The Shrieking Of The Thots

And you think if you save a ho, you could make them stop, don’t you? You think if a ho loves you, you won’t fap alone in the dark ever again to that awful shrieking of the thots.

An old Swiss woman shows soyboys how to properly patrol the thots.

Nice. I waited for the shrieking of the thots, and was not disappointed.

Many “she knows how to handle a hose” jokes in the comments.

The Swiss are surprisingly based for a Hajnal tri-nation. Don’t rule them out as players in the coming natpop revolutions.

Roosh audits a thot:

lmao. It’s a good thing to soak the thots and make them pine for the days when a dependable beta male provider would give them a life of comfort and ease.

Even the libertardians are beginning to see the light and question whether it’s a good idea to allow the thots to roam free.

There’s an immigration lesson in there.

It’s almost like, oh I dunno, a certain blog was discussing this and related topics LONG BEFORE anyone else.

PS Men generally don’t rebel against abject thottery if there is an element of sexual egalitarianism from societal oversight. In other words, if the majority of men sexually (read: reproductively) benefit from loosened female sexual mores, then men won’t look a gift ho in the mouth. But that’s never what happens; loose women who have sexualized themselves are no more giving up the real goods to the mass of mediocre beta males than are more modest women. Thottery undermines civilization through multiple pathways, and one of those is the in-your-face sexual disenfranchisement of beta males that the camwhore lifestyle brings to the fore. Once the initial wave of beta male thirst has receded, a bone-deep feeling of disgust rises in its wake. It’s the disgust of knowing that sexually unconstrained women egged on by globalist elites are acid to the social fabric, and that these women toy with the desires of men they will never give the time to in real life.

Possibly there is some resentment, too, that hot women can easily rake in six figures doing nothing but exhibiting their half-naked bodies on social media, while men don’t have that option and must instead work a hundred times harder to make a fraction of what slattern thots have been pulling in tax-free. This is a fundamental reality of biological and psychological sex differences; women may enjoy looking at a fit male physique, but they aren’t aroused to fapping themselves sweaty staring at naked men every day. Therefore there isn’t a viable market for the male version of thots. This massive economic, social, and sexual discrepancy illuminated in bright screen light and transmitted to billions across the internet ultimately corrupts relations between the sexes with all the downstream attendant effects of that corruption, including cock carouseling, late age marriage, low fertility, single mommery, male suicide, and cat collecting.

PPS This is happening at our southern border right now. The chaimstream media is refusing to cover it. No surprise there.

The media truly are the enemy of the people, and the ally of the rootless globalists.

PPPS Marriage is dying, loneliness is becoming the norm.

A decline in marriage rates and decrease in sexual activity sounds like big news. It is not, at least to American journalists. But some women have reported it, albeit with a feminist spins. […]

The writers and most of the researchers are women. Men avoid this hot zone, which offers the potential for career death by saying something deemed sexist. The women writers speak of “people” and “teens”, but they quote almost exclusively women – and discuss (with exceptions) only women’s perspectives.

This blinkered viewpoint goes further. The women, of course, don’t consider that these trends might be caused by changes in women’s behavior. For example, the number of close relationships between men and women might have declined due to a combination of obesity, careerism (women out of the dating game), and unleashed hypergamy for the remnant who are in the game (as they seek only the top 10% or 20% of men.

Buried deep in Julian’s article, an admission by women about one reason there are fewer relationships.

“I mentioned to several of the people I interviewed for this piece that I’d met my husband in an elevator, in 2001. …I was fascinated by the extent to which this prompted other women to sigh and say that they’d just love to meet someone that way. And yet quite a few of them suggested that if a random guy started talking to them in an elevator, they would be weirded out. ‘Creeper! Get away from me,’ one woman imagined thinking. ‘Anytime we’re in silence, we look at our phones,” explained her friend, nodding.’” […]

Surveys, such as this by YouGov, show that large numbers of women consider normal introductory behavior to be sexual harassment.

Women’s behaviors — their smartphone addiction, their quickness to demonize normal male desire, and their obesity — are driving men away from them. Men aren’t innocent, of course — it takes two to tango — but right now women are doing the most to empty the dance floor.

I pulled the following quote from that article because it so concisely captures the blind spot pundits have when trying to account for the damage feminism has done to America:

“The sexual revolution, however, wanted men and women to get together bodily, while feminism wanted them to be able easily to get along separately.”
— Allan Bloom in Closing of the American Mind (1987). Feminism won.

The two devolutions — the sexual revolution and feminism — are intimately connected. Removing the traditional courtship hurdles to intimacy and making it easier for men and women to bang necessarily made it harder for them to bond. Stripping sex of its mysticism and reorienting it to something transactional had the effect of hardening (heh) men and alienating women, which ironically created hurdles to fulfilling relationships electrified by sexually appreciative and awe-struck frisson. Ease the meeting of bodies, impede the meeting of hearts. The body and the spirit aren’t separate entities. Everything flows together in a feedback loop of manifest cosmic law.

This is why the sexual revolution would always end in a deranged man-hating nth wave feminism; any ideology that defies the natural order is bound to unleash portals to hell.


A comment from jaquevaghan,

I love how it takes a secular ethnonationalistic cad blogger to spit these truths on human sexual nature.

“secular ethnonationalistic cad blogger” username available.

I’m a Christian who plays church music every Sunday, and I have not heard truths like these from the pulpit of any church I’ve ever attended in years.

That’s because the Christian churches have become gay, cucked, and womanish. Sad!

There is a reason the Christian Bible pushes marriage and proper courtship before sex so hard, and constantly reinforces the concept of gender roles. Because without these restraints on us, we devolve into the chaos you are seeing today.

Sadly, in this day and age, men in general are hogtied and silenced and can only speak out on degeneracy in women and culture from anonymity. Not even the preacher man can call out feminism these days, as his congregation is over 2/3 (7/8 if he’s in a black church) female and would crucify him for speaking harsh truths (i.e. women are supposed to be modestly dressed, or wives are to submit to their husbands, even if they don’t want to). It seems only Muslims can deal properly with their women these days.

Keep on posting. I don’t always like what you write, but you truly are doing the Lord’s work.

I am who shiv.


  1. Swiss are awesome, I heard they have conscription still and most households have military-grade weapons. Extremely federalist and almost impossible to invade.


    • Yes indeed. Looking down on surrounding countries hacking each other to bits. “Are you having fun with this down there???”
      Of course it helps being a very mountainous country. And essentially ALL males get drafted. “Are you wheelchair-bound? No problem we will assign you to a machine gun nest.”

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    • Remarkably easy to blockade and starve, though.
      Which is why they tend historically to accede (((on the sly))) to their violent and Frankish/Germanic/Italic neighbours, when Push comes to Shove.

      Pro-tip: never engage in a land war with Ze Chermanz. Instead hold the World’s Illicit Wealth in your Alberich und Mime mountain vaults and caves to which only you hold the key (or Ring, what have you).
      Your navy is of no use in a real war, yodelling landlocked goat-people.

      PS fellow non-Europeons, plz send Heidi.
      It is Winter, I am old, I am cold.

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      • The Swiss Navy (!) reportedly keeps a mine sweeper in Lake Geneva.


      • Well if per Shakespeare Bohemia can have a coast, then the Swiss can have a damned Navy.


      • Starve?Plenty of Swiss cheese to eat from those cows that graze on the mountain valley green grass.This isn’t Siberia and is much like mountainous Italy. Fly food in too like the Berlin Airlift.


    • on November 26, 2018 at 6:24 pm Corinth Arkadin

      They also said to the J00s, “…Phuck you, it’s our money now, so prove the ‘Holocaust’, or GTFO.”

      Haven’t heard back since.

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      • they rolled over for the IRS, so don’t go so easy on them

        as far as thots and the sexual revolution, this is what enfranchisement, the EXCLUSIVE dream of cuckstain western white males putting their fuckin hoez up on pedestals has got us.

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      • Rezident epicurean on a roll


      • The banks actually did have to pay money out to the jews and Israel.And since things like gold can be melted and made into new bars they sort of estimated how much was jew gold taken by the Nasties and stored in Switzerland.


    • An old Swiss woman shows soyboys how to properly patrol the thots.

      That Schweizer-Deutscher frau is a modern-day FREYA

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    • In one German-speaking province the women got the vote only about ten years ago.


  2. Love the Swiss Uber granny; hate to admit it but the old brood is more of a badass motherfucker than many. Also, hadn’t heard of the #thotaudit movement, but it sounds like something worthwhile. Whores (and women) period are hard to hose off, granny vid notwithstanding, but it feels good on a limbic level to plant the seed and effort with ’em a bit regardless, no?

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    • women are in every society net takers of public money. You can see this research repeated in western europe and the USA.

      they should be paying taxes on their shit. Too long they’ve gotten away scot-free with this shit. Time to push back. Time for men to stand the fuck up.

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      • on November 26, 2018 at 10:49 pm Darth Caucasious

        Here fucking here to that.

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      • Especially with the sums they are making.

        Men get nearly thrown in prison for monkeying around with deductible expenses and such related to their side businesses. Hiding some invoices, etc. Most are still paying quarterly taxes at the very least to keep the IRS off their backs in the most obvious ways.

        These fucking whores make six figures easily and are paying not a dime on anything.


        (Of course men with cash contracting businesses are tough to catch. These stupid slags are doing it all electronically. Twitch and Snapchat will hand over every transaction to the IRS without a single thot)


      • Amen, brother. Amen.


      • People pay chicks for naked pictures? Mind boggling considering all the free pron out there

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  3. Well, yes. The digitalization of sex, much like other digitalization, drives money to the top, the top being defined by the market. Instead of inviting a musician to your dinner party, and let him literally sing for his supper (and/or play an instrument), possibly getting a small fee on top, you put on a CD with something from Deutsche Grammofon or Michael Jackson or whatever you like.
    And once we get the universal replicator, only a few cabinet makers are needed. And they will be very good cabinet makers.


  4. “Don’t worry about incels reporting you to the IRS because they can’t actually do anything without digital proof of your income.”

    Good plan, the IRS doesn’t know much about tax evasion and hiding digital shekel trails from them is really easy

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    • Granny ain’t the only one gonna hose ’em. 😉

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    • like they will go any harder on poor wahmen than every other aspect of our feminist-primary society does.

      Fucking protesting Kav when half of the bitches who “corroborated” Ford Blazer recanted within like a week, flat admitting they lied. To FEEL empowered or something.

      Oh but believe them all anyway, always.

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      • True, but there are plenty of battleaxes in gov’t service and I doubt they’ll sympathize much with thots who are (1) younger/hotter/tighter and (2) make way more money.


      • Ooooo….I didn’t think of that.

        Revenge of the Ugly IRS Cat Ladies.

        Because sifting through the complicated finances of a roofing contractor looking for problems is hard work. Cat ladies hate hard work.

        Crucifying some 19 year old slut whose financial records are almost 100% tax evasion?

        Oh shit!!!


    • on November 27, 2018 at 7:24 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Dumb bints won’t have covered their tracks.


    • They can profile what you spend.
      If you never report any income and they know that you’re not just wealthy from inheritances or have income from tax exempt bonds or something(yes they snoop around and will know and besides you may still have to report it even though no tax is due) they can make a case against you.
      If they wanted to go after these various types of Hos, the girls should be smart enough to at least file a tax return(you’re supposed to report even illegal income) so that they can’t be charged with tax evasion. Just under reporting.
      The IRS probably doesn’t go after them because they know these Hos never have any money and have spent it on drugs or female junk.Same way cops go after middle class slobs for fines etc You go after Jose and he’ll take the 10 days in jail rather than pay the fine and the town loses money.


    • There is no mystery to this. If you need lots of people with IQ usually > 160, and hire on merit only, you will get mostly white males. Whiteness because black IQ averages are lower by about 10-15 points. This has low predictive value for individuals, EXCEPT at the top tail of the Bell Curve.
      And women – of any color – will be moderately sparse for a more subtle reason. Mainly, average IQ is the same (for whites, black women outrank black men by about 4 points, small but significant), but women have a smaller standard deviation – this is the single X, women have smaller standard deviation on just about any quantifiable property) Thus thinner tails at both ends.

      So there is no surprise here.


      • Folks with IQ>160 are uniformly EXPELLED from organizations.

        Only the occasional freak, like Einstein, will be permitted ‘in.’

        Why this is so is detailed in “The Polymath Archives.”

        Indeed, it’s a rare bird that can gain and maintain employment in an organization if their IQ>140. That’s a fact, Jack.

        One exception: create your own organization. (Steve Jobs… it’s significant that he was EXPELLED from Apple by his lessers — back when he was at the height of his powers. He came back to rescue his baby for essentially $0.00)

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      • on November 26, 2018 at 8:07 pm Captain Obvious

        Given a long enough timeline, all organizations will eventually come to be dominated by Passive-Aggressives & outright Psychopaths.

        The best people are always chased out of town.

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      • women and men are near in average. However at the tails, men, white men, are grossly overrepresented.

        average nogs are about the same speed as average whites but at the high end, they dominate. Kurtosis.

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      • There’s more to it than just IQ. You can put a bunch of really smart women in the same room and they only they will build is a web of drama so complex it would make Turing’s head spin.

        Men are collaborative and work as a team to accomplish goals. Women are subversive and work behind the scenes to advance themselves.

        This is the #1 reason that room is full of men and not women of equivalent IQ and such a thing likely will never been seen outside of a photo op.

        It will never be released, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts a recording inside the wheelhouse of that Swedish warship run by women including a frantic shrieking argument as they were approaching that oil tanker.

        Men would have moved the fucking ship and dealt with the decisions leading up to it afterwards.

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      • This program from Red Ice is a few years old, but is still relevant today. I also find it amusing the shrieks of Ant!-Semitism in the comments section:

        Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Albert Einstein: The Myth, the Plagiarist & the Zionist……He talks about Einstein the Zionist and the “Einstein Terror” – a Semitic method of suppression that was used to literally terrorize and imprison anyone who dared question the dogma of Einstein.


    • Had to (((shake mah haid))) at the n1gger handshake, though.


    • 2 observations from the Mission Control room:

      1) I liked it better when everyone wore white short sleeve shirts and ties like the 1960s

      2) The camera made sure to put the 2 women in the room front and center of every frame.

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    • With minor exceptions, such as sheikdoms, all wealthy countries are essentially dominated by either people with European ancestry or by East Asians, think Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, with China bringing up the rear and catching up. This is empirical, like it or not.

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      • “With minor exceptions, such as sheikdoms”

        wrong. Sultans and potentates across turco-arabia fortified their bloodlines with slavocaucasian beauty. Post Bayezid Yildirim, Ottoman Sultans were 75% Caucasian or better

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  5. on November 26, 2018 at 6:10 pm everlastingphelps

    It is worth noting that traditionally, thots are patrolled by other women, particularly older women. Boomer women abdicated this role (and the state slams any older-than-boomer that does like above).

    Once again, boomers fucked everything up by failing to do their jobs.

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    • true. and no one is speaking about this.

      it is the result of weak/desperate men who thought they had enough game money power or whatever to make hoes into housewives

      and it’s happening now more than ever.

      shitloads of men (even some on this blog) think they can fix/mold/train crap women into decent w1ves and mothers. as long as men have no/low standards and keep doing that, it will be more of the same

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      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:35 pm gunslingergregi

        I been thot patrolling the ex all fucking day

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      • excellent videos. thanks man
        hope others will watch and share


      • on November 26, 2018 at 8:19 pm Captain Obvious

        Advice needed.

        Grad Studentette. Quiet, slender, polite, thoughtful, observant, works hard, dresses kinda old-fashioned, never fails to wave when we cross paths. Almost seems too innocent for this day & age.

        BUT: She’s got these extra diamond studs up at the top of her ears [in addition to the studs down at the bottom in her ear lobes].

        WTF does that mean?

        Those extra studs are phreaking me out.


      • without hearing the rest of the description, i’d say the extra piercings are an issue and i’d pass on her. but based on everything else you said, i’d take a gamble on her

        i’m from an older generation than most here and it’s my understanding that a lot of girls have more than the one earlobe hole these days. but if that’s the worst she’s got, i’d say go for it. based on your description, she could just be a shy introverted type who is trying to be a little edgy after friends told her she should loosen up.

        i would give her a hard time about the piercings though. tell her it’s cute that she’s trying to be edgy or somesuch

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      • “it is the result of weak/desperate men….”

        As easy as it is to be black pilled and blame (((society(((them)))))), I blame us(wy1te men).

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      • on the other hand, if she does seem to be a nice quiet girl who in all other ways doesn’t match up with the kind of girl who does piercings, tats, etc, you might want to hold off on mentioning it and use a more indirect approach to let her know you don’t piercings like that on girls

        for example, start a conversation about what kind of girls you like, then mention you don’t like piercings other than the one earlobe. when she reacts, say oh shiz, i didn’t notice. guess you’ll have to take those out then with a smirk, the whole deal


      • “Advice needed.”

        Don’t judge a chick against an absolute standard, under present historic conditions. Judge her relative to her immediate peers. If she’s better than them, you might have a keeper.

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      • So i had a lawyercunt, talked about her before. Seemed an eminently decent girl. Then she power flaked over her career or whateverthefuck.

        A girl with some extra ear piercings? So what? If that’s the worst thing she has, don’t listen to these idiots. Tell her to take them the fuck out bc they make her look like a whore. If she’s amenable, she’ll do what you tell her

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      • @CO

        The top earring studs are what modest girls do to feel a little rebellious. Went to a Christian college and just about every girl on my floor got that piercing done freshman year, myself included, but I promptly took it out when my boyfriend at the time (now husband) told me it looked slutty.

        It does seem to be a kind of gateway piercing, though. Some went on to get other parts of their body pierced, and then tattooed. Maybe get to her before that happens?

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      • Buns ===> oven
        Am I really the first to say this in response?
        Although I will say when Cap noted a coupla months back “you’ll never guess what I’m doing” my first thought was “playing with the grandkids?” so maybe he’s taken 😂


      • My gut reaction is the old fashioned attire and mannerisms may be more of a “quirky” attention grabbing cosplay. I’ve seen that before.

        I have never seen a tradcon woman with garish, unusual piercings. Go with your gut, you know something is up. She’s probably an absolute animal in the sack but do not wife her up.

        RE: other women

        The sexual mutilation of young, nubile girls in various cultures from Islam to the freakier Pacific islands is almost exclusively a pursuit of older women. Every time you research source information you find out there are no bearded old men supervising the hacking away of labia and clitorises with broken glass. The older women perpetuate the tradition from Africa to New Guinea.

        I’d love to hear CH psychoanalyze the phenomena of old women ending their childbearing years by enviously butchering the genitals of pubescent teen girls budding into the very symbol of sexual fertility.

        Do the agonized screams of these young girls echo the primal screams inside the heart of a woman permanently relegated to old age and ugliness?

        That’s a darkness too thick for me to spend much time thinking about.

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      • “BUT: She’s got these extra diamond studs up at the top of her ears [in addition to the studs down at the bottom in her ear lobes].

        WTF does that mean?

        Those extra studs are phreaking me out.”

        just make a mental note of it and plow onwards.

        you’re looking for patterns here and you can’t discern patterns from a single data point (or even a set of data points) if you haven’t tracked them over at least a few weeks or, preferably, months.

        so… what do you have to go on? chemistry, genetics, physiognomy. start with those.

        you won’t see the real person underneath… in TOTAL… until she surrenders to you. and if she’s a smart girl she won’t surrender unless she knows you’re serious about taking her as your woman. (if you play it right, this will take about three months.)

        those “flaws”, like going along with the herd and getting stupid fucking piercings, actually become assets once you make her yours. she’ll drop the old, pre-apex alpha behaviors and reshape herself in order to better please you. but it takes time.

        so again, ignore the superficial stuff that the brave incels on the internet say are deal breakers and focus on the fundamentals: chemistry, genetics, physiognomy.

        AND… here’s where your belief in red pill stuff will be tested to it’s core… ignore what she says and WATCH WHAT SHE DOES. set your big-brained manosphere theorizing aside and just OBSERVE all the little twists and turns. is she making an effort to see you more, be closer you, in subtle little ways? then it’s working. follow that. this is where you stop THINKING about everything you’ve learned about women and start APPLYING it, in REAL TIME

        but be PATIENT. one thing at a time. refining her and grooming her to be your perfect little sex toy w1fe/mother-of-your-kids comes later, after her hamster has decided that you’re not merely there to waste her fertility window.

        she also needs to make sure you’re not spineless beta who folds after the first kiss. she needs to see your fiber, and also your tenderness, or at least that you can fake tenderness well.

        your awareness might already be there, that she’s literally a walking, talking solution to our total extinction, but hers is definitely not. so again…. patience. (this shows strength).

        that’s against everything you’ll read on the internet, where everything has to happen RIGHT FUCKING NOW! so be patient. but not TOO patient. when the time is right, destroy that pussy. rock her like she’s never been rocked before. deliver her to orgasm Elysium under no uncertain terms. when it’s time to deliver you must deliver.. that’s the other kind of strength she needs to see. patience coupled with decisive action.

        slow and steady (and perfect timing) wins over the whore.

        now go forth and save the white race, muh brutha.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I have never seen a tradcon woman with garish, unusual piercings. Go with your gut, you know something is up. She’s probably an absolute animal in the sack but do not wife her up.”

        AX, that’s exactly my gut feeling.

        That ear mutilation is completely out-of-character [from everything else I know about her].

        As though it’s screaming, “DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!!!”

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:38 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “myself included”

        You will never know what that does to a man.

        Like an iron spike driven through the heart of his soul.

        Meta Death.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:39 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “too thick for me to spend much time thinking about”

        That Dark Place is very, very DARK.

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      • Hey Cracker, housewives are Hoes.They get some man to support them so that they can do what They want, have kids.Their sex drive is geared to pregnancy.
        Men have been around for 2m years from H habilis to H sapiens all human species. Marriage has been around for a few thousands years and not like today either. The knowledge that piv sex caused pregnancy has only been around for a MAX of 10k years or less.So for 99% of the time that humans have been in existence they did not even know that piv sex caused pregnancy and just survived and behaved based on subconscious inbred instinct put there by Nature in some sort of blind evolution. People didn’t understand why they did things any more than a dog does, they just did them.Females only knew that when men were around they had protection and resources for themselves and offspring. Men were fucking them anyway so it must have taken them some long time to figure out that they could exploit men. And they didn’t care which man because females are naturally promiscuous just like men. Monogamy is unnatural.


    • “traditionally, thots are patrolled by other women,”

      And who patrols these “other women”? Men do.

      Ipso facto, men patrol thots. Women do nothing besides follow the leader, be that leader a man, a government, a phone, etc. Women have no agency, and thus no role in this increasingly necessary social correction. Let’s be clear on this.

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    • Name that novel: “With old ladies you were sweet and guileless and appeared as simple minded as possible, for old ladies were sharp and they watched girls as jealously as cats, ready to pounce on any indiscretion of tongue or eye.”


      • gone with the wind

        good line and true. women, especially older women are the best at seeing through a young girl’s bs.

        the men in their lives will fall prey to their daughter’s feminine wiles and baby them. they ignore bad behavior because their baby girl is so darn cute and she loves her daddy.

        also, because it was the women’s gd job to teach daughters how to be good women just like it’s the men’s job to teach their sons to be men. women used to know this was their duty but many are too spoiled, selfish, mentally ill, etc to care or even be capable of doing that

        older women used to use their awareness of the younger women’s ways to call them out, teach them to be better with men and have good manners, to control their emotions, learn to cook and clean, act respectably, develop nurturing/mothering skills, etc

        now most older women indulge the young girls crap behavior because they are lazy and entitled ex sloots themselves.

        they teach them it’s okay to act like a spoiled child for the rest of your life because you have a vagina and being a foul mouthed sloot is good because it’s strong, empowering, and whatnot

        just like strong male role models are important for sons, girls need good women in the home guiding them. without that, you’re going end up with screwed up daughters

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      • on November 26, 2018 at 9:46 pm Captain Obvious

        What’s scary is how much time the Momz spend teaching their daughters how to lather on the 1/4″ thick pr0n star pancake makeup.

        And the sleazy clothes which the Momz buy for the daughters.

        And even just giving their daughters the iPhags.

        Giving a child an iPhag is the worst child abuse you can commit this side of Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

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      • “now most older women indulge the young girls crap behavior because they are lazy and entitled ex sloots themselves.”

        Cracker, my good man, how did those older women get that way? Lack of male leadership. Full stop.

        When you see a misbehaved child, do you think to yourself: “what an awful child, the child should intuitively understand the inherent badness of its behaviour”?

        Of course not. You think think to yourself: “what a shitty parent this child has.”

        Women do not intuitively understand the inherent badness of their behaviour, so when you see a misbehaved female, the first thot in your head should be: “what shitty male leadership this female has had in her life”.

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    • Jeez Louise, muh “boomers ain’t my ice cream” yet again?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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      • Funny how boomers not only shirked, but they piss and moan everytime someone reminds that that an entire generation of Eternal Teenagers ruin society.

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      • Most of the pissing and moaning seems to be coming from the subsequent generations of self-centered perpetual adolescents.

        But of course, it’s all boomer fault, since everyone born after 1965 never got their rightful measure of free will and self-determination. :duckface

        Anyone perpetuating the muh boomer canard might as well be jumping on the White privilege bandwagon, since that’s exactly the same sort of agitprop.

        That you clowns have to keep being told the same thing, yet keep repeating the same ol’, lame ol’ canards fed to you by the very (((sources))) you CLAIM to despise, is WHY WE LOSE!

        And DUH!

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Thank God you’ll all be dead soon.

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      • Soon? The way the subsequent generations look these days, I’ll be burying a good portion of them.

        And btw, you’re why we lose, asshole.


      • And btw, you’re why we lose, asshole.

        Boomers are not part of my “we”. Die faster.

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      • And that’s why YOU lose… alt-R ally.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on November 27, 2018 at 2:59 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Millenials like myself are resentful of boomers for various reasons, as a group because they presided collectivley over the ruination of suhsiety, but in their personal failings as our boomer parents ruined families with their sky high divorce rates and selfish lifestyles.

        However, to be fair, the same (((controlling interests))) which told boomers to smoke dope and get divorced are likely the same (((interests))) who put Miley Cyrus videos and p0rnhub at centre stage today. So I’m cutting them some slack. They put Bill Clinton in orifice, but also helped get Trump in.

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  6. on November 26, 2018 at 6:32 pm gunslingergregi

    And you think if you save a ho, you could make them stop, don’t you? You think if a ho loves you, you won’t fap alone in the dark ever again to that awful shrieking of the thots.”””””

    my wife was a ho but not on drugs so yea she did quit fucking other dudes
    and I got my ego validation for being the one to make her quit he he he


    • on November 26, 2018 at 6:37 pm gunslingergregi

      the ex ex gonna keep my dad fed while I am gone
      so yea Mary Magdalene was there when Jesus was on the cross

      my former ho’s there for me

      I followed the bible it worked


      • on November 26, 2018 at 11:49 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “the ex ex gonna keep my dad fed while I am gone”

        Gunny Sr gonna get him some ex ex action.


        Gonna be a half-brother waitin’ for Gunny.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 3:49 pm gunslingergregi

        cap quit talking bout my family
        everything aint about sex


      • on November 27, 2018 at 8:24 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        the ex ex gonna keep my dad fed while I am gone

        Suuuure she is. Your ho is different. Keep telling yourself that.


      • on November 28, 2018 at 8:32 pm gunslingergregi

        Lord of the Gulf Stream
        the ex ex gonna keep my dad fed while I am gone
        Suuuure she is. Your ho is different. Keep telling yourself that.””””

        I don’t tell her to bring him plates of food she started doing that on her own


    • on November 26, 2018 at 6:41 pm gunslingergregi

      the bible says to save hos
      Luke 8:1-3 1After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him, 2and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out; 3Joanna the wife of Chuza, the manager of Herod’s household; Susanna; and many others. These women were helping to support them out of their own means.”””””””

      true story ex ex told me not to spend money on food today she bought it and cooked it

      she is on point for me to save loot to go back to my wife

      close to unconditional love


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:43 pm gunslingergregi

        John 20:11-18 11Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus’ body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot. 13They asked her, “Woman, why are you crying?” “They have taken my LORD away,” she said, “and I don’t know where they have put him.” 14At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus. 15He asked her, “Woman, why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” Thinking he was the gardener, she said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.” 16Jesus said to her, “Mary.” She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, “Rabboni!” (which means “Teacher”). 17Jesus said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.'” 18Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the LORD!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:44 pm gunslingergregi

        Mark 15:40: There were also some women looking on from a distance, among whom were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the Less and Joses, and Salome.Matthew 27:56: Among them was Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee.John 19:25: But standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.



      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:47 pm gunslingergregi

        Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”””’

        every ho does this
        they all probably going to heaven


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:49 pm gunslingergregi

        The second is like this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.Young’s Literal Translation. and the second is like it, this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself; — greater than these there is no other command.’.”””””

        they really doing that think the bible was being figurative


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:50 pm gunslingergregi

        they making dudes who would never feel love feel some type of love so no they shouldn’t be getting squirted by a firehose by an old jealous bitch


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:55 pm gunslingergregi

        “saving them” is just selfishly trying to own them


      • on November 26, 2018 at 6:59 pm gunslingergregi

        no ho’s in states getting out of Iraq yea it would of been all bad


      • which started by loving our neighbor

        and ENDED by loving his wife


  7. RIP Bernardo


  8. One of my great journalist heroes was William Tucker. Although many had made the case for monogamy before him, they had often used arguments that appealed to the kind of authority that modern bien pensants would reject out of hand. Tucker, in his seminal article “Monogamy and its Discontents” systematically laid out the rationale for monogamy back in 1993. He went on to expand on his thesis, but pretty much, the beginning encapsulated everything

    The only weakness, I think, in his argumentation was that he failed to grasp the unmitigated disaster that is unfettered hypergamy. That gap has been more than adequately filled by our very own CH, as well as others who have delved deeply into the nuances of social/sexual hierarchies, strategies, and psychology.

    As such, the observations of Ricardo Velasquez seem too little and too late. Where was he 25 years ago?

    PS: If you google “Monogamy and its discontents snappingturtle” you’ll find the Tucker’s orginal article.

    PPS. CH, I hope you notice I’m leaving a number of straight lines for you. You’re welcome….

    PPPS. Another great article by Tucker are “A Revolt In Queens” where he chronicles some of the first salvos in a counter-revolution in SoHo against the GloHo Left.


  9. O happy day! So it didn’t smash into the surface with the force of a thousand dead cows like the British (OK, euro) one.
    And there’s mud, and methane.
    Fuck welfare. fuck the environment, fuck saving the (((banks))).
    Sailors, fighting in the dancehall …

    Guys, we will go there. Soon.


  10. “Even the libertardians…” CH, that was cheap chalupas for the emotive cucks of institution, the cuckservatives, typically kike-stick cucks as we all know and have discussed a plenty. Rather disgusting glorification of a certain slice of your readership.

    The problem is not prostitution, which always pays for persistent customer base. The problem is that prostitution pays better than marital chastity because da men are cucks, cuckservativs cucks. Ain’t nothing wrong with transparency about the damned prostitution, CH! Johns are better off than husbands!

    The perverted assumption you bury is solidarity with the cucks is that EVERYONE should be SAVED. Wrong! Fuckinig wrong! We had bastardy for a damn reason, male property rights! Only men are cultural, if not reflexive institution knob suckers.

    Western men don’t hit women anymore because that is the prerogative of the state via the police, whether they exercise that sovereignty or refuse to exercise it. The bureaucrats primarily care that rank-and-file men but white men are not dangerous but entirely cucked. If hoes reaped as they sow, not the tax payer, and suffered or died when earned on the individual merits, this stop. We don’t let junkies die. We don’t liquidate animal felons good for nothing because Bis Jail is $$$. We don’t let anyone garbage die because they kill great whyteness. Think about the value to society that the soil reclamation of concentrated human vileness would be. The tree of liberty is libertarian because TJ said goverment was not to be trusted, fucking cucks. What costs would there be to socialize if shit were put to good use?

    Libertarianism is a completely proper concept if you understand how rights work, with political force. Equating it to pacificism is propaganda or stupidity. Are anarchists pacifists to? Natural consequences are the law and should be harnessed not challenged! Trying to control more than just the critical things is failure to address the critical things or have priorities. There is not way to address your every fucking need without…wait for it…big fucking government! Cooperation is critical to maintaining political power, i.e. fucking culture and fucking patriarchy. Jezuz Christ this ain’t fucking hard people! You fucks just plain don’t want the law in your own hands, in the hands of brother patriarchs. Too scary to be a man with power. Women SHOULD hate you.

    Fucking ‘libertardian’, fuck you who use that term like the idea of live and let live and the idea of individual freedom can be divorced. You don’t use your power to help garbage. Garbage is weak without government backing. The litmus test for using violence is exactly threat to way of life, real simple. If everyone cooperated if and only if it were personally beneficial, the cream of humanity would rise to the top because self-serving people have synergy and are stronger than self-serving animals. If you did not INVITE entropy to your way of life, this shit would not happen. LCD! No one reading this is enough alone to be free in a post-industrial civilization. WTF! Repent of this heresy to philosophy! The essence of libertarianism is part of any civilized culture but not enough alone. This fucking whyte man universal sympathy is the fucking problem not libertarianism. As CH hath said, indifference is the opposite of love. Good marksmanship requires indifference. Hate is to load the gun. You cucks are so in love with yourselves and fucking this up for all. Be cleansed form the whyte gene pool one day, please.


    • on November 26, 2018 at 8:12 pm Captain Obvious

      That poster of Alisa Rosenbaum above your bed has curdled jism all over it.

      Clean your room, muh boy.

      Clean your room.


      • If you truly understood Atlas Shrugged, you’d give some leeway.

        There were two pages of that story that encapsulated the deleterious effects of communist principles with chilling accuracy, in re the factory that John Galt walked away from early in his career.

        And I’ve mentioned this before, but maybe THIS time it will stick in yo’ haid… the individualism of the Aryan heroes in her book was not of the self-centered materialistic kind, though at first glance one might be duped by the $. It was very explicit that each individual’s mind and efforts that arose therefrom were the sole MORAL property of the creator, and he was not to be bullied or enslaved to the false god of “muh greater good”.

        And the end result of creative genius being the arbiter of his or her own destiny and fruits of labor would, ipso facto, redound to the advantage of the entire society (or one’s folk, if you will).

        Whatever her private yenta personal and political hypocrisies might have been, Atlas Shrugged is as good a primer as any on things near and dear to the red pill heart.


    • Hard to live and let live among shitskins and psychopaths that are unable to grasp that concept. They are now protected by law enforcement.

      Back in high school before it was completely pozzed, I had a history teacher that said “communism only sounds good on paper.” To high school minds he explained that human nature does not allow for it to work. Libertarianism is the same.


    • I’m a former LOLbertarian.

      The reality is that its a utopian dream that denies the reality of treasonous men within, dangerous enemies without, and the eternal wayward ways of the heart of women.

      Whether you believe its true or not the Bible literally starts with a story about the nature of women being cursed. Whether its a fairy tale or God’s word, its verify ably thousands of years old so someone somewhere knew enough about women to write it.

      The fact is society needs a pimp hand and male leadership that isn’t afraid to let loose the dogs of war on threats within and without.

      Inside this orderly society of self-governed people I ABSOLUTELY support maximum personal freedom and small government.

      But the women will always be looking outside the gates for strange penis. Men within will always be lazy or cowardly or degenerate and not participate in the order of society or its mutual defense.

      You cannot have freedom with the pimp hand.

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      • ^without

        Fuck typing on a phone. Goddam


      • It is not viable without enough high culture men, but without setting a new high in culture, there is not greatness. We don’t need leaders to give us permission to kill. They will monopolize it. We need men who will protect their way of life without permission, the way animals do. I don’t think the pimp hand is appropriate with fellow men who keep your power. We agree wives are property to have wives and to have homes, or we don’t have wives and real homes. Obviously work with what is around you. There is no reason philosophers (i.e. real libertarians) can be like Jews and work for their ingroup. The trouble is finding such men. You would do well to find a few men and have life-long alliances with them. You want the whole utopia now, which is like voting for the lesser of two evils. And Christianity is viable? 7×70 and created by imperial rule. You want the house today on sand. I want the rock. It ain’t kike-on-a-stick.


      • @Agent X, I agree with lots of what you wrote. I don’t think Libertarianism is a complete culture or philosophy or ideology. It’s the goal state of men in patriarchal fellowship among themselves. I think propaganda perverted libertarianism to sour people on it. Anyway, I would not recommend men giving up the ability to take the law in their own hands. I recommend that men do if given the chance so the political stress is eustress and men must be men. We are told Solon made it criminal for men to shrink from controversy. Take away state control and he has not choice but to make a stand somewhere. Yes, this mental isolation frustrates me.


    • IMHO Libertarians referee the games Progressives assume they invented and that Conservatives mis-play. And they’re slowly booting out the rowdies like good umpires.

      Always a laugh when the cuckmmenters attack Libertarians as not understanding what they mis-learned or borrow from Libertarians.

      Libertarians give conservatives the gun and the conservatives whine because the Libertarians don’t shoot it for them and it will all never work.

      Take the advice of the leader of the Libertarian world movement. Get a wife, keep the wife, and have 3 kids at least and home-school them on skills and Great Books and the greatness of their family line…


      • Good umpires? How about good pest terminators? I wish I could have done family. I was fooled and never had a chance. Would not sign dotted line to give some bitch the divorce easy button. I think there are smarter ways to be a father, but what man needs government to define wife. If you can follow your own advice, very impressive, sir. You’re a better man than I ever was or will be.


  11. on November 26, 2018 at 7:34 pm Jonathan Castle

    Reduction: Faithless women destroy society

    Why? There’s nothing for men to invest in, nothing we own that can’t be taken away by the whims of womyms’ whoremones.

    Invest in _her_ monetarily and emotionally and she’ll monkey-branch your ass with a smile on her face and with the spoils of war safely in hand.

    Invest in a _family_? She’ll demonstrate to everyone that through the courts and police, she really owns the family, not you.

    Fathers do actually have some power to stay in their kids lives. But still, there’s not a lot of incentive to heap up treasures for her to bounce with.

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  12. on November 26, 2018 at 7:34 pm traitors first

    OT but thought you would find interesting considering one of your ps’s

    it’s a good read and I like the admission by the progressives, it really is all about having more power for them.


  13. […] The Shrieking Of The Thots – Chateau Heartiste — Read on […]


  14. Heartiste,

    You wrote about the interchangeability of women.

    Can you unpack that?

    [CH: love changes the equation. less glibly, women are interchangeable to a degree that men aren’t. one nice face and body is like the next nice face and body. but more pertinently, men should treat women as if they were interchangeable. this is the tactical foundation of seduction.]


  15. BLack Men don’t have trouble getting girls. That tells you something right there.


  16. on November 26, 2018 at 8:37 pm gunslingergregi

    little too freaky that ex was in here shrieking that she needed a ride rofl

    although I did reject her staying last night for free cause I didn’t have to hang with bitches that fuck niggers anymore lol
    said I hung with ho’s so I didn’t hurt a real chicks heart
    but don’t have to do that anymore to keep the time

    then she wanted to suck my dick for a ride I said no
    yea she went off rofl

    revenge might be best served cold

    but yea accomplished the free then tore her heart out for once

    nogs next door called cops funny they are drug dealers but it is the way of the nog like ninja cop warriors

    I had already left with her let her get her way

    so she did have a smug grin when getting out

    she was again like I’m gonna call the cops and tell em all kinds of lies lol

    yea ok so sometimes in us it can get a bit dicey

    he he he


    • on November 26, 2018 at 8:39 pm gunslingergregi

      she must be reading the fucking chateue

      this other chick I hugged last night I was like i’m done with chicks here
      she was like i’ll see you in the afterlife

      the fuck another soul I didn’t even know I had


      • on November 26, 2018 at 8:44 pm gunslingergregi

        that’s pretty fucking hot the ex was doing triple takes on her like wtf why would u say that
        I might have over 99 woman in the next like rofl
        who knows how many don’t tell me they want me in their version of heaven
        my heads a little pumped up


    • on November 26, 2018 at 8:52 pm gunslingergregi

      I fucked up and said I was leaving I guess I should maybe of just slipped away
      but I had to brag a bit and take care of dad
      the ex of course had to say she hopes the plane i’m on crashes
      shit could get uglier


      • on November 26, 2018 at 8:55 pm gunslingergregi

        think i’m bout to get a hotel til I dip might be safest thing


      • on November 26, 2018 at 8:58 pm gunslingergregi

        ho’s can be dangerous as fuck I guess part of allure if you survive thot training you will have dead eyes

        ex ex looked at my passport photo said my eyes were dead

        hope I still have a fucking soul


      • on November 26, 2018 at 9:09 pm gunslingergregi

        ex said she was gonna slash my tires
        woman can really get mad
        I missed a trap this morning she tried to get my married ex girlfriend up here play u and her husband fight
        I maintained said no
        she is fucking pissed


      • on November 26, 2018 at 9:11 pm gunslingergregi

        kind of wild shit that guys are doing a domestic violence and it so bad
        but shit when a woman is pissed they will try to get you killed and fuck up your whole life
        so I guess you can see why they might think men are kind of pussies compared to them
        they even beat us on complete annihilation of someone


      • oo course you have a heart you undead fuck. Or you wouldn’t give this mongo twat-rating forum the time of day.

        Tippety too-tah;
        Thangz niggers hate, in ascending order
        #1 witey
        #2 doggos
        #3 grenades

        Shine on you crazy diamond.
        All the way from the east unto the west.


      • on November 26, 2018 at 9:33 pm gunslingergregi

        delta company is the best


      • on November 26, 2018 at 9:41 pm gunslingergregi

        course you have a heart you undead fuck”””””’



  17. what does it mean if one is currently reaping the nubile pleasures of a cam thot?


    • on November 26, 2018 at 8:53 pm gunslingergregi

      means u are below a simp for not getting real thing
      welcome to being almost gay

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    • Are you paying for it?

      If so you ain’t doing the reaping sonny boy. You’re the crop.

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    • think asylum meant he was getting some for free, which is nice knowing you’re getting for free what everybody else is paying for but everybody else is still getting it so is it really that great

      [CH: yeah, that’s what i think asylum was saying. if you’re banging a camwhore thot, enjoy the ride, and get her to buy you stuff with her easy money. just don’t expect her to be LTR material. keep her in the bang bin only. an exhibitionist thot attacks the dignity of the man she calls her bf.]

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    • what does it mean if one is currently reaping the nubile pleasures of a cam thot?

      Full Stripper Protocol. She’s got all the same problems, illnesses (including viral) and motivations that a stripper has.


  18. I have a hard time imagining that any man could be so completely lacking in dignity as to give them hard earned money for pictures.

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  19. on November 26, 2018 at 9:13 pm gunslingergregi

    they say people bi polar

    lol that is life though

    can have ups downs and fucking sideways all at the same fucking time


  20. on November 26, 2018 at 9:18 pm Robert the Wise

    Clearly, we need separate elevators for men and women with a female elevator operator for the women’s car ( to keep out “creepers” ) and a male operator for the men’s car ( to dissuade overeager women hunting for alphas ).


  21. THOT – That Hoe Owes Taxes

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  22. Lol they’re so goddam stupid.

    Anyway, the average independent whore makes well over 20k a year. But they spend it immediately, so they’re always broke.


    • df was that matter when they have “sugar daddies” willing to pay them?

      I fucked this 18 yo who was at a hotel getting $1500 for a night with some dude. He was late so she invited me over. I mean, lol. Turbo slut, did I gaf? Nah man I banged her out then left. Free for me, nice hotel man.

      Money grows on trees for these hoez

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    • That “easy come easy go” attitude isn’t just with money. I have seen the 20 something girl attitude with finding a man. I have heard several say that they can start looking for something serious “later.” Party hard and Mr. big will be there at the end of the ride.

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    • on November 29, 2018 at 4:02 pm TerryThePirate

      “Well over 20k a year” isn’t much. Most of these whores, camwhores, and the rest don’t make big money. Now, “sugar dating” is something else altogether–at least for the few who do well at it. Any way to get “sugar babies” to pay their taxes?


  23. Alphas don’t snitch. They have better things to do. But I can see the point that it’s bad for society.


  24. That yuge civilization milestone aka black friday is unfortunately over
    but not in south africa
    in south africa every friday is black


    • while talking bout civilization milestones here is another one

      Poor europe has lived 3000+ years without having ever discovered allahu-akbar concrete barriers
      The world of beauty and sublime has been for so much history devoid of this divine creation just because white european supremass would not allow its existence
      It brings tears to my eyes the realization that by pure accident of birth I could have lived in another era and never seen the beauty of diversity and allahu-akbar concrete barriers


    • Like

    • huh? what? disgusting? they’re niggers

      they have totally different value systems

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    • while talking bout civilization milestones here is another one

      poor europe has lived 3000+ years without having ever discovered allahu-akbar concrete barriers
      the world of beauty and sublime has been for so much history devoid of this divine creation just because white european supremass would not allow its existence
      It brings tears to my eyes the realization that by pure accident of birth I could have lived in another era and never seen the beauty of diversity and allahu-akbar concrete barriers

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      • Heh, heh… corty’s been a bad boy this year and Santa’s gonna leave one of these under his tree. lzozlzozlzozlozlzl


      • cuckortesar,
        still missing the link between the rejection of Jesus Christ by westhajnalians and the current state of affairs


    • My old-man dragged me to Walmart on Black Friday. I hadn’t been to Walmart in a while, so it’s shocking even if you know the score. I knew it wouldn’t be pretty but it still hits you like a pan in the face, and this is in the burbs. And somehow we’re paying for this.


  25. Field Report, International Edition: Whats up peeps!

    I’m in Costa Rica, I told you due to my legal situation I’m looking to GTFO of the States ASAP. Had a hook up to get down here. Its fucking paradise and if you can get a 100% remote job with a US salary you can live like royalty. Same as SE Asia basically.

    Women are what you’d expect. The ones never touched by Spaniards are squat and brown. But the lighter skinned ones run somewhere between light mocha and cafe au lait. Some of them are hot as fuck, and you can go young here if that is your game. I’m talking high school age is feasible.

    It is just like Brazil, you are tall and white and decent looking? You are a fucking rockstar especially if you hablas a little espanol. (but not too much) There men are brown, short, and poor so not only can you bang out by the dozens but if you’d like to rocket their genetic blueprint forward 50000 years they would GLADLY accept your sperm to get your genetic gift. That SJW B.S. and (((poison))) doesnt work when you are dirt fucking poor.

    There was a dude at the airport that was basically Anderson Cooper’s younger less gay more manly brother. Looked just like him at mid 30s. The young twenties chicas were about to fucking rape him w/ those cool blue eyes and whiteish bond hair. Keep them here and u will have a loyal fuck slave and you will be her king. Take her to the West and u will have a shrieking La Raza bitch in short order, u know the drill…

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      you are fucking brown women and eating $500 raviolis

      you’re a horrible person

      purple pussy lips

      bla bla bla bla bla


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      • Don’t fret, Tavis Smiley. You will always be the biggest niggerfucker around these here parts.


      • nigga please… Arianna Grande vs Serena Williams. Not even the same species. Only dark meat I fux with better look like Halle Berry or Stacey Dash and why? Because they look white!


      • on November 26, 2018 at 10:44 pm gunslingergregi

        did ya see berry in pirates of Caribbean
        that is why I only idolize real woman that are mine he he he


      • Halle Berry looks as white as old oil pan whatchu talkin’ bout Willis??


      • they still got brown nips and pussy lips ya hypocrite. you think i ever fucked a gorilla looked like Serena? GTFO here lol. they still niggers…i had an exish who loved the fuck outta me but she was a halfer that looked more like 90% white…bitch is gorgeous but crazy. still a nigger, no way i was gettin with that in any kinda LTR, not having niglets running around yelling daddy at me.

        you mfers around here are really somethin, nothin but player hate then you end up doin the same shit

        at least you wised the fuck up, i may end up your neighbor in not too much time…this “issue” i have is at present making me unclearable. Mining for some remote work with whoeverthefuck right now and contemplating a move to S. Am or I could check Costa out as I’ve heard good things but Panama has some horror stories for gringos.

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    • on November 26, 2018 at 9:58 pm gunslingergregi

      what’s the divorce laws

      and congrats on traveling


    • how long you plan staying
      you may need a bit of time to see the other side,
      the one that third world brings with itself


      • Yeah, I sure hope you got plenty of FU cabbage to grease the policia’s palms and stay out of the slums down there.


      • on November 26, 2018 at 10:31 pm gunslingergregi

        yea while on the phone with dude saying they are there to kill you

        and there like 30 people outside your door

        and you walk out unafraid after calling your dad and saying goodbye

        and dude in old army clothes comes up and shakes your hand

        and you pass the test I guess

        they won’t accept you rofl


      • on November 26, 2018 at 10:32 pm gunslingergregi

        paradise isn’t gonna be that easy he he he


      • on November 26, 2018 at 10:37 pm gunslingergregi

        if I would of tried to run like owen wilsen in no escape they might of never found me


    • on November 27, 2018 at 5:31 am Elmer T. Jones

      Have heard a lot of good things about Costa Rica. Avoid small airplanes though.


    • I don’t know your backstory, and I can’t fault a guy too much in current year for going poolside and fucking browns easy mode. But why would you be encouraging this shit at the Chateau? This is literally white genocide.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 7:39 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        This makes me think of Graeme Greene’s The Quiet American.

        Older British white guy reporting on French-Indochina war shacked up with an 18 year old Vietnamese.

        Her mother pressurizing him to divorce the English wife.


      • Oh guest STFU.

        seriously, you fuckin losers.

        ALL of you hate it when I do it because you’re NOT doing it.

        Soon as you get the chance…jfc, if I waved any of the “black” chicks I’ve fucked at you, every last gfd one of you would jump all over that shit in a NY minute.

        stop being such punks

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      • trav, I did it. I wasted a lot of time doing degenerate shit with Bluetropolis women. It was fun. But I don’t want to be doing it at 47. I also would like to live in a healthy white society. If that makes me a loser in your eyes, fine. I can’t tell why you’re here other than to feed your massive ego. Good luck.

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      • translation- trav you’re right

        guess what dude, I want a pony

        right, stick around, do your duty, and wife up some fuckin american slut who will rape you repeatedly…versus an actually feminine girl who speaka spanish and is young fertile and pretty. Gosh, this is a hard one

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      • trav is bucking for a post as ambassador to Brazilnord.

        Being somewhat off-White hisself, apparently, he doesn’t mind seeing the rest of the planet become just like him.

        I’d say “let me know how that works out”, but we’ve already got ample evidence… growing ampler with each passing day.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 12:33 pm Darth Caucasious

        Black women will actually submit the harder you are on them. Lighter women are well integrated into the Feminist Western matrix and require the Neo-Pimp-Hand “hacking” hosted here just to get past their Borg queen imperative.

        What white women have become is beyond disgusting. It’s an affront to nature, in fact. I can’t blame anyone for going with supernormal stimuli T&A sheboons as sex objects anymore than I could blame anyone for frequenting this blog or wanting to repeal the 19th. Feminism is a profound betrayal of Western man, of the common white man, of the traditions of the West, and of the better aspects of human nature.

        To paraphrase the book of Proverbs, better to survive on juice in the jungle than have steak in a house where there is no gratitude—until the battle is finally won.


      • Soon as you get the chance…jfc, if I waved any of the “black” chicks I’ve fucked at you, every last gfd one of you would jump all over that shit in a NY minute.

        HALF of them have herpes, I’ll pass.


      • THEE only time I bedded one I was hard up…but only considering it. Dude I worked with his sister…he tells me…Anon if you sleep with my sister and dog her out I’m gonna have go kick your ass…fairly big guy but laughed right in his face…promptly fucked his sister and refused to answer her calls. Not sure I wouldve went thru with it without the threat. Terrible lay of course.


    • “you are fucking brown women”

      So long as any bush babies stay in the bush, it’s between him and his host country.

      Note of caution about CR. Heard this from someone who travels there, fwiw. Be extremely careful about any age of consent misunderstandings and anything that might be used against you in court as evidence of promoting prostitution.

      [CH: costa rica is a dirt poor brown country dotted by well-off white/castizo resort towns. a microcosm of the entire amerindian bean of settlement.]


      • cash fixes problems in the 3rd world.

        for big problems, you have Rolexes and Krugerrands

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      • costa rica is a dirt poor brown country dotted by well-off white/castizo resort towns. a microcosm of the entire amerindian bean of settlement

        True story. I worked in the Caribbean for two years as an average white guy. Costa Rica, for all its niceties, is dirt effing poor. You and twelve friends can eat like kings for under $100US. Been there.


      • Apparently trav travels with a bodyguard, because from what I’ve heard, in most 3rd world shitholes it’s not the bribe-happy police and pols you have to guard against, once it’s known you got swag…

        … it’s the local miscreants who’ll skin you alive, and so much for that Rolex or gold coin.


      • Gayg, it’s so awesome you decided to put your 2 cents in on what “you’ve heard” about the 3rd world, as opposed to maybe you know taking my word for it as someone who’s actually been to it, fuck…man I lost count.

        20 times? let’s see…6 mexico, 5 brazil, 2 colombia, 1 peru, belize, panama, africa couple countries, does serbia count? lol

        I’ll be down in Playa diving with sharks in a couple weeks.

        Most of what you think you know about the 3rd world is wrong. And yeah, I’ve seen families living on fucking cardboard boxes in parks. roadside corpses.

        fucking Maceio dude random people driving Range Rovers…saw many of them. A ferrari in Salvador…Tags are everywhere on wrists.

        Seriously, you don’t know what the fuck direction up is. The places have dangerous areas just like we do here, in fact, in many cases, shitholes here are WORSE because they’re more nigger

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      • Go to, say, Venezuela and walk around a bit, try hard. Then report back and let us know how that Rolex worked out for you.


      • Gayg, seriously, wtf is it with you?

        Venezuela? You think it’s worse than these other places I’ve mentioned?

        Who the fuck walks around with a motherfucking rolex as a tourist? Seriously? You fucking morons need to learn to read. You think I walk around with Krugerrands too?

        They’re for TROUBLE, you incorrigible idiot. You keep them in a secure location and bribe a police chief if you have to.

        You’d KNOW THIS if your fucking stupid self-absorbed boomer ass had ever BEEN ANYWHERE.

        You paranoid lunatics think that the hysterical shit you read from other HATERS is somehow representative of the truth…df did I just say to you? Maceio is one of the more violent cities in Brazil, bc it’s in the NE where there is a much higher nigger population, yet people routinely drive range rovers, yet according to you, you would get carjacked in 12.2 seconds as soon as you were on the road! OMG go hide under your fuckin bed.

        YES, fucking people in brazil also own rolexes. I do not wear mine out and around while walking the fucking streets, but taking a cab to a nice restaurant, a house party? Sure. I took my fuckin day-date to Africa FFS.

        It is really tiresome dealing with loudmouthed ignorants such as you

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      • It is really tiresome dealing with loudmouthed ignorants such as you

        Projection… it’s what for (try-hard’s) dinner.

        You think I walk around with Krugerrands too?

        Naw, I figured that was just more of your usual braggadocio, jet-setter.

        Maybe they don’t bother you so much in those 3rd world shitholes you frequent… the local off-White fauna probably take you as one of their own.


  26. After civilization collapses the old and ugly (and those who will still manage to be fat) won’t be invited to the warlords’ harems. Maybe a rape gang might have a way with them.
    From me they get shovels to carry. And that’s all. It’s so when they starve to death the poor sap who finds them won’t have to go looking for one.



    huhwhite pill, guess what country?


  28. Blumenau, Brazil. Octoberfest.


  29. In general I might agree. >140 IQ people get into trouble. I was once kicked out of a consulting gig for “not being a team player”. Long story. But I do not believe this is true of most really leading edge tech/engineering organizations. Yes, Apple was a near disaster. They hired Scully from Pepsi of all places to be a marketeer. Not smart, but not disastrous in itself.
    But then, for some incomprehensible reason, they made him CEO! A person who by training thinks of technical innovation as tweaking the sugar content slightly up or down.

    The problem is not confined to dumping smart people. Typically, an organization starts with founders with wild enthusiasm. And many do well.
    But after a generation or at least after two, ossification sets in, the organization becomes a bureaucracy looking after its bureaucrats. See e.g. C. Northcote Parkinson’s trailblazing book “Parkinson’s Law”, way back around 1960 or so.

    Depending on some details, either of a number of things happen.

    1) If it is a government unit, it might just go on for a long time, not doing anything useful (but often handing out stultifying regulations). Until the government, i.e. the country, state etc. goes de facto bankrupt.

    2) If it is a non-government outfit, it will die with a bang (like GM) unless
    the government steps in with life support. This latter MIGHT be a good idea, but only if all the layers of top management are kicked out.

    3) Somebody steps in, or is called in, to do serious house cleaning. Sometimes this works, as with Steve Jobs’ return.

    In fact, this is most likely the underlying process that made Mao Tse Tung (in Wade-Giles) start the Cultural Revolution in about 1966, after the Communists rose to power in 1949 (times approximate). The avante garde revolutionaries had become bureaucrats at heart


    • Been there, quit that.

      You have to play stupid to be in corporate America. Companies are formed by smart, driven people with ballsacks who go out and do something most people find scary and succeed at it.

      They eventually bring in do-nothing HR matrons to run the company for them. In five years time some bitter bitch is chewing out senior management and he just takes it.

      I seen it happen with my two eyes.

      The big money cashes out (often to start something else) and the big brains start jumping ship. The result is a mediocre corporate dinosaur that literally could maintain income with its eyes closed from sheer legacy market presence.

      They eventually fuck that up too, usually right around the time the very senior management is half women who couldn’t specifically explain what the company does, makes, or builds on the ground and certainly couldn’t do it. This is when debt balloons and rootless financiers starts shopping out European or Chinese buyout.

      Somewhere in the middle there is where independent thinkers are run out of town. Men abide other men they disagree with or dislike (on average) if they objectively recognize that they are capable and contributing someplace.

      Women CANNOT STAND anyone outside the herd. It literally bothers them on a physical, gut reaction level. You’ve seen it on the faces of some blond pantsuit when Jerry who speaks his mind walks by. Their faces twist up. They can’t contain it. They will think about them at night. They will gossip about them to any bitch who will listen. Doesn’t even matter if they aren’t doing anything actually harmful.

      Women take it personally. Especially if they have an ounce of power.

      The moment someone starts deviating from the line in a meeting or email chain they are marked by women for termination.

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      • Seconded… back about 20 years ago we had a meet with our new Division President (they’d switch about every three years, so us tech guys never really paid too much attention), a thirty-something broad who knew or blew who knows who.

        Anyway, she was rattling off some of the latest odd mnemonic project and/or other division tripe, and asked the group if they knew about these “new initiatives”. Most just nodded absently so as to push the meeting forward but two of us said outright that, with hundreds of e-mails each week that didn’t apply to our specific tasks at hand, we don’t really keep up with the ever-changing initials for what is basically the same divisions and projects.

        She just paused as if taken aback, but then continued on with her 10 minutes of spiel and left, never to be seen by us again during her tenure.

        We found out later she had made specific inquiries as to “how critical” we were to our projects. As it turns out, we were and had been “critical” to most of the successes of our team over the past ten years, hence our courage in speaking up to whatever management drone they’d send to be “president” of the division every two to three years.

        But just the fact that we had the temerity to act unconcerned with her little spiel about the latest and greatest makework mnemonics sent her off to see if she could dismiss us.

        Anyway, as always, we were there long after she had “resigned to pursue other opportunities”, as the story always went.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 6:55 am mudsharks are the greatest losers

        good comment. i’m borrowing and pasting it in my facebook feed.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:45 am Captain Obvious

        Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder.

        Over a long enough timeline, it will necessarily infect & destroy all institutions.

        There is no cure for it, short of the gui11otine [and even that’s only a temporary measure].


      • Absolutely. I worked for a gold-ribbon IT research company that went down in linear correlation with the ever- increasing number of women and POCs they hired. It became like a madhouse as the best were forced out and the worst were promoted.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 5:04 pm gunslingergregi

        well they probably expected you to save up the under 160k to buy a subway or a mcdonalds


      • on November 27, 2018 at 5:06 pm gunslingergregi

        the elite probably dumbfounded by how dumb we are for how easy it is lol
        ehh only a few actually want to beat the game


  30. I have to confess that I am a federal employee. I am not IRS but I have worked for two different agencies and the one thing all us feds have in common is we are LAZY. We get the same paycheck no matter how hard we work unless we want something like a transfer or promotion. So we work just hard enough to stay out of trouble. The one thing we all love is low hanging fruit. Easy stats that show productivity. These cam whores are fools to think we won’t bother when they are easy pickings. They have an electronic record on payments. How hard is it to pull their tax returns and compare it to a record of their ‘donations?”

    Food for thought, I read somewhere a long time ago that the federal government, as inefficient as they are, are really good at two things: incarcerating it’s own citizens, and collecting taxes.

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    • Major bitcoin exchanges are going to be issuing tax documents for the 2018 tax year, I believe.

      That’s gonna get a lot of these bitches in trouble.

      Twitch and Snapchat don’t issue 1099’s which is why they’ve flown under the radar. When bitcoin exchanges file this year with millions and millions of taxable transactions to hoe wallets shit is going to hit the fan.

      Twitch and Snapchat might not provide tax documents. But they will provide answer to subpoenas from the IRS.

      The six figure hoes better lawyer up. The IRS can fuck with them for years past. Some of these bitches are easily over a million dollars in the last 8 years of tax evasion.

      Something tells me given the choice, the IRS isn’t gonna fuck with some plumber whose got $5k of discrepancies in his Schedule C when they get flooded with 1099’s from bitcoin exchanges. And you know that paying for sex is probably #2 to paying for drugs with crypto.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:56 am Captain Obvious

        You can receive something like $15,000 per year in tax-free “gifts” from any one person.

        The key is in not leaving a digital “paper trail” demonstrating that you did some work in order to receive the gifts.

        Bill & Hillary did this with their legal defense fund in the late 1990s [Whitewater, Monica, etc], and laughed all the way to the bank [back then it was more like $12,000 per year].

        As Al Gore said, “There’s no controlling legal authority…”


      • What you and the other posters says about the ease of levying taxes on electronic payments is all true. However, I strongly suspect that many of these thots don’t actually bring in anywhere near the $ that they say they do.


      • ‘Something tells me given the choice, the IRS isn’t gonna fuck with some plumber whose got $5k of discrepancies in his Schedule C when they get flooded with 1099’s from bitcoin exchanges.’

        Especially as I’d bet the IRS is encouraged to lean on crypto users as a favor to the banksters.

        @Exurban I agree, like any other free market a few get the El Dorado and for the rest it’s steak knives.


      • @Captain Obvious

        There’s specific definitions of “gifts” and “business income” and “tips” by the IRS. Otherwise it would be the biggest tax loophole in history (not that its not abused).

        There’s no way these bitches can argue that they are receiving “gifts”. The legal doctrine on tips is decades and decades old. That bullshit of LOLbertarians writing “this is a gift, not a tip” on a receipt doesn’t mean anything. Its a tip.

        Its just like 1099 contractor abuse. They know what’s up. They know what an employee is and no amount of “I call him a contractor” means anything to the IRS. If you’re committing tax evasion by just giving a 1099 what is effectively an employee you are gonna get threatened with prison.

        Strippers aren’t given “gifts”. They are given tips. They are taxable. The digital thots are no different.

        Or maybe I’m just the damn moron who assumes the LAW is gonna be made to apply to women. Who am I kidding? It only applies to white men who work for a living.


    • Food for thought, I read somewhere a long time ago that the federal government, as inefficient as they are, are really good at two things: incarcerating it’s own citizens, and collecting taxes.

      They may not always get around to locking up the appropriate miscreants, but they WILL get any taxes owed, and owed according to THEIR accounting.

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 11:58 am Captain Obvious

        In M0d, but you do not owe ANY taxes on GIFTS [up to $15,000 per year].

        If these THOTs had brains slightly larger than walnuts, then they’d only accept [cumulative] payments on e.g. Christmas & their birthdays.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 12:02 pm Captain Obvious

        And get the money up front.

        $15,000 for a Christmas present gets you e.g. 10 dates in the upcumming year.

        Completely 110% not technically illegal, as long as you don’t leave a [digital] “paper trail” which mentions anything like “requirements” or “work”.


    • One other thing you all are is incompetent

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      • Any so called white man that yaps nonstop about poking nubians is proof positive that you are bereft of a sensible thought, Tavis Smiley.


      • The only other white guy I know that brags about this also talks about the size of his dick, constantly…and any other dude thatis rumored to be the same. Almost had to threaten him to get him to stop talking about it around me. Gotta be some correlation.


    • If one of these Thots came to us with an IRS audit, best we could do is beg for forgiveness on the Penalties and tell the agent our client is stupid. Seriously, the “our client was stupid before they hired us” defense does work. It’s such a simple audit. “Please provide us a record of your paypal donations and if you don’t we’ll get it directly from paypal. Please show us on the tax return where you recorded this as income. You owe us 30% of that plus interest and penalties. Here’s your bill.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 12:05 pm Captain Obvious

        Not if they’re GIFTS [and there’s no digital “paper trail” demonstrating any sort of work requirement in exchange for the gifts], and not if the total gifts do not exceed $15,000 per giver per year.


      • The problem with the “gifts” argument is that you run away from the taxes and sail right over the “money laundering” cliff.


      • on November 27, 2018 at 12:07 pm Captain Obvious

        A clever wh0re would require a john to make her e.g. a $15,000 Christmas present.

        That gets him 10 dates per year.

        Then for each john, she purchases TWO burner phones – one for him, and one for her.

        And they communicate only over the burner phones.

        Any communication over something other than the burner phone means his account is terminated, with no refund.


      • Not if they’re GIFTS [and there’s no digital “paper trail” demonstrating any sort of work requirement in exchange for the gifts], and not if the total gifts do not exceed $15,000 per giver per year.

        This argument has failed in tax court every time it’s been tried and it’s been tried a lot. She’s got a site only certain men who make gifts to her have access to. It’s been a looong time since I took tax law classes and I’m a CPA not a lawyer but this would fail. And you think thots are really going to challenge this all the way up to tax court?

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      • on November 27, 2018 at 12:53 pm Captain Obvious

        All you gotta say to the court is “Bill & Hillary Clinton Legal Defense Fund”.

        That’s your precedent.

        Not a [email protected] thing the courts or the IRS can do about that precedent.


      • The problem with the “gifts” argument is that you run away from the taxes and sail right over the “money laundering” cliff.

        Exactly. Right now the thots can at least claim they were confused and beg for forgiveness. You start structuring these transactions to avoid tax it means you knew about the tax and now you’re looking at fraud and tax evasion charges instead of just back taxes. If your lawyer is giving you this advice, fire him.


      • That’s your precedent.

        Not a [email protected] thing the courts or the IRS can do about that precedent.

        The people who donated didn’t get anything back in return. That’s more like political contributions which aren’t taxable to campaigns than this which is services in exchange for money. They could argue they aren’t exchanging services for money but then they’d have to open up their snaps to everyone. If only the people they got money from have access, they aren’t going to get very far. The IRS definitely won’t agree with them and tax court probably won’t. And if they go to tax court, they get to spend 20k in legal fees. “Your honor, Bill and Hillary defense fund, I rest my case” isn’t going to cut it. If the IRS audits these girls, they will lose and it will be painful to their wallets.


      • Nope. Its exactly like strippers.

        Strippers get tips. Strippers pay taxes on tips (the legal ones, anyway). Men watching a camwhore and sending her money are tipping her.

        Difference is the stripper gets cash in her underwear that’s almost impossible to trace.

        Camwhores have digital paper trails. These dumb bitches aren’t running shell corporations that receive these donations over VPN through crypto tumblers. They are getting straight payments to wallets and their Twitch/Snapchat Premium accounts. Straight to the bank accounts.

        You think some dumb 19 year old living on a mattress in her apartment making passive income by taking off her underwear has made any attempt to hide her income streams?

        The IRS is gonna subpoena these platforms for records and the only question they’re gonna get from their attorneys is “how many copies do you want?” They aren’t gonna go out on a limb for some dumb thot. Taxes are the thot’s problem, not theirs.

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  31. You think you can slap a fine
    But am still gonna shine
    I got world in my pocket
    I am lloyd blankfein.

    One fine morning I woke up and I said
    Treasury and fed will be dead if I said
    They jaw locking, popping pills for distress
    More Powerful then illuminati. you sad? Oh my bad.

    You think you can slap a fine
    But am still gonna shine
    I got world in my pocket
    I am lloyd blankfein.
    Gold plated yo!

    You go – watching – through the lenses I provide
    I can change the rate of value of both cash and the kind
    Changing the perception with one debt at a time-dime-slime is my method but you cannot resist, when I roll on street no nothing else could exist.

    I am the octopussy with slime hands, and many-dimes.
    tenta’cles around ur neck you cann’ot make a climb.
    my methods are nefarious to my will you must submit.

    Now print your own dollar fellas it’s futile to resist.


  32. on November 27, 2018 at 12:47 am Wallace the Smith

    Any online service that pays out money to members sends them a 1099 if the payments exceed the threshold, which I thought was $600, but may be $400. At any rate, the IRS has that information and the SSNs, or fake SSNs, for these “models.” No real need to report them, unless you have accurate ID information and suspect they are using a fake SSN. Probably better to report this to the service.



    The survey link, I think this might be it. The original went nowhere..


  34. I love how it takes a secular ethnonationalistic cad blogger to spit these truths on human sexual nature. I’m a Christian who plays church music every Sunday, and I have not heard truths like these from the pulpit of any church I’ve ever attended in years.

    There is a reason the Christian Bible pushes marriage and proper courtship before sex so hard, and constantly reinforces the concept of gender roles. Because without these restraints on us, we devolve into the chaos you are seeing today.

    Sadly, in this day and age, men in general are hogtied and silenced and can only speak out on degeneracy in women and culture from anonymity. Not even the preacher man can call out feminism these days, as his congregation is over 2/3 (7/8 if he’s in a black church) female and would crucify him for speaking harsh truths (i.e. women are supposed to be modestly dressed, or wives are to submit to their husbands, even if they don’t want to). It seems only Muslims can deal properly with their women these days.

    Keep on posting. I don’t always like what you write, but you truly are doing the Lord’s work.

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    • I think pastors and priests could benefit immensely from the understanding of human interaction that is discussed here at CH. First, it’s true, and the truth sets you free. Also, there is an absolute dirth of masculine leadership in the Churches. We need more Vince Lombardi and less Liberace, IMHO.

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    • Good comment, jaque.

      There are a still few preachers out there “tellin’ it like it is” in re homosexuality, feminism, etc.

      But “few” doesn’t cure the current malaise, as you mention… and they’re relegated to off-hour cable channels, if getting a microphone at all.

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    • As much as I meander these great halls, I cant help but constantly trip over the golden nugs of wisdom everywhere.
      I often text myself quotes from here…

      “Now he realizes his quest for truth in scripture leads him to rejection by any Christian denomination he knows if he admits what he believes.”

      I cant even go to church and commune with fellow “believers” anymore.
      It would seem the modren “church” didn’t read the same book I did.


  35. on November 27, 2018 at 6:06 am Alea Iacta Est

    @CO… “you wear lots of diamond studs. My sister wears lots of diamond studs. People think she’s a whore.” (reference: my favorite scene in Ferris Bueller…)

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  36. “downstream attendant effects”

    Way-way-w-wait. Ay yo, hol up. You saying culture could be _downstream_ a tings like tax laws, porn laws, Title IX, pharmaceuticals laws, doctor laws and stuff?

    That can’t be. I mean that jus can’t be. All does other guys says _politics_ —the making a laws, is be downstream of culture. Like a law like gravity.

    You saying it could be the other way ‘round? Leastways sometimes the other way round? Like related both ways. Complex n sh/t.

    Dats crazy man.



  37. If I read it correctly….the YouGov survey cited that deals with experiences and perceptions of sexual harrasment seems to show that a woman is either harassable or not – and that is determined at an early age. They’re either hot or not or, have patterns of behaviour that lead to incidents.(Or, maybe they’re whacked like Ballcutter-Ford.).


  38. “I thot I taw a pussy tax! I did, I did taw a pussy tax!”

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  39. Second look at shariah?

    OT, on a lighter note, got laid by a 19 year old last night (I’m older than 30, so 19 is awesome) because I survived her beta thirst trap, which I wouldn’t have even known about if not for CH. Thanks for all your work CH, honestly. My booty count has gone through the roof since discovering the blog a few years ago.

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  40. Gift taxes apply to the giver, never the recipient. You can give $15k a year to anyone tax-free.



    Christine Blasey Ford explains use of GoFundMe money in rare public statement | Fox News

    Hope da bitch is payin her $hare of da taxez with dis ill begottin loot


  42. I remember when I was kid,, maybe 5 years old, so for sure I did not know how babys are made. I was walking with my papa 1 day and there was a pregnant woman. (Teen) but when you are 5 every one tall is a adult to you. 2 more old women looked to her bad and crossed in the other side of the street. I asked my papa why he said he would ” tell to me when I am older”. His mother explaned to me after,, that no one wants to walk in the same side of street as that kind of woman. It was not untill years later,, of course that I understand what they were meaning. They knew that was a woman who had sex before marriage. Times is changed now for sure, that was 22 years before. But older people they still have the same mentality so we can expect to see them staying with it. 😃

    (Side note, I was engaged but not married when I become pregnant so you can imagine how so it was telling it to my father. God have mercy,, one of the biggest fears a woman can feel).

    Women are more critical of female promiscuity than the men. I have seen even in family members who think they so are “feminist” be the first one to b*tch about one woman they think is promiscuous, saying she is “dirty” etc. There is the idea here that if a woman not beautiful takes one good man, (I heared this recentley) she must be dirty and do things self respeceting women do not do. I rolled my eyes very strong at this. I do not feel it is the place of women to police others about promiscuity because it is not coming from the correct intention. It must to be reserved for the older women to police about it.


  43. “That’s because the Christian churches have become gay, cucked, and womanish. Sad!”

    That’s because we need men like you in Church and you are MIA. Just like we need men like you married raising the next generation of shitlords.

    Strong men who take themselves out of our important institutions like church and marriage are not better than basement dwelling neets.


    • on November 27, 2018 at 5:17 pm gunslingergregi

      Strong men who take themselves out of our important institutions like church and marriage are not better than basement dwelling neets.””””

      marriage an institution all right for the insane man lol


  44. Whenever I read any material that encompasses the damage that feminism has caused I can only think of this:
    A group of American soyboys sitting around a fire, discussing Muslim women shaking their heads, saying, “Man, those women have it hard!.”
    Then comes to mind a group of Muslim men sarpund a fire thinking of American men and painfully saying, “Those American men have it hard!”

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  45. Wow, this line perfectly summarizes the state we’re in:

    “It’s the disgust of knowing that sexually unconstrained women egged on by globalist elites are acid to the social fabric…”

    And the only way to keep this situation afloat is to censor any dissent on social media, curtail freedom of speech, ruin or expel dissenters in school/universities, and fire and/or destroy the job prospects of anyone who ventures beyond boundaries that are always (de)evolving.

    BAP was talking about how “credentialism” benefits this female social order. It creates a bureaucracy (gynocracy) that polices speech. If you stray, you lose access to the very institutions that grant credentials necessary for jobs.


    • “dissolve social fabric”

      ordo ab chao, bitchez;

      and Massa Mosby soaring like an eagle in the morning – to smell the napalm, and hear the screams of the dying


      • Your Jewsuit faggot you call your Papa is doing a far better job at destroying western civilization than any prot ever could,


  46. oh yeah, everyone here practices “traditional, restrictive monogamy”

    [CH: ya got me]


  47. The problem the church faces is that it isn’t willing to take on the larger social dynamics that make premarital chastity virtually impossible in modern society. In traditional society, women got married between 14-20ish, depending on the era. The men could be quite a bit older, but it was acknowledged that they would avail themselves of prostitutes until marriage. This, of course, was not too problematic for Christian doctrine in that the man could “repent and sin no more” once he finally established himself in business and secured a wife.

    But it is insane to think that a society that encourages women to be single well into their 20s and 30s to focus on college (i.e. being surrounded by Chad and drugs with no supervision) and career first will have any nontrivial percentage of chaste marriages. But the Church isn’t willing to push back against “modernity” like that or offer any alternatives (like women marrying first, and pursuing a career after their children are older, or pursing a home business). Further, the church fell in with the anti-prostitution part of First Wave feminism. While understandable, the church ignored St. Augustine’s clear warning that without legal prostitution, no matter how morally repulsive, men would make whore out of otherwise moral women, which is exactly what happened.


    • on November 30, 2018 at 1:04 am gunslingergregi

      While understandable, the church ignored St. Augustine’s clear warning that without legal prostitution, no matter how morally repulsive, men would make whore out of otherwise moral women, which is exactly what happened.”””””

      that’s my relative


  48. What the quoted “libertardian” misses is that all these thots are symptom of the welfare state like many others. His call to people being ‘governed’ is exactly the game being played by globalist self-proclaimed elites. The idea is to create a bunch of irresponsible child like people who don’t have the capability of managing their own lives such that the people then see the need for the “elite” to manage, to govern, everyone. This set up is obvious once we read where various modern institutions and programs came from. This forever adolescence has been a deliberate creation.

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