Is Julian Assange Still Alive?

Strange happenings swirl around WikiLeaks. First, Julian Assange’s internet access is cut (and John Kerry, at the behest of thecunt campaign, is implicated).

Second, a WikiLeaks cofounder, Gavin MacFadyen, died a couple of days ago, cause of death unknown (and none given by WikiLeaks…suspiciously, the original death notice included the snippet that he died from “a short illness”, which was later edited with that snippet removed). He was 76, but appeared in good health. MacFadyen had said earlier in the year that the 2016 election would be “very dangerous” to people involved with WikiLeaks.

From TOG:

Back in August 2016, some mysterious man was scaling the outside of the building where Assange was sleeping & living at the time.  I believe this was when Assange was actually assassinated by the CIA.  All the leaks have been coming from Gavin Macfadyen since August 22nd.  An actor playing Julian Assange made a recent appearance in a live stream , but this was just to reassure everyone that nothing happened in Ecuador and Julian is still alive.  The broadcast was very hard to hear, audio was very grainy.  They had to do a live stream b/c it was announced when Julian was alive, so they had to follow through with it or it would look like Julian was dead.  This was obviously a cover up job. And now after this latest round of wikileaks releases showing Clinton paid for violent protesters (a crime), the CIA went in and stopped any future leaks from happening.  You see, recently the CIA took over the wikileaks account on twitter when the wikileaks founder,  Gavin Macfadyen, suddenly showed up dead.

Finally, followers of the WikiLeaks Twatter account are saying that for the last couple of weeks the tweets from the account have sounded strange, almost as if it was sabotaged and commandeered by someone intent on thwarting further email releases that would be damaging to thecunt’s and soros’s One World Borg ambitions.

WikiLeaks has yet to confirm that Assange is alive.

Anyone of probing mind would think all of these “””coincidences””” are highly suspect and worth investigation by journalists with integrity. Unfortunately, according to donation data, 96% of journalists are zero integrity shills in the tank for the Clinton campaign, grabbing her pussy like it’s the only connection they have to the material world.

Is Assange alive? If not, the people want to know, Secretary Clinton…did you or a campaign surrogate order the assassination of Julian Assange?


This was a dark and serious post. Time for something just a little less dark and serious.



  1. Anyone know of a compilation or executive summary of the hardest hitting points in the podesta emails to date? I want something to show normies.

    [CH: yes, i have something for you. check later for a post.]

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  2. Control of the Wikileaks Twitter account seems to have passed on to somebody edgier. It’s certainly not more pro-Clinton than it used to be, and Podesta releases are continuing. If somebody is sabotaging it, then it’s by making it more partisan than it used to be, possibly deterring leaks from liberals.

    Donald Trump’s Twitter strategy has also undergone a shift in the past week or so, tweeting Hillary corruption stuff non-stop for the end of the election. Could be that Wikileaks has decided to do something similar.


  3. There is also the tweet that was sent right around the time his internet was cut, saying: “Heavily armed ‘police’ appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum (photo, Tuesday morning)”, with an attached photo. That tweet was never followed up on, never mentioned again.

    The account tweeted this three days ago: “Thousands keep demanding Assange proof of life. Not unreasonable. He’s in a tough spot and is WikiLeaks best known validator. Preference?”

    51% of the poll voters said they want to see a video.

    But no follow up, no further mention, and no video.

    Not to mention the “burglar” who someone got inside the embassy a few weeks ago, and mysteriously “escaped” after he was apprehended by security. Story memory-holed and never mentioned again.

    Looks awful fishy to me.

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  4. […] Strange happenings swirl around WikiLeaks. First, Julian Assange’s internet access is cut (and John Kerry, at the behest of thecunt campaign, is implicated). Second, a WikiLeaks cofounder, Gavin MacFadyen, died a continue […]


  5. #weknow


    P.S. Trump winning Florida early voting in a landslide.

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  6. One recent Wikileaks Twitter post made me think that he might be dead. It was a picture showing how “delusional” the “alt-right” was about thinking Trump was beating Clinton. It was very un-Wikileaks:

    Conspiracy rape!


  7. 96%? That’s generous.

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  8. Does it matter at least with respect to the election results?

    No one currently decided on voting for Clinton will switch regardless of what gets released.

    At this point, would a revealed murder plot even hurt Hillary?

    [CH: two rebuttals. one, there are still undecideds and indies who can be swayed in these final two weeks (i know, it’s hard to believe). turning 1% of voters from thecunt to trump can make the difference in battlegrounds. two, if thecunt wins, all these revelations of her unbridled corruption will poison her reign, hopefully resulting in her humaliating impeachment.]

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    • Some people who decided on voting for Clinton will think twice. Then, they might stay at home and not vote at all.

      Their thought process : “I dislike Trump but why should I bother wasting energy to vote for a corrupt old lady?”

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    • Millions of Americans vote Dem one year and vote Rep another year. It’s amazing how flexible their politics are. A shitlib can become a shitlord with surprising speed.


  9. My sense is the leaks have become very weak; like they are sifting through the releases. Not sure if they are waiting to drop the really big stuff or WL has been compromised and co-opted.

    Still waiting on the big kahuna of hrc’s emails. I’ve read anywhere from 26-oct to 4-nov. Clock is ticking.

    Amazing to me the flagrant corruption. And how it continues is simply mind-boggling.


    • 30-40 years ago, all this shit that was exposed would have ended any other candidate. The problem is the average American doesn’t give a fuck about corruption. This generation of people only care about “muh feels” and nothing more. I’ve seen people see all the shit WL released and the blatant corruption only to be met by “yeah well politicians do stuff like this all the time, still better than racist trump”

      The sheep will be the first ones slaughtered.


      • “Racist” is an anti-white smear word created by skypes specifically as part of (((their))) attack on white Christian America, as part of (((their))) specific effort to push “diversity is our strength” while fighting to admit as many Africans as possible while rejecting as many white Northern Europeans as possible. Specifically to keep white people from ever being able to organize enough to institute a pogrom.


      • Was saying just this the other day.
        They are untouchable. The Heysel Disaster in 1985 brought down the Belgian government even though they were only indirectly involved
        The currency crises in the UK (Soros inspired) in 1992 (?) Lead to Thatcher’s end if I remember correctly.
        Votes of ‘no confidence’ use bring down a government.
        How the fuck is Merkel still Chancellor?


      • “How the fuck is Merkel still Chancellor?”

        Shes doing the bidding for the anti-white elites. Shes on message.


  10. What about the Wiki tweet several days ago that just said Julian was in a tough spot and asked people to vote their pref on how Wiki should confirm to public he is okay?

    That seemed like confirmation he is alive.


    • It was intended to, but it actually proves nothing. He may be alive but in custody or under duress. He may be dead. He may be trolling to get more interest, but if so, he must be disappointed. The last seems least likely, since you would expect the twitter feed to be drawing more attention to the situation rather than telling people that they are in touch with him and hes’ ok.


  11. i don’t disagree with the theory that he’s dead but if the twitter account has been compromised I don’t see why they would still be releasing emails? i would think that they would at least release less damaging emails so as to not arouse suspicion but also minimize the damage. some of the recent emails have been some of the worst, however. what really makes me shit a brick is the possibility that every email that they’ve “released” since they’ve been compromised has been fiction, and that they will eventually come out with an “announcement” that they are fake, leading the general population to think that ALL of the emails that have ever been released were fake. thoughts?


    • The emails may be on an automatic release schedule, and they don’t want to tip their hand that the feed has been hijacked by pretending the releases didn’t happen. It’s also possible that another faction in the intelligence community wants to make sure Hillary isn’t elected and has smuggled him out of the embassy. There are a lot of possibilities, some worrisome and odd facts, and a number of even more worrisome unconfirmed reports, but mostly there just isn’t enough evidence to rule out much.


  12. on October 26, 2016 at 3:53 pm Divine Son of Kek

    “Back in August 2016, some mysterious man was scaling the outside of the building where Assange was sleeping & living at the time.”


    Sounds bs from the get-go.


  13. Assange has given live interviews after August. Hannity and the 10 year anniversary vid-link come to mind. Hard to imagine that it was an actor. Not saying he might not be dead now, but I’d think it would’ve happend in the past couple weeks.


    • Yes, the last time he was seen was just before Pamela Anderson brought him a sandwich. The next day his internet was cut, supposedly. He should be able to get through with a phone call, or come to the window, though. The old videos being promoted as being recent proof of life on youtube are also worrying.

      This just in a few hours ago from the Express (UK): “JULIAN’S ALIVE: Wikileaks’ Assange makes live phone appearance at computer conference”

      “Now a video showing Mr Assange making a lengthy telephone call in to the Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre in Argentina yesterday, has emerged online.

      Just a photograph of Mr Assange was shown as he spoke about Wikileaks’ recent publication of around 50,000 leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

      He accused Mrs Clinton’s team of being responsible for his internet being cut off.”

      This would seem to be easy to fake, there has been advanced voice-changing software for many years, and they only show a still picture of him, and so far as I can tell, no video of him. The article notes the poll on what proof of life people wanted being won by “video”, and that there have been no further tweets on the matter from WL since.