The Science Of Mean Girls

Another telling indication of the cramped mental universe of white knights and dyke-wave feminists is their studied ignorance of the existence of intrasexual female competition. Women, in their way, can be harsh toward what they perceive to be their sexual market competition. It’s not always female conformism and gogrrl #MeToo mutual ego stroking. We go to SCIENCE on the scene for evidence of lengua a lengua calumny among the fairer sex:

Why fertile women hate a pretty face

Everyone loves a pretty face – except those women who might see it as a threat. With eyes on the competition, women of childbearing age rate other attractive women consistently lower than women who have entered menopause, according to a new study.

“It’s almost as if they’re putting down other attractive women,” says Benedict Jones, a psychologist at Aberdeen University, UK, who led the study of 97 middle-aged women.


No matter their menopausal status, women favoured masculine-looking men. Yet when rating other women, women still able to have children rated feminine faces as slightly less attractive than menopausal women.

Competition between fertile women seems like the best explanation, Jones says. “It’s quite well established that as women go through menopause they shift from a mating-oriented mindset to more family-oriented mindset,” he says.

me-OW! Women don’t fight with fists (unless they’re ghetto queens); they fight with gossip, innuendo, and slander. And they’re very good at it, coming as naturally to them as it does to the soystaff at

The question I ask myself is what evolutionary benefit, exactly, do these catty fertile women receive from under-rating pretty women? It’s not as if a woman’s spitefully harsh rating of her feminine competition will change men’s minds about what they find attractive. Men judge women through their own male eyes, not through other women’s eyes.

My guess is that women undermine pretty women to avoid slipping into a long-term depressive state themselves that will hurt their chances to attract quality men. Looks are 99% of a woman’s skill set, but after controlling for looks men will prefer the company of a happy woman over a despondent woman. Happy women think they HAVE A CHANCE. Sad women don’t bother trying to flirt with men, and so men figure they aren’t interested in being solicited. Maybe these nasty woman games give women just enough of an edge to out-shine other women of similar SMV. (There’s no way in this reality a LSMV woman outshines a HSMV woman. As in any war, the worst fighting is between close cousins.)

Another theory I have is that cattiness demoralizes the female competition if they are informed of the gossip campaign against them. Demoralized women might cede the mating field to other women of equivalent SMV, and men won’t meet women who don’t make themselves available for meeting.


  1. L.P Hartley’s, “Facial Justice.”

    From the wiki article about the book,

    “A young woman named Jael 97, who has been reported to the Ministry of Facial Justice for being “facially over privileged” and causing discontent among other women, approaches the Equalisation (Faces) Centre to have a synthetic “Beta” face fitted so that she will blend in with the community. At the urging of a friend, however, she decides to put this off. Her resultant guilt, along with subsequent events—her forbidden delight at the idea of “height” during an excursion to the ruined tower of Ely Cathedral; her injury in a planned motor-coach accident during her return from the excursion; her rescue by the Inspector Michael, with whom she falls in love; and her involuntary “Betafication” at the hospital to which she is taken—provokes her rebellious spirit, and she forms a resistance group whose aim is to undermine the regime and show it up as ridiculous. She also writes articles in magazines and papers, in which she deliberately stretches the rules of society to ridiculous proportions—suggesting, for instance, that spelling and grammatical errors in writing should not be criticised, as this can lead to envy and bitterness between people.”

    Written in 1960.


  2. Crab mentality at its finest


  3. Masculine looking men.

    Or masculine acting men?

    Only one can be determined from a picture. Field evidence shows females are attracted to both.


    • on December 15, 2017 at 5:33 pm strongwhitecock

      Look close enough and you’ll almost always find correlating physiognomy. Soyboys don’t act like alphas.

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      • Krauser talks about how a man’s face can change over time, if his mindset and behavior change.

        Take a man that might have reasonable SMV and masculinity. Drown him in feminist BS. Take a sample of his face. Then, redpill him. He works hard, increase SMV through hard work and proving himself. Lay counts > 25. Genuine confidence increase. Take a sample of his face.

        I think Krauser makes an interesting point. As your internal vision changes, the way you might cock your eyebrows… the tightness of your jaw… could all change.

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      • on December 15, 2017 at 9:55 pm strongwhitecock

        DaysofGame, I would like to read more about that, but have always suspected that. The mind is a powerful thing, and the changing of ones facial features, if only through subconscious muscle tightening and flexing but also possibly by effects of hormones, is possible. I mention hormones thinking of a soyboy who goes through the redpill change and gets testosterone, gaining some chisled features, or a high-T woman whose hard features soften after much needed lowering of t-levels.

        You can judge a book by it’s cover if you know what to look for – the crazy eyes, the thousand cock stare, the cold eyes of a killer – all are betrayed externally by what is or isn’t inside the mind and soul.


  4. […] The Science Of Mean Girls […]


  5. Wouldn’t the evolutionary mechanism responsible for this, be much older then the human development of language ? Otherwise, this, supposedly, instinctual competion would have to have a very recent development .


  6. Cattiness is a form of ostracism from the girl-herd. It’s an error to think of them solely as individuals. Game is after all the recognition and leveraging of the wisdom that they are indeed all like that.

    Every female clique has its own hierarchy with a queen, ladies in waiting and always a fat/ugly court jester sheepdog c-ckblocker.

    Their order of rank is based upon looks and popularity (high school never ends).

    Therefore, the intrasexual venom they spew is likely a mechanism to protect the internal order of their herd from outside competitors for alpha males and their lieutenants.

    All mean girl genre movies are essentially the story of how a new pretty girl finds her place in the local thotarchy.

    For proto red pill, see the 80s movie Heathers.

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  7. Speaking of science, I found this tidbit to be interesting:

    Millennial men are a lot likelier than older generations to feel pressure to get into a fistfight if provoked (69%), sleep with a lot of people (61%) and participate when other men are talking about women in a sexual manner (57%), according to Pew Research Center’s new gender study.


    • Possible projection of soyboy’s making them feel a need to show off more.

      Possible sign of increased female power.

      Possibly just what happens when diversity increases, need for sex/procreation and more likely to fight because on edge.


    • >”Millennial men are a lot likelier than older generations to feel pressure to get into a fistfight if provoked (69%)”

      it’s called not being a bitch

      i don’t understand how any man can put up with being disrespected


      • This is surprisingly. I see less fistfights now than I ever have. Then again I rarely go to bars anymore which is the only place I saw fights.


      • I have to agree with Jay. People, at least white people, definitely fight less than they used to. That doesn’t really square with millennials “feeling more pressure” yadda.


      • Agree with Jay. Way less physical fights than there used to be, at least among white people. Also, less bar fights, not least because there are way less bars.


      • The biggest problem is; the quote at least doesn’t seem to be breaking it down by race and since there are more PoC now than there used to be and proportionately less white people.

        Well, that could be all it is.

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      • Random Guy, excellent point. That excerpt was all that there was, but I’m sure digging in deeper we would no doubt see that it’s all the nigglet Luciano’s acting that way.


    • Millennials feel pressure to fukc and fight….. and then shuffle away to their masturbatoria for 13-hour marathon tardphone sessioning. They do this every day, of every week, of every year, til the neuroimplants come.


  8. Women vs women cattiness is so very real. Which is why the verbal diarrhea of queen cunt Sheryl Sandberg is such loathsome bullshit. Post-wall witches sitting around sipping wine, kvetching about their divorces, and pretending how wonderful she is may be worse though. Btw, what has that woman ever created? Say what you want about Zuckerberg, but at least the guy built something. She literally meets the precise definition of “parasite.”


    • I recall some time ago when my mom’s female co-worker had stopped by to either help move or sell her something.

      Anyways, the lady had her daughter with her and the woman was railing either about her boyfriend or some man (maybe ex-hubby), and the daughter, probably no more than six, was chiming in, no doubt mimicking the mom herself and probably the mom’s friends that she might have overheard at some point.

      I wasn’t near to the point I am now, but I knew something was wrong and that that girl, responding as she was, was bad business all around.


      • women like that should have their kids taken away. the daughter will no doubt end up just like her.

        mothers who complain constantly about how hard it is be a woman, be a mom, be in a relationship, work, etc. never actually have valid reasons to complain.

        they are almost always self involved narcissists who want unearned sympathy and attention for what other women will do easily and with a pleasant attitude the entire time.

        they are a pain in the ass to be around and ruin their children and anyone else that stupidly finds themselves entangled with them. don’t ask me how i know.


      • My ex fiancee worked in a high end beauty salon/spa. Every now and then I would go visit her, while she worked on her clients, I got to sit and read chick fashion mags (pre smartphone days) while listening to the gossip. And holy crap! We are talking women in their 20s and 30s, not teens. The stuff they say about other women is shocking. But the part that, considering the whole “diversity and vibrancy” trend going on, is the most telling is the racism. I noticed black women got the worst comments, mostly because of their disproportionate derrieres and tacky attitudes, sprinkled with occasional mutterings of choice terms like nigger or monkey. So every time I see women like that virtue signal about racism, I just laugh at the sheer hypocrisy.


  9. Women’s inhumanity to women.


  10. I’ve always said, if we had a woman as POTUS, her first move would be to rename the CIA the Dept. of Eavesdropping. And it would be the most ruthless agency in govt.


  11. Possibly relevant:

    Polish Girls ‘too pretty’ for British schools: A Polish pretty girl suffered depression, ulcers, anemia because of bullying in an English School.


    • Many Polish teens are arriving in Great Britain as well as in other countries after Poland’s entry into the European Union in 2004.

      One Polish girl, Magda Kwiatkowska, a tall, thin and blue eyed blonde pretty girl, turned the heads of local boys as soon as she enrolled at a high school in London’s Acton district. According to her mother, the local girls don’t like her daughter , they sort of bullied her with ironic comments, finger pointing and pushing her around. The threats become so intense Magda developed anemia, depression, ulcers and Crone’s Disease which is an illness of the digestive system.

      Magda’s father said about this bullying “My daughter was terrorised by other girls who the boys no longer paid attention to. She begged me to pick her up on time after school and was afraid to walk around town alone.”

      He couldn’t believe at first because of his daughter’s looks all these problems are cropping up, so he shifted her to another school. However, same situation developed in the new school also, Magda was bullied by the girls and the boys, English and Polish boys, were fighting each other because of her.

      Magda couldn’t handle this, so she went back to Poland to continue her studies and now seeing a therapist to overcome the trauma of bullying.

      The newspaper, Zycie Warszawy also reports that fist fights over Polish girls have broken out between gangs of British and Polish teenage boys in Lincoln, near Nottingham.


      • I was in Ireland 6 years ago. All the waiters and bartenders were from eastern Europe, predominantly Poland. They were far and beyond more attractive than the natives. In sure it’s the same in England.

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      • Didn’t South Park make a classic episode about this, where Bebe gets boobs, the boys turn into troglodytes and the girls call her a slut and tell her she has a big gaping vagina?

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      • this doesn’t surprise me at all.

        i’m mostly british myself so i’m not knocking the british overall. but from my experience every woman i’ve know who is all or mostly british/irish has been low average or worse in looks. they tend to age very badly too.

        eastern european girls are by far the most attractive women on the planet.

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      • british/irish girls also have nasty personalities too. they call it strong or whatever but being a bitch is the opposite of strong

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      • Any hot women I met in the DC area were from Eastern Europe. The gulf in quality was breathtaking.
        Bar Servers or just walking down the street get blown away by their legs, heels, a little make up.
        So that’s how women are suppose to look!
        Actually made me angry as I was around average every day in work or hb6s who made no effort.

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      • haha

        that’s perfect mendo


      • “but from my experience every woman i’ve know who is all or mostly british/irish has been low average or worse in looks. they tend to age very badly too.”

        I thank the good Lord the white American gene pool had a whole freaking lot of German dumped into it.

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      • DC local girls are frumpy. I first noticed it returning from college.


      • Lower and working class brits can be some of the most savage people on the planet.

        They didn’t conquer 3/5 of the planet with good manners and superior use of adjectives. They did it by harnessing the savagery of their lower classes. They’ll hack you and your family to pieces and laugh about it over a pint. Very willing and able to do violence. The majority of SAS come from this class.

        The only criminal class I find more disturbing than the brits are Russians.

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    • i wonder what the nationalities/ethnicities of the girls doing the bullying are


  12. “…It’s not as if a woman’s spitefully harsh rating of her feminine competition will change men’s minds about what they find attractive.”

    Solipsism my good man. It’s the same as any other time women conflate what arouses them to also work on men. A female will not go out with a man she finds sexy if all of her friends are ragging on him. Women being more prone to the influence of the cultural winds will mistakenly think them saying another female is unattractive will make it so within the mind of a man.

    When I was in my young 20’s a good looking blonde I was angling made herself unavailable to me. Undeterred we till hung out but I was making moves else where. In the atrium of our college we were talking and I pointed out a good looking skinny punk girl and told her that was my next target. “Her?!” she replied with indignation and then proceeded to tell me what was wrong with her. Yet, the penis cared not. A week later me and her were going out anyway but the facts are the same. I knew immediately she was trying to dissuade me in hopes that I would remain an option.


  13. Reminds no of something my mom always tells me: ‘you can’t afford to pout in public. “ You hav a face where you have to smile.” Of course it stings but it’s true and somewhat helpful. My ‘attractiveness’ comes from my cheerful and bubbly attitude. Half of the time I’m depressed on the inside but I find I get more accomplished with a positive attitude. When it comes to romantic relationships I’ve realized that no matter how much of a fun, loving, cheerful, etc woman you are, if a man doesn’t find you attractive, all that is meaningless. And enters the ‘sociopathic’ tendencies. Being good only matters after the physical. I understand just a little what the supportive loving monogamous BETA goes through.


  14. on December 15, 2017 at 5:28 pm strongwhitecock

    Good read. In my personal experiences, I have never seen an HB8+ Be severely mean or undercut other women. Why should they? They probably know how hot they already are, and that there isn’t much competition for themselves. It’s almost always the sevens and lower who are the most catty.

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    • Pretty much; there was a study that goes along with that.

      Found that people at the very top and at the very bottom of social rungs in high school were the ones least likely to bully.

      But from the bottom up bullying increase with each social step except for the very extremes.

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    • yes, this point has been mentioned often here at the chateau.

      it’s the average girls who have the worst personalities. most true hotties i’ve known tend toward sweet and well liked by all. even other women.

      the women who complain about girl drama, have problems maintaining long term friendships, and say other women are mean to them are almost always solely to blame for that because they have shitty personalities.


  15. This research can be summed up like this:

    Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt
    It is so big, she looks like
    One of those rap guys’ girlfriends
    But, ya know, who understands those rap guys?
    They only talk to her, because,
    She looks like a total prostitute, ‘kay?
    I mean, her butt, is just so big
    I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like out there
    I mean gross, look
    She’s just so, black


  16. on December 15, 2017 at 6:55 pm gunslingergregi

    me-OW! Women don’t fight with fists (unless they’re ghetto queens); they fight with gossip, innuendo, and slander. ””””””

    fists knives the law calling police getting the bitches kids taken murder lies yea
    all of it


  17. >> Cattiness is a form of ostracism from the girl-herd. It’s an error to think of them solely as individuals.
    — Hawk

    This is spot on.

    Somewhere some guy said “Feminism is meant to confuse men.” I like that. I have said that feminism functions to “destabilize men” (ones that care).

    This behavior could be an attempt to destabilize the competition. Especially in person. As a “hot girl” walks into the room, the “cats” sneer, and she becomes self-conscious… her light shines a little less brightly. Victory, cat girls. Competition… destabilized.


  18. I always live when women fake co.plimenting a rival. “Oh you look so good. I love the top” with gritted teeth. Great entertainment.

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  19. What a great article. Yes – there has to be a good reason for the intra-competitive nature of women, even though men do not select, directly, based on female dominance hierarchies (unless we are talking about the hierarchy of hotness, which isn’t really about dominance, because its about hotness). I’ve wondered about this alot – i.e – why women are so involved with this game even though it doesn’t have much to do with how men select women? (we tend to select for hotness/sweetness, and prominence within the female dominance hierarchy isn’t a very important consideration) . I don’t really even pay attention much to this catty game women are playing all the time (except for shitz and giggles sake when I’m in the mood for some low-brow hilarity). Mostly, if I deem to take notice, I find it rather cute, sorta like – hey, if this woman is not being too cunty about it (about the catty game), it shows she got the spunk to do shit to make something of herself in this weird game women gotta play – probably also means she has the necessary spunk to possess the potential to be a wicked fuck for the right motivation (a man she looks up to). So sometimes I find the game interesting to watch, that way (for the tells about deeper things about said women).

    The only time all the female drama around this tends to penetrate my considerations in a more serious way, is when it rises to the level where a woman begins to show some real cuntiness – I ain’t gonna forget that, cause it means I’ll see that again, and best if it’s not at my expense.

    Anyway – I have thought about this quite a bit, and this is what I think is going on from an evolutionary psychology perspective (just my theory – I might be wrong):

    1) the state of women’s minds and the state of women’s fitness (and therefore the state of their hotness) is much more intimately correlated than it at first seems (and probably, for men, the correlation is rather more convoluted).

    2) so the women be trying to sabotage each other’s hotness by way of mindfuckery

    3) that is why women are so fucking uppity about the prestige of status

    4) women in fact do choose men based on the men’s positioning within the male dominance hierarchy, but don’t seem to know that this is what they are doing. Women tend to be blind to their selection basis, because they don’t have the tools to analyze what they are doing – it is all intuitive, and the reason for this is because the male dominance hierarchy is sorted in a way that is much different than how the women’s dominance hierarchy is sorted. Instead of trying to sabotage each other but pretending not to, in order to mindfuck the competitor, in order to reduce fitness of the competitor, in order to reduce hotness in the competitor, the way women do, men instead try to vanquish competitors directly, in order to increase the overall fitness of the group, which every competitor can take advantage of, upon correct attitude (you know – perhaps some wound-licking has to occur first though, before the right attitude prevails among the vanquished).

    5) that is why men have bigger brains than women. Women don’t need to know the logical basis upon how they select, as long the intuition is finely honed, they then do tend to choose the most dominant man nevertheless, …. however, as such they really don’t know why he is dominant, and so, from a logical perspective, women can’t put the entire narrative together. Men have less of a cognitive challenge with respect to selecting, but need alot of cognitive horsepower to operate the male dominance hierarchy in a way that benefits the overall fitness of the group.

    6) I do believe women do have other competencies that are more refined then men, but the operation of group fitness is not one of them – that is men’s domain.


  20. “It’s almost as if they’re putting down other attractive women,” says Benedict Jones, a psychologist at Aberdeen University, UK …

    This line should be delivered Monty Python style, with mock incredulity, by a British comic actor.


  21. on December 16, 2017 at 3:28 am DissesMYisland


    • I figured every time someone puts a fatty on a chick magazine cover, I bet that’s all the women involved react. Like “OMG, Lena Dunham’s so confident in showing off her thighs!”


  22. And the NORDIC girls it’s the way they kiss….


  23. Sure, women love Jerks, but do psychopaths love sleeping around? Or, does sleeping around make men more likely to go to prison? You can look at the correlate the other way. High promiscuity among men might induce psychosis. IRL, the most promiscuous men I know are the most psychotic, and they became hyper-promiscuous at a young age. This is perfectly logical because promiscuity is using women as an object, and viewing people as objects is the core psychopathy trait. So, there’s another dimension here.

    What’s creepy is how many beta male dads get vicarious pleasure from their sons screwing around at age 14. My take: no, don’t encourage it. He’s got a lifetime to be a cad. Maybe if he’s beta it might be OK to break him of that, but if he’s a natural alpha, he’ll have more women throwing themselves at him later than he’ll know what to deal with. Send him to military school like Trump to develop a personality other than being a ladykiller.


    • I have read through your blogspot and come away with the impression that what you are calling “the Sabbatean-Frankism, a distinct quasi-Satanic schism within Jewry” share many of the traits of the group I have been labeling as The Jewish Retards, …… and so perhaps we may even be referring to nearly the same group.

      Question: Why do the Jewish Retards (or the Sabbatean-Frankists, if you like) get a free pass, to be Retarded, within the jewish tribe proper? It looks like to me that jewry closes ranks around the Jewish Retards. Why would that be? I see some culpability among jewry-proper in that respect – no?


      • This is a very good question. First, Sabbatean Frankists don’t exist much anymore. But, no, Jews didn’t sufficiently or effectively complain and gentiles didn’t listen. “See, that charming Rothschild banker over there, y’know the guy funding your Duchy, well you know he’s a crypto Satanist”.. Tough sell.

        The “Sabbatean hunter” was Rabbi Emden, who was perhaps the smartest Ashki of them all, his grandpa summoned the Golem of legend, but he overplayed his hand and chased a popular rabbi. After this in 1770s, Jews were reticent to hunt down their co-religionists gone bad. Orthodox Jews don’t call out their own as a matter of practice, as per Jewish law. Yes, this is a weakness and it inspired me to write about to address effectively.

        Oddly, I realized the Left was Jewish Satanism by studying Kuhnsian paradigms. Then I went backwards and googled it and saw all of these ultra-right wing Jews were saying the Left is just Sabbateanism. And, they’re right.


  24. Thanks, I had forgotten Harrison Bergeron. Recently I have been retorting that, yes, all men are born equal, but only the incapable remain so.


  25. I think girls don’t make as big of a distinction between things that are socially true and objectively true. It’s kind of like how Fashion is either in or out. It all flows from a contrived social consensus.

    So if enough people trash their female competition, she actually is trash in girl world.


  26. I have a much simpler explanation. Fertile women are younger and prettier than menopausal women. Younger women hang out with other younger women. Older women hang out with other older women. Therefore younger women have a higher standard of beauty. The same way a 9 in Wisconsin would be a 6 in Miami.