Id Droppings

The Supreme Court’s resident witch is about to kick the kiddush cup, so names of replacements are in the news. One of them is Amy Barrett.

I’m not sure which is the bigger deal-killer, Barrett’s krazykunt eyes, or her reckless virtue signaling.

From Heather,

I can finally confirm my suspicions about Barrett’s Catholicism and gloat that I was right. lol

She’s a member of ‘People of Praise’–a Charismatic group. This explains everything, including the Haitian adoptions.

In no way can you trust her to rationally, fairly, and unconditionally apply and interpret civil and natural law for mankind when her relationship with God is irrational, emotivistic, and conditional. She is a lefty on everything but abortion.

Dear God, I hope Trump reads this.


“Courage Goals”

Truly courageous: pulling this stunt in Riyadh. Or Rotherham.


The White bad guy/brown hero trope is pretty much de n!gueur these days.

Add Proctor & Gamble to your list of anti-White companies to boycott. They make a lot of center aisle shit for sale in supermarkets, so avoiding their products will benefit your health. Their recent ad for Gillette razors comes with the byline “shave away your toxic masculinity”. (They should’ve went with “tonic masculinity“.)

Discover the P&G brands for you to boycott:

You’re probably not at all wondering who was behind this anti-White, anti-male Gillette ad….


There has been a blackout of the ongoing Yellow Vest protests in France by our chaimstream media news (not surprising since the protests are anti-globalism and the protestors are White Frenchmen), so you may not know that Maricon has ordered his mercenaries to fire tear gas canisters FROM HELICOPTERS into groups of protestors.

From a reader,

Grenades next, napalm next, cluster bombs next? Whatever it takes. It’s just white people. Imagine world outrage if they were doing this to dark skinned types. Nothing at all about this MSM in US. Prelude to what’s planned for white people in US.

Prelude is exactly right. This is an instruction manual for our Deep State.

As a thought experiment, imagine the fucking HUE AND CRY from the media if Trump ordered tear gas thrown from helicopters at BLM or antifa protestors.


From a reader,

[Hamilton the POC Play] also gives shame-infested leftists permission to consume history because it absolves the audience of sin by wrapping the story in black skins.

this belief that just by being black someone can absolve you of a kind of sin you have just for not being black is one of the more vicious aspects of…n3gr0latry.

This really nails it. I know some shitlibs who saw Hamilton (when they got tix it was like they had won the lottery), and they couldn’t stop talking about “all the history in the play that you never hear about in schools”.

Wrap it in black,
It’s shitlib crack.


Trump was an experiment in unobstructed democracy. By unobstructed, I mean the media, the Uniparty, the Deep State, academia, entertainment, the MIC, and Big Tech lost just enough power to patrol minds that the people were able to break the stranglehold of “preapproved” candidates and truly elect a rebel from outside the system.

This successful flexing of muscle by the peons was too much for the Perfidious Establishment to bear, and they have since been slow rolling a coup to oust Trump from office, and they may yet succeed at the goal of invalidating the will of the American people. But praise kek, their coup has yet to hit pay dirt, and their subtly-shifting narrative keeps falling apart. If they win, and the Trump Experiment is nullified, we will never have another Trump, not without war. They may still lose if enough patriots embedded in the Deep State Machine summon the courage to expose the seditionists at the top.


  1. Trump should nominate Judge Don Willett instead of Barrett. But he won’t.


    • on January 14, 2019 at 11:05 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “I’m not sure which is the bigger deal-killer, Barrett’s krazykunt eyes, or her reckless virtue signaling.”

      Her husband scares me even moar than she does.

      He’s the self-righteous virtue signalling cuck assh0le who single-handedly ruined every football tailgating and every office Christmas party and every wedding you ever attended.

      I don’t think I have the discipline necessary to restrain my Darker Angel around his ilk anymore.

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      • “every football tailgating…”

        There will be no progress until White men turn off afroball. It’s peak Nig Idolatry.

        If you can’t, you should really just skip the game, get a group of other cucks together and start building altars. Cut out the middle man.

        Glad you’re all my non-afroball watching non-mkombe worshipping bros.

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      • “Imagine world outrage if they were doing this to dark skinned types. Nothing at all about this MSM in US. Prelude to what’s planned for white people in US.”

        I’m so goddamned sick and fucking tired of hearing this fucking shit

        who the fuck are you John Lennon? Stop IMAGINING SHIT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT


      • I had no idea who that guy from Auburn even was with the super big head and the not quite 9 gf.

        Did you know he is 6 foot 6 inches tall and with an 8 inch … head?

        Are quarterbacks to be admired anymore? It’s kinda of like admiring a hotshot lawyer from LA Law. Yeah it takes talent but jeez do we not have some responsibility for the choices that we make and the path that we choose.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 11:42 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Details please”

        Imagine John Gaysich’s mind in Hulk Hogan’s body.

        Basically what Cl!t Romney aspires to be [but can’t quite pull it off].


    • Trump is surrounded by leftists giving him bad advice. The clown who resigned the day Matthis firing was announced was one of them, so good riddance.

      Judge Barrett is fine at Appellate court. She should NOT be nominated to SCOTUS to replace the hopefully-dead-soon-from-old-age Notorious RBG (Ginsburg).

      We need a hardcore Federalist Society jurist, even if female (which will offset the false rape/abuse/misogyny claims).


    • Imagine being Ruth Bader Ginsberg right now.

      At home, snacking on yogurt, knowing you’ll be dead before Spring ’19.

      On TV, Trump is listing his next Supreme Court picks. You’re not even dead yet. They are all White Men, strictly Constitutional, graduates of all-Boys schools, and beer drinkers. Neither your name, your gender, nor legacy are mentioned.

      The Greatest Shiv. Ignoring a dying proudgirl whose legacy was getting attention.

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      • How do you know she’s not dead now and they’re keeping her on ice so that Trump can’t appoint another judge? If it ever comes time to show the corpus delecti they just defrost her and say that she just died.
        Republican Senators need to visit her with a physician to see if she is really still alive or brain dead or even fully dead and on ice.
        Some libtard like Hillary could be writing her opinions for all we know.
        #showusthe body


      • I guess that’s why (((they))) have that film out now.
        Boycott that too. This crap would all flop if the seltzer drinkers didn’t relentlessly promote it in the (((media)))


    • Barrett scares the shit out of me. Trump will probably nominate her to avoid all the dramatic lies the cunts threw at Kavanaugh, and also because Ginsburg is a female and the vacancy will be considered a “female seat.” If he does nominate her, it’ll turn into a disaster.

      Barret is very young and will be on the Court forever if she’s appointed. The Haitian niglets betray the fact that she’ll fuck us over on immigration and affirmative action. And I sure as hell don’t want Judge Mom with seven fucking kids deciding what my Second Amendment rights are the day after the next school shooting. Beyond that, expect country-club Republican John “Judas” Roberts to start tacking hard to the left as the court’s balance shifts.

      Trump, appoint another white male shitlord. PLEASE.

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  2. I was thinking of switching to Tide. The other P & G products I don’t use.


    • on January 14, 2019 at 11:11 pm Captain Obvious

      Bounty, Dawn, Oral-B, Tide: Proctor & Gamble is gonna lose, gosh, $1250 or moar per year, just from our household.


    • No more Ivory soap. Too bad so sad.

      That woman Debby Reiner looks awful. She is a graduate of Harvard and won the big account to be in charge of “branding,” and we know how much they relish the double meaning of branding their stupid goyim customer cows.

      Not me no more.


      • That whole show Mad Men was based on the concept of branding.

        The show was a sort of expose on how stupid is the whole idea of branding. Are Americans really so dumb that they give their lifetime loyalty to whichever company product makes them feel good for 30 seconds between their favorite soap episodes.

        Well what do you know, it turns out the answer to that question is yes!

        Didn’t someone say something about never going broke, underestimating the stupidity of the American domestic cow?

        What’s reeeee-ing about it though, is that it’s still going on. Take for example the above pictured Ms Reiner. What are the odds she is a close cousin to Rob Reiner, who to this day mocks the goyim mercilessly from his Santa Barbara redoubt.


    • Goddammit, Charmin is my preferred ass paper.


  3. on January 14, 2019 at 11:08 pm Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “her relationship with God is irrational, emotivistic, and conditional”

    That’s what the Frankfurt School realized at least a century ago [and maybe two centuries ago] – that the cathartic/charismatic religious fervor is utterly AMORAL in nature, and can be redirected towards good or towards evil, if only you can seize control of the kids’ edumakashun when they’re still young enough for the brainwashing.

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    • This “fervor” is bad enough in itself. When picked up by a group, it can (indeed, WILL) become deadly. Peer pressure, virtue signalling, competition of being the most aligned (read afflicted) etc. can turn people into a murderous mob. This works especially well in person, e.g. in a stadium, but can work over the internet. Avoid the crowds – even if you sympathize. It is not worth being stampeded and trampled to death, even if not on purpose.
      South American soccer – also deadly. To the spectators.


      • South American soccer – also deadly. To the spectators.

        More to the players and referees. In Argentina, they have tall fences with concertina on top wire separating the fans from the field. And you thought British soccer hooligans were bad.


  4. re: Helicopters

    You know what works REALLY well against the several hundred thousand dollar chopper?

    A few hundred dollar drone, or three. 3 drones could crash that fucking chopper if they want to get into some serious RealTalk mode w/ these cunts.

    One for the pilot to buzz the cockpit and obstruct vision. One for the tail rotor for obvious reasons. And one to fly into the side cabin door which is open launching tear gas canisters.

    These can be controlled from a half a kilometer away with no real way to know who is operating them. Helos are a liability in the age of cheap drones. Or if you want maximum lulz strap a home made explosive to just ONE drone and once it reaches the cabin, well… it will be on the news, That is for certain.

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  5. When is the clear blue commercial coming out that tells women to not be sluts? Nevermind.

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  6. RE: Amy Coney Barrett.

    We know where she stands on abortion. Hell with all those kids we know where she stands on the rhythm method as well.


  7. As a Catholic, is it too much to ask for a Protestant on the court?

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    • Oh Lord, please don’t start the Thirty Year’s War on this forum again.

      As a Protestant, there are a lot of damn goofy Protestants out there too.

      If you want to pick a Christian, pick one with a history of bad-mouthing Jews and Muslims, a real crusader-type. The collective oy vey-ing will wipe out New York City from the blowback.

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      • It’s still bizarre that America’s founding religious stock is unrepresented on the SCOTUS. Then again maybe it’s not……


      • There are no good options. As I have stated many many times, no white lawyer can even have a career in law the last 30 years and be openly truly red pill conservative. there are no good judges for him to pick. Lawyers are taught in law school for at least the last 30 years that all of the communism of the 1960s warren court is how to look at the constitution and law. it is fucked up beyond repair at this point

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      • McCarthy was right.

        The Jews have dropped hints about it in their movies Because They cannot help but brag sometimes. Revisit the movie “ a beautiful mind “ , which you probably have not seen in a long time. watch it now, knowing what we know now, and look at all of the anti-white propaganda.

        Of course the crazy guy is a white got, and he’s helped out by friendly Jews throughout who only want to help him— the psychiatrist and the good wise professor and his best friends who protect him.

        So much subtle propaganda was penetrating the normie mind the last 30 years before the Internet give us things like CH

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      • …no white lawyer can even have a career in law the last 30 years and be openly truly red pill conservative.

        (There was another good Amren article written by a lawyer but I can’t find it.)

        McCarthy was right.

        He was partially right. He misnamed the Satan-worshiping Illuminists he was after Communists because he didn’t know what else to all the freaks.


      • So then how about a Baptist on the court? That would be different.

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      • How about a White Muslim whose first order of biz is to implement White Sharia?

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:33 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “Oh Lord, please don’t start the Thirty Year’s War on this forum again.”


        And Truth.

        We got enuff to worry about without Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Eastern Rite being at each other’s throats.

        [CH: all the in-fighting hones Whites for war with outside enemies.]


      • on January 15, 2019 at 9:20 pm baked georgia

        amy barrett was a professor in notre dame law school. people like kevin macdonald is “one in a million” case in faculty (in ANY area). the only ‘right-wingers’ are professors that worship “free market” and “neocon” style. i.e. anti-trumpers


    • I’d trade John Roberts for a an old-school Calvinist chief Justice any day of the week. But there ain’t any left.

      Maybe an Eastern Orthodox judge? I feel like a Greek-American judge with a hard conservative bent might work.

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    • The problem is that the educated Prots all turned gay and leftwing. The right wing Prots tend to be more blue collar.


    • This


    • the amren article is dead on balls accurate


    • on January 15, 2019 at 2:31 pm SteveRogers42

      AFAIK, you don’t have to have previous experience as a judge to sit on the Supreme Court. In fact, there’s no requirement for Justices to even have a law degree.


    • How about Steve King? He was raised a Methodist…


  8. Nah. Not choppers. Unless Russian “Hind” or similar.
    But attack jet planes would work.


  9. Truly courageous: pulling this stunt in Riyadh. Or Rotherham.

    Or in Harlem. Or Bed-Sty. Or Newark. Or the South Side of Chicago.

    Recklessly brave: …after 10pm….

    Artemis-in-the-flesh: ….on a Saturday night.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:21 am Greg Eliot Hungry For Black Pole

      Funny. They did this on Chicago’s Red Line. They were on the northbound line,which goes thru YT Land. The south end of the line goes thru the south side deep into nigger territory. Of course,they went nowhere near the niggers.
      I don’t blame them,tho. Our niggers are wild and crazy coons.


    • Most of NYC is gentrified…not so much risk

      Do it in bodymore or tha D


  10. Perhaps Barrett is as nutty as she appears. Perhaps.

    Still, the idea of a nutty Catholic lobbing bombs off the Supreme Court makes me all a twitterpated. Perhaps Clarence Thomas could aim her fire better; he was actually a keen influence on Scalia’s moral direction, while Scalia had the sharper pen.


  11. de n!gueur

    This is why I come here.

    I stay for everything else.


  12. “De nigueur” is a pun of Falstaffian brilliance. I’ll be going out of my way to find occasions to use it.

    “A black astrophysicist?”
    “Well, you know, it’s de nigueur for Hollywood.”


  13. The gillette ad was actually directed by (((Kim Gehrig))) of UK ad-agency Somesuch. She’s even done an ad in the past featuring a “singing vulva” :

    Piece today about it in the Daily Mail by Piers Morgan :


  14. Leftist ideology worships minority ethnicities in order to bypass meritocratic argument.  By focusing entirely on identity and ‘lived experience,’ leftists circumnavigate actual argument in favor of racially-weighted appeal to authority.


  15. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  16. One of the Haitian nogs she adopted has ‘special needs’. Imagine that.


    • How can you tell?


    • Haitians are SEVERELY stupid creatures. Significantly stupider than many other types of Africans.


      • Apefricans and whites are further apart genetically than quite a few animals strains that are considered different species

        we aren’t one race
        we aren’t even different races
        we are different fucking species


      • on January 15, 2019 at 10:09 am General Pinochet

        What you’ve said is the truth, but can you give examples, and/or a source? If it’s not a hassle, that is? I know it’s a pain in the azz but that information would be very good to have.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 10:51 am DissesMYisland

      “Special needs”

      Thanks for verifying what my gut instinct told me when I looked at the faces of the 2 little angels in the pic.


  17. Does anyone know if the site of the guy who lives in Lag0s is down today?


  18. The Brand director for P&C is Pinkaj Bhalla..a high caste suncontinental. Mark my words, the Subcons will take over from the Jews as the leaders of the left.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 7:39 am General Pinochet

      I hope so. They are inherently revolting. They have even lower SMV than the chosen and even smell horrible. They horribly repel chicks.
      They are much less formidable as opponents. They also will trip themselves up due to their hatred of Islam, and vice-versa.


      • They’re also even more readily identifiable. I’ve yet to see a truly “crypto” streetshitter.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 10:11 am General Pinochet

        Absolutely. The fact people associate them with negatives almost exclusively is a big advantage. There is so much material regarding rapes in India, to troll people. They can’t take over the left soon enough.


  19. Btw: hat tip to CO for calling out the source in the previous thread, spot on


  20. on January 15, 2019 at 5:20 am Matrix Transform

    Dont just avoid P&G when you shop.

    Tell the missus she isnt buying it either


  21. P&G has always been an extremely data-driven company. It’s possible that this ad campaign was simply the poz, but it’s more likely that P&G targeted this ad campaign at women because P&G has data showing that women make the majority of purchases of shaving products, even for men, because women do the household shopping in the majority of married households. This won’t stop until men take back consumer purchasing decisions in their households.

    This is, btw, essentially the same problem as married, suburban, upper middle class white women voting Democrat. Where are their husbands??


    • you think women go for this shit? lol

      show them something woman-oriented that appeals to them if you want to get them to buy. hectoring men? nah, this was clearly a shot at men.

      wamen will tune this shit out as it doesn’t apply to them


  22. DS is down.

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  23. She did adopt kids from Haiti, but I believe that is her sister as she is not a red head. The only thing that makes me believe that she is not like that is that unlike the “Charismatic” families that adopt kids and just focus their guilt on them to make themselves feel better, she still went on to have an actual job and raise a family. Plus you never see pictures of her with her kids or family, leading me to believe she is not seeking it to be congratulated by facebook or twitter


    • It does not matter. She chose to adopt niglets from a third world shithole instead of having her own kids or adopting white kids.


  24. Barrett would be terrible (she’s obviously a clueless airhead), but Supreme Court doesn’t matter anyway, especially in the world that is coming soon.

    The very fact that she can even be a judge or considered to be on the supreme court is one of the reasons the Civil War is inevitable.

    A system that is unsustainable will not last forever.

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  25. There was a bitmitigate check early morning so probably a ddo s is what happened


  26. Dammit CH, I’ve already given you an alternative cunt to push as an RBG replacement, and reminded you Kethledge is still a better option than Kavanaugh. Give us the affirmative choice, not just the “fuck me, nigger,” option.


  27. White couples who forgo having their own kids and in turn go out of their way to adopt non-white camera-ready trophy mascots turn my stomach. It’s all a political calculation, in this case for insulation from anti-white claims of “yuz haz privilegz”. It virtue-signals to further ambition. The truth is that top-tier court positions are a political office. Forget the notion of people applying the law equally and dispassionately in terms of being honorable and righteous on behalf of the citizenry. Honor is for the goy.


  28. I called it during the Cuckenaugh process.

    If trump picks this woman, he’s not one of us.

    There is no such thing as a reserved woman seat.

    He should really piss off commies and appoint another white man. Let’s get this thing started.

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    • Perhaps if the Court is eventually nine white men, one of them will have the courage to not be a cuck for five seconds, and turn them into an understanding as a group of what they should be doing with the original constitution.

      The current situation is out of control.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 9:25 pm baked georgia

      he should pick someone not from the ivy league.


  29. White couples who forgo having their own kids and in turn go out of their way to adopt non-white camera-ready trophy mascots turn my stomach. It’s all a political calculation, in this case for insulation from anti-white claims of “yuz haz privilegz”. It virtue-signals to further ambition. The truth is that top-tier court positions are a political office. Forget the notion of people applying the law equally and dispassionately in terms of being honorable and righteous on behalf of the citizenry. Honor is for the goy.

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    • Keep in mind that she might not have been able to have children. Women who do things like to go law school and wait to have children until they are 35+ frequently find out that there are ‘issues’. Same for women who ride the cock carousel before settling down or use IUDs. There are not that many white children waiting for adoption, especially now that Eastern Europe is closing. They are still giving away nogs.

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    • on January 15, 2019 at 8:20 am Diversity Heretic

      She has five biological children, so she’s at least done her reproductive duty and then some. But that makes the Haitian adoptions even more revolting-why subject your own biological children to the dysfunction brought in by other-race adoptees? CH is right–Trump should not appoint her to any further judicial position.

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      • OMG, that’s even worse. Seems messed up that they’d have that kind of picture taken with none of their own biological children included? Either that or they really cropped that photo…

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  30. Arab Spring? Mass protest in alien civilization?

    24/7 tv coverage and hot blonde reporters getting raped in the crowd to “get the story.”

    Mass protests by our French cousins all over France.

    Dynamic silence.

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    • This.

      CMC makes great drop in triggers.


    • It is maddening.

      How much more can we take?

      Trump, we voted for SEIZURE of media assets.



      • Do you goys understand?

        Respect for private property and contract has not worked, because hostile foreign agents have taken over the system and have acquired vast property “legally”, only to use that property to attack the host nation.

        So the “law” that allowed this to happen was invalid.

        The majority did not vote for what has been imposed on us since 1913.

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    • they didn’t cover Tottenham either…only RT and AJ did


    • on January 15, 2019 at 11:16 am Elmer T. Jones

      But is it ok to buy Irish Spring, sold by Colgate-Palmolive – not P&G, makers of Arab Spring?


  31. I see a red whore
    And libs want to play her black

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  32. Why are white cucks so stupid and uncurious?

    We should have 120 million readers of this website.

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    • It doesn’t help when totally innocuous comments get told they’re “awaiting moderation” , just who is running this site ?!?

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    • They really do know. They just don’t want to know. They actively choose the blue pill.

      For guys like us, our value structure is completely different. We value intellect, achievement, pride, free thought, speech, invention, civilization itself.

      Their value that overrides all others is- entertainment.

      They KNOW if they were red pilled, they would not be able to enjoy afroball, jooflix, or 99% of hollyweird tripe.

      And they don’t want that. My own biz partner once said to me, “I kinda wish you hadn’t shown me how bad things are because it’s like I can’t even enjoy a movie anymore.”

      (((They))) did their work well.

      Glad you’re all my bros.

      All of this doesn’t even take into account additional difficulties in the dating market.

      This is the last bastion of the based, and there are guys on this fucking board who watch afroball and collect stats on how fast Jamal and Mkombe can run.

      That’s what we’re up against.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 10:20 am General Pinochet

        Afroball is the worst. I played that sh1t in high school, and it was nothing but dindu lovefest.
        Vox Day refuses to give it up, along with some of his fans, and they do the same thing they always do when you offer some criticism, which is claiming you’re just jealous of Vox, having never been an athlete. Makes me chuckle. Tyrone and Rashad have Chad so outnumbered, white men look absolutely ridiculous loving that stupid game. The fact that I was a pretty good tight end means nothing. I probably wouldn’t have even been considered today, given that my old high school fell to the dindus not longer after my graduation.

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      • Pinochet gets it.
        Then again- Pinochet got a lot of things.

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      • I normally only go to the white ymca to work out. I went the other day to the black ymca and played basketball for an hour or so with the youfs before going to lift. There was like 30 black kids and me. It was like herding cats trying to get a game going. They have no attention span whatsoever. The level of athleticism is crazy though. It isnt unusual at all for a 15 year old kid to jump off one foot at a full sprint and dunk.

        At my high school (all white) we’d get a guy like that maybe once every 4-5 years and we were a decent sized school. Blacks like that are a dime a dozen.

        I don’t watch afroball, but it’s still fun to play every once in a while.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 11:21 am Captain Obvious

        I don’t watch afroball [don’t even have a talmudvision anymoar].

        I’m just fascinated with this kid Trevor Lawrence – I’ve never seen anything like him [at his age] in the game of football [which was about 110% White until about 60 years ago, and still largely White even 40 years ago].

        Athletics-wise, Lawrence is easily on a par with Michael Phelps at this age:

        Trevor Lawrence, age 19, 2019 championships vs Notre Dame [12-0] & vs Alabama [14-0]: 47/71 ATT/COMP ; 674 YDS ; 6 TDS ; 0 INTS

        Michael Phelps, age 19, 2004 Athens Games: 6 gold medals, 2 bronze medals [two world records; two national records]


      • on January 15, 2019 at 11:22 am Captain Obvious

        I also keep an eye on Tom Brady because he works for a j00 owner and he had a MAGA cap in his locker.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 11:30 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Afroball is the worst.”

        What terrifies me is the helmet-to-helmet contact & the forearm-to-chin contact & the helmet-to-spine contact etc etc etc. [Similarly in basketball, when the ch!mps will slam a White player to the hardwood floor if he’s in the clear for a layup.]

        Once Meyer Lansky Inc [as run by the (((Pritzker & Adelson & Wynn families)))] seized control of the officiating in the revenue sports, the games became completely corrupted [all the way down to the level of Little League], and neither football nor basketball are safe for White kids to play anymoar.

        Just axe yourself two questions:

        Q1: What does an IQ 75 n!g-n0g have to lose from a helmet-to-helmet-contact-induced concussion?

        Q2: What does an IQ 125 White kid have to lose from a helmet-to-helmet-contact-induced concussion?

        A1: Nuffin.

        A2: Everything.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “A1: Nuffin. A2: Everything.”

        When you think about it, it’s just another corollary of Theorema Nigrum [maybe sort of a contrapositive of TN].


      • I still don’t get your angle on Theorema or how it relates to black women–at least that’s the only take home I can figure out of all this.

        Is it cause sheboons can toss 6′ buffet tables like they’re toothpicks?


      • “I don’t watch afroball, but it’s still fun to play every once in a while.”

        I think that’s awesome. Would be nice if more guys got exercise instead of sperging out, collecting stats and Mkombe worshipping.


      • @CO

        “I also keep an eye on Tom Brady”

        Keep both eyes off of fucking afroball.

        As concerns the afroball jr. player- who gives a fuck? He’s an afroball jr. God willing he winds up brain damaged from Jamal and diseased from Dontavius’s sloppy seconds. It’s a culture WAR. And I want traitors burned, not turned.

        40 years ago afroball wasn’t so afroball? Again- who gives a fuck. The entire country wasn’t so afro just 40 years ago. Probably 83-85% White.

        Ain’t that way anymore. It happened fast. Turn that shit off.

        Failing a violent revolution to put things right, the best thing that can possibly happen is the NFL becomes the NBA- exclusively black and Whites completely disengage.

        Will probably never happen since whites have never been weaker or more enslaved by entertainment.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:51 pm Corinth Arkadin

        My dad loves baseball. I don’t care for it, personally. I get bored.

        I played football and soccer several times over the years, I really didn’t care about organized sports enuff when I was a kid.

        Now I’m glad.


      • One thing I never understood is suggesting that whites abandon sports such as basketball and football. Football is an exciting sport to watch with a great deal of strategy involved (far more than soccer), and is also fun to play. The quarterback position is the hardest position to play and is still mostly dominated by white qbs who play from the pocket, despite the occasional hype of a takeover of black running qbs. Tom Brady has thrown for nearly 1000 yards combined in the past 2 super bowls, with mostly white receivers catching the ball. Football is really only popular in North America, but basketball is hugely popular among whites in Eastern Europe and there has been a lot of NBA talent coming from there over the years. Interestingly, basketball has become very popular in China. Despite all the talk of Chinese being racist against blacks, they are arguably more obsessed with NBA players than North American fans.


      • There is also something interesting I have noticed in recent years. Although whites make up about 30% of the NFL, and some positions such as cornerback have no white players, you will never hear anyone advocating for increasing the proportion of whites in the sport. Over the past few decades, black Americans have accounted for a shrinking proportion of MLB baseball players, with most players now being white or Latin American. But this is considered to be some sort of crisis, and countless articles have popped up in the past few years lamenting the decline of black American participation in baseball and wanting to reverse the trend.

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      • “Although whites make up about 30% of the NFL,”

        I’m glad you asked this question. YOU are the problem. Chicks look to us for attraction cues. Is there any other sport where we throw hot White cheerleaders at half-retarded apes?

        What is any White chick supposed to think she is supposed to want when cucks like you are collecting the stats of and wearing the jerseys of Jamals and Mkombes?

        Is there any other organized sport that gives tens of MILLIONS to BLM and NARAL? No.

        I can’t believe anyone would even ask this question. You support this crap?What makes you think any of this is positive or even remotely ok?

        If it’s fun to play, go play it. No problem.

        Quit with the idolatry of watching it. Make it clear to broads that you PLAY sports. You don’t engage in nagger worship.

        And lastly:
        “Although whites make up about 30% of the NFL,”
        You cede ground when that ground is lost.


      • “Despite all the talk of Chinese being racist against blacks, they are arguably more obsessed with NBA players than North American fans.”

        If that’s true, I’m happy to hear it. Let the chink culture enjoy all the enrichment of afro worship. Hell, that’s a tax increase I would fully endorse and pay for. Export all our naggers to China.

        Or maybe our prez can flip the script:

        Who’s going to export the naggers?
        We are!
        And who’s gonna pay for it?


      • You have the same loser attitude as the cucks who engaged in “white flight” because they were too scared to keep their neighborhoods and instead would rather live in ugly suburban areas an hour away from everything. That was before my time, so I don’t really know about that in depth. Anyway, I doubt the situation would be any better if the NFL were 100 percent black, and in fact would probably be worse off without any white role models in the sport. White participation and involvement in these sports should be INCREASING. Cucks want whites restricted to sports like hockey that are pretty much entirely white because they have a defeatist mindset. And I’m not sure what the race of the player whose name is on a jersey has to do with it. A white person wearing a jersey with the name of a white hockey player on it is still cucked, especially since most hockey players are douchebags and are also some of the dumbest athletes around (speaking from experience having played growing up). NHL players are just dumb jocks who barely finished high school


      • If there’s any sport to be concerned with, it would be soccer. Soccer is overrun with non-whites, and there is the added bonus of it being a boring and wussified game. But it is surging in popularity in North America, with MLS teams popping up everywhere so cucked fans can watch washed up Europeans kick a ball around with blacks and Mexicans.


      • Notice – you didn’t respond to any of the questions I put forth. Calling someone a cuck while wearing your Dontavius jersey is pretty funny though. And “White flight” worked. It worked so well, Obongo had to federally mandate public housing in heavily White areas.

        To all the real bros on this board- take a look at what contortions a cuck will put himself through just because afroball is so fun! Who cares what it does to our society?

        This is what we’re up against.

        Make sure you update your credit card info at They might add jerseys soon of your favorite performers. Don’t want you to miss out.


      • Last thing to notice about jake the cuck-
        We talk a lot of smack about women not responding to logic. But take a look at the fem-brain of an afroball cuck. It’s not very different. Not one point addressed. Just name calling and “I like Dontavius! Look how fast he runs!”

        It’s what we’re up against.


      • To be fair, I am probably a much better athlete than you. I competed in kickboxing, soccer, and hockey growing up before getting into football as well as basketball in high school. I averaged 20 points and 5 assists as a senior. Coaches would tell me that I had D1 skills but that at 5 ft 10 about 160 lbs playing at the next level just wasn’t realistic. I didn’t care that Kobe Bryant is black, I would still copy all of his moves, lol


      • @ jake the cuck

        So not just an afroball cuck but an internet tough guy too? That’s pretty great.

        ” I didn’t care that Kobe Bryant is black, I would still copy all of his moves, lol”

        Based on your arguments, I wouldn’t be surprised if you copied their homework as well…

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 8:26 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “I am probably a much better athlete than you. I competed in kickboxing, soccer, and hockey growing up before getting into football as well as basketball in high school. I averaged 20 points and 5 assists as a senior.”

        Four touchdowns in a single game comes to mind.

        What do you do now, Jake?

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      • lol
        Alright CA roasted you too Jake. And I’m not into gang-ups (that’s more like Jake’s sister after the game in the locker room with his afroball buddies). But that was funny, CA.

        My point is we can all learn from this. There is NOTHING. No argument. No stats. Hell, you can’t just point and say look with your own eyes at the way we condition and feed White broads to Apefricans (credit- Trav.) Look at the tens of millions they spend trying to kill and demoralize you. CO said- hey look at all the brain damage from helmet to helmet. Do we want White guys doing this?

        There is NOTHING you can say to an afroball cuck. Dey likes Dontavius. He fast. You jus jealous.

        Those guys are lost and deserve only your derision.

        Glad the rest of you are my bros.

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  33. Well well well duck you dad CH LOOK who AMOGed you on Snow White Tiffany.


  34. We may even hear the name Rachel Freier…


  35. You need to accept the following:

    EVERY SINGLE American Institution is Corrupt
    EVERY SINGLE Company large enough to get listed is Corrupt

    So forget the “boycott this company, boycott that company” way of thinking, You need to pretty much BOYCOTT the products of EVERY public company.

    Yes, it’s really hard, and yes, of course I still have corporate stuff in my house becuase sometimes it’s impossible to avoid, but, if our votes don’t matter and they hate us, really the only way to LEGALLY hurt anyone is to not gve them your business at all!

    I guess maybe I am lucky to live in Florida where there are a lot of independent farmers markets and such where I can buy clean food, lots of bullsht flea markets everywhere where I can buy stuff without giving Walmart my money for the same junk, and so on.

    The first battle you must win, however, is to SHUT OFF THE TV, COMPLETELY, not even netflix. I won that battle and it was easier than I thought. I stopped commercial TV & Sports a long time ago, but I still watched movies and netflix. I felt thaty needed to stop too, so I just recently give up all media, and it was MUCH easier than I thought.

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    • This is unfortunately true. There are no major companies that are not onboard with spreading the propaganda of white submission, emasculation, and genocide. None of them.

      But sports, TV, and movies can indeed be eliminated with no harm done (unlike, say, food, transport, and clothing). And since the media complex is the most intense nexus of brainwashing, it’s also striking at the revenues of the enemy’s strongest weapon.

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      • the jews run the money and the ad agencies

        the corporations are clueless and disconnected

        they do what the jews tell them

        jewgle and fakebook advertising is a wealth extraction scheme by jews

        most advertising is money down the toilet

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    • FOR Corporations you can’t avoid:

      Car Insurance – We have one big policy with all cars for the entire extended family, take advantage of every discount we can, pay the entire thing at once for additional discount.

      Amazon – Entire extended family shares the account. I am a “free-rider” on Amazon and take advantage of everything I can. They lose money on us.

      Netflix – Again entire extended family shares the account. Since I quit TV I don’t use it, other family members have cut big-time too.

      About Amazon and Netflix, yes, it’s the boombers in the family that can’t give it up, they are completely and hopelessly addicted to TV. At least we got them all off of cable some years ago.

      Phones & Internet? Yes, you are screwed, only huge corporations offer this. Again bundle everything across the entire family for savings.

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  36. If Barrett is so kooky, why is she on the list? Who put her there? When? Why? What was the gamesmanship, if any, with regard to registering objections to her name on the list? How is the list not an implicit contract with the establishment GOP? If it’s a deal with the GOP (read, including cucks), what remedies, if any, are available to Trump/us should Senate cucks cooperate in Borking her?

    Borking Barrett might prove a Pyrrhic victory for the power of the Senate. Maybe she’s on the list to serve precisely for that reason —a poison pill of sorts?

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  37. on January 15, 2019 at 7:34 am General Pinochet

    Hope no one minds, but you dudes are quite knowledgeable.
    My kid had to do a report on apartheid, and I told her the truth about race realism, the dindu species, how they destroy civilization, etc.

    She’s 15, and while not too rebellious, could use some factual reinforcement.
    Does anyone know off hand of any short articles/website posts, etc. that demonstrate race realism? Particularly the dangers of the dindu species to our civilization. Thanks in advance if anyone has anything.

    Also Sorry to CH. I wouldn’t detract from this awesome post, if I wasn’t in need.




  39. on January 15, 2019 at 7:47 am Clay Matthews

    Sailer is Tribe member, why not call out Rubin and Geithner as

    ‘Democratic Treasury Secretaries like Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, and Jack Lew LOVE “Hamilton’


    • Neither Sailer nor Geithner is Jewish FFS. People constantly spluttering that everyone we don’t like is Jewish undermine the credibility of the White cause.


      • It’s a fave D&C ploy by the levantine racists. “Hey goy, some of your best goys are belong to us”.
        Same deal as slipping non-significant levels of ashkenazi and even african into the DNA results of northern european genetics hobbyists.
        Sailer is paternally Austrian or Swiss or something, way back when.


  40. Toxic koshericity?


  41. She does have 5 biological children. Why are none of them in the picture?


  42. I’d rant, but it gets tiresome pretending that us dirt people have a voice in who gets picked for the Supreme Court.


  43. There are nine items on that P&G list that I use and have been using for years and I’m going to stop using them. I’ll find alternatives. My life is still pretty easy


  44. If Brexit is betrayed by the elected reps, as strongly suspected, then I wouldn’t be surprised if the mooted New European Army skips the teargas stage and goes straight for the old barrel bombs from helos to persuade the dissident natives of the benefits of full integration.
    The war is on, but only one side realises it so far. And they’re winning.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 10:38 am gunslingergregi

      i think it is china paying these old white fucks who been in politics to long to fuck us up
      should not be able to have same group in congress till they die on their feet


  45. It’s time America had an orange vest protest of it’s own


  46. I’m at the point where I believe the “imagine if it was X instead of whites” doesn’t mean anything. We are dealing with people who honestly do not care about being hypocrites. They are so brainwashed into thinking what they do is right the fact they are hypocrites, let alone contradict their own beliefs constantly, doesn’t matter. This is why the sniper that shot commies only felt “recoil”. They have so little self awareness they really blur the line of human and animal.


  47. It’s impossible to boycott brands.

    They own EVERYTHING.

    The only solution is seizure of property.


    • This would require recognition that the constitution has failed to do what the founders wanted. Which is obvious.


      • keep deluding yourself.

        These United States have succeeded in their intended mission beyond the wildest dreams of its Freemacon-and-Putridan founders.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 9:36 pm baked georgia

      they own even many local brands that arent available nationally. many hedge funds and closed capital companies dont need to announce what brands they really own



    Lolzozoozzl TPTB bombing BLM OR ANTIFA.

    No, that’s type 1 humiliation of whites, supported by the government.


  49. on January 15, 2019 at 3:31 pm clarence boddiker

    On one hand, yes…we cannot trust what’s her face to not be a cucking catholic who thinks the only form of charity that matters is giving away american citizenship.

    On the other hand, hey at least we get a Christian on the High Court instead of Harvard Jews. A lot of people make a big deal that, “hey they’re only 2% of the nation” so why do we have their values, which are quite liberal, interpret our laws.

    I dunno, can we find an old school Protestant who has roots to Colonial America…like Coulter?

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  50. Agreed. The facts we have indicate a very high probability that Barrett is devoted to ideals of Vatican II and Liberation Theology (Marxism). She could be more dangerous than Ginsburg especially when the Court’s decision affects industry regulation and commerce. I kind of doubt Trump would pick her and suspect he’s merely been circulating her name to pick up a few points with various groups. All of my hardcore Catholic friends love him just for considering her. Be hopeful. With enough disabuse she should fade away.


  51. @Irishsavant. Good sentiment, but somewhat inaccurate. I believe two Irish Catholics signed the constitution and there was an article years ago I’ll have to dig up that suggested another signer was an English Catholic. Also relevant is fact that what is now the Republic, previously had a much higher proportion of Protestants and indeed many well known Irish Protestants felt more Irish than British/had no problems with Irish independence. My last name indicates hardcore Scot, but somewhere along the way in Ireland, we turned Catholic. It was a big source of pride for many in our family that Reagan was Irish and no-one cared that he was a Protestant. Here in Chicagoland, I’d wager more than half of Americans shifted right because of Reagan. Also, Pat Buchanan… Likewise, Thomas. There is founder blood in him for sure.


    • And the 80’s were sort of the heyday of the Boomers which was why they were superior to today. The Boomers were in their Prime ranging from 20’s to 30. The girls were not obese or Hos but were still a bit influenced by ‘free love’ aka as being normal. Femtards and dykes were still laughed at and any man in a dress was just assumed to be a comedian trying to get laughs.
      The biggest Boomer soyboy and pussy puritard was better than the average Millenial (a defective generation soon to be swept away)


  52. Does she hate herself that much?