The Mountain And The Moll Hill

The strongest man in the world recently got engaged to a petite minx.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson plays Ser Gregor Clegane “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones. More importantly, he’s 6’9” and currently the strongest man in the world. Even more importantly, he got married this weekend in his native Iceland to a 5’2” Canadian, body-building woman named Kelsey Morgan Henson.

His arm is bigger than both of her legs together.

FYI, ladies, THIS is what a female body-builder should look like: in shape, not shape-shifted into a man.

A reader emails,

The BIG, strong guy gets the sweet, petite hottie.

How come she didn’t want a pasty little guy who respects her and would never proceed to first base without a signed, notarized consent?

How come he did not want a strong wahmon with blue hair, tats, and a muffin top instead of a waistline?


Big men are often found coupled with petite women. Naturally, big-framed or overly-muscled women psychologically project their preference for a big man to complement them onto men, fooling themselves that big men have the same tastes as big women. Nope. Big men, like medium-sized men and small men, prefer sexy lithe slender white hot foxy ladies.

And all women, big, medium, small, prefer men bigger than themselves.

It’s the God of Biomechanics once again making mockery of feminism and puling soyboyism.

Another little truth that feminists and soyboys run from: hsmv women LOVE LOVE LOVE to feel impotent and vulnerable in the arms of a physically powerful man. Candy is dandy, but tossing her around like a rag doll in bed makes her knickers slicker.


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  1. As a short 5’8 guy, what is the optimal height for my bitchezzz? I notice often, like in the post, that there are many pairings of very tall men with very petite women. Since super tall chicks are out of the question, what height girls should short guys aim for?

    BTW, I’m not praying for the caravan hoard of 4’2 Mayans to come here and give us tiny women with which to breed. The last thing I need is to sire a son named 4 Caterpillar Jaguar.

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    • I suspect the sexual marketplace is designed to balance out people so their heights don’t get too extreme. I’ve noticed that very short women go after very tall men more than average-height women do… I suppose because they don’t want to have short sons. Short men appear to do better with women who are only a couple inches shorter than them rather than the average half foot.

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    • 5’8 is not so short. It is average for what I see in men in my country and area. Shorter men do have to work more hard on theyre bodies imo. But it is not the end of the world. If i was not married, I would not like to go out with a man more short from me. But I have liked a man (before marriage) who was 5’6 . Only 3 cm more than me. He is married now and his wife is beautiful and about the same height with him.


    • AND do not think is only short guys who have a dissadvantage. I know a guy, He is a friend of my family, very very succesfull guy, mid 40s. But he is 6’7 and he looks like a giant. And he struggles more to get a woman than a man who is 6’2 etc.

      [CH: all else equal, it’s better for a man to be tall and strong than short and weak. but rarely is all else equal (cf: john mayer)]


    • Just bust a move on any girl that gets your blood flowing and see what happens. Don’t pre-reject yourself.

      I agree with vfm that there is a biological balance to these extreme masculine/feminine traits. My theory is that one reason why “mesomorphic” physiques and “averaged” faces are usually considered the most attractive is because they can realistically produce both attractive daughters or sons. Whereas a 6’7” strongman isn’t really doing daughters any favors, genetically. Unless the extra size comes with fame and status (like the strongest man in the world), its probably better to be 6’2” with sort of a swimmers build.

      And you can still looksmax while short, just drop body fat and get a nice V shape, dress well. Yes some girls still will reject you for being short but there are billions of girls. Control your controllables.

      [CH: interesting theory. biological balance does tend to explain why couples resemble each other. Overly masculine men do seem to produce masculine daughters, and feminine men feminine sons. maybe evolution favors a sweet spot for sexual dimorphism that gives, as you say, the best odds for producing fit sons and daughters. btw a related theory is that feminine fathers more often have daughters for just this reason: it maximizes the father’s chances of having reproductively fit children who will give him grandchildren.]


      • That is fascinating. In my experience it is the same, masculine men have masculine kids. Now maybe this is going to make me sound like horrible person, but is anonymous so I will say it honest. My husband has a very masculine face,, all his family is the same. Very strong features even in the women (there are redeeming features in the women, they have beautiful hair and good body)but still very tall family. It comes from theyre father who was a typical greek. The mother is Greek but blue eyes and fair. The children seemed to take from the father theyre looks.
        So I was having thoughts like, his genes are so strong what if we have daughter and she is like a female version of him?!! That is cruel I know (you love your babys no matter if what). But we had a son. And the ironic thing,, He is just like my mother in law. Fair blonde hairs and bright blue eyes. He has only my husband’s head shape and tallness.


      • I have a very similar theory. On average, girls have an edge reproductively because they are the gatekeepers and can find a mate even under the worst of circumstances. They can play it safe and still win. Men are the variable. An alpha can produce many children with multiple women while a beta might go childless. Essentially, what this man is doing by committing to one HSMV women is hedging his bet in case his son(s) are not also a genetic celebrity like dad and are just a dumb plow horses / cannon fodder. That is particularly true nowadays when people only have one or two biological children which is the genetic equivalent of putting all of ones eggs (or sperm) in one basket.


      • “. An alpha can produce many children with multiple women while a beta might go childless. ”

        – It is sad and true. A man I know (average looking, 5’7, typical old mind set Greek man,, you know the style,, the men that do not need game because they already think so there are gods) arrogance, and it works. 2 years before he got a woman from the next village pregnant (like i.understand it was casual and she tryed to trap him into commitment) he did not commit but he sees the kid. Next summer he got other woman pregnant, They have an off relationship,, so this guy who is nothing very special only very arrogant, has 2 babys by 2 different women and is not with either one really. Then there is decent men who they can not find a woman who will stop theyre birth control for them. Life is not fair i supose. Humans are very messed up.


    • who cares? They all look short on their backs


    • “what height girls should short guys aim for?”

      If she’s standing in front of you, just make sure she has to look up, even just a bit, in order to look into your eyes.

      Most of us wear high heels, at least when we go out, so you’re probably taller than a lot of the girls out there anyway…they’re just cheating.


  2. This to me this proves why “Game” does not matter if you are up against taller, stronger guys in competition for attractive women. Basically this posts screams if you are a man say 5’7” and average build you are not going to be able to score with that hot little blonde. So after this post how can you say that “Game” will help even the odds against Goliath?

    [CH: B E G O N E___S Q U A T
    for real tho, you aren’t gonna get anywhere here acting the part of a bitter incel demoralization agent. How often do you lose girls to men the size of the mountain? stawp poasting]


    • Go to the Gym. You can’t fix your height but you can optimize your fitness. Wear boots that give you an extra 1/2 inch or so. All you have to do is get in the top 10%. Look at all the fatties out there, top 10% is easy. There is always Someone taller and stronger.


      • That “10%” are taken by taller men. That mantra of going to the gym and learning game just doesn’t work this is why the whole PUA community died. It was pretty much fraudulent

        [CH: game works and you are a mole for the Loser Brigade. if you continue adding nothing of worth to this blog, i’ll have to take action and….reword your comments to make a mockery of you.]


      • fatties and sunken chest soi-bois improves your odds immensely…

        look at it this way, most of the male population is either out of the equation by being: married, overweight or soi-boi orbiter.


      • @Kent do you even read this site? The idea is that if you’d get a 1 without game, game will get you a 4 or even a 5. Or maybe a 3, but that’s still better than a 1. The same pattern goes up the chart. Nobody is saying that if you half ass game you’ll be choosing between Lorde and Ariana Grande tomorrow. It’s just about understanding how women think (or don’t think) and exploiting that to the maximum effect you can with the body, mind, life you’ve got. And part of it is, up that base variable and make your body, mind, life better, and you have a higher starting point to jump off from. It isn’t really difficult to understand. I wish I had understood it when I was young, but I was a woman-on-the-pedestal idiot all the way.


      • on October 29, 2018 at 11:40 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        But a motorcycle. That actually works.


    • This to me this proves why “Game” does not matter if you are up against taller, stronger guys in competition for attractive women.


      It’s a big world… strive and be the best you can, whether it’s physical presence or some talent, and if you put your heart into it, most of the time YOU will be The Man in any given room.

      But DUH, if you’re just in decent shape and 5′ 7″, DON’T hang around the World’s Strongest Man competition looking to score.


      • FWIW, when I was a teenager working in a fancy restaurant, there was this jockey that used to frequent the bar and would slay poon six ways of Sunday. He was about 5 foot nothing, but built like an upside down pyramid, and smiling confidence a mile wide.

        In short, height is not the be-all, end-all that some of youse yeggs make it out to be.

        Mastering what talents you got is how you get the admiration of the fair sex.

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    • Sure, biologically speaking, you are at a disadvantage to taller men, just as a 6ft guy in shape is at a disadvantage when compared to a 6’4″ athletic man. Point being, everyone is at a disadvantage. There is no point is sounding like a MGTOW [email protected] saying things like “oh this is why “Game” doesn’t matter” “SEE! women will always go for men like this!”

      You can either play up your strengths and improve yourself as a man (which women will notice and be attracted to) or be a self-defeating [email protected] and cry about it like you are now. Obviously there will be women who will want someone a foot taller than them, or men that are rich. Who cares? Move those th0ts aside and go on to those that show interest.

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    • Given your attitude, you clearly have low SMV. Why would you expect to get a high SMV woman? Stop being such a loser. If you’ve got anything to offer, you don’t have to be taller than other men, you just have to be taller than her.


    • Well, Kent, while being tall is a bit of a cheat (like countless other things over which we have no control, like high or deep voice, eye color, etc.), it doesn’t mean the case is hopeless.

      There are a lot of short guys. Humanity has been in its current form for at least 10,000 years. That means there have been a hell of a lot of short guys, for thousands of generations, passing on their genes. Which means that they have the capacity to attract women.

      In fact, that’s pretty much the whole POINT of Game to begin with. It’s a force multiplier. 700 lbs of aggressive groid walking down the sidewalk in the form of 3 or 4 bucks is more than I could hope to defend myself with. Except that “when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I bring along Samuel Colt.” And half again as many IQ points.

      So, the tall guy has ONE natural advantage. You’ll seldom be competing directly against a tall guy, and in any case, use Game to give yourself three advantages (say a good physique, snappy dressing, and a zero fucks given bad boy attitude), and the beanpole coasting by on being a beanpole will be “outnumbered” by YOU.


      • Defend myself “Against.” Dammit.


      • You’re making a misguided argument. Theoretically, short guys could be a byproduct of a taller father and shorter mother, and their blood line dies at that. Case in point – I’m the exact average of my 6’0 father and 5’4 mother.

        Now I’m not a self-height-hater, I don’t give a fuck to be honest and I’m sure as hell going to pass on my genes (debating whether to go for a shorty which I’m more attracted to, or a taller woman to get height back in my blood line, but that’s neither here nor there).

        Just sayin’


    • on October 29, 2018 at 12:55 pm John Joel Glanton

      Humans are cerebral creatures. Bigger, stronger, higher test doesn’t matter next to stronger social standing.

      The guy at the middle of the room singing and strumming everyone’s favorite songs, the high school super-athlete, the big-time coke dealer, the high-salary legal eagle…. will always get the girl over the Incredible Hulk. Work on yourself, become wealthy and talented and you’ll have much more success.

      That said, you reek of low testosterone. Picking up a weight here and there certainly wouldn’t hurt you. Probably adjust your diet as well.

      [CH: there are three benefits to weightlifting: increased strength, more attractive physique, and — most importantly — an improvement in disposition.]

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    • on October 29, 2018 at 1:02 pm John Joel Glanton

      Or just get out and shoot some guns at the range or something. Discouraged and depressed is no way to go through life.


    • It’s not a good idea to try and work game on Mountain’s wife. Good point.


  3. […] The Mountain And The Moll Hill […]


  4. She watched for a hale fellow at the Strongest Man competition and sighed:

    “At last, stones.”


  5. They look adorable together. I like it like that,, I want to feel like a woman and not more big than my husband. My husband is 6’2 (me 5’5) and more than double my kilos.

    Short men can be handsome for sure,, it is just better if they make sure they do not get very skinny. Tall and skinny men can still be attractive, it is more dificult for short skinny men. There are many short (5’6, 5,7 etc.) Men who because they take care of theyre bodies they are still attactive.


  6. I honestly thought this was a forum for discussion. I didn’t think you were the kind that would tell people to go away for airing their opinions.

    [CH: you aren’t airing an opinion. you’re shitting in the pool. you think i can’t sniff out hater agitprop from 12 parsecs at this point?]


  7. Amazingly enough, his brothers are even bigger than him!

    [CH: that’s crazy. are his bros 7 and a half feet tall?]


    • Last of the TRUE vikings right there boyos. The rest of the the 7 foot monsters died on the field of battle and left us with the soyboys of Scandinavia.

      They should harvest sperm from these guys and forcefully impregnate all Swedish and other Scandi shitlib women for two full generations. It’ll be like Jurassic Park but instead of bringing back the dinosaurs you are bringing back the warrior race.

      [CH: Johansson Park]

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    • not his brothers, they are pro icelandic basketball players. the mountain used to play as well. nonetheless impressive.

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  8. I don’t think she thought this all the way through…


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  9. My dad’s 6’4″ and my mom’s 5’4″. So there’s nothing surprising for me here. I remember when I was about 10, my dad, on a whim, suddenly picking my mom up by the waist, holding her up above his head with his arms at full stretch, and running around the back yard at high speed, both of them laughing uproariously.

    I’m more of reversion to the mean height, and, having mostly involved myself with EE brawds — who tend to be tall, in my experience — have never had a woman more than 1 or 2 inches shorter than I am, and one who could look me level in the eye.

    My dad successfully passed on his genes and I haven’t managed the same yet, so, I wonder if this some indication that I should be looking for wenches around 5′ 1″ tall or so? 😉


    • Every socket finds its plug, my friend. 😉


    • “I wonder if this some indication that I should be looking for wenches around 5′ 1″ tall or so?”

      Naw, look for the one with hotness and pleasantness in equal measure. This is the lurv-inducing formula that will keep the [email protected] strong for decades.

      You know what’s even better for a man than height? Being raised by an alpha father.

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      • “look for the one with hotness and pleasantness in equal measure. This is the lurv-inducing formula that will keep the marriage strong for decades.”

        this little nugget cannot be overstated


  10. A long time ago I read that big dudes have a tendency towards small women. This, I think from years of observation, is true. But I have also observed that the most beta of men, and not even beta in the context used in PUA vernacular, but beta in being the sort that does the same job year after a year without any progress in pay or promotion, never ever broke a law, that sort – had a tendency towards, or at least an ability to tolerate, big fat women.
    Certainly there is a pattern here.

    [CH: betas and omegas often have to settle, so it’s a learned ability born of necessity. and it has limits. a chubby girl may land a pitiful beta, but an obese whale? not a chance. as for big men and small women, maybe there is an unconscious motivation on the part of each to have children that would occupy the middle ground in size, shape, color, and texture.]


  11. Word to the unwise (Kent): Almost no men are 6’9″. That height is an anatomical freak irregularity that likely isn’t even beneficial for health.

    I honestly have hardly seen any proportional men over 6’4″ my entire life. Usually they look gangly or their heads look weirdly small. 6’2″ – 6’4″ is probably where the biological ubermensch actually lies.

    I can hardly tell even remember all the times I’ve seen a shorter guy outgame a tall guy. I see 5’6″ mestizos with hot girls all the time (for better or for worse). White men have this nagging predisposition to be “rational” defeatists. We always want to metricize the world to understand it and find patterns, a trait which is regularly (((exploited))) to our disadvantage.

    Stop trying to be THE man and just be A MAN.

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    • Stop trying to be THE man and just be A MAN.

      Not bad, not bad at all.


      • *Tips hat*

        It’s merely the natural state of the male mind unsullied by years of “education” in feminist (((public schooling))).


    • It’s a form of learned autism…


    • “White men have this nagging predisposition to be “rational” defeatists”

      True words, I used to be my own worst enemy. now I have a ZGF and don’t rationalize or think through the odds of the possible outcomes. I just have learned to roll with it and tell that inter monologue to STFU.

      If you don’t think through things and just roll with it, it makes you more witty because you’re not adhering of the script in your head

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  12. I’d like to know the age gap as well.

    Hopefully we are re-entering the “strong men” phase in the west. A long-awaited descalzification.


  13. My mom and dad were a couple inches apart. I am also two inches taller than my wife. Obviously, 50-60 pounds heavier than she. I have been hitting they gym like a madman lately, getting back to my fighting weight of 195. Even at 201, 25 pounds heavier, my wife says I look beefier because I am more cut. Also, being stronger than I usually am, she likes how i am more able to throw her around. She is 5’9″, so I need to be stronger anyway.

    If you aren’t 6-12″ taller than your wife, you need to be stronger than normal as a rule. Pro tip: no one asks tall women out. They are low banging fruit. That is why Kucinich bagged the ginger fox he did.

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  14. on October 29, 2018 at 11:44 am Jonathan Castle

    She’s a stone-cold stunner.

    But don’t think for a second that she’s sweet and traditional. She’s an active lady-playa who landed the Big Man, got tons of attention for herself, and is selling her brand hard.

    I doubt they’ll be married in 10 years, but if he gets two/three kids out of her, he wins big just the same.

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    • Agreed. Narcissist piggybacking off his fame.

      I also wouldn’t want to ‘go second’ after he is done with her. As he will be like a Gulf of Oman oil drilling rig who will have split her oak in profound ways. She will never be the same after that lotsa cockas.

      It does prove that pussies are capable of inhuman feats of stretching though. It doesn’t seem anatomically possible that those two could have sex but nothing surprises me anymore. Once you’ve seen 4’11” Thai hookers fucking horses & donkeys… well… yeah. 🙂


      • on October 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm Jonathan Castle

        Thanks for that visual. Somebody cleanse our palettes…

        Anyway, his sons will bore a bigger hole in her than even he does. He’ll be throwing hot dogs down a hallway after all that physics transpires.


    • She wins, he wins, we all win. This is how it works.

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    • But when they break up, no one will date her. She’ll be the ultimate alpha widow.


  15. on October 29, 2018 at 12:12 pm clarence boddiker

    I’ve seen stuff like this. There was a basketball player at college who had a notoriously short girlfriend. But I think most tall girls find love in the arms of a taller guy. At 6′ tall I found the attention of some really tall girls to be a bit much, even if they were hot and sweet. But they eventually found husbands who were pushing the 6’6 mark. After all, to tall guys, tall girls are still shorter and petite.

    I get the Mountain is the point here but he’s gotta be an anomaly. Most pro athletes go for models or their splenda approximation, the insta-whore model.

    Ok, I’m going circular. I wonder who ends up with tall ass girls who are hot with nice bodies, the barbies and what not. I mean, even that idiot 7 foot tall Sokovian b-ball player married Adriana Lima who is short but surely some tall athletes love a larger woman. Fuck it, maybe there’s no hope.


  16. on October 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm UndertheDRADIS

    I wonder if he is going to rag out that little girl as badly as Clegane did when locked up with the nun in Game of Thrones.


  17. on October 29, 2018 at 2:07 pm whowantsgingersnaps

    Heaven forbid they divorce and you end up the next guy in line. Good luck making her happy.

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  18. on October 29, 2018 at 3:07 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    By the by, that’s what a real Canadian looks like: A white person of British stock.

    [CH: yes]

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  19. on October 29, 2018 at 8:39 pm Reinald Vallejo


  20. Her #myman didn’t even make the top three hashes.

    Secret beta?


  21. Carve it into the granite, put the tablet in Moses’ hands, and behold the burning bush – the biggest height queens of all are very attractive, very short women.

    Seen it over and over and over again my friends.

    IME, short dudes, like me, do better with women of average height.