Trump AMOGs Gay Mulatto

Trump has become an internationally recognized conduit for illustrating Game concepts in action.

A reader writes,

I don’t blame China” has to be the biggest AMOG statement in the history of mankind; he just made Obama look inferior while complimenting AND gaining the respect of China:

“I don’t blame China,” Trump said during remarks to business leaders inside the Great Hall of the People. “After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for benefit of their citizens? I give China great credit.”

Instead of pointing the finger at Beijing for exacerbating trade disputes, Trump blamed past US administrations “for allowing this trade deficit to take place and to grow.”

Gay Mulatto just got ALPHA’d. Combine this statement with his granddaughter’s beautiful rendition of a Chinese song in Mandarin which dazzled the Chicoms, and you have a Master Salesman setting the table for a great deal that will benefit Americans rather than enrich the Clinton Foundation and globohomo merchantmen.

If Trump’s two terms are nothing but AMOGing Obama and his legacy, he will have knowingly or not done more good for America than the past five Presidents.

PS for those new here and unfamiliar with Game terminology, “AMOGed” essentially means “bitch slapped”.


  1. Yes…It’s not merely the words one uses, but in which order one uses them…


    • Combine this statement with his granddaughter’s beautiful rendition of a Chinese song in Mandarin which dazzled the Chicoms, and you have a Master Salesman setting the table for a great deal that will benefit Americans rather than enrich the Clinton Foundation and globohomo merchantmen.>


  2. Politicians like to call themselves statesmen because it removes the stench of the occupation and drapes themselves in Think-Tank policy-wonk attire.

    Trump himself distances himself from the presidential role because he knows, to be effective, he sometimes has to be the shiv-wielding thug in the alley (see N. Korea; not-dues-paying losers in the NATO club, etc)


  3. It seems to me that China is keenly aware of how far it can push the U.S. They don’t want to step on American tones, like when they returned that downed U.S. jet. Although China may seem to be a formidable opponent to some, it is hardly the superpower the U.S.S.R. was. China’s performance during the Korean War (50-53) was pathetic, and any gains it made was due to swamping with numbers. Even the Russians had Zhukov during World War II and some of their soldiers fought with glory and valor.

    What I’m trying to say is, if Trump has to face off against China in a global geopolitics game during the next 7 yrs, with Trump’s business and negotiating savvy and natural U.S. economic and military might, it should be an easy win for the U.S. Although Obama probably would have fumbled and blown that one too.


    • on November 9, 2017 at 12:37 pm Captain Obvious

      “Although China may seem to be a formidable opponent to some, it is hardly the superpower”

      China Reveals Images of New Hypersonic Strike Aircraft


      • Good point, C.O. — but stolen from Russian military technology.

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      • When regarding Chinese scientific achievements and military capabilities, never underestimate their willingness to lie about every individual facet.

        They know, themselves, that they don’t need to be able to beat the U.S. in a fight. They know they only need to be able to convince the U.S. that they could beat them, and that’s enough.

        They’re shame based, so they can’t admit mistakes. And they’re communist, so they could be punished for making mistakes. Massive scientific advancement does not come from covering up mistakes, but from putting the mistakes on display and discussing openly what the results are and how they came to be.

        Modern China is a magical Utopia where nothing bad ever happens. Unless you look past the fake walls and camouflage screens at the decay and destruction hidden behind.

        They’re lying.

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      • on November 9, 2017 at 1:11 pm Captain Obvious

        We’re spending trillions of dollars every year to make certain that our Chimpanzees & Armadillos are both obese & also have access to the very latest in diabetes surgery, kidney dialysis, obesity-induced pulmonary disease therapy, etc etc etc.

        Meanwhile, China is free to spend their spare shekels on sh!znat which actually matters.

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      • on November 9, 2017 at 2:53 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        As Greg in Colorado mentions below, lying is in the Chinaman’s blood. Take everything they say with a brick of salt.

        I lived in China for a time. While generally well-organised, capable, and intelligent people, they are at the same time terribly unscrupulous and, as Carlos, said in a previous discussion, totally inscrutable.

        They will lie ’til the cows come home with zero compunction. They also profoundly and unabashedly exaggerate if they feel it will help them. Their resumes are completely laughable; every clerk is a CFO.

        Their strike fighter has a very good chance of being a balsa wood model. Only believe what they do, not what they say. They are also scoundrels when it comes to making deals and bargaining. An old hand told me when I got there: “when you go to the market, ask them how much. Then offer 10% of what they’re asking. Never go higher than 40% of asking price. They will be bawling and screaming by the end of negotiations. When you hand over the cash, and have your product in hand, they will shake your hand, smile, and all will be well.”

        Having said that, I enjoyed myself there as there many interesting diversions, Westerners are well-paid and tall white men with blue eyes are still appreciated. It’s probably the least worst place to live in the non-White world: good infrastructure, all the consumer products you might need, good internet (Failing New York Times is blocked), low crime/no terrorism concerns, more than enough decent looking girlz to get you by.

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      • Les, as has been said around these parts, they have cash registers for souls.

        And CO, don’t worry about China’s “hypersonic strike aircraft”. It’s just a plastic model; it’s like a lot of their “capabilities”, just smoke and mirrors. It’s just their version of maskirovka, and they DO like to think of themselves as the superior middle kingdom after all.

        We’ve been testing actual hypersonic vehicles for a while (with mixed results), they haven’t got anywhere near that far. These types of tests are easy to see.

        So just like their “stealth” fighters, and the Russians, and the Iranians, etc etc, it’s more about form rather than substance. See, we can do it do!

        Strangely enough, though, we’re moving away from “stealth” ((it’s overrated) and back to speed/height for our future programs. We should never have ditched the XB-70, the stated reasons were bullshit. SAM’s are easy enough to deal with at that speed and height, and all making us fly at tree top height NOE style was to allow every fucking monkey with an AK to have a pot shot.

        No, we could still wipe the floor against the whole world tomorrow if we wished (hyperbole, but not by much); our military problems, as always, are POLITICAL.

        Bastard politicians (in and out of uniform).

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    • on November 9, 2017 at 3:21 pm Samuel Skinner

      “China’s performance during the Korean War (50-53) was pathetic, and any gains it made was due to swamping with numbers. Even the Russians had Zhukov during World War II and some of their soldiers fought with glory and valor.”

      The USSR had American supplied trucks during the 2nd World War- China had to do with more limited war material.

      Their performance during the Korean war was good- they caused the longest retreat in American military history helped by American treason through incompetence- cutting the military budget after WW2 and sending green conscripts and black soldier into combat. Only the marines acquitted themselves well. First as a tragedy, then as a farce.

      However, conventional military strength does not appear to be relevant for us. Chinese strategy towards the US and Europe appears to be ‘wait for them to implode due to incompetence while using industrial espionage to steal everything that isn’t nailed down’.


  4. on November 9, 2017 at 12:27 pm The Looch (Blood Money)

    what is obama’s sociosexual rank?

    [CH: i say this with heavy heart, but just given his station and his adoring shitlibcunt fans, he could probably convince a number of thotties to his gay boudoir for a sexy debate on which View cast member is the best dressed. So his SMV is alpha, even if his personality and character are beta.]


    • CH: I suspect you are correct vis a vis libs.

      I know a sh!tlibcunt who was invited to a White House event and met Bill Clinton (somewhat coarse featured IMO) as president. She reported, “He’s so handsome and sexy I almost pee’d my pants.”


    • And with the rate at which the DNC is imploding, we’d only have to wait a few months before said thots turned right around and accused him of rape.


    • CH, don’t dispair. Perceived SMV as all nice, but when the rubber hits the road, what can he really pull?

      Awhile back you had an article about how a man’s woman will tell you all you need to know about a man.

      You were right.

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      • Michael “moochelle” Obongo is a disgusting beast.


      • on November 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm Captain Obvious

        Everyone is wondering who unleashed the Tsunami against Weinstein, thecunt, the Podestas, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, etc etc etc.

        And many folks are guessing that it’s the Obamas [and the Chicago syndicate, led by the Pritzkers & the Minows & the Sunsteins & Emanuels, etc] who are trying to clear the deck for a Sheboon candidacy in 2020 [or maybe for a Rahmbo candidacy].

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      • God, I would love to take a two-foot section of #18 rebar and beat the jew-fro right off Rahm Emmanuel’s head.

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    • but ironically CH, he only reached his alpha SMV rank through political climbing…. and he only was able to climb politically because he married a woman well below his SMV.

      its a fantastic paradox. A true pyrrhic victory, from a purely SMV standpoint.


    • “what is obama’s sociosexual rank?”

      His rank is omega GRIDS. Sod0mites are always on the bottom……. as it were.

      Former President Powerbottom, bearding it up with the First Trapezius, is a solid zero.

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    • PA covers it. Obama is pegged as a CH alpha/Vox Gamma, like John Lennon, or Harvey Weinstein before his recent crash-and-burn.

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    • on November 9, 2017 at 6:50 pm Diversity Is Good

      Gay Mullato’s SMV is artificially inflated, like (((Harvey Weinstein))).
      He’s Michelle’s betaized bitchboy.

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  5. Like

  6. […] Trump AMOGs Gay Mulatto […]


  7. Past six presidents. Six.



  8. on November 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm Captain Obvious

    The big Game topic for the next few days will be whether Roy Moore was [hypothetically] justified in hitting on jailbait [circa 1977-1982] prior to getting married [some time after about 1985].

    [CH: a big and deliberate misconception held by cucks and femcunts is that men can readily ascertain the ages of fully flowered teen girls. girls physically and emotionally develop earlier than boys, and many 15 year olds could pass for twenty-somethings.]

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    • on November 9, 2017 at 12:55 pm Captain Obvious

      “15 year olds could pass for twenty-somethings”


      I remember a girl in the ICU once – had a private room way down at the end of the hall – drop dead gorgeous, and everyone was floored when they learned that she was only 13.

      Coulda easily passed as upwards of 30.

      Fully. Sexual. Mature.

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      • There were two mature-looking women at the gym where I was working out. They seemed exactly like good friends to each other.

        I hit on one. She turned out to be 14. (Great tits, too: huge.)

        Her mother got me in trouble with the establishment. Bitterbitch over her cutie daughter’s stats, amiright?

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      • Back in mid-90’s my mates and our girlfriends & wives were at one of those hotels with a large domed off amusement area (pool, games, etc). We were celebrating a birthday in the group and we were all around late 20’s early 30’s.

        Some teen aged girls were at the pool and one of them was dressed in an American flag bikini with a freaking smoking body!

        Our women noticed us ogling and staring at this girls natural beauty. One of the women in our group asked the girl how old she was and she replied 15. All our women then started to try and shame us as if we were perverts or some sh*t.

        We laughed and pointed out that some of us had been banging them at that age when we were younger. They sure have selective memories.

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      • on November 9, 2017 at 4:47 pm Marcus Aurelius

        This exact scenario played out at a local county fair. I was in line with a friend for bumper cars, and started chatting up the cuties ahead of us in line. She was at least 5’11, with amply developed bosom and buxom. In the middle of our convo, a boy who looked like he was 12 years old ran up to her, got on one knee, and proposed. Me being the chateau honed shitlord that I am, eviscerated this poor kid with a barrage of comedic shivs.

        Near the end of my barrage, I said “I gotta give that kid some credit, he’s brave for a 12 year old”.

        She responded: “Well I’m 13 so he’s not that brave.”

        I was speechless. I had this girl pegged as a 20 y.o., minimum.

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      • on November 9, 2017 at 4:50 pm Marcus Aurelius

        Typo, buxom = bottom.


      • I know NOTHING on the RM situation, but one thing I know for sure ((MSM)) is lying.

        Especially on something as delicate as sexuality ((presstitutes)) lie by tendentiously interpreting, twisting, or simply inventing the facts of the matter.

        Every single time.


    • there’s been a lot about male politicians and sexual ethics lately. In the UK a minister was just taken down because his hand brushed a reporter’s knee some time ago and he had legal pr0nz on his computer from 10 years ago. Notably it is just male politicians who are receiving the accusations although I am certain many ugly truths could be found about female politicians. I won’t say whether talking to a 14 yr old is ethical or not; I wouldn’t. But I fear this points to something beyond just trying to hold politicians accountable which is a societal purge of male sexuality.

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    • “15 year olds could pass for twenty-somethings”

      with all of the hormones and steroids in processed foods and dairy this is so God damn true.

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    • EITHER is will result in some long-overdue clarity and clearing away of all the fake and vindictive legal assaults


      it will herald in a new, darker era of feminism, one where islam is the enforcer.


    • Not knocking it, but they’re still pretty green at 15 or 16, no matter how many feathers they’ve got.
      The question should be: was ole Roy deploying Game way back in ’79, or did he promise to marry her?


  9. I would love to sit back and be happy we have an adult in charge but the “kids under the stairs” (that would be the leftists) are still a threat. They have the cordless phone and are calling in the thugs.


  10. more good for America than the past five Presidents.

    Failed his term. Equipped
    not, to wrestle the beast. Then,
    loathed America.

    California pride,
    grandeur, rushing time, Hinckley.
    Bye, California

    Never honored his
    word. WASP aristocracy
    old blood gone occult.

    Lucifer’s capo.
    Butterball concupiscence.
    Butcher of children.

    Simian grin. Wrong way
    after 9/11. Lives
    and limbs thrown away.

    Not American.
    A Chicago wallflower.
    Not a President.

    Imbecile traitors,
    five is enough. So enters
    the God-Emperor.

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  11. This is an ant-Trump, anti-White song written by an anti-American Mexican. And I disagree with all that. But I like some of the imagery in it. Thought some of you might want to hear it maybe. Don’t know. Here it goes now.


  12. The Alpha with a heart of gold. God’s answer to our prayers.


  13. For all those new here, welcome.

    If you choose to, you will leave here better than when you arrived.


  14. “Trump AMOGs Gay Mulatto”

    And we already knew where China stands on Gay Mulatto. Making him use the ‘back door’, ( snigger ).

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    • Yeah, forcing Obama to exit from the anus of Air Force One was a big middle finger to Obama from the Chinese. Showed they did not respect him nor fear him.

      Contrast that with the over-the-top welcome and pageantry for President Trump. They respect and fear him. Good for Trump, good for America.

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  15. No, don’t denigrate Obamohammed!! I am so triggered!!


  16. Meanwhile Malia’s still struggling with tying her shoelaces… could be cuz she’s wearing her shoes on her hands.