Will Finland Be The Next Based Nation To Revolt Against Globohomo?

A fantastic comment from Make, about the current state of Finland politics (and why a “Western Warsaw Pact” is at present inconceivable to native Finns with long memories of the Winter War):

Greetings from Finland, Mr. Heartiste.

I’ve been reading American dissident blogs, including this one, for several years in order to understand, what’s going on at that side of the Atlantic. Mainstream media in Western European countries are simply mindlessly parroting whatever nonsense New York Times and CNN come up with, so they are utterly useless in this regard. While these dissidents often offer useful insights, many of them seem to be too quick to jump to conclusions, especially concerning what’s happening in Europe. (To be fair, most Europeans don’t have a very nuanced understanding of America either.)

For example, in Finland the Winter War and stopping the Soviet grand offensive in the summer of 1944 are still among the most fundamental building blocks of national identity. Even nowadays, when there aren’t many veterans alive anymore, this David and Goliath story has a significant emotional appeal for most people. We also still have universal conscription, and it’s pretty fucking clear for everyone serving in the army that we aren’t afraid of Norwegians invading our country. So the idea of Russian threat is still something pretty tangible for most Finns, and the idea that they could see Russia as any sort of ally is just downright absurd. Sure, we can pragmatically cooperate with them when it’s useful for both sides, but Russia will nevertheless be seen primarily as a threat for decades if not for centuries to come, and in countries which actually had to live under the Soviet occupation this feeling is probably even stronger. And the whole Ukrainian mess sure as hell didn’t make anyone feel less suspicious of the Russkies.

Now, judging by your reply to a comment above you seem to understand this, but I don’t know where did you get the idea that Finland is among the countries currently fighting against the “Globohomo”. The reality is quite the opposite. Like during the Cold War when Finland had to balance between the Eastern and Western blocs, its situation is again quite unique. In most Western European countries both the cultural marxist undermining of the foundations of society and the population replacement began already in the 60s and 70s, whereas in the former Eastern bloc countries both developments were stopped before they even seriously got underway. In Finland both really started only in the 90s, so while Finland is currently following the same path as rest of the Western Europe, we are few decades behind them, and that may very well end up saving us from the most disastrous consequences of this globalist ideology.

Our current political establishment is full of shitlibs and cuckservatives, to use the American terms, who are hellbent on following every whim of the Brussel’s Politbyro, but as I explained above there is still a healthy sense of patriotism among the hoi polloi, and most people are opposed to the mass immigration from shithole countries. Unfortunately, for most people immigration is not the most urgent question when they go to the voting booth, since the number of immigrants is still relatively small compared to Western European countries. Merkel’s insane decision to open the floodgates three years ago did wake up many people (including me) and made them realize that mass immigration from the third world is not just an idiotic policy but an existential threat, but not enough people.

So when it comes to cultural marxist indoctrination and levels of third world immigration, in the 80s Finland was basically where Poland is today (both were close to nonexistent). However today Finland is pretty much where Sweden was in the 90s. Both are starting to have serious consequences, but we are still in a position, where we can stop this lunacy before it destroys the whole country.

Fortunately, both the domestic political situation in Finland and the international environment today are very different compared to Sweden in the 90s. In the 90s the globalist ideology achieved a hegemonic position all over the West, and in those halcyon days the shitlibs and cuckservatives triumphantly assumed that there was no alternative to their worldview. Now their ideology is as moribund as Soviet communism under Brezhnev, and they are in full panic mode because of the rising tide of nationalism. This of course helps nationalist politicians here in Finland, and thanks to the internet, more and more people are seeing what a disaster mass immigration has been in Western Europe, whereas in the 90s the main stream media would have been able to sweep most of that information under the carpet.

And unlike in Sweden few decades ago, there is also already a viable alternative to the establishment in the form of the Finns party. They started as an all round populist party attacking especially the EU and the general unimaginative blandness of the consensus politics of the establishment parties, but immigration critics also joined the party and used it as a vehicle to make immigration a part of the political discussion. Under the leadership of Timo Soini the party managed to win about 19 % of the votes in the elections of 2011 and about 18 % in 2015, which thoroughly shocked the establishment parties and the main stream media.

However, there was always a tension between those loyal to Soini, who is really just a common snake oil salesman, and the immigration critics in the party. After the 2015 elections the Finns party became part of the government, and when the “asylum seekers”, who had traveled through the whole Europe, started pouring into Finland from Sweden in the autumn, the party was in a position to demand the government to close the border and let the Swedes enjoy all that cultural enrichment. But Soini did nothing, because he was too afraid to lose his comfy post as the foreign minister, and so 30 000 Muslim invaders simply marched into the country, most of whom are still mooching here. After this betrayal the support of the party collapsed, and it was clear to everyone, that Soini was nothing but an opportunistic piece of shit. In the 2017 Party convention leader of the immigration critics, Jussi Halla-aho, was chosen as the chairman of the party, which led supporters of Soini to leave the party and found their own. This earned Soini the nickname Judas Soini.

While this farce was hardly good publicity for the party, in the long run it was a good thing, because the spineless traitors are now out of the way, and under the new leadership the party has now a clear direction and stopping immigration is their most important goal. According to the polls the support of the party after the split has been steadily around 8–9 %. This is the hard core of the supporters, who think immigration is the most important political question of the day, but the party has potential to gain much more support. Halla-aho is a very intelligent and principled guy who started his political career as a blogger and is known for his sardonic mockery of the multiculturalist ideology. He is really the first internet age politician in the country. He has of course been dragged through the mud in the media for years and called every possible -ist and -phobe, so he has grown a very thick skin and definitely won’t cuck like Soini. However repairing the reputation of the party after all that’s happened during the last few years will take some time. There are elections next spring, and I would guess they are going to get something between 10–15 % of the votes. Not enough to change the course of the country, but enough to be a constant thorn in the side of the establishment. If the party doesn’t screw up, I think in 2023 there’s a real chance that Halla-aho will be the prime minister or at least the interior minister, and if that happens, then you can really count Finland among the based countries that oppose the evil schemes of the globalist cabal.

And given the principal subject matter of this blog, I think it’s appropriate to mention that while Halla-aho looks like a pencil necked nerd, he has four kids with his wife and one with his former concubine, so the guy is a real alpha in disguise. I guess razor sharp intelligence can supplant the missing muscle mass.

Look first for the peripheral Hajnal nations like Finland and, maybe, Norway to push hard against Globohomo. Sweden is a lost cause unless the pain of vibrancy gets so great that they execute a 180 and the consensus breaks to kicking out the foreigners. When that happens, IKEA will be renamed to VIKEA.

I don’t trust Russians, either (Russians don’t even trust each other), but I will welcome an alliance of expedience if it helps crush Open Borders Gaymulatto Yglesiasan Neoliberalism (OB/GYN).

PS A story about a Finnchick in America.


  1. “Sweden is a lost cause unless….” . It appears there’s no “unless” anymore

    “Swedish Men Sterilising Themselves up 70 Percent in Five Years”



  2. Finland always registered much more right wing opinions than sweden. Denmark is pretty rightwing as well. They were one of the few countries to opt out of Schengen (free movement of people) when it came into effect 15 years ago.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 12:27 pm Captain Obvious

      Sellout Sailer used to say that readers of his blog [back when he had a blog, before he sold out] had IP addresses which were disproportionately from Finland.


      • Why do you call him sellout sailer. He doesn’t seem to have changed his opinions that i can see.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 1:12 pm Captain Obvious

        He sold his immortal soul so that his w!fe could have a new dishwasher.

        G0d only gives you at most one soul.

        If He even gives you that much – as Anglin & Gunslinger have been wondering lately – do NPCs even have souls?

        And who knows – maybe I’m wrong – maybe Sellout never had a soul in the first place?


      • A bit harsh on Steve. With his research and writing capabilities he could have a well-paid sinecure with the likes of the New York Slimes if he was prepared to sell-out.


      • he didnt changed his opinions. i hate when people are corny extremists


  3. Guardian has an article by (((Mikhael Khordovsky))) about why Putin must be stopped. The average person will never get the explanation for why Khordovsky is in exile in London. It pretty much explains why Putin is public enemy number one to blue pillers in the West.

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  4. Russia under Putin is not on your side, how many times do I have to say this?
    This is Russia now.It wasn’t like that before Putin:


    • There is this recent statistics which shows that there are currently only 31% Russians living in Moscow, Azeri-14%,Koreans/Chinese-6%,Chechens/Dagestani-4% etc.

      The only chance for Russia to wake up and be saved from self destruction it is currently undergoing is to remove Putin and the system he built. The opposition leader in Russia is a fierce nationalist (unlike Putin),the proponent of borders and visas with Asian muslim states (unlike Putin), he wants to cut off the chechen/dagestani muslims from the russian state support (unlike putin who sees the radical islamist Kadyrov as his protection)etc.

      The fact that Putin has f*cked up his relationships with the west does not mean he has any specific stance on globalisation.It is bizarre how people in the west substitute their desires for the truth. Putin is not a strong leader because under his leadership Russia turned into the poorest european state with the average salary smaller thn Romania, levels of homicide higher thn Haiti and life expectancy lower thn Honduras.Google it. Putin is not nationalist neither- try to say something publically against the muslim invasion in Moscow and see what happens.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:19 pm John Joel Glanton

        Putin is the greatest man of the last 100 years. Most of those ethnic groups are just “50 Shades of Russian”, basically ethnically white with 20-30% Tartar/Turkoman blood. Remember that Russia is a Eurasian country and even ethnic Russians are a mixed breed so he can hardly start exterminating everyone who isn’t a blond-blue-eyed German. I guarantee you that you won’t find hardly any Negroes, Filipinos, Pajeets, Mestizos or any other uncivilized race among them. The Russian empire was huge and Russians are closely related to Kazakhs, Tartars, Dagestanis, Uralic people etc. and that’s what most of them are.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:29 pm John Joel Glanton

        If he were to start deporting everyone who isn’t pure ethnic Russian he would lose about 30 million people, the economy would crash, the shitlibs would start WW3, and his country would be torn to shreds. It’s good enough that he took on the oligarchs and the Deep State and won, and has no third world immigration or homosexuality in his country. That’s a win.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:38 pm John Joel Glanton

        To that I would say “try saying something against the faggots in New York and see what happens”

        If a Eurasian fellow is not a Christian but lives as a minority in a nation with no foreign immigration that’s fine with me. The political question is racial, I would rather have Dagi Muslims than NW Euro atheist faggots who want to import the entire third world.

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      • Wtf are you talking about? I am not talking about people born in Russia-90% of those people in the video have come to Russia during the last 10 years and can hardly speak russian.

        And by the way, the russian muslims (tatars) have largely european looks. Find me one on the video lol.


      • “Putin is the greatest”. Hmmm, lets check the numbers.

        Average net salary,euros: Russia 467€
        Romania (the poorest EU country) €577
        Life expectancy: Russia 70.5 years
        Honduras 74.6
        Intentional homicide levels: Russia 10.82 (per 100.000)
        Nigeria 9.8

        I am not going to post corruption indexes here-its obvious that Russia is on the bottom of the world.

        Conclusion: Russia is a poor,poorly run, dangerous shithole with quality of life worse than countries like Honudras and Nigeria.

        Finally- Putin has been in power for 20 years now (4 years more and he will beat Stalin), during most of his time in power Russia took advantage of incredibly high oil prices.Yet this money has never transformed into anything of substance for russian citizens. Having started together in 1990 Romania,one of the poorest countries in europe (and in the world) is richer, safer and more developed now. I dont even mention countries like Poland and/or Baltics.

        Putin is the worst what could have happened to Russia during the last 50 years (after Stalin).By far.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 4:45 pm John Joel Glanton

        Fair enough but this is the first I’ve heard of mass immigration into Russia. The 2010 census listed Moscow as 90% Russian. The other 9.9% likely being East-Slavic and Turkic ethnic groups. Do you think things would be better if a Yeltsin clone came along instead and left the oligarchs alone? Russia would likely be just another former great-power dying in the EU just like England, France and Germany.

        If you can name a man since William II Hohenzollern greater than Putin I’ll give you a cookie. Or eat one in your honor.


      • Russia was on its knees when Putin came to power.
        Again see the Stone interviews and the economic recovery that’s talked about and Stone is no sycophant.
        Every Russian I know respects him.

        The recent Olympics and soccer world cup were great successes.
        I travel to Russia extensively.


      • Russia was not on its knees at all.In 2001 Russia was #16 in the world by GDP, it’s 14th now (together with Spain). 2 places up having sold copious amounts of oil and gas (and failing to make use of it)?It does remind a bit of Nigeria,doesn’t it?

        With regards to “every Russian respects him” -its just hilarious (as it is anecdotal). His offcial ratings (already manipulated by the state!) are about 50% at the moment.Official!

        The videos of the opposition leader Navalny get mln+ views hours after being publshed. Putin is a laughing stock in good section of Russian internet.

        Recent Oliver Stone interview is a joke-shall I remind you about the embarassing photoshopped plane episode?

        Finally, you can like or dislike Putin but you cant dispute the numbers above. Russia is a poor shithole with unacceptable for a white nation with massive natural reserves standards of living. Pure mismanagement on behalf of Putin and his people.Absolute disaster.


    • Don’t forget, the Soviet Union had millions of Muslims within its borders. Most of them NOT i Russia proper, but there was some freedom of movement (and coerced movement) within the USSR.


      • It is a shit argument. Akeen to “all the Pakistanis and Bangladeshi should live in the UK cause the empire”.

        First of all, the USSR collapsed 27 years ago.Secondly-I was in Moscow in the beginning of 2000s,it wasnt even close to the mess it is now. Finally, noone asked Russian people’s opinion and trust me-they are not happy about this mass migration plan of Putin, not happy at all. There are some schools in Moscow where you wont find one russian or ukrainian name on junior grades lists.

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      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:46 pm John Joel Glanton

        That is true but the thing is it isn’t Putin’s fault that these people are so desperate to come here. The land has no more to give in their countries and world population is doubling every 30 years now, these people are growing more and more desperate it was all foretold in Camp of the Saints.

        Realistically the only solution to the immigration problem is to dissolve the UN and NATO and have individual countries start to establish laws to preserve Aryan blood the way they did in Europe and America in the 1930’s but that is 50 years off at least. The collapse will need to happen first and there will probably be wars between countries like England, Germany, Australia, Russia and America against festering shitholes like Pakistan, India, Mexico, Turkey but that’s only if we can hold out long enough for this generation to take power in gov’t.

        Remember like you said this didn’t even get bad in most places until after 9/11 and didn’t reach crisis level until 2015 so once this younger generation catches up I’m confident we can turn it around, unless they kill us demographically first.


    • There’s not a lot Putin can do about that. Maybe he could be doing more but it’s a demographic problem he inherited. Russia would be better off if they gave independence to its Muslim regions such as Chechnya and Dagastan


  5. i’m still getting over that macaquesque abomination known as miss finland 2018. quite possibly the most hideous vagina-possessing creature in the world.

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  6. Very, veeerrry tall task for any Nordic, Lutheran (and I mean this culturally rather than religiously) “nation” – where it’s primary religious and cultural identity, post-ww2, is that of virtue-$niveling


    • It sounds like you mean Swedish, not Nordic. We’re not all like that, far from it. I certainly don’t see much virtue signaling here in Denmark, and when I do, it’s from the far left, usually in Copenhagen (half-Swedes as we call them), and they’re have no influence anyway, nor will they get any influence again, because the Social-democrats have pretty much abandoned the rest of the left-wing due disagreements over immigration (the social-democrats are anti-immigration now).

      Virtue signaling goes against Danish culture. We’re down to earth people and we’re very anti-hierarchical, so if somebody pretends to be morally superior they’ll just end up scorned. Even if you are perfect, you’re better off inventing a vice, so you can be seen as part of the flawed living, not the perfect holy. There’s a reason why we always mock Sweden for their moralistic overdrive. While Sweden pretends to be a humanistic superpower, Denmark makes intentionally bad PR to scare migrants away from seeking asylum in Denmark.

      I think legalism is a much bigger issue in Denmark than virtue signaling. We’re not allowed to discriminate, so we have to make clever laws that have discriminatory effects without being outright discriminatory. Intentional bad PR is part of that. We are a rule following people, but we also find ways to break the rules that we made ourselves, without technically breaking them.

      Take the so-called gypsy law for instance, made to drive gypsies out of Denmark. It punished begging with 2 weeks of prison and it bans “intimidating camping,” whatever that is. Danish homeless can get a license to sell a homeless newspaper, so they don’t have to beg, and they also have easier access to shelters, which means the law disproportionately hit foreigners and has to some degree driven gypsies out of Danish cities.

      Or look at the ghetto law, that requires families in ghettos to send their kids in daycare outside of ghettos and receive language and cultural training, otherwise they’ll get a cut in their benefits. Ghettos in Denmark are partly defined by the percentage of non-western people, so the law is clearly made to influence certain ethnicities, but it doesn’t state it directly, so it’s okay.

      The last example is the so-called attachment requirement, which states that in cases of family reunification, they have to be more attached to Denmark than their home country. The attachment requirement was made to stop chain-migration from the Middle East and Africa, but sometimes it also stops Danes from bringing stepchildren from marriages to foreigners into Denmark.

      All those laws would become redundant if we could make laws directly based on ethnicity. We clearly want to discriminate, but legalism is holding us back – and so is the European Court of Human Rights, but I don’t think they have any ways to sanction us. I doubt the EU can do anything, we have our so-called EU reservations, so we have more freedom to do our own thing compared to other EU countries.

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      • Thank you for your very detailed and thoughtful response, Danish anon, and happily, you are so right about Denmark … Thanks for the update

        * In your opinion, if your still reading this, why, in your opinion, is Sweden so uniquely damaged in this broader regard?


      • I can make quick reply before work.

        Sweden never had their ego broken they way we did in Denmark in the 19th century. Denmark lost everything which led Danes to look inwards in a period of national-romanticism and the Danish Golden Age of culture. Sweden never went through something like that, so they still have the ego of a local superpower even though the world around them have changed. Denmark, Norway and Finland all have the mentality of the small countries we are. Sweden doesn’t.

        You can also see this in philosophy. In Denmark Grundtvig bought German national-romanticism to Denmark with the idea of the Danish people joined by blood and soil. In Sweden Erik Gustaf Geijer bought English and French universalism to Sweden and equality of all men.

        Denmark is also a country ruled by rural and small town people. Whereas Sweden is a country ruled by the cities. The Danish right wing is a rural right wing, the Swedish right wing is the bourgeoisie. I think this is because Sweden had iron, Denmark had agriculture which led to a different distribution of power. They don’t have that earthbound and pragmatic mentally as the Danes. They are idealists, typical of city people.

        I think there’s also deeper personality differences, but I think the Norwegians have somewhat similar personality to the Swedes, so I don’t know how much it explains. The Danes are more aggressive and are even often described as anarchistic. Swedes are authoritarians. We both have consensus seeking cultures, but in Denmark we reach a consensus by speaking out minds, in Sweden they reach it by guessing what everybody else is thinking.

        The gender relations are also different. Danish men have completely lost all reverence and productive instinct towards women. If a Danish woman acts overly emotional, the men want try to comfort her or apologize to her, instead they either ignore her, role their eyes or make snarky remarks. I think this attitude is why Danish women can appear a bit masculine, because they have to to gain respect, whereas in Sweden the men respect and even defy women no matter what, so they do as they’re told. We saw this already 100 years ago, when the temperance movement took off in other Nordic countries, largely due to women, but the Danes insisted on mens right to drink. In Denmark you’ll often see women politically siding with men to score “easy points” from men, in Sweden you’ll often see men siding with women to score easy from men.


    • Because women were pushed into leadership roles and into all areas of society. And women are virtue-signalling 90% of their waking lives.

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  7. This comment is a bit late. But if you are talking about elites. They are a lot more like Harvey Weinstein and Jared Kushners dad, than the useful idiot types with 4 gender identities. Basically look through the Council on Foreign Relations directors list or a list of prominent neocons. Thats the nomenclatura. The ‘enemy’.

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  8. Much to comment on. Sweden has a party similar to the FInn Party mentioned above, Sverigedemokraterna, whose main agenda is to cut way down on immigration, especially from Middle East/Africa.

    The get about 20-25 percent in elections (proportional representaion, as in most non-English-speaking countries). But the party is untouchable,. The remainder is split between center-right parties on one side and socialist/communist parties – including the Greenetariat – on the other.

    So it is almost impossible to put together a government coalition.

    As an aside, I have visited Finland’ “sister country” twice. (Estonian and Finnish are similar enough to allow mutual understanding, given some work.)

    Estonia was occupied by the USSR (along with Latvia and Lithuania) in 1940.
    It is now a stable country with minimal immigration (EU citizens have an easier time). And guess what? No marginal tax brackets! This is an article of faith there. This does not make it a tax haven exactly, but is interesting.
    Rate is roughly 20%, tolerable.

    My first trip, only a few years after liberation, was in 1995. I will never forget standing on the boat deck, reading the signs on the pier. One was about speed limits. But whet got me was the heading: “Eesti Vabarigis”. My ultra-skeletal Estonian (mostly reading signs) translated this as “IN THE REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA” (the caps lived only in my imagination).
    And I burst out crying,..

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    • Yeah,it is a good country and good people.Very developed with minimal level of crime.
      Pissing me off when I read the western (british) news and they say something like “Eastern European criminals”. These are almost always Romanians, Albanians etc but somehow they manage to offend everyone, from Balkans to extreme Northern Europe, from Ukraine to Czech republic.. Albania fcking borders Greece, Estonia is a developed state up north-wtf do they have in common?Nothing.

      Same for the PC term when Pakis commit yet another term-“Asians”.Wtf do Japanese have to do with pakistani rapists?Seriously.

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      • Exactly. In Sweden (and in the US) the ethnicity of criminals is usually hidden. When they show a picture of somebody not yet apprehended, they pixillate the face if he looks Middle Eastern or Black. To help the public find him.


      • on November 20, 2018 at 12:11 pm John Joel Glanton

        Romanians and Albanians are Aryan euros. Most of the gangs and human trafficking is run by Gypsies from Romania who call themselves Roma but are an entirely different ethnic group.


      • Wtf do Japanese have to do with pakistani rapists?



      • “Albanians and romanians are aryans”. Hahahah this has made my day.
        Wtf is aryans btw?Technically, aryans settled in Northern India (so the Vedic scripts say).Guess who else is from the Northern india originally? The gypsies!!! 😀 😀


    • Good for you friend. One of the most uplifting things I’ve ever seen was a huge crowd of Estonians all singing I think it was the national anthem. Beautiful people and not a vibrant in sight. Don’t lose what you have.


  9. Hajnal-ian Nordics believe (or wish to, at least) that the laws of human nature simply do not apply to them .. and shouldn’t apply to anyone else, for that matter, Dägnabbit!!

    **I think the swedish Riksdag, being the ‘moral superpower’ (barf) they yearn to be, in fact wants to pass a law, abolishing ‘oppressive’ human nature, the last impediment standing in the way of ‘global harmony’ 😂


    • Sure. Human nature, who needs it? Except as clay to be formed. I have it on good authority that a US Senator had got the idea that nitrogen was bad for you, and wanted to legislate it out of existence. He did not believe anybody in DC who tried to talk sense into him. Until his dentist disabused him.


      • A lot of people, including many Nordics themselves, really do not understand, or fully appreciate, the depths of just how much virtue-$nivelling REALLY has eclipsed and replaced the Lutheran Church as the State Religion of northern Germany & Scandinavia

        Every individual act by a Nord of this new religion is treated as our Jewish friends would call in their Faith, a mitzvah – and it’s treated as a high Holy Sacrament if the object of their sniveling is the elevation of a non-White foreigner, at the expense, and degradation, of a native-born Nord (MOST ESPECIALLY if the Nord is a male – triple bonus points then)

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  10. on November 20, 2018 at 11:49 am Cornelius Canturbury

    Check out a book Born To Be A Soldier about Larry Thorne. He fought commies with the Finnish Army, the SS and the US Army.

    A real [email protected]$$

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  11. Much likey Finn women… Very cool.


  12. Regarding the Winter War.Although I absolutely admire the courage of Finnish army and the genius of Mannerheim (a Russian Imperial officer himself),lets be clear here- Finland was forced to cede territories to the USSR and was never truly free, it had to maneuver between the USSR and NATO till the 90s.

    In fact, Finland is still not a NATO country.It worked out well for them at the end as their made shitloads of money on trading with USSR being the perfect middleman but still.

    It is also curious how modern Russia uses the same plan in Ukraine now as their did in Finland in 1939- proclaim a puppet government in the East and thn “help” them to “protect” themselves.


    • Don’t be too hard on Russia

      After all, they – the genuine, Founding Stock, historic Rus, and their descendents – were just as much a captive nation as any other in eastern Europe and the Baltic

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      • No,they are not.For f sake guys,read some wiki at least.
        If anyone-the closest to Rus people are Ukranians.

        Slavs started to venture into the eastern territories in the 9-10the century (Kiev has already been one of the greatest European city). Moscow was only founded in 12 century. Gradually, Slavs absorbed surrounding finnic peoples (aborigens) and so the russian ethnogenesis happened. Following the mongol invasion the Moscow principality managed to wrestle the power and expand.
        Google genetic studies on russians-they hardly have much in common with other slavs. Ofcourse I mean actual slavs not balkan people (who are genetically only loosely related to slavs if related at all like in case of bulgarians,who are turks effectively).

        When it comes to Novgorod republic I am afraid no Rus there neither. Mostly because the fucking muscovites destroyed Novgorod and killed all the male population.

        Moscow rebranded itself into Rus(sia) in 17 century.

        And by the way there is nothing wrong with being finnic.


      • Well, Russia still, whatever the particular ethnic or genetic makeup of it’s people in 1918, was indeed a CAPTIVE nation under Bolshevism

        *Just ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (author of Gulag Archipelago; A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich) how much the REAL (((Commies))) supposedly “luuuved” the actual Russian people –

        Two Hundred Years Together

        For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion. ~Aleksander Solzhenitsyn


    • Since Finland was in this weird position between the Eastern and Western blocs during the Cold War, it’s an interesting case study of the evolution of far left ideology.

      Let me explain a bit more about the history first though. So, Finland had been part of the Russian Empire and had declared independence in 1917 after the bolshevik coup in Russia. In the spring of 1918 there was a bloody and bitter civil war between whites and reds, which the whites won. Many reds fled to Soviet Russia, and founded the Communist Party of Finland there. The party was banned in Finland between 1918–44, and had to operate clandestinely.

      During the Second World War Finland fought two wars against the Soviet Union, the Winter War in 1939–40 and the Continuation War in 1941–44, the latter one allied with Germany. While Finland lost both wars and had to accept harsh peace terms, it nevertheless remained independent unlike the Eastern European countries, that became part of the Warsaw Pact (or in the case of the Baltic states, part of the Soviet Union itself). The country retained its democratic and capitalistic system, but given the massive imbalance in military force between the countries after the war, it had to take Moscow’s opinion into consideration when making foreign policy decisions. The Soviets wanted to prevent Finland becoming part of the Western bloc, so Moscow had a sort of veto to Finland’s foreign policy, even though the country wasn’t part of the Eastern bloc either. The country remained in this weird limbo for 45 years.

      One of the peace terms was that Finland had to allow legally the operation of the Communist Party. The party was strong and heavily supported by the Soviets, but it didn’t manage to overthrow the government. After the crushing of the Prague Spring in 1968 there occurred a serious internal split inside the party. The more moderate wing of the party denounced the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, while the old school Stalinist wing did not.

      The Czechoslovakia affair was the last nail in the coffin of the credibility of the Soviet model among the far left in Western Europe and America, and in these countries the cultural revolution of the 60s started the process of replacing the working class with all sorts of minorities as the oppressed class that the left was fighting for. That process has been pretty much completed now in America, it seems. In Finland however, the tumult of the 60s didn’t lead to the same result. Instead of adopting the Frankfurt School ideology, here the young radicals started supporting the Stalinist minority wing of the Communist party. This was very much a generational rebellion against their parents, who had fought against the Soviets during the war. So while in Western European and American far left circles in the 70s and 80s post-colonialism, deconstruction, queer theory and other post-structuralist bullshit was all the rage, in Finland the far left radicals were still hard core Stalinists, who sincerely believed that Brezhnev’s Soviet Union and Honecker’s East-Germany were virtual paradises on Earth. Sounds pretty absurd, but that’s how it was.

      The worldview of the Finnish far left therefore came crumbling down along with the Berlin Wall in the late 80s, and the new generation of lefties had to come up with a new ideology. Since there were hardly any ethnic minorities in the country, worshiping them wasn’t a ready substitute for communism, so in the 90s radical environmentalism became very much the hip and cool thing among the loony left.

      The government unfortunately was stupid and naive enough in the early 90s to start letting refugees from the third world in the country. First we got few thousand Somalis, which caused quite a backlash among normal people, so the number of third world immigrants grew only slowly. The bridgehead was nevertheless now established, and as the number of third worlders kept growing the far left also began to adopt the multiculturalist ideology that had developed in Western Europe and America.

      By now this has led to a situation where the far left academic and media establishment has fully converged ideologically with their counterparts in Western Europe and America (while the center right economic establishment has simultaneously adopted wholesale the neo-liberal economic ideology), but the population at large hasn’t been marinated in cultural marxist propaganda for nearly as long as people in Western Europe and America. Quite an interesting situation.


  13. on November 20, 2018 at 12:32 pm CulturalResilience from Mobile

    The wall falling in Berlin was not the end of the red menace. It was a meticulously planned, and expertly executed, wrongfooting of the Western Democracies. The fall of the Berlin wall was when Communism adopted mainstream “soft mission creep”, and marks the point were poisonous western Cultural Marxism was unleashed.

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    • How about: All ideologies are (jewish) fairy tales. Even nationalism is a fairy tale. Most european countries were small fiefdoms and kingdoms before being ‘unified’. Also US is not a nation/most post colonial ‘countries’ are not real nations etc But at least it has more basis in reality (tribal relations), than something abstract like Jim Jones was selling.

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  14. That Finnish reader could be discussing Ireland today except that we’re further along the road to cuckdom. Amazing similarities.


    • Great article by the way. And his English is better than that of I’d guess 80% of those with English as their first language.


      • Was gonna say… Impeccable English. That’s what we need for the New Warsaw Pact.


      • But… most Irish utilize English way better than most English. Most Irish’ English is clear as a bell, unlike most English’ English.


  15. Unfortunately/ fortunately- The Russians will be the hold outs and maintain what is referred to here as WN. Russians are the most proud, stubborn and pragmatic people I’ve ever met in the world and after sometime like 60 years of Communism propoganda BS they aren’t buying what the globalist are selling. Their biggest issue was the damage caused by Communism and the collapse after. They are playing catch-up economically but will put in the time.

    That’s a really long winded way of saying, while you can’t trust them they aren’t giving up their country without losing another 50 million people like back during WW2. Losing 1/3rd of your population and like 60+% of your men creates a long memory. Hard times create hard men.

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  16. A fair few headscarves and vibrancy to be seen in the suburbs of Helsinki now, though not enough to ruin that fine city.

    The east side of Oslo is like Bethnal Green in London, though. Avoid at night if a solo female.


  17. Russians are generally pretty good people and if you are friends with one, you can count on him to be trustworthy. The government is garbage, but that’s hardly unique.

    Finland did indeed win the winter war but it was their kindness in not participating in the shelling of Leningrad during the blockade that saved their butts after WW2. Stalin, completely out of character, showed “favor” at a time when the red army was the most powerful in the world ( a very brief time pre-atomic weapons) and was gobbling up protectorates left and right. He still dragged them over the coals somewhat with the occupation of Karelia, but they avoided the iron curtain unlike their southern Baltic kin.


  18. Trump has a gun to his head.

    Jews blaming Trump for continuing 80 years of Saudi Arabia policy.

    POTUS is a TelePrompTer reader. Even Trump.


  19. Check the nigger McDonald’s video. Smote the rando white girl. Fag mowhawk immediately aides with pack of hooded niggers.


  20. https://www.foxnews.com/world/poland-latest-country-to-withdraw-from-global-migration-pact

    In general, I really like the Pollocks and welcome their presence as an off-set to some of the awful things we are now bringing in to this country (Somalis? Even the North Africans here can’t stand them). Very hard-working, generally not pozzed and anti-welfare. The new immigrants are noticeably less honest than a typical Western European but that stuff has been proven to wash out quickly as the next generation assimilates extremely well into Anglo-American culture.

    Saw an ad the other day on Fox News from the Polish Govt/Military thanking America. That was touching. Haven’t seen any appreciation from any Western ally like that in my life, ever.

    One of the best ways to get more in like this is to get into treaties where we’re saying treaty members get entrance preferences. A lot less hard to sell to norms so…Yes. New Warsaw pact. More Poles in America. Faster, please.


  21. Excellent and inspiring poast. Does “Make” have a blog?


  22. It’s very nice to see a Finn contributing his perspective here! My father was an artilleryman in the Finnish Army in the Continuation War that began in June 1941 (he was too young to have fought in the Winter War – he worked in a munitions plant instead during that war). My mother lost her home in Karelia at the outbreak of the Winter War in November 1939 and was one of the 400,000 Karelian refugees evacuated to safety in the Finnish interior. She never got over her homesickness for her burned village. We Finns EARNED our right to exist in the endless brutal struggle of Life! I was born on the Western shore of the Atlantic but I am fiercely proud that I come from that tiny but tough subarctic tribe on the cold dark Northern edge of Europe. As the German commander of the Finnish Waffen S.S. volunteers described them: “Iron-hard soldiers, comradely and free-spirited and ready to drag the Devil himself out of Hell!” I hope that my people won’t lose their toughness and pride at this critical moment when they need those qualities more than ever. I feel anxious about that.


  23. Just wanted to confirm the part on not trusting Russia as an ally from a Polish perspective. Here in Warsaw the idea of a Western alliance against leftism/globalism with Russia is considered absurd by virtually everyone across the political spectrum. No one ever suggests it except for clueless expats. Russia isn’t the Soviet Union of yore, but they are still Asiatic imperialists. Their churches have been compromised by the NKVD/KGB/FSB for generations and they commit more abortions than the 3x larger EU. The history of murders, tortures and deportations of 100s of thousands of Eastern Europeans without a shred of remorse is another matter. I know individual Russians that I like, their government is no friend of Western Civilization though, even if they happen to be at odds with globalism at the moment (which Soviet agents helped create after WWII).


  24. I am from Lithuania, and we are based as fuck over here – so much so that our friends who go to UK/Germany/etc. to live for better salaries keep mentioning how fucking crazy those countries are. And when people from those countries come to live in Lithuania, they are amazed at how *ahem* clean our country is.

    And even more so than Fins, the fact that we were occupied by Russians and then by Soviets (twice, mind you) – means that there can never ever be trust or alliance with them. I voluntarily serve in military, and everyone there is really clear on who is the threat to our country.

    And our girls are hot as fuck.

    Damn, it feels good to live outside the Hajnal.


  25. Another relevant part of Finnish history in this regard is its Civil War, which happened at the end of WW I.

    Finnish patriots killed 25,000+ of their traitorous Communist country men, over
    11,000 in prison camps, and apparently many thousands more at the hands of right wing death squads.


    [CH: my heart soars reading about that]


  26. Thanks for this excellent report from the Finnish front.


  27. on November 21, 2018 at 9:59 am Harold T. Odgen

    Mr Halla-aho seems to be following the strategy of fellow based Finn, Kai Murros. His guide to revolution is a must read for all dissident nationalists: http://www.kolumbus.fi/aquilon/content.htm

    He also has some great oratory in English available online: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mIiQW6pSJ5M


  28. seriously, if France and Russia go muslim, what happens to their nukes?

    Iranians may feel a nuclear attack because they live in their country, their cities with the monuments they built over 3 thousand years

    but why the hell should Afromuslim from Mali cares if Notre Dame and the Louvre are nukes? Why should a chechen fear is the Kremlin is nuked?


  29. Russia was still, whatever the particular ethnic or genetic makeup of it’s people in 1918, indeed a CAPTIVE nation under Bolshevism

    *Just ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (author of Gulag Archipelago; A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich) how much the REAL (((Commies))) supposedly “luuuved” the actual Russian people –

    Two Hundred Years Together

    For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while, for many people in the West, it is still a living lion. ~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


    • It’s funny, if you just switch out “Russia” with “America,” then our friend “Caramba” starts to sound exactly like this one Mexican chick I used to know…


  30. [CH: my heart soars reading about that]


  31. Please, can someone post link or story about soviet ’44 summer offensive against Finns? Only I can find is winter war… What about borders nowadays? Karelia?


  32. You no trust Russian?? Premier Trump will be very disappointed!