Dynamic Silence

Hat tip to Greg Eliot (and bolg) for alerting the commentariat of this piece of historical evidence that [the best people in the world] have had a knack for shutting down dissident viewpoints for a long while.

from metapedia:

Dynamic Silence was invented by Rabbi Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 as a method of closing off all access to the public media – and thus the larger culture – for people or organizations deemed to have an unacceptable point of view. In spite of minor changes and adaptations, it can still be understood as being comprised of two parts. In the first part, unfavored individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public. In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavored individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavored individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that exposure becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas of beliefs of the unfavored individuals.

That’s some Final Boss level sy ops right there. Now you know what the Rebel Alliance is up against: a Council of Sid Lords mindfucking Jedi Whites into abject submission to the Empire’s goal of supreme galactic rule.

One has to say, it has worked quite well….until recently. (Convergence to alien norms is what you get for entrusting your revered institutions to an outsider tribe with a 10-15 point mean IQ advantage.) The unraveling of the Dynamic Silence Protocols has provoked blasts of bilious rage from media fascists. Great patriots, one and all, are our putative overseers of the Race Replacement Project.

Dynamic Silence is a weaponized application of the more general Lies of Omission that is the stock in trade of the Fake News media. Lies of Omission (LOO) leave the populace ignorant of contrary information to the anti-White Christian Narrative, and therefore susceptible to fully imbibing the schlock that the media pumps into the information vacuum. Whereas Dynamic Silence is a more proactive form of LOO, blocking dissidents from a public venue to air their views and then demonizing those silenced dissidents when they are unable to publicly answer the campaign of smears directed at them in absentia.

Does any of this sound familiar to current goings-on? It should. From commenter Ralph Stanley,

This is much worse than you think. I was listening to a satellite news program this morning and representatives of the Jewish community, described as “experts on the study of HATE”, were calling for outright de-platforming of all “hate websites”.

The primary thrust of one of the panelists’ argument was that “de-platforming works” and “hate speech is a form of violence” and, basically, “we know hate speech leads to violence”. Over and over again she stressed the importance of “taking away their community of hate”, while the female moderator acknowledged her points one by one with absolute reverence. Don’t scoff too soon at this approach. It tugs at instincts of basic decency among the general population. Normal people are rightfully disgusted and horrified whenever some Nazbol lunatic commits an act of mass violence.

We absolutely need a response to their line of argument, and it can’t simply be libertarian platitudes about free speech. Unfortunately, the Left is making an effective emotional appeal and spergy Reason Magazine-style articles only appeal to awkward manlets who still read comic books.

When the Left refers to the other side as “free speech absolutists”, they are painting us into a corner (“They are unreasonable spergs who don’t believe in reasonable limits to speech. I mean, look at what just happened!”). We need a response that tugs at people’s emotional need to express themselves freely. This means stocking fear — real, not imagined — in reasonable people that they will be subjected to more and more monitoring and repression.

Anti-free speech appeals are primarily a woman and [best people in the world] thing. It’s a lot of disingenuous sophistry that provides cover for continuing their dominance of the public communication square. It’s Suckup Conformity 101. They just don’t want dissidents upsetting their carefully manicured anti-White Christian virtue sniveling ecology. Sure, de-platforming “works” (for a short while, until war erupts) but so does tyrannical repression, which is exactly what these scumbags are calling for, because in practice and in theory there isn’t a lick of difference between de-platforming and impoverishing political dissidents and a dictatorial tyranny a la Orwell’s Ingsoc mercilessly subjugating free thinkers.

What these broads at Non-Player Radio are advocating, even if they don’t know it, is Dynamic Silence, first denying thought criminals a public platform, next slandering them until they are persona non grata and closed off permanently from the public discourse.

Greg adds,

Ah, I stand corrected, it was 20 years even earlier than I remembered.

Very cohencidental that the concept was officially stated right around the time when HUAC investigations were gaining momentum..

VERY cohencidental, amirite?

HUAC is the House Un-American Activities Committee, a House of Reps committee formed in 1938 to investigate communist infiltration of American institutions (Unholy-wood hardest hit). The history we have all IV’ed is that HUAC created a “climate of repression”, and the words “McCarthyism” and “Red Scare” were coined from it, but the unmediated facts, as usual, complicate the Ministry of Dupe narrative.

As Greg intimates, [the best people in the world] were disproportionate targets of HUAC (because they were and are disproportionate card-carrying members of commie front groups), and Dynamic Silence was, at first, a protective measure that would shield the commies within their ranks from exposure, and later, an actively hostile psy ops that would allow them to pursue their Globohomo agenda without resistance from Heritage Americans.

PS THE WHITEST OF PILLS: President Trump will sign an executive order ending the nation-wrecking scam known as birthright citizenship.

PPS Dynamic Silence is the reason why Trump exploits Twatter to go around the legacy media and reach normie eyes with his unmediated message of Love, Hope, and Realtalk.


  1. Our God King
    Is going REALLY hard right!


    I am thinking that the Inditements the Q-Folks have been carrying on about for months and months are actually true? If so, Trump has washington by the balls and here comes some MAJOR hard-right legislatoin and executive actions.


  2. I miss Gab, thanks [best people in the world]



    PURIM HOLIDAY. IT’s all right there


    • Please everyone read it carefully.


      • Martin Luther waxed on how The Special People do love their little book of Esther in his famous tome, On The Special People And Their Lies. He was one of many that felt it should have never made the Canon.


      • Ester= Easter. It is in there so we would know their wet dream of genocide for us. Cannot be true; no mention of Daniel who Christ quoted.
        Eat bible not cuckianity.


    • how dare you blaspheme the SCRIPTURES!?!?

      Gayg will be here any minute to quote them to you

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      • Jew Esther lies to get herself made queen. Jewish infiltration of host nation’s government through trickery.

        Proceeds to enact thought crime laws allowing Jews to murder 75,000 host nation goyim.

        Sound familiar?

        Think movie “Minority Report.” This is what they are trying to do right now, openly.

        We let them celebrate Purim in our faces every year.

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      • Fucking mod every time I try to concisely explain Purim.


      • Trav, you remind me of that character on “Vikings” who hated Christians and talked a big game but proved to be a coward when it really mattered.

        Give it a rest or Stawp Poasting.

        Also, I would add: get crackin’ on the books, kid. Your reasoning for WWII above is entirely faulty.

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      • how dare you blaspheme the SCRIPTURES!?!?

        Gayg will be here any minute to quote them to you

        Nobody was blaspheming Scripture… just tellin’ it like it was, in re honeypot gambit of yore..

        That said, whoever DOES disrespect Scripture will have both Christian & Muslim on his back, seeing as how it would be a violation of the Koran as well, amirite?


  4. Isn’t this the same thing as Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance?

    Also CH, not sure if you’re being satirical about that 10 to 15 point IQ advantage. I believe Ashkenazi IQ being 1 SD above the mean has been debunked.



    • tests which showed 115 were older

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      • Tests which showed 115 we’re also taken from a VERY small sample size at a relatively prestigious (read: exclusive) private school.

        Meaning: if you tested a hundred Asians at Harvard, you might conclude that the average Asian IQ is 120+.

        You’d be wrong. But (((they’ve))) kept up that narrative for decades now.

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  5. Every advert on British television

    Can post them all day long.

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    • How many black people are in England? Half the population?


      • Whites are 86% apparently, as of 2011. Be a MUCH different story now after all the “Refugee” shit. I’ve noticed my local city completely filled with Somalis now. Entire school classes have literally 0 whites.

        London was 49% white, as of 2011 also. Imagine it now..


      • I’ve been to London recently. There are no English in the City, unless they attend Catholic Mass (!!!!!!) at the Oratory. I saw a retired Royal Navy Petty Officer there wearing his embroidered reefer with pride.

        The city is filled to the brim with foreigners. The low-level jobs are French, Spanish and Poles.

        The ones driving around in Beemers and Audis and live in the choice apartments look very Semitic looking; from one side of the tracks or the other.

        Saracens or Sons of Abraham and little to choose in-between them.

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      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:02 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Officially only a few percent. 3% maybe.


      • Can vouch for the Noticing that Sam did there. ‘er Indoors asked me to watch some history prog, and the breaks were funny, sad and disgusting all at the same time. It’s utterly relentless.

        To answer DC’s query:-
        according to the 2011 Census, the total population of England and Wales was 56.1 million, and 86.0% of the population was White
        people from Asian ethnic groups made up the second largest percentage of the population (at 7.5%), followed by Black ethnic groups (at 3.3%), Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups (at 2.2%) and Other ethnic groups (at 1.0%)
        among the specific ethnic groups, people from the White British ethnic group made up the largest percentage of the population (at 80.5%), followed by Other White (4.4%) and Indian (2.5%)
        from 2001 to 2011, the percentage of the population of England and Wales that was White British decreased from 87.4% to 80.5%, while the Other White group saw the largest increase in their share of the population, from 2.6% to 4.4%
        the percentage of the population from a Black African background doubled from 0.9% in 2001 to 1.8% in 2011

        Apart from it being a black-enamelled lie that the total pop’n. of Englandshire is only 56m (Christ seems that there must be near that many Polacks/other EastEuros there now, never mind the darkies), my PIC sliderule informs me that we’re looking at 1.85m black augmented by 1.27m mysterymeats. Brown wogs (our “Asians”) top the table at 4.2m. All over about 70 years.

        English and Welsh natives have been successfully race-replaced down to a 4:1 ratio, but not all Replacers are non-European. Pareto number, although where it goes from here … I wonder what the initial wave of Beaker colonisation in the 3rd millennium BC amounted to? Before the incumbent EEF-descended Grooved Ware civilisation and indeed people was annihilated, within 4 centuries.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 2:14 pm gunslingergregi

        why 2011 that’s 7 years ago not even applicable
        Britain’s black and ethnic minority communities could account for almost a third of the population by 2050, according to a report published today.”””’

        sounds like more than that now from people using eyes


      • Official gubmnt Census takes place on the first year of every decade (1, 11, 21 &c.) and has done since 1841. So next one not till 2021. And they’re helluva slow releasing the data. Can’t get the actual Returns public until 100 years, although they’ve pushed it forward a bit recently on some things.

        Maybe because of WWI and all the research and hoo-ha round it (next week or two is going to be stomach-churning. It’ll be wall to wall heroic Coloured troops thrashing the Hun in the trenches, the Bengal Lancers chasing them off the field, and brave wimminz on the Home Front singlehandedly bringing down Zeppelins with their teeth while nobly obtaining the Vote.
        Which poor Tommy Bloody Atkins didn’t have. Get back in the mud Tommy, it’s time for your regular gassing).


    • This tells you all you need to know about the attitudes of (((British media)))

      “Moffat said the show must find new ways to get ethnic minority actors on screen in future.

      “We’ve kind of got to tell a lie. We’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been, and we won’t dwell on that.

      “We’ll say, ‘To hell with it, this is the imaginary, better version of the world. By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth’.””


      Our children are fucked..

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      • One of my pet peeves, and the first place I noticed this, was on Doctor Who, which Moffat was involved in as a writer or ran since its return in 2005. Every major Companion since the series’ return except Amy Pond is explicitly depicted as a coal burner.

        Rose – white, with black boyfriend
        Martha – black, dated black and married black
        Donna – white, is first shown being jilted by her black groom at the altar, and eventually is shown marrying a black
        Amy – white with white very beta husband. Her character’s whole point was being kind of broken by a visit by the white Doctor as a child, and as an adult is only shown being engaged and married to the white beta guy.
        Clara – white with at least one black boyfriend that I can remember, the math teacher, there may have been more.
        Bill – black lesbian. I didn’t stick around to see who she slept with.
        Now there are 3 co-equal companions:
        Graham – white man married to black woman
        Ryan – black man, Graham’s step-grandson, I don’t know if they’ve gotten to his sex life yet
        Yasmin – Pakistani muslim woman, I don’t know about her sex life yet either. Maybe they are setting up Ryan and Yasmin to boink.

        All that, just one show over 13 years, and one type of character on that show.


      • I absolutely demand that the telephone box is replaced by one of those delightful tiny cottage-style buildings one finds in public parks, for example on the Heath.


      • Amy – white with white very beta husband. Her character’s whole point was being kind of broken by a visit by the white Doctor as a child, and as an adult is only shown being engaged and married to the white beta guy.

        Ya, and wanted to fuck the doctor, just before her wedding..


    • Offense-

      Do you disavow these companies taking aim at the White Nuclear Family?


  6. […] Dynamic Silence […]


  7. Re your PS:

    Prediction: ending birthright citizenship completely is the initial offer for discussion, the final policy will be much milder, for example to end automatic citizenship for children born to a mother here on a tourist visa.

    This would literally be about “birth tourism” and forcing Democrats to defend it would be politically effective. It would be especially ironic if the Democrats fall into the trap of attacking this initial step by calling it “the thin end of the wedge”, because then Trump would reply “Thin end of the wedge? That’s what an anchor baby is!”

    A “tourist visa citizenship” exception is the most likely to stand up in court, but it would still be unlikely to survive the legal challenges. Legislation would be the right way to do it and that’s the other trap for the Democrats, if the ones who are running criticize Trump for using an executive order he can say “so if it comes before you as a member of Congress which way will you vote on it?”.

    An alternative way to handle it which would drive Democrats even more nuts is simply to say “tourist visas automatically extend to unborn children of the pregnant woman, they are already existing people who share her citizenship so do not become US citizens just by exiting the womb. If they are conceived here, it’s different, and by the way all tourist visas going forward are hereby limited to a period of two trimesters um I mean 6 months”.


    • What about the 42 million Africans already here?

      90% get welfare— not only food and healthcare but section 8 housing and other housing subsidies. We literally feed, house, and take care of them. Black lives matter indeed.

      I’m surrounded by them right now as I type this. They (high school kids) are at a restaurant buying $14 lunch even though I guarantee you their parents get food stamps, etc. So I bought their lunch.

      Meanwhile I take care of my kids and their mother, get no help, yet I still owe $25,000 taxes per year.

      It’s maddening. We are paying to feed and house and medicate Africans and also the salaries of deep state communists who work to invalidate “our democracy” every day.

      All government is violence.

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      • I tend to agree that, even if passed, this would be a type of “closing the barn door after the horse has already trotted off”.

        On top of the 42M darkies, we STILL have anywhere from 20M to 30M illegals, and they’re giving birth as we speak to the growing numbers of future ‘Murricans who happen to identify more with all things La Raza.


      • First step, ending birthright citizenship. We can worry about revoking citizenship later. Every time trump takes a step in the right direction, the naysayers can’t stop moving the goalposts.

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      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

        You are the caterpillar hosting the Jewel Wasp


      • Point taken, but the goalpost is always where we said it was.

        The ball was dropped further back than where you imagined the scrimmage line to be. 😉


      • on October 30, 2018 at 1:41 pm Carlos Danger

        My understanding is its not tourist births but all illegal aliens. That would as a minimum put a stop to the inflow.


      • What if the dad is American and the mom is a beautiful Snow White Russian woman?

        This is only if the mom comes across the line already pregnant or an American dad does not show up wanting to be the father? Because all the white American bitches were tatted up feminist brainwashed whores who don’t want children.

        So you see, even Trump’s new thing is cucked.

        What he should say is that we will return to immigration laws that explicitly favor whites. Which is our right. Even now we are 67%. Majority rights.

        We did not vote for what’s been done to us since 1965.


      • I just did COTY.


      • Everything the commies do is projection and backwards.

        We Trump voters ARE the “resistance”.

        We are “our democracy”. It is the commies who are trying to invalidate “our democracy.”

        Whites did not vote for what’s been done the past 70 years.

        It was imposed on us by traitorous legislators and the courts.


      • Just like Charlottesville. Trump has not actually stood up for whites a single god damned time.

        Think about it while you cheer the moving of the Israeli capital and “lowest black unemployment ever.”

        Fuck this enslaved earth.

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  8. It PISSES ME OFF that they say I’m not allowed to hate.

    Why? It’s a completely valid human emotion, JUST the same as love.

    Without the ability to hate, there is no love. I will decide when and whom I hate, not them. If anything, telling me I CAN’T hate, just makes me hate them even more.

    I will always vote whatever the “hate” option is. They’ve pushed me into this.

    There’s a world of difference between hating something, and acting on it. They make out “ooo it’s a slippery slope, if we allow hate then that turns everyone into shooters!” blablabla. Maybe people only get that desperate when you start oppressing them and tell them they’re not allowed to feel, and must think like a blank NPC. These fuckers are literally wanting to control your thoughts.

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    • convert to islam…then it’s ok

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      • Leaving Christianity for Islam means replacing a brown Semitic circumcised kosher-eating prophet with another brown Semitic circumcised halal-eating prophet.

        If one wants a shitlord deity, it’s better to choose from the Zeus-Jupiter-Thor spectrum. Then you are free to feel the divine wrath and to hate your enemies as they deserve, while not getting entangled in yet another Middle Eastern conflict.


      • Does the Dagda get a walk-on part? Although I’m feeling that over here in the Islands we’re quite desperately in need of a female lead (Brits always seem to do quite well in “sheer carnage” mode while following queens, for some creepy reason).
        I nominate the one and only Morrigan, the great queen herself, in her crow shape.


    • God hates:

      Proverbs 6
      16 There are six things the Lord hates,
      seven that are detestable to him:
      17 haughty eyes,
      a lying tongue,
      hands that shed innocent blood,
      18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
      feet that are quick to rush into evil,
      19 a false witness who pours out lies
      and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

      Even the wise Solomon tells us there is a time to hate:

      Ecclesiates 3
      1To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
      2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
      3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
      4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
      5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
      6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
      7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
      8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

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      • on October 30, 2018 at 11:57 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Christ disavowed violences and they still crucified him.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:27 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I can’t speak for Christ, but I do know at least one Christian who uttered:

        “Kill ’em all, God will recognize his own.”


      • Christ disavowed violences…

        Tell that to the moneychangers.


      • Good Lord, Christ was not a pacifist. He Himself said to buy a sword, and if you didn’t have one, sell your cloak and get one.

        He threw the moneychangers out of the temple by scourging them (whipping them).

        “Turn the other cheek” meant something entirely different when only women, children, and slaves were slapped on one cheek. Men were slapped on both. Its original meaning was “Don’t be a bitch: remind them who it is they’re dealing with.”

        “Meek” doesn’t mean sheep-like, it means being a lion but having the wisdom and patience of self-restraint.

        Stop buying into (((their))) lies.

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      • Solon64, you cant expect trav to actually see the truth in things. He is too drowned in a jizz-blind from [the very good people] to see that him being an atheist is a product of media indoctrination. Whenever he goes off and tries to discredit Christianity, it is easily debunked by anyone of us, which goes to show you his arguments were fed by [the people everyone loves] and are weak.

        The irony of it all, is that he continues to ignore that the U.S was a much prosperous nation, especially culturally, when the majority of the population was Christian. The more atheist the population has become (or invaded by other religions), the worse it has gotten. But don’t tell him that, he’s probably to busy fucking nappy headed “niggers” (his words, not mine) or burning donuts.

        All nations in history have risen and fallen, regardless of political and religious affiliation. The fact of the matter is that in all of these cases, the major cause has been a cultural decline, [the very best people] co-opting positions of power, unlimited spending, etc. Very little has to do with Christianity. if trav would take his cock out from a nigress for once, perhaps he would see that.

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  9. Gulag, Fagapedia, and other Cabal tech says HUAC was started to investigate Nazis. It was started to investigate commies and socialists, and was preceded by the Fish Committee, which was DEFINITELY about commies. Commies overran the Dies Committee, too. Look how they lie!


  10. I thought Dynamic Silence was already a well-known term by the alt-R… I first heard about it back in the seventies, courtesy of the late, great Wilmöt Röbertson’s Instaüration monthly.

    Heh, maybe I should dig out the some of the other stuff I thought everybody already knew about. Everything old is getting new again. 😉


    • on October 30, 2018 at 12:07 pm Captain Obvious

      I noticed it in the 1990s, when there would be massive scandals uncovered during the congressional Whitewater hearings during the morning & afternoon, but then on the 6:30PM evening newz, there would be no mention of it whatsoever.

      At the time, I thought of it along the lines of: “If a tree falls in the woods, but if the news media refuses to report that it fell, then it might as well still be standing.”


    • on October 30, 2018 at 1:44 pm Carlos Danger

      Instauration has been out of print since 1981


      • on October 30, 2018 at 1:45 pm Carlos Danger

        Moreover, I bet I’m the only guy here besides you who has even heard of it


      • It lasted much longer than that, up until Feb 2000.

        Here’s one of the sites were it’s still viewable, although I don’t know if they just took snippets or saved the entire issues from cover-to-cover:


        Point is, that wasn’t the only source where one might have heard of Dynamic Silence, I merely mentioned it because it was were I first heard it mentioned.


      • For any of youse yeggs that got time on your hands some rainy afternoon, the back issues are worth a perusal, if you’re curious about how the original version of today’s alt-R got their message across.


  11. Offense is the answer.

    I learned when I was 9 years old that ((they)) largely hate us. And yet, it isn’t all of ((them.))

    When I was 9, we moved into an upper middle class suburb in the MW. On day 2, our neighbors came over to introduce themselves, brought a cake, and welcomed us to the neighborhood. The mom of the family then calmly explained that this neighborhood was “supposed to be an exclusively jooish enclave, but more Christians seem to be moving in.” I was still “permitted” to play with their son who was the same age.

    We were put on notice. Despite the pleasantries, we’re outsiders and not welcome in their neighborhood.

    Yet I had plenty of friends whose families had all but discarded their “religion.” They couldn’t have cared less about being jooish.

    I’ve been wondering if these “attacks” aren’t really meant to divide Whites. Their real target might be to radicalize “normie joos.” Dividing Whitey yet again might just be a nice little ancillary benefit.

    We need to rhetorically fight back. They constantly shriek about disavowing anyone who espouses violence. We need to corner them and force them to disavow anyone of ((their)) agencies, organizations or media outlets that spouts anti-White hate or pro-mongrelmixing propaganda.

    Freeze and isolate the sanhedrin, those who are really responsible.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

    What was my parents’ response? They sat there and took it – in their own home. They’d never encountered anything like that and didn’t even know what to do.
    That’s what we’re up against.

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    • It’s not unusual for White folks to be the “deer in the headlights”, when confronted by a person or thing that, to normal White sensibilities, is SO unexpected and SO out of their ken.

      We’re a long-suffering folk.

      joke: yolked folk
      woke: woke folk
      bespoke: stoked volk]


      • “We’re a long-suffering folk.”

        It’s the truth.


      • I didn’t want you to judge your folks too harshly, Eddie.

        It wasn’t a lack of courage on their part, it was temporary paralysis due to “WTF?” syndrome.

        We all experience it from time to time. 😉


      • Nah, that’s not how I intended it. They’re good people which is a blessing and curse.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:16 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ‘it was temporary paralysis due to “WTF?” syndrome’

        It’s one of those tens [or hundreds or thousands] of little data points, which briefly jolt your Amygdala out of its slumber, and cause your forebrain to kick in, forcing you think to yourself, “Okay, this is odd.”

        Almost maybe to the point of a chill going down your spine [although usually not quite that severe].

        And it’s bizarre the intensity with [and the detail in] which you remember those data points, even decades later – as though your brain has a special place cordoned off, for storing only the memories of incidences of Amygdala arousal.


      • Nah, that’s not how I intended it. They’re good people which is a blessing and curse.

        They seem to have done a fine job with you, brother.


      • Not the Irish in inner city Philly. They know the thick mo-lasses fellas only TOO well.

        BTW, for all those hatin’ on the American Irish, they get REAL VIOLENT REAL FAST at the drop of a hat when they think they’re bein’ played for suckers.


      • High On Their Own Supply

        This story has a happier ending than I thought. My mom just texted me that the same neighbor was complaining to her that there are no nice jooish boys for her daughter to date (she’s about 35.) She also said ((their people)) and heritage are being diluted by interracial relationships.

        I said that’s an odd thing for her to complain to my mother about.

        My mom assumed she meant dating White guys.

        Nope- daughter has been dating a blackie.


        I’d love to post the pic, but it would reveal my location. It’s some formal alumni event at a local, private university. Black as the congo with the schnoz to match. Big geek glasses. Dressed in a gray suit but wearing black sneakers with red laces.. hhahahahahahahah.

        I love it. A family has not gotten this high on their own propaganda supply since Helen Pitts Douglass married Freddie.

        Glad you’re all my bros.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 1:51 pm Carlos Danger

        I think that hating on the Irish thing is a Jewish ploy to divide us. You don’t really encounter it in Britain except as good natured ribbing


    • on October 30, 2018 at 1:48 pm Carlos Danger

      How long ago was this?


  12. These fools have forgotten the fact once people no longer have any stake in a system, they have no reason not to radicalise.

    If you systematically deplatform everyone to right of elizabeth warren and leave only the jewiest of the neocons, you will actually free the radicals. As long as radicals have an investment in the system and way to blow off steam, they have incentives to behave. But with no more investment in the system, there is literally no reason to behave.

    This increases the chances of actual violence because to radicals no longer have any stakes in the system and no reason not to radicalise further.


    • on October 30, 2018 at 11:55 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      They know this.

      They expect to win the final battle to enslave us.

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    • on October 30, 2018 at 12:27 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “you will actually free the radicals”

      It’s what I’ve been telling you guys for quite a while now.

      Nothing good will happen in your life until you STOP CARING.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:29 pm Captain Obvious

        When you go up against a psychopath [and the j00z are a race of genetic psychopaths], you’re effectively at insurmountable tactical & strategic disadvantages, because YOU STILL CARE.

        Which means that there are all sorts of things you can’t do.

        Lines which you can’t cross. Actions which are forbidden. Thoughts which are unthinkable.

        The psychopath, OTOH, suffers from no such restrictions.

        The psychopath simply does WTH ever it wants to do.

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      • It’s going to go off.
        The reactions of woke and normies to Saturday has convinced me.
        Either dudes checking out and it will collapse or direct violence.
        We also give feds too much credit. I felt the same after Boston. Those dudes were all over social media.
        And were not stopped or even tagged.

        It’s like the IRS. They only have so many against potentially millions.
        I think the authorities are shitting themselves.


      • Mod rape


  13. I have my doubts that the anchor baby ban will actually happen. The people at the top of the country right now are difficult to figure out. While it is true that Trump has done more for this country in two years than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, he also has created a track record of promising one thing, and not delivering.
    I get the feeling that they’re waiting for something, but what I don’t know. The latest Enrichment Train might just be an attempt to force Trump’s hand.
    My guess? Trump is using this EO thing as a bargaining chip to put the LiberalSatanistGoatHumpingDemocrat((SpecialPeople)) on their heels – similar to the way the LSGHDSP used the FakeBombScare(TM) to distract from the Enrichment Train.
    Political sleight of hand to counter political sleight of hand. Meanwhile, the ET continues to move closer, and now there are two of them. This is a legitimate invasion force, and if I lived anywhere near the border, I’d be stocking up on ammunition and getting the wife and kids to safety. Forget the troops. America needs to be ready to defend herself, whether Trump and the LSGHDSP are willing to help us do so or not.
    One other thing we need to be prepared for – when the TROOPS get called on US to protect the Enrichment Train. Get ready. This is a legit possibility.

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    • One other thing we need to be prepared for – when the TROOPS get called on US to protect the Enrichment Train. Get ready. This is a legit possibility.

      I made a sardonic remark along these lines a few threads back when someone mentioned the 82nd Airborne was being sent to the border… harkening back to when the 101st was sent to enforce school integration.


      • Sobering thought, isn’t it? Even more so when you realize, as you point out, that there is already historical precedent.

        By the way, I almost never see replies to any comments I make, so if I haven’t responded before, apologies. I just don’t catch them. NB for anyone who may have been offended.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 8:31 pm SteveRogers42

        By the way, how TF did that school integration thing evade the Posse Comitatus provision? Using the Army for domestic law enforcement — any time it would be to the benefit of Heritage America, we’re always told that’s a Rubicon that may not be crossed.


    • on October 30, 2018 at 1:54 pm Carlos Danger

      You could buy all of them off to return home for about 5 million dollars


    • It’s too late for that. Anchor baby ban should have happened decades ago.
      Shitlib whites have no clue. See Lemon today.
      Give them everything and they still hate us
      Shitlib whites since the 1960s are a disgrace.


  14. […] – Heartiste, with a definite RTWT. […]


  15. on October 30, 2018 at 11:54 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I already identofy with the Sith though. Certainly preferred the Empire anyway.


  16. Jews have faked the IQ advantage. It is outright BS and exists only in verbal acuity, if it exists at all, which means they are fast talking con men and nothing more.

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    • My grandfather called it “peasant shrewdness”.


      • on October 30, 2018 at 12:10 pm tryintogetthrumod

        Counter psy ops: Show people news articles from UK and Western Europe about jail sentences for those who criticize Islam or say commonsense things. “Don’t want free speech? Get ready to go to jail for speaking your mind and speaking common sense. Because *you* won’t get to define ‘hate speech’. Somebody who doesn’t give a s**t about you will.”


    • It’s not fake, it’s just not nearly as high as they imagine it to be.


    • But… but… IQ is only a social construct fraudulently calculated by biased testing, amirite?

      Except, of course, when it bolsters the ego of the right kind of folks.


  17. Fitting.


    [CH: that looks like the work of the same artist who crafted that brilliant “smartphone bukkake” meme art.]


  18. Even if the actual EO never is issued, or even if it never comes to pass with legislation, he is driving them to greater heights of insanity. This is the most triggery and mental illness inducing thing he has done so far. Birthright citizenship is their seed corn. They will not give that up under any circumstances without a fight.


  19. HUAC created a “climate of repression”, and the words “McCarthyism” and “Red Scare”

    HUAC did some overkill. And everybody knows that McCarthy was the leader. EXCEPT that SENATOR McCarthy was not affiliated with HOUSE-UAC, for the obvious reason. And most of what you know about McC is wrong. When the NSA-decoded documents were declassified, it turned out McC was generally right about the US Govt being infiltrated by Soviet agents, mainly US citizens. This was treason.
    The reason NSA could crack the communications (the Venona cipher) was it was based on one-time pads, but the Soviets got sloppy and recycled the pads. Two-time pads do not maintain secrecy.


  20. on October 30, 2018 at 3:01 pm Charles Martel

    Free speech is how we got into this mess.

    Dynamic silence is great, it’s what we should do to them.

    No one should allow their mortal enemies to speak to the public, this is lunacy.


  21. on October 30, 2018 at 4:23 pm Cuddles the Cage Fighter

    Feminism was once considered blasphemy or “hate speech” in modern parlance.


  22. > President Trump will sign an executive order ending the nation-wrecking scam known as birthright citizenship.

    Birthright citizenship is in the COTUS. A president cannot simply wave it away, any more than he can wave away the first amendment. This is sheer grandstanding that won’t last 30 seconds in court.


  23. https://big-lies.org/instauration/instauration-pdf-file-list.html
    Has a COMPLETE LIST of ALL the Instaurations. And I’ve installed a site searcher just for Instaurations. Anything between 1975-2000 is worth a search, to give a flavor of the times. I’ve put a summary of searching, eg Texas 1983 finds all Instaurations with Texas and 1983 anywhere in the pdf; probably giving a lot of hits. Lots more examples- “wilmot robertson”, “Martin Gilbert” (jew ‘historian’), “General Patton”, William Colby CIA George Bush Stansfield Turner, ‘King David Hotel’ etc etc etc etc etc etc
    I don’t like all the material; it has a vicious streak left from the (((Vietnam War))) which is typical of Jews. But it conjures up the time well, which is why I queried, sorted and uploaded it.