Game Can Save Opioid Addicts

In case you didn’t already know that pharmaceutical sales is basically legal prostitution

Former stripper-turned-drug exec gave doctor lap dance while pitching painkiller, witness testifies

A witness has testified that an ex-stripper-turned-drug company executive gave a doctor a lap dance as part of a sales pitch for an addictive fentanyl spray.

Holly Brown, a former sales representative at Insys Therapeutics, said in federal court on Tuesday that her then-boss, Sunrise Lee, had been rewarding the Illinois doctor, identified as Paul Madison, who received the alleged dance for prescribing the powerful product to patients and paying him to speak at events, Reuters reported.

But according to Brown, the events weren’t educational, rather they were held at a Chicago restaurant owned by John Kapoor,

founder and ex-chairman of Insys, and were attended by friends of Madison, not clinicians.

Brown’s testimony came as part of a federal investigation into whether the conduct of painkiller manufacturers and executives contributed to the nation’s opioid epidemic. Lee, Kapoor, Michael Gurry, Richard Simon and Joseph Rowan face charges of racketeering and fraud in relation to conspiring to bribe doctors to push their powerful painkiller.

A few thoughts on Big Killer Pharma.

This Diversity-operated opioid scam skirts really close to the line of genocide. But hey, welcome to Woke America, where clannish cheating schemes, violated trust, and cavalier mass murder Are Who We Are.

Pharmagirls are whores, their pimps are drug makers, and the johns are doctors. The downscale Whites who get addicted to opioids and die young are the cost of doing business.

The crooked system works unhindered (until now) because Diversity Rools and because most doctors are beta nerds who cream their pants at the merest attention from a thot, so that’s why pharma companies load up their sales force with sexy minxes. It’s a repugnant business all around.

Which is why I say Game can save opioid addicts and even Western Civ. If more men become alpha (or at least less beta) and learned to control their thirst around hotties (which is what happens when a Game-savvy man has more sexual market options), then these glorified whores wouldn’t be able to sell their death drugs by the kiloton.

A reader adds,

Inculcating the power of male thirst regulation is the cornerstone upon which we may build this church!

The Power of Male Thirst Regulation would make an excellent title for a social science research paper.

PS OT: The Senate voted 68 to 23 to keep US troops indefinitely in Syria and Afghanistan.

Fucking useless backstabbing Globalism First cucks. Apparently, the realignment is still in its infancy.


  1. on January 31, 2019 at 11:30 pm gunslingergregi

    your right


    • Quick Constitutional lesson from a law student (me):

      The Senate can pass a “Resolution” saying they want and support the endless pointless, costly wars, but not KEEP troops in any foreign country. It is simply not possible under the US Constitution. The President, under Article II has almost total powers over the military, its deployment, etc. Article II (Executive powers) also gives President WIDE latitude over foreign policy (but not Treaties, which Senate has to ratify).

      Trump has such wide powers under Article II, he could literally deploy 50,000 troops to Border and shut it down at once and no court, Senator, or ACLU commie lawyer would stop him under Article II powers and Nationla Emergencies Act of 1976 (statute). Period.

      Trump can order all troops to pull out of all wars IMMEDIATELY and Senate can do nothing to stop him. The only thing they COULD do is a pass a Declaration of War against ___ country/countries… but what if President refuses to deploy military against these countries? Never happened before. But could happen.

      But these clowns would never pass Declaration of War that because 2020 is election year and the hard left is demanding end to wars and massive welfare spending for illegals at home.

      The real danger would be if the never-ending war caucuses got together and filed impeachment articles in House (simple majority needed) and Senate voted 2/3 majority to remove from office to prevent Trump from ending the endless wars. Would Penco continue their endless war? Not sure…. Pelosi absolutely would and if they also impeached Pence for some unknown reason as well, Pelosi would become President. She profits directly from endless wars too and would continue and strat new Wars, just as Hillary would.

      That is only scenario where Congress could force continuation of endless wars, given that Senate Resolution vote tally above! 😮

      Ps. Colonel MacGregor has discussed this at length. We have no interest in Afghanistan while China, Russia, Pakistan, and other local players do and would be bogged down in endless war there as we have had… and in Syria we do not have any interests as well, as Assad already won civil war there.

      The whole thing is an exercise in futility and only designed to make massive profits for the big donors to corrupt DC politicians and lobbyists. That is why this Afghanistan mess is still going.


  2. on January 31, 2019 at 11:39 pm gunslingergregi

    that shit is batshit insane

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  3. on January 31, 2019 at 11:48 pm gunslingergregi

    not all hate for america but dam
    have to do better
    cause apparently karma is a motherfucker
    and by karma
    i mean God


  4. I see your point CH, but by definition only a very few can be alpha. I grew up poor in a dysfunctional home. I joined the Corps as an enlisted grunt after high school and retired twenty-one years later as a major. Got an MBA along the way. Good looking, submissive wife. High achieving happy goofball kids. I make a boatload of money in the civ world. Im jacked and fairly good looking. (Though short) Game has changed my life. Pretty good resume, I reckon. But guess what? I’m beta.

    Game can save me, or you, but only teamwork will save Western Civilazation. Stated differently, rules, laws, standards, taboos – that all of us insist on enforcing. No more retreating. No more purity testing. Rather, a welcoming brotherhood. A purpose. A reason. Faith. Truth. Beauty. Resolve.

    With cheerful hearts, full of God’s love, we must bind ourselves together.

    We few. We happy few. That’s how our civilization gets saved.

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    • on February 1, 2019 at 1:52 am gunslingergregi

      one man can make a difference


    • If you’re not alpha you should probably kys


    • You mean you are beta because you married, right?


    • on February 1, 2019 at 9:40 am Damn Crackers

      The Simpson’s did a joke where they mentioned all pharmacy reps were ASU sorority girl graduates.

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      • If you want to learn what’s REALLY going on in meat world, keep an eye on what the sitcoms are using for material.

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      • Another Simpson jab at ASU via Flanders:

        “Looks like Heaven’s easier to get into than Arizona State!”


      • Another Simpson jab at ASU via Flanders:

        “Looks like Heaven’s easier to get into than Arizona State!”

        I myself was recently admitted to ASU with no HS diploma and no associates degree. I only had a GED and a few credit hours from the county college. I swear I am not making this up.


      • In and of itself, thay is pretty true. It’ a learning rank. It’s where an officer begins to learn command and control, conceptual principles.


    • on February 1, 2019 at 2:24 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Mustangs officers are Alpha. Grit and brains.

      Did the same. Didn’t get to Major, though.

      Thing is, you can spot a Navy or USMC Mustang a mile away with ribbons. People give them a wide berth.


    • by definition only a very few can be alpha…

      In civilization, alpha is contextual to your sphere of competence. Power is diffuse by design under the liberal contract.

      This is why men like team entertainment and specialization. The movie where one guy is the electronics expert, this guy is the master of disguise, this guy is the driver, etc. Pitcher, catcher, infield, outfield, DH. Tank, dps, healer, missile. “Don’t mess with our dude, he’s in his element.”

      Game recognizes game, and contrary to the beta fantasizing of extremely online PUA’s, alphas are not as competitive and “sneaky” as betas. Only ambitious inferiors who don’t understand leadership insist petulantly to be The Team Captain of every group he’s a part of. Absent this petty resentment, leaders are recognized by acclaim, same as “the prettiest girl in the room” is silently acknowledged by everyone, and disagreement with the consensu is emblematic of personal issues with reality.


      • Speak English, man.

        Lol. You make an interesting point. Problem is, you never got to the point. I get the premise you started to build, but I guess I’m left with, “so what?”

        Syre alpha is contextual. Yet, ther remains, only one within that context. I think we’re pretty closer together on this. Splitting hairs really.


      • Learn English, gook.

        Sure alpha is contextual. Yet, there remains, only one within that context.

        And civilization is chock full of those hierarchies of competence, and therefore every man can be alpha or the “only one within that context.” The competing hierarchies are by liberal design, so that there could never be One Context to Rule Them All.

        This goes back to the genius of Christendom, where the natural competitive instinct is transfigured into the cooperation that creates/maintains civilization, under the detached but very substantial reign of the King of The Universe, The Alpha and The Omega.


      • Bitch, please.

        Again, you are splitting hairs. You have no disagreement. You essentially repeated my assertion, only with added gasbaggery.

        You argue in order to gain attention. You bloviate because you lack confidence. You are weak. Go ahead and have the last word. Try to keep it short.


  5. Again, I at least partly disagree. Does anybody have statistics on how many opiate-addicted people got that way from prescribed pain killers, and how many managed to get addicted without help from physicians?

    There is another opioid crises, people in chronic – or even terminal – pain who cannot get any, or not enough pain relief.

    And yes, “salespersons” who are sexy young women turn up in other places. I have seen them in engineering settings, selling software (the computer kind) and whatnot.

    And yes, big pharma does some dirty tricks. One of them is when the patent for a profitable drug comes close to expiring, they tweak the formula just a little and get a new patent. And they advertise it as something new and wonderful.
    Even if the improvement on the older drug is negligible.
    And sell the new drug at a high price, while the original drug is now cheap. Physicians often do not catch this scam, and/or give in to nagging patients. This also applies to non-addictive drugs (if there is such a thing).

    But I also realize that pharma companies do research and sometimes indeed come up with something new and lifesaving. And a new drug averages a billion dollars in development cost. So they have to make up that money somewhere, somehow.


    • ‘ they tweak the formula just a little and get a new patent’

      They actually don’t even have to do this. I’ll give you an example. Viagra was for ED but the patent was going to expire. So they extended the patent because they found a new use for the drug. Pulmonary hypertension. And they were able to keep generic drug manufacturers from making it.
      btw, pulmonary hypertension is not common and is different from ordinary essential hypertension where there are plenty of old non patent drugs as well as new ones.

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    • People with access to Cannabis stop taking pain killers

      Cannibis is known as “weed” bc it grows that easy

      No profit in selling air, similarly no profit in selling weed

      Criminalization of Cannibis creates artificial scarcity

      Now Cannabis is expensive bc some asshole in a blue clown suit will grab you and throw you in a cage at the command of a black robed maniac if you injest something as harmless as a cucumber.

      The REAL drug dealers, the “Pharmaceutical executives”, the DEA who make it possible for them to sell their worthless poison, the black robed maniacs, the clowns in blue suits, and of course the priests and politicians all work together to make their racket possible

      LEGALIZE freedom. Legalize your right to breathe air.

      Put the real drug dealers in prison

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      • Cannabis isn’t harmless. It’s just a fact that many people become addicted to it. It impairs cognitive function quite a bit.

        I agree that it should be legal to grow own and use.

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      • Plus CBD appears to give you a lot of benefits, without the high. Many people claim to have gotten off of painkillers using it.

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      • “Cannibis is known as “weed” bc it grows that easy”

        kind of. it’s hearty plant and has been selected for trait by humans for thousands of years

        if you call thousands years of work by countless number of people “easy” then you might be a dickhead

        also just because a plant grow lots of places doesn’t mean you or anybody like you getting premium output

        thc oil is a standardized commodity similar to neutral grain spirit and is traded as such

        “no profit in selling weed”


        from seed companies, dispensaries, headshops to growshops, fertilizer companies, lighting companies, extraction companies…

        if you think there no profit there you might be a dickhead

        “Criminalization of Cannibis creates artificial scarcity”


        witness deflation in its true glory

        14% thc strain 3.5 grams

        1998: 50 usd
        2018: 12 usd

        also consider the inflation that destroyed so much of the purchasing power of the usd in those 20 years

        “Now Cannabis is expensive”

        it’s not.

        and the ones doing it is congress by leaving it on schedule 1. and they do that because big alcohol, big pharma, big legal etc all pay very well

        “LEGALIZE freedom. Legalize your right to breathe air.

        Put the real drug dealers in prison”


        total contradiction.

        if you believe in freedom but want drug dealers locked up…

        you might be a dickhead


      • if you believe in freedom but want drug dealers locked up…

        you might be a dickhead

        Likewise when you reference hillbilly comics as if you’re making a valid point instead of throwing insipid snark at someone who happened to gore your personal pet ox.


      • Ditch weed has its risks but ought to be legal. The modern GMO/Hybrid forced C02 shit with 7x the potency might as well be crack.


    • When history is unveiled to damned and saved alike, it will be staggering what few benefits Big Pharma brought to the world. Like anything else in life, 20% of all the technologies of modern medicine will account for 80% of the benefits.

      And now we can truly ask, WHAT benefits exactly? Did we cure or prevent polio, give wimmenz some relief from menstrual pains, keep some elderly folks alive for an extra 10 years… so women could turn into childless sluts, so foreigners could invade and rule over us?

      That is the real question. Technology is useless when the heart goes cold and love dries up.

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      • +1, although not so much useless… as we see, Satan makes workmanlike use of both idle hands and machine-aided mitts.

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      • My objective wouldn’t be how to extend old age so instead of living to 90 you live to 100. Just another 10 years of old age.
        It would be how to extend youth.
        Sort of like in Brave New World where you looked and felt the same at 70 but then just quickly died in a couple of days.


  6. Prediction: There’s hundreds and hundreds of NVIXMs waiting to be discovered out there.

    And every single “problem of capitalism” that leftists complain about– like inequality, and profits before people, etc– is going to be due, at its core, to a shitlib narcissist and his army of liberated feminist whore who suck dick on command.

    Literally nothing is real.

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  7. on February 1, 2019 at 1:21 am gunslingergregi

    blocks are available
    that dont use drugs dont know if can use and walk around
    ex ex was on opiates for a year and half
    she had baby like at 6 months
    so 3 months premature
    her belly was cut open so fast it was fucked up
    her scars are really bad
    why i harp on the scar shit like wtf
    so yea in pain
    so on shit year and half
    then one day cut off nothing
    its a game doctors play’
    she was on xanax which she liked prescribed
    got cut off those too cold turkey
    just like the kids put on drugs also get cut off at 18
    and suddenly no drugs somtimes
    so yea it seems planned to me
    now of course ya have people who do anything to get high try anything
    some docs have gona jail so yea they get scared too
    why portugal should be checked out
    and no suicide rate
    cause maybe true freedom is good
    we getting to be past the time of worrying about needing people to be off drugs to work
    kind of why i said world order
    but not to be in everyones asshole to see if they use right pronoun


    • on February 1, 2019 at 1:23 am gunslingergregi

      so yea the 9 month thing is retarded baby can live without mom at 6 even


    • I think that about 10% of kids are on these stimulants for ADD. I was sort of thinking back to HS, University and so on to see if I could remember anyone who had the symptoms of this alleged condition as described in the DSM and medical literature. I don’t think I can even come up with one real case so I have to wonder how this stuff suddenly became common within a couple of generations.Someone with real ADD would be rare and would likely be in an institution somewhere. And the cause would also likely be secondary to some other real neurological or psychiatric disease(and the drugs used to treat them may be causing the ADD) Or due to some disease of aging and senility.
      It’s mostly boys who are being drugged and usually for something very minor that they use ADD to explain and to drug.Many of these boys are just bored with school and the dingbat female teachers and would rather be somewhere else doing something else. This was always true and people understood that there were just boys like this but no one ever believed they needed drugs or had some made up ‘disease’ to explain it.

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    • Yup. Benzodiazepams are nasty. Possibly, xanax is the worst. Most people have heard of the “original” version, valium.
      Occasional use is OK.
      It takes a long time, months, even years to develop physical dependency.
      And rapid withdrawal is deadly. It nearly killed my wife. If it had not been for the fact that she had a fair amount of medical knowledge, backed up by me, she would have died. (More than 15 years later, she died of other causes.)
      And getting un-hooked is also a slow process, reducing the dose over months.

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      • “Yup. Benzodiazepams are nasty. Possibly, xanax is the worst”

        They don’t call the 2mg Xanax bar “Tombstones” on the street for nothing brah. They do indeed look like little tombstones and they are strong as FUCK and will likely land you with your own tombstone if you take enough of ’em.

        Most dangerous withdraw by a large margin is benzos. Opoid withdraw feels like you are going to die. Benzo withdraw? You ARE going to die. I knew a dude who kept them in a fucking Pez Dispenser, I shit you not. They are about the size of Pez candies. He was a rich dude bro from Coral Gables semi-pro surfer. Chad Thundercock type guy but he had an 800lb monkey on his back too.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:45 pm Captain Obvious

        Benzos have a fairly short half-life in the bloodstream, and an addict can potentially go into severe withdrawal symptoms [to include paranoia & hallucinations] within 24 hours.

        Certainly by 48 hours.

        [A short half-life in the bloodstream means that the addict constantly needs the baseline to be replenished.]


      • Yup. Benzodiazepams are nasty.

        Unlike opiate withdrawal, benzo withdrawal can actually kill you.


      • What dosage was she taking and for how long?


      • The (((Sacklers))) started off by pushing Valium many years before they caused the opioid epidemic with their aggressive and fraudulent marketing of Oxycontin.

        Benzodiazepines are very addictive due to down-regulating GABA receptors (GABA is also the receptor most affected by alcohol and barbiturates). Once the brain has fewer GABA receptors, a constant state of anxiety and jitteriness follows which eventually may not be relieved even with higher doses of the benzo. Like alcohol and barbiturates, withdrawal can be extreme and even occasionally fatal. Mixing alcohol with benzos, similarly to mixing alcohol and barbiturates, can easily be fatal.

        Benzos actually generally have very long half-lives, except for a couple that are usually used only in clinical settings. (e.g. Midazolam/Versed which produces amnesia for minor procedures.) The half-life is extended a great deal in older patients, long-term users and those with liver problems. Diazepam (Valium), for instance, has a half-life of 20-70 hours, lorazepam (Ativan) 10-20 hours, alprazolam (Xanax) 12-15 hours, clonazepam (Klonopin) 18-50 hours. Other benzos can have a half-life of over ten days. Since dosing is usually much more frequent than the drugs can be eliminated from the system, blood levels can become quite high and this is likely to contribute to tolerance and addiction.

        Benzos can be detected in standard urine tests for at least eight times the half-life and up to twenty times the half-life in long-term users. This is generally substantially longer than marijuana. Benzos are generally safe to use if at least several times the half-life is allowed between doses, so a week to a month, depending on the particular drug.

        All benzos act on the same receptors, so don’t take another type while the first is still working, and don’t mix with alcohol or other drugs that can cause respiratory depression, especially alcohol, opiates and barbituates, or you may stop breathing and die.


  8. on February 1, 2019 at 1:39 am gunslingergregi

    Frogo: How many men in this age can use a weapon half the size of that sword?

    I can.

    Johannes Liechtenauer school – German Longsword.
    ( Notice the sparks during the Absetzen bouts!

    And it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”””””

    the freaking need for speed
    chubbed on a vid lol


  9. Frankly, I am amazed there are 23 Senators who would vote against endless war and Israel First. Are the Dems pretending to be anti-war again?

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  10. Was there some big ‘epidemic’ in the past when all of these drugs were legal and OTC? Yes, some of the newer synthetics are very strong but that’s because they were originally made for extended release patches and had to be to be absorbed through the skin, similar to a SC injection.
    And drugs like heroin and cocaine were advertised in the past, you’ve probably seen the old ads.
    Doctors have a hard enough time just prescribing for legitimate patients who have chronic pain or are terminal because the DEA is always on their backs. In order to practise medicine you need a state license but you also need a DEA license to prescribe any drug higher than a CV. If your DEA license is suspended you can still practise but can’t prescribe certain drugs so they are very careful.
    Then you have most states requiring prescriptions for even mild CV drugs like paragoric or weak codeine cough mixtures etc Under Fed law these are exempt narcotics and can be OTC but states with the exception of a handful made the requirement.
    So everything is really against doctors writing prescriptions
    These drugs like fentanyl are probably smuggled into the US not from doctors. Over 30 years ago I predicted that these new synthetics would be on the market and that it would be impossible to stop because a small shoebox could supply the entire US after it’s cut to human sized dosages.


    • on February 1, 2019 at 1:51 am gunslingergregi

      I predicted that these new synthetics would be on the market and that it would be impossible to stop because a small shoebox could supply the entire US after it’s cut to human sized dosages.””””’

      wow so free energy and free drugs posible crazt


      • Well, some people do use those solar panels. That’s free.And if some new technology is invented where it can really harness the sun’s energy and make it a 100x stronger than these panels we’ll all have free energy. To charge electric cars etc etc etc
        Drugs will be free and easily made as well with ordinary chemicals you can get anywhere which I also predicted.
        In fact, there are a number of ways you can make your own opiates.The opium poppy is an annual and can be grown almost anywhere since only the growing season matters. Before the US began importing opium the Shakers grew it for medicine in NY.You can buy the seed from seed companies or just use the seed used in baking which will germinate. Plant it all over in thousands of plots and it can’t be wiped out because you can’t spray weedkillers where people live.
        There are also poppies that are not opium poppies that produce a lot of thebaine and this is how the semi-synthetic oxycodone is made.
        And finally and you’ll find this amazing is from yeasts.You know how natural yeasts on grape skins or just wild yeasts convert sugar into alcohol?
        Well, certain specialised yeasts that have been developed will convert sugar into morphine.It took a long time to develop these and a number of steps that mimicked the poppy plant step by step. This stuff is likely held under tight security but eventually things get out and the yeasts will just reproduce themselves.
        This will be the end of the ‘drug war’ at least for opiates and there will be no way to control it.If alcohol were made illegal again there would be no way to control it either and people would just make booze the way many did during prohibition.


    • on February 1, 2019 at 2:21 am gunslingergregi

      thnk doc


    • Thanks Doc. Especially for reminding everybody that there are lots of people with serious pain problems, and they are made to suffer needlessly.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 4:01 pm Belle Igerent

        If mainstream society legalises, and positively endorses, ab0rtion pills for the sole purpose of mhyrrdering another human being, you’d think it’s time to revert to turning a blind eye to individuals pursuing pharmaceutical recreation.


      • We’re living in an insane libtarded female mother hen nanny state today. The backlash has already begun. Insanity and abnormal behaviour can only exist so long before something’s got to give.
        Things that were normal an eyeblink ago as a result of (((media))) saturation are now abnormal.
        Human nature will always reassert itself because we didn’t make ourselves. Nature did and we’re a product of it.
        No matter how much the (((Soviets))) tried to create the New Soviet Man, they ultimately failed.


  11. on February 1, 2019 at 2:24 am gunslingergregi

    dude was screaming on passenger side
    ex became a part of the seat””””’

    oh fuck
    ex put seat back and was like laying down so shots would go over her hit me
    holy shit


  12. on February 1, 2019 at 2:25 am gunslingergregi

    i came in she was laying on ground head towards wall
    against the bed
    in like safest spot if bullets flew
    i think she thought shit was going down for real


  13. on February 1, 2019 at 2:26 am gunslingergregi

    this blog makes a brain
    unfucking real


  14. on February 1, 2019 at 2:39 am gunslingergregi

    post in mod H. not one ya hear often


  15. Legalize marijuana. Decriminalize all “drugs”.

    The whole thing is a massive racket and a con.

    You know what happens when “weed” is legalized?

    Overdose rates for opioids go down

    Congratulations you now know the only reason that “drugs” are illegal

    As if Percocet isn’t a “drug”
    As of OxyContin isn’t a “drug”

    As if “pharmaceutical executives” are anything other than “drug dealers”

    End it.

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    • Let’s legalize bud, get everybody doped up and tuned out. Hey, the opiod rates are gonna go down!!! Give the goyim a problem then give them a “solution.” Thanks but no thanks.

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      • You don’t have to smoke weed if you don’t want to

        You don’t have to drink alcohol if you don’t want to

        You don’t have to shoot guns at a range if you don’t want to

        We already tried banning alcohol. How well exactly did that work?

        Alcoholics, or people who drink too much alcohol, are notorious for ruining the lives of everyone around them and getting people killed via car crashes.

        People who smoke too much weed are notorious for sleeping too much, giggling annoyingly and eating Fritos.

        “Thanks but no thanks”.

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      • on February 1, 2019 at 3:36 am gunslingergregi

        People who smoke too much weed are notorious for sleeping too much, giggling annoyingly and eating Fritos.””””

        rofl rofl rofl
        too much is kind of shitty cause dont notice high
        now do a hit a year high for days

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      • @Ron
        Spoken like a true pothead. Cannabis is a drug you absolutely cannot drive a car on. Youcan take opiate painkillers and even drink provided you don’t take too much but cannabis, no.
        Cannabis and opiates are different drugs and you can’t substitute one for the other and if you’re trying to withdraw from opiates and smoke weed you’re likely to have an even worse nightmare since it may intensify everything bad.
        Real opiate addicts with a physical dependence will never drink alcohol because all it does when you’re addicted is cause an unpleasant effect.You have to be off opiates for a couple of months before you can drink and enjoy it.
        Opiates addicts even have a rather puritanical attitude towards weed and also just don’t like the effect.
        To really treat opiate addiction you would need a treatment or drug that sort of reverses the addiction because those films everyone sees about opiates and withdrawal ad really only showing acute symptoms that last 3-5 days. There are still milder chronic symptoms that last a month, like not being able to sleep and this can drive anyone crazy and back on the drug. If you make it this far you may need another couple of months to recuperate because you still may not feel normal. So the problem is to shorten this period and remove all cravings(imo these are really milder chronic symptoms and not some psychological nonsense)It’s entirely physical.
        There is a drug that given for a week will cure most addicts(it may work for alcoholism too) It’s sometimes used for acute attacks of Parkinsons disease and is a dopamine agonist. The treatment is for abstinence and is not just some substitute like methadone(just as addictive as heroin) That’s like giving gin to someone addicted to scotch lol


      • on February 1, 2019 at 8:06 am Deter Naturalist

        What about us folks who don’t want to live among the dopers?

        What about us folks who don’t want to have to pay to support them?

        Exclusion, baby. We need a thousand different communities operating under different “charters” (agreed-upon rules.) Break the rules and you get invited to LEAVE, go somewhere the rules are consistent with what you want to do.

        Only then will people be free to reap the full spectrum of consequences for their actions. Let nature sort it out (and discover that getting stoned is actually a bad idea, survival-wise.)


      • Thans again Doc, I would add that an additional reason that drug addicts often relapse is sortof psychosocial. After years of scoring dope and getting high, normal iife just appears to boring. Real life highs from e.g. achievement are apparently pale compared to some drug highs, at least for some people.


      • Posted above, but again CBD oil seems to have some real promise without the dopiness.


      • From my experiences in the service, where I saw yeggs smoking dope daily and turning into the mental equivalents of Ellen Feiss, I say NO to carte blanche weed.

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      • “Cannabis is a drug you absolutely cannot drive a car on”


        i have personally witnessed people vaping thc oil while driving on 6% mountain grade highways

        i know people who have been driving while smoking for decades with zero traffic incidents

        is this smart? debatable. is this good for society? debatable.

        one thing that’s clear is that it’s certainly possible

        when people come out and say dumb false shit about cannabis it makes it really hard to take debate on the issue seriously

        and when people talk about old drugs, especially natural hallucinogens like thc and psylicibyn without knowing what they’re talking about it makes it difficult to have real dialogue

        silicon valley fuckheads aren’t microdosing for no reason

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      • You find the lost gems Greggy! I –totally– forgot about Ellen Feiss, she is the “OG” stoner chick.

        I was pretty young when that commercial dropped and I remember thinking at the time- “She is chill as hell, I’d love to blaze a giant spliff w/ her and bang her out”. LOL! She is stoner cute for sure, but she is your college granola / crunchy / hippie dippie chick short term fling, at best. 🙂


      • Yeah, when those commercials came out we couldn’t stop laughing… used to tease everyone on the distaff side unmercifully, especially one’s own daughters.

        Good times, good times.


      • As much as I used to enjoy blazing, I never dug girls that did. Something about it was a turn off for me.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:48 pm Captain Obvious

        (((Ellen Feiss)))


      • (((Ellen Feiss)))

        Indeed, I’d still fuck her sideways though… 😉 (that version anyways, not her current self)

        That being said, it does infuriate me that they’ve completely captured so much of our phenotype. If you saw her walking down the street w/ no context she could pass for Norwegian or some other Scandi chick. Light blue eyes, natural blond.

        They spent several hundred years gobbling up shiksas so they are indistinguishable these days especially the ones in the States and Europe vs. the more semetic israelis.

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      • on February 1, 2019 at 7:22 pm Captain Obvious

        Serpents in human skin suits.

        They just keep improving the disguise.


      • Alphabet Soup Nondenomiational coming out in defense of the Federal War-on-Drugs.

        quelle surprise!


      • @DrBenway

        There have been a number of studies done on the effect of marijuana on driving ability, and the conclusion was that at typical dosages even slightly experienced users have no changes in driving except for driving slightly slower and more carefully. Inexperienced users don’t feel like driving at all, and drive very slowly and tend to be paranoid. At high doses, experienced users act like inexperienced users. Pot’s effects are generally gone 2 hours after smoking, as well, though edibles last longer.

        Virtually every sort of depressant pharmaceutical affects driving ability more than marijuana, including OTC ones such as benadryl. Marijuana is also a very safe drug, safer in high doses than just about anything else, even aspirin or caffeine; lethal overdosing is essentially impossible.

        Agree with you though that it isn’t a pain reliever or a direct substitute for opioids, no matter what its proponents claim; but for people just looking to get high it’s by far the safest thing out there.


    • Like I said, you rat kike, “Let’s legalize bud, get everybody doped up and tuned out.”


      • Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

        We always suspected Dr Leary of working for the CIA. When he was experimenting with LSD at Harvard (it was still legal then) he must have been recruited by the CIA since they were interested in using these drugs for brainwashing and other reasons like creating their own Manchurian Candidates for assassinations etc
        The people at the top don’t just join the CIA and were usually chosen and recruited from university professors or even promising students.


      • @savantissimo
        Stop with your silly studies you read on the Net and the amateur Wiki crap.
        They don’t know a fraction of what I do from over 40 years experience about pharmacology, addiction, and the best ways to cure it. Both in observing others using a wide variety of drugs and my own experiments on myself.


      • @Dr.Benway

        The link discusses the latest studies showing marijuana legalization caused tiny and transitory increases in traffic fatalities, returning to baseline within a year, and even that is likely due to confounding factors such as people driving from neighboring states where pot remained illegal and may have been offset by reduction in non-road deaths that would have occurred from alcohol and other drugs.

        Doctors have vast delusions of competence. For instance I recall my very smart and experienced anesthesiologist uncle who runs a pain-clinic telling me about 15 years ago that opioids don’t cause addiction in chronic pain management – but Valium, that stuff is really addictive!

        If you think marijuana is as dangerous as alcohol, or that it is addictive, your 40 years experience in whatever is irrelevant, you’re just as wrong as all the doctors who thought dietary cholesterol causes arteriosclerosis, trans-fats were safer than saturated fats, Fen-phen was a good way to lose weight, etc. etc. ad nauseam. At least they had some reasoning behind their wrongness, pretty much all the literature with good methodology is against you.


  16. on February 1, 2019 at 2:52 am gunslingergregi

    so be careful what you wish for again
    being beta or omega might not be so bad
    top level game = death by chick or chicks dude she roped in it seems
    so i guess no super super alphas
    then alpha omega people just don’t seem to want to actually kill me
    or ive died a lot of times and keep coming back


  17. on February 1, 2019 at 3:53 am gunslingergregi

    i take the suggestion to lie back
    thats dumb
    dont set up shit lol
    lies suck

    yea i caught it lol


  18. on February 1, 2019 at 5:15 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    If you become bitterly aware of the Scams you don’t need Opium.

    I’d be the first to admit I get a rush from
    explaining these things to bewildered and alarmed bar patrons.

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    • Nobody needs opium except perhaps people in pain.However, people have always wanted to change their consciousness even when living an ideal life.Humans due to their higher intelligence seem to suffer from boredom with life, as well as anxiety etc and the brain sort of interprets this as pain.
      Your dog may be just as happy playing, catch the ball, the 1000th time as the 1st.
      And as Robert Burns wrote:
      Still thou are blest, compared wi’ me!
      The present only toucheth thee:
      But och! I backward cast my e’e,
      On prospects drear!
      An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,
      I guess an’ fear!


  19. Having 3 kin on that shit and seen first hand what it did to my family plus burying a friends 25 yo brother this summer, I completely disagree with the premise of this thread. After the first hit the are gone. Lost souls who gave up humanity in search of the white dragon.

    There needs to be a culling up that ladder and across pharma in order to save our middle class

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    • *they


      • on February 1, 2019 at 11:01 am gunslingergregi

        they can quit


      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:50 pm Captain Obvious

        Gunny, it’s all genetic.

        People without the addiction gene can walk away from it.

        People with the addiction gene will NEVER walk away from it.

        You literally have to lock them up on sanitariums and then hope that n!gger orderlies & janitors aren’t secretly bringing dope into the sanitarium and selling it to the patients.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm gunslingergregi

        ex ex got off the dope
        been in rahab 2 half 3 years now


    • Most of the problem is caused by the fact that the drugs are illegal. If they bought their drugs at the pharmacy like a patient who had to take morphine you wouldn’t even notice these addicts. They would just lead boring lives as another invalid. Their families or friends can give them the few dollars cheap legal pure and certain dose opiates cost.
      Most of you probably don’t know this but governments buy opium on the world market from licensed growers around the world and then sell them to pharmaceutical companies who in turn make their own preparations.
      This is how cheap they are. A kilo of Afghan morphine is a few hundred dollars. A kilo is a million milligrams.Initial dose for pain is 10mg so perhaps an addict may work up to 100mg. That’s 10k doses for an addict. Cheap.
      And that’s nonsense about any drug being instantly addicting. Even if you have the predisposition(maybe 5% of the pop.) to be an addict it would still take hundreds of injections to get any real habit. It would take a real conscious effort to get addicted.


      • I don’t disagree, except that the people who have a real propensity for opioid addiction are likely less than 5%, but they are psychologically addicted with the first IV injection rush and once that happens, it’s hard to keep them from becoming physically addicted if they have access to a supply. Other routes of administration have lower addiction potential since the onset is slower. IV drug use also isn’t a sustainable thing, addicts use up their veins, get systemic and heart infections even with clean needles, and if given unlimited supplies generally stay permanently “on the nod” and useless at life. There are lots of bad effects from the drug itself as well – no libido, severe constipation, no appetite. For addicts, oral long-lasting opioids are the best way to go.

        Even with their drug provided free, addicts are often extremely unreliable, selfish, conscienceless. It may be they started off that way, it is true that expensive and unreliable supply makes them even worse, but the drugs themselves certainly don’t improve them even when they have a free supply. “Never trust a junkie” is a street proverb for good reason.

        Allowing needles for addicts has been tried over and over again and has always resulted in hellish, dystopian scenes that spill out into the lives of normal people, while attracting and creating more addicts.


      • @savantissimo
        I just used 5% but don’t know the exact % which can be higher or lower.It’s also hard to say whether an IV injection would matter because addicts don’t usually begin taking drugs this way. It may be oral or sc or im initially. And taking opium tincture (laudanum) can have a profound effect on the susceptible too (read DeQuincy)
        Let’s also remember that smoking opium is just as fast acting as an injection.
        Addiction will occur regardless of how it is taken, IV, oral or even anally (dilaudid suppository).
        Only really a tiny % of addicts constantly take the drug where they are constantly drugged or on the nod and many in this category also like to take doses that are very close to the fatal dose but typically this isn’t true.Some are compulsive but this usually applies to cocaine addicts.
        Addicts in England where a doctor can legally prescribe heroin(it’s still legal to use in medicine) usually have jobs and work.
        Those side effects you mention may be correct but opiates are not known to cause any physical or mental deterioration(assuming you don’t put yourself in a coma from an OD) and are minor compared to a real alcoholic and the physical and brain damage it causes.
        Never trust a junkie applies more to illegal drug taking because they always need money, not a patient with cancer taking IV morphine.
        As far as needles, many places and states never required a prescription so getting them was no problem.
        Oral drugs may be better but methadone which is given orally is still as addicting as morphine and many IV heroin addicts claim it’s even harder to quit. It’s also given at clinics more for the convenience of the clinic rather than addict in a once a day dose rather than 2-3x a day so the addict may be really drugged and nodding in the morning.


  20. The irony is lost on these fuks….

    a couple hundred years later and they are still waiting on the first of the month for the massa to feed them.

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  21. Contempt for these hookers and users is appropriate. Putting ALL women on some pedestal of Respectability is silly. That’s why there were rigorous standards for female behavior in the past.

    Being known as a whore used to be a bad thing.

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  22. Shockingly, Cruz voted against. He is usually a stalwart for (((American Interests))). Maybe his close brush with Beta O’Rourke, and the fact he knew the vote was in the can, gave him leeway to appear somewhat MAGA.


  23. on February 1, 2019 at 8:10 am Deter Naturalist

    Good luck “fixing” physicians. The entire system of entry into that “profession” selects for rule-following, good-at-memorizing people who can sit and be bored to tears without too much restlessness.

    This is why most non-surgical specialties can easily be replaced by a computer algorithm. If-this, then-that flow-charts are most of what “medicine” has become, a system of managing chronic illnesses (and BOY are they profitable to manage for a lifetime.) [Oh, and plenty of surgeons are simply incompetent, not to mention how many surgeries are unproven, or even openly acknowledged to be frauds, e.g., CABG (coronary artery bypass grafts.)]

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    • on February 1, 2019 at 12:54 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “BOY are they profitable to manage for a lifetime”

      There’s no profit in CURING a disease.

      (((Goldman Sachs))) wrote an article about that a few years ago.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 2:40 pm Deter Naturalist

        I used to schlep drugs for a Household Name firm. One of them was a very major antibiotic. (I could tell endless horror stories about physicians misusing anti-infective drugs, what a bunch of mostly clowns.)

        Few antibiotics (anti-infectives) are produced for the very reason you state. You get ONE script and you’re done. It’s a CONSTANTLY churning sale.

        This, more than any other reason, is why the bacteria are winning. Second reason? Idiocracy. Too many people now willing to shit upstream from where they dip their water, too many people now who think packing their urethra into someone’s bacteria-filled colon is “fun.” Doesn’t matter if “porno’s say it’s great,” anal is off-the-charts stupid. Might as well cut your skin open and pack it with soil contaminated with Staph and Clostridia, or dip your hand into a sparkling clear stream for a quick sip IN DEER and RACCOON COUNTRY.

        Idiocracy is already here, we have prominent members elected to high legislative offices now. H. L. Mencken wouldn’t even know where to start to deride our times.

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    • This is why most non-surgical specialties can easily be replaced by a computer algorithm

      I don’t that it would work out too well. Computers can’t see. A camera is not a complex human eye capable of observing signs and analyzing them. Even before a doctor actually does an examination and perhaps some lab tests he’s writing an impression of a patient.
      Appear to be a well developed healthy young man with good musculature and coordination and gait blah blah blah


  24. on February 1, 2019 at 8:33 am thesegregationofdialogue

    I had no idea that they were using women on the sales teams for pharmaceuticals. That actually does make a lot of sense.

    As for the troops in Syria, there’s a case to be made that if we leave, the Kurds will get slaughtered and they won’t want to work with us again in the future.


    • I had no idea that they were using women on the sales teams for pharmaceuticals. That actually does make a lot of sense.

      There seem to be a lot of “Well, DUH!” issues on which you’re tweefully unschooled. These “hottie rep” sales gambits have been going on in just about every industry for the past two decades… everything from pet food to pharmaceuticals.

      Spend less time studying the plight of The Others and get in tune with your own folk… many scales will fall from your peepers.

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      • Millenial thing dude. It doesn’t surprise me even a little he didn’t know about the hottie sales rep racket even though its decades old.

        They are, as you pointed out, so rigidly insulated in the MSM bubble and just lack the general curiosity about anything else that this is par for the course. I’ve never seen a generation with less interest in knowledge outside of the propaganda they are fed, but since they are taught from kindergarten on not to question the narrative, maybe that isn’t totally surprising? *shrug*


      • “It doesn’t surprise me even a little he didn’t know about the hottie sales rep racket even though its decades old. ”

        lol. i’m surprised people even respond to people who didn’t know about that shit

        the game was over in late 90s when the laws changed about what could and could not be expensed

        people in the restaurant industry were some of the first to know about the change because no more big big party blowouts after the hottie sales team beat projections

        hottest drug reps working from 94-97

        money velocity peaks in ’97

        watching what super hot bitches do is maybe as close to frontrunning that average joes can get

        what are the hottest bitches in the world doing now?


        they went from selling drugs to selling themselves

        everything is now for sale. have fun boys


      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:13 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        I’m concerned with issues facing everyone in this country, because we are all Americans. We succeed together. I’m aware that white people are not without issues.

        However, racial Harmony would benefit us greatly. I believe that diversity is not our strength, but rather our potential and our opportunity. The assimilation of many diverse peoples to the objectively superior values of the West would be a great feat.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:56 pm Captain Obvious

        You guys are replying to a JIDF AI.

        All you’re doing is helping (((them))) improve (((their))) algorithms.


    • If we want to support the Kurds, go old school Soviet style insurgency support, weapons and other logistics, training, some advisors on the ground, and maybe the odd air support when indicated. No more just sending American troops by the thousands to be IED’d trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

      Not to mention the “moderates” we’re supporting in Syria include no shit Al Qaeda. We’re courting war with the Russians to overthrow the last Christian safe haven in the Middle East run by Muslims so reasonable (Alawites) that other Muslims don’t consider them part of Islam.

      Liked by 1 person

      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:15 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        Oh yeah I don’t trust Siri and moderates, that’s bullshit. But the Kurds have a common cause with us, because they are without their own country.

        That being said, you may have a point. Maybe we should just lend-lease them like we did with England in the beginning of World War II


      • on February 1, 2019 at 1:00 pm Captain Obvious

        ISIS was created by the semitic alliance of {Semitic M0ssad} x {Semitic House of Saud} in order to liquidate Near Eastern Chr!stians [often of Greek ancestry] and Near Eastern Shiites [often of Persian/Sassanid ancestry].

        These are the Great Darwinian Petri Dish [email protected]

        Good Bacteria versus (((Evil Bacteria))).


    • Such a staggering admission of ignorance seems like you’re trolling, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and applaud your honesty.
      That’s also why the gender pay gap myth is such a kick in the nuts. Sure there are some male Pharma reps (jake gyllenhall in love and other drugs), some male models, strippers and gigolos, but there is much less demand so they have higher standards to meet for much less $. For example an ideal female body is pretty much shaped by her genes and some passive lifestyle choices, but the ideal male body is intensely built by weight training. It’s way easier for women to make lots of $ with their sex appeal, while men have to use their wits and sweat. Not too mention that the most attractive women don’t need to make $ at all, just get a man to take care of her. Something the Audi commercials don’t point out.

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      • on February 1, 2019 at 12:18 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        Well yeah, I know that women sell themselves. Personally, I think that it’s immoral for them to do so, considering that Civilization is built on a foundation of reproductive regulation.

        I would never pay for sex myself, and I certainly wouldn’t be bamboozled into a pharmaceutical deal by a prostitute. It’s kind of weird to think that men would actually fall for that. Even in the former depths of my youthful virginity during my high school years, I couldn’t imagine being tricked like that.

        And yes, female fitness is a little bit different. It’s more about diet and mild training. As an ectomorph, I have to work really hard to make gains. So I know what you’re talking about.


      • This is something that has always chaffed my nuts very badly. To be a “hot” chick the only thing you really have to do is have enough self-control to not over eat. Nature takes care of the rest. You will develop some fat in your ass / thighs / hips / breasts and that is what nature intended. But these pigs cannot even do that.

        Yes, the gym helps, but a calorie restricted diet produces fairly hot women right out of the box. The mesomorph male is another matter entirely. You have to work your fucking ass off for the “Wolverine” bod. Some guys are genetically pre-disposed to it but not even close to what females are gifted with. (Buck and she-boons are a different unrelated matter, I’m talking about humans only)

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    • I don’t believe it’s AI, but I DO believe it should be shunned… with extreme prejudice.

      One’s ears are equipped to handle only so much poopytalk.


      • Even in the former depths of my youthful virginity during my high school years, I couldn’t imagine being tricked like that.

        And yes, female fitness is a little bit different. It’s more about diet and mild training. As an ectomorph, I have to work really hard to make gains. So I know what you’re talking about.

        Uncanny Valley on the believability factor.


      • Isn’t there a video of this turdlet at some march in DC?


      • on February 5, 2019 at 3:06 pm thesegregationofdialogue

        If anyone actually is stupid enough to think I’m a robot, I would be happy to live chat with you or Google hangouts or something.

        And yes, I was interviewed at a Palestine March where I was going undercover in order to prepare for a blog post where I was going to talk about how crazy the Palestine kids are.

        The guy who interviewed me ended up being really weird, I added him on Facebook and he’s into some weird conspiracy theories ( like sovereign citizens type of stuff).


  25. The PS is not OT

    Also, a buddy’s brother was a pharam rep. Shit’s like Glengary Glenn Ross. Conniving sales pitches.

    I did get to see a Lakers game out of it! (shit, I sound like a boomer!…hahaha)


  26. Fucking useless backstabbing Globalism First cucks. Apparently, the realignment is still in its infancy.

    If I had five minutes alone in a room with two Democrats and one establishment conservative, and I had a gun with two rounds in it, I’d shoot the establishment con in each kneecap and spend the remainder of my time there kicking him in the face.

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  27. Game can cure cancer!

    People just don’t understand the miracle of Game yet.


  28. O/T:

    “European colonists killed so many Native Americans it changed the global climate, researchers say”

    ^ actual (((CNN))) headline.



    • It cut back on the smoke signals.

      Those were the iPhones of their day, ya know. 😉


    • Here’s the actual article… allegedly 56M indigenous folks were killed over a hundred year period, causing a region the size of France to be depopulated in the New World, allowing forests to grow and suck up all the CO2, go figger.

      I didn’t bother looking up the åuthors of the study.


      • I see one of the profs is a Brit fag, and he states because this genocide, it allowed Europeans to dominate the world, and… wait for it… even helped bring about the Industrial Revolution.

        So now, not only are negro cleaning ladies getting us to the moon, the spirits of murdered squatemalans are responsible for our technical progress!


      • So I guess the logical conclusion now is, any revenge genocide perpetrated against White folks is morally justified.

        I hope they skin this Brit fag professor first and shrink his haid for their lodge poles.


      • I figured the logical conclusion would be to depopulate the third world


      • 56 trillion


      • Aw hell, why quibble over made-up numbers anyway? Let’s say 56 gorillion.


      • 56 million of the fuckers?

        1. These Injuns were thinly spread, to say the least, thanks to their barbarically primitive provisioning techniques, as well as their predation on each other.

        2. Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to bag a wild Injun with single-shot firearms? Let alone numbers of them equivalent to the entire population of Russia, the Holy Roman Empire, and France at the time???

        3. And if through some fantastical arrangement of circumstances there were 56 million somehow and they croaked, so the fuck what?

        Ugh, fuck it, it’s too stoopid to even argue with. At least until the argument goes “A verbis ad verbera.”


      • I doubt if there were more than 10m in all of north and south America in 1492.


      • And another problem with that, how the fuck fast do trees grow and suck up Co2? Magic trees that soak up huge quantities of [email protected] instantly and cause immediate, instant climate repercussions? Forests that grow immediately — especially when the Europeans were known for CLEARING land to make farms?

        Historically ignorant, scientifically ignorant, and full of pomposity, asininity, and treason.

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      • on February 1, 2019 at 1:54 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        So, killing all the Injuns caused the Industrial Revolution? The logical conclusion is, killing ALL the shitskins will bring about the Golden Age, or at least the Space Age.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 2:27 pm Carlos Danger

        I think the estimates of Indians was about 3 million to 12 million or so. Some 85% died of disease. Its tough to get to 56 million from there, even with 100 years. The US population during the civil war was only about 30 million and we were civilized and industrialized.

        Liked by 1 person

      • on February 1, 2019 at 3:44 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        It’s the disease that killed them. Not the settlers.


      • I guess Cortez had nukes.

        Good grief.


    • If they wanted to kill them they could have just sold them a lot of booze but there were laws against selling Indians alcohol.
      As the White man expanded West very few Indians were killed by them and it was almost entirely Indian on Indian violence(and a little raiding of White settlers)
      There were very few early colonists in the 1600 and 1700s.
      They may have had rifles but they were single shot and it took some time to reload.An Indian could get off a dozen arrows in that time with about the same range and killing power.A bow and arrow can be a pretty good weapon in the right hands and Indians hunted with them and were experienced in killing game.


  29. Pharma whores got nothing on media whores.

    The so called “opioid” epidemic is another case of the media and government lying to conceal the true nature of things. The opioid epidemic is specifically a heroin epidemic. More specifically, a Mexican black tar heroin epidemic (we also have Mexican meth epidemic). The junkies defecating in your local city park are shooting Mexican drugs, manufactured on an industrial scale in Mexico, under the tacit approval of the Mexican Government. This is not talked about for the usual reasons.

    Instead the media scapegoat pharma and doctors and fed us sob stories about OxyContin and Fentanyl. This is about as truthful as saying someone got hooked on meth because they couldn’t get their Adderall or Ritalin. The truth is Mexico has always been America’s drug dealer, with legalization, marijuana profits came back to America, and the cartels changed their business model to heroin and meth.


    • One correction. Methamphetamine is prescribed. Desoxyn is the brand name.
      They were really only used for narcolepsy and to help fat girls lose weight (this has been eliminated too)


  30. on February 1, 2019 at 11:18 am gunslingergregi

    never get an ex to 140 degrees
    holy shit


  31. Life has taught me that the most accurate assumption you can make about people is that they don’t care. Goes double for people who are in the business of “care”.


    • Nobody cares.


      • on February 1, 2019 at 1:34 pm gunslingergregi

        everyone cares about something


      • If it weren’t for the jungle fever sub-plot that would be an epic film. I watch it with that part blanked out and still get quite a bit of wisdom from it. Supposedly Palmanteri wrote the entire screenplay but given DeNiro’s umm “proclivities” I have to think he had some hand in it. Unless there are just lots of jungle fever wops prowling hollyweird.

        The movie otherwise is pretty much right on target w/ how my uncles grew up during that time period and much of their wisdom mirrored this film. They were Brooklyn paisans but same turf and ethnic identity was played out there too.

        One thing about old school NY eye-talians is they rubbed elbows with die-versity long before lots of WASPs and there is no better education than the up close and personal kind.


      • If it weren’t for the jungle fever sub-plot that would be an epic film.

        Indeed… the stupid part is not so much that some young guinea would knock off a piece of n1gger ass, but that the neighborhood’s main man, old school capo wouldn’t blink an eye and even encourage the kid to go for the moolie because she could be “one of the great ones”.

        Still (((shakin’ mah haid))) over that.

        The ironic part is DeNiro, playing the dad, counseled the son to stay with his own kind… but not in the way it would have gone down in meat world, rather, he explained the difficulties of mixed-race relationships in a calm, reasonable manner, like he was some sort of white-bread Prot.


  32. Got to keep on defending those poppy fields in Aghanistan. . . . ” The Opioids must flow” – – – – (((The GloboHomo Guild)))


  33. Isn’t it about time to call drug addiction what it is, Slow Suicide? The cowards.


    • on February 1, 2019 at 12:55 pm gunslingergregi

      i’d say passive suicide
      but not in portugal i guess


    • Do you drink ? Do you smoke ? How many hours of Talmudvision do you watch per day ? What about negroball ?


      • Drink infrequently. Do not smoke. Watch the Telavivvision most days, but no jew fake news or current jew spew sit-coms/dramas/etc. I like to watch old movies/Three Stooges/Twilight Zone (though Rod Serling was a Chosenite).


    • Everything looks so shiny & polished from atop the Ivory Tower, innit? Tough to see through the clouds to all the dirt people below sometimes, I get it…


    • Is it? I guess that it depends on the drug. Before they began with methadone there was only the Federal Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky for treatment which was for complete withdrawal.
      There are cases where people had taken drugs for as long as 50 years so it wasn’t exactly suicide.Opiates may cause a physical dependence and tolerance but that in itself is not harmful,you’ll just experience a withdrawal syndrome if you stop that is rarely fatal.Most opiate addicts look younger than their actual age.They may even have a certain anti viral and anti bacterial benefit. Of course I’m not talking about crap impure street drugs here.The British empire had a lot of unhealthy areas and climates and people stationed there would smoke a number of pipes of opium which seemed to offer some protection.As many as 50 pipes but a pipe means like a couple of inhalations.
      A real alcoholic is in a much more deteriorated state and the withdrawal symptoms and convulsions even under ideal hospital conditions can be fatal.


  34. on February 1, 2019 at 12:51 pm sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

    yeah, I bet the diversity hire street shitter who killed a family member was thirsty enough for shit like this. A near zero value education in a foreign hell-hole and predatory pharma reps sounds about right.


  35. on February 1, 2019 at 12:52 pm sahib mohammed mohammed moohhammmmid

    the pharma rep girls I dated were hot and nice enough but I’m sure there are a few ex-strippers who realized that modern doctors are basically horny foreign idiots. a mark is a mark


  36. @Cap’n
    I had to correct another doctor a few months ago about this. Xanax has a t1/2 of 16 hours so it’s longer acting. Something like ambien has a short 1/2 life.
    Sometimes they confuse onset of action with 1/2 life.A drug can take effect quickly but still have a long 1/2 life.


  37. I was a Heroin addict incel for more than a decade.

    Findig the Red Pill, learning Game was the reason I decided to call it quits.

    Game indeed can save Opioid addicts!


    • So let’s see, you took heroin for 10 years, discovered ‘game’ and just dropped everything lol
      btw, there are addicts who take drugs for years and nothing will frighten them away even when they see friends die and all of the other bad things that happen from their illegal drug addiction.
      Some just quit for no reason and we can’t figure out why. Few of them had any psych disorders when they started or were even using opiates for any particular reason.


  38. on February 1, 2019 at 2:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

    I also thought this a few years ago when I tried to save my cousin from that junk he was putting up his veins.

    Game will save him, pussy would straighten him out.

    I didn’t have enough time to work my theory.


    • on February 1, 2019 at 3:53 pm gunslingergregi

      dang sorry to hear


    • Game is not going to save anyone from addiction. It won’t even get you pussy and is all bullshit invented by incels and Delta- boys who think there is some magic formula that will get them girls.If you’re not a natural you can’t teach certain things because there are too many variables. At the very least you would need to be normal to start and from what I’ve read on these pua blogs it’s clear that these beta boys are defective in many ways(in what a female wants in a man) and all the doubletalk in the world is not going to convince her otherwise.
      And as far as addicts, they don’t appear to have any problems in getting good looking gf’s.It’s the 9-5 beta worker drones that bore females to death and dry them up.
      Reproduction is the most important thing in Nature so why would females want to mate with defective men and possibly produce defective offspring? Most of what we do is based on instinct(which is sort of a genetic memory) and is subconscious which means that we’re not aware of why we do things.
      The female with the addict bf may look strong and fit to her because he’s able to take all of this abuse and still be alive, or if he drinks a lot of poison(alcohol)and not die he may appear strong.
      So is the female short sighted or are her instincts right?
      People did not live as long in the past on average.The average of course was reduced by infant mortality(and other factors) You did have old people around but the % was lower than today.
      However, all of that was during modern human history (say the past 10k years) but humans have been around for 2m years and this was the period that sort of hard wired the female brain (10k years is a blip)
      In the first 2m years humans never increased in population and were always on the verge of extinction and most people were dead in their 40’s(still young under today’s standards) or viewed as old and about to die soon.
      You do your mating when you’re young and in this period you’re still healthy and energetic regardless of how much abuse you take from drinking or drugs.
      The real deterioration takes place beginning in your 40’s about the time you’d be dying for 2m years anyway. So the female doesn’t likely have an genetic memory (instinct) about the future where risky behaviour had any real effect on longevity.You died in your 40’s regardless.


      • on February 2, 2019 at 12:59 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Racism is a relatively harmless addiction imho. It’s one that can actually lengthen your life too if applied correctly.


      • As far as civilization goes, the female is shortsighted and her instincts are absolute shit. Where no civilization exists, life is brutish nasty and short, female instincts are more suited for that, yes.


  39. Insys and those sales whores are down the line. The real criminals and masterminds of this genocide are the (((Sackler family))).


  40. Ugh! That wench is a nigger. The doc must have been a jew.


  41. on February 2, 2019 at 12:58 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Very good review for a Reddish Pilled Fillum.


  42. Remember when doctors were respected?


  43. Declare an official State of Emergency for the opioid crisis.


  44. In regards to US troops, most men who are there wanted to be there, it’s a professional army not drafted legionaries who had no other choice. Yes US should have never meddled in the middle East but now leaving the region for Russian or Turkish dominance is not a great option either. Let’s be honest, the military budget is going only up, China is now the new enemy, combined with Russia its becoming a threat. Yes the US and NATO countries have crooks, cucks n cunts overseaing and leading which needs to change but for now the oligarchy n tyranny in China n Russia is worst for common man.


  45. on February 3, 2019 at 3:40 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    The look on the Sandmann’s face is tantamount to telling the greatest generation obnoxious blowhard at the pub/bar/saloon that the wrong side win ww2.


  46. you know, this is kind of a stupid story. A pharmarep takes a mark out to dinner and then clubbing and at the club she lap dances him. and he goes to second base.

    Then again, this tidbit…Dr. Madison accounted for 58% of Illinois fentanyl spray sales. I can’t find a picture of this doctor but the NYT’s has an article stating that there’s a stable of shitty doctors who overprescribe the stuff.

    So, can game save lives? I think we have:

    1. federal prosecutors giving out steamy salacious sound bites with all the right buzzwords to give boner-clicks: pharma reps, clubs, lap dances.

    2. The doctors were crooked (or very understanding of how bad pain can be) and the pharma reps were indeed bonuses but you know what else the bonuses were…? the tens of thousands these strip mall doctors got.

    I was looking to make a black pill point about this but this is just sales perks. Some guys get bottles of Pappy Van Winkle, others get visits from moderately hot pharma chicks and lotsa cash.

    oh…just found hi


  47. Dr. Paul C. Madison is a brother.


  48. on February 4, 2019 at 4:54 am John Joel Glanton

    Aryan Pride

    World Wide


  49. Interestingly, no one seems to have commented on the involvement and direction of “John” Kapoor, clearly an Indian origin person. This mirrors the involvement of Indian national Sonny Balwani in the massive $10 billion Theranos debacle (Balwani was the COO of Theranos and the paramour and guide to the founder, Ms. Holmes).

    The rampant scams, large and small, perpetrated by many of Indian/Pakistani origin in the West have yet to be critically examined. For example, google recent news results showing a 95% failure rate of Indian software engineers when it comes to *basic* coding skills.

    Hopefully all of this will also be exposed to the sunlight of the Chateau in due course.


  50. on February 6, 2019 at 8:25 am Peter Jordanson

    Here’s one analysis about online dating and male thirst explosion I found interesting, showing as usual male thirst is why we can’t have nice things