Why White Liberals Spend Big Bucks To Belie Their Anti-Racism Posturing

Summary: White shitlibs know Diversity sucks, and will do and pay anything to get away from it.

A GoodWhite lady teacher tells a horror story about her time in the vibrant trenches.

Public Education’s Dirty Secret

Bad teaching is a common explanation given for the disastrously inadequate public education received by America’s most vulnerable populations. This is a myth. Aside from a few lemons who were notable for their rarity, the majority of teachers I worked with for nine years in New York City’s public school system were dedicated, talented professionals.Before joining the system I was mystified by the schools’ abysmal results.I too assumed there must be something wrong with the teaching. This could not have been farther from the truth.


Washington Irving High School, 2001–2004

My NYC teaching career began a few days before September 11, 2001 at Washington Irving High School. It was a short honeymoon period;the classes watched skeptically as I introduced them to a method of teaching French using virtually no English. Although the students weren’t particularly engaged, they remained respectful. During first period on that awful day there was a horrendous split-second noise. A plane flew right overhead a mere moment before it blasted into the north tower of the World Trade Center. At break time word was spreading among the staff.Both towers were hit and one had already come down. When I went to my next class I told the students what had happened. There was an eruption of rejoicing at the news. Many students clapped and whooped their approval, some getting out of their seats to do a sort of victory dance. It was an eye-opener, and indicative of what was to come.


Guards patrolled the hallways, sometimes the police had to intervene. Even though the security guards carefully screened the students at the metal detectors posted at every entrance, occasionally arms crept in. Girls sometimes managed to get razors in, the weapon of choice against rivals for boys’ attention. Although I don’t know of other arms found in the school (teachers were kept in the dark as much as possible), one particularly disruptive and dangerous boy was stabbed one afternoon right outside school. It appears he came to a violent death a few years later.


As the weeks dragged painfully into months, it became apparent that the students wouldn’t learn anything. It was dumbfounding. It was all I could do to keep them quiet; that is, seated and talking among themselves. Sometimes I had to stop girls from grooming themselves or each other. A few brave souls tried to keep up with instruction. A particularly good history teacher once told me that she interrupted a conversation between two girls, asking them to pay attention to the lesson. One of them looked up at her scornfully and sneered, “I don’t talk to teachers,” turning her back to resume their chat.


[Long-term suspension] was unthinkable in New York, where “in-house suspension” was the only punitive measure. It would be “discriminatory” to keep the students at home. The appropriate paperwork being filed, the most outrageously disruptive students went for a day or two to a room with other serious offenders. The anti-discrimination laws under which we worked took all power away from the teachers and put it in the hands of the students.

Throughout Washington Irving there was an ethos of hostile resistance. Those who wanted to learn were prevented from doing so. Anyone who “cooperated with the system” was bullied. No homework was done. Students said they couldn’t do it because if textbooks were found in their backpacks, the offending students would be beaten up.


I tried everything imaginable to overcome student resistance. Nothing worked.


The abuse from students never let up. We were trained to absorb it. By the time I left, however, I had a large folder full of the complaint forms I’d filled out documenting the most egregious insults and harassment.There was a long process to go through each time. The student had a parent or other representative to state their case at the eventual hearing and I had my union rep. I lost every case.

It used to be, in 90% White America, that abusive students would have neither state representative nor parents to “state their case”. The parents would be called in to the school, listen to the teacher’s complaint, and then tell their kid to shape up while apologizing on the kids’ behalf to the teacher.

The abuse ranged from insults to outright violence, although I myself was never physically attacked. Stories abounded, however, of hard substances like bottles of water being thrown at us, teachers getting smacked on the head from behind, pushed in stairwells, and having doors slammed in our faces. The language students used was consistently obscene. By far the most commonly heard word throughout the school,literally hundreds of times a day, like a weapon fired indiscriminately, was “nigga.”


Although the school was always on the verge of hysteria and violence, it had all the trappings of the typical American high school. There were class trips and talent shows, rings and year books—even caps and gowns and graduation. High school diplomas were among the trappings, handed out to countless 12th graders with, from my observation, a 7th grade education.


Students came to school for their social life. The system had to be resisted. It was never made explicit that it was a “white” system that was being rejected, but it was implicit in oft-made remarks. Youngsters would say things like, “You can’t say that word, that be a WHITE word!”


It all fell on deaf ears. It was impossible to dispel the students’ delusions. Astonishingly, they believed that they would do just fine and have great futures once they got to college! They didn’t seem to know that they had very little chance of getting into anything but a community college, if that. Sadly, the kids were convinced of one thing: As one girl put it, “I don’t need an 85 average to get into Hunter; I’m black, I can get in with a 75.” They were actually encouraged to be intellectually lazy.

The most Dantesque scene I witnessed at Washington Irving was a “talent show” staged one spring afternoon. The darkened auditorium was packed with excited students, jittery guidance counselors, teachers, and guards. Music blasted from the loudspeakers, ear-splitting noise heightened the frenzy. To my surprise and horror, the only talent on display was merely what comes naturally. Each act was a show of increasingly explicit dry humping.


Brooklyn Tech, 2004–2009

Brooklyn Tech was considered one of New York’s “top three” high schools. Students had to test in.

Brooklyn Tech: 61% asian, 21% White (current numbers)

Despite the disruptive students at first, the classes were manageable. What the youngsters lacked in academic rigor, they made up for in verve. However, as the years passed, micro-management became more burdensome. Supervision became stricter, with multiple class visits and more meetings. Some “experts” up the DoE ladder decided that we had to produce written evidence that our lesson plans conformed to a rigid formula.


Victory Collegiate High School, 2009–2010

88% black.

Victory Collegiate High School seemed promising.


It could boast of Bill Gates money, and was one of only two or three new experimental schools co-located in what was once the venerable South Shore High School. It served the local, partly middle-class, partly ghettoized black community. The principal informed me proudly that the students wore uniforms, and no cellphones were allowed. The classes were tiny in comparison to other high schools, and there were no disciplinary problems.

Stay for the twist ending!

Despite the devastating blow to my career, I set out hopefully on the long commute to Canarsie. The metal detectors should have clued me in. Any pretense of imposing uniforms was eventually abandoned. Cellphones were a constant nuisance. Administrators turned a blind eye to the widespread anti-social behavior.

It would be repetitive to go over the plentiful examples of the abuse teachers suffered at the hands of the students. Suffice it to say, it was Washington Irving all over again, but in miniature. The principal talked a good game, believing that giving “shout-outs” and being a pal to the students were accomplishing great things, but he actually had precious little control over them. What made matters worse, the teaching corps was a young, idealistic group, largely recruited from the non-profit Teach For America, not the leathery veterans who constituted a majority at the two previous schools.


The “language arts” department (the word “English” was too Euro-centric) made one obligatory bow to Shakespeare—a version of “Romeo and Juliet” reduced to a few hundred words. It was common knowledge that the Bard was “overrated.”


In the classroom, the children did as they pleased. Since the classes were smaller, some students managed to learn a bit of French, but most obdurately ignored me. One memorable 16 year-old fresh from Chicago loved French but was contemptuous of me. She was tall and slender, quite beautiful, and in love, it seemed, with another girl in the class, who was not blessed with similar beauty. Throughout the year they were an item. I finally managed to separate them, insisting that they change seats when it became increasingly difficult to stop them from necking in the classroom.That was when, despite her love of French, the Chicago girl left my class never to return, except once, when we were watching a movie. She came in, sat down and watched with us, breezing out again at the film’s end. This was not unusual behavior. Some students had the run of the hallways, wandering around as they pleased.


On one memorable occasion, I said to them: “You are not here to play, you are here to develop your intellect.” The puzzled stares this remark elicited spoke volumes. It seemed an utterly new concept to them.


When the language section was over and the math part began, however, students stopped working. They sat there staring at the desk. I quietly encouraged them to make an effort, but the general response was, “I ain’t doin’ it, miss, it’s too hard.” I could not get them to change their minds; they sat doing nothing for the rest of my shift.

The preliminary test results that came back in the spring were abysmally low—despite the fact that every single response bubble on the math test had been filled in.

After the terrible 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a number of Haitians joined the school. These youngsters were remarkable for their good manners and desire to learn, for their outstanding gentility in fact. They provided a most refreshing change, but it didn’t last. They quickly fell into the trap of hostile resistance.

Negression to the mean.

By June, things were really depressing. Not only was the academic year an utter failure, word spread that 10 girls had become pregnant. Since there were only about 90 girls in the school, this represented over 10 percent.

It used to be a scandal if one student out of 200 girls got knocked up; now there may as well be breastfeeding rooms in the schools.

The majority of the pregnant girls were freshmen, targeted it was said by a few “baby daddies” who prided themselves on their prowess and evolutionary success.

The Darwinian order doesn’t care about our Eurocentric ideals.

Once again, I finally and suddenly broke. The threat was from an unlikely source, a big lad who was always subdued. He was in the special education program, and never gave any trouble when I substituted in that class. But one afternoon, for some unknowable reason, this usually gentle giant came up to me and said, “I gonna cut yo’ ass.” That was the final humiliation I would suffer in the New York City public school system. 

I left that afternoon never to return.

This could be the book cover blurb of White Shitlibs: “I left that vibrant scene never to return.”

Now you know why anti-racist liberal GoodWhites talk one way and act another way. They are SCARED TO DEATH to put their little darlings into black and brown dystopian schools. White lib parents will sooner mortgage their lives and drive themselves insane memorizing useful euphemisms in order to buy a house in a good — read, White — school district, than to watch their kids suffer a torrent of verbal and physical abuse from the aPOCalypse.

But they can’t say this out loud, or they’ll be read out of genteel shitlib society and branded with the Scarlet R.

There’s another reason. The White shitlib is a status whore like no other. The Diversity™ is a status whore multiplier, jacking up the price of homes in vanishing all-White neighborhoods. White shitlibs moving into these oases get a status thrill up their legs. They’ve made it. They’re in. They aren’t like those other White people who struggle to get by in shittier communities.

If the Diversity influx ended tomorrow, and the Diversity already here was repatriated to their natural ecosystems, the value of the typical White shitlib’s home would plummet. Suddenly they aren’t paying a premium to avoid Diversity; now they’re just another White home in a White town in a White nation with White neighborhoods stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Absent Diversity, there is lebensraum. More regions and towns and city centers open to White colonization. Affordable housing. A cooling of tensions between the White classes. A more equitable distribution of good schools. More trust. The beginning of a revitalized social contract. Doors left unlocked when away.

We had this, once. We can have this again. We just have to give up our cowardly lies.


  1. “Negression to the mean.”

    OK. I know this expression is trite and overused, but you really did win the Internet there today.

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    • on February 11, 2019 at 3:19 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      I read the story last night – that thing about the polite well-mannered Haitian immigrants quickly abandoning the pretenses and going full native made a big impression on me.

      The other vignette which stuck in muh mind was how the tall svelte striking lesbian negroid was one of the 10 girls who got kn0cked up, and how the Good-White Teacher felt so sorry for her jilted dyke l0ver.


      • Back a few years ago, everyone just knew that niggers were ineducable.

        Think of what we’ve lost as a nation trying to pretend otherwise.

        This is LYSENKOISM…read about this guy, it will open your eyes. You clowns can suffer through 5 minutes of a Wikipedia article.

        War by the marxist left against Mendelian genetics, ongoing since the early 1900s.

        They will throw everyone under the bus to protect their clotheless emperor. Read about Lysenko. Do it.

        Oh and CH, put up a “have you gotten your T checked” poll.

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      • The Haitians in this story show how both genetics and programming are at work. It seems post 1960s American blacks have the worst of both.


      • For anyone on this forum who is still half-cucked, niggers are not human. They are anthropoids of a type, like the apes, but they are not human beings. They have no conscience or soul. They are like the jew in that way. Do not be fooled by the jews’ hyping the ‘Diversity is Our Strength’, ‘There is No Race But the Human Race’, ‘All Men Are Equal’, ad nauseum. The jew is its own species too, a psychopathic/soulless one, but another species altogether. Too many cucked whites have had their heads stoved-in by niggers for thinking that they were ‘Negro-Whisperers’. And, many more of us whiteys have had our Heritage America hi-jacked by the Christ-killers, because we of our adherence to a misinterpreted Christianity AKA ‘Cucktianity’. We whiteys owe it to our posterity to rid the earth of these twin evils.

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      • China Will There is that consolation


      • Where is their advanced and civilized nation? They are nothing more than a better form of nigger. They had a slave revolt in the late 18th century and killed all the whites and mullatos and have lived in squalor ever since.


      • Lysenkoism is well known. -Benefitted North American farmers because the Soviets really fucked themselves.
        What does work is Darwinian selection. First kick out the troublemakers. Then segregate the non-performers, regardless of race.


      • Then segregate the non-performers, regardless of race.

        Ah, the “race doesn’t matter, Whites fuck up too!” shilling never ends.

        By all means, when there’s a hornet’s nest in your yard, wait until you find out which ones will sting you before you eradicate that part of the nest.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • Gayg hits it on the head-

        white people are ALWAYS looking for that ONE black or ONE spic that can make them feel that everything is ok and we’re not in a tribal race war

        bc racism like that is…well WRONG, isn’t it?

        btw, who told you that? Racism is a word that was invented not much more than 100 years ago. You should go investigate who came up with it.

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      • Heh, heh… a compliment from travioli-ohs is like a giggle from mongoloid.

        Do you REALLY think “gayg” is a clever barb, schmendrick? From an alleged nearly-fifty year old man? Sounds more like a younger brother of Beavis.

        Maybe the reason your body fat is less than 10% is because it’s all up in yo’ haid?

        (((shakin’ mine)))


      • — “that ONE black or ONE spic” —

        Whites have that impulse to look for the “good one” and feel good about it.

        KiII that impulse in one simple step: remind yourself that the Good One is just like the Bad Ones except better at mimicry of White norms, thus better adapted to value extraction (of the value that YOU produce) than his dumber bretheren.

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      • Gayg is quite catchy…you see other people using it too

        fuck you anyway, bitch

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      • The only ones who use it are punks like you and Danger… and the one or two socks thereof.

        And no, it’s not catchy… except to the weak-witted who grasp at something/anything to try and neener-neener their betters with.


  2. At 2:30-3pm on a weekday on any subway platform in NYC, there is a strong possibility of a fight or a riot. This is because a lot of public schools just let out and the blacks are itching to misbehave.

    Once you get involved in such a crowd once, you learn to walk everywhere at that time.

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  3. Red pilled: white mugged by reality.

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    • No. have talked to them. insist it is white mens’ fault. Somehow, some way, it CANNOT be that blacks are inferior.

      Even gregi, who lives around these savages, insists that we’ve got it all wrong…he’s guilty to be racist.

      people would rather die than accept the truth.


  4. Many students clapped and whooped their approval, some getting out of their seats to do a sort of victory dance. It was an eye-opener, and indicative of what was to come.

    Apparently the niglets were in on 9/11 as well?

    All seriousness aside, the question remains, as we’re reminded of the strains several times each year, especially during Negro Histeria Month.

    “How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?”

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    • You wipe shit all over the walls and blame them for it


    • Well I guess Lulu could give him a bj :o)

      That school in London was like a school they sent the really bad kids to. They had these in the US too.
      But it didn’t seem all that bad compared to today and the noggers in school.
      There were few coloureds in England at that time and I doubt if I saw a couple ever in central London. Probably lived in their own area.Jamaicans I think.
      Most people never saw, outside of a picture or film, a live negro.
      During the war, I guess it was a negro US soldier, was just sightseeing not far from London in some village. Practically the whole town came out to see him. Some little kid asked him how he got that way. He said ‘he stayed out in the sun too long’ lol

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      • That movie was jew propaganda starring the ‘wise and noble neegro’ of that time, Sidney Poitier. And, years before that jew propaganda, the Hollywood kikes introduced him in the movie ‘Blackboard Jungle’ in which he played the good/intelligent/helpful neegro teen-ager who Glenn Ford depends on and tries to motivate through-out the picture. The poz has been overwhelming, since the kikes clinched the production/distribution of all of America’s printed and broadcasted words and images. The nigger is merely the jews’ weapon of mass destruction against the white man. The Brits never had a chance when their pozzed ‘rulers’ passed The Commonwealth Immigrants Act of 1962. Enoch Powell was right on the money 51 years ago. At the time, the Brit elites/(((elites))) considered him a Knotzee madman. I want to see Rivers of Blood.

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      • Poitier was also the nig in Guess Whos Coming To Dinner and To Sir With Love. He was one of (((their))) favorite brainwashing tools in the 60s and 70s.

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      • Ah, good to see my sardonic reference was not lost upon you washed masses o’ yeggs. 😉


      • That reminds me of a story I read about the Negro from New York City who went to Finland in 1939, claiming to be an Ethiopian Air Force officer who was there to fight on the Finnish side against the invading Soviet Red Army. He even had a uniform made with epaulets with stars displaying his alleged rank – and over time the number of stars increased. Anyway he never went anywhere near the front lines, spending all his time at a hotel in Helsinki where he liked to entertain the locals and foreign war correspondents with his prowess on the cocktail lounge piano. Everyone remarked on how white his teeth were. I don’t know what eventually happened to him


      • on February 12, 2019 at 2:43 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Guess who’s coming to dinner?

        I always figured they were having friend chicken and were afraid he was gonna eat too mucht


    • Black history is:

      Death, misery, rape, destruction, ruination of every land and area they touch.

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  5. Luv dis booty and be muh debbed slave!


  6. In a large midwestern city, the public school system has magnet schools. One in particular, had a history of parents up to a week outside in order to register their child on a first come, first served basis. The school was high performing and 80+% white. High parental involvement. No discipline issues.

    The school board in its infinite wisdom decided it was unfair to minorities to keep them out of the school and the wonders inside. I guess white folks were the only ones allowed to camp out for a week. It was magic dirt writ small. They developed a lottery to pick the students.

    In 3 years, tests scores are down, principal left and discipline is an issue. But hey, minority enrollment is up.

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    • TJ is the #1 high school on the planet. Avg SAT score 99th percentile.

      Like I think they maybe have one black kid and he simply passed the first cut. maybe 3 spics. Everyone else is asian, indian, or white i believe in that descending order. It’s like MIT and Caltech- 42% asian.

      ANY merit based admissions system sees this as does the NMSQT, as spoken about by Ron Unz.

      Jews have regressed to the mean…the next century is asian. The jews dominated the mid 20th because they had an aberrant IQ boon- Unz talks about THIS as well, looking at NMSQT rolls from the 50s and before. Now they are at around population proportion. East asians are dominant.

      That created where we’re at today but it will not last.

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      • on February 11, 2019 at 8:10 pm Libertarian_Pill

        IQ in itself doesn’t lead to dominance. A very high IQ individual is unlikely it dominate – at best, he can play a no. 2 to a more dominant, socially aware, physically large alpha male. Think of an advisor to the president, a consigliere to a mafia boss, a navigator on a ship, etc. The high IQ products of TJ can be channeled into top productivity by someone clever enough, but I doubt they will be calling the shots in society. Knowing them, I doubt they even want to call the shots.

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      • East Asians have high IQ (i.e. processing power), no doubt. But if you’ve spent time around Asians you understand that they’re not by nature very curious or innovative.

        There’s a reason 98% of all innovation and scientific advancement has come from European men. IQ is necessary, not sufficient.

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      • Its mostly being willing to do the rote learning needed to pass the application process. My nephew is trying to get into TJ and likely will. IQ is a critical component but its mostly having bothered to learn the stuff and being disciplined. I put his IQ at about 125. He is not very intellectually curious and ideas don’t interest him in the least.


      • And his father is a smart fuck up with good business savvy. Both of us suffered from the friction between our parents but he got the worst of it.


      • What’s TJ?


      • Also it should be considered that “ashkenazi” Jews are european…Jews

        so the whole high jew IQ > white IQ is t absolute.

        and wrt to asians (street shitters and ping pangs), good at maths but dog shit in verbal/written.

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      • Df…


        Please. I am getting so fucking tired of talking about population dynamics and then some idiot goes to an individual case as if that individual case refutes the statement (correct statement) about populations.


        individual jews weren’t dominant…you don’t know what dominant means. They have all the money and all the power…wtf is this mob boss and shots calling crap?

        the jews are calling the shots now. Is that not dominance? JEWS…PLURAL. the group of them. Their population got an IQ boon in the early 20th century that carried them to this point.

        They have subsequently mean-reverted.

        Gershom- asians are dominating now in scientific research and patents.

        What you state as “is” should more correctly be “was.” The Japs invented a great number of things during their rise as an economy. This is why they are rich.

        Deranger- your nephew will likely not get in. That’s just the math on the situation. And he shouldn’t go if he does, it’s not worth it. He will do crushing amounts of homework and the Ivies don’t just line up and take you for merit.

        My eldest got waitlisted at Chicago, ffs, but declined ultimately. Scores got him into the top 9% of the entire putative pool for this school, which is tied for #1 with princeton and harvard, but once they start looking into the application, being white and male starts to kill your chances. TJ isn’t worth the work.

        You want to know what to do? What I should’ve done…move to WV. The geographic diversity component probably would have gotten my son into Chicago in that case. He’d have been the highest academic prospect probably in the entire state.


      • I volunteered to help out with a career fair at TJ a couple years back. It seemed to be predominantly Asian. I would guess over half. It’s definitely more college level and they give the students a lot of freedom to pursue their own interests. Comparing it to my schooling, I couldn’t help but consider how differently it would have been for me to attend a school like TJ vs the cookie cutter experience I had. I am starting to think private schools will be necessary if you actually want your children to invest in learning and growing.


      • Something else to consider about Jewish I.Q. is that although the Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average I.Q. on the planet, this is not true of other Jews – the Jews from the Middle East and North Africa have the same low average I.Q. as the surrounding Gentile population. So what is different about the Ashkenazis? It’s that they are heavily mixed with the native European population among whom they have lived for centuries. I think that their high I.Q. comes from the native Europeans – it’s genetic appropriation.

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      • ZzTJ is THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH in Fairfax County, VA. It was one of the first magnet schools. I subbed there a few days after I got out of the army.


      • when i was at a job, the indian guy in the cube next to me’s daughter got into TJ.

        My eldest made the first cut and not the 2nd.

        This girl’s dad was always tired, being up till 2a daily to help her finish homework. She got the first B in her life there. He was like wtf are we doing but you know the credentialism in indos and asians.

        I’ve heard other stories…I know a guy who went there, another who got in but elected to decline. Workloads back then weren’t as arduous. Now they’re crushing them.

        That’s the case everywhere tho…asians. My eldest went to one of the top 200 HSs in the US, a public one in whitopia arlington. Graduated 6th, perfect GPA. 2280 SAT (99.9th percentile). This did not get him into ANY school he applied to except for WM. He transferred to UVA 1.5 yrs ago. This school had horrible placement stats; I should have moved to WV…huge mistake on my part thinking that high achievement in an excellent school would put him in good stead for elite U admits. The opposite. This HS went 0-12 for fucking Hopkins that year, hasn’t put anyone into high ivies in a decade…oh, a jew with lower scores got into Columbia. When I start hearing ppl talk white privilege these days i’m actually starting to get violent. Bc i’m sick of this bullshit, hearing this crap and their self-serving excuses for their races’ nonstop failures with respect to whites. You get a perfect GPA at a ridiculously difficult HS, in the top like…what, 1% of HSs…you expect some kind of consideration. You get fuckall. It’s all bullshit. The best you can do is UVA or something like this…what a fucking joke.

        Youngest bailed on this shit went out west and was like “the AP classes here are less difficult than the regular classes back in Arl”. They’re crushing the kids these days but this is the effect of what these slopes bring to the classroom. Nonstop grind.

        Whitopias are places where the idiots are delusional and believe nothing can ever go wrong for anyone…this fucking HS stopped giving out class ranks because of…well…fuck if i know? Equality? Noncompetitiveness…it’s fucking dystopian. They just fuck the kids.


    • “High parental involvement.”

      This is a critical difference. I’ve seen small private, under resourced schools produce perfectly fine students because they had engaged parents.

      90% white of course.

      Now in the ‘public” schools adjacent, which bussed, there was almost zero parental involvement. The only involvement was when Big Mama came to threaten dems whites wid dat raycism fo pickun on deh chile…

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  7. John Rocker was ahead of his time.


  8. Not enough SIdney Poitiers to go around, I guess.


  9. Last year i had the honor of presenting a little poc gal and one of our northern high schools a scholarship from our masonic lodge. While trying to present the scholarship the crowd of poc’s did everything they could to disrupt the presentation. Not one teacher present tried to stop them. Students do have the power over their teachers because they know they can get away with it. It’s not like the 90’s when you got your ass busted by the principle. Up to the 90’s schools had corporal punishment policy.


    • was coaching a little league game as an assistant.
      Two vibrant boys, ok niggers, decided to walk through the game.

      Bill Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, the team head coach (yea that guy seriously, i know him) told me travis stop when I was like “get the FUCK OFF THE FIELD” as we all stood there like thinking wtf is wrong with them.

      but nope, you cannot check minorities bc of slavery or some other original sin that gets them a free pass


    • That’s retarded. Masons should give scholarships to boys.


  10. I call BS on the article, I know for fact Michelle Peiffer was able to tame some inner city kids, and James Edwards Olmos turned them into Calculus studs. And when Morgan Freeman was principal, the place was a model school.

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    • on February 11, 2019 at 3:25 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “James Edwards Olmos turned them into Calculus studs”

      I keep wondering about whatever happened to Jaime Escalante’s students IRL.

      Did any of them pursue careers in STEM?

      Or did Escalante’s pavlovian techniques quickly wear off and the kids all reverted to type?

      I can’t believe that no aspiring young psychometrics grad student hasn’t found the funding necessary to track them down and interview them.

      Talk about low-hanging fruit for a PhD dissertation in psychology.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 8:34 pm Captain Obvious

        Apparently I’m the only person on the face of the earth who even remembers Jaime Escalante. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaime_Escalante


      • @cap

        I remember watching that crap.

        sit and deliver or whatever the fuck. stupid ass 80s propaganda movie about muh smart beaners.

        homely Edward James olmos and a bunch if no talent beaners doing calculus.


        and without a doubt knowing jewlywood it was most likely based on 1% true story exaggerated to make evil whitey oppressin the beaners esse


      • Jaime Escalante was an actual flesh & bl00d human being.

        He taught beaners to get 5’s on the AP Calculus exams.


      • cap, yes I know.

        and Edward James homos played him in the movie…and they made the evil whitey bad guys accuse the beaners of cheating.

        watched it in algebra class I think.



    • WAKANDA, bitchez


  11. And everyone from South of Mason Dixon line is shocked, SHOCKED! I tell ya…

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  12. In the deep South, homeschooling abounds.That seems to be the only answer the non-rich have right now. Which also means that the household is down to one income. That’s tough for a family to make it on. It can (usually) be done, but it’s tough.

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    • Living on one income isn’t difficult if you live within your means. We homeschool and live in the country, but our vehicles aren’t brand new and we don’t take big expensive family vacations that look great on social media.

      The folks that say it’s impossible like their shiny new toys too much.

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      • Depends on the size of the one income, Jean. A working class family living out in the country, what happens when a car breaks down? The A/C unit goes out?

        The point CH made is that rich shitlibs who make it to the gated white neighborhoods look down on the poorer whites who can’t afford it. I’m sensing the same thing with your comment, Homeschool style. When hubby has a six figure income, yeah it’s not that difficult, but tell that to the man who’s slugging it out at 30-40K a year.

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      • on February 11, 2019 at 3:29 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “The folks that say it’s impossible like their shiny new toys too much.”

        Gotta go That Dark Place.

        Gotta stop caring.

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      • on February 11, 2019 at 3:29 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Gated communities have tall lampposts, Major.


      • “Gotta go That Dark Place.

        Gotta stop caring.”

        I see King’s gripe with repetitiveness. WTF does your trite advice have to do with raising a family?


      • it means you gotta stop caring about your kids man

        listen to corporal oblivious- stop caring, dark place, bunz ovens. gfdit what is wrong with you, he’s a SAGE.

        Gayg or Queen will be along any minute with a scripture, just not the ones that command you to assist your enemies. Those are inconvenient


      • > trav bitches about his dad enjoying some of his money in his old age, while actually HELPING out with one of trav’s kids, and wishes the old man would die so he can spend the loot at his favorite restaurant and/or nigger bordello

        > trav advocates neglecting one’s kids totally, repeatedly, so you can do your “thing”

        > trav complains loudly about the narcissism of boomers and how they neglected his ass in some way, even though he’s absolutely ROLLING in money — taxpayer money, no less

        On the other hand, they likely don’t hand out those cushy gummint jobs without a Doctorate in Jaw-Dropping Self-Centered Hypocrisy, so it probably all fits.


      • Corinth, I need you around to help me look on the bright side, thanks brutha


      • Lol, six figures. That’d be nice.

        You do what you have to. If it’s important to you – and our children are important to us – you make it work.

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      • >>>>> “I see King’s gripe with repetitiveness. WTF does your trite advice have to do with raising a family?”

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE which are the most exclusive pubic skrewl districts.

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE which are the most exclusive private skrewls.

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE which are the most exclusive shoes to be seen wearing this year. [Ugg? Rockport? Sperry? Who the phuck cares?]

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE which watch you’re supposed to be wearing on your wrist. [Apple? Garmin? Casio? WTPh cares?]

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE whose parents drive the moast expensive SUV. [Lincoln? Lexus? BMW? Mercedes? WTPh cares?]

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE whether Home School begins at 7AM or at 12N, and they sure as he11 ain’t gonna send your a$$ to the principal’s orifice if you’re five minutes late to class.

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE whose Mom packed the best bag lunch.

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE who is on Chad the Quarterback’s arm or which n!gger is secretly poking Stacy the Prom Queen.

        Homeschoolers DO NOT CARE that your kid just died of an heroin overdose in the boyz room of the best skrewl in town.

        Or that all your kids are about to get shot up by whichever j00 is gonna go poastal on his high skrewl classmates today.

        And homeschoolers certainly DO NOT CARE that you laugh at them.

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      • on February 11, 2019 at 7:18 pm Captain Obvious

        You Normies are so [email protected] obsessed with caring about sh!t that you’re scared of your own shadows.

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      • Doesnt have to be either or


      • on February 11, 2019 at 8:37 pm Captain Obvious

        Actually, it’s precisely either/or.

        Either you continuing caring, and necessarily you lose, or else you STOP CARING, and then you at least have of chance of winning.

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      • on February 11, 2019 at 9:00 pm Captain Obvious

        have A chance of


      • try hard trav gotta stop caring bout that 777 jew street penthouse and $600 spaghetti for black fat 18yr bitches from tinder.

        THIS SUMMER…
        “DC Trav and the 777 Spaghetti Jews”
        directed by Judd Apatow
        produced by Harvey Weinstein


      • It’s $700 spaghetti.

        We gotta keep inflating this…you guys are working hard enough.

        Ironsides- maybe get your sarcasm detector calibrated.
        ENJOYING his money? No, mfer, WASTING IT. On a depreciation machine…it would be cheaper to rent. Just let me make the decisions, everything would run much more efficiently


    • Get together with a dozen other parents and hire a professional tutor.

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    • There are a lot of small towns where the cost of living isn’t very high and you can send your kid to a white public school. Just stay away from the cities. Maybe it’s different in the South.

      I don’t plan on homeschooling my kids. I think it’s unnecessary. They’ll be fine. I went to public school and the teachers were all super liberal but it didnt rub off on me or most of my friends. There was always an understanding that our dads did actual work and teachers were kind of rejects who couldn’t cut it in real life so we took their political views like everything, with a grain of salt.

      Also if a kid is going to be rebellious homeschooling isn’t going to help with that. They’ll rebel anyway. It’ll probably just make it worse and they’ll just use homeschooling as a weapon to torment you.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 9:04 pm Captain Obvious

        WTF are you, a boomer?

        You have NO EARTHLY IDEA how horrible it is, even in the very best schools.

        In the 21st Century, you send your kids to school for one reason & one reason only: So that [email protected] can destroy their souls.

        Jesus H Chr!st you boomers are phucking hopeless.


      • You underestimate kids Captain.


      • And no I’m in my 30s.


      • Why ruin a good muh Boomer bogeyman, bigjohn?

        The yeggs ’round chere who boast of IQs and thinking ability have but one-track minds and a refusal to learn when it comes to their particular gored oxen.


      • Big John, it depends where in the South you live. If you live in the Appalachians or Ozarks, almost all the public schools are fine (for some strange reason I’ve yet to figure out, hmmm….), but in the deep South, it’s a tougher call, but usually the small town city schools are ok, while the rural county schools are a mess. Typically, the ration in the small town city schools is about 50/50, but in the rural areas it’s 90-95% black.

        Bigger cities in the South, like Atlanta and Birmingham, are pretty much like any big city in the U.S., a desperate striving for “good schools” close to “good neighborhoods.”


      • Wow. That sounds horrible. Up here rural=99% white, and the small towns are 95% white. Almost all the blacks are in the cities.


      • wtf job are you gonna have in this small town?


      • I guess that’s one of the results of the Great Migration about 100 years ago. Most blacks in the South back then were rural, then went north to the cities for the industrial jobs. In the deep South, some black folks stayed in the country, while others went to Birmingham or Atlanta for the industrial jobs. So, a helluva a lot of rural black folks in the deep South.


      • btw, it does kinda suck, but I’d take rural blacks over city blacks any day of the damn week, if I had to make a choice between the two. You can probably imagine the difference. The problem with rural blacks is more about educating your kids than about crime and violence. The county schools have to slow teaching down to a crawl to accommodate the non-violent aspects of black pathology, most of the time (low IQ, teen pregnancy, truancy, etc.).

        Not to say there isn’t crime and violence, but it’s muted compared to cities like Birmingham and Atlanta, and rural blacks and whites are much friendlier (genuinely, not so socially coerced) to each other as a result.


      • One thing that bears mentioning, rural whites in the deep South are heavily armed. Mostly for hunting, but also for home defense. Blacks down here all know this, and that law enforcement is different in the county than in the city. IOW, a gunshot will be heard in town, but not necessarily out in the county.

        It’s pretty rare for a White’s house out in the county to get broken into, because of the chance of getting shot (and then buried or dumped in a pond). If there’s a robbery, it’s usually a storage shed.

        It’s amazing the attitude change when Whites are armed and unimpressed.

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      • on February 12, 2019 at 11:07 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “It’s amazing the attitude change when Whites are armed and unimpressed.”

        Thank you, M7.

        Unimpressed == NOT CARING.

        It’s a point which I was trying to make a few essays back: All the intellectual acumen & knowledge which allows for creating the world’s most horrifying weapons is utterly meaningless in the absence of the psychological will power to wield those weapons.

        Hindbrain resolve >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Forebrain genius


      • In the 21st Century, you send your kids to school for one reason & one reason only: So that Satan can destroy their souls… and then get a precarious job in globohomo corporate hell – so that after 40 years of indignity, they can cash in their pilphered 401ks, move to the country and raise truffle pigs

        Sounds like a plan


    • I will homeschool because my wife and I are both highly educated and smarter than almost everyone we meet. I have met a lot of homeschooled kids and was always impressed with them.


      • Same here, I’m almost always impressed with home schooled kids. One of the criticisms of home schooling is the lack of socialization. Bullshit. I’ve yet to meet one that isn’t socially confident, especially around adults.


      • I look forward to having the kids out of the house. It’ll give the wife a break and she can spend more time with the younger ones.

        I have no problem with homeschooling, I just think it is one of those things where parents make things harder than they need to be. You aren’t a bad parent if you send your kids to public school. Even a school with niggers. They’ll probably be fine.


      • One of the criticisms of home schooling is the lack of socialization. Bullshit. I’ve yet to meet one that isn’t socially confident, especially around adults.

        We homeschooled all of ours, although the youngest boy did want to go to public HS and we figured he had a solid enough foundation, so we let him.

        And yeah, that canard about “socialization” was attempted back then too, and we laughed because the only “socialization” they missed out on was peer pressure from a bunch of latchkey brats.

        The kids participated in orchestra, Little League, and even HS sports, getting plenty of “socialization”, and were far more comfortable around adults and could even converse properly with them, unlike the usual run of knucklehaids in the public schools.


  13. Great article. Should be front pages. Should be shown on every fake news channel.

    But remember its whiteys fault for systemic racism.

    Lincoln was right. Ship them to their beloved Africa. Ghetto blacks are exactly like chimps in zoos. A direct comparison.

    Keep up the good work, I’m glad I found this place.

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    • Lincoln, you say?

      Abraham “Honest Abe done his dutee, Honest Abe can go” Lincoln?!?

      Lincoln that was allowed to put the Southern States to torch, but got short thrift when he tried to ship the beloved dindupets to where they came from?


      • on February 11, 2019 at 3:25 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I don’t blame the North for Atlanta. They were conducting total war.

        They had to do it. The South had better generals and soldiers.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 3:46 pm Captain Obvious

        CA, turn in your White card.

        The northerners were batsh!t phucking lunatics.

        This nation is still crippled by their insanity.

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      • 1/2 the South was slave and it would be impossible to ship 4m to Liberia or even to the islands of the West Indies etc
        Besides, they were needed for the Southern economy to pick cotton etc So now they were paid but on their own. Probably just went to old massa again to work.


      • The protestant north with all the master race nordics, gave us fucking suffrage and prohibition too!

        god bless them! easy marks for jews


      • on February 12, 2019 at 7:25 am John Joel Glanton

        Holy fuck guys

        Corinth the very idea of total war is Jewish af. You should know this

        Trav most of the North soldiers were Irish, most of the South was French and English. The upper-class hemmity hemmity haws like Lincoln were bought and paid for by Jews. I’m not even a Protestant and I get tired of their shit too but you sound retarded when you say this shit. Most Northern Protestants were just like us, or Bill the Butcher, like wtf are these faggots fighting for negro rights?


      • I can’t believe none of you mentioned that Lincoln was a [special person.]


      • The protestant north with all the master race nordics, gave us fucking suffrage and prohibition too!

        god bless them! easy marks for jews

        An odd statement from one who recently swore to his own Nordic make-up.

        You can’t lie straight in your bed, try-hard.


      • df? I never claimed to be nordic, you deranged fuck


      • Perhaps it was that other moop, looch then… my mistake.

        I often get your respective posts taken as coming from the same mind. Since you take pains to sneer at Nordics, alt-R ally, let me assume that whatever mixture of yours is of the White variety tends towards the Mediterranean.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 11:10 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “1/2 the South was slave and it would be impossible to ship 4m to Liberia or even to the islands of the West Indies etc…”

        Nothing is possible in the absence of psychological resolve.

        And psychological resolve is only possible when you STOP CARING.

        Hindbrain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Forebrain


      • listen up Gayg

        when multiple people are calling you an insufferable dumbfuck, they aren’t all the same fucking person

        you’re ACTUALLY an insufferable dumbfuck…can you grasp that or is your boomerism too severe to show ANY self-introspection whatsoever?

        There’s a scripture on this btw,
        Trav 1:1 – “Gayg verily is a fucking insufferable dumbfuck.”

        Sneering at nords? Golly gee why would I do that when they are LEADING THE CHARGE as cucks to brown us all out? Who could hate these ALLIES?

        Breivik for President. Fuckit…Emperor…or Luca Traini.

        Ii already told my fuckin ethnicity…French and Irish


      • Projection on steroids, when the likes of you call others insufferable. The only other ones riding that train are other pismire punk snarkers like you and SELF-ADMITTED socks. Dumbfuck yourself, learn to read.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 2:57 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I was pointing it out that the North had more people to kill on thier own side. They knew they had to win.

        I’m not familiar with total war being a joo concept.

        “Oh, and Carriage must be destroyed.” That’s a famous quote from a famous Roman.

        Total war was practiced by the Romans, and by Napoleon in various ways. I don’t think Napoleon was a joo but his father was a dago so who knows.


    • on February 12, 2019 at 8:08 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Shit i caught he doesnt considered himself white few thread ago


  14. “We had this, once. We can have this again. We just have to give up our cowardly lies.”

    We’re too far gone. There’s no reversing. The system was put in place with the groid infection over 50 years ago. It was bad in the early 90s when I was in school. Either grab a rope or shut the fuck up.

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    • on February 11, 2019 at 3:34 pm | Reply Corinth Arkadin

      In time.

      Right now would be great, but too much of a vulgar display of power for the normies.


      • Which is why a few additional millions of lives need to be sacrificed first, either directly or through the crushing machine our enemies have turned the system into. Things aren’t bad enough yet for normies to feel good about changing, you see. We need more cheerful boys turned into compliant soydrones, more pretty girls turned into soulless sluts, more lives and families broken. Liberals have bargained civilization away for a few in-group status points. They might consent to civilization’s return, once they get reassured that they will gain more status in the process.


      • “They might consent to civilization’s return, once they get reassured that they will gain more status in the process.”

        Nah, they can eat shit and die. They’re already saying the same to us now.


  15. What’s amazing is you will get teachers who’ve done more than one tour of duty in these Congo-fied classrooms, and even after all the horror and the direct confrontations with the ugly reality of the groid, they’ll remain in denial of differences in average intelligence and in temperament among races. Or, as in the case of my Boomer parents, they’ll acknowledge these differences, but think somehow they can be “fixed”.

    The jungle savagery and stupidity are encoded in the DNA. Rapping Shakespeare and giant posters of Harriet Tubman plastered on every school wall won’t alter genes.

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    • Trofim Lysenko

      read about him.

      5 minutes on wikipedia, things become a lot clearer

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      • Read about him in The Great Almanac published in 1975. He set back the Russian sciences by decades.


      • trav777: You keep mentioning Lysenko, and ignoring Boas. Wrong, and wrong (and no surprise, if you are citing the Special Encyclopedia).

        Lysenko had almost no direct influence in the West, and was openly discredited even in the U.S.S.R. by the 1960s. Boas started his work earlier than Lysenko, did a far subtler job, and created a pseudoscientific quasi-religion that dominates the American academic establishment to this day.

        One key difference: Lysenkoism is so obviously stupid that nobody can believe it unless literally, clinically retarded or psychotic. People could only pretend to believe it, under threat of the GULAG. Enforcement of Lysenkoism was a part of Stalin’s mental terrorism, tantamount to forcing large numbers of people to publicly proclaim that 2 + 2 = 5. If you were forced to do that for fear that you or a random member of your family may be tortured to death, imagine the psychological effect on you: You would be totally dominated! Also, you would lose all self-respect, integrity, and capacity to stand up for the truth. (Exercise to the reader: Explain this in terms of Stalin’s Game.)

        Boasian cultural anthropology is sufficiently plausible that it can actually be believed, if you delicately refrain from examining it too closely or testing it against empirically observed reality. From its inception, it was also backed by fraudulent field research that enormously increased its believability in academic circles; and of course, the Special People’s mutual admiration technique (= academic “social proof”) was used to rapidly make Boas the leading authority in his field. Concerted defamation simultaneously destroyed physical anthropology (“racist pseudoscience”) as an academic discipline, just as choruses of praise upraised Boasian “cultural anthropology” to replace it.

        By the way, Boas was indeed one of those Special People. I don’t think Lysenko was, though it’s difficult to be sure; on the evidence available to me, it seems that Lysenko was just a useful tool. I am curious if this relates somehow to the vexed question of Stalin’s own Specialness, or lack thereof.

        The foregoing neatly illustrates the strategic differences between control systems in the U.S. vs. its Wartime ally cum Cold War Punch-and-Judy partner, the U.S.S.R. (I love how even the initialisms are so similar!)


      • on February 11, 2019 at 9:07 pm Captain Obvious

        Actually, the hot new thing in the behavioral sciences is recent [as opposed to ancient] genetic memory floating around in RNA, not DNA.

        So Lamarck & Lysenko could be making a comeback soon.


      • For some reason, my long comment about Boas vs. Lysenko vanished without a trace. I have it saved locally; but when I do not know why it’s gone, I will not give it again.

        Abstract: Lysenko is a red herring here; his influence in America was effectually zero. Look up Boas. The Boasian religion rules American race relations up to this day.

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      • Also:

        5 minutes on wikipedia, things become a lot clearer

        The Special Encyclopedia will never make anything “clearer” about race, politics, or history.

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      • Lysenko wasn’t just a man- he was the scion of a movement.

        the movement is marxist equalism, and more accurately, the denial of gene-based, hereditable attributes.

        the movement destroys anyone who disagrees. We see lysenkoism practiced very widely in the west or anywhere there are leftists. What happened to James Watson was Lysenkoist.

        An anti-science, faith-based ideology enforcing itself with violence.

        Genetic memory floating around in RNA…more likely epigenetics, which is persistent and hereditable gene activation/deactivation. It’s still genetic.

        Admitting a genetic basis for different attributes is an anathema to the left. Lysenko was just an extreme example of marxist leftism.


      • Aristarchus is correct… Lysenkoism has been a derogatory term for pseudo-science for a long time, much like Luddite is a derogatory way to describe those opposed to new technology.

        But Boas insinuated completes cadre into the social sciences that have corrupted straight-thinking and honest inquiry into race for several generations, and few “regular folks” even know his name.

        Wilmot Robertson of The Dispossessed Majority fame did a good deconstruction of both Boas’ and Freud’s influence in America, back in the seventies.


      • Nope. Arist is not correct.

        And I see you missed the point.

        Lysenkoism is an epithet…and? Fucking AND?

        It’s practiced 110 fucking percent every goddamned day here.

        Arist is WRONG. Boas didn’t win. He lost. Bc he was fucking wrong.

        He seduced people into his belief system…so has SJ Gould or Jared Diamond or a variety of other nurture-firsters.

        So fuckin what? Boas never had anyone fuckin shot to death for defying him.

        Lysenko did. LYSENKO is the model the left uses…his influence on the west? Influence? Where the fuck did I say he had influence? I said he was IMPORTANT and someone to study to know WHY things are happening. The marxist equalist movement CANNOT win a contest of ideas; it will only prevail through violence.

        This kike Boas had an opinion; Lysenko used force and he made people believe 2+2=5. This is the goddamned POINT.

        Boas’s thesis has been rejected by geneticists unless backed up by violence. Lysenkoism is the application of violence to enforce orthodoxy in “science.” And we’ve got a very good example of what that looks like and what the effects are.

        Unfortunately, I guess I have to effing explain everything to you people like spoonfeeding otherwise you aren’t able to form any understanding on your own and will revert to “point at the jew!”

        Trofim lysenko is someone to study for a blunt, plain, easy to comprehend example of what marxist equalism looks like and how it will proceed.

        FFS, they just unpersoned James fucking Watson…this isn’t goddamned fucking Boas’ ideas just being SO effing powerful that the fucking discoverer of the double helix has had his entire career and reputation destroyed. It was a lysenkoist tactic; THIS is why Lysenko is more important to study than some goddamned kike who fucking said stupid, wrong shit.

        Lysenkoism lives on.


      • Sheesh… another sonic boom sounds as the gist of the discussion goes over his pointy little haid.

        (((shakin’ mine)))


      • trav777:

        This kike Boas had an opinion; Lysenko used force and he made people believe 2+2=5. This is the goddamned POINT.

        Read up on the academic terrorism that the Boasians used to suppress physical anthropology. Character assassination, career assassination—there were university professors who were harassed until their health failed. What they more recently did to Watson is not new, and not “Lysenkoism”. (I observe that Watson was not literally killed.)

        Also, Lysenko didn’t use any force. He was a bumbling moron, a useful tool and only that. Stalin used force.

        The U.S.S.R. model was naked savagery, all stick. The U.S. model is veiled savagery, stick and carrot, plus the strength of invisible chains on slaves who believe they are free. (Cf. Goethe.) The U.S. model prevailed, because it is a religion that draws cheers from the crowds when the few heretics are burnt at the stake.


      • nice convo, gents.

        Should “persuasion” fail, US systema of power is fully capable of employing the cudgel and, failing that, the bullet. violence in the boasist dystopia is still wielded by the State, for the State (try cross the FDA). what it lacks in directed brutality, US system of violence more than makes up in subtlety (use of negroes as chaos enforcers)

        ergo, boasism and lysenkoism are just two versions of the same mixture.

        nice convo, again, although I’m partial to Aristarchus’ pov. we should not pass the beam sticking in our own eye, by focusing on the beam in the historical russkies’ eye


  16. So far the plan has been to endlessly praise them, deify them and give them free stuff to keep themselves in check and resort to white flight where that isn’t working. Seems like we need a new plan.

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  17. on February 11, 2019 at 3:14 pm | Reply Pretty Boy Looch

    Going to black schools all my life made me feel like I was ready for prison.


  18. Sh!tlibs getting angry at forced diversity, lol


    Then they probably went home and virtue signaled on FB about sending their kibs to diverse schools


    • actual niggers- “white people don’t do that”


    • You, every LEO who looked into it, and 100% of the yeggs who post here, so don’t hurt your shoulder, patting yourself on the back like that.


      • But I gave the version of what really happened and they didn’t. I wrote it here.
        Now go take some opium (the thinking man’s drug) and relax old boy.


      • The “real” version hasn’t come out yet, so hold off on any bows.

        And if memory serves, I believe MY version, which predated yours, is going to turn out to be what happened… the ghey relationship violence angle…go back and check, and then put that in YOUR opium pipe and choke on it.


    • This nogj3w’s biggest mistake was claiming his attackers called him “that Empire fagg0t n1gger.”

      This implies any white person has ever actually watched that show.

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    • What do you expect from a Black hack like Junkie Smellitts?


    • “Meanwhile, Chicago police said Sunday that Smollett has yet to turn over data from his cellphone to verify that he was on the phone with his music manager, Brandon Moore, when he was allegedly attacked.”


  19. “Big Bucks”

    Giggity giggity. ISWYDT.


  20. on February 11, 2019 at 3:41 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

    CH: “We just have to give up our cowardly lies.”

    People lie to themselves because they STILL CARE.

    Gotta go to That Dark Place.

    Gotta stop caring.


  21. Belushi or BUST


  22. NYC has regular high schools but also a handful that require an exam to attend.They are all academic schools even the High school for Performing Arts so you can’t just sing and dance or play some instrument (to the dismay of the noggers lol)
    The City is also only 1/3 rd White and many probably don’t have kids so 21% White in the special schools is probably like all of them. Or they attend some private school or one in the suburbs where their parents have a home too.
    So NYC is pretty segregated.Suburbs are segregated too because there’s usually one 1 highschool for the town and the towns are segregated.
    A teacher in NYC outside of the special schools must lead a hellish existence in the coloureds school.
    It costs $20k+ per head per year and it’s just a waste of money. Gentrification is pushing these ghetto slobs out of what were originally White areas which I guess is the way libtards deal with it.
    Public housing and projects were originally build for Whites who had jobs and weren’t bad places. I predict that these places will be torn down because they sit on what is now valuable property and coloureds don’t pay taxes.
    Don’t worry, for all of their bullshit talk the libtards will clean things up.


  23. A nice Broken Window into the soul of America there.Thanks CH.

    Kudos for also mentioning the PROPERTAH… No one, with the exception of Sailer ever mentions the PROPERTAH; brought about by massive influx of darkies.

    Tell a shitlib his property is gaining in value and that it’s all down to rising populations, and he’ll find any fucken reason to invite more …not only that, we tell him he’s Moral for doing so,, and, of course, he will believe it.


  24. ‘He was in the special education program’

    This didn’t exist in Boomer days. The mildly and even worse retarded went to their own school. They were in with their own kind and were taught whatever they could learn and maybe some sort of trade or craft they could handle. Normal school would have been torture for them so this was much better. They had their friends and girlfriends and were content in their world.
    “But one afternoon, for some unknowable reason, this usually gentle giant came up to me and said, “I gonna cut yo’ ass.”
    Noggers are more dangerous and unpredictable than gorillas. If you’re even in gorilla or orangutan territory and they look like they’re getting aggressive, just run, because they won’t chase you or do they want to fight. You accidentally did something they thought was aggressive or went onto their turf. Just get out of there. If it were only so easy with noggers lol


    • on February 11, 2019 at 8:45 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “The mildly and even worse retarded went to their own school.”

      Down South, it wasn’t until about 40 years ago that the Do-Gooders even instituted a requirement for the Tards to attend skrewl.

      For centuries before that, the Tards were simply allowed to be Tards, and their families took care of them.


      • Well I guess that was somewhat true even in the North just longer ago. Retards, mentally ill, alcoholics, opium addicts etc were all just cared for by families, or sent to some place if they had money.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 3:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Model citizens were expected to care for families. Retards or not. You were supposed to do it.

        Only rich assholes put retards etc in homes.


      • So, did you know Boo Radley?
        Yeah, in the South they don’t hide their lunatics, they show them off :o)


      • Boo Radley is a fictional character by a half mad liberal hatchet wound.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 6:20 pm Corinth Arkadin

        In Philly we had a ton of halts and retards running around. Their families didn’t have cash to put them any where.

        I guess in the South you have Boo Radley types and Karl Childers types, hmmmm hummmmmm

        French fries taters and biscuits and mustard, ummmmmm hummmm


  25. on February 11, 2019 at 4:49 pm | Reply Oswald Spengler

    In short, “diversity for thee, but not for me.”


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  27. Homeschooling, or Southern academies? I read that in Alabama, at least, there are private academies that are around 95% white, and that these are not elite academies but relatively affordable. If this is true, how do they do it, how do they get away with it? Can their model work elsewhere?


  28. I remember stories of liberals travelling the middle east (and getting killed), and this libtard here who went to teach at “diverse” high schools.

    I just can’t grasp it, if they hate diversity so much, why the hell would they want MORE in the country? They just live and let live, keep the borders closed and have a good stable life.


  29. up through the 1950’s,

    Blacks were stupid but more-or-less civilized.


    they are what the Jews have made of them:

    deadly to us.


  30. During the mid 90s I was a volunreer TA at a Catholic grade school in Queens, all hispanic and/or Island Black, one white hispanic kid. Same deal.


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  32. Question: If you are perfectly happy with being on welfare your whole life, why would you study? If your WIC income is based on the number of children you have, and your mother was signed up to take care of the babies, why wouldn’t you start young?


    • on February 11, 2019 at 8:50 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      So axe yourself dat question: Why don’t you put your White g!rlfriend on welfare and knock her up with 10 or 12 White [email protected] and let the j00z & the sh!tlibs foot the bill?

      SRS question.

      Not facetious.


      • Cap, because there’s things like honor, personal integrity and all that óld-fashióned stuff.


      • Because living on benefits is still crappy and only the real lower classes would do it.
        When you add up the various benefits it may be equal to working a low paid job.
        Of course, you wouldn’t have to work 40 hrs a week or do what normal people do filling out forms etc. Just show your medicaid card at doc and drug store and get it free or just a snap card etc So I guess to the lazy or incompetent it’s ok.


      • bc if everyone does this, society collapses?

        Sweden is already fucked as a result of this…


      • on February 12, 2019 at 11:28 am Captain Obvious

        So you keep on caring, like the good & proper & dutiful little widget in (((The System))) which you are, and when your g!rlfriend is 37, you’ve finally saved up enough money for a starter home, but then you find out that she wants a $50,000 w3dding, so you have to keep on saving $$$s until she’s 40, at which point you can finally afford to tie the kn0t, and then you have your first k!d with her when she’s 41, and it’s a Spergish Down’s Syndrome Tard with Tourette’s and Gender Dysphoria.

        ALTERNATIVE FUTURE: You STOP CARING, and you put your young White g!rlfriend on AFDC/WIC/Medicaid/Obamaphone/etc-etc-etc, and you immediately get to work preserving your family’s bl00dlines in the Tree of Life.

        Now which outcome do you think Charles Darwin would approve of?


      • yes! idiocracy here we come!


    • If you are perfectly happy with being on welfare your whole life, why would you study?

      Proof that niggers are more economically rational than doubleplusprogressive melanin-challenged persyns.

      why wouldn’t you start young?

      Also, they have biologically sound instincts. Those females are breeding at peak fertility.


      • on February 11, 2019 at 9:10 pm Captain Obvious


        N!gger Hindbrain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> White Sh!tlib Do-Gooder Forebrain


      • Why would you study when you have enough to live?

        Your Nature.
        Why would well off Englishmen in the 1800’s who didn’t have to worry about supporting themselves still study science?
        Why would Darwin take trips at his own expense to study life in S America?


      • Dr. Benway: Tipsy was asking a pointed question in the context of (a) nigger (b) females. I expect that their nature is a bit different than that of Darwin, who, by the way, expected that niggers would go extinct.

        Although my multi-layered quip at libertarian economists, nerdy game-theorists, and the Marxists’ Economic Man may have been too subtle, these so-called “students'” behavior is economically rational, at least in this aspect. White liberals aren’t even that!


  33. on February 11, 2019 at 6:07 pm | Reply traitors first


  34. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    you cannot complain
    the providence has given you a chance to live in the most idiotic of times
    surrounded by millions of NPC’s with no human emotion left
    you can kill yourself or you can laugh at it
    you choose


    • When?


    • God damn that was quick!

      And Anglin just—I mean just—got done saying that this muzzie bitch was ready to do the job that White men won’t. When the (((pressure))) was on, she folded like a cheap hijab.


    • [CH: *puke*]

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    • Mail exchange between shilary and chelsea after the benghazi attacks
      Shillary: Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group: The Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow

      Chelsea: ‘I am so sorry about the State Department officer killed in Libya and the ongoing precariousness in Egypt and Libya
      Such anathema to us as Americans – and a painful reminder or how long it took modernism to take root in the US, after the Enlightenment, the 14th, 15th, 16th 19th amendments, removal of censorship norms and laws, etc

      14th, 15th, 16th 19th amendments
      the ongoing precariousness in Egypt and Libya

      we are dealing here with the epic levels of NPC the one that could only be begotten by a trues psychopath and formed by the times we have misfortune to live in


    • Someone gave her a talking to


      • on February 12, 2019 at 3:13 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Did they threaten her with a pack of crackhead Somalis looking to pipe up? That turnabout was ffffffffast indeed


  35. I was born and raised on one of those “house costs no less than 300K a year and property taxes no less than 10K a year” areas. My parents got in before the costs hit. Then I watched my dad work two jobs paying for it all.
    Nevertheless, I have since youth been in the same room, and later as an adult, been in the conversations where this was said :
    “Sure it’s expensive. But THEY can’t afford to come live out here”.
    And this was an area that is a source of open border voters, gun control voters, and various other pozz votes I might add. Very very liberal.


  36. When?


  37. Minority Report (Purim — Book of Esther) is here.


    That’s what “red flag” gun confiscation laws are.

    What comes next?


    • Her Jew husband literally wrote this, obviously.

      She’s too stupid to understand what she’s saying.

      Just like how Jews write the rap songs.


  38. Reflections after being to the far-ends of the anglosphere and its blogs:You cant roll back degeneracy. Whhytes will never have the opportunity to “turn it around”.they’re better off hurrying the decline. The only thing keeping this system running is money/debt. Money crash is their opportunity to start new. Focusing on that is way more effective than Pol memes and ‘calling out thots’. This site would do best to start discussing the Christian Question as other sites have.


  39. Regression to the African mean. Our schools (except for those rare exclusively white schools) have regressed to the African/Orc/Beaner/muslim mean. Our PO-leeces treat everyone now like a nigger (except if they know the person is some VIP) when 60 years ago they treated only niggers like niggers. Our forebears fucked up big time by giving up Heritage America to the jews, jigs, and other miscreant POCs. I want to take it back and rid America of these cancers. Just like cancer surgery, it will be bloody but a necessity.


  40. I’ve known a few girls who went away to “Teach For America” for a few years. When they came back they were different. Like a grunt who’d seen too much combat and had the thousand yard stare.

    Every single one of them.


    • It took decades to teach a rudimentary sign and symbol language to Koko the gorilla. Koko had more smarts than any of today’s niggers and was a better student.

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      • In all seriousness, Koko was not smarter than the average African human, but the average African human’s IQ is closer to Koko’s than to yours or mine. Literally.

        No pure Africans (no white blood) can do third grade math. Not one in history. No exceptions.

        Someone like Barack Obama probably was able to do Algebra 1. IQ about 105. Full ape Moochelle never got past 6th grade math. She’s at about 90 IQ.


      • this isn’t true- igbo nigerians have been able to do math. they even make it through med school. one of the higher-earning demographics in the USA too, better than whites

        they were relatively well-regarded by the british


      • One of the smartest girls from my high school was a nigerian immigrant. She went on to medical school too. The school was majority white with some afro americans, mexicans, and asians thrown in. None of the native born blacks or mexicans were smart, lol


      • this isn’t true- igbo nigerians have been able to do math. they even make it through med school. one of the higher-earning demographics in the USA too, better than whites

        There is also the issue of sample bias, though. Right now, the only ones here are mostly those who are smart enough to figure out how to get here from across the Atlantic on their own. When chain migration gets going in earnest, though, we may see a scenario where all of a sudden, all these retarded/crazy ones are brought over by their relatives to put them on SSI and Medicaid. This already has happened with South Asians.


    • on February 11, 2019 at 9:12 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “When they came back they were different. Like a grunt who’d seen too much combat and had the thousand yard stare.”

      They went to That Dark Place.

      It changed them.


    • My cousin, conservative to the bone, tried the teaching route. Her city throws all the new teachers into the inner city schools; she barely lasted a year. She has some kind of PTSD now. Has crippling anxiety attacks. Can’t get it under control (although that’s partially her decision). It’s terrible what was done to her.


  41. Social Justice is the belief that when someone sees something wrong, that the problem is with the viewer’s eyes.

    Until those who can see stop doubting their vision, things will continue to degrade.


  42. Public schools are literal kid prisons. I hated being forced to attend, and I went to an 80% white school in a good neighborhood. Can’t imagine spending one day in the zoo mentioned in the article. Pure hell from the sound of it.

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  43. Heartiste, you failed to republish the punch line.

    “It is not poor teaching or a lack of money that is failing our most vulnerable populations. The real problem is an ethos of rejection that has never been openly admitted by those in authority.”

    Even after all she saw, she blamed Bad Whites.

    Not incidentally, her husband wrote a screed against misogyny. He’s dead, so perhaps there’s some justice.


    • on February 11, 2019 at 8:57 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      Actually, when I read her article, I got the feeling that there were maybe 5% or 10% or 15% of the n!g-n0gs who could benefit from formal edumakashun, but that the majority 85% to 95%, comprising the full-bl00ded simians, were ruining it for the minority.

      So from that POV, if Whites had the nads necessary to kick the 85% to 95% out of the regular schools, and lock them away in 24×7 heavily militarized reform schools, then yes, the 5% or 10% or 15% might have a chance to do something with their lives.

      But of course sh!tlib Whites will never grow any nads.


      • No, she wants Bad Whites to believe goblins can be better and encourage goblin good behavior. I know this because she said so, and because only after she was personally threatened by a large hobgoblin did she quit the goblin education camp staff, and only then for her personal safety.

        One more thing, Cap: look at that timeline again. Her husband died from cancer in 2004. Maybe she needed money, but that wouldn’t explain why she kept the job after he died.

        She was figuratively one unanticipated attack shy of suicidal altruism, got a good look at the cliff, and then stepped back, and declared, “That’s a long way down, but if we believe enough, we’ll stand in air.”

        That doesn’t take ‘nads; that takes the will to cut them out of a nation.


  44. Without fail I’ve found that the more lefty/SJW someone is, the whiter their kids’ schools and neighborhoods.

    Ask them how “diverse” (i.e. non-White) their kids’ school is. They bend themselves into pretzels to avoid answering.

    It drives them bonkers when I point out they want mass brown immigration, but only so long as those brown immigrants don’t live anywhere near them. Browns should live move into poor White neighborhoods, not theirs.

    They sure like their cheap Latin housekeepers, nannies and gardeners though.


    • Hahaha
      The more they decry racism the more they can be racist


    • Browns should live move into poor White neighborhoods, not theirs.

      Biological class warfare! White liberal intellectuals perfect the art of simultaneously hating social classes both superior and inferior to their own (unless Jewish). What does that say about them?

      cheap Latin housekeepers, nannies and gardeners

      …and boytoys, the better to cuck with.

      P.S., re your nick, Gershom’s ban against polygyny expires in a few decades. At this rate, I suppose that wealthy Jewish men will get multiple wives at about the same time they formally receive their prophecized g0y slaves.

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    • I honestly don’t think it’s intentionally cynicism. It’s ignorance. They have never been around these people, so it’s easy to pretend that they’re exactly like us. They honestly do not understand. And when they start waking up to the truth, through experience or information, the Left has all kinds of canned answers. That’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in.

      Somehow, it’s emotionally easier for these people to view the behavior of others as their fault, rather than something that is beyond their control. Because if it’s our fault, we can control it. There’s some kind of reason and correction for the chaos.


      • “I honestly don’t think it’s intentionally cynicism. It’s ignorance. They have never been around these people, so it’s easy to pretend that they’re exactly like us. They honestly do not understand. And when they start waking up to the truth, through experience or information, the Left has all kinds of canned answers. That’s where the cognitive dissonance comes in.”

        Good comment.

        I agree they do not understand. They do NOT WANT to understand. Their leftism is like a religion. The cogdis is strong.

        I once pointed out to a leftie aunt who opposed school choice that she had sent her son to an expensive private school (i.e. school choice) because she had money to do it. She would deny less wealthy parents the ability to choose the right school for their child, force them to stay in sh*tty schools. I thought I had her dead to rights.

        Her answer? “Anyone can go to a private school, because anyone can get a scholarship.” Never mind her upper middle class White son never would have gotten a scholarship. I think she actually believed it.

        Incredible example of a leftie brain hallucinating reality to preserve her worldview.

        She lives in an uber-White Boston neighborhood and has a beach cottage in an uber-White town in Rhode Island. When I visited there last summer I didn’t see one non-White face.

        Yeah, she has no idea. And she doesn’t want to know.


      • on February 15, 2019 at 10:05 am Gunslingergregi

        If everyone got a voucher her son wouldnt have been special
        what’s to figured out


    • The white left lead their lives as though they were the remaining members of the KKK. They marry white, send their kids to white schools if at all possible and live in white neighborhoods if possible; if they can’t afford a majority white neighborhood they at lest make sure no blacks.


  45. ((( They ))) strike again.

    – Dem Rep. Omar apologizes for Israel comments, calls out ‘problematic’ role of AIPAC, ‘other lobbyists’ –



    • Yep. She got (((explained))) how things work in (((DC))).


      • She married her fuckin brother. (((they))) will squash it. she is putty in their hands.

        to be expected from a somali.


    • The white heritage Americans did not vote for what’s been (((imposed))) on us since (((1965))).



      • Yes, White Heritage Americans did vote for it! They voted for it when the U.S. population was 90% White. They voted for it before 1965, when it was not yet too late, and after 1965, when voting was already useless. They sold their children’s birthright for—actually, for nothing; they gave it away for free.

        (((They))) never had the power to “impose” anything. Seriously, you think a minuscule minority of weakling aliens imposed their will on the mighty White man? Over the warnings of the conservatives of that era, Heritage Americans voted to give away their country to (((them))).

        (But good call on 1965 as the dividing line. Most people nowadays are too historically ignorant to understand the significance of what you said there.)

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      • 1965 you say?!?

        Franz Ferdinand’s squirting jugular sez hi!

        Why, L’Autre Chienne herself sends regards!

        (Massa Dindu Nuffin also regrets nuffin)


    • Don’t blame “Them” on her behalf.

      It is pathetic when White men expect the mere enemies of their enemies to conquer their enemies for them. Yes, that includes CH predicting that Ilhan Omar was “gonna be the right’s best ally” and calling her a “firebrand against zog”. The only thing missing was “srsly tho! her pussy rocks! :-)”.

      Whites can have a productive alliance with non-Whites, but only when it is founded upon a sincere and mutual respect, e.g. as between the Germans and Japanese in WWII. To expect a muslim female nigger to be your knight in shining armor, when she herself is an alien invader who hates your guts… well, that makes you a chump!

      Omar probably dislikes the yids. Really, who doesn’t? What she will do about it: Play politics to advance her people’s interests. This includes making sure that your daughters will dress modestly like her, so that they can enjoy the privilege of becoming third or fourth wives to bearded brown men. Allahu ackbar!


  46. Get on the Trump Train ! Woo Hoo SMH my Da*mn Head


    $1.375 billion to build 55 miles of new border barriers…


    [CH: he should have declared a national emergency. maybe he still will, and he just wanted to get the dems to betray their base first.]


    • on February 11, 2019 at 9:16 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      Trump on spending deal: ‘We’re building the wall anyway’ http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3727111/posts


    • This is why we lose, Chapter 1,488

      “Now they will need the support of President Donald Trump, whose signature will be needed ahead of the deadline at midnight Friday.”

      Do you even read these ‘articles”? Do you know this is a congressional negotiation?


      • Well, his point is, this is what’s being touted across the airwaves… I heard it myself on the morning radio news blurb, so that “regular folks” think it’s a done deal… 55 miles of slats, no a wall, mind you… so that even the most optimistic patriot can only shake his haid and wonder what good a band-aid does on a machine gun wound.

        It seems that the only hold-up thus far was Dems wanting to limit the number of illegal detainees, but the R’s arguing for “more beds”.

        THIS is why we lose.

        The military combat engineers should have already been for the past two years busy along the border… but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… muh Constitution… muh consensus… muh need to wait until the SCOTUS is packed… muh…. <put your excuse here).

        (((shakin' mah haid)))


    • but…but…trumo in the SOTU speech mostly talked about the hollowcost Israel and letting in more legal sub humans. so I guess 1.7 millions legals are not enough for him. and that is not counting chain migration. Salvini is the only leader with big stones. the GOP has talked tough for 50 years all the while lying to their voters and helping the white hating communists trump also. I am seeing that even Putin sucks Israeli dick. Salvini met with the yellow vests who not one cocksucker in the GOP has even mentioned said yesterday bankers must be jailed. he has turned away ships and thrown out invaders. ALL TRUMP DOES IS TALK SHIT AND DO NOTHING just like the GOP done for 50 years


  47. Amren has some really good stuff written by ex-goodwhites who had the scales fall from their eyes after teaching in ‘groid schools:




  48. A story from Japan that smacks of whyte shite libs calling out Japan inc for its ‘seksim’


    I draw your eyes to this; “Users on the social network asked why Loft was running down its primary audience — women — in an ad for chocolate.”

    That (((Shaver)) ad meantime was praised for running down its primary audience.


    • It’s odd that (alleged) sexism is what upset some people in Japan about the advertisement, and not the fact that the advertisement contained only cartoon images of hot, thin blond women. The appreciate the Aryan women, just not the aggressive behavior? Hmmmm…odd.


  49. If all this stuff is true, how come white public schoolteachers arent hardcore race realists?


  50. I was a substitute teacher in a large coastal urban metro for one day.

    During that day, two students got up to beat the shit out of a third student in the doorway of my room, and then sat down as if nothing had happened. I alerted other faculty who proceeded to do nothing but take the beaten student away.

    A weed deal of multiple ounces was openly planned as two boys sat one foot feet from my desk.

    The schools would be much better off if they would filter out the few students who can and will do actual work early on, and then keep the rest home or put them in much better funded tech programs that would train them for work as mechanics, factory workers, etc. The few of those that can get through those tech programs with some discipline can then be encouraged to join the military as their absolute best option. The rest will end up exactly where they would have anyway, except with some tech skill and they did not make the schools dysfunctional on the way there.

    To deter them from beating up the kids that get to stay in school, pass draconian laws that give years of imprisonment for neighborhood harassment of kids with traditional student status. With the money saved from ejecting the bad kids, they could even afford to house the productive students in dorms for the duration.


  51. “There’s another reason. The White shitlib is a status whore like no other. The Diversity™ is a status whore multiplier, jacking up the price of homes in vanishing all-White neighborhoods. White shitlibs moving into these oases get a status thrill up their legs. They’ve made it. They’re in. They aren’t like those other White people who struggle to get by in shittier communities.”

    Which is why the white working class should vote to tax the shit out of these people so they can experience the misery of diversity they created along with the rest of white folk. As long as whites with influence can avoid the negative externalities of diversity, then nothing will change.


    • tax the shit out of these people

      Nice try. Affirmatively prevent even the remotest possibility that White families of any class may accumulate some wealth, so their children can afford to have grandchildren? Why do you want Whitey to cut off his nose to spite his face?

      But, nice angle on the class-warfare “schtick”.

      [CH: if we could target retributive taxation against shitlib Whites, lowering shitlib White fertility, it would be better for American in the long-run.]


      • CH, how do you propose to achieve that? I am earnestly curious. For alas, without a means to put it to practical effect, the idea is seductively useless—not unlike wishing that everybody would just do the right thing.

        I would suggest a special tax on do-gooders who advocate wealth redistribution. “Pay what your political opinion says you should pay!” However, shitlib Whites are past masters at cheap hypocrisy (as opposed to artful hypocrisy, as practiced by Jews). They would wiggle out of it, just as they wiggle out of “diversity” in their own neighborhoods.

        Note also that, of course, shitlib Whites have abysmally low fertility anyway. “Reproductive choice”, feminist careers, etc. The burden of weaponized taxation invariably falls hardest on those who want children, many children, and want to take care of them.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 1:06 pm Captain Obvious

        State & Local Taxes [“SALT”] went a long way towards doing this [while still preserving muh “Equal Protection”].

        I still can’t believe that Cuck Ryan & B!tch McConnell had the nads necessary to pass SALT.

        The next big test would be to lower SALT from $10,000 down to $0.


  52. When I went to high-school (Sw. Gymnasium) WAY back, it was different. Much was like the movie “Torment” (the original Sw. title “Hets”), even further back.

    The movie was only a modest exaggeration of what we went through.
    From the movie, the archvillain Latin teacher nicknamed “Caligula”:
    “You are a weak student Sir. We have no use for weak students any longer, we are getting ready for final exams here. That is an ordeal, Sir. It is nothing for you”.


  53. Súrely we have reached the event horizon of í rony ITT? Trav lecturing others about nógs beíng súbhúman?

    – –

    Btw you don’t get what CH describes in this post where I live… BUT we’re gonna get there, slowly but surely, the shítlibs and the ((( ))) are gonna do their damndest to make sure it happens.


  54. I know a woman with a PHD in public policy with a specialization in education. She works for her city’s local government in their education department. She travels around the country giving lectures and has received awards. All 3 of her kids go to private schools. So.. yeah.


  55. Biggest black pill in the article? After everything she relates, she still blames Whitey:

    “Why should millions of perfectly normal adolescents, not all of them ghettoized, resist being educated? The reason is that they know deep down that due to the color of their skin, less is expected of them. “


    • And there’s that catch phrase “color of the skin”… as if that’s the ONLY difference between them and us.

      This is why we lose… even when we try to win, we advocate for the other side.


  56. Of course, her late husband was a huge cuck:

    “… got her late husband Jack Holland’s last book, A Brief History of Misogyny: The World’s Oldest Prejudice, published posthumously when Viking Penguin abandoned it upon his death.”


  57. CH you are always upping your game. This post is a post to rule them all.


    If the Diversity influx ended tomorrow, and the Diversity already here was repatriated to their natural ecosystems, the value of the typical White shitlib’s home would plummet. Suddenly they aren’t paying a premium to avoid Diversity; now they’re just another White home in a White town in a White nation with White neighborhoods stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Absent Diversity, there is lebensraum. More regions and towns and city centers open to White colonization. Affordable housing. A cooling of tensions between the White classes. A more equitable distribution of good schools. More trust. The beginning of a revitalized social contract. Doors left unlocked when away.

    What a beautifully written summary of what should be. Of what used to be.

    Of what we all want for our kids and grandkids.

    Even the poorest majority White communities beat the living shit out of living in White suburban enclaves in enriched urban areas.

    Not having to lock your car every time you get out of it, even at the gas station. Not having to arm your home security system (LOL don’t need one here in poorsville) when you are in your home. Not having to carry a loaded firearm inside your house and in your car at all times. Not having to be in condition Orange every time you enter a public space, head on a swivel looking for groups of niggers loitering around.

    I make a lot less money in poorsville but my kids are safe, go to majority White schools, and I don’t have to live in constant anti=nigger vigilance.

    That is worth whatever money it cost me to move here. The immivasion is making itself felt here in the last 5 years or so but even aztecs are better neighbors than niggers. This despite the aztecs’ apparent need to throw trash on the ground wherever they go. But I digress…

    Again, that is a great post and the Gospel Truth.

    Preach on!


  58. “In Australia, the United States, and other societies subdued by multiculturalism, the founding nations have been subordinated by left-minority alliances. Perhaps only a similar alliance, between true liberals and ethnic nationalists, can re-establish and stabilise the legitimate national order.”

    from https://sydneytrads.com/2017/12/24/symposium-ii-frank-salter-pt-ii/

    If the left can capture the progressives, the nationalist right must capture the libertarians.


  59. >Doors left unlocked while away.

    This really says it all. My husband grew up in a community where this was common practice; it was 95% white, he received a quality education in his district’s public schools, everyone attended church, people looked out for each other. His family idolizes helping the city’s ghetto inhabitants but has very little experience actually dealing with them. They are very proud of their renovated condos in the revitalizing downtown but lament how there isn’t now any “affordable” housing.

    I grew up in the diversitopy of a border city. Not only was locking your doors at night mandatory, my mother used to give us lectures on staying far away from certain people, lest we be “kidnapped”. I’m sure this was her euphemism for raped, murdered, or taken to Mexico. The public schools were horrific, and getting worse as they got more and more flooded with illegals. City hospitals starting collapsing while I was in high school. My grandmother is losing her state Medicare this year because the illegals soak up all that money. Gang activity was common. Dog fights were common (they really love to find pet dogs in yards and send theirs in for “practice”). My parents never used a single racist or hateful word around us, but they always managed to convey the message that we were not safe around these people.

    I won’t live in a house where the front door isn’t locked. Absolutely refuse to, which is what I told him when I moved in.

    I have to make things very real for my husband. “My friend’s dog was killed by Mexicans.” “My friend’s car was taken to Mexico.” “We had a home invasion once.” “These girls used to spit in my face at school and start fights because we were white.” “Do you want me getting raped on the living room floor? Do you honestly think I could fight a man off?” That sort of thing.

    He wanted to leave the door unlocked because to him, that meant everything was safe. To not have to lock the door means that you live in a happy, stable community, and I think people who grow up like that internalize that and fight to keep that feeling. Where i grew up, you weren’t safe unless it was locked, because the world outside was not going to take care of you. He wants our kids to grow up in the safety he had. I want that too, but I don’t think it’s possible anymore.

    We’re planning on moving out of the city as soon as we can. No matter how many acres of property we’re sitting on, that door is staying locked. I will never communicate to my children that the world outside will take care of them, but I will tell them that it is our responsibility to protect them and what is ours.


    • U should carry a good 22 or 38
      Were u raped
      My spidy sense tingling


    • you need to get an actual man as a husband

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    • “No matter how many acres of property we’re sitting on, that door is staying locked”.

      Smart woman. Its a sign of the times that you have to take the role of the man in this regard.

      In regard to keeping your doors locked in the country, here’s a bit of Americana of which most Americans are unaware:

      The post Civil War lynching of Blacks was overwhelmingly a community response to freed slaves and their next generation committing rape and murder in the rural White South. They would look for women walking alone on isolated country roads roads or living alone at home.

      Sometimes the White woman’s isolation did not matter, and they would murder entire families to get at her. Lynching was an attempt to deter this behavior in a political climate that was beginning to show irrational lenience to Blacks. Somewhat parallel to how mass incarceration of Blacks is ineffective at deterring Black crime today, lynching proved to be ineffective as a deterrent.

      There was a book written on all of this, but I can’t recall the name of it.


    • You hit a key point about “doors left unlocked”. Very few people understand this on any deep level.

      In my idyllic youth, I yearned to for a noble honor-based society where people leave their doors unlocked, teenage maidens can safely walk alone down any street at midnight, and people who lose their wallets can naturally expect them to be returned with all contents intact. Such societies have existed (and are invariably homogeneous). It is suicidal to pretend that you live in one if you don’t.

      Fantasies range from the improbable to the impossible. Every child also wants world peace and unlimited free ice cream.

      I eventually matured, adjusted to reality, and, through hard lessons, learned a new rule—the oldest rule in the world: The strong survive, the weak die, and if you look like food, you will be eaten.

      We’re planning on moving out of the city as soon as we can. No matter how many acres of property we’re sitting on, that door is staying locked.

      Ouch, stuck in a city (say I with disgust). Well, when you move, you will need to learn a new threat model. Don’t let the door lock be an emotional totem of safety. In a good area of the countryside, door locks are indeed much less important. Door locks are primarily effective at keeping out opportunistic intruders, which are common in cities and uncommon in a good rural area. In an isolated location, any unlikely intruder probably really wants to get in; in an isolated location, this also means that he will simply bust the door open. Note that a pro-grade cordless drill will only take a few seconds to open any lock you can buy at your local hardware store. Also, I am guessing that your house will have some windows.

      For defense in depth, model your Prevention, Detection, Response—to wit, approximately: Door locks = prevention. Well-trained guard dog who barks for early warning = detection. Guns = response.

      [CH: good comment]


      • on February 13, 2019 at 6:33 am Gunslingergregi

        What ya need is old style piece of Wood castle type
        For when sleeping
        Place it in the metal holders
        Iron gates on windows
        My wife did our house here
        With iron window over glass
        Or in states i sleep with door open sometimes its called zfg
        Her husband prob knows he one of baddest motherfucker in jingle so telashes the opportunity for someone to walk in with bad intentions
        But anyway worse thats happened is chicks roam in and try to rapee
        That one chick that died i left door open when left She stayed in house guarding it till i got back


    • on February 13, 2019 at 6:34 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      What ya need is old style piece of Wood castle type
      For when sleeping
      Place it in the metal holders
      Iron gates on windows
      My wife did our house here
      With iron window over glass
      Or in states i sleep with door open sometimes its called zfg
      Her husband prob knows he one of baddest motherfucker in jingle so telashes the opportunity for someone to walk in with bad intentions
      But anyway worse thats happened is chicks roam in and try to rapee
      That one chick that died i left door open when left She stayed in house guarding it till i got back


  60. on February 12, 2019 at 7:58 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Lol publius with powder key ready to explode
    If ya read my shit know i am allways in control
    He needs fired
    Justifying a job and shit
    And noone has my permission to listen to me anymore like they did before fuck u wietdo doc that never even talk to me and think u know something


  61. For those who wish to flood our nations with foreigners and strangers, whilst ignoring their own neighbors, family, their very own children, and the present, rightful, and true owners and inheritors of our lands….

    Job 32:31-40 (Orthodox Study Bible)
    Job 31:31-40 (other versions)

    Verse 38 reads “owners of the land” in the Orthodox version. A bit harder for liberals to weasel their way out of that one. You betray the owners of the land, the land (and its people and rightful owners) cry out against you. Woe be to you.

    Verse 31 reads “handmaids” instead of “men of the tabernacle.” Which is more personal, more about your very own home and those in your household, under your care, whom you are responsible for? Clearly ‘handmaids’ here has a much more personal meaning. Your very own handmaids, your house retinue and servants are going hungry? And you posture and virtue-signal by giving the stranger room and board, thinking you are a good person because of this? God says you’re wrong. Woe be to you.


    • Correction: verse 38 is the same, not difference between the version I checked. And it mentions ‘owners of the land’ in verse 39 in two versions. (KJV and Orthodox Study Bible)

      “If at any time the land groaned against me…. if I have eaten its strength without paying, Or if I also grieved the soul of the owner of the land by casting him out…”

      ” If my land cry against me, or that the furrows likewise thereof complain; If I have eaten the fruits thereof without money, or have caused the owners thereof to lose their life…”

      God’s warning to leftists, invader dirt people welfare recipients, and traitors.


      • “God’s warning to leftists, invader dirt people welfare recipients, and traitors”.

        That’s the kike “god”. Not your god. The kike god is genocidally nationalist to the point of world domination.

        In reality, their text is their written instruction to themselves.

        Its a manual of world domination / psychopathy as conceived by men in antiquity. Snap out of the hypnosis that they have a metaphysical component that channeled these texts to them.

        If you are into their scripture, which was written 100% for them and no one else, then there are much juicier verses throughout the Old Testament to quote. These will justify anything that you need.


      • Nah, i will stick with Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostolic and Catholic Orthodox Church.

        Christ continually reprimanded the Jews for misunderstanding the OT.


    • who gives a damned shit what the bible says?


      • Many persons today and throughout history, far wiser than you.

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      • a few billion people.


      • tell me about that “love your enemies” part again, it’s my favorite!!!

        you fucking obtuse speck of lint, for MOST of history, your fucking churches DIDN’T FOLLOW THE BIBLE.

        Was Chuck [email protected] following the fuckin bible? Was Frederick? Was Pizarro?

        You cuckstains are a fucking joke


      • The Sermon on the Mount has been explained to you innumerable times, but you just keep comin’ back with the same ol’ nuthin.

        You’re a dimwit of the first order, all the worse because you fancy yourself intelligent.

        Just keep sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting “la-la-la” when it comes to TRUE Scripture… but then don’t come ’round chere and try to tell us that Christ wants us to stand aside when God’s enemies are attempting to harm the faithful.

        ;You disingenuous ass.


      • The Sermon on the Mount has been explained to you innumerable times, but you just keep comin’ back with the same ol’ nuthin.

        You’re a dimwit of the first order, all the worse because you fancy yourself intelligent.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 2:35 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        I’d listen to Carlos about Christianity. He was helpful to me when I was searching.

        King is insufferable and GE is just an idiot.


      • Still searching?

        Good luck with that nolo Scriptura school.

        Matthew 15:14
        They are blind guides leading the blind, and if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch.”


      • Thanks Looch. Any time. I’ll even buy the beer.


      • on February 12, 2019 at 2:46 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        “you fancy yourself intelligent”

        Pot. Kettle.

        Over a million comments on this blog and I can’t be fucked to think of one that really stuck with me.

        You are an arrogant waste of bandwidth.


      • You’re just another disingenuous moop… trav recently boasted about, not merely his intelligence, but that he was the smartest one here and some vainglorious brag about making decisions for the country or running some department, I forget the exact quote.

        You’ve never heard me say such a thing… and the fact that you and some of the other Hate Eliot knee-jerks keep trying to put those words on my doorstep is a Big Tell on yourselves on what you actually think about my smarts.

        The Big Tell about your own intelligence, such as it is, is that in your petulant annoyance you keep trying to snark about me… funny how nothing I say registers, but you’re the first to try and get a shiv in… always flaccid, and always smacked right back into your court for the set and match.

        Pack it in already, you self-admitted sock… you’re outmanned.


      • And like clockwork…there’s the third of the Big Three of Hate Eliot Triumvirate… still sniffing each others farts and trying to convince the rest as to the wondrous redolence.

        You allies deserve each other. Keep losing.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  62. Another reason is that they genuinely hate white middle-class and below America. They actually get off on badwhites being assaulted, raped and murdered by non-whites, or whites dying of drug overdoses, or bad trade deals that fuck the country. Right now there’s an effort to get a black prisoner named Cooper released in California. He butchered a white family and even the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit called the evidence against him overwhelming. The left knows he’s guilty, the effort to get him out is just a big middle finger to white America. The ultimate middle finger.

    A cooling of tensions between the White classes.

    Before Brown v. Board, before the “Civil Rights Act”, wealthy kids in most places in America went to the same schools as the middle class and poor. This fratricidal, suicidal, class war that is now going on is in large part a by-product of school desegregation. Both because the classes are no longer familiar with each other, and as a matter placating the powers that be by feeding the crocodile with the white middle and lower classes.


  63. […] The point can receive more ported comments, largely in agreement here. […]


  64. Uber-subversive ad that shows a libtard at a table at Starbucks telling her friends, natch, she’s voting for Warren (or whoever is running in 2020) with extreme NPC banalities.

    Then in voting booth the hipster looks both ways and emphaticatically votes Trump. Take off of the (((Goldwater))) ad “in your heart you know he’s right.” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sxugd2HNEn8

    You need to appeal to these libwhites that the Gaslighting is over in the voting booth. You need to close the sale at that last instant. Appeal to remnant libtard white SuperEgo / self-preservation. Run ad in Rust Belt states.


    • on February 12, 2019 at 11:56 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      Jesus H Chr!st.

      No wonder we lost.

      Goldwater advertisement: “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

      LBJ advertisement: “In your heart, you know he might.”

      Hindbrain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Forebrain


    • Comment peut’on etre goy


  65. The 9 states with the highest divorce rates voted Trump (and all except Pennsylvania went hard Trump).

    The 7 states with the lowest divorce rates voted Clinton (with only one of the least divorcing ten, Montana, going hard Trump).

    Metric appears to be “individuals who divorced in 2017 per 1000 married persons”


    [CH: you know what’s coming…break it down by race.]


    • NY and CA have too many people to be counted in divörce “rate”?

      Any studies on divörce rates going up when respective spouses found out who the other voted for? lzozlzozlzozlzozlozl


  66. Not seeing it. Help me out.

    In Trumplandia, blacks marry less. Is your claim that high divorce rates in Arkansas are due to divorcing blacks?

    [CH: it’s part of the explanation. blacks have a higher divorce rate than whites do:


    many red states have high black populations.]

    A fair claim is that in Jew York, everyone marries later and less, so low divorce rates are nothing to celebrate. But this is also evidence of eyes-wide-open people (“woke” in the sense not used on this site) adjusting their life choices to realities of automation (mainly) and outsourcing (secondarily). But once those choices are made, families stay intact at a greater rate. Not a small thing.

    [among whites, divorce rates are lower the farther up the ses ladder you go. mainly, that’s because more educated/wealthier whites get married later in life, when they are less desirable and therefore have fewer options on the sexual market to tempt them.]


  67. This is what America needs. Coulda had it too, but jews.


    • this woman, papist, scapegoat jew that YOU gave me, gave me of the apple

      non sense. Massa Dindu Nuffin regrets nuffin.


    • As expected, the not-so-sub-rosa agitprop… “How many slaves did Washington and Jefferson have?”

      As if that immaterial bullshit would be taught in schools under such a regime… oh, but let’s remind the White audience watching of “muh slavery” and shame on those Founding Fathers!

      Also funny that they would say “Nazi” rather than “National Socialist”.

      But of course, this is the price to pay for otherwise sound entertainment. 😉