Islamic Terrorism, or the current strife in Syria and Libya, or the near miss in Egypt in the recent past, or the long animosity with Iran now thawing despite no change to Iran’s state commitment to international terrorism, or the American military-industrial-espionage complex, or middle eastern oil, or the cold war, or the various actions in the ongoing 20-odd-year campaign to deconstruct the 1st amendment, or Edward Bernays, or Saul Alinsky, or media deregulation, or the Patriot Act, or the Department of Homeland Security, or the unconstitutional actions of the NSA, or Black Lives Matter, or some of the more virulent strains of feminism, or the 40-year federal refusal to deal with illegal immigration at the southern border, or the ongoing money system shenanigans, or the war on drugs fiasco, or the doubling down on efforts to break Russia (which is never gonna happen in any event), or the future tribute payable to China, or the false globalist agenda narrative, or the increasing coercive policing of speech and thought, …. so what is really going on?

        A normal western 16-year old with average 16-year-old intelligence, given the real facts (like our leadership is in possession of) would display far better judgment in making reasonable decisions vs. what has been provided by western leadership now for many many years. What gives? The people that have risen to leadership have not been particularly cognitively retarded – so what gives?

        One answer that may explain this is – perhaps our leadership are not westerners, they are not beholden to the value and respect for the self-agency of the individual first and foremost, and respect for the resulting individual responsibilities that flow from such self-agency. Thus they are not promoters (but instead pillagers) of the meritocracy, and now they have half-way destroyed it. So …… if they are not westerners …. who are they ……. and who are the beholden to?

        Perhaps they are simply ontologically defective people, and as such produce nothing more the degradation and chaos. Then one must ask – what defect lies within our systems of cultural and political organization that allows the defective people, by some default, to gain control of the levers of power?


    • on October 5, 2016 at 2:33 am Vagina dominator


      On the issue of “why destroy the dollar”, the answer is that it can’t be helped. It is a feature of a fiat, debt-based currency that it has only a certain shelf-life.

      They knew that when they brought it in becaue they have long experience in doing this in other countries, over centuries even before John Law was in diapers.

      The pattern is as follows:

      Get control of government money issuance.

      Issue fiat currency to self.

      Use fake money to buy real goods (gold, farmland, factories, fleets, armies, legal positions, and government influence) until country is cleaned out and thoroughly corrupted.

      Collapse of country.

      Move onto next country.

      They’ve done it before.


  37. Trump’s truth is relative. It is not Truth. But then both truth and Truth left Hellary long ago, if ever it even took residence in that barren and dessicated wilderness. In that place of almost universal deceit, Trump’s relative truth is like rain on Arrakis, a revolutionary act. It’s not Truth by any stretch, and certainly ain’t salvation, but it will arrest the degenerative ratchet a notch. And that’s worth voting for.


  38. on October 4, 2016 at 6:48 pm Forays In Fiction

    Hope you make it back on Twitter for the death blow 🙂 I’m going to stick around a little after the election, but then it’s time for new adventures 🙂 I joined gab, but I don’t expect to use it, actually. Onward into the next battle! Wherever it may lead!!! 🙂


  39. Link between birth control and depression. But is it really a cause and effect with the pill, or a cause and effect due to the lifestyle choice? I believe the latter.


  40. “should be proud to follow into battle”

    I’ve been stocking up on .308 in case it comes to this. if Trump is cheated in the elction, there just might be blood in the streets.


    • An actual battle (for once) worth fighting. Enough chasing boogey men 10,000 miles away, when the Nation (and Europe, brothers) are swarming with them. RAHOWA.


      • Brown and black folks are not your real enemy. Those who have weaponized them against you are. Don’t get tricked into expending your energy on a false enemy. Focus on the real enemy and it can be beaten.


      • @scanman No reason to keep a filthy, worthless piece of obsolete farm equipment lying around; especially one that can be used as a weapon against you.


    • There will be more blood in the streets if he does win. Which is a good thing.


  41. Anyone watching the VP debate? “Deportation Nation”….I like that one. Hillary’s (what’s his name again?) VP candidate is such a beta whiney wimpy faggot.


    • Definitely Johnny. Hillary’s little lap bitch that one is.


    • Hillary’s faggot VP is happy about letting all Muslims in the Nation, with very little if any vetting process. On the bright side, he has a VERY punchable face.


      • Bottom line: If Hillary and this beta tool faggot get into the White House, this Nation, as any of us knew it (as something other than a third world, banana republic dictatorship), is pretty much dead. Final nail in the coffin. If that does occur, you can blame our fellow [w]hites, and not feel sorry for the future that will befall them and their children. Let is fucking burn.


    • Whiney is true. Don’t know if his voice is worse than Hillary’s.

      And sweet sassafras, he keeps interrupting Pence and moderater bitch lets it all go through.

      But, Kaine is all canned lines.

      Just off visuals alone, Pence appears stronger.

      Kaine’s like that annoying guy at a party that pains for attention.


    • I’m watching it right now. It’s aggravating as hell. Pence is good at articulating things, but Kaine is good at reciting points about “Donald said mexicans are all rapists!” and “McCain was a hero!” Jesus, some one needs to flying knee that faggots lipless face.


    • There’s nothing there! What the fuck!?!


      • Look at that photo. How many of in business life, at a club or other social event, have met many, many faggots like this. Lesser men among us, doing the work of the enemy. Nothing but a rotten, filthy traitor.


      • I loved that Jesuit crap. This worthless faggot should be hung Seth Bullock style, a slow agonizing strangle, not a quick snap of the neck.


    • Also, what is interesting – and annoying as hell – is that they, the moderator included, keep going deep deep deep into Donald Trump’s campaign policies. It’s all about his policies, nothing else. They don’t elaborate nearly as deeply with Hillary’s positions. Because of this (1) anyone watching this will get a clear, distinct idea of what Donald’s positions are while only knowing with vague detail what Hillary intends to do, and (2) Pence is forced into the defensive over and over again.


    • Lipless Kaine is a master at putting words into people’s mouths. He’s a fucking snake.


  42. VP Debate related: If the ticket is looked at as a single entity, this debate shows that Pence is the just right amount of comfort game sprinkled in to the entities overall cocky Alpha frame. People watching won’t necessarily put it to words or thought, but I think they are being persuaded by it regardless.


    • Kaine just said, “Hillary has went toe-to-toe with Russian”. The mental imagery of her flabby animated corpse going toe-to-toe with anything is priceless.

      This faggot keeps bringing up the tax meme. Lame.


      • He’s pretty much doing as he’s been instructed. I’m liking Pence; casually calling out the inanities that Kaine’s spewing.


  43. He is “that guy” that got his ass whipped on a weekly basis in high school.

    And he is basically saying, “Fuck Russia and Putin”, calling him an outright evil dictator. So…that said, Putin is going to want to work with TheCunt and this limp-wristed faggot?


  44. VP Debate: Lipless Kaine quote: “Vladimir Putin is a dictator. He is NOT a leader.”

    What the fuck?! He is admired by most of the Russian population. He’s brought the country out of economic shit-hole abyss. He’s done great things for the country. This guy does not know what the fuck he’s talking about!


    • Anyone who takes his country back from (((them))) is a “dictator” and worse.

      Hahaha Fuck (((them))).


  45. Educated by Jesuits!!!!!!! Enough said, Kaine. Go away, you Jesuit faggot traitor. He can suck the d*ck of this fellow, the first Jesuit pope, the communist Pope Francis:


  46. Any real man will hate Kaine after watching him, and any real woman will have a significant drop in libido.


    • Pence is a real man…everyone watching (even faggot liberals) will appreciate that fact. The visual of watching them speak, and their body movements, was a major take-away.


  47. No wonder Americans are lost when they believe the lies. Pence is a corrupt neocon while Kaine is a neocon homo. I watched about 8 minutes until I couldn’t take the fantastic fantasy lies anymore.

    Crimea voted democratically to secede and thank God they did as it escaped the instability the U.S. created there. What invasion?


    • True to a degree, Putin. I disagree with Trumps present positions on (1) blacks as victims who just need more opportunity, (2) installing a ‘big beautiful door’ in THE WALL, and (3) Putin as a bad man. That said, I choose and 80% victory of ideas over a 30% victory df ideas (any other GOP candidate) or a total loss (a victory by ANY Democrat candidate). Trump may turn more to our side when he has access to secret documents and briefings, which he obviously does not have at present.


      • Did I say anything about Trump? I like Trump. Not sure what you mean.


      • Pence is not Trump. There were some others involved along with Trump in the picking of the VP candidate.


      • Putin, I believe (((they))) are having an effect on Trump and Pence. “Tone is down, tone it down!” The bottom line is, no matter what Trump says to try and appease the sensitive, childlike emotions of blacks, 90% of them (dead and alive) will be voting for TheCunt. Trump should not be defensive on Putin, but be proud that he will form a strong alliance with Russia and prevent the WAR that Hillary is pushing for with YOUR children, and crush ISIS in every nation it exists in the Middle East and North Africa.


      • For the record I like Trump. I think Trump knows the truth or at least most of it. This is uncomfortable for the neocons.


      • “Putin, I believe (((they))) are having an effect on Trump and Pence. “Tone is down, tone it down!” The bottom line is, no matter what Trump says to try and appease the sensitive, childlike emotions of blacks, 90% of them (dead and alive) will be voting for TheCunt. Trump should not be defensive on Putin, but be proud that he will form a strong alliance with Russia and prevent the WAR that Hillary is pushing for with YOUR children, and crush ISIS in every nation it exists in the Middle East and North Africa.”

        Yes. Exactly.


      • This is what I have been saying. Take the CH advice, “Agree and Amplify”. Stop going defensive.

        They need to say “yes, we can work together to make the world a safe place again. Russians love their president because he is a strong leader. Hillary has started a new cold war which I will fix. Putin is fighting ISIS in Syria, we can work with them”…….put them on the defensive.


    • I’ll come back and ask you when “””Californians””” vote to secede democratically.


  48. 11/9


  49. Did you know that Trump likes Putin? CIA strategy is very powerful at positioning what they want into peoples minds.

    Example: Accuse Trump of liking Putin. Thus it becomes a bad thing to like Putin.

    Another example would be me accusing you of having a Norwegian friend. Thus the idea that it is bad to have a Norwegian friend. It is a psychological gambit.


  50. watched some of the vp thing. Physiognomy is real.


  51. saw this:

    First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Social Democrats, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Social Democrat. And then they realized that all their problems had pretty much been solved, so they stopped coming for people.
    -Slavic Nationalist on GAB

    fuck eyah

    guess I’ll just have a pepsi


    • lol…great! Let’s make the West great again!


    • Daiky Stormer had a funnier one…first they came for the Jews and I opened a beer in celebration….


    • Remember, brothers, this famous poem:

      First they came for the Mexicans, and I said nothing because I was laughing too hard to talk.

      Then they came for the Moslems, and I said nothing because I was blasting Motörhead’s “Ace of Spades” so loudly that no one would be able to hear me if I said something.

      Finally they came for the Jews, and I said nothing because people can’t talk while they’re chugging champaign straight out of the bottle.

      Then they stopped coming, so I played X-Box with my neighbor and then went to the gym. Then later me and my girlfriend and my cousin played Scrabble while listening to jazz music and trying out some different types of cold cuts and cheeses we bought at Whole Foods.


  52. I see the pundits talking about ‘Pence didn’t defend Trump’. These people are either retarded or they are trying to deviously push their agendas.

    You never ever fall into another person’s frame. You always go for the reframe.

    I wonder if these tactics actually work on politicians because if they do then they are incompetent. To have someone fall for it at the highest level is akin to championship caliber boxer getting knocked out by a left jab.


    • How to deal with the willing traitors in the MSM after the revolution:


      • on October 5, 2016 at 2:51 am Vagina dominator

        Too much dignity in that way out Johnny. And I want their families gone too. What is wrong with these people goes gene-deep.


  53. They hate Trump for the things he has said. I hate Hillary for the things she has DONE. How could their be any undecideds?


  54. on October 4, 2016 at 10:42 pm Carlos Danger


  55. Did the Faggot Skypess hang her sloppy ragged ass ?
    You would have thought the harpy would have left us a ” fuck all of you real men , goodbye, cruel world ! ” poast from that scraggly grunion bucket gobbler.
    I feel robbed, I tellya ,Rob-bed !


    • She’s collecting (((choice))) quotes with which to reply, but that being said, this type of delay is quite lengthy for her as she’s usually on the ready anytime CH writes about Trump.


      • Her next “Trump is finished” findings:

        1) He once told an Apprentice contestant she’d look good on her knees.

        2) He invited a client out to lunch and made the client pay for it.

        3) He has a pair of shoes made from aborted calf leather that were sewn in a Bangalore factory by an 8 year old girl making 12 cents an hour who was clitorectomized by the village elders when she said she wanted to go to school instead of support her fambly of 23.


  56. “For all its Vox Day-ness”

    MPC faggots snarking about men whose shoes they aren’t fit to shine. Business as usual.

    ” A fantasy from Dune or a silly game for overgrown manchildren. ”

    What’s a man worth if he isn’t signalling his “””maturity””” by denigrating inconsequential hobbies.

    Man, what a bunch of posers. I know they are funny and have great thinkers, but posers they are. (I’m suprised they tolerate Pepe, I mean he’s a CARTOON!!!)


  57. on October 5, 2016 at 8:49 pm Canadian Friend

    ” …Any of us-anyone else- would have long since broken. Its been a year and a half and every day from every side, Trump has been under unremitting, vicious, downright depraved attack…”

    Late to the party… but wanted to say,

    yep, I agree 100 %

    and this too,

    “…70 years old. Taking 15 months of endless hate to take a chance at 8 years more.

    The more I think of it, the more it moves me. I didn’t think we got men like this anymore. Laugh if you like. I dont give a damn. Donald Trump turned his back on endless, unlimited fame, wealth, hedonism, luxury and peace. …”

    and this,

    ” …Even if he loses, he gave it all, all the costs he’ll bear-and he will suffer terribly- to cut a path for us out of the wilderness.

    […] And the only thing we could ever do to repay this truly great man, is Make America Great Again…”

    In many ways yes, Trump is a great man, which I understand is shocking to some and boggles the mind of many, but in some ways yes he is a great man.

    Obama had the help of almost every institution in America, the main stream media campaigned for Obama for free. Obama was carried like a king on the people’s shoulders, all the way to the presidency he never had to walk.

    Obama has zero credit, zero merit.

    Trump is the exact opposite of Obama, almost every institution is against him, almost everyone who has power is savagely attacking him, figuratively speaking bullets are raining on Trump as if a thousand snippers were trying to shoot him down, yet Trump soldiers on,

    Trump soldiers on.

    Trump deserves a lot of credit, he has a lot of merit.

    Yes I would say Trump is a great man.


  58. […] But I find it easy to imagine Trump’s current success without his persuasion skills. I do not find it easy to imagine Trump’s success absent his remarkable personal qualities; no amount of linguistic kill shots could have elevated a weak-minded, risk-averse, pro-amnesty globalist hack to the Trumpian fervour of overflowing stadia and worshipful embrace of 4Chan Traditionautists. Trump’s legions of devoted followers are motivated by something far more primal than eloquence; their passion stems from something simpler, and more meaningful: a Truth so unspeakably terrifying, that even we on the Neoreactionary Right recoil from it: Trump is a Great Man. […]