Seduction And Storytelling: The Science

Seduction is the art of persuading women to relinquish their pussies. The better you are at pussy persuasion, the more you’ll get laid and the greater choice you’ll have in quality filly. One important facet of seduction is the ability to tell captivating stories. The skill is so crucial to winning hearts and gines that CH has featured numerous blog posts covering the topic of storytelling.

In news that is sure to inflate my preening beyond my ego’s carrying capacity, a big data research project discovered that storytelling significantly boosts a speaker’s persuasiveness.

From a random sample of 700 audio and video recordings, Quantified researchers reached the following conclusion: Messages that included well-crafted stories were 35 percent more persuasive than the average communication in the QC database. Story-based messages were also 21 percent more memorable.

According to the research, presentations that scored high for storytelling were more likely to drive an audience to change its beliefs or actions. “Storytelling language gives a speech the qualitative elements that help audiences engage with the speaker and recall the key points,” says Sarah Weber, marketing manager for Quantified Communications.

The research finds that the best stories follow a classic narrative arc: Establish a setting, introduce tension through conflict, and then establish a new normal for the characters via the resolution.

You want to be memorable to girls. If you aren’t leaving an impression, you aren’t getting an inquisitive text from her the next day. You also want to drive your audience of HBs to change their beliefs and actions from “coy female diligently assessing all her mate options” to “fuck machine ready to anoint you the Giver of Tingles”. Storytelling is more than an exhibition of your verbal fluidity; it’s a bridge that connects a girl’s holesoul to your polesoul.

Princeton University researcher Uri Hasson told me that our brains are wired for story–literally.

Hasson and his colleagues recorded the brain activity of speakers telling stories. They used fMRI machines to measure blood flow to regions of the brain. Next, they measured the brain activity of the people listening to the stories. The researchers found that the brains of a speaker and his or her listeners “exhibited joint, temporally coupled, response patterns.” Simply put, the listeners’ brains mirrored the speaker’s brain–only when the speaker was telling the listeners a story. The speaker and the listeners were in sync, and story was the glue that brought them together.

Coupling with a girl’s brain is prelude to coupling with her love drain.

The best pickup stories in my experience are the ones I tell to girls that involve exotic locales, ill-fated relationships, and lessons learned. I’m careful to couch the events and players in terms and a tone that plausibly reflects an unwillingness to reveal these deep dark secrets to someone I’m just getting to know. This has the predicted effect of drawing the girl into the conversation and electrifying our rapport. It’s not humblebragging, it’s rumblevajjing. No girl can resist the feeling that she’s extracting some personal anguish or shadowy regret from a reluctant man. Note: intensely engaging storytelling is best left for the Comfort Stage, after you have ZFG’ed and teased her into a hotter buying temperature.


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  2. on September 12, 2017 at 12:52 pm Hackett To Bits

    You’ve done the pushing in the attraction phase. So think of this as creating your own movie, and you’re pulling her in with emotional investment in the outcome.

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    • having interesting stories to tell is part of being actually interesting. Works better than canned and scripted lines and games


  3. I could use some help in this area. Lots of much younger women around (20+ years). I have a hard time getting conversations to the hook point. Of course, I understand it means they aren’t initially attracted. But if I can get past polite one-word answers I’ve got a shot.

    Much easier with older women, but who wants them?


    • In the way of a tip…

      Can you see, in real time, what the emotion is on her face?? If so… calling that out, helps me suck women in (and I date girls 15-20 years younger than me).

      YOU: So how did you like living in DC?
      HER: *eyes light up* Blah blah blah
      YOU: Oh! I see your eyes lighting up… you love that place, huh, DC Girl?
      HER: Oh yeah…. blah blah blah

      — Typical assumptions/attraction/comfort
      — Watch for her to register an emotion
      — Then quickly switch the comments to what you see in her emotional reaction

      — YOU: Are you closer to your mom or your dad?
      — HER: Oh, my mom…
      — YOU: Ahhh, I see that.
      — YOU: Your eyes got shiny when you started talking about her…
      — YOU: I bet you guys are close…

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  4. The number one key to getting your duck wet instead of a sleepless night wondering what could have been is getting the chick away from other men, even your friends! Get her alone: you are the center of her universe. She rationalizes that she’s supposed to be with you. You get to do what you want, no other horny dudes trying to direct where to go, what to do and looking like the leader. When you successfully bring a girl back home and you have roommates: go direct to bedroom! Just do it. Don’t introduce to friends…especially if they smoke weed because then she’ll be there smoking with them when you could have already been getting your dick blown, squeezing her fleshy tits with perfectly textured proportioned nipples, and sticking your rod into her perfectly shaved, dripping wet vaj.


  5. It’s fun when you’re telling stories to women to use over the top hyperbole.


  6. I’ve always been good at spinning yarns, however that damn “good guy” inside of me would never use it for seduction since “good guy” considered it to be lying.

    Now I just DGAF and let it flow, mainly for my own amusement.


    • Women don’t particularly want to care whether your stories are entirely true anyway. Especially if the story commands a whole table or room of ppl. They just want to go along with the group emotion/reaction generally.


  7. *The best pickup stories in my experience are the ones I tell to girls that involve exotic locales, ill-fated relationships, and lessons learned. I’m careful to couch the events and players in terms and a tone that plausibly reflects an unwillingness to reveal these deep dark secrets to someone I’m just getting to know. This has the predicted effect of drawing the girl into the conversation and electrifying our rapport. It’s not humblebragging, it’s rumblevajjing. No girl can resist the feeling that she’s extracting some personal anguish or shadowy regret from a reluctant man. Note: intensely engaging storytelling is best left for the Comfort Stage, after you have ZFG’ed and teased her into a hotter buying temperature.*

    Can confirm every element in this paragraph. At the second meeting (first was on an airplane, during which I treated her like a child) of a tight-bodied blonde, blue-eyed German who sported a Ph.D, Diplomat license plates, and a high-income beta provider, I shared a true story of how someone I trusted scammed me out of a large 6-figure sum (I framed it as an expensive life lesson).

    Next thing you know, she’s literally asking me to have sex with her “all night long” and groaning as she fondles my chest hairs.

    Highly recommended.

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    • Forgot to mention that the antagonist was someone I met when I lived in Hawaii. The story boasted all three elements.


    • on September 12, 2017 at 8:19 pm Vagina dominator

      It is old PUA advice to future-orient them, to tell them some story or give them some image of how you two are together doing something wonderful in the future. It seems real – as if you have already been in a relationship for some time – bcs the mind is not great at distinguishing between fantasy and reality, especially the female mind.

      But it doesn’t even have to be you two together. The key thing is that you are able to make them think of and imagine pleasant or stimulating or dramatic things *that they are not capable of thinking of for themselves*.

      In other words, you are taking over from them the burden of having to think, imagine and plan – and they really want you to do that. Thinking hurts.

      Want to be a good PUA? Completely abandon any idea that women have any ability to think or act independently or positively. All of their imaginative capacities are limited to imagining how they look in new clothes and short-term scheming. That’s it.


      • yeah that’s pretty much true.

        For grins sometimes I let the woman lead the conversation. Not only can’t they think or plan, but they cannot even hold a fuckin convo. It’s like the most tortuous interview questions, nonstop. Shit maybe they read in some article somewhere about how they’re roaring feminists and should take charge and go get that man or some other fag-authored nonsense.

        “Where do you see yourself in five years?”
        Not fucking you still, that’s for sure lol


  8. on September 12, 2017 at 1:50 pm Oliver Elkington

    One thing i have noticed about black guys when they are talking to women(i work with a lot of black guys and so see them in their day to day life a lot) is that they usually tell entertaining stories, none of this “what is your favourite movie” kind of conversation but actual stories from events in their life, the girls always seem to enjoy it and is perhaps a reason for the sheer numbers of women finding black guys attractive. Anglo saxon males need to stop being beta.

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    • most blacks speak gibberish. a high IQ Shakespeare English-speaking clever negro (like Denzel) is attractive to women but he’s as rare as a snowball in hell.

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      • true, most of them do.

        but a lot of girls are dumb and don’t care or appreciate a good vocabulary or intelligence in a man.

        look how many girls use profanity and bathroom type middle school humor, sarcasm, crass jokes, etc. on a regular basis. they watch shows and movies that only a teenage boy should appreciate and behave like bar trash.

        it’s not just the young ones either. there are tons of women as old as their 40s who act like that now.

        low class low quality girls fall for low class low quality men because they are on the same level. and unfortunately, we have an overabundance of trash girls so we notice it more.

        best thing to do is ignore the dumb girls who fall for idiots and focus on the sweet smart ones who thinks those kinds of people are gross and not worth their time. girls like that do still exist. harder to find but worth it when you do.

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    • * the sheer numbers of FAT women finding black guys attractive

      GTFO with this shit. By every measurable and anecdotal metric, black guys are less desired than white guys in the sexual marketplace. Stop watching Blacked.


      • The most desired male in the world is the tall white male.

        A tall white male could be a lazy stoner and he will still be desired by 97% of white women and 100% of asian women. An average height white male is highly desired in the sexual marketplace.

        The numbers of white women finding black guys attractive is limited to fat chicks, deranged chicks, drug addicted chicks and other bottom-of-the-barrel females. I knew a cute English girl that was r-a-p-e-d by her uncles. She said she was terrified of white men. She felt safe with blacks.

        If they hadn’t molested her, she would have become a normal girl. She dates blacks cause she’s fucked in the head.


      • I see an occasional mudshark passing through here (don’t think there are any in the local population, mostly for lack of sufficient groids, probably). They always have the look of someone who is royally distorted in some way. Grotesque of body, grotesque of face, or grotesque of expression — or some combination thereof. I’ve probably only seen one good-looking, normal one in recent years.


    • on September 12, 2017 at 8:22 pm Vagina dominator

      “perhaps a reason for the sheer numbers of women finding black guys attractive.”

      You mean, as shown in Hollywood?


  9. on September 12, 2017 at 1:56 pm Earnestina Hemingway

    For Sale
    Baby shoes
    Never worn

    or trade for cat tree

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  10. >> The best pickup stories in my experience are the ones I tell to girls that involve exotic locales, ill-fated relationships, and lessons learned.

    The best “story” I’ve told a girl recently wasn’t DHV or anything like that…

    She was a daygame girl I picked up, that became a lover. And one night, she was flipping out on me… no real reason why. She had come over, we just started making out… and she started to cry, kept saying “you’re different, you’re different.” I still have no idea what it was about..

    But… I started talking to her about the nature of emotions, and I used a STORY to help me do that.

    I told her to imagine she was at a party. And how she was RELUCTANT to go, maybe in a bad mood. And then she was NERVOUS, as she rang the doorbell… a little social ANXIETY. Then she was SURPRISED when the person that opened the door was someone she wasn’t expecting. Then, she see’s a friend… and she’s HAPPY to connect with that person. How she might be HUNGRY at one point or another… maybe IRRITATED about some guy she might be introduced to… later SLEEPY…

    The theme was how she might call the party “FUN,” but it was really so, so, so many EMOTIONS… and how EMOTIONS CHANGE. Quickly. EMOTIONS CHANGE…

    And in real time, with me on my bed, she had age regressed, was super cuddly, super happy, very “in love.” I had changed her emotions… via a story.

    I took her to dinner, and she hung on my arm. One of my favorite dates of the year.

    Took her back to my place… and fucked her. She was a happy girl.



    • on September 12, 2017 at 5:55 pm Captain Obvious

      Where’s L’il DoG Jr in this story?

      Because you’re breaking her soul, muh PUA.

      You break a ch!ck that thoroughly, and then dump her afterwards, and she’ll never find happiness in this life.

      Instead, she’ll be consumed by The Darkness.

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      • >> You break a ch!ck that thoroughly, and then dump her afterwards, and she’ll never find happiness in this life.

        This is Capt’n Obvious’ version of a compliment. Why thank you, Sir.

        She is a longterm lover… about 5 months now. I’m not at the stage of my life where I want to marry/breed, but if I did, she would be a contender.

        Pump/dump is not my goal at all… almost never happens. The girls move on for their own reasons (often mysteriously), but I will date a girl ongoing, if she can handle being a “lover” and not a “GF/wife.”

        Something I believe in: Commitment causes folks to run. It’s “relationship claustrophobia.”

        A respectful lover relationship is easier to maintain and enjoy… so less reason to make on/off calls. Just enjoy her for what she is, as much as you want, and no more than that. You can be very good to a girl, for a long time, with that model.


      • darkness gotta eat too, nigga


  11. “You want to be memorable to girls.” Exactly. You want to be memorable to a lot of girls–so many you forget their names and faces.

    After midnite at a bar, 23 y.o. HB8 introduces herself and asks me to teach her to dance, saying that we have danced together before. First dance, she is begging for feedback and I tell her to just enjoy the dance–I’ll give her feedback after it’s over–she’s following well, but bobbing…I tell her that she doesn’t need to bob and she stops bobbing immediately…she wants to keep dancing, so we dance some more…I tell her about dance chemistry and that she is following very well…she wants to know how I feel about her and I pull her in…I could have teased her, but that would have been overgaming…we break and get water together and continue chatting…I check logistics…she’s there with her bf…I offer to friend her on fb to invite her and her bf to a cookout…she declines awkwardly…she obviously needs to leave her bf at home…we dance another dance and that’s it…I’m sure she has a crush on me…thinking about me


  12. on September 12, 2017 at 3:30 pm safespaceplaypen

    holy sh!t lol. This post resonates. These past two weekends i’ve come to the realisation that either (a) my DHV stories, lines, etc. just fucking suck (not causing her an emotional reaction) or (b) I’m not doing any DHVing at all, just entering into rapport like a chode.

    I’ve had several circumstances where the girl will start out excited, but then it all dies down and the set ends.

    Then I’ve had circumstances where I’ll really hook the girl, but the chaos of the environment and my own confusion and inexperience makes me think “well fuck, wtf do I do now lol?”

    It just pisses me off how if I just pushed it a little bit harder, and gathered the balls to say “hey, come with me” then sh!t would be different.


  13. on September 12, 2017 at 4:43 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    It’s important to note that with women, form always takes precedence over content.

    When you’re telling a story, you have to set the mood. A dark wood panelled nook of a basement pub, your balcony on a starry night with a candle lit, a winter evening on a sofa with candles and the right music. Make them feel like they’re part of something special. You may recall that I always sit beside a girl on a date; the battle is already half won at that point and they’re genuinely taken aback by the audaciousness. I immediately disarm by saying, “I don’t want to feel like I’m on a job interview.” They’re not used to this for most beta males politely sit acrosst from them on duly act as though on a job interview.

    I’ve travelled to many strange places/warzones so that’s plenty of material right there. I’ve also had a sort of interesting life thus far so I have a few stories to share; I will gladly embellish as required, makes it more interesting for both parties and they’ve never complained. Scary stories involving the supernatural and secret societies captivate them. Some get scared and hold me. As usual, pause for effect. My stories are built on what I call sequencing: built such that the reader is dying to know what happens next. Kind of like walking through a sequence of rooms in a Victorian mansion. Always drop some subtle NLP words (eg, succulent), and calibrate your story based on your audience: a 24 year old thot, a PH.D. candidate (lol), or the forreign girl whose English ain’t 100%.

    It’s gotten me laid quite a bit.


    • on September 12, 2017 at 4:45 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      Ps, like any good novelist, develop the characters in your story. It’s not just “some guy did this”, describe them, like I did a few weeks ago about that French scallywag who lived with aunt for several years.


      • on September 12, 2017 at 5:59 pm Captain Obvious

        “that French scallywag”

        I liked that character.

        But it really bothered me that he never bloated your aunt’s belly with some cousins for you.


      • on September 12, 2017 at 8:26 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        He was hard not to like.

        Well as it just so happens, they had an illegitimate child together who’s now about 20. They’d both had 2 keeds from previous marriages.


    • The side by side sitting arrangement is powerful. Allows you to turn your head and stare into her eyes without an unnatural vibe to it. When she stares back, you can either go for the kiss or withhold it. Both options build attraction (both are also hard to execute from across the table).


    • Pro tip, sitting next to a girl. I will usually make a big deal of moving from across the table to next to her halfway through a date……dramatic raise in temperature….dominance ftw.
      Not to mention the ability to kino when next to her. If you can get your thighs to hold contact while you are talking, you’re set for the close.


  14. For me, and for lots of other guys I think the biggest obstacle isn’t storytelling itself, its that they think they don’t deserve to talk for that long.

    The Average guy doesn’t start telling a story because he thinks people won’t listen. Or he crams it all in to a few sentences to get to the good ending fast because he thinks people will stop listening.

    It helps to view it as a compliance test. How long will a girl (or crowd of people) just shut up and pay attention and listen to you talk? Go a little longer than you’re used to, try to break out of your comfort zone.

    Viewing it as compliance rather telling a killer a story helped me out significantly. Its just a test. See how much compliance you can get and adjust.

    If people are tuning you out or peeling off as you’re telling a story, it could be a bad story, but it could just be your value is not that high enough.

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  15. What do you all think of Brian Begin/Fearless? Seems like he covers a lot regarding a proper frame. Or would you recommend alternatives?


  16. Many times experienced and was surprised to see how the use of imagery, emotional triggers, suspense and other elements of good story telling placed the object of my desire in a fantastical alternate reality. Like being transported onto a movie set. Then, with gentle but deliberate direction (wear this, do this, etc.) anything – (like role-playing), goes. There seems to be an element of sociopathy(?) in all this. But, what fun it has been. Now appreciate much more the ladies with two feet on the ground.


  17. Practice telling stories.

    First, do Jordan Peterson’s self-authoring. It’s something you should do anyway, and it will put you in the frame of mind where your life’s experiences and future goals are in mind.

    Then, alone in a quiet room, bring up Heartiste’s 16 laws, and try to think of a story that demonstrates you have followed each one. If the experience is not there, make something up that you can see yourself or a future self doing. Worst case, tell a story where you did the opposite, it didn’t work out, and see if you can get some vulnerability game from it. DO NOT try to make a failure sound like a win and be the secret king. The important thing is to tell the story aloud and practice it like something you can work into conversation.

    Then look at Common Shit Tests, and see if you can respond with an agree&amplify story. Do not think of stories that argue against a shit test. They need to be A&A, or at a minimum, plow through. When you get a shit test question, say that reminds me of a story, and tell a tangentially related story.

    Last, search for bucket lists. If you’ve done things on other people’s bucket lists, tell the story. Try to have a intro, conflict, resolution at a minimum if you have no practice structuring a story. If you want to develop more skills, Chuck Palahniuk has a great course on LitReactor. (That’s the guy who wrote Fight Club)


  18. Story-telling is a necessary skill in the art of pickup. Most importantly it’s one you should always have up your sleeves. Having already well thought out stories can always come in handy. Great work.