Argumentum Ad Technicalitum

This is argumentum ad technicalitum, a favorite pastime of disingenuous shitlibs and scaredy-cat libertarians. Sure, a well-tanned White person won’t get stupider, but skin color has always colloquially referred to a genetically inherited trait, and yes darker skin IS associated with intra- and inter-racial lower IQ and higher aggressiveness.


S.K. adds,

There is a basket of other traits anecdotally observed to be racially different. Aggression, time preference, maturity, pair bonding, and so on. None of these seem to be directly associated with simple IQ. I’m idly curious whether those differences will ever be defined.

Right, IQ isn’t the only important human trait under the sun, but IQ does appear to play a modulating role for all of those traits S.K. listed. There are apparently correlations of varying strength between a simple g factor and a host of well-researched psychological traits, but none are perfectly mutually predictive, which is why we occasionally come across smart, impulsive people or dumb, conscientious people.

And of course these correlations must be controlled for race, because there are large average racial differences as well as intra-racial differences along all those behavioral and cognitive dimensions.

It’s time for otherwise smart men like Molyneux to stop cravenly abiding shitlib nostrums. Cowardice is more costly when the hour is late.


  1. I used to follow Molyneux for a while and I like his various disquisitions on philosophy and the trials of tribulations of modern men in general. He seems pretty RPd but just like Jordan Peterson he’s gotten too used to being a YT star and the ample coin it generates.

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  2. trials and tribulations – sorry


  3. on December 5, 2018 at 3:18 pm MakeYourOwnThings

    Alternatively; I take statements like this as a device which allows a man to speak to normies in a way that makes the thought their own…
    ‘I don’t avoid/dislike/deport them because they are brown, I avoid/dislike/deport them because they are stupid’


    • Very true unfortunately. For a while molyneux seemed to be becoming progressively more red-pilled. I’m thinking now he’s looking to become the newest member of the so called “intellectual dark web” as a poor man’s Jordan Peterson.


    • on December 5, 2018 at 4:48 pm Captain Obvious

      Except that Biological Calvinism says precisely the opposite: That your visual sense of “brown” evolved in your hindbrain as a way of warning you about their inner moral/intellectual/spiritual vacuousness & rot.

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      • on December 5, 2018 at 5:15 pm MakeYourOwnThings

        True. But again; this is a useful way to make the normies say ‘hry, there are groups of dumb people’.
        It’s a first bite, not the whole elephant.
        Though you and I both know that molyneux didn’t intend his tweet as such.
        But it’s a device which is useful for those wishing to influence normies.


      • Apparently “darker/blacker = more aggressive” works out among subspecies in the animal kingdom too. Can’t find the article on it now but pretty interesting.


    • Yeah and the ‘muh reason and evidence” has really worked to slow the tide of leftist feelz.

      Moly may be good at waking a few normies but he is a gateway drug at best. Time to pierce all that wite skin with the shitlord needle and inject some righteous self-interest back into the tribe.

      That said, he does beat a few drums that are closer to the rhetorical approach, eg the necessity of suffering, but at some point (i’d peg it at 10 years ago) we need to stop all the high IQ acrobatics inside their frame.

      We need to take back the tent, not debate the order of the circus animals.

      The sides must be delineated soon. Wiggly wording to avoid getting fingers caught in the overton is not going to do it.

      I need to know who to align with, who to trust. Straight-man to man talk, not the faggy ivory tower intellectual maneuvering prone to “consevative” think tanks, pundicux, and you tube philosophers.

      Deport them because they are not Americans, period. Even the Prez fails on this, a la “we need them for jobs” bullshit. What, like how we needed all those women to become wage slaves too?

      The fact that many browns are also stupid is only relevant when considering the methodology of their removal. And the fact that they are brown is just a bonus to help identify probable invaders.

      Yeah, i’m a real treat at dinner parties. But then I’m not keen on breaking bread with those who want my way of life destroyed and who brazenly or even passivy agitate for culture and policy that deems me and my kin as the source of all that is evil (and all that must be bled to feed the hungy ghosts.)


    • Try “stupid, parasitic and dangerous” and you will have more of the truth.

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      • on December 5, 2018 at 7:21 pm MakeYourOwnThings

        Again, we agree.
        Start the normies with the obvious.
        Big groups of stupid people.

        Now, what other traits and behaviors do these groups have in common?


      • on December 5, 2018 at 8:52 pm Alex the Goon

        Normies are the big group of stupid people. They allowed themselves to be browbeat by Marchin Looter Kang 50 years ago. They were so concerned about Not-discriminating on the colon of their skin, that they forgot to discriminate on the content of their character. And, starting with that Coloredman Not Bad mantra, other traits were added to the Holylist – sex, religion, nationality, sexual dysfunction, criminal history, obesity. If IQ isn’t on the list yet, it will be soon.
        Refuse their frame. We reserve the right to discriminate against anyone, for any reason or whim. It’s a free country, they even told me so.

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      • on December 5, 2018 at 11:41 pm MakeYourOwnThings

        Again, Alex, we agree.
        But until the purge really gets going, we keep planting the seeds of truth in those who overlap the most in our Venn diagram.
        A few at a time take the realism red pill.
        Tomorrow one more, maybe two.
        Do you remember when you crossed over from normies to enlightened?
        I am glad the fuse wasn’t lit before I really figured out that it’s an actual war.


  4. He’s like the senior officer of a captured unit talking to the commandant of a POW camp.


  5. This tweet was directly relevant to shallow thinking.


  6. The resurgence of the fine art of rabblerousing is hard when there’s a market monopoly already in place.

    Molyneux is trickling truth in the mainstream consciousness, so I guess he’s a net benefit.

    Truth and Beauty are eternal and timeless, and realignment is… divine. Pretty much.


  7. on December 5, 2018 at 3:48 pm William of Orange County



    It also happens to be consistently correlated with genetics, as well as other behavioral traits like impulsivity etc. etc.

    Did you just try to equate tan lines with IQ as some kind of analogy? Cause “colour” doesn’t have anything to do with IQ, but genetics sure as hell does, and “colour” incidentally has a lot to do with genetics too.

    Professional questioner-of-things, philosopher, internet raconteur…into the trash he goes.

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    • As an aside, his life story as he tells it, comes from the trash. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


    • Did you just try to equate tan lines with IQ as some kind of analogy?

      Yes you heard that right. He’s essentially making a gutter logic argument that believing in race-intelligence correlations equates to believing in Lysenkoism.

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  8. Ahhh Molymeme. Dancing on the threshold of a very divisive issue that everyone knows about. But refuses to speak about it. Anyone who’s spent time in the employment world or even waited inline at the Supermarket knows that there is a difference in intelligence between men and women. Rich and Poor etc. Hell, I’ll even say there’s a difference in intelligence between those in their 40’s and 50’s and those in their 20’s. So intelligence and skin colour is their a relationship? Well…given that the Africans has a 2000 year head start on the rest of the planet why didn’t they get to the moon after 500-1000 years. Or why did the Australian Aboriginals, not have the wheel?

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    • Hell, I’ll even say there’s a difference in intelligence between those in their 40’s and 50’s and those in their 20’s.

      Which group would you say is smarter?


      • on December 5, 2018 at 4:54 pm Sorcerygod at

        Scientists are said to do all their best work when they’re younger — on other hand there IS that “Middle Aged Man” accomplished-skit by Mike Myers from classic SNL.


      • The brain is more agile in the younger, but the older brain has a lot more data to work with (Of course, that data can be of high or low quality).


      • ok, I’ll bite. The ones in their 40’s and 50’s. My personal opinion is that the people in their 20’s are completely lost. As employees and as co-workers they are the most impressionable, indoctrinated generation and when they’re wrong they double down!!!! wtf is that?? Plus the girls seem to have the Digust reflex on meth, because everything is a threat and everything is offensive and all incidents need to be reported to H(e)R. So that another ignorant 20 something can dish out the punishment to a thought criminal. There rant over.


    • As I’ve commented to many, ever notice the “popular” growing up weren’t just typically better students, but better looking a d wealthier on average as well? People didn’t like to notice that 9 of 10 of these “cool” kids were all alike with few outliers to be exceptions to the norm. I explained that good-looking people tended to band thogether, and as they typically made more money and were more accepted than ugly, stupid people, it accounted for their successive breeding of like-looking/minded children that were just like mom & dad. That didn’t sit well with those who wished they had a better excuse for why the popular folks aren’t typically ugly and/or poor and/or non-white, but that’s the way nature and the world work, like it or not.


    • Chinamen didn’t have wheels until whitey showed up. Check out the Chinese Mummies video on YT. Presented by Nova


  9. WTF, is this some fake tweet of something?
    I heard the fucker explain pretty much the exact opposite.

    He very much lectured about IQ=race in many vids.
    The only reason I bother to listen to this shifty Jude..

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  10. I took this as him just saying that skin color is an insignificant genetic variant compared to IQ (though he doesn’t go on to clarify that darker skin usually correlates with lower IQ). The distribution of IQs and levels of impulse control is no doubt different between dark-skinned Indians (subcontinent) and Africans, but they have similar skin hues.


  11. This is a conversation I had too many times that now I do not try to talk about it again. I talked about it with educated people who are more intelligent to me but still they said I am racist. It is tireing.

    There are big diferences in IQ in the races. That is a fact. I do not consider my self to be racist. But also I will not deny the facts that there is differences. Imo to conceal that facts is racist of liberals. Because in defense of black people it can be concluded they had less good nutrition, not so much education etc. If liberals were realy careing they would look truley at this difference in the IQ levels and say what could be done to change this. Look at Somalia (I think so it is the most low average IQ globaly). Bad nutrition, and over all a very bad country to live in. This is something I think so liberals must to consider before they prefer more to deny facts.

    In the other hand, do I think so it is only the product of bad nutrition and not so much chance that white people had? No,, I do not. I think so there is fundamental diferences that does not have to be a bad thing. Look at the wonderfull athletes Africa produced, Look at what wonderfull things Europeans did. Asians etc. Every one race is gifted in some way. There is exceptions,, that is for sure. There are black people more smart than white,, but if we talk about the average, we are deceitfull to say that a average does not exist.

    This is something that I think so is hypocrisy about liberals. They deny this facts,, if they realy cared they would look to the facts and see what each race strengths is and apreciate, or try to understand WHY there is this diference.

    And not in relation to the race but I did read I think so there is a IQ range that has more crime and aggression.


  12. Due to my background and where I live I know various high IQ people of other races (even blacks). A couple I would consider friends in a sense. They’re decent guys who have helped me out at times.

    But they do not consider color an irrelevant red herring. They know whose side they’re on when push comes to shove, they know who they feel kinship with. And it isn’t the white man. I can also tell you color is not irrelevant in the women they lust for.

    I simply do not understand these suicidal whites, other than I guess self preservation among shitlibs. I wonder if it’s because I’m more outer Hajnal than many, or autism, or what.

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    • on December 5, 2018 at 4:51 pm Captain Obvious

      Or your Amygdala rules your Insula with a gangsta pimp hand.

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    • One unusual hajnalian tic is the innate desire to prove to your neighbor that you’re a good person, i.e., that you adhere to a culturally approved moral law. This tic makes sense in a highly cooperative, organized, and religious society, which inner hajnal had been for centuries.

      The problem was that when the West dispensed with faith, it left a vacuum that was filled with the ersatz religion of cultural Marxism, which, being wholly alien to the hajnalian soul, has left the West damaged and demoralized. And if I might say so, easily manipulated, as the heart of gnostic religions like Marxism is a swindle wherein gullible people accede power to alienated sociopaths.

      This won’t last forever, and I believe that we’ll soon see a resurgence in public piety here in the US. We’re already seeing it in places such as Poland and perhaps Hungary. For those of you who are mystically inclined, there is plenty of prophecy, some over 100 years old, that predicted both the descent into the degeneracy of atheist humanism and the West’s eventual rejection and reorientation towards the Divine. So, fear not, and fight on. The truth will set you free.

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  13. on December 5, 2018 at 4:20 pm Echo4November

    He’s talked about race and IQ before, no idea why he’s cucking here.

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  14. Even if Trump fails at the wall, birthright citizenship, etc, we will still owe him a great debt of gratitude.


  15. Stopped listening to Molyneux some while ago.

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    • “Stopped listening to Molyneux some while ago.”

      #metoo. I’d found him to be increasingly, annoying.


    • on December 5, 2018 at 6:39 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I tried way back when, but I listened instead to my inner voice that said he was a shill or a coward.

      It was all in the body language, I think. I have a knack for knowing when people are trying to bullshit me and SM…..yeah.

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    • Same. The atheist-evolutionary crap is sophomoric and it was not worth an hour of his analysis to get to a conclusion which I already knew he was coming to. In part because the entire alt-right world and alt-media had already come to the same conclusion.

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    • Ditto. He lost me when he started crying too much in his videos. His T level dropped, along with his logic.

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      • on December 6, 2018 at 9:30 am A. O. Gilmore

        I hear you. Basically you’ve got unlimited takes for making a youtube video. Why show yourself blubbering like a goddam bitch? Not that I’ve never cried, but I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried since I was 10 years old. My dad and Grampa dying were 2.


      • Yep. But I might add,and maybe it’s cuz I’m Irish, when I hear this wonderful folk song by (lefty) Phil Ochs, “When I’m Gone”, I think of my deceased father and dude,I get tears eyes,it’s so sad.


    • Personally could never get over his thing where he’s always saying women need to do whatever they can to stay home and raise children during their developmental years, while his own wife is off being some corporate whore while he stays at home playing Mr. Nanny.

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  16. Slippery stuff. Yes, there are all sorts of correlations here.
    Some are very unsurprising. People who have spent the last 10,000 years near the age of the Great Glacier have been heavily selected for,
    among other things.
    a) Light skin color – to get enough vitamin D and avoid rickets
    b) Planning (probably both culturally and genetically), as very little food is available during about six months of the year.

    This applies strongly to agricultural populations, less so to hunters, as game is mostly available year round, and meat/fish contains enough Vit D. Thus Eskimos remained dark. (Nevertheless, Eskimos are on average very smart; I guess you make one mistake when it is -40C (that’s -40F) and you are a corpssicle. In all cases, Darwin at work.


  17. The confounding (to some) factor is that a handful of IQ points are almost inconsequential for an individual (and remember, the measurement is imprecise for several reasons), but consequential for a group.

    For example, the only countries that have a successful industrial economy are dominated either by people of European ancestry or East Asians (think Japan, Korea, Singapore, jury still out on China)

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    • on December 5, 2018 at 4:50 pm A. O. Gilmore

      China is a hot mess. Lots of smart people, but totally corrupt. We’ll see mass deportations of foreigners soon. They will be blamed for the inevitable disaster.

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  18. What about shades of white…Are whites with olive skin dumber than pale whites with freckles?


    • on December 8, 2018 at 8:51 am Corinth Arkadin

      Don’t start that one, cuz we got some idiots here who think the Celts are ‘not whyte’.

      They don’t know that the Celts are probably the whytest of all, as they migrated to inaccessible islands from Germania before it got invaded by every eastern and southern race under the sun.


  19. on December 5, 2018 at 4:28 pm A Patron of the Arts

    Speaking of cucks….

    Have fun, boys!


  20. I tried listening to one of his videos once or twice. Even if he sometimes says interesting things, I couldn’t get passed the insufferable demeanor of sighing and pausing so you know what he was saying was truly important.

    Delivery matters.

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    • Yeah but his large viewership would seem to indicate that people like his delivery. Part of his schtick is his professionally trained actor’s background.

      Most of his fans are millennials?

      I agree that it’s unctuous.


      • on December 8, 2018 at 8:54 am Corinth Arkadin

        Yes and YES.

        50 points for ‘unctuous’. It nails SM down to two hard hitting syllables.

        The English language is damm near perfect.


  21. It is funny because he talks about Churchill all the time.


  22. on December 5, 2018 at 4:45 pm A. O. Gilmore

    To be fair to Steph, he does acknowledge racial IQ differences in his videos. That was an exceedingly silly comment though. Not sure why he’s giving Peterson a pass. I never saw the attraction. The guy just spits out words with no meaning.


    • Not sure why he’s giving Peterson a pass.

      I’m not really sure why anyone gives that insipid, low-T manlet jordan peterstein (a dweeb with the voice of a 9 year old boy) a pass – ON ANYTHING

      I think it is clearly obvious that pedostein is a judas goat, to redirect and rechannel knowledge and intuitive wisdom on the JQ away from it


      • My 9 year old boy resents your comparison. Jbp sounds exactly like a closted fag with intellectual aspirations.


      • Entschuldigen sie, meine Frau .. and I’m sure dein kleiner junge (your young boy) already has a much more masculine voice than the kloseted kuck, soy-goy twirp Judas Pedostein


      • Hell, it wasn’t too long ago ’round chere that some were trying to pass off JP as some sort of alt-R ally, merely because he allegedly made some UK bint reporter look foolish… which he didn’t, actually, but I digress.

        The truth of the matter was, he was solidly mouthing The Narrative when push came to shove, and only gainsaying her on the reasons for unequal pay… and I got a raft for pointing out that he was, at best, allowed opposition, go figger.

        Now the chateau has come around to looking at him with the proper perspective.


      • on December 8, 2018 at 9:02 am Corinth Arkadin

        I’m really trusting my inner voice as of late…I correctly, erm, pegged Lauren Southern and her Bottle Blech Blonde Krew as being degenerates and parasites on the Alt-Right politic.

        But I distrusted JP and SM at first sight, wondering if I was correct when other flocked to their banners.

        I was correct.

        I’m really wondering if I should step up and start doing videos, get involved publically. If these miserable faggots and sloots can get readership from /ourguys/, why can’t I?

        Or for that matter, most of the CH superstars who poast?


  23. Dark skinned people are less intelligent, on average. Black people are much less intelligent…Simple enough for you Stephen?

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  24. Stefan Molyneax: The poster-boy of the great white Achilles’ heel, pair bonder with all mealymouthed subhumans, gene-pool defect that will yield most fully in the coming conflagration he pedantically rejects. Paging Dr. Trav777 (who I wish would explain his handle’s personal meaning).


  25. hey (((stephan)))
    which one was more relevant here
    IQ or color?


    • on December 5, 2018 at 6:44 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Whyte kids shouldn’t even consider taking the bus.

      Public Transport is a mobile platform for WorldStar fodder.

      Take an Uber or drive.

      What part of Diversity + Proximity do they not understand?


  26. This is typical cuck-$ervative boilerplate – with a dash of “edginess” thrown in – to make it seem as if Stefan-ie is challenging the €stablishment (lmao)


  27. What blatant, shameless sophistry. A new low for Molnyjoo.


  28. or what about this stephan
    IQ or color of skin,which one
    turned marble into human flash

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  29. Sadly libertardians have jumped onto the ‘da rasis’ band wagon. Race, IQ, and culture matter. I’m all for a limited government, but they miss that non whites on the average don’t have any respect for any ideas like Non Aggression Principle or Private Property Society. It is lost on them that importing Africa will result in Africa. After we exterminate leftist, open border libertarians need to be on the list as well.

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    • on December 5, 2018 at 5:53 pm Captain Obvious

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    • I started heading out the door of libertardianism when I got woke to Islam and anarcho-Austrian libertards were haughtily and blindly attempting to give Islam and musloids a pass becuase, muh, Big Goverment. They really are one-trick ponies.

      It was about the same time I met that fatty NR cuck, whose name is not worth remebering, for coffee one day, I having been a NR reader in my younger days. I left knowing that quite a few things did not compute. That he was delusional to still be carrying water for Bush II as a “conservative” post-Medicade expansion, that he admitted to mimicking the NR writing style in order to land his gig there, and that he was a supposed conservative man who was living in a foreign capital because his wifey had a job w the State Dept. Wha?!? And that he was wholly unimpressive, and pretty much a chubby dork.

      Lots of warning bells going off and I was on the move away from cucked conservatism and libertardianism.

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    • Sadly leftists have… tfify.


  30. Look, this is a weak, docile man attempting to do his part to save western civilization. Asking this guy to go full Chateau when he’s a public figure, with a family, with an income dependent on his videos is a lot. He’s just a weak beta male whose doing what beta males do; avoiding conflict, avoiding social ostracism, avoiding turmoil, avoiding risk of any kind etc… Let’s be honest CH….. he’s at least willing to put his face out there on the public venue unlike someone I know………. We all know he knows the truth regarding race; he slips morsels to the public every so often. And i’m not saying we shouldn’t be critical, we absolutely should be, but this guy is a gateway to the real truth and has probably been a big source of recruiting for the right wing,maybe even for this blog!

    You aren’t this critical of Tucker Carlson… is Tucker different? I listened to Tucker Carlson yesterday talk about “why is the left obsessed with identity, we’re all American…”

    Last thing. Molyneuyx makes the argument we want just not in the way we want. The truth is anyone who listens to his podcasts will fill in the blanks on their own. I think he knows that. Molyneux has spoken extensively about lower IQ peoples flooding higher IQ nations. Listen to any of his podcasts on immigration. When you dissect what he presents you it’s really impossible to not make the racial connections whether he is willing to say it explicitly or not.

    My bigger quarrel with Molyneuyx, and the reason why I don’t listen like I use to, is his admonishment and opposition to identitarians combined with this mentally deranged free market, individual freedoms garbage. The vary components that have created our modern turmoil is what he thinks is going to save us from said turmoil and its completely absurd. This should be the real target of your ire.

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    • on December 6, 2018 at 3:58 am John Joel Glanton

      Nah man I know who CH is. He got doxxed by some whore years ago. He’s only become more of a Nahzee since then.


    • A cuck pied-piper is a traitor. If the shoe fits. Even if Molyn knows the truth, how cares? Unintended conseqences, whaa. Attack is attack. Tucker gives social standing to the enemy. He opines from the donut middle like Trump governs from the donut middle. It could be a calculated tradeoff for whyte culture in TC case but can’t be in SM case. There is no possible real message in the general message for SM, who presumes subhumans are reasonable because they say they are. He could be real on bitchute. He could stop trying to herd cats altogether. As commenter here said years ago, too late for talk, too early for shooting. Tucker will have to break clearly to one side or the other in the next few years.


  31. Moly was a decent gateway purple pill back when we were too ‘tarded to realize how absurd Libertarianism and AnCap is. Haven’t listened in years, he stopped being enlightening nearly a decade ago.

    I’m often blown away by the number of people I encounter who don’t understand fake opposition, psy ops, and other forms of population control that are exercised over anyone deemed right of center. These schmendricks yammer on about how red pilled they are and then you find out they are big fans of Juden Peterstein, Kyke Thernobitch, Steph “My Mom’s Jewish But I’m Not” Molyneux, Benji Shapiro, Prager U, et al.



    • on December 7, 2018 at 2:02 pm A. O. Gilmore

      schmendricks HAHA. Say what you want about dem Jews, Yiddish is a colorful language. I think one of Molyneaux’s grandparents was part Jewish. He definitely doesn’t consider himself to be.


  32. Not even sure what Moly is intimating here. Initially it sounds like he is saying it isn’t so much skin color that is an issue so much as attendant undesirable characteristics such as low IQ, then he goes on to imply there is no correlation…. What the fuck?


    • Disgusting


    • I could only get through 38 seconds of that disgraceful video by that Turd World POS.


    • The best orgasms come after a long period of doing without and a ZFG social situation. I wish I were younger so that pleasure of revenge could be mine. The internal instincts of able young white males will know what to do once the ball gets rolling. They will discover the best things in life according to Ghengis. Rarely is a savage a wise man, but never is a wise man without savagery in his heart.

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  33. Also…things scientific studies have not yet detected…

    Early understanding about existence of DNA memory now rapidly emerging. NPR had a segment last week examining new study on possibility of how common factors between blues and west African music cannot only be explained by evidence of aural/oral transmission. Missing/unconnected links attributed to possibility of shared DNA memory. Pretty good odds we’ll be seeing new evidence that DNA memory generally automates groups towards particular sets of thinking/behavior.

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  34. Look at these ‘local’ 6th graders visiting Yale in the summer of 2018. Why? Everyone knows, just by looking at this photo, that the images all around these ‘yutes’ don’t, and never will, belong to them – at least on a spiritual and mental level. Their average IQ is 85, at best. The most they can hope for (with their liberal accomplices), is to physically occupy (squat) at such a place, sucking up space and resources that would be 6,000,000 times better spent on a young White male with a 115+ IQ. Can you imagine what would be said if the men who built this beautiful place, umpteen years ago, could see this dysgenic, cultural embarrassment?

    Bonus shot: Bearded, moccasin-wearing Yale soy boy at far left (literally and figuratively) showing this diverse group around.
    Bonus shot #2: Find the one White child in the photo.
    Bonus shot #3: Soooooo sexy balloon hat girl, making a “ooohhhh,oohhh,ohhh, aahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh” 80-IQ mouth pose.


  35. Yale visit from local ‘yutes’…summer of 2018. The future looks bright.


    • One dollar says that their teacher is a Yale grad working as an inner city teacher in Connecticut.

      It’s common for shitlib Ivy grads who work as inner city teachers, who will often be affirmative action admission cases themselves (though that guy looks fairly typical of a legit admission, so most likely Jewish),

      to organize such trips to their former alma maters for their yute classrooms to ostensibly show them a viable college track. They’ll meet with admissions counselors, etc.

      The reality is that the teacher is almost certainly shilling for entrance into an Ivy doctoral program.

      If they can get one kid into an Ivy in five years of slumming it then they’ll go down in problem-school district 12,343’s history as a mythical hero.

      The school district happily pays for the trip because to their ghetto dwelling parents this looks productive, so its good optics for the district. Also, this is an effort that can’t be successfully criticized, which is important when you know that nothing else that you do works.

      In reality, its similar to when these schools hold pep rallies before mandated state tests. Its a form of magical thinking that implies that wishes, excitement, and in this case proximity will confer some ability to do well.


  36. Our White brethren, with the obvious liberal bent, are taking use down with them on the sinking ship. We need to cut the tethers (i.e., skin color and race) that has continued to attach us to them, and forge our own path. We must realize that we are, in fact, two different species, two different spirits, two different (and opposing) forces. Be that in a separate nation, or on a separate planet, who knows. The way things are going now, we are headed yet again (as planned by our hand-rubbing puppet masters) for another fratricidal war like WWI and WWII. Both in our own nations, and between nations (namely, with Russia, Eastern Europe, and possibly Italy, in addition to the ancient Aryan lands of Iran). Trump seems helpless at this point to stop, let alone reverse, this. Too flaccidly bogged down with ‘muh liberal democracy’ and protecting whatever secrets ZOG dug up on him (in audio, film, etc.) from the past 40 years of living a millionaire playboy lifestyle, surrounded by treacherous, blackmailing rats in NYC, from coming to light. No foundation for the Wall started (let alone even funded), no Hillary arrest, no pedogate arrests, no mass deportations of illegals, no health care reform, etc., etc. ad nauseam, as he enters a lame duck Congressional session for the next two years.


    • on December 5, 2018 at 7:04 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “we are headed yet again (as planned by our hand-rubbing puppet masters) for another fratricidal war like WWI and WWII… Trump seems helpless at this point to stop, let alone reverse, this…”



      • on December 5, 2018 at 7:05 pm Captain Obvious

        November 19, 2018 at 9:24 am: “what do ya get for ki11ing black alphas? black women?”


      • on December 5, 2018 at 7:06 pm Captain Obvious

        Whereas what do ya get for ki11ing White men?



      • on December 5, 2018 at 7:08 pm Captain Obvious

        THEOREMA NIGRUM has two major consequences:

        1) Whites will always been on the defensive against the other races [j00, sunni, ch!mp, beaner, streetsh!tter, g00k, etc].

        2) Whites will only ever wage Total [email protected] against fellow Whites.


      • Captain, that explains why, after slaughtering their racial brothers and cousins in WWII, the “greatest generation” sat back and did nothing during the civil rights movement, while cities burned, and schools were forcibly integrated.

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      • on December 5, 2018 at 7:28 pm Captain Obvious

        JR, I vividly remember as I was reading along, and I came upon what the Prophet had poasted, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

        I knew immediately – instantaneously – that I had just read one of the most profound observations I had ever encountered in my entire life, but it took me a few seconds [or minutes? or hours?] for the ramifications of it all to move out of my hindbrain instincts and settle into my forebrain conscious.

        Theorema Nigrum explains just about everything.

        It even explains why it’s so trivially easy for the Frankfurt School to walk all over us.


      • Literally the blackest pill.


      • I don’t know, Cap’n, nuking and firebombing the Nips was pretty total as far as wars ago, and they’re not White.

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      • On a semi related note, what did the japs do after that? Basically rebuilt their society into a facsimile of America. Fear breeds respect, and there is nothing other races fear more than pissed off whites.

        When whites chimpout, people die in droves.


      • on December 7, 2018 at 12:32 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        LET’S GET IT ON


  37. on December 5, 2018 at 7:05 pm All Neocons Out

    The IQ-skin color argument is very Obama-era in terms of the national discussion.

    The discussion was had, personal decisions made, and lines were drawn.

    S.M. may as well be discussing whether or not 9/11 was an inside job.

    At this point, you either believe that it was or that it wasn’t. You either believe that IQ has a racial correlation or that it doesn’t.

    Suggesting the conversation again, to a broad audience, is idiotic when there are implications much further down the line to discuss. I’d have more respect for him if he would have asked how they were going to take care of the evil Nazis.

    S.M isn’t dumb, but instead he’s a deeply embedded shill who is mechanically shilling.

    It was clear from the beginning that was his role. Later, he molded many of his views to those of the Far Right and cloaked his motivations, causing some to forget about the fact that early-on it became obvious that he’s a Jew-tool.

    In reality, he’s in he same camp as Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Shapiro. I’d call them neocons, but the more honest categorization is that they are either warring ethnonationalist Jews or their tools who adapted to the Right-shift in American politics in order to Jew-away the lesser moored fringes of the Trumpenbase. They are worse than the worst white-hating yet honest communist.

    As far as skin color is concerned, where SM and other’s who make that long outdated argument go wrong is that skin color is one racial filter but not the only racial filter.

    For example, its possible to have White skin and also have negroid genetics and phenotype expression. There are lots of “white” Armenians, Jews, and others with hominid-like Prognathism for example.

    Colloquial use of the term “white” doesn’t imply a rigid social and racial filter dependent solely on white skin. Its a colloquialism.

    S.M. is talking-down to his audience to assume that Caucasians can’t make that distinction and quickly discard his “tan lines” statement that doesn’t even recognize permanent racial skin-type (he conflates tanning with negro skin) let alone other racial features.


  38. there already conspiracy theories that there were at leat 2 egg throwers
    “back and left, back and left” lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  39. It’s a lamarckian fallacy- conflating genetic traits with non genetic adaptations.


    • on December 5, 2018 at 7:37 pm Captain Obvious

      I dunno, Holmes.

      The moar we learn about the role of RNA in all of this, the moar the Darwinists [DNA] might owe an yuge apology to the Larmackians & Lysenkoists.

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  40. on December 5, 2018 at 7:31 pm Sean Fielding

    Paris: good CH column stuff here, even if DS at it 1st:

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  41. When I get the racial apologists who proclaim dark means great.

    I simply say…

    “You are so right! We should set up a whole contentment filled with these people and let them construct the Utopia we know they can build if Whites will just leave them alone!”

    If they are anti Colonial (white man exploits types) – I say “yeah just like modern day Congo or Rwanda”

    If they are anti racial, (white man putting the majority down) – I say “yeah just like South Africa! The crime rate is really under control there!”

    and on and on… because there are no non-failures in Africa not one shining light in all the Dark Continent

    History and Accomplishment are harsh teachers… let them instruct the future

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  42. That’s pretty cucked out; however they’re still potential allies so I’m not interested in punching to the Right. It can only play out in a couple ways:

    1) They go full cuck. Sell out. Become enemies (J room cleaning P)

    2) The constant attacks radicalize them out of their cuckitude.

    If that’s the case, we don’t want to be the ones attacking them. Let the libtard do that and drive them straight into our 1488 fold.

    They attacked Tucker’s family at his HOME. That’s a guy who is going to radicalize or break.

    Hell, my own parents tell me they don’t like my rayciss tendencies when I start holding forth some dinner table realism. I never attack them. I just say, “What do you think happens when every group is rayciss and pursues its own interests except for one group? You might think about picking a side because the libtards have already picked one for you.”

    Sure enough, over time my parents started bringing me stories of gay and blackie agenda.

    They still watch afroball though.

    I tell ya. It’s easier to convince an addict to give up the needle than White Heritage Americans to turn off DeVonte chimping out with the pigskin.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

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    • nigball is a scourge… it starts at a young age too… not sure how to defeat it


    • You can redpill your parents with enough realtalk, as long as they have a hint of backbone to begin with. Most whites with children do.

      My mother unironically used the word soyboy the other day. I was so proud.

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    • You’re probably going to have to back off on your power level when your droppin, real talk at the dinner table, I never had that problem, my folks didn’t like niggers at all.

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    • You get it, FE.


    • Fast Eddie… Broseidon, King of the Brocean. 😉

      “You like to gamble, Eddie? You like to bet money on a game of pool?”


  43. Even if all populations had the same propensity for civilization that europeans have there would still be a moral imperative to preserve white civilizations for aesthetic reasons alone. Beauty is truth and not only worth preserving but should be spread throughout the world.

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  44. I like both heartiste and molyneux, but it’s a bit comical when the anonymous heartiste refers to molyneux as cowardly, while molyneux is out there publicly discussing the impact of race and iq on society nearly on a daily basis.

    molyneux’s tweet is indeed unnecessarily placating, but to refer to molyneux as corwardly on this issue specificly, when heartiste hides behind the veil of a pseudonym, seems to demonstrate a lack of self awareness on this one.

    [CH: i expected this rebuttal, and you know what? it isn’t entirely unfounded. but i didn’t put myself out there like moly did (an act in this day and age which can be construed as foolish as much as brave) or pretend that i was ever gonna do that, knowing that the truth is much easier to speak from an anonymous, un-targetable position. and real life events over the last few years have proven the wisdom of my decision. however, for those realtalkers who have decided to go public and rack up the concomitant legions of well-deserved followers, like moly, they aren’t then released from a duty to cleave to the truth as closely as they would if they remained anonymous. moly chose publicity with eyes wide open; he can’t slide backward into rearguard cuckery when the heat is around the corner. he knew what he was getting into.]


    • It’s not at all cowardly to write under a pseudonym when you live in a society that punishes thought. 90% of Gabbers are communicating anonymously. Likewise, there have been improvements… way more people now openly admit to supporting Trump. The window on this is being pushed more forcefully by anon writers like CH and the funny, harsh stuff is getting out there and resonating because the brutally honest observations are untempered by the fear of appearances.


      • “Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.”
        McIntyre vs. Ohio Elections Commission


      • on December 7, 2018 at 12:38 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Hiding behind anonymity? Is that like changing your name from Finkelstein to Higgenbotham?


    • for those realtalkers who have decided to go public and rack up the concomitant legions of well-deserved followers, like moly, they aren’t then released from a duty to cleave to the truth as closely as they would if they remained anonymous. moly chose publicity with eyes wide open; he can’t slide backward into rearguard cuckery when the heat is around the corner. he knew what he was getting into.


      Whenever someone uses the “cowardly hiding behind anonymity” attempt to shame, Alinsky, Chomsky, and a whole buncha other (((merchants))) rub their hands in glee.

      Any who would use that gambit should STFU unless they’re even more vociferous in coming out themselves publicly and castigating (((those))) who see to it that identified realtalkers get physically attacked or never work in this town again.

      When that happens, those who would call others “coward” show their true stripe… and it’s a big yellow one down their own backs.


    • > Whines like a cunt about the proprietor using an anonymous handle.
      > Uses anonymous handle itself .
      Begone, you tedious twat.


  45. What libertardians will always fail to understand is that race is more than IQ, biology and economic potential – even if those are of great importance and kryptonite to talk about nowadays.

    Race is, above all, a spiritual imprint, an aesthetic sensibility and an unique way of relating to divinity and the world. It comes from the flesh but it reaches the transcendence.

    Now that we’re approaching the Christmas season, I like to listen to and watch different renditions of the classic Christmas hymn Venite Adoremus, the Latin version. Different renditions across time and venues, from famous opera singers to obscure church choirs in Europe’s towns. It always gives me goosebumps. It’s something distinctively white European about this “joyful and triumphant”, yet humble and in awe way of perceiving the divine, the supreme mystery of life. The same can be said about classic music and ballet or European classic literature from the Iliad to Dostoevsky.

    I think the lowest IQ Whites can resonate with Venite Adoremus. Because race is above all a spiritual imprint and an aesthetic sensibility.


  46. Who even really cares about IQ so much. The high IQ mexican or black isn’t going to support the things we want just because he has a high IQ. All him being a smart one is going to do is give him the ability to spin a better line of bullshit in support of open borders government hand outs. Members of the group look out for the whole to our detriment. These people have no loyalty to us no value is going to keep them from killing and abusing us no argument no reason is going to get through.


    • This, this and THIS.

      Everyone has their “good” nonWhite… and NAxALT.

      But at the end of the day, blood will out.

      “Whaddya mean ‘we’, paleface?”


  47. I remember a link to a study showing there is a global inverse correlation of 90% between skin pigmentation and IQ, meaning the lighter you are the more intelligent.

    I wish I had bookmarked it. It’s the ultimate race pill.

    PS: Molyneux obviously doesn’t understand the difference between tan and complexion.

    Example: Italians tan easier than Germans. But under absence of constant UV exposure their skin complexion hardly differs.

    PPS: Sicilian Arabs aren’t Italians.

    PPPS: Northern Italians are among the highest IQ populations in the world so no surprise this is where Ferrari comes from.


  48. I think this is a little hard on Stefan here. His real point is that “black” and “white,” i.e. skin color, is mainly used as a marker to describe two different populations (African and European). Differences in those two populations is the real issue here, and focusing on skin color as if it is the defining difference (i.e. an African is just a European with more melanin) is a way to ignore the fundamental distinction (two different populations which developed under different conditions).

    [CH: if that’s what he was getting at, then i have no disagreement except that he could have worded it better so as not to supply a lifeline to his shitlib antagonists.]


  49. This is actually a case where correlation does not equal causation. Racial IQ differences are simply a matter of two things: 1) intelligence is heritable and 2) the rates at which the genetic underclass of a race is able to reproduce. In Europe, we killed our criminals–eliminating them from the gene pool–and children weren’t being had out of wedlock, and in order to marry and have kids, one had to demonstrate an ability to provide, thereby weeding out incompetents. After a couple thousand years, everyone in Europe was descended from middle class genetics or higher. We jettisoned the dead weight and conquered the world.

    In Africa, the winning reproductive strategy in an ecosystem filled with disease and large, dangerous animals was to have as many kids as possible, throw them out in the backyard and have them eat mangos and coconuts with little or no parental investment. It further selected for genes that allowed children to mature sexually at an earlier age and to start the process all over again. This environment did not prevent the genetic underclass from reproducing, it encouraged it. But…smart blacks have smarter children. It’s just that the frequency of occurrence of smart blacks in the population of blacks is low based on the fact that the black underclass outreproduced the black overclass (because of the environment in which they evolved as described above).

    The way we can see that skin color is not the issue, but the rates of underclass reproduction is, is to look at Brahmin Indians. They are the genetic overclass in India and have endogamously reproduced for thousands of years and they have a very high average IQ. I’ve seen sources say as high or higher than Askenazis. But they are a small minority in a large country filled with a billion or more people with low average IQ (because there were no environmental or social constraints on underclass reproduction in India). I.e., Brahmins can’t lift up all the dead weight of India.

    Ultimately skin color is correlated with latitude and rates of underclass reproduction are correlated with latitude, and rates of underclass reproduction are the driver of group IQ–which makes it look like skin color is a driver of group IQ, but it is not.

    Read Curt Doolittle for more of the good stuff. He’s the preeminent thinker and understander of how the world actually functions.


    • Incidentally, since the Great Society programs in the mid-1960s, the West has actively been subsidizing underclass reproduction, across all races. We are currently 60 years into a hugely dysgenic social arrangement.

      It’s ironic that the West rose to the heights of human achievement through ruthless eugenic reproduction, then produced so much wealth that we thought we could/should keep alive those who aren’t self-sufficient, and that “compassion” is reversing the entire dynamic that elevated the West over all other civilizations.

      Dumb women reproducing and smart women not reproducing is a death knell for civilization. We should give dumb women a luxury lifestyle in exchange for not reproducing and give smart people (proxied by those making over a certain amount of money) huge tax breaks to have 3 or more children. It will pay for itself in 2-3 generations.


  50. To be fair, in further tweets, he explains there ARE differences between the races. He has come a long way from his more “scaredy-cat libertarian” ways, and yesterday’s tweets are further proof of that.

    I understand people’s frustration with Molyneux and him dodging the JQ, or not implicitly stating “color” is a correct predictor of IQ, BUT remember, he has hundreds of thousands of followers and the vast majority are normies, and are not alt-right or dissident right. Molyneux’s tweets serve as a gateway to further investigation to the truth, so in that aspect, I support his approach. When addressing these types, you cannot go full-blown maul-right from the start. That’s not how humans work. Just as you wouldn’t go up to a woman from the get-go and say “hey, lets have sex”. Even though you both do, you have to soften her up… you guys more than anyone should know this.

    Plus, we already have “great” men like spencer stating it how it is right? Why does the dissident right get their panties in a bunch when a alt-lite person doesn’t go full right? Is it because these types have more followers? No worries friends, as a I said, once these types spread info in this soft manner, a “woke” person will follow the truth… I know because I was one of them and I know many others.

    JP is a different story. He is a snake and a two-faced con man who has now decided to side with the left to “rehabilitate” them.

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    • And let’s not forget Anglin… lol yes, another “great” man who has millions of followers, yes? He’s waking up so many people, I’ve lost count. /endsarcsm.

      Anglin was, and probably still is a Asian fucker. Goolag “Andrew angling stormfront” and see how actual white supremacist embarrassed him and detest the guy. Similar to how they feel about spencer. Anglin is not a man. Has anyone seen a picture of the guy? Is it any wonder why he had to go to Thailand to fuck whores? Is he a great example of how a white man should be? Would anyone here want him as a wingman? A brother in battle? The way he writes about women comes from a place of hate & MGTOW behavior. It is very different from CH, Roosh etc.

      Also, is he & spencer forming families, and creating children? Or is Spencer banging some leftist chick, while forcing him to take a picure in front a fag flag? Is that blonde b!tch who’s nearing 40 in Red Ice having children? Or is she and her bf just earning money and spending it how they please? They are also pagans btw.

      The “alt-right” had their chance and blew it(mainly in Charlottesville). The majority of the “leaders” of the movement were losers. From the ashes however, a few remain and they will guide the maul-right movement forward.

      Remember, watch what a man does, not just what he spews.


    • Yes, the bravado of those who hide behind screen names is laughable. I get it. I do it it. I understand the need to hide. Anyone who spreads some red pill truth while putting his face and family out there is brave.

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  51. A tan is a biological response to a stimulus. A race is a collection of genetic markers that are shared by a specific subset. That’s simply a false equivalency. I would expect more from an “intellectual.”


  52. The Big Lie is that SKIN COLOR does not matter.

    Everybody, even racists, want to emphasize that they are not obsessed with SKIN COLOR.

    I want to emphasize that I AM obsessed with skin color. This isthe ultimate undermining of everything they intimidate everybody, inclduing scientific racists, with.

    Meanwhile, back on earth, where do the non-whites go?

    To white-SKINNED countries.

    Not to IQ countries.

    Not to Culturally Aware countries.

    Not to religiously correct countries.

    On the real planet earth, the wetbacks are ALWAYS swimming towards WHITE SKIN.


    • Where our enemies win the debate is in making it as if all matters racial are merely “color of skin”.

      If the only difference between people were a mere hue, there wouldn’t be any RAY-CISSES in the world.

      It would behoove us to emphasize those aspects that separate us for good reason… foremost behavior, secondarily culture, thirdly all those other physical aspects and aesthetics beyond color that affect our aesthetic sensibilities.

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  53. Tan lines and skin pigmentation based upon DNA content are two different things. Tan lines vary from season to season (and even day-to-day) based upon exposure to sunlight. Genes regarding skin pigmentation in your DNA do not. No one is arguing you get more stupid from a golden glow – but DNA differences in IQ exist, and they correlate to differences in DNA controlled skin pigmentation. But the coward Stefanie Mollynew knows this.


    • If a tan made White folks look like n1ggers, burkas would outsell bikinis.


    • B-b-but if you leave a Congolese in Finland long enough, they’ll turn White!
      And become more intelligent than a cocker spaniel. It’s a knife that cuts both ways. Stefan’s Argument is faultless.


  54. Most people here are misunderstanding and misrepresenting molyneux’s position. You see so many people opposed to you when you look at the world that you have no ability to see someone support race realism. You twist his worlds to say the opposite of what he says.

    [CH: his words in that isolated tweet were pretty clear to me, but i concede that the rest of his twatter thread may provide mitigating context of which i was unaware.]


  55. Scroll through Stefan Molyneux’s recent Twitter feed to see how most of you are misrepresentinghis views(@StefanMolyneux):


  56. let me clear all of this up: n1gs are dumb


  57. CH, here’s the relevant twatter discussion offering some context:

    He was obviously responding to dumb normies attacking his “race realism” position by conflating race (which is related to IQ and the progenitors of modern civilization in Molyneux’s argument) with “skin color”. He’s basically responding by pointing out that “-race isn’t just skin color and affects much more than just skin color”.

    I’m not a huge fan of SM because he is an insufferable lolbertarian at times and is weak on the JQ but he generally maintains a healthy position concerning race realism (especially race and IQ) and does serve to redpill a lot of salvageable lolbertarian-leaning normies thanks to his massive platform. Just his YT channel has close to a million subscribers. I don’t like PJW (who has an even larger platform and effectively caters to millennials) that much either but I still support him with a YT subscription and the occasional “like” because he serves a useful purpose.

    Misrepresenting him when he is actually doing something right by defending race realism & huwhitey by taking something out of context would only serve the globohomo conglomerate. Seriously, this whole infighting and purity-spiraling among the right-wing and nationalist dissidents is reaching ridiculous levels. You yourself often criticize the “maul-right” of being guilty of this here at the Château. I’m not saying you misrepresented him deliberately, you were probably just sent this screenshot without context and sifting through twatter is a pain.


  58. If you want a textbook case study of simulation and gaslighting SM’s recent video about anti-semitism takes the biscuit.


  59. Those IQ differences make me think a lot about my country and where I am standing. I’m from Peru, our country was colonized by Spain, in that period of time African Slaves were brought into our land so there are a lot of “races” because of that. I know in that time (colonization time) there were two Spaniards races: the White ones and the Arab/White ones, sadly, the last ones were the majority of the colonizers who came here. I said sadly because they were not looking for freedom (as the US colonizers), they were looking the expand the Spanish Empire, and by doing so they brought the same corrupt political system that ruled all over Spain and also the Catholic Roman Inquisition. Those were the dark times of Peru, nothing improved. Only after our independence we started seeing the light of real civilization (note: we were freed by an Argentina Captain who helped the real indigenous people to fight against that oppressive system, and Argentinians well, they (still) look like the Europeans of South America). Where am I? It’s hard to tell, my father is a race mix of Peruvian and Spanish who’s family used to live in the high mountains, my Mom is a White Peruvian. I hated when the Bolivian invasion of my city started. I live in a European Ispired city called Arequipa. Bolivians are uncivilized, rude and dirty and I think we lost valuable time by teaching them good manners. I was so happy when Trump got elected, then Bolsonaro, but we don’t have a figure like that in Peru, maybe our president, only time will tell.

    Races are real, but evolution is also real. I mean, I think that like neardenthals every race has the chance t evolve. The problem is that we live in a political socialist system that allows the weak to survive by taking advantage of the strong ones success. That’s the real problem. Without socialism a lot of people would die: not by my hand, not by other people hand, but by their own hand. Surviving is getting harder, and if you are not intelligent enough to solve the problems that everyone has, your genes deserve to be extinguished by your own lack of abilities.


  60. on December 11, 2018 at 9:41 am Condescending Liberal Elitist

    As a condescending liberal elitist and sociopathic globalist conspirator, I am required to inform you that the Latinate title of this post is incorrect. The phrase “argument to technicality” in Latin is more accurately translated as “argumentum ad technicalitio”. Content aside, good day.