White Identity As Reaction To White Dehumanization

The Left has succeeded in radicalizing the White.


  1. Would anyone have guessed 10-20 years ago that Donald Trump and James Woods would be the most prominent spokesmen for the right?

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    • Nope. Would have lost money on that bet, for sure.

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      • Even 5 years ago.


      • The Overton window has shifted so far left that these appear right wing when they are, in fact, most importantly a) sane and b) centrist.

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      • Gilette sells lots of razors to wamens, right?

        where’s there “be a better woman” commercial…we’re all equal right?

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      • we’re all equal right?

        Yup, because the guys decrying the lack of blacks in hockey and baseball are totes worried about a dearth of white point guards and defensive backs.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:17 pm John Joel Glanton

        Honestly I’m so far detached from the world of sportsball I can hardly remember what a defensive back or a point guard even is. Feels great.

        As sad as it is I believe it’s actually time to stop playing and allowing children to play these sports because of how infested they are with niggers. When kids play these sports they grow up worshipping stupid blacks the way I did. Put your kids in tennis, golf, baseball and other sports where white guys are still holding their own.


    • Trump never said something even remotely close to this (not in time before presidency not afterwards)
      And I am pretty sure he never will
      Yet that is the first and unavoidable step in any kind resurrection/power reversal
      jews leftoids and diversity do not hide behind “we have to build the wall because criminals”
      They attack frontaly WHITE man
      They do not mince the words
      If white man is not able or courageous enough to clearly states what he is fighting for there is very little chance anything will be gained

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      • and as I said in one of previous posts there is actually no proof (in deeds or words) that trump cares for the white majority at all
        only in a delusional world of muh deep state he is the warrior who fights for the white america while everything he has said and done in these 2+ years is testimony to the contrary, that is,to his allegiance to what usually goes under “civic nationalism”view of America

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      • Which intel agency do you work for?


      • 150+ IQ
        the one that you will never belong to

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      • on January 27, 2019 at 11:29 pm gunslingergregi

        well my iq cant be measured so there he he he


      • Don’t worry, one day you will have a woman. She won’t be pretty but she will be yours and yours alone.

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      • perhaps who knows
        I hope at least she will not be a russian gold digger kind like yours


      • You like to repeat the obvious. No one around here has argued that Trump is more than, at best, a civnat.


      • they did not?
        you must be new here


      • 150 IQ ,eh ? Which online test did you take ? You know they are bullshit , right ? And you think that people who don’t hate Turmps guts as much as you do are dumbasses ? Snail eating nigger, please.
        How’s that grannyfucker working out for ya , Pierre ?

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      • Trump should also realise – why hasn’t he so far? – that mollifying the libtard left, MSM, Jews (but I repeat myself) is utterly futile. He will not win them over. They’ll see every overture as a sign of weakness and like sharks sensing blood in the water will move in for the kill. America is bifurcating, the middle ground is disappearing. Trump should play to his base. They are his ONLY form of support and if he loses them he has nothing.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:25 am Carlos Danger

        You dream of my life day and night, so much you can taste it. Men like you are dime a dozen failures at all they touch and fuming with rage over it. My gold digger spends very little money and has given me two beautiful white children and has been a good and faithful companion, the best I have ever known and I have had more women than I can remember. You live in a crappy apartment or with your parents and try to make ends meet on a few hundred Euros a month while dreaming of being a revolutionary. Call me when you get a real life. Your bitterness is destroying you.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:53 am Carlos Danger

        What have your precious Gilets Jaunes done besides tear up beautiful cities? Why don’t they deal with the root of the problem and take out the perpetrators? Your 150+ IQ planning skills are obviously needed. Be a man and do something.


      • couple things-
        IQ tests are not bullshit
        his isn’t 150, nor “150+”

        nobody would say they have an IQ of “150+” if their IQ were actually over 150. If they scored 158, they would say 158. If they achieved a ceiling score on Stanford-Binet, they would say “I achieved a ceiling score on S-B” and probably tell you that they never took the long form.

        There are any number of IQ tests with varying sigmas to them as well as various ceilings. I’m speaking as a person who has achieved a ceiling score on one, but it was not S-B.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:51 am John Joel Glanton

        “One day you’ll have a woman”

        Keep working hard son, it will all come to you! Keep that chin up!

        Kind of just joking Carlos, but you have no idea what it’s like to be a young white man in the 21st century. Even the frumpy women get reamed all the time, sometimes more.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:59 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Execute “Plan 6 Gorrillion”…



      • Sure I do. None of it that new it has merely become worse but not entirely. I get flirted with by fairly young women and I am 57. They are attractive and clean, well dressed women. I am talking about women in their mid 20s. I didn’t always have game and my first wife was a massive ball buster. These guys who romanticize German women need to rethink that equation. Convey 40s to mid 60s era manliness and they will come looking for you. I recommend Robert Mitchum or William Holden. The character Pike in the Wild Bunch would be a pussy magnet today. That was played by Bill Holden later in his career. Great film too, BTW. I have seen about ten times and it never gets old.

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      • Robert Taylor is another underrated badass. He was great in this film, another one of my favorites.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:47 am John Joel Glanton

        Well I’m glad you have what you want in life. Hopefully I’ll get there someday.

        As far as the German women thing, my family are all Teutons so I tend to go for that. But as a general rule, if you’re white you’re alright.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:19 pm John Joel Glanton

        Honestly I don’t get why everyone keeps slagging off Russians. Every Russian I’ve met has been totally uncucked. And the women very beautiful. I’m actually starting to think they might be the master race.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 1:28 pm John Joel Glanton

        Well Carlos I’m glad you made it. Hopefully I will too.


      • Russians are uncucked because their country is un(((contaminated))). No different than any other Whites under such conditions.

        If they want to survive, they will get serious about westerners eyeballing their women. If things escalate to end-of-civilization w1fe-poaching, then cops looking the other way as local boys garrote a sex tourist creep or a beta-bucks foreigner will send an effective message.

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      • @ Sean
        I don’t watch sports but I’m sure there are plenty of negroes in baseball.
        They just speak Spanish.


      • The best iq test for Americans is the SAT, pre re-normed in 1994 or 95.

        Sailer says unequivocally that that’s the consensus of the experts.

        Said test has the largest dataset by far, and it has a ceiling of 160.

        Did you take that test before it got re-normed, trav777?

        If so, care to share your score?


      • Cort is right.
        There is no proof at all Trump has any interest in wn.
        His daughter is a fucking kike

        As for white men getting radicalized…wake me up when it happens.
        Antifa are laughing in our faces


    • on January 27, 2019 at 10:58 pm Captain Obvious

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    • Actually, Trump is playing, about right IMO. He goes just far enough to enrage the left, but not so far that he will scare off Middle America.


    • And we probably can’t believe what will be said five years from now! When things move they can move fast.

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    • Would young people today believe that in the 1980s America’s favorite role model blacks were O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby?


  2. And a heavily-armed majority at that.

    They really jumped the the gun here. They really should have saved this crap for until after they had disarmed us and diluted our numbers a lot more with turd-world immigration.

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    • ‘They really jumped the the gun here’

      I believe it’s called Chutzpah

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    • on January 27, 2019 at 10:10 pm Abraham Lincoln

      CH, please do me the kindness of rescuing my post from the black pit of doom. Thanks in advance.


    • armed lol

      when are the gun nuts gonna start shooting at the SWAT teams?

      they just surrender as they’re told to do…nobody is going to USE those guns

      they are the WORST THING EVER…i’d prefer they banned them bc then at least people would wake up that YOU HAVE NO ACTUAL DEFENSE

      the only defense is sheer numbers in the streets.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:50 am gunslingergregi

        bosnia the guns got used
        without guns in america = can literally do anything to people
        as of now there is still some kind of line to not cross

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:53 am gunslingergregi

        the judges thanked me for pleading to a lesser charge
        because it was bullshit in first place
        and they know a sovereign man can shoot them without a shadow of a doubt for going over the line

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      • Just wait until this unsustainable economic $hit$how collapses under its own weight and there’s no beer in the fridge, let alone bread in the pantry. I think you will see then that Boobus is not nearly so meek and mild as you think.

        Revolutions are usually precipitated by economic deprivation, not oppressive government.


      • And what would happen if a concerned citizen unloaded a magazine into a power substation? How would the SWATs comms look when lights are out at HQ? I wonder if the gun nuts know something that you don’t…

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      • trav you are 10000% right every time the govt gets more out of hand gun owning cowards all say the same shit…time to get more ammo. they already got 20k round did nothing. what should be said is…time to fire ammo. you must remember being cowards 90% of gun owners worship cops.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:51 am John Joel Glanton

        You should call up your bros from the old country if they care about the white race at all, since we’ve been beaten pretty squarely.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:08 pm John Joel Glanton

        Like I said there needs to be militias of armed citizen sworn to secrecy on pain of damnation to go around and deal with pushy cops. Just last year in my hometown there was an on-duty cop butt-raped some barely legal drunk slut and got off scot-free. As long as this shit keeps happening they will keep pushing.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:21 pm John Joel Glanton

        Sun Tzu said


        if you’re outgunned and on the wrong side of the law there’s no point shooting

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      • 60% of whites at least are faggy shitlibs who will be against us.
        They’re always the loudest


    • They couldn’t wait. Sailer talks about this a lot. Look at the current Democratic Coalition. Blacks, Jews, trannies, gays, bluehair catladiez, Muslims, Hispanics, etc. What do these people have in common? What do they have to hold together and bring forward? Where is their capacity for collective action?

      Absolutely nowhere. In fact these are all people who normally hate each other. The only thing – the ONLY thing – they have in common is a hatred of white people, white men in general. As such there is no way to keep this coalition intact without a heavy dose of whitey bashing.

      There are other factors – the fact that victimhood is their primary identifier means they’ll always find ways to ante up, the fact that a huge chunk of their coalition is somewhere around 80IQ with poor impulse control and future time orientation, etc. But thats the main dynamic.


      • Queen Ann pointed this out in the media about a month ago

        Takes guts to do that while Sentient hides behind a keyboard bashing her


      • Guts? How So?

        She is an outrage merchant. She has no solutions.

        But she makes bank selling books.

        And she has BBC… So.


  3. I’ve got dibs on Billy Kristol when things kick off.

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  4. When the deportations start I’m wondering how many generations back we revoke birthright citizenship?
    Funny how people believe birthright citizenship is untouchable while they work to bury the Constitution. It’s all just paperwork, which can be retroactively amended.
    Or we can just use paint swatches, you must be this white to stay.

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    • on January 27, 2019 at 10:21 pm Abraham Lincoln

      >It’s all just paperwork, which can be retroactively amended.

      As they say, the moral arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.


    • The paper bag test should work just fine, and is low cost.


    • Revoking – at least eliminating new – birthright citizenships, is difficult in two ways.

      Firstly, it requires a Constitutional amendment – or a very creative Supreme Court .

      Secondly, the practicality essentially requires a national data base, so you can track who was born to whom.
      This will also ignite vigorous opposition from both the left and the right, albeit for very different reasons.
      The left would be smart enough to know that this would undermine their electoral base.
      The right would howl about the loss of privacy, and an imposition by Big Government etc. And the right would be WRONG, not on principle, but because that loss already took place, gradually over the last fifty years or so. The feds basically already has the information, it just needs to get better organized.


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:59 pm Captain Obvious


        Muh brutha.

        You gotta go to That Dark Place.

        You gotta STOP CARING.

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      • Huh? If we get to the point where we are revoking citizenship, most of the left will be in the ground along with the people you are calling “right”. We won’t have a world where establishment traitor debates somehow take place alongside right wing policies.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:41 am Carlos Danger

        Actually revoking it would only require a supreme court decision as it was imputed by a previous Supreme court to be a right based on the 14th amendment I believe.

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      • When they obliterate the Constitution, or are openly genociding your people…..do you really care about process?


      • Secondly, the practicality essentially requires a national data base, so you can track who was born to whom.

        We already have this.


    • Never argue for deportations. However, agitate for repatriation.

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      • Imagine an American city where White people could walk around late at night safely and not having to keep their heads on a swivel and be armed. IE not infested with niggers and beaners.

        That would require all browns to be repatriated or at least removed from that city.

        There aren’t many places in the USA that are still like that.

        There is going to be hell to pay because the immivasion and catering to diversity has put a hurting on average White people across this country.

        Payback will be forthcoming.

        And I pray that all accounts are settled.

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    • Ex post facto laws are unconstitutional. However, this may not apply to civil law like immigration, just criminal.At any rate, the Supreme Court decides what the Constitution means so the composition of the court is important. No, they’re not now going to rubber stamp everything Trump wants but they will err on the side of conservatism almost all of the time.
      Now, is that Ginzburg in the bone yard yet or are they still keeping her corpse on ice so Trump can’t add another Justice.
      Two Senators from each party and the Surgeon General need to pay Ginzburg a visit to see if she’s alive and if so in what condition. If she’s in a coma, brain dead or just senile then Trump should replace her immediately.

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  5. on January 27, 2019 at 10:22 pm William of Orange County

    It also captures the power of history in the sense that history – reading it that is – can be best understood by PUTTING DOWN THEIR FUCKING CAT VIDEOS AND READING THE DAMN THING.

    They write. Dear diary this and dear diary that. They watch. They never ever fucking read. They don’t comprehend because they don’t fucking read. Ever. The media – all of them – write endlessly without understanding a damn thing.

    To quote Ian Malcolm, they were so busy wondering if they could write the thing they never paused to wonder if they should.

    We need more pen control. They should also learn to code.

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    • If they do read, it is degenerate, rape fantasy fiction. Then complain about men spreading their legs too far or the patriarchy. Overlapping the two, one could surmise that the complain the most about the thing that they want the most.

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      • because they are merely doing, saying, reading, parroting what will get them ‘likes’ from their girlfriends, face-to-face, in public, or online.

        it’s that retarded. they are that simple and silly.


    • who never reads, women?

      wtf are you expecting of them man? they’re not SUPPOSED to be involved in educated decision making!

      THIS is the reality of actual real world! WOMEN and nignogs are not equi-capable to white men no matter how much we pretend not to notice

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  6. on January 27, 2019 at 10:27 pm BrachaBenedicta

    Hopefully, the fact that they so brazenly miscalculated and revealed their true intentions just a bit too soon – literally couldn’t contain their glee at the prospect of impending White extinction – will serve as catalyst here. Honestly I don’t understand why White American names aren’t revolting en made yet. How much more has to be tolerated?


    • on January 27, 2019 at 10:28 pm BrachaBenedicta

      Autocorrect eff you.
      Males, en masse


    • Jury is out on whether they moved too soon, at least in America. Whites will be a minority in about twenty years under present trends. All bets off then.

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      • Tap water is going to be pretty dirty by then. The original cast and crew will remember clean tap water. That’s one reason replacements are so important. What do mud hut dwelling savages care about brown tap water, they still can’t believe it flows right into the house!

        If it’s still flowing. Tap water flows because we force it to. When we stop, it stops. Our elites, at the most basic level, believe in magic. Magic put the electricity into the wall outlet and water into the tap. They can’t make it happen themselves.

        She’s not buying a coffee at sterbecks if there’s no water or electricity in the building.

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      • greg is correct

        i asked a feminist what makes the lights come on. she said “the switch”

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      • @trav, have you ever held elected office? You have the gift of talk. Probably too un-PC to be viable even in flyover country though. Maybe you are in sales.


      • Banning the automatic transmission would set feminism back 50 years.

        And don’t even get me started on power steering.

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      • And don’t forget the illuminated make-up mirrors on the back of the sun visors!


  7. on January 27, 2019 at 10:28 pm bringthereality

    Wonder how long til someone recruits him to run for political office? We have Reagan as the (overrated) precedent for actor-turned-politician, many others have followed suit with great results. Jesse “the Body” ventura is notable for becoming governor. Executive positions hold more prestige, but are subject to a closer microscope when the media deigns to.

    Remember, the Obamaphones were actually an extension of a Reagan decision. Government incompetence being evolutionary, I’m sure they failed to foresee a future with widespread cell-phones, and the egregious amounts of money it would cost the government each month to give them to the poor poor pitiful poor. The media of course never reported this fact to the public, they just let Obombya take credit for it. I doubt Woods would get the same treatment.


    • Actually, he would probably make a great president. His IQ is 190 I have been told. That alone makes him interesting.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 1:11 pm bringthereality

        Dude was a long-running character on Family Guy… that alone makes him interesting.

        I think we mught be on to something. After 8 years of Bush, who was only slightly more interesting than Al Gore and John Kerry #shudder . Murka wanted an interesting president. So the media props up Obombya, who isn’t really that interesting, but for the color of his skin, which… meh, And who do the Repukes put up against him… JOHN FUCKING MCCAIN MAY HE BURN IN HELL!!! And then 4 years later MITTENS ROMNEY MAY HE DISAPPEAR INTO OBSCURIT!!!

        The Don was a breath of fresh air compared to the previous 16 years of name bland product… he’s made money, he’s lost money, he’s even been held largely to blame for the extinction of an American football league. Quite an accomplishment there. Did Obombya pull that off? Nope, only accomplishment was getting elected. Twice. Fuck you, white people..


      • He’s 71 ….too old


    • on January 28, 2019 at 6:53 pm bringthereality

      Just to clarify: Fuck the “white” people who voted for Obombya, mostly out out guilt, but also out of guilt, and perhaps out of guilt. The only thing you were guilty of was believing the propaganda shoved down your throat about slavery. There was a lot of it out there, but you never questioned it, and instead started sucking it down like the star of a bukakke film. You thought a few more loads might absolve you of the sin of slavery; just like you think a carbon tax will make any difference on the effects of anthropological climate change.

      It won’t, it will simply diminish you further.

      And that’s what you want. Born into greatness, possibly from those who died- repeat DIED- to make slavery illegal across the land. Worse, you use it to justify a new slavery… instead of whips and chains- becasue that turns you on- you create a beauracracy that makes demands on citizens’ time and effort, not to mention money. And for what, so you can feel good without doing anything useful. There’s a thing for feeling that way, it’s called heroin.


  8. on January 27, 2019 at 10:37 pm gunslingergregi

    only problem is we not the majority worldwide

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    • on January 27, 2019 at 10:40 pm gunslingergregi

      in iraq one camp had dudes with guns from ghana doing all guard duty
      with weapons why i say was world war iii
      everyone almost represented so if think wont be fighting mercenaries from all over world in us in civil war u would be wrong probably


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:42 pm gunslingergregi

        why the order needs to come from president and need to be able to have the army intact to defend vs vultures that circle
        get rid of demons though might solve this issue


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:43 pm gunslingergregi

        unless can hire own mercenary army
        why china probably a tough nut to crack


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:49 pm gunslingergregi

        would imagine us peeps could hit what aim at though
        i sometimes wonder if iraq was our own people shooting at us or people we paid
        how would it be posible to miss that much
        and why was the hole in vehicle behind my head 223


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:51 pm gunslingergregi

        or they were crazy doing same shit over and over expecting diferent results
        direct fire is your friend life is not a movie


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:52 pm gunslingergregi

        civil war from 1800’s not way to fight rofl


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:54 pm gunslingergregi

        why am i not in charge of military cause life aint fair
        i should have a billion to play with to test my theories he he he


      • on January 27, 2019 at 10:57 pm gunslingergregi

        allthough someone wrote on here about a pope who stopped the use of crossbows cause to lethal and unfair
        so maybe elites get together and actually stop
        the use of shit that would make war killing too easy


      • on January 27, 2019 at 11:07 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “was world war iii”

        The j00 (((Wesley Clark))) almost started WWIII at Kosovo in 1999 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incident_at_Pristina_airport


      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:25 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Wesley Clark proves that modern generals have about as much knowledge as the senior corporal on the ground.


    • Whites have never been the majority worldwide. No race has. Whites have had the majority of power though. The US imperial military is greater than the next x greatest militaries in the world, ten or something. Waste of money and indulgence of brattish hubris. Anyone, spend 15 minutes studying Smedley Butler for details.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:26 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Ol’ Gimlet Eyes was right.

        Too bad he became a bitter Socialist.


      • I find it hard to believe Butler was ever a socialist. My quick look on wikipedia show that one author said he voted socialist for president in 1936, and his quote in a socialist magazine, simply an excerpt from his War Is a Racket exposition. If I would have voted in 2016, I was torn between believing Trump would be adequate and believing Hillary would precipitate the necessary response sooner. I’m saying I could have voted for Hillary for strategic reasons and actually been against her values. I am not aware of solid evidence on it, not that it matters a whole lot, but I’d like to think he was a great man in terms of character just to suppose such character is real and realistic, not delusional hopes that can never be. Anyway, we know socialism is wrong.


  9. Its enforced though largely unconcious behaviour as well. Any deviation from the normies standard thought process in their local vicinity is terminated.


  10. I just went to his Twitter page and had a number of laughs. The guy is a comic genius.


  11. More and more are radicalized but I am not sure the average white man is. He needs to get there soon, however.


    • on January 27, 2019 at 11:37 pm gunslingergregi

      everyone fucked by system is radicalized lol
      and people getting fucked infinite times a day almost in their subconscious
      they dont even really know they want to kill and eat people until powder keg goes off

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      • You have a somewhat unhealthy obsession w/ cannibalism gregi. Don’t get me wrong, if the wheels came off and I was starving to death I’d dine on your fat ass in a hot minute. But you REALLY got a Hannibal Lecter thing going on here lately.

        Human flesh is overrated brah, get some Kobe beef if you want to taste some amazing meat.

        Agree on the other part though, keep disenfranchising the brightest and most productive see what happens. High IQ men with nothing to lose, nothing but free time, and a vendetta are incredibly fucking dangerous. Look at what low IQ camel jockeys can do with that same set of traits. Whites? Yikes…


      • When long pig is on the menu, may the Lord grant me short supply.

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      • High IQ men with nothing to lose, nothing but free time, and a vendetta are incredibly fucking dangerous.

        I always go back to the 4chans (?) or whomever that worked in concert with some other blokes to find Shia LeBouf “He Will Not Divide Us” flag. It was nothing short of amazing and brilliant.

        That was just a flag. Imagine when you focus that type of ingenuity when your life in literally on the line.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:58 am John Joel Glanton

        Half these disgusting HIV monsters going around these days I wouldn’t even eat.

        Question for the NSA: can you get AIDS from eating someone if they are well cooked?


      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:09 pm gunslingergregi

        Question for the NSA: can you get AIDS from eating someone if they are well cooked?”””””

        extremely practical
        would like to know too


      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:32 pm Corinth Arkadin

        God Help those who have crossed people like me, Jay in DC, and few others here when TGDOTR comes.

        God help them, because no one else will. We have long memories.


  12. The best proof Ive found that AOC is Trump trained. To win he had to supply a replacement for the left. https://nypost.com/2019/01/26/trump-and-ocasio-cortez-use-the-same-tricks-to-win-at-politics/


  13. On a related note, I was pondering how “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” was a striking analogy of current times (I don’t know if somebody else has pointed this out or not).

    Nurse Ratched – She represents the Jew. She controls everything, yet is a miserable human that must make everybody around her suffer. Much like the Jew, lies and manipulation are her favorite weapons.

    The three black guards – They represent the useful idiot black American. They do the Jews bidding, and are the Jew’s attack dog against the white male population.

    The entire mental asylum – They represent the white American man. Everyone has a decent spirit that has been broken by the callous world they live in. They are living in a prison, both physically and spiritually.

    Randle McMurphy – He is the one white man that still retains a universal life essence. His spirit has not been killed by the Satanic Jewish overlord and her black henchmen.

    Sadly, the white male hero is killed off…done in ber the Satanic Jewish leader and her dark-skinned hitmen. The lone “victory” comes in the form of the Big Chief Indian; however, his victory is a mute point since he decides to run off to Canada anyway.

    I know Ken Kesey was a liberal, but he sure hit the red-pill nail on the head with that movie in an inadvertent way.

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    • The cultural marxists are catching on that Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings has a striking analogy as well.

      Sauron is (((them))) and there is a particular quote that sums up (((their))) mistake here.

      “Despair, or folly?’ said Gandalf. ‘It is not despair, for despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not. It is wisdom to recognize necessity, when all other courses have been weighed, though as folly it may appear to those who cling to false hope. Well, let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy! For he is very wise, and weighs all things to a nicety in the scales of his malice. But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts. Into his heart the thought will not enter that any will refuse it, that having the Ring we may seek to destroy it. If we seek this, we shall put him out of reckoning.’

      (((They))) can’t conceive of the northern heroic spirit, the Nordic ethic. They easily exploit the White man’s altruism, but here they have made a critical mistake. They moved to fast and don’t realize that there is still fight left in the White man. There is still power to resist if only it was taken up.

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      • the nordic ethic? LOL

        you mean those scandinavians who are replacing themselves with somalis?

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:56 am John Joel Glanton


        Bro, the Nordic Germanic race is the master race. This was well established in the 1800s before racial science was banned by the USG after WW2. If Italy could have built a fucking working artillery shell, we would have won Stalingrad. The reason Sweden is cucked is because of a global conspiracy to destroy the German race, surely you’re not going to say that there isn’t one?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think you Southern people have a right to live in the world, but you need to stop shitting on us. It was WASPs and Germans and French who created America. Maybe Italy should wipe out the Mestizos and start your own country? Nothing is stopping you.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:12 am John Joel Glanton

        If there was only Meds, Slavs and Teutons around the world would be a much nicer place.

        I might have shit on Meds from time to time but at least y’all ain’t shitting in my water supply like Pakis or gangraping women like niggers.

        I mean, I wouldn’t want my kids to come out looking like Ray Liotta or Joe Pesci but I’m not going to try to play God and set up barriers between white Christians. At least Italy are half civilized.

        Also a major fan of the Sicilian vendetta. Too bad that shit isn’t legal here.


      • Tbh I watch Triumph of the Will often and I weep.
        I think anyone would be affected by the imagery.


  14. This and Greg’s link to a yellow vest from Amazon in the previous post got me thinking… What would a yellow vest revolution look like in, say, a cold blue libopolis like James Woods’s Los Angeles? Any green shoots? This is what I found. A laundry list of socialist gibs and nary a heritage visage in the laughingly embarrassing photo. Not surprising at all but, Jesus….


  15. The American and European Left and their brown/black pets seem to think that we are in the same position as the defeated Afrikaners, a despised minority that can be beaten easily.

    The disarming and deracination of the European and the European-American has led them to badly overestimate both their power and their strength.

    This will be, in the end, our saving grace.

    God has blessed us with fools and half-wits for enemies. As soon as we find ourselves again, ridding ourselves of them will be no more than the shaking of the smallest finger.


  16. “The Left has succeeded in radicalizing the White.”

    Indeed. And I was glad to see that mystery meat Kamala Harris had a massive campaign launch in Oakland yesterday. The stronger the haters of Heritage America get the more united Heritage America becomes.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 6:15 am Hackett To Bits

      “Massive” according to (((local media))).
      Let’s see her fill a football stadium in the Deep South on a Friday night during summer vacations, the way Trump did.

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    • Somalia harris is another magic nigger like the purple lipped obongo who after being in the senate for 15 minutes is projected to be in the white house just like Somalia. who ever hates white people the most will win democratic nomination and 30 million whites will vote for the nigger like they did with brap obongo. WHITES PUT THE GAY MULATTO IN TWICE

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        They put Mandela in charge is SA ffs…

        But Trump is supposed to go save them…


    • I have $$$ on Harris but my research has found that nigs are lukewarm about her especially when she jailed them.
      That said, I cant see any other challengers.

      And Harris is a cunt. A black panther.


  17. James gets it. Remember– only white is right.


  18. Over the past decade or so I’ve literally watched thousands of highly intelligent and educated people bounce this very same ball back/forth endlessly. The final result of all this mental masturbation, the posturing, the grand standing, the rationalization, the rampant relativism, the avoidance, the riding of the moral high horse, etc. has been: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    Because talking about it day in and day out accomplishes about as much as crawling up your own ass holding a flashlight. All you will find out is that is that it’s dark in there and that it doesn’t smell very good. Which is something your dog could have told you ahead of time.

    So what is my point? ** One ounce of action is worth a pound of theory **

    The main problem conservative red pilled Westerners have is that we, over the past fifty years or so, have repeatedly shied away from true sacrifice to further our own kin. We’ve become too fat and too happy and thus we started focus on ourselves, our careers, the feeding of our own egos and personal advancement.

    Which led to further myopic decision making that culminated into the destruction of the nuclear family, plunging birth rates far below replacement, the evisceration of our ancient morals and values, the subversion of our legal system, widespread political subterfuge and corruption, racial polarization, recurring economic crisis, cultural insecurity, sexual depravity…. should I go on?

    It will take a huge amount of blood and tears to reverse the considerable damage has been inflicted upon our people over the past half century. Unfortunately most of us on the conservative side of the Overton window are still unwilling to abandon our modern creature comforts in order to stand up and bleed for what we believe in.

    We do talk a damn good game and we are world champs when it comes to posting clever memes, but we don’t take action that is in any way meaningful and may put the other side at notice that we’re done eating their shit. On that end every other ethnic and political group on this planet has beat us hands down.

    That’s not necessarily a criticism against us as a people (although we are not known to be easily riled into violent action), it’s common human trait to avoid conflict until all other peaceful alternatives have been exhausted. That spells especially true for high IQ Whites (see the Crusades as a great example), and decades of fast dropping testosterone levels obviously have not helped matters.

    Here it is in a nutshell: ** The elite does not fear White and Christians anymore ** They believe they have us by the balls, and once you lose respect for a people it becomes easy to justify cruel treatment, to declare them 2nd class citizens, to dehumanize them, and to eventually wipe them off the face of the planet.

    Once you wrap your mind around this simple truth everything else suddenly falls into place. It explains why Muslims and (perceived) minority groups (who happen to represent the vast majority of the global population) are increasingly receiving preferential treatment and are judged a lot less harshly in comparison with us.

    It also explains tweets denigrating Whites or calling for the slaughter of their children, articles in the NYT and other leading mainstream media celebrating the disappearance of the white race. It explains the gradual subversion and erasure of our cultural heritage, the widespread censorship against anyone highlighting the increasing violence and suppression against Christians, etc. etc.

    Unless we stand up and fight for our very birthright we are doomed to disappear as a people and be relegated to a historical footnote, if we’re lucky.

    The future belongs to those who show up.

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    • on January 28, 2019 at 5:16 am Themanofmystery2

      Post of the century.


    • If you’re not willing to sell your stuff, move into communal, intergenerational living, it’s over. Then you have no tribe, no extended family. The rats and cockroach peoples who are willing to do so, however haphazardly, will win. Period.

      It tweets and memes do not inspire that kind of sacrifice, forgiveness, and Love of one’s own kin and tribe, then it amounts to nothing but a few empty, sad echoes of laughter at the end of the road for whites.


    • I liked the comment except the last part. “Haha, do something, you lazy loser!” This works when a football coach kicks you in the balls that way at halftime because you know what to do, you just needed a little motivation to give more of yourself. But in current American politics regular people are already doing all the hell they can.

      Two problems in the USA: atomization and lack of leadership. The first one, that’s a curse of free mobility in a large monolingual country. Unless geographic mobility becomes in one way or another curtailed, stable communities will be hard to keep.

      As to leadership, we have Trump. His actions indicate that he doesnt want his people’s street action, at least not now. That’s why he throws Antifa-attck victims under the bus. He wants us at his rallies though. Trust the plan or not, that’s our leadership at the moment. If you trust it, you trust that the enemy eIite us being dealt with, at this stage, behind the scenes.

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      • Yes, atomization and lack of leadership.

        I’d say atomization (I call suburban living “atomized living”), is the far greater and more devastating of the two. Because it essentially destroys any and all group male leadership on the micro, daily level.

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      • The dominant mentality is flight. Living in the suburbs is understandable, given the nonnegotiable negative incentives. Suburbs are also, when at at its best, close to our ideal landscape when you have low density living, varied but stylistically coherent architecture at the proper scale, gardens and lots of tall old trees.

        One example of flight mentality that has to be stomped out: listing after alien countries. One example: someone on Gab posted an article about Russia banning a gay parade. The very first comment was “maybe I should move to russia.”

        No, you will never move to Russia so stop fantasizing about it, and Russia needs you like you need another pimple on your ass. Just expat to Thailand already and drink yourself to death, instead.

        How about if the first comment instead were: “maybe we should try that at home.”

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      • *lusting* after alien countries…


      • @GregElliot

        Youth and stamina will never be a match for age and treachery.

        Old guys rule.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:36 am gunslingergregi

        As to leadership, we have Trump. His actions indicate that he doesnt want his people’s street action, at least not now.””””’

        yea it would appear that way
        cause that is what the jews want
        they paid for the march and the pointy hat clown suits and the nazi larp dress people
        so yea need to move past a caricature of white supremacism racism
        get rid of white supremacism racism
        and be free to make a run at actually being supreme


      • There was no “nazi larp dress people” in Charlottesville. They all wore polos and khakis.

        There is a photo of a clean cut howdy-dudy fed with swastika flag flag still with factory creases off to the side.

        [CH: charlottesville was the biggest shitlib gaslight in american history]

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      • @GregElliot

        Youth and stamina will never be a match for age and treachery.

        Old guys rule.

        Some of us alter kockers still have some stamina. 😉

        The way I used to hear it:

        “Never fight an old guy… he can’t afford a long, drawn-out tussle, so he’s going to try and end it as soon as possible, by ANY mean necessary.”


        “Never fight an old guy… if you win, well… all you did was beat an old guy… but if you lose, you’ll never hear the end of it.”

        Now we pause a moment in memory of our patron saint: Epic Beard Man

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      • Pro-comment, PA.

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      • @Greg Eliot- Thanks for that, never seen that one before.

        Anyone who has spent any time around n1ggers will tell you the VAST majority cannot fight. That is why they are jackals/hyenas to the white man’s lion or tiger. Single combat is not there thing because most of them can’t take a punch for shit. They strike fast and hard hoping to get an early knock out.

        When that fails and the blows start raining back they fold like a cheap suit. When its the usual pack of chimps against one you never see this. This is the video that should be used to dispel this propaganda that ghetto nogs are tough. They aren’t I spent almost a decade around gutter trash like this daily and this guy is par for the course with almost all of them.


      • “…what have YOU folks done with the opportunities still afforded you in this country?”


        For all of the intense, thoughtful efforts made by the boomers, nothing they did was truly aimed at making either the Nation stronger, or their own families stronger. Greg has a solid point, and it’s one that a large number of us acknowledge: Not All Boomers Are Like That. The One Smart [email protected] that doesn’t behave like that doesn’t change the fact that the rest do behave like that. For the boomers, it’s different. Most of them, the one’s that actually had children, raised them.

        They didn’t demand, societally, that the women stay at home and raise their children because that’s what’s best, but rather insisted that their METOO women could enjoy everything the men enjoyed about going out and working for a paycheck.

        They didn’t go out and protest the demographic changes already present in the 1970’s, brought about by government legislation that they could have changed, nor did they protest the bussing programs created to bring diversity into otherwise good schools.

        They voted for Reagan… and a Democrat Congress that blocked everything important and lied about the rest. They didn’t protest “Reagan’s Amnesty”.

        The generational cohesion celebrated through those Vietnam protests was never focused on anything worthwhile or good. No more young wyt men needed to die helping our “poor brown brothers”, and when the policies were changed to bring ALL of them over here no-questions-asked, there were no protests.

        Overwhelming pride in successful protests. I really don’t begrudge the boomers for not understanding, at the time, what was happening. They were lied to their entire lives. What I do begrudge them over is failing to grasp that they could have focused that limitless boomer energy into something useful. Instead, they quit. They did their protests to stop the war, and they’ve made sure everyone on Earth knows it. Since then, it’s been nothing but “What you ever done, loser!”.

        The boomers didn’t create divorce. They didn’t create the woman-outside-of-the-home dynamic. They didn’t create “I can’t afford to have children right now”. They didn’t create women-voting. They didn’t create immigration. They didn’t create pensions. They didn’t create Social Security. They didn’t create spending their parent’s inheritances on consumerism, nor did they create spending their children’s inheritances on even more consumerism. They didn’t even create protesting the government. What they did do was CELEBRATE all of that, endlessly, for a half century.

        Not All Boomers Are Like That. That’s a cold, hard truth that we all accept. We also accept that ALL boomers will defend their “generation”. They were taught to think of themselves as a coherent group, and they’ve done so for decades. The “bestest generation EVAR” has never questioned the infantile thoughtlessness of treating all people born before them as stupid, ignorant racists, and all people born after them as lazy, incompetent dummies.

        The boomers have isolated themselves.

        The people not of them, dislike them. Those on the outside know there’s no love for them from the inside group. There’s no sacrifice. Stopping the Vietnam War, there was sacrifice for that. Raising their own children despite no-career for METOO: no sacrifice. Hitchhiking across the country to go to Woodstock, there was sacrifice for that. Protesting Section 8 housing that put [email protected] in good neighborhoods: no sacrifice.

        If it doesn’t directly benefit a boomer, they don’t care. We don’t need to guess at that. We’ve been told that since we were born. That’s why “boomers” are hated. Not because the individuals are awful, terrible people. Because the coherent group “boomer”, all of those otherwise normal, hard-working Americans who never protested anything, who served proudly in Vietnam, who never went to a rock concert much less Woodstock, who raised their children to be Christian and pay their debts, all of those in-group people still managed to take pride in the things the rest of their group were doing. Wood stock was just a rock concert, yet millions of boomers still celebrate. Vietnam War protests were small compared to the population on the country, yet they still celebrate it. Nixon was wrapped up in a scandal that Obama wouldn’t have even needed to address, yet they still “forced him out of office”. The boomers have a group cohesion that’s totally unrealistic, yet they still maintain it. And defend it.

        As the story goes, when Rome was founded, it was all men. They realized that, despite their cohesion and strength, without women and children there would be no future city, no Roman nation. So they captured some women, made babies, and launched their nation’s future. They lived their lives for their present AND their future, both and at the same time.

        The boomers just live for themselves, right now. There is no future in the boomer ethos. When they die, it all ends and “who cares, I’ll be dead anyway”. And that’s why they’re hated.

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      • I dunno, greg… maybe much of what you say is true in your ken, but I don’t recognize the people y’all are talking about as THAT type of boomer.

        And a lot of the rancor I’m hearing sounds like there’s quite a bit of personal issues that youse yeggs have had with parents and relatives and general adult aüthorities in your lives, growing up.

        If you’ve gotten to the point where you can admit NABoomersALT, then maybe you can take the next step and realize that blaming subsequent generations for ANYTHING does nothing to help the current malaise, and only alienates whatever possible allies which still can be gleaned from those generations.

        That would be like boomers squawking about all the genies the previous muh Greatest Generation let out of the bottle… a more fruitless task could not be proposed.

        And think for a moment, the effrontery of subsequent generations’ snark that accompanies ANY mention of the old “bootstrap” advice we heard from our elders and passed on to our own children… as if the idea of hard-work and sacrifice are ridiculous and no longer apply, when starting out in life as a young adult these days.

        THAT’S the sort of nihilistic lack of character that has done far more damage to the success of subsequent generations than anything the boomers or their predecessors had done.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:25 pm John Joel Glanton

        I’ve never had a nigger stand his ground against me. When I was younger I actually chased a couple down the road. Somehow never got charged with a hate crime, even in Canada. Bottom line they are just not a martial race.


      • Epic Bearded guy gor the treatment from the brave law enforcement officers. ” [EBG] Bruso is not one to walk away from a challenge — just ask the North Beach cops who drove up to where he was yelling obscenities at cars on Columbus Avenue one day, and billy-clubbed and pepper-sprayed the 6-foot-1, 225-pound hulk until he cracked up and cried. ”

        Well done cops.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:14 pm gunslingergregi

        There was no “nazi larp dress people” in Charlottesville. They all wore polos and khakis.

        There is a photo of a clean cut howdy-dudy fed with swastika flag flag still with factory creases off to the side.

        [CH: charlottesville was the biggest shitlib gaslight in american history]

        yea the march photo
        they will not replace us
        but then in the fights photos there was lots of larp nazis
        and larp nazis killed 18 in like 30 years lol’


    • And Boomers will go to their graves desperately holding on to all their ‘space’, ‘independence’, status and stuff that they ‘worked for.’

      Whites will not, no way no how, even begin to get back to communal living until Boomers are half in the grave and out of the picture. Even some of the most ‘woke’ of Boomers are too programmed and overwhelmed and scared to do anything of substance to really do anything from now until their demise. They take up the space, the real estate, they hold fast to inane residential zoning and neighborhood board laws, for vanity and inanity’s sake, and dare not be called racists in public, so they won’t dare support any reverse of the laws which criminalize white communal living and white communal survival.

      Save up, strengthen the good familial and fraternal bonds you have, hope we can weather the next 10-15 years, and if the brown peoples have not requisitioned all the material wealth of the Boomers (which they will most definitely try to do), then be ready to sacrifice all our stupid notions of ‘comfort’ and individualism. The ones that destroyed us.

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      • I almost wish the boomers were the biggest problem you subsequent generations face…

        … but as long as you keep beating that White Privilege (which muh boomerism is, whether you want to admit it or not) drum, you’re carrying water for the Sanhedrin, and singing a dirge as you march to your own funeral.

        Pal up with those crotchety boomers, maybe they have a few tricks left in ’em, or a piece of wisdom or two which might help you turn the tide when said tide comes in… at the very least, SOME of the will have the necessary material resources to help youse younger yeggs out, and waiting for such until they all die might give you a long wait, left too late.

        Basically, you can keep bad-mouthing your own parents and relatives, or you can figger out how to make them allies against the real enemies of your children and your children’s children.

        You can’t squawk about “atomization” as you push away your own folk.


      • Greg, seriously, why so triggered by ANY mention of Boomers as a group with certain group dynamics and behaviors common to their grouping and distinct, either in type or quality, from other generations of white Americans?

        It’s just a fact: Boomers were the first mass-produced, mass-brainwashed, government-schooled, cookie-cutter, factory-socialized generation in America’s history, and it shows.

        I do not celebrate it. For the LIFE of me I wish it were different, but there are clear and obvious group dynamics to which even the wokest Boomers still submit to while in public or in within earshot of or view of not only their fellow white Boomers but also brown and snowflake types (streetshitters and women) who y’all have been programmed to ‘not offend’.

        It’s nothing personal. You’re not ‘one’ of them, but as a group, it is a very sad fact that no matter how much info they have, we do not have the time, energy, authority, or persuasive power to convince even the wokest of them to ditch their individualistic and materialistic ways. It’s not a matter of mere factuality and discursive argumentation… it’s spiritual.

        It’s spiritual. It’s a matter of a CONVERSION, a conversion that can really only happen on a spiritual level, which most Boomers are devoid of and for that reason we can accurately predict how they will act, on average as a group. Yes, outliers will exist. No, you cannot ‘convince’ materialistic Boomers to believe in something they have never felt or touched or breathed as adults. That would take Faith. And most Boomers, have none. They are, at heart, materialist nihilists and even on the surface they are, at best, materialist skeptics.

        I don’t bad-mouth them. I speak reality in order for my generation and younger generations, and yes, a few woke Boomers like yourself, to deal with the actual map of our social landscape. Convincing Boomers is, for the most part, as they approach their 70s, an utter waste of time. They will all be dead or incapacitated very, very soon.

        Yes, pal up with a few of them. Mos def, agreed. But as a whole, any large shifts towards communal living as such cannot happen until Boomer give way, emotionally, spiritually, politically, to a more community-conscious generation of whites.

        And yes, believe me, I have tried working on my own Boomer parents and relatives. It is herding cats, they are abject children. And hey are some of the wokest out there. Their instincts towards individualism are far, far too great. Only old age, and an ultimately selfish desire for others to help them in their old age, will force them to begin considering and acting on some level of communal living.

        Actions speak louder than words, and all the Boomers I know will not give up their independence. Not to help their daughters and son raise the grandkids, not even to house their own dying and aging parents. Nope. Old age will suddenly turn them into pro-family people. Which will just be another chameleon act, a selfish act that happens to be perfectly timed with their own need for physical care. What a surprise. Except it’s not a surprise. They’re predictable. They won’t budge. The majority will just rant and not put their money where their mouth is, until the very end.


      • Greg, seriously, why so triggered by ANY mention of Boomers as a group with certain group dynamics and behaviors common to their grouping and distinct, either in type or quality, from other generations of white Americans?

        It’s just a fact: Boomers were the first mass-produced, mass-brainwashed, government-schooled, cookie-cutter, factory-socialized generation in America’s history, and it shows.

        I do not celebrate it. For the LIFE of me I wish it were different, but there are clear and obvious group dynamics to which even the wokest Boomers still submit to while in public or in within earshot of or view of not only their fellow white Boomers but also brown and snowflake types (streetshitters and women) who y’all have been programmed to ‘not offend’.

        It’s nothing personal. You’re not ‘one’ of them, but as a group, it is a very sad fact that no matter how much info they have, we do not have the time, energy, authority, or persuasive power to convince even the wokest of them to ditch their individualistic and materialistic ways. It’s not a matter of mere factuality and discursive argumentation… it’s spiritual.

        It’s spiritual. It’s a matter of a CONVERSION, a conversion that can really only happen on a spiritual level, which most Boomers are devoid of and for that reason we can accurately predict how they will act, on average as a group. Yes, outliers will exist. No, you cannot ‘convince’ materialistic Boomers to believe in something they have never felt or touched or breathed as adults. That would take Faith. And most Boomers, have none. They are, at heart, materialist nihilists and even on the surface they are, at best, materialist skeptics.

        [CH: these boomertreason conversations are eerily similar to convos with that one smart black guy with lots of white friends who still gets pissed off when whites mention that blacks as a group are irredeemable.]

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      • Yup

        My parents are case in point…they’ve NEVER been particularly “liberal” or anti white in any kind of real sense

        they just always went with the prevailing wisdom, whatever narrative was espoused by the establishment

        THAT is boomerism. A bunch of stupid slogans that had relevance when they were young, and a narcissism that is profound.

        My son is in university…my dad bought an $80k RV. That’s the boomer priority right there. Not the first time he’s done shit like that.

        They don’t invest in subsequent generations, because that is what the SYSTEM of ponzi schemes does, right?

        My parents at this point just don’t want the boat rocked- the pension will get paid, lemme die, then whatever happens who cares? THIS is the epitome of boomerism and a complete abdication of any responsibility.

        They profited off the fat part of the ponzi curve and we’re all here at the tail when the next layer of suckers doesn’t exist. The stock market, real estate, pensions, SS, all of it. Served boomers quite well.

        A true locust generation.

        Oh, Gayg- boomers have NO fucking wisdom. Just look at you, man. Nothing but scriptures. Empty words. Meaningless, useless shit. Our parents won’t be our allies; neither will you. Everything has to be on YOUR terms and yours alone. And PLEASE do not rock the boat. You just want to live comfortably and die happy. Fuck everybody else.


      • — They don’t invest in subsequent generations, because that is what the SYSTEM of ponzi schemes does, right?

        My friend told his retired parents that he sold his house for a loss 15 years after purchase. He had to pay at closing. His dad, to his credit, was shocked. Genuinely, as though his entire understanding of the world shook. His retirement is financed by astronomical equity he got for his house.

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      • Greg, seriously, why so triggered by ANY mention of Boomers as a group with certain group dynamics and behaviors common to their grouping and distinct, either in type or quality, from other generations of white Americans?

        Ah, the irony! Using the true enemy’s own Alinsky shaming language (“triggered”) to tell me why boomers are a problem.

        Countering the false premises about muh boomers seems to do its own share of (ahem) triggering on you subsequent generations, so there’s that pot meeting the kettle.

        The back-and-forth on this issue is tiresome because you muh boomers just keep coming back with the same accusations and never address the gainsays and counters… e.g., we’re accused of being “locusts”, yet nobody mentions how all the monies we and our employers paid into the system won’t get us to any break-even point until we’re well into our eighties, and most of us won’t make it that far. You ain’t a parasite if YOU’RE the one getting paid back your own money in dribs and drabs… but you clowns just keep saying the same old shit… and now even CH chimes in as if the correlation between indisputable negro dysfunction and the “one good one” sticking up for his race is any sort of valid analogy.

        There’s pretty much just no talking to youse yeggs about your own chosen sacred cows, and the effrontery of it all is that it’s the same mentality you deride the Left for… yet you yourselves are guilty of it just as much, if not more.

        We weren’t the ones who sent the 101st Airborne into Little Rock… we weren’t the ones who shouted down Sen. McCarthy… we didn’t open the doors to the fifth column welcomed by FDR. We didn’t fight for or pass Brown v. Board of Education or LBJ’s Cibbel Rahts Act. We didn’t writê Uncle Tom’s Cabin nor To Kill A Mockingbird.

        All we did was work hard, raise families, and try to give our children the breaks we didn’t get… if were weren’t militant enough or vigilant enough for youse yeggs, well, I’ve already admitted we dropped the ball there, everyone being wise in hindsight. But if that’s our most grievous sin, then why do you give your own generations a pass on picking up the POZ n1gger ball and running for far more yardage than we ever did?

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      • Yeah, I guess my parents are the absolute exception as boomers (technical boomers, anyway).

        Puritanical sexual mores, other than the occasional off-color joke, but in practice straight-laced monogamists; highly traditional gender roles; never did drugs; my dad is and has always been an open hater of every kind of wog, and in fact even jacked up a nigger in public once for complaining about slavery; pro-White civilization; give most of what little money they get to their offspring to help out. Don’t give a shit about “status,” either.

        Their failing was lack of financial acumen; my dad worked himself three-quarters to death supporting his kids and got nothing for it except his pension stolen by the company in thanks. Of course, his refusal to truckle and mealy-mouth meant that the toadies were promoted while he was left with a job just high enough so he could keep the production floor running.

        So my experience of Boomers is clearly deeply atypical.

        It also explains why I was red-pilled to the maximum on race and such by 15, but it’s also clear that if most boomers were like my parents, then we wouldn’t be in this mess we’re in.

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      • Try-hard, you’ve already proven yourself unwilling to listen to reason… you’re just a snarky little punk profligate who self-admittedly is only interested in your bodily lusts without regard for the future of White children, so any talk of wisdom or the motivation of others looking to help their own folk coming from you is the epitome of no-account tripe and hypocrisy,


      • It also explains why I was red-pilled to the maximum on race and such by 15, but it’s also clear that if most boomers were like my parents, then we wouldn’t be in this mess we’re in.

        Far more boomers WERE like your parents than most here care to admit. There were many of us who, back in the seventies and eighties, tried to wake people up, with even less success than these days, because the antiWhite agitprop wasn’t so much “in yer face”, and as noted innumerable times, after awhile the only sensible route towards a future for White children was to make as many as you could afford to raise properly.

        And it seems that THAT’S our biggest sin… raising subsequent generations who can’t stop bad-mouthing us, even when their mouths are full.


      • Just as the first boomers were being born, some men saw with clarity how the situation ALREADY stood… and what happened to them? Were THEY heeded?



      • Sir Greg, you may be right — admittedly, I haven’t known a lot of boomers outside of my parents in enough detail to know their politics, so I’m not sure how much their personality is biasing me in favor of the generation.

        Regardless, I do recall an article from the very early 1990s that said surveys showed 85% of adult Americans opposed mass immigration, but that the gov’t disregarded them anyway. So, that must have included a large slice of boomers, also. I was in my early teens at the time but it made enough of an impression for me to recall it clearly decades later.

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      • My parents at this point just don’t want the boat rocked- the pension will get paid, lemme die, then whatever happens who cares? THIS is the epitome of boomerism and a complete abdication of any responsibility.

        This I will address, because I’ve heard it myself from a few folks that should know better, and when I do hear someone say something along these lines, I usually give ’em a good what-for.

        But let me say this… the folks I hear this sort of “Well, I’ll be long gone, so who cares” effrontery are invariably those who haven’t been tremendously successful in either their occupations, nor in the raising of their children… and sorry to get so personal, but trav, you’re the poster child on that account.

        Also, they are invariably the ones who are either agnostic or, if they do voice any belief in God, it’s mere “yes, there’s SOMETHING out there”, but you’ll never see them in a church or saying any prayers.

        In short, they’ve made their way along the rode of life at a modicum of wealth because this country afforded that opportunity to a lot of folks who otherwise would have been the peasants of yore… and as thanks, they now further abrogate their responsibilities to future generations AND to God by just wanting to wane out their final days without any discomfort.

        And finally, that “who cares” attitude about the future and the fate of their folk isn’t solely to be found in the boomer generation… it’s even more rampant in subsequent generations, starting with the aptly named “Me generation” that immediately followed the boomers.

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      • [CH: these boomertreason conversations are eerily similar to convos with that one smart black guy with lots of white friends who still gets pissed off when whites mention that blacks as a group are irredeemable.]

        Fuck me!

        Last week I was a White tribal elder… this week, I’m just the token smart n1gger youse yeggs let hang ’round chere.


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      • Sir Greg, that token smart nigger comment got me laughing. 😉

        Most droll, sir.


      • Summary of Boomer guilt.

        First generation to deliver subreplacement births (b.c., abortion, divorce). Last generation to coast on the material and immaterial wealth of the past. All of the disfunction that snowballed after them, was kicked off by them.

        The most damning accusation: they sincerely believe that it’s us who dropped the ball. They deny deny deny like a Jew.

        History will laugh at them and curse them, regardless of Greg’s protestations.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:06 am Flyover Deplorable

        “…you can keep bad-mouthing your own parents and relatives, or you can figger out how to make them allies… You can’t squawk about “atomization” as you push away your own folk…”

        Good point, Greg.

        What fraction of the country’s boomer set commits the sins pelayo complains about, I can’t say. But no matter what it is, there are millions of boomers who are slow to admit their private reservations or to say the N or the J word, but who will say they hate seeing the country going to hell and are fed up with Whites people being blamed and shamed for every damn thing. Some older boomer women I know – born pre-1950 – are now feeling outright fear.

        A couple years ago in a hard-hitting article on the Daily Stormer, AA created a fictional vignette about an affluent boomer couple who squandered their grandkid’s money on $10 K vacations and, with nothing better to do in their worthless youth, had intentionally trashed our country. Among the several hundred ecstatic responses to his article were comments that boomers should die already, were worse than j–s, should be hung from lamp posts that very night, starved to death, de-balled, etc, and at the very least banned from the WN movement. Three, maybe four or so, boomers among the commenters, who had been regular contributors, said they had become increasingly p-ss-d over the previous months’ repetitious boomer bashing and would now stop their donations. They were then attacked for being selfish and butthurt.

        My question to AA was how does this purposefully incited, toxic, visceral spite toward boomers, or any White generation for that matter – who are already supporting his site, already aligned with WN, still wanting to learn more, and seeking a little camaraderie – serve the 14 words.

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      • First generation to deliver subreplacement births (b.c., abortion, divorce).

        Abortion became the law of the land in the early seventies, if memory serves… which group of boomers was responsible from the legislation and passing?

        Last generation to coast on the material and immaterial wealth of the past. All of the disfunction that snowballed after them, was kicked off by them.

        A true believer in White Privilege, I see… ah, I can still remember the glorious morning I woke up and found an Escalade in my driveway, delivered by the angels. I had come a long way from eating thin beef stew five days in a row at times while my immigrant parents were waiting to become citizens so we could move out of the tenement into the land of milk and honey all on someone else’s dime. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        I use my own experience here to represent the common occurrence of virtually everyone in our circle… we didn’t get invited to Mitt Romney’s parents’ parties back then, of course.

        The most damning accusation: they sincerely believe that it’s us who dropped the ball. They deny deny deny like a Jew.

        And you lie, lie, lie like a rug, because innumerable times I and others have admitted where we dropped the ball on vigilance, but then you following lads did even less on that account, even going so far as to pooh-pooh our warnings as out-dated and old-fashioned… so for that damning finger pointing our way, you’ve got three of your own pointing back at yourselves.

        History will laugh at them and curse them, regardless of Greg’s protestations.

        Nervous laughter is already heard from your muh boomers, who’d rather curse the alleged darkness left to you, when there was still plenty of light… and what have YOU folks done with the opportunities still afforded you in this country?

        You twerked and meme’d your way through rivers of snark and video games.


      • My question to AA was how does this purposefully incited, toxic, visceral spite toward boomers, or any White generation for that matter – who are already supporting his site, already aligned with WN, still wanting to learn more, and seeking a little camaraderie – serve the 14 words.

        Thanks for the voice of reason, Flyover.

        I guess it’s easy to writê a story about self-centered boomers taking $10K vacations and boasting about how they’re “spending their grandchildren’s inheritance”, but I know of no such people in meat world.

        To a person, my elders who are left, and my peers, are highly concerned with leaving something behind, and not merely money. And it’s been an ongoing concern since our salad days. Most folks I know have had at least two children, and more than a few had three and four… this, obviously, is the first and most important step towards security a future for our kind.

        And while most of us could only be rated as middle- and slightly upper-middle class, our kids still had to work jobs to help out with expenses such as cars and tuition when the time came.

        On a side note, most of said circle had the additional “baggage” of being Christians (“muh cuckstains”) and also gave not insignificant amounts of time and money towards our church communities… and not the sort of help wherein any Africans were imported… at least not in the circles I knew.

        So this odd chimera of the jet-setting boomers saying “FUCK YOU!” to their very own flesh and blood, let along their communities in general, seems to be more a distortion and distraction agitprop that CERTAINLY only helps the enemy who propagates such stereotypes.

        Even if true to any larger extent, it’s something that one can’t turn back the clock on, and worse a fruitless endeavor than the proverbial “crying over spilled milk.”

        The fact that all-too-many of our alt-R allies don’t see this as White Privilege agitprop and demoralizing complaints about the past is why we continue to lose bigly on the Culture War fronts.


      • Gayg- we’re fine to let you carry the torch for the boomers. Apropos, that is.

        Bc you’re empty as fuck. Nothing but bland shibboleths…more scriptures, more jesus, more of the same.

        You have no wisdom; that is the calling card of your generation. A generation raised on bullshit.

        You think I don’t care about the future of white children eh? While my dad is paying $1000 a month in depreciation on his fuckin RV who do you think is sacrificing to put his grandson through university? ME, motherfucker. My white children.

        My kids are red pilled as fuck, they know what time is it and how shit is sliced. From bitches to niggers and everything in between, they are woke tf up.

        My youngest used to have older bitches driving him around before he was old enough to get a license. Df you think you know?

        All you have is a bunch of empty counter-insults…you can never rebut the charge, nor even accept it and move on. It’s narcissism to the core.

        My youngest is living with my parents; he agrees with nearly everything I say about them. He was always a bit of a spendthrift himself, but he is like wtf is this old man doing buying an RV? Now that he’s old enough to have to deal with his own finances and responsibility fully even HE has a better sense of the value of things and getting a good deal than his fuckin grandfather who was the cheapest SOB I ever met.

        Your generation knows the price of everything and the value of NOTHING. All the wisdom of the past handed down through generations and you people just took a shit all over it and replaced it with airheaded sloganeering.

        Your parents knew the difference between men and women. Your parents knew the difference between the races. Your parents knew the importance of family.

        the greatest generation weren’t the greatest parents, I agree, but they were better than you people were. At least they stayed together. Gen X got crack cocaine and latchkey kids. Think we’re shitty? We had to fuckin raise ourselves.

        Your generation showed us niggers and told them they were just like us, wtf kind of parenting is that? Too busy at work, too busy with materialism. The true locust me-first generation. And your kind’s narcissism drips off EVERYTHING you do and touch.

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      • Around and around go the pointless recriminations, the sure sign of a movement that has no direction and no constructive projects to occupy its energies.

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:17 am gunslingergregi

        Your generation showed us niggers and told them they were just like us, wtf kind of parenting is that?”””’

        then ya learn they ran away from niggers to have a better life
        holy fucking shit

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      • Bc you’re empty as fuck. Nothing but bland shibboleths…more scriptures, more jesus, more of the same.

        Don’t you find it ironic that I haven’t even quoted any Scripture on this thread, yet you keep mentioning it and trying to throw it back in my face as if there’s no wisdom or use at all in what many have considered a path of enlightenment?

        If you want to counter my opinions and arguments, then address said opinion or argument at hand… don’t keep throwing whatever it is in the past that annoyed you into the current conversation in an attempt to win an argument… in my ken, only women play that gambit.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:27 am gunslingergregi

        Around and around go the pointless recriminations, the sure sign of a movement that has no direction and no constructive projects to occupy its energies.”””

        ch goes back and forth last one was duke it out it makes stronger so when hit outside
        we can soul kill with a line
        maybe in future devil kill


      • Your generation showed us niggers and told them they were just like us, wtf kind of parenting is that? Too busy at work, too busy with materialism. The true locust me-first generation. And your kind’s narcissism drips off EVERYTHING you do and touch.

        See, this is what I’m talking about… you don’t listen, you ignore how I destroyed your previous precepts, and just keep repeating the same canards.

        Once more:

        a) WE showed you niggers? Was it boomers who adjudicated 1954 Brown? Was it boomers who wröte Uncle Tom’s Cabin which served as major agitprop for the Civil War? Did WE pass 1965 Civil Rights Act? Did we shove To Kill A Mockingbird down our own throats and those of subsequent generations? Did WE writê, produce, and direct Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner and To Sir With Love? Did we neener-neener Hitler with muh Jesse Owens, and subsequent generations with Jackie Robinson?

        Answer yes to any of the above or just STFU about that point in the future.

        b) Locust? How does having paid into the system all our lives, as well as our employers, constitute being a locust? If we had been able to keep that money, and our employers pass a goodly share of their cost into our wages, we could pay for our own retirements several times over, rather than get the relative pittance doled out to us each month of what is, in effect, our OWN damn money.

        Answer that one, or likewise, STFU.

        And as far as “narcissism dripping” off of us, HA! You yourself are a poster child of THAT character flaw, and boomers have NOTHING on subsequent generations in re self-centeredness. We weren’t the Me generation, YOU were, so keep your story straight.

        And btw, that Alinsky shaming use of “narcissist” is yet another example of how the enemy’s agitprop has embedded itself so deeply in your alleged red-pill alt-R psyches, that no happy merchant need lift a finger except to rub his hands in glee at all the water you continue to carry for him.

        WAKE UP to yourselves already, for cryin’ out loud.

        ((((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • trav you right about the boomers. I am one of them. when I was young just for exercise we would go to a party and beat the shit out of the nigga lovers and commies. maybe 20% of boomers werent suicidal self hating scumbags. Greg not a bad guy went down the list of the things that were done to fuck society were not done by boomers. BUT THEY WERE IMPLMENTED BY BOOMERS. but in the early 70’s it would have been 3 billion times easier to go out in the streets armed cause the cops only had revolvers not machine guns tanks grenade launchers etc. when they forced nigga busing from bedford sty into our school in Bklyn we burned the buses beat on the niggas and made the 6 o clock news. but that was an Italian neighborhood sad to say we were one of the few groups that really fought them. boomers did more damage to this country then if china invaded from the west and Russia from the east. those are the facts


      • on January 28, 2019 at 1:01 pm Flyover Deplorable

        @ Trav

        “You think I don’t care about the future of white children eh? While my dad is paying $1000 a month in depreciation on his fuckin RV who do you think is sacrificing to put his grandson through university? ME, motherfucker. My white children.”

        Fully accept and honor that you care about the future of White children.

        But, you have to admit your own descriptions of an opulent cosmopolitan lifestyle in your earlier posts months ago might have left a few us wondering whether you even cared about children at all.

        Can also understand your anger at your Dad. He was bad with money and that hurt your family…though you personally and professionally seem to be faring extraordinarily well nonetheless. The faults you see in him likely occur with roughly the same frequency among people of any age.

        My own father, a WW2 Marine vet, was a disciplined mission-oriented guy when undertaking a building project or defending a client in the courtroom. But he hated banks, had no stomach for budgeting, and was mostly incapable of exercising good judgment in financial matters. But he trusted my Mom, who was a stickler in this regard, to manage the household money. And she in turn made sure that even in the lean times – of which there were more than a few in the early years – no one in our family was ever left in want of the essentials and my old man along with my sisters and me eventually got the nicer quality stuff that we desired but did not necessarily need.

        You don’t mention what kind of an RV your Dad has, but if, for example, it’s a small or medium-size travel trailer and if, in his old age, he hates motels and fixed schedules and wants to go camping with your Mom or visiting family and friends while parking in their driveways..is that such a bad thing?

        Also, for all his shortcomings, Granddad at least cares enough about your youngest to bring him/her into his home for safekeeping.

        Just sayin’


      • You think I don’t care about the future of white children eh? While my dad is paying $1000 a month in depreciation on his fuckin RV who do you think is sacrificing to put his grandson through university? ME, motherfucker. My white children.

        What’s this now, a tale of two travs?

        All we’ve heard up to now were stories of self-indugence… fancy restaurants, jet-setting ’round the world, out on the street bangin’ this one, bangin’ that one, no matter the color…

        And now you’re crying because you have to pay for your son’s college?

        Try doing that with FOUR children… and without the fancy meals and sluts… and THEN we’ll talk about your Father Of The Year award.

        And on top of it all, squawking because your old man is only providing room and board for one of your kids, instead of footing the whole bill? Why, how DARE he buy a Winnebago and enjoy some of his golden years, that fucking narcissist boomer! How ABSOLUTELY dare he?!!!

        Jeez, Louise, listen to yourself, man.


      • All you have is a bunch of empty counter-insults…you can never rebut the charge, nor even accept it and move on. It’s narcissism to the core.

        And this is why we lose… I’ve done nothing BUT rebut your charges… to which your own projection of what you accuse me of, in re not addressing the counter-charges, not accepting, and not moving on is three-fold greater to be lain on your doorstep.

        Sigh. (((shakin’ it, a bit slower and sadder)))


      • Check out sanctions on Venezuela right now. Secretary just transparently admitted it’s because of the interest of Iran and Russia there. Those who oppose Israel.


      • We’re so fucked up here, and we’re the bright ones in the West. This group therapy is the best coping mechanism we have at present. I hope the pall of perversion really is darkest before dawn, ’cause like you, I can’t fucking take much more of this shit. I’m so glad this subthread was not my catharsis. Just wow. You know you’re bros ’cause no one else would give a shit about your deepest thoughts, right? You fucks are meticulous readers and writers. I couldn’t get to the end without skimming.

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    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:21 am gunslingergregi

      We do talk a damn good game and we are world champs when it comes to posting clever memes, but we don’t take action that is in any way meaningful ””””””’

      who is this we lol
      i learned how to take angels and demons
      we can take the elites demons
      and make them worship us
      i have showed how to carry a demon with you and control it
      if elites worshiping demons well that might be pathetic
      i think they were made to serve us not us serve them

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:25 am gunslingergregi

        can you imagine how dumb and weak the demons fucking think a motherfucker is who would sacrifice blood to the demon when he could of just told the demon what to do


      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:27 am gunslingergregi

        they are decievers just like chicks
        try to get you to think you got to take care of them
        when their god given mission in life and only thing that makes em truly happy is taking care of the right man he he he


      • on January 28, 2019 at 8:28 am gunslingergregi

        demon worshipers snobbery towards underclass
        but worship entities meant to serve us
        ironic shit


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:39 am gunslingergregi

      shit they been making movies about us and worlds changing
      nothing is not correct lol


    • Lindbergh was right.


    • Your analysis of problem is right on IMO. I glossed over the solution and disagree. You dehumanize white people by ignoring individual accountability and widely varying individual worth. Your last stand mentality is simplistic. I will remind people that George Washington won by running away just out of reach until an enemy weakness presented itself. The Leviathan is not vulnerable now, and I have no problem with the less intelligent white men offing themselves for the good of the white gene pool. Sheep dog heroics will only weed out the agency of decline, group-think neediness in lieu of abstract perspicacity, i.e. philosophic mental process, the current step in human evolution.


  19. Yep, the left is successfully creating a “white” identity/ethnicity from a variety of disparate European ethnicities. They are literally creating their own avowed worst nightmare. Why? Because they needed a boogeyman to unite and focus the seething hatred that motivates their various interest groups. It worked well, so well that the focused hate is forging a new identity group and, ultimately, a new political party (and likely a new nation) out of the targets of that hate.

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    • As I said long ago on Gab, White Americans don’t know who they are.

      But that doesn’t matter, because the Mexicans and other invaders know who they are with blazing clarity. We’re the gringo, the ofay, the unbelieving Franks, the fucking White males.

      And their enmity will forge an identity and a nation even without the willing participation of those who belong to it.


      • “White Americans don’t know who they are.” You may have noticed that I have struggled with that. From before, I had a point but I lost all perspective in trying to make it from uncontrolled anger. Apologies for that. I think your comment here is right on, though as a stickler for logical exactitude of expression or else harmony with nature, I don’t know, I would say a nation even without the domesticated whites or somesuch.

        To expound to any readers what I think is important (as does everyone else), not to critique the above comment which got me thinking, I would not have institution-clinging whites in my nation even if that meant lack of whites to form a nation. Nature cannot strengthen the position of great white rationals that insist on being guard dogs of white drone overhead (which is not truly rational vis-a-vis laws of nature and merely an evolutionary step IMO). The path before us is not ours to design only to choose. Love of the white LCD is white fetish. I’d rather be individually successful, promote the individual success of producers, and trust that high culture will color itself just fine. 100% lily white is not a realistic metric or goal IMO. Winning opportunities are rare and should be cherished even if from unexpected places. Evolution is creative with details large and small. Entropy separates the men from the boys and a priori rules can never suffice 100%.

        I’m not advocating non-white: I’m advocating skepticism about going very far from abstract principles to stylistic results, which is a luxury no society can afford for long. Nature corrects us, we don’t correct nature. And not surprisingly I don’t believe in any God of the one true cheat sheet on life. Uncertainty is part of being a mental adult.

        One King told me some posts back I was not a philosopher. Anyone who thinks philosophically first and last is a philosopher. A Ph.D. is a doctor of philosophy, which is recognition of the ability to do original research. Science = philosophy + math + empiricism. There are no Ph.D.s in law because there absolute or objective truth is irrelevant to the goal of relative winning. Just try to have Western civilization without philosophy (constructive critical thinking) as a part of the culture and see how far that gets you. I just have a disturbing thought: What if lackey whites know exactly who they are? Cue evolution. Don’t fight it as proxy.


  20. Good James, now where is your bun in the oven, which young white men are you mentoring into adult men, which young women are you not sleeping with and mentoring into marriageable women?

    All else is fluff. Yeah, James Woods ALMOST said what we ALL know to be true already!! Woopdeedoo. Name the Jew and their mortal enemy (white Christian males).

    At least Mel put a bun in that oven, even if he is still a dirty old man and should have spent the past 20 years turning young men and young girls into married couples with kids of their own, rather than cleaning his dick like Peterson tells him to.


  21. on January 28, 2019 at 6:19 am Hackett To Bits

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    • Lol!

      Just spent a long weekend in a camouflaged box, with other toxic males, killing defenseless airborne creatures.

      Can someone point me in the direction of the nearest re-education camp?


    • I usually find these amateur parodies somewhat lame, but I truly enjoyed this one. Well-done, whoever you are.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:01 am gunslingergregi

      nothing like the smell of lol in the morning


    • All these types of commercials are perfect springboards for parody.

      This one ran a touch long, but had its impact.


  22. slow day so me and couple of buddies had fun yesterday on social media posting stuff like “we don’t want Stabucks Schultz – no more crackers. Wh1te people need to go back to Europe”

    Some excellent responses including “I’m so glad I left the Democrat party and opened my eyes”

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    • Jamal Adams:

      Do you regret tackling defenseless mascot and sending him to the hospital?


      Nick Covington:

      Do you see your own fault in any way?

      “In hindsight, I wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing.”

      OMFG, he refused to apologize to the NA who singled him out and confronted him based on his freedom of speech…fugging ly-nch him NOW

      We need to start questioning the sheeple, through idle water cooler conversation, why is one juxtaposition ok and why is the other BAADDDDD.

      The sucker punch assault toxic masculinity vs simply refusing to back down.


  23. Long post.

    Look, scapegoating “the boomers” isn’t going to make your college loan debt disappear. It won’t upgrade your car. It isn’t going to land you a loyal wife.

    What is does do IMO is play into the hands of the enemy that have already split white women from their men – via the usual entities, academia, nominal non engaged never get your butt out of bed for church parents, but mostly academia from public grade school up.

    For me, I am not anywhere near the “grave” as some wish all boomers would be – born either at the very end of the Baby Boom or the start of Generation X, depending on whose varying dates you buy in terms of those generational delineations. I can only speak for one, me – but I can say that I interact with a lot of Millennial males, as a […] and […], as well as interact with seniors as a [….] and [….]. and have been red-pilling the fck out of them – and noticing how they respond. The old guys that are not already red pilled, are starting to come around as they volunteer that they are ‘noticing things. The young guys, they must be the cohort that the leftists most fear as the ones I know are as red pilled as you can be and despise what is going on.

    So really, IMO, noting the ‘M’ is for ‘My’ – one man’s opinion – do not let the enemy divide and conquer. I am FOR YOU – WITH YOU – and just because I may have married and remained married, raised multiple children to independent adulthood – and built a business that gives me some economic power – resentment won’t get you anywhere but exactly where the enemy wants you to be.

    My humble but real economic power is used to YOUR benefit as in the young men I interact with. Martial fidelity is alluring to younger men that do not have fathers, or strong father figures in their lives. We need to stick TOGETHER and REEL THE WOMEN back in … not let the leftists further divide us.

    Sure, the weakling soylant green fodder males may not be capable of being in the ranks, more so we need to remain together and retain/return as many of the women that the left has peeled off from our ranks, turned against us, back into the fold. And while much of this blog culture may be black pill, entertain self with reference to females – you also have been equipped with the #1 one way women get to the right side of the aisle – marriage.


  24. O/T….
    Just went to “lunch” at my granddaughters school(kindergarten) and sure as shot, the darker the skin, the more loud, obnoxious, and disruptive.

    They. ALL. HAVE. To. Go. Back.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:42 am gunslingergregi

      thats racist we not tame lol
      i never had a little black kid say they were gonna straight up kill someone
      and litle white boys are maniac killers of worlds when born
      they need the right molding lol


      • fucking black kids do this shit all the time

        stop sniffing glue and get out of the sewer


      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:07 am gunslingergregi

        yea i didnt say they dont act wild
        at my going away party one black kid like 10 knocked another one the fuck out
        but i still never had a black look me in eye and say he was gonna straight up kill someone as fact


  25. O/T….
    Just went to “lunch” at my granddaughters school(kindergarten) and sure as shot, the darker the skin, the more loud, obnoxious, and disruptive.

    They. ALL. HAVE. To. Go. Back.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:49 am John Joel Glanton

      Yeah they’re fucking retarded the government keeps paying oodles of money for them to go to school so they can take all our jobs while there’s young white kids starving and no one cares. This has to come to a head soon. It has to.

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      • No, the real problem is they get oodles of money and specialist’s time, preferential finger-on-the-scales admission, media pedestalisation/worship and everything else …
        … and they still can’t manage take er jerbs.

        If they were even halfway normally intelligent, I don’t think anyone would mind. Like with the chinks. Smart, works hard, doesn’t whinge all day long (although they’re learning), gets hired.


  26. From the Gillette parody vid – look at the actor playing the ‘father’ that breaks up the two boys playing on the ground – look at his arms as he runs. Who the eff runs like that unless they are a total nerd non athlete?? Subliminal message: nerds are better ‘fathers’.


    • did ANY of the colored people need to be better men? Nope. They were all just there to show the awful white man how to be better

      fuck gilette…some bitch ad agency telling men…oh but if we told them anygoddamnedthing it’s mansplaining

      women splain shit nonstop, wives, mothers in law…constantly

      some incel forum i took a look at and some woman appears on cue to tell the men how to get chicks…lol. i went off on her

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  27. And my long post about how we should not let the leftists divide and conquer, split off ‘boomers’ from the rest of us, like they split off our women (the unmarried ones at least) went MIA in the mod system somewhere after I hit PC … haha for ‘Post Comment’ but maybe it wasn’t that other ‘PC’…


  28. on January 28, 2019 at 8:46 am John Joel Glanton

    All I know is that I’ve been so fucked around by the system that by the time I’m 35 and have money and a stable job I’m going to start performing lobotomies in my basement.

    In the Third Reich the govt paid for your school debt-free without a hitch. There was none of this bullshit about funding welfare niggers while I have to walk everywhere.

    So sick and tired of fucking Chads fucking all the girls because I don’t have money and a car. I’m keeping a list.


    • lol…wut?


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:55 am gunslingergregi

      go officer after school
      take all the loans out u can
      get car
      quit walking
      might be too late
      ok so
      take out the loans enjoy yourself
      work oversees for year or 2 pay off all loans
      be debt free


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:58 am gunslingergregi

      just cause people keep saying not to pay off student loans in the first year or two out of school and supposed to keep them for life
      doesnt mean ya have to rofl
      thats retarded
      should make it as fast as possible that u have no bills that can be gotten rid of
      should not have student loan weight around kneck entire life
      that would mean u are a retard he he he


    • on January 28, 2019 at 8:59 am gunslingergregi

      i did gi bill in army
      id get paid 1800 a month to go to school
      maybe the shit is really just too easy


    • on January 28, 2019 at 9:00 am gunslingergregi

      problem solution
      problem solution

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    • on January 28, 2019 at 9:01 am gunslingergregi

      i got these baseball cards that need sold lol
      no takers yet on possibility of becoming millionaire
      in a year
      people rather just take my other shit sell it for crack and still be poor rest of
      their fucking life


    • on January 28, 2019 at 9:13 am gunslingergregi

      So sick and tired of fucking Chads fucking all the girls because I don’t have money and a car. I’m keeping a list.””””’

      i didnt have car till i was 21
      bitches drove me around
      car does not = bitches
      you getting bitches = having bitches

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:15 am gunslingergregi

        shit wasent even 21
        ex wife was drivng me around in germany
        till like 23
        didnt get truck till
        i went fort hood and needed it to get to work


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:17 am gunslingergregi

        because i didnt have car i saved half my paycheck
        no insurance no car payment
        no gas cost
        all my money was spendable
        no liability for driving let some bitch worry about all that


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:19 am gunslingergregi

        got chauffeur my whole young life rofl


    • So sick and tired of fucking Chads fucking all the girls because I don’t have money and a car. I’m keeping a list.

      Money and care mean precisely jack shit. Start lifting and get some swag and you’ll see how easy it is to get laid.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:21 am gunslingergregi

        when my ex wife was driving me around i was curling 165 like 9 times on straight bar
        and when i accidentally bumped her sometimes it hurt her
        guess she liked it
        just remember pound the pussy all day too


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:27 am gunslingergregi

        not jack shit when i married her because i saved loot stayed in castle
        still got the pics
        money is nice for creating memories
        for you and her
        but shit when young or whenever just fuck lol
        barely need to eat


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:03 am John Joel Glanton

        Maybe. It worked when I was a younger guy. Where I live though (don’t know about you) peacocks get dumped in the woods a lot. So I keep a low profile.


    • Got news for ya, kid… if you ain’t got a car and some money in this country, you just ain’t tryin’.

      Or did the boomers use up all the gas?


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:56 am gunslingergregi

        hey if turned all yards in us to pot fields we would all be a rich exporter


      • on January 28, 2019 at 9:58 am gunslingergregi

        not everyone got a daddy who gives em money though greg whenever they hit a challenge
        sometimes it can feel hopeless having no backup


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:00 am John Joel Glanton

        Eh, I will in a few years, not the point. Youth is everything. I know guys who are married with kids by the time they finish college cause they got millionaire parents.

        Not that I’m a commie who thinks that’s a bad thing. I’m just tired of little assholes pissing in the pool and using “well it’s the 21st century” as an excuse. I DO NOT want someone else’s cum dumpster for a wife.


      • not everyone got a daddy who gives em money though greg

        Not the issue here… and you know… you’re becoming a snarky little clown lately, unbecoming for one who supposedly has gone through your life experiences…

        … unless you’ve been a bullshitting diversion-clown from the get-go?


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:16 am John Joel Glanton

        NEways thanks for the motivation pops 🙂

        And yeah gregi I’m not bad off like some people, my parents are petit bourgeois I’m just getting fed up with it all.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:39 am gunslingergregi

        course not everyone good looking like i was either


      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:40 am gunslingergregi

        not snark highlighting your hypocrisy

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      • not snark highlighting your hypocrisy

        MY hypocrisy?

        I mention how most of us help our children out when we can, and you extrapolate that as if we just gave them all cars for free?

        And further then, this poor schnook gets a pass for not being lucky enough to have me as a father? As if a) he never had any parent helping him and b) he gets a pass for not working himself to afford even a decent used car in a country where it doesn’t take all that much effort to do so?

        Miss me with that bullshit.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 11:11 am gunslingergregi

        you could defend yourself by knowing my plan is to have family tithe ten percent their income to the family ie me to run
        but yea i will help my kids with knowledge so they all got loot
        they get 4 dollars till 18 though rofl


      • on January 28, 2019 at 4:07 pm General Pinochet

        You guys are apparently totally committed to fighting each other. It’s totally unnecessary.


      • Elliott Rodger had a car and wealth…how did he end up?

        The whole point of game is being a man who women find attractive

        [CH: a lot of the sexual market value boost from a new sports car is the confident, top dog glow it gives to the man driving it home. THAT is what chicks are attracted to, not the car itself. the ATTITUDE. elliot roger had self esteem problems that no car would fix.]


    • you don’t need money or a car

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      • on January 28, 2019 at 10:04 am John Joel Glanton

        So I keep hearing 😦


      • what you need is friends


      • …unless you do. I think age makes a difference as to what achievement women expect in a man. Physical health matters (for vibe). Physical appearance matters if nothing else to leverage or if butt ugly. Also, temperament/personality matters, relates to intelligence types and strengths. Population density matters to target density. Worsening social environment reduced target density and adds interaction liability. The herd animals know each other instinctively and are ingroup. PUA << networking with results. Social dominance matters and past a certain age no money and car is evidence on no social dominance unless in the complete ghetto. My two cents. Somebody has to not be Don Juan here.


    • that’s perfect because I was looking to get a lobotomy


  29. on January 28, 2019 at 8:46 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Forget James Woods…meet the Mohelogram.



  30. The wrath of the awakened Saxon


    • on January 28, 2019 at 9:47 am gunslingergregi

      why do i feel that singing in my soul gut
      love the indians
      note he sang his death song and was ready to go home a man fighting
      and he lived
      it is the true way of things


    • You sure are cocky for a starvin pilgrim!


    • Cool clip, except for not finishing the last one off.

      BTW, Kipling never wrote a poem titled: “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”, it’s title was “The Beginnings”, and for every instance of “the Saxon began to hate” in the version we usually see posted, Kipling actually wrote: “the English began to hate”. Makes more sense, since it was written after Kipling’s son died in WWI fighting Germans, many from Saxony. Feel free to substitute other fitting words such as: “our people”, “the Anglo”, “the White man”, etc.


  31. on January 28, 2019 at 9:34 am Carlos Danger


    • Odd timing as we are nearing the first of the month. A 3 week opening provides a window to recharge all the EBT and social services accounts. Trump is smart enough to know that If EBT et al fails, even for a month, that the orcs would begin wilding in no time. This would set the stage for a natural correction nationwide.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 4:14 pm General Pinochet

        This is true. It’s not yet time for D1ndus to undergo the great famine. That wouldn’t help the president at all. Still, at some point they will have to suffer nature’s adjustment. It’s not like they will ever vote for the right, so when the time does come, we must show no mercy.

        They are already causing damage when EBT runs out.


      • “Trump is smart enough ”
        More 4d chess? There is no evidence of this like a lot of assumptions about Trump.

        Pelosi sacrificed the daca kids and fed employees and hardly got blamed for any of it and Trump caved.
        All she has to do is wait it out.
        Perhaps we should be reading her art of a deal books.

        Was thinking the other day, shitlibs have everything they want except universal healthcare.
        They have [email protected] marriage, ab0rtions, mass immigration, affirmative action,
        feminism , taxation etc and they still think we live in a white man’s fash country with systemic [email protected]


  32. I’m reminded of a line from “Prayer for the Roller Boys”: “The Day of the Rope is coming.”

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  33. – Cult Luminary Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Diabolical Deceits –



  34. The ((( plan ))) is going according to schedule. Who’s going to stand up to to all the ” military age ” future engineers ?

    – Half of Germany’s potential army recruits unfit, lack motivation or have no citizenship – reports –



    • the idea of creating an european union army is insane. what they want to do actually is giving jobs to africans serve as military officers. but they’ll need to low the bar very much for them to be accepted.

      btw, there’s a lot of history of dindu nuffings [email protected] women in usa armed forces


      • “btw, there’s a lot of history of dindu nuffings [email protected] women in usa armed forces”

        There’s a lot of history of American dindus raping local women in American military bases around the globe, sometimes leading to protests and riots of the locals. Some foreigners didn’t get the memo that dindus are sacred even when they rape.


    • There aren’t enough Germans to take trade jobs either. But don’t be a white nationalist or you’ll never get in. This is why I am a believer in the draft. Maybe one young woman in five has children and most only have one when they do. This is base don observation but they way over emphasize women being in the work force and are as toxic as Sweden when it comes to feminism now. Lots of mudsharks too. This is a big reason I looked East. You can tell an EE woman you hate niggers and they understand why.


      • based on.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 12:34 pm John Joel Glanton


        I’m dying to meet a Russian girl

        Where in the world can I find one? I have a criminal record (assault) so I can’t get into Russia. But gdamn are they ever beautiful. All I really want is a woman to listen to me ramble about how much I hate faggots and other races.

        [CH: such a charmer]


      • on January 28, 2019 at 1:30 pm John Joel Glanton


        I’m just sayingggggg it would be nice


      • You can meet a whole pile of them in DC and even moreso in NYC. You can also likely charm the pants off them talking about hating faggots since they are very rough compared to Americunts due to their men not being total bitches.

        –However–, watch your wallet because they are just as conniving as Americunts they just wear a sweeter face and look feminine before they eat your head. Russkies and Ukies are rapacious mercenaries and will milk you dry. There are exception to every rule, but that is their rep. (and stereotypes exist for a reason)

        Your assault charge should, if anything, act as a magnet not a repellant. Perhaps you are doing it wrong??


      • Missed a part re: assault charge- I’m talking about here but I also highly doubt your assault charge would bar you from getting a Russian visa. Have you actually looked into this?

        Usually on countries that share crime data w/ the States (US, Canada, UK, etc) are going to jack you up for this. I know this because I’ve done quite a bit of research on this myself for obvious reasons.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 3:48 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Damm Jay, I like you moar and moar each poast.

        I ain’t ghey or nuthin’ though lolololololz

        Sick and tired of working around faggots, women or dindoos all the time though.


      • DC has Russ1an club nights

        I went to one years ago..I should have known then
        Decades of cold [email protected] and Rus everywhere
        Why does this nation bend over to imm1grants?

        The women were tall and stunning and the dudes built like tanks so the prop about rus having no food was exaggerated

        You’ll also find EE girls as servers in Irish bars and working customer service in banks and lifeguards in apartment complexes


    • on January 28, 2019 at 11:54 am John Joel Glanton

      Germans are fucking scary when they get angry though


  35. Everything is projection for the Bolsheviks.

    When they complain about white supremacy, we actually have anti-White supremacy.
    When they talk about white privilege, we have non-white privilege, where POCs are treated as sacred cows.
    When they talk about toxic masculinity, we have toxic levels of misandry.

    The same way the old Bolsheviks were obsessed about power-grabbing cabals of bourgeois and kulaks while anything resembling a bourgeois or kulak and their families were rotting in prisons and gulags.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Just remember one thing, the Kulaks far outnumbered the Chekists and would have stopped them dead in their tracks if they had shown the same kind of resolve against them as they did against the Germans.


  36. on January 28, 2019 at 10:49 am traitors first

    Personally love when my enemies tell me how to beat them.



  37. question to libertarians and conservatives that are already rip to closing the borders:

    if we can close the border because this will present the invasion of people that will vote against our “freedoms” why we can’t stop the freedom of billionaires to fund and spread their agenda that will hurt most americans?

    it’s not just soros, the vast majority of millionaires supports such agenda. look at the economist and business insider, their favorite mags. they all want not to just end your 1th and 2th constitutional rights, but they want your daughter to be raped by melanzanes and your son to be spanked by wetbacks. how much you need to exchange because of “corporate freedom”?


  38. bon et dur, Maitre

    (massa Mosby regrets nuffin)


  39. – 1879 letter from Baruch Levy to Karl Marx: –

    The Jew*ish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Je*ws will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Je*ws. It will then be possible for the Jew&ish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Tal*mud be fulfilled, in which it is said that when the messianic time is come, the Je&ws will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

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    • on January 28, 2019 at 12:29 pm John Joel Glanton

      Watch the YouTube video “The Harold Rosenthal Query Hidden Tyranny Pt I”

      They claim the interview is fake, but they said that about the Protocols, 100 years ago, now nobody is saying they are fake. The Jew who gave the interview got assassinated a couple months after it was published.


  40. “You twerked and meme’d your way through rivers of snark and video games.”

    A well put and totally fair point.

    You are still a douche though.


  41. Why not ? They’ve been stinking up our world for millennia now.

    – US family booted off flight ‘for overpowering BO’ accuse airline of anti-Semitism –



  42. A weighty situation.

    – Army fat-ness instructors! Furious troops blast top brass after taking lessons on healthy eating from obese FEMALE squaddies –



    • It seems doubly-dumb that, since the Army controls what’s served in the mess halls, why do they need to add extra instructions?

      Just serve healthy meals, and ONLY healthy meals… and get rid of the various snack bars and vending machines within the property.

      Of course, that assumes that this endeavor is serious, and not some brass cooze’s idea of make-work for her sisters-in-arms.


    • on January 29, 2019 at 9:45 pm Alex the Goon

      This is my rifle, this is my gunt…


  43. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Crime is down in every category in Los Angeles and homicides are at their second lowest in more than 50 years, the city’s mayor and police chief announced Monday.

    At 259, homicides in the nation’s second-largest city fell 8.2 percent in 2018, while rapes were down 12.4 percent, gang crimes decreased by 8 percent and property crime went down 2 percent, Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

    Additionally, homicides were at their second lowest in 52 years, said Los Angeles police Chief Michel Moore, who became chief last year.

    “This is one of the safest times to live in Los Angeles in all of our history,” Moore said.

    .. the 1,008 shooting victims in 2018 were .. 900 fewer than in 2007.

    The mayor credited an increased diversity of officers, more street patrols and gang intervention.



    • The Eternal Headline: If we eliminated non-White stats, those homicides would drop to next to nil. Eliminate non-traditional White stats and the murder rate drops to nothing.


    • Crime is down in LA because the beaners have been pushing out the n1ggers for the past decade.


      • That, and they’re probably manipulating the numbers either through deliberately not arresting people (like the program in Broward County that graduated such luminaries as St. Trayvon Martin and Nicholas De La Cruz).

        Aztecs are somewhat less criminal prone than niggers, but not that much.

        The real beaners are the 2nd and 3rd generation kids who become ‘vatos’.

        They have to go back too. Like the old Cheech movie Born in East L.A.


      • on January 28, 2019 at 4:21 pm General Pinochet

        They are straight up F1reb0mbing d1ndus now.


  44. That diversity. What can’t it do?


  45. I keep looking for the gunslingergregi filter on this blog. CO and Greg Eliot seem so reserved all the sudden. Let’s go, CH. Build the fukn wall already or I’m tweeting Ann Coulter.


    • on January 28, 2019 at 5:15 pm gunslingergregi

      a light coming on is the holocaust happened ok
      read history shit happens all the time

      ””””’Of course, as a side note, Scipio’s adoptive grandson wouldn’t be as laid back toward the Carthaginians—a few years later the Carthaginians would get all uppity again, and Scipio’s grandkid (also known as Scipio Africanus) would stomp their balls in the Third Punic War, sack Carthage, sell its entire population into slavery, burn everything to the ground, urinate on the ashes, and salt the earth so that no crops could ever grow there again. And that, as you can probably imagine, was the end of that.”””””

      make cool stories about it
      with awesome wording to commemorate it
      but as far as feeling bad
      its over


    • — Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania all received a “red” rating, indicating that these countries have a serious incapability of “living up to their tragic histories.”

      The kind of talk that is sure to decrease antisemitism.

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      • Poland keeps a passionate and faithful rememberance of her own martyrology.
        Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania no doubt do as well. Jews are free to do the same in Israel.


      • Damn, I LOL’d like crazy on that.

        They keep poking the bear. And hibernation season’s almost up.

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  46. on January 28, 2019 at 5:24 pm gunslingergregi

    again denying holocaust protects individual jews who fucking up


  47. Umm, Mr. Professor. What are the examples from history of someone declaring a race war against a majority population?

    Even if history shows what Woods said, there has been no declaration. To see the goal of white genocide, one has to read between the lines, which takes bravery and abstract thinking skills. I would really like a historical precedent here. Let’s see: South Africa of late, no; Germany of late, not looking favorable; that one time red people gave the finger to white people from across the pond, no; the Yuan dynasty in Chinner, no. I’m not projecting a mole hill like Nat Turner into a mountain. There is no precedent from history. The good news is also that there is no precedent from history. It could be so stupid that no one ever did it, but this is whitey decline, and that phenomenon is very well documented.

    I think progressive globalism per advancing tech (an assumption for sake of argument) and the fact that race is a proxy for culture means we are entering new territory. To wit, it may be that this planet is not big enough for the x cultures of us, where x > 1. The race of technological advancement is the race of global agency (not race of the first and so far only global policy). If the agent race of globalism loses this natural war, it would be pretty stupid. In summary, I dispute the logic of James Woods’ statement, hoping his conclusion is right by any reasons whatsoever.


  48. Maitre,

    Theese “whypipo” you speak of.

    Who, what, is their God?