Exploiting The Lunatic Fringe To Silence Legitimate Dissent

I prophecied,

We know the Left knows it’s over for them, because they are frantically trying to preserve their cultural influence NOT by being cleverer or insightful or interesting or cool but by silencing those who are clever, insightful, interesting, funny, and cool.

And that rarely works. At least, not without a tyrannical crackdown on, first, dissidents, and then on normies who become dissidents in the wake of the initial crackdowns.

Today, Gab was silenced for being a friend of unauthorized dissident crimethink (h/t guest),

Gab is up now but it sounds like it will be down tomorrow when the hosting provider pulls out. (((PayPal))) pulled the plug and (((Stripe))) did earlier. And shitlibs are cheering.

Do something, Trump.

This is all about punishing the free-thinking collective for the actions of a mentally disturbed individual. As an off-site reader put it,

Aside from what is so unjust about this shut-down of Gab…I would add this company’s actions [joyent] against Gab strikes me as very [special people]: collective punishment. Tactic as old as the [special people] religion itself. What a coincidence.

Trump does have to do something, fast. He has to regulate these social media companies, internet hosting companies, and payment processor companies as common carriers. Do it!


  1. on October 28, 2018 at 11:04 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Bowers is certainly an accellerationist.

    But remember that Tommy Mair assassinated Jo Cox right before Brexit.

    Did it pursuade anyone one way or another?

    Assassination is a shit test on Democracy.


    • Its very now than say 5 years ago.
      Seeing the likes of Silverman and Ioffe getting verbally beaten up on Twitter by normies yesterday even surprised me.
      Before they would have had their asses kissed and given the freedom of the city.
      Not anymore.
      There is no coming back from this.


      • It’s very different now than 5 years ago.
        Seeing the likes of Silverman and ioffe getting verbally beaten up on twitter.


    • on October 28, 2018 at 12:59 pm Captain Obvious

      I have the strangest feeling about all of this.

      I feel like the Filipino Fake-Bomber plus the nonstop ta1mudvision coverage of El Caravan might actually increase the Hispanic & Filipino vote for Trump.

      Similarly, I feel like the synag0gue sh00ting just might cause a lot of Normies to scratch their heads and start wondering, “Now why would that crazy lunatic wanna sh00t up a synag0gue”?


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:00 pm Captain Obvious

        Sh!t like this:

        Campbell Soup VP who tweeted Soros conspiracy is out http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700645/posts


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:02 pm Captain Obvious

        Sooner or later, normies are gonna start putting 2 + 2 together and get 110.

        Or 1488.

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      • You are Bowers. Terminally mentally ill and unable to calibrate yourself to any degree unto the premature death of the whole nascent movement. “Screw the optics, I’m going in.”

        Even now you can’t grasp how self-destructive your autism is. An easily manipulated pawn of the very (((people))) you think you are Manfully Confronting Online.

        If you believe there is a possibility that this incident will wake up normies rather than turn them against the righteous efforts to take back the west, it proves you are socially isolated to the extreme. Do you even know anybody outside of this forum? How is it possible for you to be so incongruously detached from reality?

        This is a big fat L and nothing else. You have a narrative just as sure as any NPC, but on the other side. Which would be fine as know-nothing cannon fodder for the cause, except that you fancy yourself an indefatigable truth teller. You are so thoroughly programmed to interpret all new information according to your paranoia that you become an asset for the enemy. You need to be better, or you need to STFU.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm Captain Obvious

        Fox Business pulls episode of ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ with ‘Soros-occupied State Department’ remark http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700650/posts

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:50 pm Captain Obvious

        “We condemn the rhetoric by the guest on Lou Dobbs Tonight. This episode was a repeat which has now been pulled from all future airings,” Fox Business senior vice president of programming Gary Schreier said in a statement.

        A spokeswoman said Farrell “will no longer be booked on Fox Business Network or Fox News Channel.”


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:52 pm Captain Obvious

        ^^^^^The moar Normies see of this, the moar the Normies start scratching their heads.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:54 pm Captain Obvious

        Lemme try again, and see whether I can bust outta M0d:

        Campbell Soup VP who tweeted Soros conspiracy is out http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700645/posts


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:54 pm Captain Obvious

        Third try: Campbell Soup VP who tweeted S0r0s conspiracy is out http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700645/posts


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:57 pm Captain Obvious

        Campbell Soup VP who tweeted Soros conspiracy is out | CNN | October 28, 2018 | by Danielle Wiener-Bronner


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:02 pm Alex the Goon

        When normies see Trump and First Shiksa Ivanka condemning anti-specialitic speech, they will see nothing wrong with Fox’s move here.


      • This is a big fat L and nothing else.

        That would go without saying, were we not purveyors of our own sideshow in Clown World.

        The fact that it has to be said is, well… why we lose.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:03 pm Captain Obvious

        Matt, I’m not burdened by millennia of legalistic deductivistic h0rsehit & nonsense in trying to construct a narrative for what’s happening right now.

        I’m just trying to sense the zeitgeist.

        And I don’t think it benefits (((the Men Behind the Curtain))) to be getting this much publicity.

        The more (((tMBtC))) get pushed out into the spotlight, the more the Normies start to scratch their heads.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:06 pm Captain Obvious

        Similarly with El Caravan being shoved down our throats 24×7.

        When IQ-95 USA mestizos see IQ-75 pure-bl00d squatemalans being trucked by S0r0s into this country, I don’t think the mestizos have the visceral reaction which S0r0s is hoping they will have.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:12 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “When normies see Trump and First Shiksa Ivanka condemning anti-specialitic speech, they will see nothing wrong with Fox’s move here.”

        Except that there are an awful lotta Normies who know the name “George Soros”.

        And the incongruity of it all is gonna take a heavy toll on their Amygdalae.

        Again: (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) have no living experience in coming out from behind the curtain.

        The last time (((TMBtC))) got this much exposure was during the HUAC days, friggin 65 years ago.

        #MeToo plus “Saint George S0r0s the Untouchable” is gonna cause a whole lotta Normie amygdalae to start waking up.


      • You’d be right, Cap’n, if’n there were no White folks around to hate.

        But as long as there are, it’s Viva La Raza for them folks, in my ken.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:28 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “if’n there were no White folks around to hate”

        GE, these are very strange times in which we live, and emotions could break in ways which seem highly counterintuitive* to us.

        *Where of course our “intuition” has been utterly wrecked by 70 years of cultural poisoning.

        I just checked, and the height of the HUAC committee [Chambers -vs- Hiss] was circa 1948, friggin SEVENTY years ago.

        So no one younger than about 90 would have any adult memory of the directions in which the emotions broke back then.

        Today the pertinent piece of historicism would be in studying how (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) succeeded in destroying McCarthy, given that McCarthy was correct about everything he was saying.

        Traitors like William F Cuckley certainly didn’t help matters back then.

        And of course (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) succeeded again, two decades later, in finally destroying HUAC member Richard M Nixon, once & for all.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:31 pm Captain Obvious

        Although McCarthy died at the age of 48, so it’s entirely possible that (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) had him [email protected] just like they had General Patton [email protected]


      • Matt, I’m not burdened by millennia of legalistic deductivistic h0rsehit & nonsense in trying to construct a narrative…

        You can’t help yourself, there you go again! Instead of working the conundrum smartly, you label and dismiss and move on. Not only is it unhelpful, it is positively destructive to yourself and the people who share your ends.

        Nobody is asking you to construct a narrative. In fact, we are telling you to stawp poasting the just-under-totally-insane narrative you peddle by uncontrollable instinct. To be more precise: I’m not trying to reason with you (because one cannot reason a man out of his illness) so much as I am asking the healthy men among us not to submit to self-defeating, Obviousian tendencies.

        There is one overriding reason why normies won’t wake up to The Jewish Menace, and it’s not because you haven’t sounded the alarm bells often enough — ten times a day, every day. Normies won’t get with the program because Jews aren’t as menacing as you and Bowers so stupidly make them out to be. There is no exaggeration too ridiculous not to be sited by your type, including this latest one, in which you think Joe and Margie Bourgeois will start stroking their chins and wondering if those dreidel spinners weren’t akshually asking for it. WTF??

        Their (((influence))) is not menacing, it is one factor among many, and there are ways to neutralize and ultimately deal with The Question that will not require violent fantasies (born of personal issues) realized in synagogues. You and Bowers’ (and Brevik’s and McVeigh’s for that matter) catharsis does not a strategy make. All you do is advocate Reichtag fires that benefit the enemy and inspire the weak-minded 56%ers on our side to fuck things up for everybody.

        Worst of all, you discredit the idea of Talmudic Perfidy by blowing it all out of proportion. Their (((machinations))) require precise definition to be defeated, and you and your paranoid fantasies are not up to that job.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:36 pm gunslingergregi

        Except that there are an awful lotta Normies who know the name “George Soros”.””””””

        normies don’t really do politics just live life
        and get affected by politics had two chicks in last week talk about wanting to kill all the blacks but that is what they directly deal with so not because msm or whatever

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      • This right here is the kind of insufferable, self-righteous grandstanding you make possible. You have the same effect as a double-agent.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:41 pm gunslingergregi

        just them dreaming but that is pretty much any chick who deals with them


      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:15 pm Captain Obvious

        Matt, you’re the legalist who needs to conjure up a narrative in an attempt to seize control of every new conversation au Chateau.

        I’m just trying to sense the zeitgeist.

        And I don’t think it does (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) any good to have attention drawn to their existence.

        Furthermore, it’s been 70 years since they’ve had this kind of scrutiny, and they are very, very rusty.

        Out of shape.


        Intellectually decrepit.

        Which is not to say that they can’t regroup, but for the time being, they’re not prepared for this much publicity.

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:24 pm Captain Obvious

        Read the kkk0mments at Free Republic on the censoring of Lou Dobbs by Fox News – the Normie-Con/Chr!st Cucks are FURIOUS about it – and they’re openly poasting words like “j00” for the first time ever.

        This is not how a synag0gue sh00ting was supposed to have played out for the Uber Sanhedrin.

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      • Matt, you’re the legalist who needs to conjure up a narrative in an attempt to seize control of every new conversation au Chateau.

        I’ll refrain from calling this projection and just point out that I don’t participate in a great deal of the commentary here, much less “every new conversation.” But let’s take this opportunity for self-reflection and ponder how much you attempt to steer every OP into the singular narrative that consumes you. I’m not sure you have that capacity, so I won’t press it.

        More important: yes, in my attempt to persuade commenters and readers of my point, I do in fact recast the issue in a way that serves the message I am trying to get across. That’s not “legalism,” that’s called “framing.”

        The difference between your narrative and mine is that I make sure mine is supple enough to be responsive to the general discussion, whereas you stuff every counterpoint into four or five categories of schemers whether it fits or not. And because I don’t share your monomania, it might appear to sufferers of that mental illness that I am shifty like a jew trying to evade the JQ that will checkmate me for good. There is a give-and-take to human conversation that I suspect you don’t encounter much and therefore have little use for.

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:40 pm Captain Obvious

        There’s even moar kkk0mments on the Campbell Soup George S0r0s thread.

        Normie-Con/Chr!st-Cucks are on the WARPATH.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:46 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> I’ll refrain from calling this projection… That’s not “legalism,” that’s called “framing…”

        Matt, I’m not the one who’s projecting here, nor am I attempting to unload any sort of legalistic blather designed to influence the direction of the conversation.

        I’m just trying to sense the zeitgeist, and I don’t feel that the emotions triggered by these incidents are breaking in the direction which the Uber Sanhedrin would have wanted those emotions to break.


      • I’m not the one who’s projecting here, nor am I attempting to unload any sort of legalistic blather designed to influence the direction of the conversation.

        Like I said, I don’t think you’re in a place to give this idea due consideration, and I appreciate your not taking it personally.

        On the other hand, if you are “just trying to sense the zeitgeist,” isn’t it a little bit too neat that you always detect the same harrowing situation no matter what the developments are? It’s great that you are looking for the pony in the mountain of shit Bowers dropped on us, but the same short-circuit in your brain that prevents a balanced interpretation of phenomena is the one causing you to misconstrue the damage one hothead fixated on “screw your optics” can do to the cause he thought he was forwarding.

        We live in a world where Real Talk alienates more people than it liberates. Bowers’ “””Real””” Action will now alienate a million times as many. The need to maneuver cleverly around the (((standards))) of conduct and speech we inherited seems cucky, and I lose more and more of my patience with enforced frankfurt correctness every day. In this case, I do sense a general weariness and growing disregard among normies with the mawkish virtue signaling that accompany these events. That much is true.

        But Bowers’ profoundly retarded overinterpretation of that very nascent development sets normie awareness back by magnitudes more than it has the potential to advance. And you share Bowers’ faulty assessment of the zeitgeist. Correcting that misinterpretation is a high priority if we will ever do anything useful to advancing the cause rather than repeatedly giving in to frustrations that indirectly and all-too-jewishly heighten the very sources of that frustration. The fact that I have to explain this in detail is prima facie evidence that you are so detached from reality as to be subverting the cause. The difference between you and Bowers is of degree but not of kind.


      • This is why I fuckin call you Queen.

        You bleat like a fag.

        You’re gonna be inconvenienced bc someone acted. boo fucking hoo you fucking fag worshipper.

        Keep your fucking be-nice doomsday cult mentality to yourself. You Jebus freaks are all the same, constantly in a mental contortion to try and square your natural desire to live versus your messiah’s “dig your own grave” message.

        Norway needs 100 more Breiviks.

        Do you fucktards ACTUALLY believe they were gonna just let you VOTE your fucking way out of this? Oy vey, we’ve been outvoted, drat!

        GTFO here. The crackdown on speech WAS coming, IS coming, was gonna come anyway. Merely waiting for a suitable excuse.

        Betting line coming on this forum- over/under is a month

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      • Make friends IRL. Or online. However you can. It might make you less spastic and dyspeptic. You conceal nothing with your tough-guy cyber persona.

        You’re an example of the incurable cancer-personality that alienates well-adjusted people and infects social circles everyone is better off without. You’re the nigger who moves into the neighborhood and brings all the property values down with your couch on the porch, barking kennel of rottweilers, and crushed crack pipes on the lawn.

        Of course you relate to Bowers, of course you took the stinky bait I dropped here. You’re the same kind of quick-twitch, self-unaware loser attaching yourself to an ideology in the absence of an identity, a predicament made necessary by your complete lack of social graces.

        [CH: i actually agree with one of CO’s predictions that the Bowers unpleasantness will not redound to Globohomo’s martyrdom exploitation this time like they were hoping.]


      • Trav is correct.

        God bless us all after CH is erased.

        By the way, the JQ really still is everything. One murderer didn’t change the fact that the truth speech that enraged him is, in fact, true.


      • CO…check out twatter of $ilverman and 1offe…they are beaten up by normies
        You would never see that a few years ago

        [CH: that’s why i said i agreed with CO’s prediction. The times have changed, in no small part because the special people stopped hiding their personal hatreds]


      • King, you manage to make ME look laconic, and I’m usually the bullshittin’-est poaster around if you count poast length.

        I’m with the good Cap’n and trav777 here. While there’s no way to predict exactly how everything will shake out, and we may well get blowback, the (((tribe))) isn’t coming out of this without some dings and dents, either.

        They’re infuriated at Whites’ temerity in resisting them, and in a state of panic at the same time. They’re the same totally un-self-aware bigmouths they’ve always been, but now they’re airing their fangs and claws and poisonous malice in front of the world’s biggest microscope ever, instead of being hidden by the absence of the Internet.

        This is new territory. The Eternal Normie is being confronted by the raw contours of a reality they managed to block out until now. Plenty of them will reject it and hide their heads in the sand even deeper, but plenty probably stand a good chance of getting red-pilled to some degree through a long tunnel of anguish and shock at their comfortable illusions getting punctured.

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      • I don’t mind a bit of guerilla war breaking out before the real war is declared, but just once I’d like to see a worthy receiver of lead poisoning that would TRULY send a message.

        Shooting up a place of worship = bad juju

        Correcting an obnoxious (((news haid))) or (((pol))) = Profit!


    • Ever since CO started posting on this site I’ve stopped reading the comments. He’s annoying. (He did teach me one good thing: have babies)
      And now Matt King steps up and absolutely drops in the shiv, explaining just how ass pergers CO is. CO is a nuerotic’s OCD fantasy.


    • on October 28, 2018 at 5:10 pm Human Resources

      “Instead of working the conundrum smartly”

      How? Your admonishment without a specific solution reads of hot air.

      “To be more precise: I’m not trying to reason with you (because one cannot reason a man out of his illness) so much as I am asking the healthy men among us not to submit to self-defeating, Obviousian tendencies”.

      Ad homs and five dollar words are not an argument or solution.

      “There is one overriding reason why normies won’t wake up to The Jewish Menace, and it’s not because you haven’t sounded the alarm bells often enough — ten times a day, every day. Normies won’t get with the program because Jews aren’t as menacing as you and Bowers so stupidly make them out to be”.

      Support? Because there is plenty of support for the other view. Backup your cl;aims instead of relying on the political winds to give your empty words force.

      “Their (((influence))) is not menacing, it is one factor among many,”

      Again, support that contradicts the evidence to the contrary? Also, thanks for admitting that it is a factor.

      “and there are ways to neutralize and ultimately deal with The Question that will not require violent fantasies (born of personal issues) realized in synagogues”.

      Matt King has an answer that the Germans didn’t? We’re all eyes.

      “You and Bowers’ (and Brevik’s and McVeigh’s for that matter) catharsis does not a strategy make”.

      I’ve yet to read your strategy, or of the political structure that you are implying that you will implement it within. Again: hot air.

      “Worst of all, you discredit the idea of Talmudic Perfidy by blowing it all out of proportion”.

      Explain the extend of “Talmudic perfidy” to us, just so we know that you know what you are talking about.

      “Their (((machinations))) require precise definition to be defeated”,

      That’s absolutely debatable. There are plenty of general measures that can be taken. In fact, I’d argue that trying to out-Jew the Jew will leave your dick in the dirt.

      “and you and your paranoid fantasies are not up to that job”.

      Considering that you’ve yet to offer one concrete piece of strategy or other information, we have nothing but your emotional rant to lend you any credibility whatsoever. Your interview for “the job” is going poorly.


    • CO is right. CH is right.

      King is wrong.

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      • but kangz has wasted 18567 words
        attacking multiple posters while preaching frienship and self-adjusting
        the clown is one of the kind


      • Oh right got you. “Jews aren’t as menacing as you and Bowers so stupidly make them out to be.”
        =”look into the eyes, don’t look around the eyes and ..snap .. you’re back in the room”.
        Old enough to make my own decisions thanks. Could you mail me my Grand Autismo bumper sticker now please, O Stentorian One?


      • Actually, just a good old-fashioned vacuous and content-free ad-hom would do. I’m gagging for it, and you’re the Master. Or King.


  2. PayPal will cancel their relationship with any platform that posts the rantings of lunatics and assorted a$$hats. Selectively I am sure.

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 1:27 pm Macro Investor

      So social media are not platforms, they are publishers. Just what Zuckerfag has fought against, because he knows it opens up a very expensive can of worms. As soon as you start editing and choosing, you can no longer claim to have no affiliation with content providers.

      This is big and I’m 100 percent sure the reds are writing legislation as we speak. Get your popcorn supply now.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:56 pm Alex the Goon

        Might as well eat your popcorn now, if you’re waiting for Sessionzzzzzzzzz to prosecute them. The kernels can dry out, and fail to pop if you wait too long.


      • The legislation is already written. And the case law. But nothing will come of it. The bad guys always win. Next step—very soon—is the communists bring the tanks into the streets to crush all rebels and silence any remaining dissent for at least 30 years.

        We lost long ago. TINVOWOOT did not change because one guy murdered a few people.

        This blog will be gone soon.

        God bless all good and innocent people.

        Good luck out there, goys.

        The rabbit hole is true even if it hurts King’s feewings to face truth.

        Also, Trump set us up. The special people are actually correct to say Trump empowered this atmosphere. Dummies like murder boy didn’t figure out in time that Trump would not have his back.

        Very VERY sad times goys.


      • “So social media are not platforms, they are publishers.”
        Cillit Bang!” and the money’s gone!
        Nail, head. Well played sir.


  3. on October 28, 2018 at 11:18 am posts only tweets

    The acceleration of all these tactics, as has been noted, definitely screams the shitlibs and their ilk are aware they’re usual mumbo jumbo (okey doke) doesn’t have the sway or the pull it used to, and now they’re scrambling to silence and deplatform any and everything that stands in their way.

    It reminds of someone saying they’re not scared as their lips tremble and voice cracks.

    The more (((they))) do this shit, the more star systems will slip through their fingers*

    *gotta add a touch of levity, keep the spirits up

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 12:43 pm John Joel Glanton

      No it certainly does not. Most people I know have become right wing since Trump got in. The bleeding heart left are now looking more and more isolated and alone.


    • on October 28, 2018 at 2:36 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “It reminds of someone saying they’re not scared as their lips tremble and voice cracks.”

      (((The Men Behind the Curtain))) haven’t been under this kind of pressure since circa 1948 [HUAC Chambers -vs- Hiss].

      That was 70 years ago.

      They haven’t trained for stepping out into the spotlight.

      It’d be like asking someone with COPD to go run a marathon.


    • There is a lesson in Bowers and Sayoc we are presented with, and now it’s our job to take heed.

      If you don’t have a grounding in the highest things, if you are not conscious of what fundamentally motivates you, some random filler will rush in to take its place. It doesn’t even matter what the content is; what matters is that it is hidden from you and therefore beyond your ability to address much less control.

      The case for religion isn’t a case on the content of any particular dogma. It is a case for being aware of the subterranean and transcendental forces shaping your decisions, for ritually examining yourself and your decisions beyond the tendencies of solipsism. No man can live without a metaphysic. Either you own it or it owns you.

      It is why we refer to mental illness as “possession.” Whatever is possessing Bowers and Sayoc, it isn’t something they chose. The demon chose them, and they indulged. It doesn’t help us to associate with people who aren’t in possession of themselves. They are bad for business. They are net-minuses, as they so amply have just demonstrated. Look at what a clown Sayoc was, what flailing around he had to do just to fill the vacuum his mixed existence burdened him with. And now, by his fruits we know him.


    • The dogma of Christianity is the dogma that eliminates our dependency on dogma, both the visible and invisible varieties. Now isn’t the time to dilate on that World-Unlocking Truth, but it would do you well to start visualizing the possibility. Without a firm grip on your metaphysic, you are just another Sayoc or Bowers depending on happenstance to keep you grounded. There but for the grace of God go us all.

      The minute you see yourself in these losers is the minute you start to win. The tendency to categorize them into irrelevancy (Bowers was anti-Trump! Sayoc was a Injun Flip!) is the tendency to avoid addressing the more crucial qualities you have in common with them — which is, the hole in the bottom of your soul. It’s a hard saying, brothers, but it’s how you will come to know the truth, and how the truth will make you free.

      You are just as much of an NPC as any purple-haired freak on the left until you make an unmediated act of the will. To find that freedom you first have to do some work, and more importantly, to do the work, you first have to find the humility to realize you know jack shit. “All I know is I know nothing.”

      For those of you who find no resonance in this message, you are not born to be free. Those of you who resent being told the conditions of freedom have set yourself against life. But it’s your lucky day, because most of humanity is not meant to be free. We are mostly meant to follow what we have received. The ability to control oneself is a pure gift of grace. But rather than resent your exclusion from the rarefied life, examine the premise a little better and you may yet find the humility required for entrance into the kingdom.



  4. […] Exploiting The Lunatic Fringe To Silence Legitimate Dissent […]


  5. They’ll be coming for WordPress next.

    Trump says he’s going to erdicate anti-Semitism because current year.

    Alluha Ackbar! Call the termite guy!

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    • Trump has to say it or the left will use as proof positive he is Hitler. I wouldn’t read too much into his comments in this case.

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      • I understand this. He still hasn’t drained the swamp nor has he broke up Silicon Valley. The rah rah, civnat crap disposal might be for the next POTUS should we be fortunate enough to get one.


      • I understand this. But he hasn’t delivered on breaking up big tech or the Swamp. They’re trying to hang him for identifying himself as a nationalist (never mind it’s civnat).


      • I keep hearing this excuse for Trump, yet nobody on the Left is going to STOP calling him Hitler, nobody on the Right gives a rat’s ass about the epithet, and all the Silent Majority in the middle just keep quiet and let the voting booth do their red talking.

        Trump doesn’t have to play the game anymore… it’s quite clear that he wants to.

        Whether that’s a terrible thing or not remains to be seen, but stop making excuses for what is, in fact, old school neocon behavior.


      • 1488D chess strikes again! Just tell the Cville and RAM guys, even those Proud Boy cucks, they have to sit it out in jail a little while longer until Trump reveals himself as the Great White Hope after the midterms, and walks back all the ZOG kissing and anti-WN rhetoric he has made. And don’t take those threats he made yesterday in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting personally. He really isn’t coming after you just some strawman to placate the kikes and libs.

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      • Now it’s “after the midterms” when the hammer comes down…

        … not to long ago, we were assured of some “October surprise” hammers from the God Emperor, ranging in everything from DECLAS-inspired arrests of some high level Derp Staters to throwing guys like (((Rosenstein))) out on his ass, just as soon as Kav got seated.

        Alas, as usual, we’ll seen… hoping for the best, but getting awful tired of eating these nuthin’ burgers.

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      • Well let’s hear your take on things. Do you have one?

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      • Where’s you right wing death squad? What journalists do you plan on shooting? Trump has the inside knowledge and timing is critical. You have nothing but snark. Let’s hear your leadership genius at work since you are so smart. Come on lead us.

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      • You just heard my take on things… what DIDN’T you comprehend?

        As far as the future, you’ll note that when I don’t have solid information, I don’t make wild speculations on what’s going to occur.


      • And what was that fairy story you were trying to tell yesterday about how you never start anything?

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      • And since you don’t have a leg to stand on, you go into ad hominem attack mode, as if I’m supposed to take up Trump’s mantle and do all things you say he’s going to do Real Soon Now?

        Look, if I hear a violin being played poorly, that doesn’t mean I’m claiming myself a virtuoso, and you know it, disingenuous one.


      • I disagreed with your precept that Trump has to mouth the Narrative on steroids to avoid being called Hitler.

        How is THAT starting anything? It wasn’t a personal attack on you, though as usual you felt the butthurt that way and had to lash out with your usual ad hominem crap.

        Jeez, Louise… learn to handle disagreement without being so damn disagreeable. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 1:06 pm John Joel Glanton

        It’s funny because half the people I know are ready for Hitler, even normies are just like “yeah OK we need to shoot at that caravan”

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      • that’s real rich coming from you, Greg

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      • I would. We’ve been set up.

        Terrifying times.


      • And WHO might you be, stranger?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Well he either does something while he still can or the Joogle commesariate is going to eat him and his progeny alive despite how hard he cucks out. They’re not going to forgive or forget that he was a 24 month speed bump on the road to world domination and unlimited 3 year old “finger in the eye” shiksa flesh.


      • At some point, my friend, we have to acknowledge we’ve been had. We are alone with 26 muzzles pointed at our heads from all sides.



      • God is Laughing is correct. Greg is correct.

        Trump has not delivered a single god damned thing.

        What he’s done is one thing only: inspire guys like us to talk openly a bit more, risking our careers, and guys like murder boy to throw their entire lives away.



      • These new commenters hate Trump and jews. They sound like the synagogue guy IMO.

        I don’t trust them. Sound like feds or blackpill concern trolls.


    • Of course they will.

      So here’s my advice to CH- CONVERT TO ISLAM.

      Then we are free to be as anti-semitic as we want as well as patrol thots.

      If they call us out we either shoot something up (Hebdo) or bleat about islamophobia and they will BACK DOWN EVERY TIME bc rayciss.

      Seriously, look at europe- muslims are routinely mass killing people. Has there been any attempt to stop this or deport them? NO. The powers that be DOUBLE DOWN on more islam, especially UK and Sweden. Micron goes and poses with chimps.

      The censorship was coming ANYWAY, with or without this attack. They were not going to give up and go quietly into that long good night bc we have a single election go against them.

      Now is not the time for pussies and whining and eeyore shit, now is not the time for religions full of traitors and faggots nor whose commandments extol us to LOVE the people who want to fucking exterminate us.

      It’s time to think laterally. Convert.

      If Anglin did it, would his site not be JUST LIKE any of a goddamned 1000 muslim sites? Fuckin Farrakhan runs around spouting even worse shit than DS and he ain’t been deplatformed.

      Bc they CAN’T. GET IT? That’s what STRENGTH OF NUMBERS does for you as well as moral high ground.

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      • You fucking piece of shit traitorous nigger-lovin’ faggot. Rails against Christianity but recommends our host to take on a absolute shit form of gubmint passing itself off as a ” religion. ” started by a murderous , mentally disturbed kiddy diddlin’ piece of shit, and that is right up your alley. Tavis Smiley , you are a fuckin’ joke.
        If there is anybody around here that needs to shut it, it is most def YOU.


      • Finally, a brilliant strategist who doesn’t mince words about our need to …

        … submit to Allah? That’ll really own the libs, when we’re sticking our asses in the air in the literal name of Submission.

        Do you know a fucking thing about anything?

        What’s your last name, Travis, so that we can definitively connect the dots after you shoot up the neighborhood bagel shop? Or give us an Allahu Akbar shout out before the zog pigs put a bullet in your head.

        Being a loser like Bowers is one thing — at least at some point he screwed the optics and stopped LARPing. But admiring his spergtastic spazzout online and vicariously fantasizing your all-too-real impotence away is reaching levels of loserdom that shouldn’t be possible.

        Homey needs ta break off a piece a dat sweet darkberry sheboon-tang and chillax da fukk out.

        [CH: i think….i think!…trav was making the satirical point that if we all converted to islam then globohomo would be too scared to criticize us.]


      • Hey, Sinead “Difficult Brown” O’Connor just converted to the flying horse faith, all the cool kids are doing it.


      • trav was making the satirical point…

        Trav is self-satire. Any attempt at irony cancels itself out.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 7:11 pm Alex the Goon

        So here’s my advice to CH- CONVERT TO ISLAM.
        You first, but it’s not gonna work. If you’re White, they’re not gonna let you hide behind magic words or beards.


      • CH: i think….i think!…trav was making the satirical point that if we all converted to islam then globohomo would be too scared to criticize us
        pompous fool matt kangz dos not know anything about following well known concepts
        sarcasm, irony, satire…………..
        but here is the question that can bring you free trip to Rio to Bolsonaro’s coronation
        “How many words have matt kangz wasted on this thread?
        but but if you answer also the following one you will also get 3 painfully hot brazilians as escort
        “Could you summarize in less than 3 sentences, each not having more that 40 words, what this self obsessed buffoon tried to convey?

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      • Trav izrite


      • Look at these people defend cuckstainity just like a battered spouse defends the abuser.

        True NPCs- this is what it looks like in real life, people.

        Cherished faiths, pretty lies, a blue pill life. How long have you people been looking the other way while your priests diddled boys or your parish went en masse to haiti to give your shit to blacks?

        even now, Queen, steeped in this since god knows when, exhorts us to just get along and be friends…truly the jesus way and by extension we’ll love the enemy to death (our own).

        FFS, whistle past the graveyard already…the tune you’ve been whistling is getting old, find another. The left brings violence. For fuck’s sake look at history. They are ALL ABOUT it.

        From No Country, “you should accept your situation; there would be more dignity in it.”

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    • DJT is looking increasingly like the hot compress preceding the pimple popper. I don’t think it’s 11d chess so much as a mega-Chad with an epic rank in trollery. Unfortunately, this might not save him but it will be entertaining watching the whole pus ridden boil come to a head. It will wreck any fantasy remaining of USA as a nation or even an empire. The era of bad feelings is going to give way to a stinking hole and clean up duties where we once pretended to have a country. Oh well, it was a good delusion while it lasted.


  6. I don’t think you will see any action taken until after the midterms. I also think this will backfire on the Left bigly.

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 11:37 am posts only tweets

      I can definitely see the backfire happening, but given how contentious these midterms seem to be, I’m anticipating some serious shenanigans and tomfoolery taking place on “vote time”*

      As the old adage goes, I’m hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst.

      *h/t none other than lebron james


    • That’s not the lesson here. The left is in the process of backfiring bigly, but we don’t have the discipline to cease interrupting the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.

      Notwithstanding CH’s outstanding, definitive breakdown of Sayoc a few posts back, we have to mature the movement beyond the control of freak lone wolves who, in the absence of proper leadership, effectively control the counter-narrative. When Bowers said, “Screw your optics,” he was filling a vacuum. We allowed a hotheaded retard like him to define the strategy of patience and steady improvement as cowardice. It is such a vacuum that people on this board, today, effectively support the idea that we don’t randomly murder a dozen people because we’re too chickenshit. How is that not aiding and abetting (((the narrative)))?

      You have to call out and police your own, or it will be policed for us. Now, making a cucked fetish out of goring your own side is something altogether different and born of psychological weakness and self-hatred, as we see on the Cruise Ship Right. It is about calibration and sophisticated individuated judgment, rather than shunting all disagreement into ideological pens for ease of condemnation.

      Bowers is there but the grace of God go many of our fellow compatriots. Rather than avoiding that truth, learn from it. If we solve the bad apple issue, we win.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:16 pm Carlos Danger

        Well said


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:42 pm Captain Obvious

        Matt, a week or two ago, you were all about tolerating a wide variety of differing personality types within the Alt-Right.

        But now the Uber-Sanhedrin have scared you into calling for psychological purity amongst our ranks.

        That’s problem with legalisms – they shift with the wind.


      • AGAIN, let’s not glide over the circumstances of any particular action and skip to the “legalism.” You mistake judgment for dogmaticism because you are the most dogmatic ideologue possible.

        I am still “all about tolerating” useful people in applicable circumstances. That’s called being pragmatic. At the same time I am about isolating and excising cancers which have demonstrated the inability to be anything but malignant to the cause.

        You are *this close* to getting the difference and therefore my point. Don’t let the phantoms of predetermined condemnation distract you from grasping it at last! Sometimes even Jesuitical Cryptojews who Love Gay Popes like me make valid observations.

        “Everyone who hears the truth hears my voice.” Meditate on that. Truth is truth even when a jew says it. Believing that confirmed liars can never speak truthfully means you have no independent means of recognizing the truth but must rely on crude rumors and superstitions about the integrity of classes of men to do your thinking for you.

        You will only ever have a general picture of the truth, but never a personal one. It therefore makes sense that you are friendless, lonely, and shut-in. You have to take each circumstance, each person as they come. That is as basic a precept of sociability as there is. I am not merely calling you names, brother. I feel your pain, and I want you to have joy!

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:50 pm Captain Obvious

        Oh dear Matt, muh brother, have a wonderful weekend.

        Just try to remember that Reality doesn’t necessarily follow any preset Narrative.

        The various possible futures awaiting us are highly fluid & subject to change without even so much as a moment’s notice.


      • yes, Queen only wants people who won’t actually act.

        bc if we all just get along and follow the Sermon, we can win “with jesus.”

        or something.

        So here’s a thought experiment- couldn’t Norway use 100 more Breiviks? Wouldn’t the problem be solved with 1000 more of these guys?

        the issue is that yeah, the right and whites and cuckstains are too chicken to act…nobody willing to die yet.

        Mexicans didn’t have that problem when they ethnically cleansed S. Central. They went out and did it.

        AS IF the left really needed an excuse to start censoring. FFS, Cambodia just happened 40 years ago, did they need a gd excuse to genocide a few million people?

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      • King calling people friendless and lonely is the epitome of projection. And it’s obvious.

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      • Matt,

        You posses a breadth and depth of knowledge that I respect and admire.

        What books would you recommend a man who wants to improve his mind?

        Asking for myself.

        Thank you.


    • Doesn’t the new edition of the UCMJ take effect on 1/1/19?


  7. on October 28, 2018 at 11:24 am Franco Fellini

    Wake up, H. Trump will do absolutely fuck all. All bark, no bite. We’ve been conned. How’s that Wall coming along, by the way?

    I know it’s hard to admit that Trump isn’t the winning ticket. But now we must look to even stronger, more uncompromising ideas, and even stronger leaders, like Bolsonaro, Salvini, Orban. And maybe even admit that there are good reasons why alleged “dictators” like Putin, Erdogan, Kim Jong-Un did what they had to do to protect their country.


  8. And for those here that still believe VoxDay is on our side, go read his gloating post about Gab’s situation. What a spoiled little prick.

    I know Anglin had his issues with Torba, but hopefully he can help Him out since DS has been up and stable for months now.

    This sucks for Gabbers, but we are winning.

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    • He won’t pass up an opportunity to gloat even at the expense of decent rhetoric. He’s smart like that.


      • What the hell is wrong with him?
        He treats his own admirers like trash. “You’re even dumber than I thought you were.” He said that to this guy, Lovecraft, who had been commenting there for years.
        The man has good ideas, but suing Gab because of some alt-retard trolls making images of his wife? Isn’t that kind of thing a constant these days?
        He’s not going to be able to move alt hero into movies if he is hated so much. It’s one thing to have the establishment hate you. It’s another to have your own side bitter about your railing at them over nothing constantly.


    • on October 28, 2018 at 11:41 am posts only tweets

      Anglin handled his contention with Torba infinitely better than did VoxLame, who really should his true colors when things didn’t go his way.


    • Haven’t liked the guy for years. His response to Cville and his meltdown over Gab last year were disgraceful for someone pretending to any level of “leadership.” Ghosted from his site permanently around then.

      Anglin’s a bit of an ass himself (nowhere near Vox levels, of course), but he might have enough opportunism to side with Torba, for propaganda reasons if nothing else.


    • Vox Ghey is an excellent example of the need to “police ourselves” run amok. There is no consistency to the standard by which he writes people out of the movement, there is only a child lashing out after being ego-bruised.

      I otherwise advocate confronting the subversives in the movement, even if they are only being accidentally destructive in their zeal. But: In All Things Calibration. We have to be twice as smart as the enemy, and it appears that — like blacks who fear being smart as acting “too white” — we think the execution of subtle, high-IQ strategies is suspiciously acting “too jewy.”

      Vox is the worst of all worlds, an inversion of truth via self-aggrandizement. He’s in Mensa, you see, therefore criticism of him is not just invalid but evidence of congenital perfidy. Everything he has ever done is mediocre, but he thinks branding himself as genius magically transforms his chicken shit into chicken salad. The fanbois who consume his awful self-promotion are among the saddest people on earth.

      At the same time, Beale demonstrates the need to self-police hucksters like him so that they are unable to defame us by association. But, happily enough, he manages to isolate himself as a matter of policy. Problems that solve themselves are the best problems.

      I stand ready to work with any brother, former-brother, moderate, or enemy who won’t accidentally/intentionally sabotage the ends we are fighting to gain. But the defining quality of all of these subversive fuck-ups is their complete lack of self-awareness, and so they will fight like trannies against us to defend their suicidal weaknesses and major malfunctions. I suppose, like in most things, the best policy is to stand aside while the losers purge themselves, and as a corollary, to make sure you are far enough away not to be taken down with them.

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      • I’ve followed VD for about two to three years. I’ve recently stopped reading him. His commentary was good but the last few months he’s really gone off the rails. He think’s he a motherphucking General now.

        His ‘genius level’ smarmy talk always bothered me; only physical weaklings and those with poor self-esteem go on and on about that. I’m a comparable IQ level than he claims to be yet I have to good sense to control myself. I’m also not a chick, so I’m not really impressed with that faggot sh!t.

        Pretty sure Vox day has been stuffed in a few lockers in his time, and certainly has had sand kicked in his face while the bully ran off with his beach ball.

        I recommend Charles Atlas’s program, Vox.

        You know, like the advertisements at the back of comic books? Muscles in Seven Days.


      • bad news pal- you’re goin down anyway.

        the other side isn’t amenable to reasonability.

        they respect and will respond to one thing only.

        Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. You can repent later.

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  9. In the long and ardous slog back to 1912, when the US was still a relatively free country, this work will in no way impede antitrust action against the supermassive internet companies, as those laws were passed in the late 1800s.

    Clearly, if the feds can break up monopolies for oil, steel etc, they can à forteriori confront the media companies, where power consolidation is so much more egregious.

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 12:49 pm John Joel Glanton

      Fuck freedom. I don’t want or need freedom. Give me order, damn your freedom.

      Freedom in a country with 10’s of millions of niggers is bound to become a liberal hell. Mussolini said as much back in the 30’s.


    • They busted up AT&T in the 80’s , so I don’t see where they can’t rein these fuckers in.

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    • “The Feds” are paid by these guys.

      Half of Congress is fed by them and doesn’t see a problem with 100% of the info flow being favorable to them. Why would they?

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  10. I think the masterplan from the beginning was to lure all thought criminals to Gab, and then after such a false-flag event, to pull the rug from under everyone shutting it down.

    It either was a false flag, or we will see the rising of such anti-Semitic attacks by lone wolfs. Maybe it is good news that people have the initiative to act to bring forward a better (Jewless) world.

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  11. These Corporations are operating as Super PACS when they allow services to one political party but disallow it for another.

    They need to be regulated and treated as such. This will solve the problem


  12. More and more sheeple are waking up. Look at the comment section at RT.


  13. Cue the cuckservatives to remind us all that the ISPs and PayPal are private businesses that can set their own terms of service and you can just go somewhere else blah blah blah blah.

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    • It’s usually the shitlibs that come out with that tripe, as a sort of neener-neener…

      … but when THEIR ox gets gored, it’s all about muh 1st Amendment.

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    • Are not both of them on the NYSE as public traded companies ? Yeah, they can regulate them.

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    • but that’s true tho


    • The contradictions between “publisher” (neutral tele-utilities, like the phone company) and “editor” (responsible for the content they disseminate, like newspapers) are increasing and will soon be resolved. They will be settled on one side definitively by the courts. The companies themselves cannot define and redefine their purpose on a whim and according to no standard at all.

      This is one of the things our judiciary is good at because they will have to announce a consistent standard in black and white (or compel the legislature/administration to do it). Twatter and Joogle and Faceboog are living in and profiting from the ambiguities while they can. There are already cases making their way to the top, and some legislators like Jim Jordan are introducing bills to clarify the new landscape.

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  14. It’s been considered that it Trump got kicked off Twitter he would go to Gab and that would be the end of Twitter as there would be an … .exodus.
    Sorry, couldn’t help it.
    But with Gab out of the way, even for a few weeks, this will be when Twitter makes their move to silence Trump. This is the coupe. Once Trump has no more Twitter, plus the existing mass censorship, and the neocons surrounding him in the swamp become the gatekeepers, it’ll look like there are no republicans running for office by November 6. The normies are programmed to receive, as usual.
    All of this seems coordinated. Hopefully we survive long enough to apply what is learned from this lesson. Or at least hope someone digs the facts up from the rubble and understands it in the next go-around for civilization.


  15. ‘He has to regulate these social media companies, internet hosting companies, and payment processor companies as common carriers. Do it!’

    Go after the payment processors first. When someone gets deplatformed it almost always traces back to them.

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  16. They will use this opportunity to silence any dissenting voice, no matter how mild in its criticism, from the Internet.

    It’s the golden opportunity they’ve been waiting for to crush the opposition. It’s going to be worse than after Charlottesville, IMO, because this time the holiest of the Sacred Cows have been specifically targeted.

    Bleak days are ahead for free speech and free thought. They want a world of NPCs and some people stay in their way. They can’t help themselves, they have the souls and the spirit of Soviet commissars. And like the Soviet commissars they know that as soon as dissenting opiinions surface to mainstream, the system will collapse and the whole edifice of lies will crumble.

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 12:53 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “they have the souls and the spirit of Soviet commissars”

      That’s because they WERE the Soviet commissars.

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    • What is interesting to me is that all of this crackdown is happening when Trump is a President, and republicans control Congress, the Senate, most States and the Supreme court. Guess what happens if Dems take power. A wipe out of the white american cucks. Unless they grow some balls.


    • sigh.

      and yawn.

      have you people not researched what happened in leftist revolutions? FFS, we are not being genocided yet, it can and will get a lot worse.

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    • This. Exactly.


    • After the (((Jewish))) tanks rolled over Hungarian fathers in 1956, crushing the revolution, Hungarians remained enslaved by Jewish soviets for 33 more years. They were not even allowed to speak of it. Two generations of school kids learned nothing of their true history. Now, today, they remain poor. Smart white people who invented many scientific things, as poor as South American brown people. Because their wealth was literally (((stolen))) from them. How do you think Soros got to be Soros? All wealthy Hungarians are Jews. Hmm.

      All of the truth speech of the last 3 years remains true, even if a lunatic murdered some innocent low level Jews in their synagogue.

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    • Study Book of Esther.



  17. on October 28, 2018 at 12:40 pm John Joel Glanton

    Yeah this is a major deal. They should not be allowed to get away with this.


  18. The other option is to move your server to an independent sovereign nation, i.e. one that openly possesses nuclear missiles and is willing to use them if invaded. So what are the alternatives to Globomerica?

    France, England: More thoroughly cucked than us.

    Israel: Ha ha

    China: Censor first, ask questions later, bullet in the head if they don’t like your answers.

    Russia: Shut down dailystormer.ru because praising Hitler is illegal, which is understandable considering their history.

    Oh well.


  19. The only way to stop these tragedies is to ban ykws

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  20. on October 28, 2018 at 12:58 pm birth controller

    There’s no excuse for letting hosting companies and payment providers off the hook. Google and social media are trickier because they can introduce subtle (or not so subtle) bias and throttling in a lot of ways. Obviously these need to be dealt with. But hosting and payments are straightforward services. These can and should be regulated immediately.

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  21. I don’t envy GOTUS. Shit to do:

    Stop 14,000 freeloading migrants
    Drain swamp
    Help testicles descend amongst RINOs
    Wake the normies (get normies woke?)
    Shag Melania
    Deal with Russiagate
    Deal with porn stars
    Hold rallies to keep morale up
    Deal with NK/Iran/Saudi/various UN BS
    And oh yeah regulate tech

    May God give him strength.


  22. on October 28, 2018 at 1:06 pm Captain Obvious

    Victims In Pittsburgh Synag0gue Sh00ting Begin To Be Identified http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700586/posts


    • on October 28, 2018 at 1:07 pm Captain Obvious

      Anybody notice a Pattern here?

      Joyce Fienburg, 75-year-old, of Oakland
      Richard Gottfried, 65-years-old, of Ross Township
      Rose Mallinger, 97-years-old, of Squirrel Hill
      Jerry Rabinowitz, 66-years-old, of Edgewood
      Cecil Rosenthal, 59-years-old, of Squirrel Hill
      David Rosenthal, 54-years0old, of Squirrel Hill
      Bernice Simon, 84-years-old, of Wilkinsburg
      Sylvan Simon, 86-years-old, of Wilkinsburg
      Daniel Stein, 71-years-old, of Squirrel Hill
      Melvin Wax, 88-years-old, of Squirrel Hill
      Irving Younger, 69-years-old, of Mt. Washington


    • Welp, can’t call them “survivors” any more.

      Capt, are you getting a rancid gefilte fish odor from this?
      As usual, no photos of bodies.
      Mysterious shooter with no backround/friends till he joined Gab in Jan ’18.

      Next thing you know we’ll find out there was an FBI active shooter drill back in Jan ’18 at the same location. Or maybe there was a combat anti-semitism bill put in the Senate recently.



      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:26 pm gunslingergregi

        it was said they did have active shooter drills in past


      • on October 28, 2018 at 2:53 pm Captain Obvious

        HJ, with both fake b0mber & synag0gue sh00ter, I keep thinking of what (((they))) did to Papadopoulos.

        As I understand it, (((they))) sent in (((Mifsud))) to whisper to Papadopoulos about “Muh Russians”, then (((they))) sent in (((Halper))) to liquor up Papadopoulos and get him to blurt out the rumor about “Muh Russians”, and finally they took (((Halper’s))) “testimony” to the FISA court for the surveillance warrant.

        So Papadopoulos was simply a goyische vessel for moving a chosen Lie from one chosen’s mouth to another chosen’s ear and then on to the FISA court, which was enough for the (((Deep State))) to spring into action.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:03 pm Captain Obvious

        HJ, I could easily see the JIDF/M0ssad/Deep-State monitoring the t00bz, looking for unstable personality types which were on the verge of cracking, and if they found those types in e.g. Sayoc or Bowers, then a trained behavioral psychologist could cozy up to them [either on the internet, or IRL], and whisper just the right code words which would be needed to push those personality types to the breaking point.

        My guess is that that’s how the Bush family & the Deep State tried to take out the Gipper, via John Hinckley Jr.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 3:18 pm Captain Obvious

        You know, if he were a hired hand, then “No [email protected] Casua1ties” might have been part of his contract.


      • @Capt. …the common term for these mentally-shattered/compartmentalized patsies is: “an Alter”.


  23. on October 28, 2018 at 1:07 pm Elmer T. Jones

    The NPC meme:
    Liberals are not butthurt,
    they are buttraged.

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  24. 5 minutes worth of research shows Joyent is owned now by Samsung, a boycott of Samsung should be started ASAP.

    And the GEOTUS should slap some tariffs on Samsung, if they oppose free speech, then opposing free trade should get their attention.

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  25. on October 28, 2018 at 2:06 pm posts only tweets

    Need some tunes . . .

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  26. Trump does have to do something, fast. He has to regulate these social media companies, internet hosting companies, and payment processor companies as common carriers. Do it!

    But…but…but… Muh property rights!


  27. on October 28, 2018 at 2:31 pm gunslingergregi

    300 million people one shooter shut down gab it makes sense

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  28. on October 28, 2018 at 2:32 pm gunslingergregi

    72,000 people killed
    40,000 suicide
    just another year


  29. on October 28, 2018 at 2:57 pm Martel/Tepes2020!


    Perhaps he has a “Defense of others” case if he manages not to be suicided before trial.


  30. Just in time for the election and Trump’s outing of the FBI – DOJ coup d’etat. How convenient.


  31. “Black people think in a criminal way” says the white girl trappend in an african american body haha


  32. WhatsApp from Trump

    ‘I’m going all in’

    What a choice of words


  33. on October 28, 2018 at 4:11 pm Captain Obvious


    David Klion: The Republican party has the blood of innocent Jews on its hands now.
    Twitter ^ | October 28, 2018 | David Klion

    Adam Schiff says it’s ‘no accident’ Trump, GOP target Soros: ‘Whole modus operandi is to divide us’
    washingtontimes.com ^ | 10/28/18 | Tom Howell Jr


    • on October 28, 2018 at 4:12 pm Captain Obvious

      These threads are breaking out all over Free Republic now, and the Normie-Con/Chr!st-Cucks are uniformly APOPLECTIC about this sh!znat.

      It’s a sea change in attitude & emotions for them.

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 4:12 pm Captain Obvious

        ACE OF CUCKS:

        No, “Soros” Is Not Shorthand For “Jew.”


      • The normies got their first look at the rat face under the yarmulke, eh?

        It’s also something that the j00s are dumb enough to plaster big headlines around about how globalists and jews are the same thing. They just can’t help their big mouths flapping obnoxiously, and right now they’re doing it while the eye of every normie is upon them.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 4:39 pm Captain Obvious

        Ironsides, that’s what I’m sensing.

        All of this stuff which had been kept under wraps for CENTURIES is now being thrust out into the open for all to see.

        These are momentous times.


      • on October 28, 2018 at 4:49 pm Captain Obvious

        And the thread over at Ace of Cucks seems to have pro-Israeli j00z at the throats of anti-Israeli j00z [although that could be kabuki theater for goyische consumption] http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=377826


    • response needs to be to TAKE THE HIGH GROUND!

      “fuck they shoot unarmed gazans by the dozens, why should i care?”


  34. Why is Baruch Goldstein revered as a hero in Israel?


  35. on October 28, 2018 at 5:14 pm Captain Obvious

    Tom Steyer, Non-Jew, Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Antisemitism for Criticizing Him http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3700699/posts


  36. on October 28, 2018 at 5:15 pm Captain Obvious


    Tom Steyer, Non-Jew, Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Antisemitism for Criticizing Him
    Breitbart News ^ | October 28, 2018 | Joel B. Pollak


  37. He does have to regulate those companies but also ISPs.
    Hosting isn’t that important because you can always just buy and run your own servers and not pay to use someone else’s.
    Open a commercial account (not expensive) with an ISP and use your own server.
    But what if ISPs cancel you as a customer? How would you access the Net aside from setting up you own ISP and gaining access to a gateway?


  38. well presidente bolsonaro sound good, doesn’t it

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  39. We’re going to have to have our own banks, our own credit companies, our own satellites, our own server farms, our own world.


  40. Gab is run by an idiot. This was inevitable. He was warned to police the lowlives on Gab, he scoffed, and now he’s screwed.

    [CH: “police the lowlives”? what are you, the head censor?]

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  41. deplatformhate shake down of Stripe…