Chateau Policy Reminder

There has been an uptick in zero-commenter-cred passers-by attempting to use this blog’s comment section to smear the names of their perceived enemies by associating them with this blog in some form or another. There’s no good term for this sort of vengeful, guilt by association doxing, so let’s just go with that.

Numerous comments that have included the full names (and sometimes addresses) of random non-public people (putatively ex-lovers or ex-spouses) have been deleted, and unfortunately the moderation has had to stiffen up to prevent repeat offenders from spamming comment threads with the names of people they want associated with a “deplorable” blog.

CH proprietors don’t tolerate actively hostile doxing campaigns, no matter how much the vengeful doxer may think their ex-boyfriend or ex-wife deserves it. If an IP is connected to one of these surreptitious doxing campaigns, it will be banned.

This is our world now. Scummy people have realized the power of the dox and guilt by association with dissident broadsheets, and they are leveraging the stifling thoughtcrime suppression to ruin lives in acts of personal vendetta.

As always, anonymity remains the operative principle of this blog, and readers are not just afforded maximum anonymity here, but are encouraged to use pseudonyms. Anyone who requests a comment deleted for personal reasons will be obliged as quickly as possible.

PS Without revealing too much, it’s gotten so bad lately that guilt-by-association dox victims have emailed desperate requests to remove their names from comments here. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss a few, but we try to honor every request for privacy.


  1. I often wonder how much worse this sort of thing will get before things begin to improve. Then again, we are living in post-America, where the intellectualism of the day is not one of free thought, but hive thought, and hives can be very dangerous to an outside agent who does not display the requisite NPC cred.

    Maybe someday, in my gray haired and sunset years, I will be pouring a drink with our esteemed host in a newly formed homeland we can call our own, one where our children are not exposed to the predations of those who hate them because they envy their beauty and covet their genetic birthrights.

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  2. seriously? I for one am glad for the open comments and surprising decency here, too bad it’s only due to your moderation efforts 😦

    [CH: it’s gotten really bad lately. sadly, doxing in all its permutations may be the thing that kills an open and free internet.]

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  3. Definitely ready for The Culling.

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 1:17 pm Greg Eliot Hungry For Black Pole

      Let’s have at it.

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      • I’m conflicted about this: on the one hand, no one deserves this sort of skewering more than an ass like Auntie Greg. On the other hand, you’ve now partially validated his senile bitching about everyone being a sock and made him look slightly less ridiculous.

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      • There’s two types of dweeb that nip at my heels ’round chere:

        a) Those who burn like Satan at the mention of Christ and Scripture

        b) Those who get butthurt when I call ’em on their bullshit.

        Which sort of dweeb are you, Feral?


      • I know it’s a lot to ask, but at least have the character to knock off the “everyone is a sock” bullshit… for the umpteenth time, the only ones I’ve accused have been self-admitted or so obvious by their monickers and/or only post to try to nip at my heels, and it’s been less than four.

        The fact that assholes like you have to exaggerate your aggravation that you can’t counter me except with ad hominem snark says more about your sorry ass than any lame insult you try to throw my way.

        Grow the fuck up or STFU… you can’t engage in a battle of insults or wits with me, so stop digging that hole already.

        This is why we lose… White men acting like pissy little bitches.


      • Which sort of dweeb are you, Feral?

        Well, I’m not the sort of dweeb who annoys everyone by accusing them of being socks and who worships a kike while constantly deriding kikes. That would be you.

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      • Ah, the clueless Feral tells on himself.

        Type a) “don’t mention Christ” dweeb noted.

        It makes sense now… I wondered what got you to enlist in the Eliot Has Green Hair clown show.


      • No, there are a lot of people who cant stand you because you are stupid and opinionated and think you know everything but never actually say anything that impresses the others or displays leadership although you desperately want to be admired as the smartest guy in the room. Like Trav said the other day, a lot of people call you out, they cant all be wrong.

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      • You keep coming at me with the same ol’ nuthin’… inane projection and attempting to piggyback on the insipid comments of others… especially that antiChristian try-hard, which I already smacked you around about, good Catholic boy.

        Stop embarrassing yourself already. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Old wahman moaning about nothing

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      • on December 17, 2018 at 4:48 pm Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

        I like to think I’m laughing with Greg and not at him.


      • Auntie Greg doesn’t set the scope. Far more than two types bristle at his(?) input.

        Forget not the (3) “Oh sh!t here comes the Gamma Boomer again, AKA the “How did this kid escape from his locker?” crowd.

        There’s also the (4) pragmatist crowd, who reads this blog for its density of insight and information, and rolls its eyes each time it is forced to wade through GE’s controlled opposition.

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      • Another of the usual suspects chimes in, go figger.

        (((JJ))), if anyone got stuffed in a locker in HS it was you… you’re just too snarky to realize that I was one of the guys that took pity on you and let you back out after the other jocks had their fun.

        Just another projecting kike, go figger.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  4. How about banning the socks who take my name in vain? 😉

    Better yet, let us know whose IPs match. lzozlzozlzozlozlozl

    [CH: socks are banned when identified. it’s drudge work tho]

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    • See, you really do have a lot of people who cant stand you.

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      • This ain’t no popularity contest.

        Told you that already, alt-R ally… but darn a few more socks and maybe you’ll convince everyone ’round chere that you’ve got a consensus.


      • No one cares

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      • You never cease to show how little you care, Danger.

        Self-awareness… try it.


      • I get 3 or 4 times the likes to my comments that you get, in fact far more than most here get. That must gall you tremendously.

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      • on December 17, 2018 at 4:10 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I ain’t got no socks on me.


        I’m a SUPASTAR


      • HAHAHAHA!!!

        Danger counts likes, go figger…

        Just like I said, projection on steroids about the popularity concerns his foists upon others.

        Could you BE any more of a douche?

        Got news for you dweeb… tomjönes bot don’t count, so subtract those from your final tally.

        (((REALLY shakin’ mah haid now)))


      • on December 17, 2018 at 10:16 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I find Greg quite amusing, his language colorful (in the good sense of the word), and he sometimes has deep insights. Not all the time, but he doesn’t claim to be the Oracle of Delphi nor does he take himself as seriously as other yeggs around here (to paraphrase).


    • “Better yet, let us know whose IPs match.”

      make a $100 donation to CH for every commenter you think is a sock and maybe he’ll oblige you.

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      • I’ve only accused four directly… self-admitted, such as you yourself… yet you have the gall to continue as such?

        Especially every time Carlos “I’m not dweebstreep” Danger is around?

        Add yet another page to the every-growing tome This Is Why We Lose.


      • CH would have banned one or both of us if that were the case. But you stubbornly cling to this myth because you cant accept that you are seen as a pompous ass who desperately wants to be admired for his sage wisdom and likes to lecture men his own age who are usually smarter and more experienced. Sentient for instance was a millionaire by age 30. He has a lot of political and social savvy and has actually been fairly gentle with you but you act like he´s 15. Somehow I cant help but feel sorry for you. You have obviously spent your life trying too hard to get recognition and attention.

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      • Well said Carlos. Pathos has limits though…


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      • I see Sent is still butthurt from the ass-whupping he got on the other thread.

        You two deserve each other.

        Keep nipping at the big dawg’s ankles, and keep getting a kick in the teeth, alt-R allies.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Keep nipping at the big dawg’s ankles, and keep getting a kick in the teeth, alt-R allies.

        Legend in your own mind…

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


        Just sayin’, Greg.

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      • Ass whupping?

        Lol. You are becoming a parody Greg.

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  5. The Thought Police are running rampant. I’ve noticed this in other venues as well. The FIRST, first reaction in this feminized society is to run to perceived authorities and/or attempt to shame & discredit people.

    This is how you know you live in a complete gynarcho-tyranny. These are the tactics of pussy holders because it is the only one they have. Ruin social cred and/or rely on the man with the gun to help you. Pathetic.

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 2:44 pm Captain Obvious

      These stuff all ties in with the rise of the Professional Battle Cunt, as was being discussed a couple of essays ago.

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 10:24 pm Libertarian_Pill

      The thought police is gaining confidence, I’m afraid. Just try reading this site (on your own device) in a public setting, and see how people react if they look over your shoulder. Heck, I even mentioned that Trump is not the devil, and has spared us entangling wars (if not alliances) in the Middle East, in a bar in a coastal city in the US, the people with whom I had been getting along very pleasantly went crazy and ruined the whole evening. I got annoyed and maintained frame (I think that’s the lingo) but I was getting the meanest looks from all the tables. Nobody did anything physically, but I am sure they would have had me arrested and sent to a reeducation camp, if they had the opportunity.


      • It’s not going to end well. I can’t think of one time in history that a situation with two sides who hate each other to this extent, where the situation somehow quietly de-escalated itself. It’s always got to achieve equilibrium via mayhem.


    • Watched, over 28 years, the military turn into a gynarcho-tyranny. I remember being mentored to handle everything at the lowest possible level… ie… tell someone directly if you have a grievance. Now, the workplace is swarmed by BCs that go right to leadership the second they are unhappy with ANYTHING. It drives us crazy.


  6. I read a lot of boards

    There is always a low-level amount of trolling going on, clearly sockpuppets, people posting counter to the agenda, people trying to make us look bad by posting crazy stuff, etc.

    But really it’s gone far off the scale on many sites I follow, all of a sudden.

    Literally overnight two weeks ago like 1000’s of trolls decended upon a lot of my favorite places, makin it nearly impossible to read the comments section and even blowing up threads.

    Seems like a co-ordinated effort to me. Glad other people are statrting to notice.


    • BTW if you have not figured it out yet, they ar doxxing HERE, specifcally to get you sued and therefore “legimately” removed from the internet.

      Doxxing lawsuits seem to have teeth and are going to be a go-to method for them to retailate “within the law”

      Using this method gets you kicked off of the internet without looking like they are specifically shutting down free speech.


  7. on December 17, 2018 at 1:39 pm PBR Streetgang

    Nobody expects the Internet Inquisition!

    … but, it’s already here.


  8. The worst part is that doxxing is actually supported by the entire J-left establishment. Look at how they treated that drunk white kid recently saying that he loves white people, and what they’ve done. Every media outlet around the globe ran a smear campaign against him, and even the federally-funded university said that he’s not welcome!

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 2:11 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “the federally-funded university”

      This is where having a serious Secretary of Edumakashun & a serious Attorney General & serious directors of the NIH/NSF/DARPA/NEA/NEH/etc – which is to say, serious sober thoughtful moral people in the Deep State – would help so much for the future of Our Nation.

      The minute one of these j00niversititties goes all Frankfurt School on some poor White child free-thinker, you yank 110% of their funding for everything.

      You even yank their friggin student loans.

      When the free money disappears, they’ll cum back with their tails between their legs in 30 seconds flat.

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      • on December 17, 2018 at 2:12 pm Captain Obvious

        And when some g00k judge in Hawaii declares it unconstitutional, you hang the son of a g00kette whore from the nearest palm tree.


      • And when some g00k judge in Hawaii declares it unconstitutional, you hang the son of a g00kette whore from the nearest palm tree.

        I think that was a chink, not a gook. Could be wrong, though.


      • I didn’t know there was a difference between a chink and a gook. Just say rice nigger, it covers all of em.

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      • I’m not up on the particular nomenclatures myself.

        It might have something to do with the angle of the slant.


      • on December 17, 2018 at 2:47 pm Captain Obvious

        Probably some guy like ASD [or that m0d over at MPC] who’s married to a g00kette RN from some shithole like the Philippines.


      • Chinks are Chinese and Gooks are Viet- Namese.

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      • on December 17, 2018 at 4:18 pm Corinth Arkadin

        MPC is riddled with dovgov plants. I think I said this two time before.

        I always vet a place before I poast seriously. I didn’t start poasting in earnest at Le Chateau until I was fairly certain no ABCDEFG agency nerds were posting. I think it took me about three years after half-assed lurking for six or so.

        MPC took me about two months.

        I cannot tell you which agency of course, but I CAN tell you it begins with a T and rhymes with E and ends in Y and they watch your moneeeee.


  9. on December 17, 2018 at 1:40 pm Antonio Garcia

    Well done CH, proper regulation enforced by legitimate authority — classy, even.
    I hadn’t even realized it was an issue though as I rarely peruse the comments section. Cheers, MAGA.

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  10. Call it drive-by doxxing, CH?

    I’ve noticed an increase across several blogs of this sort of thing by lefty commenters. They can’t argue their case, so what they can’t take over they smear or create drama…


    • You may have noticed, there are a goodly number of alleged alt-R allies who evince the same m.o.

      Which is why we lose, but I digress.


  11. I think the shutdown of Gab was a prototype. The left will stop at nothing. Any alternative social media or commenting systems will be tagged racist, sexist, homophone, etc, and anyone with an account on them will find themselves suddenly unemployable. The HR departments have been being stuffed with left wing activists for a generation at least, and now it is their time to move to the front lines.

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    • That’s why it’s laughable when leftists claim they are fighting “the establishment”. Big banks, big corps, government, media, and Hollywood are on the side. Who are they resisting?!

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    • In the immortal words of Archie Bunker, “All Chinks are gooks, all gooks are not Chinks.”


      • So according the Archie Bunker, the Vietnamese are gooks? That doesn’t seem right.

        I am confused on this question. I thought they were the same: gooks, but the kids call them ching chongs. Slant eyed slopes. Moon face, pies. Those last two are fairly mean!


      • Or is it the other way around. Archies would seem to have been asserting that the Vietnamese were chinks. But that’s not what was the popular usage then.


      • I think the ant-jews are Chinks, the Vietnamese are gomers, and both of them are varieties of gook. But that could be mistaken.


  12. They intensified the campaign against dissident free speech on the Internet. It will only get worse next year, which is pre-electoral year in the US, while Europe will enter the turmoil phase, as announced by the Yellow Vests movement.

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  13. “we try to honor every request for privacy.”

    i love the p word

    it will be the thing that unites the state legislatures and forces a constitutional convention

    it will be advanced under the guise of protecting abortion (roe/casey based on a right to privacy that is not in the constitution, therefore overturned)

    but if we’re smart we can make big tech our bitches in the process and win the surveillance war the patriot act kicked into high gear

    those pink pussy hat wearing cunts may turn out to be the trojan horse that lets us permanently hogtie big brother with an amendment guaranteeing the privacy they tried to legislate through the judiciary with roe

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 2:20 pm Captain Obvious


      You can’t beat legalists with legalism.

      You can only beat them with a batt1e axe.

      These struggles for cultural [which is to say, biological] supremacy are entirely Darwinian in nature.

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  14. Thank you Maitre

    What fastEddie say, y’all


  15. This is to be expected, unfortunately, and it will intensify. We should all be psychologically prepared to handle it if it happens to us. No matter what happens, remember that we are Men of the West, and we need to set the example for our people of what that means.


  16. If the Orcs are hassling you it means you are on the Globohomo’s radar, and it means that your work is effective.

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  17. You’re a good man CH.


    • Agreed. Didn’t know he had to go through this sh!t.

      CH is the least pissy target of those who piss on him.

      Sh!t test passed, true to form.


  18. Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society-Aristotle

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    • good ol’ Aristotle was dead right
      but let’s extrapolate further
      Cuckstianity in its latest form is a natural and logical result of the progression of the lunatic creed and as such occurs once the corpse starts to decompose


      • we of course should support her holiness dyke bishop given the urgency of the situation


      • All I can think of when I see that face is last year’s Most Punchable Sh!tlib contest. She would have swept it.


      • let’s also hear the holiest of the holy,the infallible traitor pope Franky

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      • 1 Corinthians 14:34. Wonder what she thinks of that…
        just saying…


      • 1 Corinthians 14:34

        I hear alleged Christian women slough off verses such as those with a “Well, Paul was a misogynist.” and other such whistles past the graveyard. Womankind has learned nothing from the headstrong transgression of Eve, and Mankind has learned next to nothing from the cuck-out of Adam.

        I never could, nor ever will, understand Christians and their churches who behave in DIRECT CONFLICT to the very Word of the God they claim to worship.

        It truly is the ultimate “can’t have it BOTH ways” scenario.

        Revelation 3
        15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
        16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.


    • That’s why they will do everything to silence dissidents and the free flow of information: street protests in Europe against the genocidal UN Migration Pact. The fire rises.


  19. It’s funny to me. I always think there is not one single argument we have here among ourselves that wouldn’t be solved in person at the end of the first glass of Scotch.

    Church v Unchurched
    Game vs Looks
    Virtues vs Vices
    Everybody vs Boomers (I’m lookin’ at you GE!)

    We all agree we have to fight libtards, feminists, blackies, and (((them.)))

    There are guys here who have successfully navigated corporate America (God knows how.) Guys who have built their own businesses (I’d be happy to help anyone here.) Guys with tech backgrounds. Guys with military and self-defense experience. And guys who devote a lot of time in field chasing broads and can provide real insight.

    The goal should be real life meet-ups, but we need an intermediary step where we can shed some degree of anonymity to converse online.

    When Rooshie tried to organize happy hours, it blew up in his face.

    Organization is the real threat to the libtard. We do that, and we can actually form our own mini-ethnostate where we help each other in every way that matters.

    Open to suggestions. Tech isn’t really my game.

    Glad you’re all my bros.


    • RIght you are… in meat world we’d probably find the vast majority of yeggs ’round chere to be hale fellows, well-met.

      FWIW, some of us tried a few meet-ups back in the day, and they all went pleasant enough, but

      1) Numbers were always few, and the majority of folks were not of the necessary (ahem) “revolutionary timber” one would have hoped for… those that might have been were already outliers of a kind, and unreliable.

      2) There always seemed to be one or two “new” folks popping in, making the right noises but something seemed off. One could sense that the gathering was being (ahem) observed.

      In short, some good friends were made, nothing earth-shattering was ever actually planned, and most folks were of the normal, “decent” sort who still had a lot to lose if they stuck their necks out too far… and in the grand scheme of things, life was still too good to motivate anyone beyond the “things seem to be going sideways” discussion stage of “better prep”.

      Of course, these times today are demonstrably more perilous, and the freaks are far more out in the open and lording their positions over regular folk, but we’re still at the “life is pretty soft” stage.


  20. WTF? Who thinks up shit like this?