Shiv Of The Week: Obama Redux

From thefinn,

“If you like your western civilization, you can keep your western civilization”

Trump 2020

A bit unfair to the Greatest President in my lifetime, but not wholly without merit (“I want lots of people to come here legally!”). We’ll see how the next two years go.

Don’t think of this as a black pill. Instead, think of it as a prodding pill, to coax Trump to keep his campaign promises to the forgotten Americans.


  1. on February 13, 2019 at 10:20 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

    Democrats Slip “Poison Pill” into Border Security Plan – That will Prevent Building the Wall


  2. Yes. Who would have guessed, pre-Trump, that it would be a Rep president who stood up for working class Americans.


  3. I think this “legal immigration” push by Trump is a tactic.

    By advocating for it, it further puts pressure on the left to commit to curbing illegal immigration. Theyll have to make the case why illegal immigration is good, rather than just calling Trump racist.

    well see what happens


    • on February 13, 2019 at 10:39 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “well see what happens”

      Very, very difficult to over-emphasize how important the next three or four days will be.

      We’re reaching critical mass here.

      Approaching a civilizational singularity.

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      • a few us here said it 2 years ago
        that he essentially sees himself jewish
        everything he did in these 2 years confirms that
        the delusion of trump cultist is YUGE more yuge than the gigantic wall which will never be built
        finish the wall 2020 lolz

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      • on February 13, 2019 at 11:06 pm Captain Obvious

        c, these next three or four days are crucial.

        By this next time week, we should know what we’re dealing with.


      • You know what you are dealing with. A traitorous Congress and Judicial system.

        No President can overturn two branches of the Government.

        Is $5B soooo much money they can’t find it? With $22 Trillion in debt?

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      • Teh j00 wants that 5B to pay for crates of RPGs in Syria

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  4. on February 13, 2019 at 10:24 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

    1000 pages long.

    B!tch McConnell & Kevin McCuckthy & the Chamber of Commerce Traitors will put enormous pressure on The G0d Emperor to sign this abomination.

    These next three or four days could be the moast important in the history of the Republic…

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    • I would not sign anything more than ten pages long. This is not rocket science. If it is longer than that, it is full of intentional obfuscation, providing more opportunities for the conniving bureaucrats to reinterpret it in such a way to say anything they want it to say, or get it tied up in lawsuit challenges. End result would be no wall. Democrats clearly are in a HOLD pattern until November 2020. Trump is falling into a trap if he even considers a bill capping the size of the wall, not providing a minimum of $3 billion, and/or trading off on more legal immigration/refugees, amnesty, etc.


    • on February 14, 2019 at 9:26 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Not that hard for me to read bills and i don’t have law school training
      Read the fucking thing
      Font take snippets from advisors
      Get a fucking black market
      And fucking cross out what you don’t want
      Most shot on it just fucking lots of Fuller type repedative


      • on February 14, 2019 at 9:29 am Gunslingergregi

        Black market
        I Medan shit its not that fucking complex
        Ohhh Jesus oh God a thousand pages
        Thats like 6 hpurs
        Read trumps book in three straight through
        With blackout and thought
        Two days


      • on February 14, 2019 at 9:30 am Gunslingergregi

        Fly me on ill read the fucking thing for Trump lol


  5. Jews laugh at goyim for not understanding this:

    A smart man will always work for his posterity.

    Trump’s posterity is Jewish. Yours is not. When the two inevitably conflict, Trump will always choose his grandkids’ future over your grandkids’ future, goy.

    It is not a matter of some knee-jerk “racism”, but rather, the reality and common sense that most people have forgotten.

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    • And when a goy does understand it and tries to live it, the kikes bring down the entire (((MSM))) and personal pressure on his head until… well, something gives.

      And they “Oy vey! Vee is soooo poisecuted!”

      Nobody begrudges when a man takes care of his own… except the “good for me, but not for thee” Sanhedrin.

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      • on February 14, 2019 at 9:32 am Gunslingergregi

        Word Greg
        This system’ has to go so a man that wants to do that can


      • Nobody begrudges when a man takes care of his own… except the “good for me, but not for thee” Sanhedrin.

        That’s the point. The conflict of interest exists because Jews want it that way—and Trump is on the Jewish side, which forcibly imposes a “mine or yours” dichotomy.

        Nitpick on “nobody”: Whites don’t (usually) begrudge a man who takes care of his own. (Same with some Asians. Some.) I think this characteristic tends to be proportionate to a race’s ability and desire to be productive by themselves; but it is also on a spectrum of xenophilia that ranges, in the extreme, to pathological altruism. The race of international parasites best exemplifies a lack of this characteristic.


  6. If Trump keeps declaring a need for more legal immigrants for jobs in America and Biden wins the Democrat primary, then the chances of Trump keeping the rust-belt starts getting low (and hence the Presidency) as Biden will appeal to the rust-belt with policies supporting the white working class (which more legal immigration does not and opposes the white working classes interests).


  7. Hey, I’m cool with the genocide of my people, so long as it is done (1) legally, and (2) without any antisemitism.

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  8. “I want lots of people to come here legally!”

    He is 100% correct.
    The USA demographics are that whites will be a minority soon. One of the ways to avoid this is to import more whites (europeans) in record numbers!

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  9. Although there is no means to accurately quantify the numbers, I have a pet hypothesis about that Trump’s support base:

    (1) Most of his “base” consists of people of the “I’m not racist, but…” type who are afraid not only of speaking their opinions aloud, but also of admitting same to themselves without comforting qualifications and rationalizations.

    (2) Support of Trump by a hard core of real “racists” gives him a “racist” stink, wildly exaggerated by the mass media. This attracts (1), while permitting Trump to maintain plausible deniability. Meanwhile, this “hard core” rationalizes Trump’s failures and “anti-racist” declarations either as “4D chess” (only an idiot could believe this on his record), or as “the swamp is too deep; everybody is against him” (so, he is too weak to get the job done, and you support him anyway!?).

    (In a similar vein, it is support of Trump by raging “anti-semites” that gives him street cred with people who are moderately suspicious of the Jews, the Kushner factor. I myself have no bloody idea why anybody imagines that Trump dislikes Jews. The notion is stupid on its face. But “everybody knows” that Trump is secretly against the Jews, because people post long “anti-semitic” Internet screeds praising him.)

    If group (2) were to vocally renounce and condemn Trump (as I’ve always done sincerely), this would have two effects:

    (a) The “racist” position would be opposition to Trump. This does not imply the inverse, as lefties would still hate Trump. However, it would help undercut MSM attacks on him. It would be harder to call him a “racist”, if the real “racists” were screaming that he’s a nigger-loving judeophile (as indeed he is!).

    (b) Trump would need to actually act more “racist”, so as to keep his support from group (1). In other words, for starters, he would need to build the damn wall—and maybe even deport some “undocumented migrants”. Right now, he doesn’t need to do that, because group (2) is making excuses for him and giving him “politically incorrect” street cred.

    Now, how’s that 4D chess for you? CH, you can checkmate Trump into keeping his campaign promises!


    • on February 14, 2019 at 3:01 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      There are no hardcore real racist
      No black clubs are getting shot up by “racists’
      Just because they black
      And not even if they do shit wrong
      There are no hardcore racist Whites to save the elites at last minute from There bag of Shit

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    • on February 14, 2019 at 3:04 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      U wish There were hard core bonebreaking flesh eating white deplorable scumbag drug using Whites to save u
      They are gonna go explore the world


  10. You clearly haven’t though..talking to some of the slim and trim EE girls I know it sounds like its easy again for them to get a tourist visa. A flood of Melanias will be the nails in the Feminist coffin.


  11. So, braintrust, what are Trump’s options here…? Sincerely.

    Dems won’t budge an inch. Shutdown wont matter.

    GOP dying to pass anything the Dems will vote for.

    Federal judges salivating at blocking an Executive Action to halt wall building.

    How does this get done here in realityland? The one where nobody is taking to the streets or sitting in their Congressman’s office or even wearing a fucking yellow vest, much less a MAGA hat?


    [Please leave the fantasy that 100,000 Pure White SpecOps guys are waiting to be unleashed to the mastabatorium]


  12. Meanwhile…


  13. CH

    Please do a post on this…

    Here is what is holding us back…


  14. Since this is going to be war, i’m linking this video I ran into this morning. For US Army soldiers entering WWII.

    It’s entertaining and informative.


    • on February 14, 2019 at 9:13 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Nice fucking find bro
      I think they were literally killing people on that vid
      Maybe prisoners
      And people shocked at what i say lol


    • ““I was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency, and won the election for the presidency, and who might have done so with the aid of the government of Russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage, and that was something that troubled me greatly,” McCabe said, recalling his first meeting with Trump.”


      • This would be the definition of Sedition.

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      • So where’s his orange jumpsuit?


      • When do cops arrest themselves?

        Go sit in the corner.


      • That’s the best you can come up with?

        LEOs arrest other LEOs all the time, and you know it, when crimes are provable and orders come from the top.

        If I have to sit in the corner, you should report immediately to the principal’s office, so get off this weak sister snark attempt to divert, alt-R ally. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Just go ahead and keep telling us about all this evidence out there that the Chief Executive can’t get one fucking swinging Richard to act upon, though… it’s good to be in the know. :duckface


      • Greg

        “orders come from the top’

        Ya know, that’s precisely where the order to start the investigation came from to start with.

        Duh much?

        Seriously, you are way too short for this ride. I had hoped all the “haid shaking” would put some spark in that stone head of yours, but I think all we are left with is sand.


      • Ahem… CHIEF Executive is the topmost of the top…

        … keep trying to snark yourself past the graveyard, alt-R ally.

        (((some more shakin’ goin’ on))))


      • Once again you fail to understand how the legal system works. I thought boomahs had civics classes back when?

        Homework – describe the process whereby the President of the United States could arrest a law enforcement officer.


      • Look, if you’re just going to continue to be a disingenuous prick, then get in line with the rest of the This Is Why We Lose clown circus.

        Nobody is expecting Trump himself to slap cuffs on anyone, and you know it.

        Now how about you telling us why it is that Trump can’t order someone from the DoJ, FBI, or even a Federal Marshall to charge/arrest someone for, as YOU YOURSELF SAID, sedition?

        Either a crime has been committed or not… if so, Trump and any number of higher ups can initiate action through the usual arms of the law…

        …and if not, then STFU with your accusations of sedition, because continuously pointing out all this alleged evidence of wrongdoing, but NOTHING being done about it, just makes Trump look like an impotent ass, or even a member of the swamp himself.


      • Sit in the corner and do YOUR homework Greg. It’s not up to me to keep educating you. That’s the only way you are going to stop posting stupid shit.


      • On NYC Blue, things always happen the way Greg says they do. Ergo, he must be right.


      • I see both you and dickless are still avoiding the simple question, and trying to act like Trump can’t issue an order, or even a strong suggestion, to ANY LEO to make an arrest for sedition.

        When you don’t have an answer, or can’t back up what you say, merely saying it’s not your job to educate the other person makes you look like a real pissy little bitch.

        And when someone like dickless rushes in to pile on, so much moreso.

        With alt-R allies like youse clowns… I won’t even give you the courtesy of a yegg… who needs enemies?


      • you are full of shit greg no cops arrest another cop WHILE he is committing a crime only afterwards. google the guy they tased 11 times in arizona once by pulling his pants down and tasing his balls over a tail light stop and he was a passenger. all the other scumbag cops did shit


      • Meener, whatever point you’re trying to bring up about cops on the beat has NOTHING to do with the discussion at hand… and even YOU admit that cops WILL arrest cops, certainly AFTER a crime has been committed… nobody said nothing about WHILE.

        If you’re going to tell a man he’s full of shit, try not to be off-topic whilst STILL making his point FOR him.

        Geez, Louise, this place is like trying to reason with elementary school kids on a sugar rush.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Greg Eliot:

        I see both you and dickless are still avoiding the simple question, and trying to act like Trump can’t issue an order, or even a strong suggestion,

        A general observation:

        Chumps making excuses for Trump should look to the wrong side for some examples of how far a president can go when he is deadly determined to shake things up. Lincoln and FDR, for starters. Ruthless realpolitik. Legally, pseudolegally, or illegally, they made sure they got what they wanted. Opposition was not to be feared: It was to be bullied. They used the power they had, abused the power they had—and when that wasn’t enough, abused the power they legally didn’t have.

        Trump has done the equivalent in business. He built his fortune by simultaneously being a ruthless bastard, and making people love him. And now? It’s not that he can’t. He won’t.


  15. Times like this, Bannon is really missed.

    Not sure where this came from, but in the SOTU and EP rally, Trump’s talking about abolishing AIDS!

    fucking (((Javanka)))


  16. don’t send in a Presbyterian to do a Papist’s job, I guess; though TrumpFuhrer’s ol’college-try is really appreciated.

    Jus’ happens that his fellow Putridans have a job to do (put the World to the torch), and they’ll do it; hook or crook. Wasp-SWAMP sending a gaggle of armored goons to bust down TrumpFuhrer’s arthritic confidant’s door is a clear message.
    (and then telling to the Republicuck humbly asking about it:
    “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you”
    – acting AG, House of Reps chitchat)

    “A drama is about to be played that will make the History before appear but an innocent idyll”


  17. Trump < CH < Ann Coulter

    Trump is a loser. I’m Texan and American of 20 generations, hispanic spanish native american descent.

    The USA is finished, period.
    It’s sad that CH would say “let’s see what happens the next two years.”

    Mexican/MidEasterner/India Indian nihilists will still invade to steal money, jobs and kill by drunken driving shooting knifing methods. Oh, and also stuffing their victims in suitcases.

    Once the Brazillians arrive people will be stabbed in broad day light, oh Wait, MS13 is shooting people in the face in broad daylight already.

    In two years we’ll be $25 Trillion debt and Florida and Texas will be locked as Democrat Blue States.

    The 2nd Amendment will be attacked soon after.
    Compulsory speech for Pronouns, coming soon.
    Imprisonments for violating compulsory speech laws.

    I’m sick of you “wait and see” types.

    Deep state is a 76 year old vagina named Hillary. She could Not level a false rape charge on Trump so instead she created the Russian probe as the primary attack.

    CH is soft.

    You have to be soft otherwise WordPress will delete you and all your archives like Discuss nixed RooshV’s comments after a “razcist” article was published, like Apple attacked Alex Jones, like Facebook Twitter killed Alex Jones.

    I hope you know SPLC is and will continue to try to nix FRC family research council- so what chance does CH stand?


    Wait and see? No, wrong approach

    IRS Obama killed the Tea Party


    Twitter kills Conservatives online

    All to win tge next batch of elections

    NyTimesABCnbcCBSWashPostMSNBCnprBuzFeed also are blood thirsty Communists.

    CH doesn’t have legal council and would quickly say “we are not a good Test Case.”

    I know the story, it’s the same for all weak people.


  18. (“I want lots of people to come here legally!”)

    People coming legally would be subjected to certain rules and standards just like they were in 1900.
    It would be mostly Euros and some Asians.
    Suppose one of the rules was that you had to have a skill that we needed or needed more of.
    I don’t think that would include Aztec leaf blower boys.