Somalia Or Sweden?


A new book aimed at children in Sweden is entitled Grandpa Has Four Wives in another example of how Sharia law is being normalized as the country takes in thousands of Muslim migrants.

The book, named Farfar har fyra fruar in Swedish, has been published in both Swedish and Somali and is aimed at 3-6 year olds.

“Asli has never been to Somalia, but now she finally gets to go there with her dad, to meet grandfather and all her grandmothers,” states the blurb for the book, which is written by Oscar Trimbel and published by Adlibris. […]

Another book by the same author entitled Mormor är inget spöke (Grandma is no ghost) serves to normalize the burka.

“Omar greets his grandmother who comes from Somalia. When it’s Halloween, Omar wants to dress up like a ghost like any other child. He wants his grandmother to come along because it can be scary,” states the blurb for the book.

Despite many countries in Europe handing out fines and prison sentences for polygamy, Sweden recognizes polygamous marriages performed abroad and allows up to four wives to be registered as spouses.

Lemme see if I have the math right.

One Sweden + one Somalia = White supremacy
Zero Swedens + two Somalias = Diversity

I must have missed the international council that convened to declare words no longer have meaning.

Ya know, a while ago I predicted that legalized polygamy was coming to the White West. I wrote that the logical trajectory of anti-White shitliberalism would lead sans opposition to the normalization of every degeneracy and regressive human behavior antagonistic to the genetic, cultural, and historical habits and traditions of Western societies.

Sweden recognizes polygamous marriages performed abroad and allows up to four wives to be registered as spouses.

Too depressing to muster a preen.


  1. on September 29, 2017 at 3:05 pm Bored housewive in Bogota called Esmerelda

    Sweet Jesus. They are knowingly accelerating towards the cliff-edge.

    You can visualise Barbara Spectre laughing as she watches the whole spectacle through binoculars from a safe distance.

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    • Worse than this… and this is snark:

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    • Somali immigrants in the US are already practicing polygamy. In our county, a cab driver has 4 families all in the same apartment complex, plus a place for him. All on public assistance. One of the ‘wives’ even serves as a paid translator for everyone else. Gaggle of kids. Either the housing office is complicit or incompetent. Not sure which is worse.

      I wonder how many of the kids will grow up to become jihadis and/or on the dole.


      • on October 4, 2017 at 8:52 pm WhiteMinorityCalifornian

        Yes 100%. I’ve seen it first hand in Columbus, OH! (14th largest city in US, now 5% Somali!)

        Social workers in the refugee industry are under pressure to say nothing, if they even care… They’ll turn a blind eye to the man who lives with his wife and her “sister” (wife). No money to be made off them all if you get them deported or booted from whatever social program scheme you’re running.


    • I understand third wave feminism is basically Dorkin’s ripping off of the ‘national liberation struggles of the 70s’ (see John Dolan’s seminal Exile article); and, therefore, is an anti-white male struggle; however, how can any Western woman stomach this crap, no matter how delusional from privilege they from which they suffer?


      • how is fraud like this possible with computers? we aren’t in the place yet in america where this crap would pass muster.


  2. FIRST!


  3. The weak always care about how nice people are. The weaker you are, the meaner everyone else seems.

    Some shitlib who wrote these probably thinks “Well people come from different childhoods so we need to show the other side of the story, friendship is a two way street, blah blah”…. ad infinitum. Total and complete lack of frame and defunct moral compass.

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    • “The weaker you are, the meaner everyone else seems.”

      So as the toughest guy on the planet, you don’t see anyone else as being mean?



      • Not really the toughest guy but nonetheless no not really. Kind of a nonsensical statement really.

        I’d like you to give a counterexample but who knows if that is a reasonable request.


    • There may be some “well-meaning shitlib” (translates into “ignorant POS”) that writes books like Heather Has Two Mommies, Jennifer Has Two Daddies, Farfar har fyra fruar, or It’s Tuesday Shaniquakan Must Be Xir because they want all children to feel normal. But, I’m pretty sure the authors know exactly what they are doing and just want to infect children at a young, impressionable age to destroy the culture (((they))) have infiltrated.


  4. I mean we already have two guy “marrying” each other. In comparison Somalia traditions seem to be rational and proof to be viable in the long term. At least in Africa. So what is the surprise here?


    • on September 29, 2017 at 3:27 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

      I recall a story of Muslim men ignoring their wives in their fifties for younger wives who just came aboard.

      The practice of eschewing women their own age is about as commonplace as you would suppose.


  5. on September 29, 2017 at 3:13 pm Oleaginous Outrager

    When it’s Halloween, Omar wants to dress up like a ghost like any other child.

    Sure he does. I bet lil’ Omar really wants to dress up as Omar The Ghost Maker, who frees spirits from their flesh prisons by chopping off people’s heads.

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  6. […] Somalia Or Sweden? […]


  7. on September 29, 2017 at 3:22 pm Muerte aka Luciano


    sweden a bigger clown show than n fucking korea


    • on September 29, 2017 at 3:32 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

      Let’s have Kim Un in a boxing match against any three liberal leaders.

      I bet he wins, but I hope he has his head knocked sideways in the process. Maybe they’ll carry him out of the arena on a stretcher while he’s muttering in Korean, This is not my beautiful home; these are not my beautiful children …


    • It’s not funny, dago.


  8. Compare and contrast


    • on September 30, 2017 at 1:48 am Bored housewive in Bogota called Esmerelda

      A world-conquering civilisation, brought low by crazy, single, man-hating cat women, for whom being given everything they ever asked for was never anywhere near enough.

      I can’t even …

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      • Great, succinct post there.

        “being given everything they ever asked for was never anywhere near enough.”

        Just take out the word ‘single’ in your quote.

        I don’t know who to hate more; the 90% of Western women who fit the above quote or the nadless tradcon males who keep giving and giving and giving.


      • My thoughts on tradcons;

        They were suckers.
        They had no balls.

        —Henry Hill


      • It’s more than that. All the women I know are not supporting this movement. It ranges from apolitical indifference, to non-alarm through ignorance of other cultures and never traveled, to straight horror at the prospects. The bosses want cheap labor and Anglos hate their own. Of course the J#Q is a major point.


  9. on September 29, 2017 at 3:25 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

    Don’t fret, Heartiste/Hbomb Oracle. It’s easy to start another Cultural Narrative, and once it starts it’ll smash this stale one to shreds.


  10. on September 29, 2017 at 3:30 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

    The deep truth about Islam is that it’s not a warrior culture’s product but a woman-fearing product. Only in Euro countries are women historically under some control by their men — thus white women in general can be helpmates rather than slaves. But mark my words: Let women get 50-50 shared power in relationships, and that snow sled goes downhill to smash into a wall/Wall.


  11. on September 29, 2017 at 3:32 pm Muerte aka Luciano

    i have conflicted feelings about polygamy

    r monogamous cultures more likely to become infested with beta cucks?


    • on September 29, 2017 at 3:34 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

      If you look at multi-wife setups, it’s the alphas typically getting the best chicks — all around alphas, alpha leaders with men, alpha leaders of women. They steal good chicks from betas and betas pinch from gammas.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 6:55 pm Captain Obvious

        But the gene pool is destroyed.

        We need K-Selection & {1-Man}/{1-Woman} so as to have broad, flat bell curves in Occidental behavior, with enormous diversity in personalities & talents & gifts & insights.

        Whereas r-selection & polygamy give us haemophelia & tay-sachs & retardation & every manner of medical pathology, not to mention the various semitic/african/oriental flavors of overt psychopathy & nihilism.

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  12. on September 29, 2017 at 3:37 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    This article prompts me to consider: which will be the first White nation to fall? We all say that France, Sweden, etc., have fallen, but I mean to truly fall. Sweden and France still have majority White populations and their governments and institutions are still majority White in colour and function.

    What will be the critical point at which Sweden falls? 51% non Swedish population, majority of police and government workers, immigrant prime minister, Royal family members márrÿ non whites/Muslim in a Muslim ceremony (I’m looking at you, Faget Prince Harry), government stops delivering services properly/police no longer able to maintain basic law and order. Enough of those, and the nation has fallen. Sweden isn’t there yet, but it will probably be the first White nation to “die.” (Unless the current UN Agenda 2030/Global Compact on Refugees and Migrants succeeds in massive resettlement of blaks to some other European nation). Italy could be next, with its birth rate of zero and the massive, massive daily dumping of blaks into the country. On this side of the Atlantic, seems like it won’t be long before Canada stops having White prime ministers.


    • A White nation will have effectively fallen once it passes a specific inflection point — one past which it would find itself unable to recover by government fiat.

      Presently, mud/poz run wild in places like Germany or Sweden because the governing classes of those countries want it to be so.

      Now imagine Merkel, either as principal actor or as a figurehead for her country’s deep state, declare that Germany is nur für Deutsche, and police is ordered to round up, têrorîze, and expel every swarthy individual on the country’s soil.

      Assume no foreign intervention à la Evil Empire vs Serbia in 1999.

      In a matter of one week, Germany’s present despair will have been remembered as a distant nightmare.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 3:59 pm Max from Australia

        “A White nation will have effectively fallen once it passes a specific inflection point ”

        Alll western countries are already there

        The inflection point is once your average age of women is over 35. Once that happens we can’t replace ourselves and create a new generation. The current “newcommers’ to Europe are simply the children our women refused to have while choosing idolatry over new life.

        Its only a matter of time now. it will all unravel infront of our eyes over the next 10 years. The only thing left to do is get as fit and strong as possible and move to a remote self sufficient community that can defend itself and leave the great books your great grandchildren in the hope that they can re-build after “the great cannibalism”

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    • on September 29, 2017 at 3:52 pm Enfant Terrible

      France is the only one that matters.


      • on September 30, 2017 at 4:37 am Keyboard Warrior

        Completely agree on that one. People love to talk about Sweden but in reality this is only b/c they want a blonde Swedish bimbo. Beyond that Sweden has pretty much nothing to offer in terms of culture.

        The countries in Europe that are worth defending for their cultural superiority are Greece, Italy and France. Maybe Germany and England but they aren’t close to the first three.


      • Germany has or had a high culture and an incredible engineering and inventive culture
        Britain also has it had an incredible culture

        Europeans were duped. Many thought the EU would be a celebration of European National cultures.
        The euro coin was no minted on this.
        Now the elite seem heel bent on creating a globalist super state and despite Erdogan..they seem hell bent on bringing 70 million Turks in mostly Muslim with freedom to work and move.


      • The countries in Europe that are worth defending for their cultural superiority are Greece, Italy and France.

        Only if think painting and fancy cooking are more important than music and literature.

        <blockquote Maybe Germany and England but they aren’t close to the first three.

        Maybe? Aren’t close?


        Good one.


      • “Blonde Swedish Bimbo”

        They’re not like that anymore. That was WWII era stuff. The modern Swedish female is anything but a fun-time, squeeze bag, chewtoy, cheesecake tart. Head East for funbags.


    • I don’t have the exact figure to hand but a nation-wide research project for a certain disease showed that more than half of French school children were genetically contaminated by African and/or Middle Eastern genetics.


    • It’s my pet theory that the most cucked countries will be the first to go full fash.

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      • Cities like Detroit and parts of Balitmore are prime examples of what it’s like when whitey leaves.


      • Lichtof – east St. Louis, IL beat Detroit to the prize. Late 60s riots killed Detroit. ESL was dead by then. When they demolished the slums to build the Arch, where do you think those people were relocated? Let’s move them across the river – those Eastern European Catholics won’t mind.


      • You could be right about that, Augustus, because the more cucked a country becomes, the more feminized its men become, EXCEPT FOR the men who are the exceptions to that rule – these exceptional men become harder and harder in character and physique, their understanding of reality becomes totally clear, and their attitudes become merciless. The only obstacle to their seizing of power is the police and military, and the former will become demoralized by the deteriorating situation in their country which their bosses won’t allow them to control, while the latter will have many members who hate what their country has become. Eventually a critical mass is reached, some event starts a chain reaction, and the whole country erupts into violence. When the smoke has cleared the hard-hearted, uncucked men of the native population should be in power if they do it right. Or alternatively they may just become a ruthless native Mafia, not strong enough to seize power but too strong to be eliminated – a feared Mafia that only allows native sons into its ranks and severely punishes any miscegenating civilians while protecting the compliant natives from foreigners.

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    • There already are such nations that have fallen, albeit not in Europe: Rhodesia and South Africa.

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    • Hard to know; some places white minorities can maintain control even at pretty small numbers.

      Possibly England? Supposedly London is over half migrant children for those five and under.


      • A lot of those are Russians and Pole. Not English to be sure and not capable of an English civilization but still White

        Anyway while I can’t tell you when the first White country will fall or who they will be, note Rhodesia and S.A were never anything but majority African , I can tell which win will prosper

        The one that removes Leftists from power and limits female civil rights and is either string enough to make it stick or does this after Uncle Sam no long can invade them

        That nation will undergo a fertility increase and its national will increase as well

        As for Swedes don’t count them out, plenty of nationalist Swedes were out marching in Gothenburg yesterday and while its not a majority, it only takes around 10-20% of people to say NO! to make it happen by any means necessary

        as for ah more aggressive solutions , ignoring legality, these won’t be really plausible to neither the EU nor the US has the teeth to do anything about . That’s sooner than any of us think, I can see the ultimate symbol of civic nationalism football, dying

        The nation has as Adam Smith might say a lot of ruin left in it but its going down.


    • “White in colour and function”

      They may be white in color, but they’re anti-white in function. All of the Western countries of the old anticommunist coalition have governments that are literally genocidal against their native populations.


    • I think the UK will be first to fall. But honestly, it looks like a close race with lots of contenders.


  13. Polygamy isn’t degeneracy. The Goths and Vikings who smashed the Roman empire were polygamous. Charlemagne was polygamous. If the Vikings become polygamous again, they’ll quickly get un-cucked. Testosterone levels will go through the roof. Catholic monogamy was the start of the great cuckening. For a long time every rich man had mistresses, but this is far inferior, from a society point of view, to plural marriage. Better to have legitimate children than bastards, better to have a few wives than to share the diseases of 100 men by using whores.

    Even the Catholic church bows to biology from time to time. After the 30 years war, the Catholic church allowed Bavaria to be polygamous for the next 100 years so they could get their population back up. It worked. Then they did their best to erase it from history. The Church dips into the Bible in times of need, but for the most part it encourages cuckery to keep the men under control.

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    • on September 30, 2017 at 6:33 am Muerte aka Luciano



    • 1919 we then had the (((Soviet Republic of Bavaria))) before the returning WW1 soldiers put it down.


    • Bullshit argument.
      Even if that´s true about the brief Bavarian polygamy(1st time I´ve heard of this), then it was because almost all the men had been simply wiped out after the 30/100 year war.
      Not because harems are so fucking superior.

      Western intellectual superiority over Islam was founded in enforcing precisely the opposite of this degenerate poly-bullshit.

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      • Yep…

        That these half-wits keep espousing this nonsense time and again proves the danger of studying history only up to a sophomore level.


      • The only stories about w-e-d-l-o-c-k oddities in Bavaria I’ve heard is that there were many couples in the late nineteen century who eschewed formal m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e due to some sort of tax on the license that was not affordable by many peasants.


      • Commenter fancies himself swooping poon because tight game
        Says “we need polygamy”
        Polygamy happens
        Beta motivation evaporates
        Safety and order evaporate
        PUAs and alcoholic guitarist alphas lose their scavenging habitat.
        Life is bad for everyone
        Women gravitate to apex-wealth men
        Commenter says “this sucks.”


      • Polygamy could be allowed for a temporary period of time in situations such as this where a generation of young men has been decimated. If I remember correctly the Church of England considered allowing it in Britain after World War I but then decided against it. Long-term, however, it leads to societal instability because of all the frustrated and angry men who can’t get wives for themselves. As for polygamy being practised by the old Germanic tribes, my understanding is that powerful men got away with this because they were powerful men, but that it was frowned upon by the rest of the tribesmen.


    • on September 30, 2017 at 1:46 pm Enfant Terrible

      BS…Neither the Vikings nor the Goths were polygamous. Monogamy predates Christianity by thousands of years. It’s well established historical fact that pretty much all the Indo-European tribes practiced monogamy. Even in the mythology of the old Gods, Odin has one wife, not several.

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    • polygamy isn’t the answer

      the answer is rejecting the women who don’t deserve monogamy support and resources and only giving attention and commitment to those who do.

      then you raise a new generation of women who also inspire and deserve that kind of commitment

      as it stands now too many men are committing to women who are unworthy of commitment. then they end up miserable getting cheated on or cheating themselves.

      that lowers the standards for everyone. women know they can be sluts and bishes but still get a man to commit his life to her.

      if they actually had to earn a man’s commitment by being feminine loyal and attentive like they used to, women would learn real quick that they had no other options but to be decent women again.

      men would then have no problem staying monogamous with these women. when you have a good woman who keeps you happy and satisfied, straying doesn’t even cross your mind.

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    • Europe is not underpopulated and given the population density, highly crowded the fertility levels are decent.

      Pretty good in Scandinavia, a shade below replacement among natives even

      and Germany while low does have `15x the density of Oregon which itself has plenty of people

      The problem is migration period, any migration even fellow Europeans needs to stop and be reversed,

      No virtue signaling is obvious but no cheap labor is equally as important.

      Interestingly its the religious ex-commie states that are hurting worse Christianity being no panacea either, Poland do to out migration of its nationals and cultural shifts has crisis level TFR 1.25 or so

      Not as immediately bad as France or Germany as they aren’t cucked by globohomo but its worse in the long run.

      No one likes this but control of emigration can be as important as control of immigration


  14. Hope my previous comment makes it out of moderation.


  15. on September 29, 2017 at 3:48 pm Hackett To Bits

    Sweden is lost, let’s just admit the Bikini Team girls as refugees and leave the rest of them to be killed, cooked and eaten by the “newcomers”.

    We’re next, if a “landmark” Islamic polygamy case comes before the Supreme Court, as currently configured. Trump’s replacement for Ginsburgowitz or Kuckennedy will be all that can stop it. On a related note we need to be ready to take it to Antifa when they incite their ‘revolution’ in reaction to Trump’s scotus nominee. It’s game time…

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  16. on September 29, 2017 at 3:49 pm Enfant Terrible

    At this point, heritage Swedes, by placidly allowing, and enabling the clown show that their nation has become, have shown themselves to be nothing but degenerate losers. As is, may they drown in their own sheat.

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    • Hey, here are some degenerate Swedish losers.

      Why don’t you look those boys in the eye and tell them “may you drown in your own shit”


      • on September 29, 2017 at 5:04 pm Enfant Terrible

        I would so tell them….Your culture is sheat and degenerate, and if you embrace it, you will be sheat and degenerate when you grow up.

        Most likely, all those kids are growing up indoctrinated into the poz anyways, they are a lost case.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 7:02 pm Captain Obvious

        Notice how all the little boys are looking at something [presumably academically oriented] off to the other corner of the room, whereas all the little girls are already good little Histrionic Personality Disorder attention wh0res staring straight into the camera.

        Pray for these poor ch!ldren.

        Their lives may already be over, before those lives of theirs even got a chance to start revving up and moving forward.

        And no, it’s not fair.


      • Look at the cute one dead center. She is striking a heartwarming pose.

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  17. on September 29, 2017 at 3:52 pm Max from Australia

    For most of human history our ancestors lived on cold wet miserable islands.

    Imagine living in Scotland 300 years ago? no waterproof clothes, no double glazing or reliable heating, not much light or growing seasons, very little warmth.

    Why would they choose to do that instead of say relaxing by the Mediterranean ?

    My bet is that we have been under attack from the hordes since time immemorial.


    • on September 30, 2017 at 3:48 am Keyboard Warrior

      Exactly! The more civilized races (white Europeans and East Asians) have always lived in colder climates. And they didn’t do so b/c they preferred the cold of Scandinavia over the warmth of Kenya. They did so b/c they could keep the primitive turd world barbarians out who always try to flock into our homelands.


    • We in Europe grew up and loved “Cowboys and Indians”.
      John Wayne was worshipped.
      As children someone would always say “let’s play cowboys and Indians” and it would never happen as no one wanted to be an Indian.
      Now those brave white folk who advanced into the frontiers, fought off native warriors, fought off diseases, no a/c…no heating…no electric…and created a bible inspired civilization are now written off completely by modern white shitlibs as racist, stole the land etc.
      Governed McAuliffe is typical.
      What a disgrace. What a capitulation.


    • Actually the clothes of the period and earlier are quite good at keeping people warm and while they didn’t heat the entire house, a hearth or so furs is just fine

      I’ve slept in extremely cold conditions as so long as I’m decently fed and have blankets, its fine. Getting up to pee is not pleasant though


  18. There was a no way Western divorce laws and Sharia polygamy laws can coexist.


    • This going back to possible 4-D chess by the Swedish men?

      Said this before; that if you look at it in a certain light, this is a pretty good way to cut feminism off at the knees.

      In another thread it got mentioned that around half of all migrants leave every year.

      Once they get what they want; the swedish and german men could simply make life “less comfortable”, greatly reduce welfare and all that while having practically annihilated feminism, vastly reducing liberal control and having had the Islam run most of the jews out of the country all while being able to look like “nice guys”.

      Then factor the, in the age of internet, now somewhat more eternal memory of what happened and what diversity was really like.

      Probably not being done “purposefully” I’ll admit but sometimes defeat is found in victory.


    • on September 29, 2017 at 6:32 pm safespaceplaypen

      Place bets on which one comes out on top lol?

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  19. The ol’ 20% of men sleep with 80% of the women stat—well, most women would prefer polygamy with the top 5% of the men. They’re using the immigrants to change the social construct. Once that’s accomplished, they’ll cut the foreigners loose from support.


  20. Just empirically, if you look at high functioning, high trust, high IQ societies, they are ALL organized around k-Selection and monogamy. I could explain, but I have to run in a minute, so I don’t have the time. Just google William Tucker and Monogamy and you’ll be in for some excellent reading.

    Here’s another thing, though. It’s easy to defend monogamy rationally within the natural law tradition. No appeals to religious precepts are necessary. That, it seems to me, could be useful in pounding Islamic polygamists and their shitlib enablers by just asserting that polygamy equals barbarism.

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  21. Like

  22. How Sweden feels good today… otherwise known as masochism:

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  23. Candice Owens: Liberal to Conservative, quite the breath of fresh air. If nothing else, just watch the first 15mins. Everyone is waking up.


    • on September 29, 2017 at 7:13 pm safespaceplaypen

      hate to be a dick, but bro, wtf is up with people (like this nog) calling themselves “conservatives” then going on about supporting gay marriage? Jesus Christ this sh!t never ends. I can at least respect libs for being consistent in their “muh equality for everything” mantra, ’cause “conservatives” can’t be consistent on a goddamn thing. Just think of it


      We need more Roy Moore conservative’s, not milo-l’homo conservatives or rubin-muh-i-suck-dick-and-am-gay-too conservatives. Letting fags like these “represent” or speak for conservatism is like letting foxes guard the roost.

      I’m starting to think the whole idea of “conservatism” needs to be abandon, largely because of gay shit like this, and also due to some serious philosophical reflection. I’ve come to the realisation that a lot of liberal faggotry, including the behaviours of our great historical (((antagonists))), has actually been done in the past, time and time again. So in a way, libs are actually trying to reenact sh!tty traditions and ideas from years ago that didn’t work out, all under the guise of “progress” lol. So the term “conservative” is in itself kinda misleading and vague very similar to the term “progressive”. No one is progressing anywhere, and no one is conserving sh!t.

      Better terms would be:
      – Reactionary
      – Far Right Wing
      – Not a homo
      – Archeo-Futurist
      – (maybe) Traditionalist
      – Actual Christian

      Any way. the main point is this nog needs to sit down, read l’Heartiste and think sh!t through.

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      • It’s cool man… I can respect your position and I’d never say giving your opinion makes you a dick.

        I don’t agree with everything she says either, but, it’s the fact that she’s hitting on all the key red pill points (and speaking about them in such an articulate manner).

        -Media lies
        -Trump is trying to fight through that
        -Black neighborhoods suffer because they don’t have solid family units
        -Minorities need to stop blaming others, and build themselves up
        -Kapernick(sp?) is a b!tch, is anti-american, and is half-white lol (a fact she brought up that I wasn’t aware of)


    • Great interview.


    • on September 30, 2017 at 6:35 am Muerte aka Luciano

      i’d smash


  24. How many young vibrants got goat herpes in that story last month?


  25. “I must have missed the international council that convened to declare words no longer have meaning.”

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”


  26. Funny since the British press has this weird fetish with Mormon polygamy. They publish story after story about the LDS, with lots of comments about how yes — this proves the Yanks are backwards! Meanwhile, right under their noses…Mahmoud has just taken his 5th wife. Deflect, deflect, deflect…it’s the European way.


    • on September 29, 2017 at 7:07 pm Captain Obvious

      There was a massive 19-Century emigration from England to the USA because of mormon missionaries.

      That’s how Willard “Cl!t” Romney’s peeps came here.

      They were NOT founding stock Americans.


  27. Guess the race/religion of this librarian in Massachusetts, who recently refused Melania Trump’s gift of 10 Dr. Seuss books to her library. Liz Phipps Soeiro.


  28. on September 29, 2017 at 7:18 pm Ron Blasczykowksi

    Is this a Game-appropriate image to send to plate with whom you’ve been having erectile problems?

    Can edit out the top part


    • on September 29, 2017 at 7:20 pm Ron Blasczykowksi

      Might I add that she has expressed several times she really wants the raunchiness


    • Why are you putting in (hehehe) effort for a woman who does not give you a raging boner?? Trick question…or are you that thirsty?


      • on September 29, 2017 at 7:35 pm Captain Obvious

        Maybe (((he))) just needs her to milk his prostate.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 7:46 pm Ron Blasczykowksi

        “[…] who does not give you a raging boner?”

        Where did I say that was the reason?


      • What is your definition of “erectile problems”?? I bet that if you were with a thin 18-year old girl, your erectile problems would go away and you would say, “Oh, THIS is what Johnny Redux meant by a raging boner! Sweet!”


    • on September 29, 2017 at 8:00 pm Ron Blasczykowksi

      She’s 20, I’m 20. Pornography has taken a lot of things from me. Healthy erectile functioning is one of them.

      You’re getting me sidetracked. Is the image too Beta or nah?

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  29. on September 29, 2017 at 7:21 pm Vagina dominator

    @luciano “what do u think about leading with the dominant hand? i’m considering training more southpaw”

    Greater minds than mine in boxing have always frowned on swapping hands so if boxing is your sport and love, I would go with their advice.

    Having said that, the big danger in analysis of this stuff is to see forehand/rear hand or guards” as static positions like we are posing for a poster shot, but in fact, in the course of a fight, guards/hands/arms/hips are used dynamically and together as part of our process of locomotion (same as if we walk or run, we use the energy and action of the arms). So we have to anaylse what we do with the arms in f1ghting as part of an overall process of movement.

    So, related to that, I would say that one of the most important skills in both boxing and self defense – at ANY distance – is the ability to change your lead FOOT from right to left and back and if you can do it whether advancing or retreating, then the lead hand/rear hand dichotomy pretty much disappears, right?

    Hope this makes sense to you.

    I replied to your open hands question in your earlier post.

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    • on September 29, 2017 at 7:26 pm Vagina dominator

      Another way to think about it is that front hand Vs rear hand is only a phenomenon when you are standing bladed in front of the opponent. What happens when you cross him (with your body) to the right and then come back with your body to the left? Doesn’t rotation of the shoulders and hip rotation cause that bladed position then disappear and the front hand becomes the rear and the rear hand become the front?

      I see this as a footwork/hipwork issue. But then, maybe that is just on my mind at the moment.


    • on September 30, 2017 at 7:32 am Muerte aka Luciano

      appreciate ur input

      but yeah

      i ask because i’ve taken up a very bladed philly/crab style, but more aggressive. i consider myself a pressure guy. I like the idea of being able to constantly move in n out while having that shoulder as a first line of defense. naturally the trade-off is a little less access to the rear hand.

      my thinking was why not switch up the stance and turn the jab into something more punishing. and i guess it couldn’t hurt to become fluent from both sides.

      thanks again


      • on September 30, 2017 at 6:29 pm Vagina dominator

        @ Luciano

        Maybe what I have to say isn’t much use to you because all of my thinking is about “self defense” and that means it is mostly focused on very dynamic, reflex-based, explosive situations that are squeezed into moments and seconds.

        The whole philly/crab thing is as interesting as hell though because it is a really fundamental fighting position in self defense too, not just for hitting, but for use of the elbow in both attack and defense and so throwing, pushing, tripping, etc .

        Once you have the shoulder high with the jaw behind it, notice how it naturally also drags up the elbow, which can then raise very high, up to shoulder height (and that same movement then introduces what I call the externally rotated forearm – see how mayweather constantly – and illegally – uses the cross-dace arm on opponents to push them away and get distance). The dynamics of throwing up the elbow in defense also then contriutes to turning the body away.

        The defensive use of the elbow is a skillset that all of the top guys have. You see it in Mayweather of course. Never appears in amateur or beginner instruction though.


  30. on September 29, 2017 at 7:38 pm Captain Obvious

    Professor Says Women Are Ruining Their Chances of Getting Married By Being So Sexually Cheap


  31. on September 29, 2017 at 7:39 pm Captain Obvious

    Professor Says Women Are Ruining Their Chances of Getting Married By Being So Sexually Cheap


    • on September 29, 2017 at 7:41 pm Captain Obvious

      “University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus is warning women that no one buys the cow when it gives the milk away for free.

      In an extraordinarily trollish essay for the Wall Street Journal, excerpted from his book on the same subject, Regnerus makes a lot of sweeping generalizations about how the decline of [email protected] is a result of women boinking with impunity…”


    • on September 29, 2017 at 9:14 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

      This loser needed a PhD to figure this out?


      • on September 29, 2017 at 11:38 pm Captain Obvious

        It got published in the WSJ.

        Click on the link.

        Dude is bringing Game-Talk & Truth-Speak to the mainstream.


      • on September 29, 2017 at 11:39 pm Captain Obvious

        ‘…He starts out with this quote from a 24-year-old guy named Kevin, a man of age who knows all there is to know about romantic and sexual relationships:

        “Girls are easier to mislead than guys just by lying or just not really caring. If you know what girls want, then you know you should not give that to them until the proper time. If you do that strategically, then you can really have anything you want…whether it’s a relationship, sex, or whatever. You have the control.”

        Nasty, Regnerus admits, but it works…’


  32. Typical Swedish street scene in 2030:


  33. Determined to leave no nadir unplumbed, apparently.


  34. My favorite new book: Asli travels to Somalia and has her clitoris removed. Grandpa explains how great it is that she never is burdened with sexual pleasure ever again. Allahu Akhbar! Daddy went boom!


  35. Off-topic but this has been very close to being funded for a while now:

    Let’s make it happen!


  36. on September 29, 2017 at 10:02 pm The Philosopher

    Trumpys tax plan is a piece of shit. He should spend less time giving handjobs to donors and more time getting the wall done. The ocare repeal is another cuckold boondogle that is a waste of time. Immigration is the only issue any of us care about. Who cares what the tax rates are of 70% of the people in ur kids school have rabies?

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  37. Since our marriage, my husband has found it easy to become “Jewy,” (his word)—to attend synagogue, to keep a vegetarian-kosher home, to subscribe to Tikkun. Of course he’s found it easy. The tradition he grew up with allows him a certain commonality with Jews; a post-Vatican II child, he grew up with the Old Testament and never learned to blame the Jews for the crucifixion. He has no cultural insecurity or religious mandate to keep him from attending a Christmas mass with his mother a day after Shabbos services with me.

    But I will never feel equally comfortable with my Christmas presents, my candy canes, and my mealtime grace, and although I’d love to say, “Sure, I’ll check out mass with your mom,” the thought gives me the creeps. I love Ben’s family, and I’ve learned to respect their cultural choices—even their votes for Bush—but the Jew in me will never let me be too catholic in what I wholeheartedly accept


    • I’ve been in mourning since the election. My America is gone. Racists and “alt-right” fascists have seized control of my country. And the villain, the fiend, who made this happen was Donald J. Trump, along with various helpers, most notably the cowardly Republican establishment and the Russians.

      Well, I’m done with that stage of mourning. I still despise Trump but I no longer think he is responsible for this catastrophe. No, the catastrophe began a long, long time ago, even before independence from Great Britain when we built our state on the backs of the enslaved and the extermination of the native peoples who lived here.

      I know this is no startling revelation. So-called “revisionist” historians have been proving this for decades. But I’ve remained a patriot anyway, viewing the hundreds of years of evil as anomalies while exceptional moments and personalities like Lincoln, the Civil War, the New Deal, the Great Society and Obama represented who we really are
      The bottom line is that the United States was never the America of our dreams. It has always been a cold, hard place and Trump is, in his own way, an appropriate American leader. We need to understand that.
      (((MJ Rosenberg)))


  38. on September 29, 2017 at 10:06 pm The Philosopher

    Nice to see mnuchin and gary cohn, 2 classic rat people leading the charge on s corporation tax rates and the estate tax. I suppose trumpy will argue hed get assasinated if he didnt offer some largesse to some of the establishment. Bannon was right, raise taxes on the rich. Ban them from hiring mexicans. Bomb tax havens.


  39. OT:

    ‘Former White House strategist Steve Bannon is building on the momentum from Roy Moore’s victory in the Alabama Senate runoff to recruit other populist-economic nationalist candidates to challenge Republican establishment incumbents in 2018, CNN’s Dana Bash reports.

    Bannon is also making clear there will be retribution for Republican consultants who betrayed the party’s grassroots…

    “The populist movement is going to do a house cleaning of all those individuals that made a living off the conservative grassroots while stabbing them in the back,” a source familiar with Bannon’s thinking tells CNN.

    Following his speech at Moore’s victory rally Tuesday night where Bannon credited “the people” with the victory, he vowed to help the populist wing of the GOP win other Senate battles in 2018.

    To that end, he flew from Alabama to Colorado to begin recruiting western candidates to run against Republican incumbents…. Bannon also plans to head back down south to have meetings with those who may want to run in Tennessee for the seat Sen. Bob Corker announced he will vacate, and in Mississippi, to challenge sitting Republican Sen. Roger Wicker.’

    Hope he lets the two cucks behind the latest amnesty push know they’re not going to be forgotten by 2020/2022 either.


    • on October 1, 2017 at 12:55 am safespaceplaypen

      The fewer lyndsay grahams and Mccains, and the more Moore’s and Nehlen’s, the better things will be. This is yuuge if some kind of campaign/finance movement (goy dependent) came to be that would get behind solely far-right/nationalist candidates. Tbh this is probably THE only way to get fast change to preserve the USofA and restore balance to what was once a great nation. What Bannon is doing might in fact be the model for alt-right activism: i.e. get behind, campaign for, and fund reactionary/nationalist/populist candidates. Trump cannot accomplish anything because Trump is surrounded by globohomos and Trump himself is not sufficiently fashy, which makes him merely a stepping stone for more far-right politicians in the future.

      It’s an obvious solution, but it may really be the only one we have: fill up Washington DC with reactionary senators, representatives, judges, financiers, and presidents, and we will have ourselves a reactionary country. Till then, as long as DC remains a swamp, we will continue to get swamp-like policies.


  40. America is drugging up one of my 7 year old dreamers kids who just has lot of energy and likes to run around and no reason to give him Ritalin till he 18 them cut him off and get him on crack or heeoin.
    His brother at 6 years old did a ten minute speech on top of a tank and was channeling god


    • Ok rather than Ritalin send military school or anything else but drugs come on America get with the fucking program how the fuck u gonna drug a kid now I got to talk to people and shit


  41. I guess an issue I hope I can walk downtown with a sign for


  42. You ain’t drugging a 7 year old cause Somme harridan bitch don’t know how to handle a biy


  43. Maybe need lawyer I want to post the name of the doctor prescribing the shit if true it’s ok right


  44. There is the fucking story line teachers and doctors turning kids into drug addicts


  45. How the fuck a liberal going to with a straight fucking face say to keep the dreamers kids here like America will take better care of them when we gonna give half of em Ritalin probably andayne turn em into addicts so what the fuck send em the fuck home give em a chance we had the moral high ground let em go back and be boys and ask if they will take my little prodigyies to before America fucks em up


  46. The one that did speech is probably brilliant but not for long in the system and oh yeah he like me when young shoes taped up and don’t care national treasure for real


  47. I think I literally have the best video ever made on my phone could be personal bias lol


  48. Sound needs tweaked 5 minutes I’m he rips his shirt off tossed it off top of tank and continues


  49. Well, I dunno from polygamy, but behind every Player is a harem..


  50. Next book in the series: “Papa takes Aisha and favorite wife 4 to the beach.”


  51. on September 30, 2017 at 3:55 am Keyboard Warrior

    Most Western people are indifferent about polygamy laws b/c in the short term this only affects mudslims. But once this practice spreads to the white population and the Alpha Chads take four wives the betas will rebel sooner or later.

    Average men will not be quiet forever when it’s made impossible for them to mate with a female. At a certain point the humiliation is just too much and you don’t take it any longer.

    Revolution and civil war is inevitable.

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  52. Any CH people who can get to Greenville, SC today.??!! I want to hang out and pick up chicks. I feel lonely for something better than usual today. Need a good wingman to help me out

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  53. I will try to put my numbe on my blog then


  54. Where’s Arbiter to tell us its all America’s fault?


  55. test


  56. My proud seafaring forebears from Öland who braved the Baltic and North seas in open deck, flat keel, square-rigged wooden ships hewn from their own axes must be weeping in the afterlife.

    I pray, for their sake, the afterlife protects them the vision of what has become of their kindred children.


  57. Some good news from Eur-abia:

    Austria moves to ban the burqa
    (yahoo. com)

    “Acceptance and respect of Austrian values are basic conditions for successful cohabitation between the majority Austrian population and people from third countries living in Austria,”…

    “The immigration seen in recent years is changing out country not in a positive but in a negative way,”…

    Other measures to apply from October 1 include immigrants signing an “integration contract” and compulsory courses in the German language and “values”.

    Freedom Party of Austria (FPOe), remember that along with AfD.


  58. SJW Virtue Signalling:
    Virtue Signalling is no virtue. Its theft: of people’s lives, their past and future.


  59. What I wouldn’t give to see one savage right-wing gov’t in power somewhere. Just to poke this unspeakable filth in the eye.

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  60. It strikes me as odd that “Somalia or Sweden” could also apply to parts of the US with (once upon a time) largely Scandinavian populations.


  61. on October 1, 2017 at 1:25 am safespaceplaypen

    Goddammit tonight was rough.

    I keep running into the same issue where i go out, try to get into a good mood to approach, but then suddenly feel like the whole thing is pointless. Last week was pretty good, but last week the place I went to was packed with tons of honeys, most of which I wanted to smash, and last week I gathered the balls and did a hard solid direct approach that lasted longer than 1 minute very early in the night. This gave me some good social momentum, so I was more easily able to talk to more girls through the course of the night.

    Tonight, however, I did not approach early enough even though I knew it was the right thing to do, so the entire night became a downward spiral. A lot of contradictory sh!t was on my mind. I just didn’t feel confident that i would pull a chick that night and I just didn’t feel like having to rely on social momentum to get a girl. I’m sick of having to rely on “state” to get what I want – i.e. pussy. I’m not interested in “escalating” the girl or “winning her over” or “dealing with her fat cock blocking friends” or the hundred of other hurdles that have to be overcome. All i’m interested is fucking the shit out of her on my bed. That’s it. I just don’t have the patience for this sh!t.

    I feel like if you want to have success going out to bars and clubs, you really have to have a GO GO GO HUSTLE HUSTLE mindset, otherwise the environment and your own thoughts will crash down on you immediately.

    Goddamn, and another thing I’m really sick of is wasting my time talking to girls who i don’t even find attractive. I’m thinking from hereon out I only approach and talk to chicks that are actually hot and whom I would actually want to fuck and be seen in public with. i don’t know. maybe this is the wrong mindset. who knows. I know some pua’s advocate “talking to every girl” and “not discerning between the hot ones and the ugly ones because it puts the hot ones on a pedastle” but frankly, they deserve to be on a pedestal because they’re the only ones who get my dick hard lol. Why would I waste time talking to girl’s who I couldn’t have sex with because my cock would be too limp to make magic happen?

    Fundamentally, the BIG thing I can’t stand about going out is that I KNOW 100% that if don’t GO GO GO and mack on chicks 100% of the time then the environment WILL crash down on me and I WILL feel like my confidence has been shot. it’s the realisation that my own sense of confidence and well being really isn’t in my hands. If I don’t take action, then the loud shitty music and degeneracy of everything will make me feel like a pussy.

    On the plus side, at least now, versus 7 months ago, I actually hit on at least 1-3 girls per night that I go out. Whereas it used to be
    Thursday night: 0 sets
    Friday night: 0 sets
    Saturday night: 1 sets

    Now it’s:
    Thursday night: 1-3 sets
    Friday night: 4-12 sets
    Saturday night: 6-12 sets

    I’m starting to up the number of night’s I go out. From hereon it will be 4-5 nights a week, with daytime approaches for the remaining days. I’ve been really avoiding daygame like the plague and I don’t know why. Tomorrow I plan on heading out to DC to finally get out of my comfort zone and hit on chicks during the day. Hopefully things go well.


    • Have you tried going to a gym or a dance club instead?

      Maybe try going to something that you have an interest in, so just doing it doesn’t feel like a waste of time even if you don’t pick up any women.

      Also; if you don’t find the girls attractive they can sense that, creates negative feedback. Not saying they have to be beautiful but there needs to be something to pull you in, even if it’s just clothing style or personality.

      It will also make them rank you lower, after all why are you talking to someone you aren’t attracted to if you? Make them think of you as being “beta” in the literal sense of the word and not just the PUA community sense of the word.


  62. I can’t help but think of all the wonderful restaurants that have popped in Sweden. Almost makes the no-go zones and rapes worth it, right Sven?


  63. Not a word on shitlord strikes again trolling that country music festival in Vegas?


  64. Other people are just as important as you, it’s not ok to do anything for attention, get the word out to your social lepers it might be you next down the sights of a dork turned shitlord you helped to create.


    • this site has discussed extensively the fact that violence against innocent people is almost exclusively the domain of frustrated, impotent, low-SMV gamma and beta males such as yourself.