Video Released Of Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulting An Assistant!

There’s uncovered footage of Bill Clinton, while he was Governor of Arkansas, sticking his hand between a female assistant’s legs, who responds by pushing it away. (h/t chris)

8Chan discusses the video here.

In case Twatter deletes the tweet (they will), here’s a YouTube link (don’t expect this to stay up for long either):

Remember folks, this is the man whose numerous sexual assaults were shielded from scrutiny by feminist superhero Hillary “thecunt” Clinton, (with an assist from a friendly media).

Hillary “thecunt” Clinton enabled Bill Clinton’s predatory sexual assaults and went so far as to intimidate his rape victims into silence and to drag their names through the mud. All so she could retain her access to the levers of power and fulfill her political ambitions.

PS Let me explain this post. It’s called war. And in a war you use the enemy’s weapons against her.


Here is a list — a lackey list, if you will — of all the scummy journolisters who essentially work as pro bono freelance operatives for the Hillary “thecunt” Clinton campaign.


  1. I was glad TRUMP started dropping the hammer during the debate. I literally started cheering my TV when he started.

    This is war. Not just against one candidate, or even one political family. But against the entire (((Globalist))) cabal.

    [CH: amen brahmen.
    MAGA 2016
    GALA 2016
    thecunt 666]


    • Yes, if he didn’t finally start swinging I don’t know what I would of done. I am not going to be able to sleep well until this election is over.

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    • It is war… pulling levers or triggers… their choice…

      it is on NOW… we do not need to wait to 11/8… Sides are picked, let’s go!


    • And they want to keep us ignorant and compliant.

      [CH: wow the clinton machine is filled with even bigger bastards than i thought.]


      • e-mail author another leftoid hack
        “Team Leader in Art and Humanities”
        Sure paid by your hardly earned money to produce unaware and complaint citizenry
        Ivey was appointed chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, by President Bill Clinton and served from 1998 to 2001. His “Challenge America” small-grant initiative is credited with restoring congressional confidence in the sometimes-embattled NEA. He gained national notoriety in 1999 for unilaterally revoking a grant to Cinco Puntos Press to publish La Historia de los Colores, a children’s book that featured an introduction written by Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN, over concerns that the funding might end up in the hands of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Zapatistas). The grant was subsequently picked up and doubled by the Lannan Foundation.[2]

        Following government service Ivey founded the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy, at Vanderbilt University, serving as director from 2002 to 2012.[3] He returned to Washington in 2007 as Team Leader in Arts and Humanities for the Barack Obama presidential transition.

        Aux Armes Citoyens


      • “fading compliance”. the official kosher government term for Shitlord. Lol.


  2. The level of U.S. propaganda makes Joseph Goebbels and Dmitri Shepilov look like boy scouts.

    Simply amazing the CIA grade tactics they are using. Demoralizing any Trump support they can. If one did not know better they would of thought Hillary won the debate and there are no Trump voters. The neocons are desperate.


    • You can say that again. On abc news ‘TRUMPS CAMPAIGN CONTINUES TO PLUMMET’ and I was like…didn’t he win the debate? of course they just focus on him grabbing pussy.



        Illusion helps to keep them sane.

        A line from an old song.



    • “If one did not know better [you’d think] Hillary won the debate and there are no Trump voters.”

      I’ve become far, far more disgusted with the media just today than I have thought possible over my entire life. This gaslighting is completely Twilight Zone level.

      And that’s saying something.


  3. “We’ve seen him rate women on their appearance, ranking them from one to ten.” -Hillary

    This one kind of hit me in a personal way. In fact one of my buddies said that Trump must of learned it from me. It is just something I have incorporated into my life on a daily basis.

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  4. on October 10, 2016 at 7:51 pm Captain Obvious

    2016-10-06: Florida Gov.: No hurricane extension for Clinton


    • on October 10, 2016 at 7:51 pm Captain Obvious

      2016-10-10: Federal judge extends Florida voter registration deadline


      • on October 10, 2016 at 7:52 pm Captain Obvious

        “On February 16, 2012, President Obama nominated Walker to serve as District Judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.”


      • on October 10, 2016 at 8:06 pm Captain Obvious

        EVERYTHING will be aligned against The Trumpenkrieg – the entire media establishment, the entire financial establishment, the entire GOP establishment, the entire federal judiciary [and any 4-4 ties at the Supreme Court get thrown back to the Appeals Court decision]. Welcome to “You & Me Against the World”…


      • on October 10, 2016 at 8:23 pm Captain Obvious

        And let’s be honest here – we won’t even get a 4-4 vote at the Supreme Court. Anthony Kennedy will definitely betray us, and I wouldn’t be surprised if John Roberts did, as well. (((They’ll))) keep re-examining the chads right up until the Electoral College meets, and if, at that point, (((they))) still don’t have the result that (((they))) want, then (((they)))’ll postpone the friggin Electoral College vote until (((they))) are finally able to cobble together the result that (((they))) want.



    ‘An email written by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in May 2015 warned that “old friends of the Clintons” were concerned they could face a repeat experience in various Democrat Party caucuses, particularly in Colorado, where in 2008, “they believe the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters.”

    Hillary Clinton’s 2016 rhetoric with respect to election integrity concerns has been largely in-step with the Democrat Party line that voter fraud is an imaginary menace and any attempt to combat it otherwise should be seen as a “blast from a Jim Crow past”. During a January 2016 speech dedicated to “voting rights” in Houston, Texas, she called on proponents of voter ID and similar policies “to stop fear mongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud and start explaining why they’re so scared of letting citizens have their say.”’

    Sounds like she was subconsciously describing her own position on people exercising their 2A rights.


  6. Nice find CH, wonder if fagnopolis or any of the abc crew is going to cover this…or wait they wont.
    here is an interesting link of media that is funded by clinton – its pretty much everyone


  7. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – Bill Clinton


  8. Looks like twatter removed video already.

    The shills are all hands on deck.


  9. This is why I LOVE Trump. Not only does he get inside the Media’s decision loop. He beats them to the punch with counters.

    First time I really realized he was doing this was after the Birther thing. The media had two weeks of hit pieces on Trump ready to go. He comes out with a press conference just killing those thousands of words ready to go… and the media hated him for being on to them.

    I would bet that for every tape that Killary has Trump has one too… Mutually Assured Destruction is a biach for the biach

    MAGA 2016


  10. LOL… Memory lane… 1992… just listen to the accent on that girl… almost believable… but then… where did it go?

    And a nostalgic chuckle at the mention of the dreadful “mainstream press” bullying the couple… LOL


  11. Vox Day once said that the worst accusations levied against Donald Trump is that he might do things that Hillary has been documented to be doing already. This is certainly true here.


  12. Remember the names on that list. Come DOTR, you’ll know what to do.


  13. Grab them by the pussy, Trump! They’re all pussies.