Joker Game

This is a great response to a chick’s IHAB. Via Jimi2x,

IHAB game by the Joker (jack nicholson) in the first Batman:

Joker: Stop the press…who’s that?
Bob: Thats Vicki Vale boss..shes a reporter..shes dating Bruce Wayne.
Joker: Shes about to trade up.

Good stuff. I’d call this Mischievous Jerkboy Game. It’s not mean, it’s supremely self-congratulatory. It assumes the sale (she’s more likely to buy if she thinks she already made her mind up to buy).

If a girl is alone in your living room at midnight and she tells you she has a boyfriend, you say with a deadpan expression, “You’re about to trade up.” Cheesy? Maybe, but if spoken like an afterthought the cheesiness morphs into cockiness. And you all know from your time here at the Chateau that chicks love overconfident men.

Caution, I would use this line if it looked to me like she was already one vajflap into my bed. Subtler methods of psychological breakdown are needed fro girls experiencing sincere anti-slut hesitation and doubts, such as the takeaway and freeze-out.


  1. on October 27, 2017 at 11:16 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

    I’m always an upgrade.


  2. I think it’s a great response. Bonus points if you have a Joker’s mask underneath the couch cushion to say it with…Halloween is coming, you know.


  3. heath who?


  4. Mystery:

    Her: I have a boyfriend

    You: Whoa….don’t tell me your problems….

    Sums it all up: links bf and problems in her mind, it’s playful jerkboy, shows abundance and amused mastery

    [CH: very very good. presses multiple tingle buttons at once.]

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  5. If in full Joker costume at a Halloween party, this would be a yuuuge hit.

    Remember Halloween is not for kids anymore. Every single female costume is a variation of X with the prefix “slutty-”

    E.g. a cop costume? No, a slutty cop costume.
    A vampire? No, a slutty vampire costume…etc.

    Best holiday if you’re young/single. Dress up like who you really are and let the verbal wit escalate….hint villains >>>> heroes….

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  6. “Why so serious?” Then slice her whore face up with a switchblade.


    • elliot rodgers or dylann raise the roof would be cool halloween get ups


      • Or me and my boys could just hold a public Klan rally. Would clear the street and have National Security called on us however. Imagine the residual poon we could pick up that night though.


  7. on October 27, 2017 at 12:30 pm Hackett To Bits


    “…wait’ll you get a load of me…”

    Chicks, to this day, dig Jack’s version of the Joker. Look at the work worthy of display from any large high school art department, the girls do drawings of his likeness. Make use of that attitude.

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  8. Joker and Vale dancing

    Joker: Lovely isn’t it? Like beauty and the beast. Of course, if anybody else calls you beast, I’ll kill them.

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  10. Thanks CH, i knew you would like that one. Like you imply…best said in suggestion form like:
    Her: IHAB
    You: I think its time you traded up (jerkboy concern troll)


  11. “You look fine.”

    “I didn’t ask.”


  12. Years ago, at a Halloween party, when Christopher Reeve was still alive after his accident, this guy showed up to the party dressed as Superman but in a wheelchair and with a throat oxygen tube.

    Girls went eeek. Guys bought him beers.

    Dude got digits though because of frame control, etc.


  13. Of course it’s convenient to forget that in order for the Joker to actually GET Vicki Vale he had to KIDNAP HER. She didn’t go willingly.


  14. Great post. I recently had the pleasure of watching Batman 1989 and Batman Returns in theaters for the first time during a limited classics showing. I’m now convinced the Burton/Keaton movies are the best Batman films ever made. They got everything right including the dialog which remains sharp even today.

    Kinda off topic but this guy explains why Nolan’s Batman films suck and don’t survive the test of time.