The Limits of Game

Game is now packaged, marketed, and taught to tens of thousands of men in the US.  At the rate the major businesses are growing and the books are selling, it’s possible that 10 million or more American men will have some knowledge of the fundamentals of game within a few years.  This is a not-insignificant number.  A percentage of those men will put forth the effort and apply what they’ve learned to their dating lives.  When a critical love-em-and-leave-em juncture is reached, I believe the country will go through another social revolution similar to the great upheaval of the 1960s.  What lies beyond is anyone’s guess, though I have my personal theories.

The art of seduction is not a new discovery, but it’s transformation into a science that can be executed in the field to produce relatively reliable results is new.  If Voltaire were alive today he would recognize a familiar scene of thousands of men talking away their ugly faces to bed their queens of france, but what would strike him as novel is the calculated efficiency and cooperative effort with which these 21st century voltaires, tools of science in hand, eviscerate and demystify the age-old quest of winning a woman’s heart and spreading her legs.  I imagine he would be saddened that the beauty and grandeur of the chase had been stripped to its bones and displayed textbook-like for the edification of legions of aspiring seducers.

The rise of the era of Game is not hard to explain.  Particular social conditions in conjunction with fresh knowledge and rapid information transfer practically guaranteed a new world order of more cads, less dads. Ironically, feminism helped midwife this beast.  The free love anti-trust breakup of women’s monopoly over sex and their increased financial independence dissolved the primary pillars of marriage.  The wheels were set in motion, yet the Sexual Revolution 2.0 didn’t kick into high gear until the mid 1990s when some very astute and horny guys found in the teachings of darwinistic evolutionary psychology the blueprint for getting what they wanted from women.

A shortcut had been discovered.  Now, instead of toiling for years as a cog in the machine, giving til it hurt, to win the heart of a marriageable woman in a socially-approved manner, men were, in effect, mimicing the traditional alpha male through a process of data compression.  The confident body language and cocky humor of the CEO or BigLaw sleazebag could be had by the common man for pennies on the dollar.

Most men scoff at this.  It takes many demonstrations by pioneers before the average guy will lose his long-held beliefs about how the world works.  Even those guys who know about game and have immersed themselves in it like a religious follower at a tent revival find it difficult to change their old ways.  For now, the status quo continues to be the default assumption.  Marriage, rigged as it is against men in its current configuration, is still the norm people aspire to.  And that is where game (to date) has fallen short; it is a great tool for pickup but needs refining for application in longterm relationships.

A lot of pie in the sky acolytes of game miss the bigger picture.  There are some very immutable laws of human nature that the best game in the world won’t circumvent.  Age is one of them.  A 90 year old man will not score 20 year old coeds on the strength of game alone.  He’ll need compensating factors, in massive quantities.  Fame and vast wealth are proven sexual value enhancers.  Without game, a man would need a steadily increasing pot of money or accumulating social status to satisfy his urge to screw young women.  With game, he can afford to slack off a certain amount on the traditional attractiveness measures.  In a sense, game is like an extra 5 inches in height or $100K in salary — it gives a man a big leg up in the mating wars.

By age 50, the decrepitude of mitochondrial degeneration will really begin to hinder a man’s ability to score.  Women under 30 will not take his flirting seriously any longer.  At this time, the amount of power (in the form of money) he’ll need to continue attracting younger women will rise exponentially.  In graph form, it would look like this:


For women, their version of game, wealth, social status, and power over men are dependent on one necessary variable: her beauty.  Once that goes, (and it usually goes faster for them than it does for men), they are shit out of luck.  But for the brief window of time they have their beauty, they hold in their hands the power of the gods.

Since women cannot do much about their looks other than plastic surgery and, marginally, makeup, they have to be more cognizant than men of their time left to secure for themselves the best deal on the sexual market.  Time is no friend to anyone, but to women it is especially cruel.  When I see mother-daughter duos shopping at the mall I’m always stunned they are related.  There isn’t a better, or sadder, advertisement for trading up.

Although a woman’s looks primarily define her sexual marketability, feminine personality and a willingness to experiment sexually count as well, but those factors only work synergistically with youth and beauty.  Women who’ve hit the wall can wear dresses every day, learn the art of coquettish flattery, and carry a suitcase full of perverted sex toys, but it will be in vain.  Men will look past her at the younger versions of herself.  Older women (between 30 and 45) who still have a few years of serviceability left in them can compete against the younger competition by putting out right away.  Nevertheless, this is a temporary fix.  Any man worth having will get his rocks off with the cougar and save his commitment for the kitten.  A graphical representation of the market constraints women operate within would look like this:


While game is the next step in the evolution of relations between men and women, it is not an alien technology with diplomatic immunity from human nature that will yield results for everyone under every circumstance.  Street bums are not suddenly going to start banging quality pussy, though they may improve their meet to lay ratio with soup kitchen volunteers.  For the man who truly wants the life that most men dream about, a multi-front attack improving his finances, physical well-being, and game, with one eye on the ticking clock, is the only way to go.


  1. Once again, I agree with every work, but you are not writing about anything new.

    I’m guessing I’m a lot older than you, and I remember advertisements in National Lampoon for a book called “How to Pick Up Girls”–in 1974!! It came in a plain brown wrapper (of course).

    No, I never bought it–not because I was so cool that I didn’t need it, but because I was so completely and pathetically lame that I thought it was a waste of money and would never help.


  2. sestamibi: yeah and there was maybe one or two other books in that subject and they were all a joke. things have changed.


  3. things *have* changed. there are still a few kernels of truth that have withstood the test of time, but by and large dating advice today is nothing like it was in the past.
    i’m deliberating how much personal stuff i want to put on here. it’d be more interesting to write about specific examples of game from my real life successes and failures with women, but i don’t want a vengeful ex stumbling across this site and making life difficult for me. nor do i want girls i’m currently dating to see this.


  4. Roosh, but isn’t that sad that what was once a matter of spontaneous lust should now be so scientifically codified and reduced to a computer program equivalent?


  5. – The guys who wrote the “game” books capitalized on an early information disparity. But the market has adjusted. Now it’s pretty common knowledge among women that the guy who’s being all charming and cocky and maybe using a few “neg hits,” learned it all from a book. (Actually, the “neg hits” are the real tell). And we’re not… what you’d call… impressed.

    – Given this, the the guys who are still buying the books will end up taking home: 1) The girl who is too dumb to know to protect herself (usually, funny enough, because she’s husband-hunting and all her friends gave her a copy of that “He’s Just Not That Into You,” book, so she thinks she’s got you on the hook). 2) The girl who is just dumb. 3) The girl who knows what you’re up to and subscribes to the school of “use him right back. “4) The girl who knows what you’re up to and hates herself enough to try to convince you to stay, just stay, with her, for the night…

    – So either you “win” against someone who’s not playing, someone who is, um, handicapped (all due respect to the disabled) in the dating competition, someone who is making a fool of you, or someone who is crazy. Good job. You’re the man. Now go back to gaining money and power in order to get laid, as god intended, and I’ll get back to the kitchen and start making your sam-mich.


  6. Dizzy, all four of those situations you mentioned are a win for the man. If a girl is hot, do you think a man gives a damn about the petty female carping regarding her personality that you are doing?


  7. Black

    No! You shouldn’t do that!


  8. We should distinguish between an old man getting young women vs. youngER women.

    A 60-year-old man with upper-middle-class wealth and good game will not get hot 25 year olds. But he will get attractive 40-year-old cougars with some consistency.

    A 40-year-old cougar is preferable to being married to a 58-year-old fat wife, for a 60-year-old man.

    Also, the good thing about men is that sexual libido declines with age. Men’s prospects decline as their desire declines, thus making celibacy quite acceptable later in life. The same is not true for women, as their sexual desire remains high long after their looks are gone.


  9. […] At the heart of this debate is “game,” the attraction-building strategy I previously discussed and predicted would be subject to attempted suppression because it’s not politically correct.  Game comes in two broad varieties, namely for men and for women.  At its core, it’s based on evolutionary psychology principles that allow its user to present himself or herself in the most desirable possible light.  It will not, however, change the substance of the user. […]


  10. Hah this is like a scene from “Fight Club” where the old woman in rehab is screaming she just wants sex before she dies, and all the sex toys she has at home… and still NOBODY wants her, HAAHHAAHAHHA.


  11. on September 7, 2010 at 6:19 pm gunslingergregi

    Yea while if it was a guy he could at least just buy the sex.

    It is like the one perk of being a man.

    You actually don’t need game at all.


  12. on March 10, 2011 at 4:27 pm cynical optimist

    For the man who truly wants the life that most men dream about, a multi-front attack improving his finances, physical well-being, and game, with one eye on the ticking clock, is the only way to go.

    never a more appropiate statement

    -weight lifting
    -martial arts
    -good diet
    -BSc economics
    -above average IQ
    -well paid job
    -nice car
    -own place
    -pilots licence
    -6,2 above average looks

    it still took me over a two years of fucking everywoman i met to find one of LTR standard to me guess it must be irish woman there not renowned for their looks.