The Alpha Male Anomaly

Why do women in the company of alpha males act like anxious beta males? Weimar Republican explains,

I noticed that women uniformly do this beta behavior thing that mimics beta males…if they have an alpha in their midst. They even white-knight for the alpha criminal because that same desperation (fear of lost opportunity that most men experience) uniformly sets in women even more intensely (than any lonely man could possibly experience) because having an alpha is an even rarer opportunity for a woman than for an InCel having a date with a Plain Jane is (pure numbers game: alpha criminals are few, Plain Janes are ubiquitous).

Women have an even greater affinity for alpha criminal men than any man could possibly have for any woman…because he is such a refreshing anomaly. That is why women get themselves killed so predictably on exotic ‘vacations’ to ‘discover themselves’ or from ‘domestic violence’ or ‘at the club.’

They are seeking a specific (privileged, à la carte) type of sex: violent/degenerate/taboo because it gives them an invaluable dopamine-adrenaline buzz, just like a cocktail of potent alcohols/drugs will give you are variety of inebriation – women are constantly chasing that dangerous high, even long after they have ‘settled down.’ That desire never leaves them. Every woman without an alpha is effectively a dry-drunk jonesing for alpha criminal cock.

She will always forgive his thuggish misbehavior to her busybody friends and concerned family, and even fend off the white knight interlopers coming to her rescue in public (that is why you always hear about how the ‘victim’ joins the ‘brute’ to tag-team the beta interloper every single time). She instantly triangulates that previous ignominious angst with her alpha BF violently onto the beta interloper, which is why she then further channels this new pugilistic energy into passionate sex with her forgiven alpha BF the second they make it back to the car. So the beta gets an accidental assist for prompting this, much to his chagrin.

That is the difference: forgiveness…something a beta never has and never will experience because women existentially HATE beta males. They see them as a genetic threat, an invasive species, a hindrance to their reproductive strategy of mating with a violent Chad and birthing a litter of his bastard hellions.

A beta is a nuisance at best to a woman because every moment a beta is distracting a woman with his bullshit shtick is a second she cannot invest in courting an alpha. Women are time-oriented creatures that literally operate like clockwork depending on the time of the month, what age they are, and even syncing up with the hive-minded female collective at work to form a blood moon during their fertile years – their entire genetic existence hinges on timing, so they are bound to be irritable with any man they have to ‘deign’ to even acknowledge.

Women get so defensive of their ‘abusers’ (alpha lovers) that they will shield him from deadly alligators, cops etc. (the only time women cease to be dovish cowards and openly display legitimate self-sacrifice) because they are displaying the same chivalry towards perceived high-status value as a beta male/white knight/nice guy – the difference is men are attracted to this submissive, supplicating, protective-territorial (soothing) behavior, while women are rightly abhorred by this unbecoming, effeminate beta-signaling because it is deigning value and deferring status – no woman will tolerate such déclassé, unless she is slumming for a night at the club, the ghetto etc.

Women hate beta males more than the forces of Natural Selection do in gradually erasing them from the sexual ecosystem because Darwinism is not fast enough for their IRL Tinder binary minds. If a woman is not attracted to a man, she wants him to either be perpetually invisible to society, while still being a productive worker-bee/’shrapnel-collector’ (literally saw a ‘conservative’ woman refer to the male collective as that)…or she wants him to just die on the spot.

That is why the comments you read suggesting that a man kill himself, ‘leave women alone,’ ‘please do not reproduce’ etc. stemming from the tiniest disagreements online are almost exclusively from women – women have a eugenic mind even for anonymous flame wars.

They literally want beta males to disappear and die instantly. They want them to be executed for the crime of not being alpha. They want to free the violent alpha criminals from death row, and imprison the beta male goody-goodies instead. That is how women think and operate, and they never stop or discriminate because they have a one-track mind of reproductive success with the most violent kingpin.

The way that society sobered these junkie hypergamous creatures (even before their first intake) was through strict patriarchal religion. The more pious the woman…the hornier she is. She is just holding it all back and channeling it into the abstract: a faithful love of God, the ultimate alpha (in her mind).

When alpha males are in short supply and rapidly decreasing in number, the few alphas left become anomalies women will treat like kings. Women operating under these conditions of extreme alpha male scarcity will also agitate for the mass invasion of rougher men to fill their groin void.

The head-knocking, swaggering, attitudinally criminal alpha male scarcity among White men is leading to a peculiar social dysfunction: White men are becoming the nurturing, vulnerable women they want, while White women are becoming the aggressive alpha males they need. This is why the chasm between the Western sexes is wider now than it has been in historical memory. The sexual polarity has been corrupted.

The modren alpha male does not even have to be a criminal to attract a swarm of attention from women. Noncriminal alpha males are becoming such a rarity that simply projecting an attitude of devil-may-care, aloof and indifferent ZFG entitlement will ring the bells of women who, as Weimer R wrote, are biosocially primed to identify, capture, and keep that kind of man, often going so far as to supplicate like a mewling beta male to prevent his leaving her.


  1. on January 30, 2019 at 9:15 am William of Orange County

    In other news, Netflix is trying to shut down “he’s so hot” comments for The Bundy Tapes.

    Women love alpha-criminal dick so much, they’ll let you tie-em-up, mock-rape them as a corpse, and then kill them later.

    I’ve wasted my life apparently…

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  2. All of this characterization of women is completely true– for r selected women. Game guys have been noticing that as things go k, all the old tricks aren’t working any more.

    [CH: things aren’t going k. not as long as age of first marriage continues to rise and single mommery is the norm rather than the rare exception.]

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    • At CH: The r vs k varies, with country, geographic location within each country, and with ethnicity. And yes, the trend – so far – appears to be towards r, but lots of women still are on the k track.

      [CH: i’ve read the arguments, pro and con, for a lurch towards r selection. my hot take: lower and working classes: becoming r. umc and upper classes: time-bifurcated exploitation of both r and k (that is, umc and rich chicks are enjoying an r-style libertine premarital cock carousel then switching to a hard K in their 30s)]

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 11:38 am John Joel Glanton

        I’m not too worried about r-vs-k, it’s just a theory. Usually it’s just an economic difference. There’s lots of rich swarthy girls, and poor Nordic girls.

        Nuremberg laws make sense to me. A little bit of bad blood can be excused, just keep other races out of the European gene pool.

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      • If it works for R it will work for K.

        The only thing you’d have to worry about with some is being so alpha they get paranoid about other women so bad they break up with you. Which is usually only something 6-7s do.

        8-10s have had so many men dying to pound every hole since age 16 that there’s no such thing as “too alpha”. Chad knows how to roughhouse her just right to get supreme tingles.


      • God how I would love to believe in a k trend.

        My experience though, this is spot on:
        (that is, umc and rich chicks are enjoying an r-style libertine premarital cock carousel then switching to a hard K in their 30s)]

        Glad you’re all my bros (who refuse to pay a new car price for very used up vehicles.)


      • on February 1, 2019 at 3:00 pm TerryThePirate

        But then, thanks to birth control, the premarital carousel doesn’t necessarily result in scads of r-selected kids. This is a big change compared to only a couple of generations ago (and our theories have not yet caught up). As long as these women crank out a couple of K-selected kids in time to beat the clock–and raise them conscientiously, as they tend to do–the carousel may not be the major threat to society some think it is.


    • Just because women aint fucking you no more does not mean they are going K. Fuck. They’re women!

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    • R v K is a simplification of the world based on materialistic principles.

      Useful in many respects, but an oversimplification of a much more layered and ultimately spiritually-based world.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 12:42 pm John Joel Glanton

        Yeah precisely. I know of girls of top race-quality who fuck lots of guys because they come from poor families and don’t know any better. They aren’t “r-selected” just products of shitty nigger+jew cultural machine

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      • Women do not and cannot survey the larger economic landscape and then change their behavior or make long time preference decisions based on some abstraction like a macro-level resource famine.

        If it is not in their face in a tangible and undeniable way, not triggering a hindbrain emotion of fear or ecstasy, not urgently placed upon them by a man’s physicality (his rationalizing does nothing to persuade them), or made urgent by demons or the demands of their lady bits (bleeding or breeding), then 99% of them will never be R or K or make anything but circumstantially-based, right-here-right-now decisions.

        They are that simple. Really. Only the holiest ones can learn to follow God thru Christ and the discipines of His Holy Orthodox Church.

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    • let me settle this-

      STFU about it!

      There IS NO R or K because there is NO REPRODUCTION.

      Women who just fuck around are NEITHER R nor K selected as they have no kids!
      They’re just hedonists who are fucking for pleasure.

      The pleasure for women of sex was intended to fuckin FOOL THEM into doing it and forgetting about the consequences so as to willingly suffer through 9 months of hell to have a sprog.

      with birth control that shit got upended. Bc has really upset millions of years’ of evolution which blessed women with all kinds of insane fun making babies as a reward for having to carry them. now they get the rewards with no work.

      Monkeys pull the crack lever too

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      • pregnancy isnt 9 months of hell.


      • Yes, hormonal birth control was far and away the biggest single impact on the human race ever. It has completely upended the relationship between the sexes, dropped birthrates far below replacement levels, and has second and third order effects that only the smartest and most politically incorrect among us are beginning to appreciate. But studies of the negative effects are rare, and dissemination of the facts is curtailed by powerful people and forces that want us dead.

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  3. devil-may-care, aloof and indifferent ZFG entitlement

    It’s how my year’s been progressing so far. There’s been a change that others around me are noticing.


  4. Some of this is sampling error. The few women who write letters to lifers etc. exist, but they are outliers. VERY visible outliers. While no women like a pushover, they generally don’t want berserkers either.

    There are, however, alpha males who are NOT violent – but manage to give the impression (rightly or wrongly) that they would be violent – say against an agressor toward a woman in his orbit – if the situation called for it. These are the majority of alpha males.


    • i wrote a post yesterday that argues against your position. Did you hear about the Netflix tweet from the 28th against loving Ted Bundy?


    • “They want to free the violent alpha criminals from death row, and imprison the beta male goody-goodies instead.”

      If this were put on the ballot, even if men still are allowed to vote, it would be close

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      • I agree.

        Trump would stay out, all the men handing away our countries and squashing their own raisinettes would be in prison.


      • “They want to free the violent alpha criminals from death row, and imprison the beta male goody-goodies instead.”
        If they ever were to get this wish fulfilled the result would be a highly militarized, patriarchal feudal society – and they would be happy with that.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:01 am Captain Obvious


      Muh brutha.

      Ditch the forebrain.

      Activate the hindbrain.

      You forebrain is gonna do nothing but lead you into pain & misery & despair.

      And that’s without the Frankfurt School poisoning.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 12:40 pm Darth Caucasious

      Gang bangers live as closely to the script of our evolutionary past as any uncontacted tribe of Outer Dindu. It’s in the nature of most of the higher primates for males to band together, defend territory, allocate access to females, and of course, go on violent excursions to wrest what they value from other groups. The natural state of woman is to be property, and man’s is to be a killer. It’s certainly more natural to die in a fight, drunk with passionate wrath and anesthetized by your own adrenaline, instead of fading away in a diaper at a ripe old age.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 12:54 pm John Joel Glanton

        Yeah dude you nailed it


      • on January 30, 2019 at 12:59 pm John Joel Glanton

        I just hope there’s another life where I will get a second chance to be a thugged-out badass.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 1:00 pm John Joel Glanton

        Mufaggazz be livin in denial of deez troofs which we hold to be selfz evident, yo


      • on January 30, 2019 at 1:02 pm John Joel Glanton

        They think being an awkward lonely accountant is supposed to be attractive to women or something, bcuz muh bank statement yo


      • huh? df reality was this?

        In greece mfers lived to 70 all the damn time

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      • Darth Caucasions, Are you sure about that? Seems like a lot of big assumptions there. Hunter-gatherer tribes often don’t even have a concept of property much less women as property. And situations of all hands on deck, where everyone’s labor is needed, male and female, tend to be pretty egalitarian.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 7:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The clean-living Jamaicans also live to 100+ because of the lives they lead, they go up and down the Blue mountains to work, but also smoke a shitload of ganja.

        Jamaica is a rich island but kneegrow Jamaicans don’t get rich from it. They don’t know how to and they are far too lazy. It’s mostly the Anglo-Jamaicans who clean up because they are industrious and know the capitalist system ad have the Protestant work ethic.

        I have a soft spot for all Jamaicans of whatever stripe (Red Stripe, heh heh) because as a culture they are basically ZFG. They don’t give a fcuk. They’re totally Carib mystery meat–Anglo, Welsh, Scots, Irish, Black, Spanish, Chinese (!!!!!!), basically the England of the Caribbean, so it’s hard to differentiate, but they are sure-as-shit amusing, entertaining folks.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 9:31 pm Darth Caucasious

        1) If you can freestyle, you will go to kneegrow Valhalla.
        2) The presence of surviving elderly among the records of the ancients are literally the product of survivorship bias. Plenty of people died from colds, bad food, being kicked by livestock, etc.
        3) Independent studies in the wild confirm the validity, and genius, of my highly original thesis. Also, they tend to cut out the parts of Discovery channel documentaries where the natives go off and kill someone in the woods for no apparent reason or how their lifestyle revolves around primal fear and horrific things can happen due to “spirits,” taboos, mental illnesses of the gods, and boredom.
        A) Talk to African immigrants and listen like Pocahontas.
        4) My presence here is compensating for being targeted as a dissident, where normally my mere presence makes white women so simultaneously unsettled and intrigued that they cannot contain their excitement due to the throbbing aches in their loins.
        5) The Force.
        6) J00z


      • Darth Caucasious, Talk to African immigrants? Hunter-gatherers, who the way our most ancient ancestors did, comprise only a small percentage of Africans.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 3:07 pm TerryThePirate

        Better and more natural for a man to die in combat? That line has been a staple of military recruiters and war-hungry politicians since time immemorial.


  5. The leftards loose it, because Deep Down, what really rankles the Kankles worshippers of the beta fucktards and pickle smooching soy eating secret G string wearers wanna be Che neo-bolsheviks of the fake-media complex, is these kids are real true sword waving musloid killing traitor hanging Christian Barbarians, in the truest Crusader sense.
    Think un-controllable and totally unafraid because A, they be born with a red pill in their mouths, and B, they sense like no others when its a target rich environment of fucking losers, and C, there is nothing more degrading as a limp dick submissive surrender monkey to the the NAZI barren vag brigade, than to be laughed at and picked on by a gang of red blooded American Boys who know exactly what you are, and know you know that too. A thoroughly unique sublime.
    Where’s my spear!


    • I didn’t understand a word of that, but I liked it.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 11:04 am DissesMYisland

        He’s referring to the Covington boys and saying:

        they are born red-pilled (by dint of growing up in Kentucky I guess) and, as a result, see the left for the losers they are, and that they deserve nothing but ridicule, and are Unafraid to deliver it.

        Props on the crusader reference. A bunch of Crusade memes would really trigger the left

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      • This Roger Stone is not lying down either


  6. “are biosocially primed to identify, capture, and keep that kind of man, often going so far as to supplicate like a mewling beta male to prevent his leaving her.”

    That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. Female attraction does not care of reality, but reality does care about what the ‘capture’ of alpha sperm is. The bitch will still reject the man for the state bribery called taxpayer child support. If she won’t starve in the street for bastardy or frivolous divorce, the alpha is not alpha enough. They are not designed for the alpha to actually stick around. White and yellow men are designed to take charge of their families and facilitate generational progress as progressive culture. What men not inherently criminal can follow through on the alpha behavior to close? Congress has a taxpayer-provided slush fund to make sex accusers go away. It seems to me that the Pence rule is more and more the right move. Casual sex in the West is not casual, for the man is at extreme risk and the bitch would never not pounce on an opportunity to exploit. Bitches are incapable of being casual with sex with the goon government goodies flashing in their faces like PB Looches security blanket of Federal Reserve scrip.

    My intellectual hate (and fear) just keeps pouring out here. I gotta check muh self. Muh writing adds up to nuthin. Fuck it. This is written now. I sure hope the Chinese relent on the trade negotiations today. I need some fuckn good news that matters. Fuck.

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:04 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Congress has a taxpayer-provided slush fund to make sex accusers go away. It seems to me that the Pence rule is more and more the right move. Casual sex in the West is not casual, for the man is at extreme risk and the bitch would never not pounce on an opportunity to exploit.”


      You gotta go to That Dark Place.

      You gotta STOP CARING.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 11:06 am Captain Obvious

        “messy beard not trimmed
        no teeth
        hair aint been cut in year
        barely shower
        big motherfucker
        pretty big belly
        long fucking fingernails
        long toenails
        hair not combed brushed or washed rofl”

        – Ohio River Rasputin


      • Death to the World.

        Care about nothing earthly but all things heavenly, which are those things that last, aka are eternal. Get back to long time preferences which served us so well.

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      • Maybe there is devil in the details on not caring. I care about me and my principals and anything that allows me to express my potential. Anything antithetical I hate righteously. The trick is to own and not be owned by one’s hate and capacity thereof. I fantasize the best I can under the handicap of never having received military training. I don’t want to live in the dark place but to have that integrated into my mindset. The Jedi were not entirely right and the Sith were not entirely wrong. I have no qualms about needing the ends to justify the means, total BS. I can make better political decisions than 90% of the white population, and I feel no qualms for protecting that which is antithetical regardless of color.

        Oh, you mean stop caring like a psychopath. Not very strategic there, CO. Only yin beats yin for now.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 6:58 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I care about me and my principals and anything that allows me to express my potential.”

        RD, your enemies have no principals.

        Which why they are going to destroy you and remove all of your bl00dlines from the Tree of Life.


      • I am almost certainly irrelevant to the future, but that is a separate concern to my principles. I have no qualms about winning against my enemy. It is Christians that have qualms about beating an enemy. There is no such thing as universal morality. Though principles may be universal, that does not mean their application is universally cooperative. You are projecting on to me something that is not there. The dark place is a place of necessary means for the practical but mere escapism if seen as a panacea. It is a place of dissolution, but dissolution of the corrupt clears the way for construction of the mortal wholesome, which is not a Jewish-derived ideology for goy to be tax units. I don’t accept your council in this case; you’re way off or you don’t see that I have moved a step or two ahead of simply going there. I am free to choose what I believe with reason and how I respond to my limited choices with my natural rights of my capacity. That is the glory of darkness: No allegiance to the antithetical foreign or domestic, and a vision of my potential of not in this world only for lack of sovereignty. I will not be baited into saying more.


  7. Off-topic: wanna bet that Jussie Smollett “hate crime” attack is a hoax?

    [CH: someone should make a readily linked reference list of all the Dems who are going on record to sermonize about this obvious anti-white blood libel, because i can’t wait to throw it back in their faces.]

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    • That bit about the attackers yelling “this is MAGA country” as they ran away said ‘false flag’ to me right away.

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      • I’m guessing one of his queer butt-buddies gave him an ass-whuppin’ (there’s far more violence in ghey relationships, as studies have shown) and he had to come up with an excuse for the bruises to his studio brass.

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      • “This is MAGA country” at a Subway in Chcago at 2:00 a.m., yeah that is hard to believe. And then there’s the noose … sorry brah, not buying it.

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      • Who the hell would yell something like that? While in the middle of a “hate crime”? There are a thousand visceral epithets that one might yell, words one has has heard since infancy, words that have some punch or sting, but MAGA isn’t one of them. MAGA is something you use in a witty rejoinder on the internet, in a sarcastic comment in a bar, by the water cooler at work. Not when one is out in the middle of the night when it is below zero in Chicago (which is decidedly NOT MAGA country). Hell, it’s where Obama lived. It’s completely fictitious, not even a good lie.


    • I thought hoax the minute I heard it. Proven correct by the speed it was churned out in the propaganda machine. Just like the maga hat boy was a complete setup, planned , staged, carried out to further move the language of racist if your anything to do with trump.

      Truth does not matter to them.

      They will attack children. The line has been drawn.

      Kill them all, no remorse, no regret.

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  8. “Erase” “invisible” = block, swipe, etc. indeed the binary Tinder skinner box the SMP has become reflects the stark sorting mechanism of the female hindbrain with silicon valley efficiency. Its a techno pump and dump on many levels.

    But totally worth it, right? Shrapnel catchers sprint toward the killing fields because “so you say there’s a chance” of cheap pussy.

    So what if I commoditize myself in her iphag shuffle? Its a numbers game. Plus I’ve got game so I’m on god mode with these gash dolts.

    Cheap sarc aside, there is always a cost greater than what is initially revealed. Men refuse to starve the beast. So best learn up on the latest choke-phucking techniques and get dark or yet another “good girl” will slip away.

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  9. The best writing about feral female desires doesn’t belabor the point with a homoerotic tone.


  10. on January 30, 2019 at 10:03 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    Disquieting. Profoundly truthful.

    The girls on the playground always liked the baddest dudes.

    I guess I’m going to have to start looking like a criminal if I want to succeed in today’s moderin market.


  11. Many of us understand how important it is to evaluate and act on various ‘tells’ in the sexual marketplace.  This ranges from the slut signs (black glasses for cosmetic purposes, tattoos, travelling abroad, etc) all the way down to how a woman acts around certain men.  Although ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ tells from a woman vary depending on context, there is one that never fails to reveal the truth regarding where you stand with her within AF/BB:

    Your splooge.

    Yes indeed.  Many-o-betas new to the game want to know desperately what is going on:

    “She never let’s me have sex raw.”

    “Why won’t she swallow when giving me a blowjob?”

    “She wants me to tell her when I’m about to cum to avoid it getting on her.”

    Or any chick that has ever exclaimed EEWWWWW when you busted on/in her.

    No matter how well these men may have made her laugh, got her excited playing the fucking guitar, or have even been nice and taken her out for dinner and helped pay her bills…at the core foundation of physical attractiveness and SMV, she doesn’t want anything to do with their inferior seed.

    Beta blow–>danger to genetic lineage–>no sexy sons–>no continuance of family–>lonely old wannabe grandma–>shitting her Tena pads  in the nursing home while fatass nurses swipe tinder on the Chads she used to fuck.

    If the man in question had any genetic mate value (ergo having sex in the first place, Alpha Fucks) and was a ‘catch’ for this reason, that woman would:

    – Never even bring up the condom

    – Want you to finish inside

    – Swallow

    – Smile with eyes open when you give her a facial

    – Lick up every drop of your baby gravy afterwards

    Now to all the naysayers who may think ‘well she could still want to preggo trap you if you’re rich so it’s not always AF,’ you’re only half-right, because quite often the said woman who ‘all of a sudden’ wants you to cum in her or ‘forgets’ her birth control ALREADY got pumped full of Chads cum very recently  (see girls night out) and she is trying to dupe that beta male into thinking he’s finally getting his dream.  ♬Wow, I’m a Real Man Now!♬ (Pull-ups diaper commercial music)

    Women absolutely despise beta cum, because afterall it’s really just regurgitated breastmilk and Similac from their single mommies swimming around in their partially-dropped peach testies.  Suggesting that she should swallow that beta’s load is as offensive as telling an Anglo-cucked globohomo soyim male living in Manhattan Jooyork that he should drink Budweiser out of a can and smoke Marlboro Red 100s.  It just ain’t happenin.

    So next time you think some chick ‘is so into you’ or ‘she says she loves me’ but m’laday still tryeth to dodge ze cumshootz, hurrdurrrr ye’ dun goofed bro. Watch what she does, don’t listen to what she says. You’re her betabux..

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  12. I really wish the manos-phere would get off this fixation with “criminality”. criminal behavior is separate from alpha traits. go spend some time in jail. you’ll find the same distribution of alpha vs. beta as you would find in the general population, if you account for demographics. ie, you’ll still find more beta traits among whites than you will among the primitives.

    the correct term is “risk-taking” or risk-philic, or whatever.

    and, yes, the risk-taking criminals would be more alpha than criminals that were driven by, say, poor impulse control. a lot of criminals are driven by poor impulse control. many of those would be considered omegas. that’s why using criminality as an innately alpha trait is retarded.

    also, there are many hardened criminals who are die hard pussy pedestalizers. they have tats of some girl they had a crush on in high school. they put up centerfolds in their cells and jerk off to her and fantasize about her saying she loves him. they talk about women Iike they know them so well and then when they’re in the company of one they piss their pants. these “tough” criminals can be as pathetic around women as any mewling beta.

    these must be people with squeaky clean records who think that criminality necessarily equals alpha. some ACTUAL time in the pen would clear up these false assumptions pretty fast.

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    • Spot on. I concur from experience.


    • Ghey mod ate my longer reply. :-/ But yes…in short.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 11:34 am DissesMYisland

        And low life’s, criminals, low SES guys are culturally much more practiced at displaying signs of dominance than your Average dude, even if they are truly beta to the core.

        It’s a survival mechanism….Don’t show weakness. Fake it till you make it. The sh1t (read: nogger) music they worship is a guidebook for this type of blowfish behavior.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:31 am DissesMYisland

      @PJ: selection bias bro

      INSIDE the pen, the male dominance hierarchy is HIGHLY concentrated, and in full display. It’s all the dominant, anti social alphas in ONE PLACE. (And of course tons of other kinds of fucktards). )So it only makes sense for the non-peak alphas to adjust their rank downward on the totem pole vis-a-vis their AB status in the real world. (They HAVE to beta-Ize themselves in prison in order to survive. IOW, recognize the truer alphas they come across and accept their natural lower position in the hierarchy)

      I’d say the average prison beta is wayyyy more alpha than the average citizen. He just looks beta in prison because he is around tons of apex alpha psychos


      • that’s a fair argument, that criminals (in jail) are RELATIVELY more alpha than the general population. that still doesn’t mean criminality equals alpha – the kind of alpha that guys who want to get laid are trying to emulate.

        the alpha you find in the prison heirarchy is no different than the situational alpha you find out in the non-incarcerated world. and, as we all know, the environment-specific, Bezos-type alpha that enables a man to navigate his way up a male-dominated heirarchy does not necessarily equal success with women.

        again, a more precise term would be socially “risk-philic” or “risk taking” because that better encapsulates the type of behavior that can, and often does, attract women. criminality is tangentially related to this trait but not to the degree that guys who spent their formative following all the rules think it does.

        I mean yeah, sure, if you’re a Starbucks barrista and go pull off an armed robbery you’ll probably feel pretty good about yourself for a minute, until you find yourself facing ten years. you’ve taken a risk in a completely new direction and it grows your nads. but most of the guys who rob liquor stores aren’t taking a risk and/or making a career change by doing so. they’re just doing what criminals do.

        so I think this criminality fantasy is mostly coming from guys with low-risk day jobs. they’re IMAGINING that the life of a criminal will lead to boat loads of pussy and that’s not the case. it’s just not that simple. you still have to know the language of women, and you don’t learn that by cracking safes.

        but then, women have their own misguided fantasies about criminals, so there’s that.


      • on January 30, 2019 at 12:57 pm John Joel Glanton

        It actually is that simple. If you make the right friends in high school and/or have family connections you can live the gangster playboy life. I’ve seen it happen.

        However if you’re 30 years old living in a cubicle you’re not going to be magically inducted into a secret order of assassins like the guy from Wanted.


      • Everything is criminality

        The scum at the top invade countries and kill
        The scum at the bottom invade borders illegally, shoplift, ss fraud etc

        Its only the naive white middle class law abiding tax paying sheep who prop it all up and their suburban wives are bored as fuck


    • Thank you PJ. My experience as well. Have never “done time,” but I have done a couple over-nighters in a large holding cell that housed various offenders in one of the most violent cities in the US. Basically a day-room for everything from DUIs to violent criminals.

      I’ve said it before- alpha and beta are badly outdated terms. There are hardened criminal “alphas” who shit their pants in front of broads or cat-call them like construction workers. I hate him as much as anyone, but Bezos is unquestionably alpha. Also pathetically (and hilariously) “beta” around women.

      If you are 2 pts or higher in SMV around any broad, she will behave like a cloying “beta.” This extends to limp-wristed local band guitarists with status who have never been hit in the face with anything except cock.

      In response to jailbird love-letters, I wouldn’t read too much into it. There were loser males who effusively swore their love to child murdering shit-hag Casey Anthony. There are loser males who currently and knowingly bang mud sharks.

      Ditch “alpha and beta.” Not productive. Who cares. IOW, if you spend all your time musing about what’s “alpha” you aren’t one.

      Glad you’re all my bros.


      • These discussions also remind me of the mildly entertaining Californication.

        A beta bitch boy if there ever was one- swamped with tail. I remember watching an ep where Duchovny squeaks out, “permission to come aboard?” before kneeling down and performing oral on a broad.

        He’s constantly used and abused by broads. Venerates them as the highest pursuit, but he has looks, style, wit and charm. He got plenty- but very little of it was on his own terms.

        I know a fair amount of good looking funny “betas” who do get hot tail. And those broads bitch them around and pull stunts like you wouldn’t believe. I also know “alphas” who have been dry for months at a time.


      • “I know a fair amount of good looking funny “betas” who do get hot tail. And those broads bitch them around and pull stunts like you wouldn’t believe. I also know “alphas” who have been dry for months at a time.”

        this gets to the heart of the matter. alphas do things on their own terms. and the alpha-iest alphas are the most aggressive with their terms.

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      • on January 30, 2019 at 5:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The Hank Moody character had a certain amount of talent as a writer, and the result was money and poontang. Of course, the women were drawn into his orbit through his talent and the fact the other men around them were weirdos or didn’t measure up.

        It was, after all, a show. An HBO show, which meant a highly successful Wizard of Oz scenario brought to life.

        Fantasy. Fiction.

        Moody also lived on whiskey but had six pack abs, too. If only.

        I lived on a diet for a year of almost whiskey alone after my cousin died and no, I did not have a six pack. It did have the result of ZFG and some strange for me, so who knows.

        [CH: first couple seasons of californication were amusing, then it will downhill fast.]


      • The motley crue type episode was red pill as fuck in how groupies are depraved sloots


  13. on January 30, 2019 at 10:38 am Elmer T. Jones

    HR Studycunt and her corporate hair-do are sure to arouse interest among male voters.


  14. on January 30, 2019 at 10:56 am DissesMYisland

    “ White men are becoming the nurturing, vulnerable women they want, while White women are becoming the aggressive alpha males they need”

    Thanks, j00z!


  15. on January 30, 2019 at 11:16 am DissesMYisland

    A Question for the legal minded among us: (for the benefit of those of us out gaming in this #MeToo milieu)

    How can a bro protect himself from being #MeToo’d/regret raped after closing the deal with a new girl? Assume you had to plow through a lot of LMR? (And please hold back all the “just be more alpha and she won’t MeeToo you” comments. I’m referring to an actual legal defense for the cases where she does it anyway”)

    The best I can come up with is have your closing booth wired for audio and video.

    The problem is that some jurisdictions don’t allow for recordings to be made without 2 party consent. Is this right? If so, wouldn’t this meant that even exculpatory video evidence of her willingly consenting be thrown out in court?

    So in a two-party consent state, would running the “security cameras” you have in your bedroom 24/7 as a way to stop “intruders” be a way around two party consent?

    (The rationale being that you’re recording your home all the time, not just when you have a girl over)


    • I’m an internet lawyer and I see this all the time.

      In a 2 party consent state, that evidence would likely be used against YOU, because you committed a CRIME in order to obtain it.

      My recommendation is to joke with her (at some point in the night) about having your home rigged for audio and video surveillance. Maybe you’re in witness protection or some bantzy shit.

      The hope is that she will recall this joke when she decides later that she got raped, and think of the status demotion she would incur to have audio of her consenting played in a court of law.

      She also would have to be ignorant of the relevant surveillance law…


    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:46 am Captain Obvious

      Q: Why does the psychopath get all the p00ntang?

      A: Because the psychopath isn’t terrified by his own shadow.


    • Not a lawyer but spend way too much time around them (and paying the bloodsuckers.)

      There is no “bullet-proof” scenario (see pk response below.) If you bang enough chicks, you will run into something. Just statistically it’s going to happen.

      Without physical evidence it’s incredibly difficult to get a conviction. Send them a text the morning after and save the response. Avoid leaving anything that can be interpreted as physical evidence. I can’t tell you how many chicks have asked me to choke them. I refuse every single time.

      I dgaf about her orgasm. I refuse to be the guy staring at pics of bruises on her neck pleading, “But your honor, she WANTED it!!!!.”


  16. on January 30, 2019 at 11:34 am John Joel Glanton

    Hot blonde women in the 21st century expect to live like they’re your sidekick in a Grand Theft Auto game. Once they’ve gotten a taste of that lifestyle when they’re 18-20 yrs old there is no going back.


  17. Just because women are not made of sugar and spice and everything nice, I’m not convinced they are totally evil, as Weimar Republican believes.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:46 am John Joel Glanton

      Well, the root of the issue is, women just want a top guy, same as we want a top girl. I’ve rejected girls before who didn’t look great or seemed a bit off. I’m not evil for doing that, and girls are not evil for wanting an alpha. If you want Michelle Pfeiffer, you need to be Scarface. Why would she fuck around with the help?


    • on January 30, 2019 at 11:50 am John Joel Glanton

      Look how far Michael had to go in Godfather to get his Sicilian bride. How far Deniro had to go in part 2 to save himself from oppression. Shit ain’t easy. It’s a rough world, if you don’t understand that then you’re not a grown up.


    • Robert, I think a lot of misogyny arises from boys and men placing women on a pedestal and then getting pissed off when we turn out to be only human. We are not morally better or morally worse than men. Though I suppose saying women are “not totally evil” is faint praise. John, I don’t think most women want an alpha, if alpha means domineering asshole.

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      • “John, I don’t think most women want an alpha, if alpha means domineering asshole”

        Usualy does not mean that. But if there is shortage of genuane good “alpha” males,, women will take the domineering a**hole to substitute for this. That is why we need to teach our sons there is no shame in being a man and grow them up to be real strong men (but not be bad men).

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      • Eofhapi,

        I think most women find confidence and self–assurance appealing. But “alpha” seems to imply DOMINANCE. And this site has argued that women WANT their men to dominate them. I don’t believe that for a moment.

        Yes, I agree with you that, of course, we would never want our sons to be ashamed of being men and that we should raise them to be strong. I don’t believe a single person in the world disagrees with that – though perhaps we disagree as to what that means.

        (Thank you for your interesting comment. I have to go for now!)

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      • Sorry, the ego is HUNGRY,, not angry, I was tryeing to say. 😋


      • @Catherine
        It doesnt matter what you believe. Its who the women open their legs to. Words are cheap but truth lies in action.


  18. White men are becoming the nurturing, vulnerable women they want

    Ted Kaczynski was once considering a sex change. He told Sally Johnson that he thought the only way he would ever be able to touch a woman was to become one himself.


  19. on January 30, 2019 at 12:05 pm thesegregationofdialogue

    Anyone with eyes can see that white men are becoming more feminine. Meanwhile, African American culture hasn’t given up on masculinity. In fact, they go too far with it, often to the point of criminality.

    Maybe we should meet in the middle. Maybe white men should man up a little bit, and black men should calm down a little bit. It’s almost like we have a lot that we can learn from one another.


    • 8/10. This absurdist comedy routine is pretty good, though it’s going to get old fast, I’m guessing.

      Or unless Tiny Duck just can’t restrain himself and starts quacking about “all your grandchildren are going to be brown, ha ha!” 😉


      • on January 30, 2019 at 12:19 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        Lol you can tell me I have a tiny dick all you want dude. I can’t prove you wrong without offering to send you a picture, and that would be pretty gay.


      • Not dick. Duck. Quack quack. 😉


      • on January 30, 2019 at 6:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Segregation, you don’t know the country, you don’t know the language, you don’t know the history. You haven’t a chance.

        You’re an interloper, and we knew it immediately.

        Stawp poasting.


    • “It’s almost like we have a lot that we can learn from one another.”

      There’s that blanket approach again. Besides being a facile bullshit platitude, it’s also a false equivalence. Sure, a dime and a dollar both have value, but one has ten times more value than the other.

      Hell, this is like batting practice.

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      • on January 31, 2019 at 8:23 am thesegregationofdialogue

        You didn’t disprove what I said. We still can learn from one another. It’s a reality, not a platitude


      • I didn’t “disprove” what you said because there wasn’t anything to disprove. Such is the nature of a platitude. A cliche.

        What you say is factual. So, too, is what I say factual: a dime and a dollar both possess value, but to say that they are comparable simply because they share a quality is ARGUING IN B A D F A I T H.

        Sometimes instructors learn something from their students. True. Does that mean the students are on equal footing with the instructors? No.

        Glad we cleared that up.

        Now, what YOU didn’t respond to was my call to remove the intellectual training wheels in regards your demanding nuanced logic and sophisticated reasoning when a topic might reflect well on your *ahem* milieu, but then yourself throw the blanket statement on any topic—the nuanced parsing of which—might poke a hole in your worldview.

        And that, friendo, is why you’ve been so hilariously smacked around since your debut here. You’re out of you element, Donny.


      • on January 31, 2019 at 10:40 am thesegregationofdialogue

        Being called.names and accused of being Jewish while people whine for the banhammer does not qualify, in my opinion, as being “hilariously smacked around.”

        That being said, I don’t sort black.and white people into categories of “student” and “teacher.”

        You value masculinity, correct? If whites can pick up some masculinity from African American culture, then we clearly have something valuable to learn, potentially.


  20. I just finished reading Brownmiller’s “Against Our Will” and easily concluded that she suffers from paranoia and anti-social personality disorder. No recognition whatsoever about the female sex drive, which after reading your post, makes me wonder if Jewish women don’t have the same thirst for alphas that non-Jewish women do. Thoughts?


    • nuffin new under the sun
      ((frontrunners)) gon ((frontrun)) … all the way to Iosip Vissarionovitch’s mass graves while belching L’Internationale


      • as to the issue of the question, for anyone that spent 5 minutes near ((one)), oh how ((females)) desire and respect a goy-alpha’s pimp hand

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    • on January 30, 2019 at 5:09 pm Corinth Arkadin

      J00ish women ache hard for the goyim. You don’t even need Game if you’re a good looking lad.

      I have enjoyed my share of these types, and I can tell you, none have taken my manhood down their throat with such hunger and up into their guts with such ravenous desire that I was knocked for six.

      We are speaking of “professional”, well-paid types, too; lawyers and their ilk.

      One such creature ran into me with her tribe husband a few years after. He shook my hand after I had dawg-fucked his blushing bride into submission both between the sheets and in the shower after two dates of little effort and almost no interest.

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  21. Brings up an interesting topic, how ‘alpha’ do you have to be to get the king treatment from droves of women?

    In my experience having muscles and a bad attitude gets you there.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 12:46 pm John Joel Glanton




      Gangland friends

      Usually works from what I’ve seen


    • I don’t think there’s a hard and fast one-concept-of-alpha-to-rule-them-all

      Some blokes do it with muscles
      Some with jokes
      Some with music
      Some with science


      • What I’m driving at there is what % of your life needs to be ‘alpha’ to get this treatment consistently and how long could you expect it to last. Let’s say you’re a successful musician and on stage women love you but off stage you are a total bitch. It smacks of relationship equity – that you can ‘build up’ attraction for the slumps essentially – which I have heard some say doesn’t exist.

        I’ve seen guys really flop or act like total bitches fairly consistently but still maintain relationships with valuable women, though I don’t know what happens behind closed doors. This whole discussion sounds like there’s a spectrum and I’m interested in talking about it. Such as a scale of pajama boy to warlord where do you have to be to get this treatment. As I’ve said above that’s my most generalized marker.


  22. May explain mudsharkism. A ZFG orc slips in thru a cultural-poz short circuit in young hottie’s brain, gets processed as Alpha Fux. Even higher-IQ wimminz fall victim – like Hollywood actresses marrying/adopting orcs and their spawn. Never seem to see nerdy, pencil-neck orcs being promenaded around by the ‘sharks.


    • as it is infinitely easier to bang (or whatever) hot women when you don’t care about banging (or whatever) hot women, the downlow side of Negro sexuality creates a zfg boost side to his irrational confidence in pursuit of irrational expectations

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  23. Beta behavior is submissive behavior, not not male or masculine behavior.

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  24. on January 30, 2019 at 4:12 pm robertpinkerton

    Gor, anyone?


  25. Just do whatever you want to women. If she’s angry after, who gives a shit.


  26. on January 30, 2019 at 5:01 pm Corinth Arkadin

    This was one the of the greater articles written, and while other articles have dealt with the issues explored here, none has ever hit the nail on the head quite so squarely.

    As I got older, I realized slowly that the rougher, more savage and unpredictable I became (either manufactured or through real anger) the resultant tingles became more violent and the results more explosive.

    It’s really quite something to wrap your head around.


    • on January 30, 2019 at 7:10 pm Captain Obvious


      Weimar Republicuck wrote a kkk0mment for the ages.


    • Yep. I relayed before a blueish pill friend of mine has an ultra shitlib girl
      He ranted at her over politics and thought he went too far
      So he got up to leave and she looked surprised.
      ‘Where are you going?”
      “I have to go”
      “(Feels his crotch) I’ll miss your dick”

      She never said stuff like that before


  27. Allow me to indulge
    I grew up as a boy worshipping the 1982 West German soccer team. ZFGs.
    Hated by betas.

    One of my childhood heroes was Lothar Matthäus.
    He played at the very too for 20 years until age 40.
    At 40 he was better than Beckham in one game
    A giant of a personality. A machine, a colossal warrior.
    He had multiple marriages to many stunning women.
    Many kids.

    Fast forward to a modern German player like Philip Lahm or Mario Gotze.
    And they are the few remaining white ones.
    Something has gone horribly wrong in Germany.
    It makes you want to weep.


  28. A tour-de-force of a poast, CH. All true.

    Men – test it for yourselves. Play the game “Marry, Fuck, Kill” with a woman next time you’re out.

    Don’t know the game? You point to random men in public and say “What about that one?” She responds with marry, fuck or kill. She points to random women and you choose marry, fuck, or kill too.

    The role-play lays bare the woman’s id any hypergamy. It ain’t pretty. Women take great delight in saying “Kill”. You can feel her beta hatred dripping from how she spits the word “kill.”


  29. Brilliant post, hit the nail on the head. Most people don’t know even in the most traditional society the woman deeply craves for the ‘thug’ even though they know society frowns upon them.


  30. As usual films from the ’20s and ’30s knew the score better.

    Here is Buster Keaton being a naïve white knight.

    If the time positioning doesn’t work, start at 31:35
    (unfortunately someone has put terrible music over it)


  31. “Ladies love outlaws,
    Like children love a bunch of stray dogs.
    Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold.
    Outlaws touch ladies somewhere deep within their soul.”

    – Waylon Jennings


  32. she wants him to either be perpetually invisible to society, while still being a productive worker-bee/’shrapnel-collector’ (literally saw a ‘conservative’ woman refer to the male collective as that)…or she wants him to just die on the spot.

    This is what the government wants too. Advanced societies need harmless clerks. Only enough men, enough warriors, are needed to be able to project power overseas or keep order for the elite at home. The rest are a threat to the ruling class. Manhood must be made illegal. In a feudal society the serfs are neutered. Which is why I say cripple this system, boycott the military. Force them to turn inward. The time for boycotting the police will come only at the very end.