Beware Slippery Shitlibs Retconning Recent History

Greg writes,

Its funny how my thoughts ran to the recent fake polls as well… and how the Synathedral’s nerve broke at not being able to stop the Trump landslide with whatever fraud at the ballot box they could muster…

So this reopening is their plausible deniability… “Well, she WAS well ahead, until the cat got out of the bag on the e-mail thing.”

Yeah, right.

This is exactly what will happen if should when Trump wins. The leftoid hivemind media and the various information gateway controlling underlords will feverishly attempt to recast Trump’s victory and ensuing shitlord mandate as a fluke of the “anti-Hillary FBI” reopening her email case one week before the election. This will be false. The massive and unrelenting narrowing of the polls to the point where Trump is running even or ahead of thecunt nationally and in a number of battleground states began before FBI Director Comey made his announcement.

Trump will have won without Comey’s unintentional assist (Comey had no intention of reopening the investigation; his hand was forced). Call shitlibs out on this if they try to pull this rhetorical trick. Bullycide them to tears if that’s what it takes.


  1. Huma, and perhaps Weiner, are Spies. Huma set up, and suggested Hillary have her own server. 650k emails is a data mining operation Comey’s hand was forced.

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    • on October 31, 2016 at 8:16 am Captain Obvious

      All right, I’ll temporarily break my self-imposed ban on gloating.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 8:17 am Captain Obvious


      • Both of these clowns will be forgotten in 5 years.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 9:50 am Captain Obvious

        We forgot about Emma Goldman & Alexander Berkman, we forgot about Edward Bernays, we forgot about Henry Morgenthau, we forgot about Hebert Marcuse, we forgot about Saul Alinsky, we forgot about Jack Ruby, we even forgot about Newton Minow. Everything we forget about eventually comes back with an even greater & more blood-thirsty vengeance than ever before. Talk about “Retconning”….

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      • Well I hope Trump forgets to take a victory lap in an open car… less any trigger happy “Russian” try some target practice…

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      • “I agree!”

        — Ferdie


      • on October 31, 2016 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

        Yeah, if we can get The Donald through the Erectoral College, and past a successful inauguration, then I would strongly urge Him to live out at Camp David, with several battalions of USMC on 24×7 coverage of the property. Heck, even setting aside His personal safety concerns, it’ll take years to clean the stench of the 0bamas out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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      • Archduke Ferdinand?


      • Mendo – yes….

        The System demands a war… to keep the illusion going. Trump is THE enemy to all of that…

        Imagine he and Putin just hanging out, playing with baby giraffes and laughing…

        System can’t have that…


      • CO…Bernays…was at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference aka the kosher conference even though he was not an official rep of any government.


    • Like

  2. Reminds me of how the Lugenpresse claimed that Bill Clinton’s “Sista Solja” moment was a turning point for his campaign and helped him win. No valid polls to prove it, just the press repeating it to each other for years.

    Echo chamber rape!

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  3. Monica Lewinsky wasn’t even hot.

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  4. […] Greg writes, Its funny how my thoughts ran to the recent fake polls as well… and how the Synathedral’s nerve broke at not being able to stop the Trump landslide with continue […]


  5. It´s OK.
    I´m hearing about actual vote ratios of 25:1 for Trump vs. Hillary.

    Once the #MonsterVote

    .. has rolled through, not even fat faggetfucks like Moore will be able to rationalize it away.

    #MonsterVote also cannot be rigged.
    It´ll simply overwhelm any clandestine shenanigans.

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    • Let’s not get delusion like the left. 25 to 1? No way that holds nationally. even a 60% is a blowout.


      • Is it? Why don´t you tell me?
        I presume you´re driving on US streets, how many Hillary bumper stickers do you see?
        It´s a given Trump´s are rarer because people aren´t dumb, noticed the Bolshevik aggression and don´t want their cars keyed.

        Make your own statistical analysis.
        A “Polling Station” bumper sticker.
        [Beep once 4 Trump | 2x Hillary]
        Report back. 🙂


      • I work in a large building with a 10 story parking deck. I walk that garage during lunch for exercise. Out of the 1000 plus cars that are in there, I’ve seen exactly 1 hilliary sticker on a minivan. I spit on it every day when I walk past it.

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      • Hans – As I’ve mentioned in previous threads, I’m seeing surprisingly little in the way of bumper stickers or yard signs this time around compared to 4 or 8 years ago, when this city was swimming in an ocean of Obama.
        I get the impression that a LOT of Trump voters are afraid of reprisals if they show their support openly and at least some of the disappointed Bernie people seem to have switched their allegiance to Libertarian Gary Johnson – who is supposedly polling at 20% in my state – or Jill Stein, the Green candidate.
        Hispanics may not vote in great numbers, since there is no Hispanic candidate……


    • The nost amazing thing about that image, is that it is a perfect representation of thr sexual nature of women.

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    • +1 great picture

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  6. I picture the looks on the Lugenpresses’ faces on election day to be akin to what the Patricians’ faces looked like during the first secession of the Plebs.

    “Wait, I thought we were in complete control here?!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE NEED TO OFFER THEM CONCESSIONS????!!!”

    Roman history rape!

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  7. Yep. After they got their asses handed to them in 2014 they promptly spun it as illegitimate (because dead people don’t vote in midterm elections) and the last revenge of sad old white guys.

    Hopefully the beating is even worse this time and they have to fall back on fantasies about Russians (or maybe Martians) hacking the voting machines.

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  8. When the smoke clears on all this stuff, it’ll be interesting to see how and why it all panned out like it did.

    The latest I heard was that there was a virtual rebellion among Comey’s underlings… apparently more than one G-man still clings proudly to the erstwhile “untouchable” accolade, and while upper echelon types will play politics to guard their fiefdoms, rank-and-file high order lawmen don’t cotton to taking anything lying down.

    I’d like to think that maybe even Comey himself had some pangs of conscience, and it wasn’t merely that these latest discoveries were just too big to even try to keep under wraps for another 10 days or so.

    We shall see.


    • There’s also a rumor that the rank and file refused orders to destroy the laptops of Mills and Samuelson. Incidentally, those immunity offers were made not by the FBI, but by the DOJ:


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    • I think its a number of things. And Comey realized that the turd become too hot for even him to bury without it later blowing up in his face. That or one of his boy scout underlings leaking everything.

      At this point its down to his personal interest to salvage his career with a narrative that “new emails he became aware and now has to act” blah blah etc. Absolve him of accountability with a story that he can sell regardless of who is president.

      I think Weiner is being dicked around, heh, and is a pond in this whole thing. And Huma will be a fall.person.

      This FBI thing could tip the whole thing in the net.

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      • Agreed, Comey’s move smacks of him realizing he backed the wrong horse, and is trying to switch his bet at the last minute. A career-minded, weaselly rabbit-turd, he is.

        Here’s hoping President Trump demands his resignation on his first day of office and appoints a real director there.

        Drain the Swamp and clean out the filth rape!

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      • on October 31, 2016 at 8:30 am Captain Obvious

        I have been fantasizing about an inauguration speech which begins with, “As my first act in orifice, I am ordering the United States Marine Corps to immediately arrest Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, Robert Creamer, Jan Schakowsky, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch, and to remove them all to Guantanamo Bay for trial, conviction, and execution.”

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      • on October 31, 2016 at 8:34 am Captain Obvious

        Personally, I’d also throw Jon Gruber, Judith Faulkner, John Brennan, Bill Ayers, Bernardine “Dohrn” Ornstein, the entire Pritzker Family, the entire Minow family, George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein, Lawrence Summers, Robert Rubin, and about (((6 Million other Parasites))) into the blender, but The Emperor G0d King might be more merciful than I.

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      • @CO let’s not leave out all the people responsible for the 2000s finance/housing bubble and burst, which would take us all the way back to the CRA. Bull market in rope rape!


      • He actually might have waited until it would do the most damage to the Clintons on purpose. The DOJ would have killed it months ago otherwise. The later leaks have also brought Obama to the point of cutting her loose and backing Comey.

        [Optimistic conspiracy theory] I suspect that the FBI has been getting early copies of the Wikileaks stuff, and in return sprung Assange from the embassy, which is why he hasn’t shown his face since his internet supposedly got cut. He got out disguised as a policeman is my bet, judging by this WL tweet from the 21st: “Heavily armed ‘police’ appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum (photo, Tuesday morning)”


    • If this is true, what was happening was the beginning of a rebellion / coup.

      Think about it — what else can you call it when the president and attorney general are directing the FBI to stand down and ignore serious crimes involving the Secretary of State and untold others; crimes that compromise our national security and military secrets to God-knows-who.

      I don’t know how it would have played out if Comey didn’t do the right thing. The FBI underlings would have taken this stuff directly to the military, perhaps. With Trump on the campaign rallying tens of thousand to his cause and alleging corruption at the highest levels (while reminding the military at every opportunity how the FBI had brought down high ranking generals for doing far less than Clinton has done) …

      It’s not over yet.

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      • Great comment and agreed. They have realized Trump is a leader and has many, many faithful supporters. That picture Hans posted above captures what i feel is gonna happen. Trump wins in a landslide they didnt see coming. Now, whether (((they))) try to change the numbers or claim a Hillary victory remains to be seen. I can feel it in the air, can’t wait for election day.

        Drain the Swamp


    • Maybe Comey is a shitlord who had to hide his true nature. But the truth always comes out. always.


      • Not a chance. He shutdown his people hard and they went around him to other agencies to get what was needed to expose this as worse than he said it was. Round two was him weaseling out to keep from getting fired or worse for his own actions. No trust or respect deserved that I can see – with an exception if he was actually seeking redemption.


  9. Cuck Wallace on Faux News just remarked that Weiner gave access to Huma’s laptop, so no need for warrant, and he is actively cooperating with the Feds.


    The jew is jewin’

    Weiner and Huma better watch out…or theyre going to committ suicide with 6 bullets in the back lolz…

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    • ‘Worst suicide i’ve ever seen’ – Killary Cunton

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    • Weiner and Huma better watch out…or theyre going to committ suicide with 6 bullets in the back lolz…

      LOL, either that or jump into an Arkansas swamp after having stolen more chains than they can swim with…


    • on October 31, 2016 at 2:25 am rationalisationhamster

      Weiner is up on some kind of sex with a minor charge. If it’s only a 15 year old I don’t think it’s too anathema but if he’s gone much lower he can’t laugh it off as a mistake. What do they do i n US prisons to kiddy sex offenders? He probably wants to stay out of jail at all costs.

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      • on October 31, 2016 at 5:53 am Carlos Danger

        Especially squirrelly YKWs. He will sing loudly and clearly in a fine Tenor.


      • If it’s only a 15 year old I don’t think it’s too anathema

        Perhaps not, but, as the saying goes, a lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on.

        I remember seeing once on some jail reality show where a guy got severely beaten and nearly killed because he had a “sexual misconduct with a minor” charge and everyone in the cellblock automatically jumped to the conclusion that he was a candy man. Actually he was a youth pastor and had had consensual sex with a 16 year-old girl in his flock. And the only reason the DA could even charge him was because he was the girl’s pastor. (The age of consent in that state was normally 16, but it was higher if a man having sex with a girl was in a position of authority over her.) After this gang of inmates beat his ass and the guard told them what the story really was, their jaws hit the floor.

        So, yeah, I’d say Weiner isn’t in for a very good time. Being an erstwhile jail inmate myself, I can tell you from experience that jail inmates tend to be shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later types. And prison inmates are probably even worse.


    • on October 31, 2016 at 8:36 am Captain Obvious

      > “The jew is jewin’” ——— LOL’ed. The jew always jews. ALWAYS.


    • Weiner is going to prison. Nobody gets away with screwing around with underage girls these days. No one.


  10. Hillary knew it was over a good week ago, before the FBI re-opened their case. You could tell from the desperately cheerful way her surrogates behaved and Hillary’s own dumpy body language gave it away. Trump had a bad, dreary week about two months ago and similar signs were there: he was rattled on the stump, his surrogates were defensive and losing control of the narrative, etc. but they rebounded. There will be no rebound for Hillary at this point.

    For butthurt Hillary supporters who imply Trump won on a fortuitous technicality, simply direct them to the turn-out numbers and how projections for 2008/2012 didn’t capture the trumpening of 2016. This will be Nate Silver’s excuse for getting it wrong, too.

    Something else I like about Trump -Trump announced last week that he wants to the pressure the FDA to approve life-saving drugs at a faster pace. Clinical research needs to be regulated, but 20 years to bring a new drug to market is ridiculous. He’s thinking beyond borders and crime when, politically, he doesn’t really need to in order to win. In contrast, has Hillary ever suggested something fresh or original during this campaign? She really is an old, tired hag who needs to go back to bed.


  11. Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

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    • Is there no one else? Is there NO ONE else?!!!

      /mixed homage rape!


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      • Whorefinder probably knows this but the character Maximus was a Christian. If you know rRome there are many tells. This speech being one of them.

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      • I have to disagree on that, much as I’d like to agree…

        Maximum had his little icons of family, members and spoke of “the gods” often. His dream sequences were of “Elysian Fields” as heaven.

        I’m not sure of the exact time frame depicted in Gladiator, but Christianity and Christians did not seem to be one of the themes, and I think it was a bit before wholesale persecution started taking place.

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      • @Carlos Danger:

        Yeah, Carlos, it’s pretty obvious that Maximus is a pagan (Elysian Fields belief, belief in multiple gods,etc.), although a noble pagan. Any Christian imagery/allusions you’re seeing are from the filmmakers, not from him.

        The movie is set int Aurelian/Commodus period, when Aurelian was persecuting Christians as a minor cult that he didn’t think much of because they had no power. You can argue the three male Roman leaders (Aurelian, Commodus, and Maximus) symbolize three strains of Roman belief: Aurelian the atheist, Commodus the decadent Pagan, and Maximus Christianity.

        But Maximus the character is not a Christian.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 9:56 am Carlos Danger

        Yes he is. He uses the Votive dolls for his family that Christians used. That was the biggest tell. Romans didn’t believe in an afterlife beyond Hades either, unless they were Mithrans or Christians. The Army in the 2nd Century AD was about 50% Chrisitan and 50% Mithran.


      • His speaking of the gods was necessary for a man in his position. The Votive dolls are a Christian relic, not pagan. I stand by my assertion.


      • @Carlos:

        Sorry, man, the evidence is just not there.

        1. First, Maximus, when alone and in private, asked for help from the gods —-plural.He clearly believes in multiple gods.

        2. In that same scene, he asks the “blessed mother” and the “blessed fatyher” for help. The Christians of that time period, while reverent of Mary, would have NOT called her in such a situation; the Christians of that time were knee-deep in discussions about whether God was “of the same substance” as Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and the idea of casually equating Mary and God as co-equal parents would not have occurred to them, and would have been extremely BLASPHEMOUS in their eyes. Juno and Jupiter, however, were called such by those devoted to both.

        3. His use of icons/dolls as gods are pagan, NOT Christian. The Christians of that time were very much still in the Jewish-mindset of not creating idols of God at all, and there was much debate about how God could be represented then. It was only later that Christians used a “replacement” method which allowed icons to be made in order to replace the traditional Roman practice of icons of gods.

        4.The Romans had a vague theology of the afterlife, borrowed from the Greeks, where there was some reward for being good, the Elysian Fields, which he mentions to his troops as their reward.

        Note that both the Roman and Jewish religions had very vague, underdeveloped ideas of the afterlife, something which aided Christianity in its rise: Christianity has and had a robust view of the afterlife, and indeed oriented their religion around the goal of a happy afterlife. Even today, Jewish rabbis/theology has little in the way of afterlife theology, except the more mystical branches.


      • Dude!

        He spoke of “the gods” to that negro companion gladiator, long after he had been captured and put into the ring. He wasn’t still in an position of authority where he had to make the right noises… and even when he was, he wasn’t the time to merely make the right noises… especially about his personal beliefs. Sheesh!

        Clay figurines of one’s family getting prayed to is NOT Christianity. Terracotta figurines were a staple of ancient Roman religion, and probably other civilizations as well.

        “Elysian fields”… ’nuff said.

        Stop with the square peg, round hole stuff, please.

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      • I had a reply that got et, but whorefinder covered the issue in much more depth.

        Carlos, truth is truth… let’s not be guilty of the same sort of la-la-la reactions that we chide the shitlibs over.


      • The idols depicted were known as Lares (lah’ress). Not at all Christian. The historical emperor Commodus reigned in the late 2nd century; the Greek term “xhristianos” was coined only about seventy years prior. Life existed before your cult.


      • In the Old Testament, Yahweh, the Jewish Storm God, clearly states that He is not the only god. He merely commanded the Jews to not worship the other gods above Him.


  12. The leftoid hivemind media and the various information gateway controlling underlords will feverishly attempt to recast Trump’s victory and ensuing shitlord mandate as a fluke of the “anti-Hillary FBI” reopening her email case one week before the election.

    I disagree. After an extended fight, when defeat is patent, there is a radical shift in the social atmosphere. The losers have no spirit to continue in the same manner, the impotence of their effort having been made so plain. Delayed fatigue comes due.

    The least emotionally stable will give voice to their despondency by inventing conspiracies, but no one will listen, not even their erstwhile allies — at least not in any dangerously organized form. The greater part will be relief that “the strife is o’er, the battle done.” Acceptance is the final stage of grief.

    Then Trump’s finishing move: magnanimity. Being generous to the vanquished seems unthinkable before victory is clear, but it tears the heart out of former resistance. The most radical will remain defiant in ways that do not cost them, of course, but we will finally see just how disproportionately loud the fringe, installed in the mainstream media, has been compared to true support.

    “I never really liked her anyway.” “She was too much of an insider.” “I told you we should have nominated Bernie.” “I was always #NeverHillary.”

    I would rather have a clean landslide with a clear mandate, but that was never a possibility. The roots of cultmarx propaganda are too deep for any single political event to deracinate the rotted tendrils all at once. I’ll take a 1 EV victory.


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    • I dunno… I think Trump needs a convincing mandate in order to do whatever is necessary against any Congressional stonewalling attempts of his plans.


      • It would be nice capital to have, but “needs” is a strong word. Let’s talk a couple of weeks from now, after the universal postbellum change in attitude, which I maintain will be stark.

        Every DC survivalist will have to reconcile himself to the new regime. A force of nature with unambiguous plans and official power will have a unique capacity for persuasion no matter what the media declares the qualifications for “a mandate” to be. That’s just another proto-narrative to be smashed by President-Elect Storykiller.


      • From your mouth to God’s ear…

        … and I have a distinct impression that even He takes interest when you speak. 😉


      • King is right. DC is full of ass kissers and slime balls playing follow the leader.

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      • It isn’t called “the bully pulpit” for nothing. For good or ill, the office of the presidency carries enormous power – don’t forget that power has been grown and extended consistently since Reagan. We can only hope the power is used in the interests of the nation for a change.


    • Another great post is lost in moderation.

      We can’t be magnanimous to such t.reason without leaving our posterity without a nation and a country of their own. The time has come to cut out the corru pt flesh of the body politic. Winning the election is the beginning, not the end.


  13. Watching The Donald’s Vegas speech from earlier today he straight calls out the media camera people to show the whole crowd. And of course they dont.

    The energy and intensity at the Donald’s events are off the charts. Its bursting through the seems of every rigged fail safe measure the (((elites))) have.

    Damn I cant wait for Trump to win and for the cucks and sh1t libs to cry. Glory.

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    • lol me and mendo may have to cross state lines to come celebrate with you fuckers.

      high energy patriots partying all night while low-t faggots cry in the corner rape!


  14. My guess: the (((elites))) figured that Trump is in fact winning, including in Pennsylvania which would guarantee him victory — he’s even ahead in Michigan it seems — and since Trump’s voters and Trump himself are in high dudgeon about vote fraud and would countenance none of it, they decided to capitulate and throw Hillary to the wolves. They instructed Comey to fold to the pissed off FBI agents who had all the dirt on Hillary, including the latest Weinergate material.

    Regardless, this means things are only going to get more dangerous, and interesting.

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    • on October 31, 2016 at 2:30 am rationalisationhamster

      I wonder what the strategy or purpose of this shilling was? He actually spoke the truth and yes it’s still an embarrassment to Trump.


      • The purpose was simple. He was telling (((them))) that reality hits you hard, schlomo.


      • You say he spoke the truth, yet Trump should be embarrassed?

        By what, “antisemitism”?

        Stay within the Synathedral’s frame, bear the shame… and the blame, kid.

        Obama… hell, the Dems in toto… never felt embarrassed by the bruthas, and believe me, they say and act out some TRULY embarrassing shit that isn’t vindicated by the truth.


    • Who was he a plant for? Rather, who sent him? I didn’t bother playing the video.


  15. Scott Adams called the Trump Landslide in 2015. He did this due to Trumps persuasion ability.

    But let’s consider just how special Trump is. Trump unlike Jabe-low-energy/Rubio-bar-toy/Christie-bridgegate is the one man who would bluntly speak real talk.

    “Because, You’d be in jail”

    Historians will record the moment when someone spoke truth to effete power in US politics. THAT was the moment. No one else in recent politics could have pulled it off. But Trump literally created a reality where he can say blunt real talk and get away with it. AND you know what? Cunton’s insides went a little watery after he said it. BOOM debate won.

    Granted people are tired of corrupt politicians. But it takes a special man to be able to offer an alternative AND get in the ring and mix it up with the best of them. And really it was only a matter of time that Cunton would let the weapons of her destruction fall on the floor.

    If it was not the Email thing
    it would be the FBI vs Justice interference
    or it would have been Wikileaks pay for play
    or it would have been her health
    or it would have been a Bill bimbo eruption
    or it would have been Killary’s speeches talking about being two faced
    or it would have been Bengazi
    or it would have been Clinton Foundation taxes

    With this many skeletons its a sure bet that at least ONE of them would burst out during Killary’s coronation.

    BUT along comes a guy who knows these corrupt monsters for what they are. Trump knew it’s a good bet. BUT unlike these cuckservatives HE actually took on the machine. Trump had the balls to stick it to a system that was hardwired for him not to succeed.

    And I believe he will prevail in a Landslide. And yes all the pundits will point to Comey’s FBI letter and say “no fair”! But they will forget about Wikileaks, they will forget about her “health episodes”, they will forget about Bill. Everyone wanted so bad for Dems to keep up appearances and get Killary elected. Instead they are left weeping about the tatters of the alternate reality that they created.

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    • Exactly. And we have the evidence of the last two elections to prove it.

      Anybody but Trump would have condemned Wikileaks as un-American, refused to discuss the third-world invasion, and praised how impressive Hillary was for breaking glass ceilings, or some other unimaginably pussified bullshit. This fantasy alternative nominee would have tried to win on School Vouchers and Marginal Tax Cuts and Iraq War III.

      “Luck” is the residue of preparation. None of this campaign was an accident. The strategy wasn’t minutely premeditated; rather, it was instinctive on Trump’s part, beginning with the most elementary rules of hardball that any uncucked dope would know: when somebody throws at your head, you throw one right back. Don’t take your enemy’s advice. Defend your territory. Have some dignity about who you are and where you came from. Don’t back down. Rules the right systematically forgets in the face of evil. “Everybody has a plan until you punch them in the face” (Mike Tyson).

      When you cover the basics, “lucky” things happen. Donald Trump is so lucky he’s a billionaire.

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      • the flipside of this is that those who burrow into the govt and make a comfortable nest for themselves at the expense of the taxpayers can afford to be very short on “luck”.


  16. Anyone have a good website online in USA I can bet on trump? Best odds im seeing is only like 2.5 to 1


  17. Hot off the press from the New York Beta Baghdad Bob Times:

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    • This (((Josh Katz))) can’t even keep his own lies straight… the big headline says Hillary has a 90% chance of winning, but in the by-line he writes “it’s still possible that Trump can win”.

      90% doesn’t sound like the other side has any reasonable chance, so what’s this “possible” bullshit?

      Who ARE these people? Some reptilian alien race who think you can fool ALL of the earthlings ALL of the time? 😡

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      • LOL, GE – and Katz probably considers himself objective because he lowered HRC’s chances by 1% over the weekend:


      • Dang, this newb would be eternally grateful if someone would post the proper syntax for embedding an image here at Le Château:


      • use direct link.

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      • They talk to fellow New Yorkers (Manhattan). All the conversations they overhear are liberal conversations. They have no clue what life is like in Ohio and Louisiana and Montana and Indiana and Virginia and Nevada and rural California. No clue. They have no clue. They live in a bubble.

        Hell, there are some Trump supporters in the South Bronx and Queens.

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      • “They talk to fellow New Yorkers (Manhattan).”

        this was my point in a previous post. the people running these poles are completely cut off from the people who populate that ethereal, mystical world known as real life. even if they wanted to take an accurate poll, they wouldn’t know where to look. they think we all live in the north pole with Santa Claus.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 9:51 am Carlos Danger

        Right click on the object and copy and paste the URL.


      • Postman — I use and after uploading an image just copy/paste the link that’s inside the “Direct URL” text box.


  18. Only yesterday (sob)

    “The sickness in today’s Republican Party is not confined to its current standard-bearer. It is therefore not curable by merely disavowing, however belatedly, the soon-to-be-defeated nominee. The sickness has taken over the Republican base, and there’s only one antidote.”

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    • Said antidote?

      If Republicans truly want to save the Republican Party, they need to go to war with right-wing media. That is, they need to dismantle the media machine persuading their base to believe completely bonkers, bigoted garbage.

      Dismantle right-wing media machine? What does that mean, close down the internet?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      These yids have no shame… and no end to their projection… it’s because the MSM “media machine”… and a machine it is… have persuaded the ‘Murrican public to believe in garbage, or be distracted by n1gger culture, that the alt-Right was born and grew to its current girth.

      (((shakin’ mah haid some more)))

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  19. here Greg, more made up stuff from Zero Hedge, you fairy!


    • If you’ll recall, I and several others predicted that a rank-and-file rebellion within the FBI was one of the probable causes of the reopening… if anything ZH is a bit behind on reporting THAT news… there were a few other articles elsewhere over the past two days that beat them to the punch.

      And the only thing I ever said about ZH was that they seem to take pains NOT to name YKW in their reporting… while allegedly spilling the beans on all and sundry that the MSM won’t tell us.

      Fairy yourself. 😉

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      • on October 31, 2016 at 9:49 am Carlos Danger

        Greg, they name him daily, several times. The commenters are at least as YKW wise as we are here.


      • Lucky we have your special , secret knowledge.
        Someone working where people really have to learn professional skills, like doctors and engineers, they work with so many seemingly competent and smart Jews, they have the idea they’re actually very smart and productive!! Hehe.
        You’re not fairies, you’re just dull guys in Podunk, weaker than blacks, dumber than Jews, less educated than libruls.

        It’s all right if Trump loses. You’ll still have the internet and your little parentheses game.

        [CH: chutzpah cometh before the fall.]


      • Commenters don’t count… we all name the YKW on multiple sites…

        Show me a ZH article that names the Jew, as a Jew, and I’ll retract my impression. Just giving an occasional name, like Wiener or Spitzer or Soros, without overtly connecting the dots of the (((network))) for the reader is easy, and many “approved” sites have done that for years.

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      • “subway pollster” — polling every yid in Jew York, I suppose.

        it’s alright even if trump loses, you know where you’re ultimately going

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      • on October 31, 2016 at 11:38 am Captain Obvious

        Synagogue Masturbator resurrected from the dead?


      • You’re not fairies, you’re just dull guys in Podunk, weaker than blacks, dumber than Jews, less educated than libruls.

        I’m so dull I still can’t figure out how Robert Zimmerman won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

        I mean, it can’t possibly be because of his actual writing, amirite?

        It’s just GOTTA be something else in the equation.

        Let me mull it over a bit more, I’ll figure it out eventually.

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      • Someone working where people really have to learn professional skills, like doctors and engineers, they work with so many seemingly competent and smart Jews, they have the idea they’re actually very smart and productive!!

        Newsflash, Schlomo…

        It’s ain’t the doctors and engineers that Christ was talking to back then… nor that we’re talking about today.

        The kosher butchers and deli owners neither.

        Still with the doctorin’ and the engineerin’ and antisemitism disappears in one generation.

        You ((guys))) are so smart? How come you’re not smart enough to stop doing the stuff that gets you thrown out of countries?

        Must be something in the equation besides brains… Satan himself is pretty smart, I hear.


    • on October 31, 2016 at 5:44 pm Canadian Friend

      I don’t know where to post this, so I will do it here,

      Apparently CNN fired Donna Brazille…

      you know the Democrat affirmative action black woman who bragged CNN gave her debate questions before debates so she could send them to Hillary?


  20. My question is the following:

    Why would the Democrats even WANT Hillary to win?

    It seems that the economy is in trouble (NOT the indexes; the real economy i.e. median income) and a bubble bursting is not improbable. Moreover, there is a general non cohesion in society, more so than any other period in modern US history.

    In addition there are a lot of problems in external politics, both geopolitically and financially. These are the results of the policies of the last 8 years and are only going to get worse since Hillary policies will not change significantly. To add insult to injury, there is a good chance that the whole Weiner thing will climax (heh) after the Inauguration date.

    Finally, if war with Russia or another great power is their plan to divert attention from the shitty economical and societal problems that we are dealing with then I am wondering how well this will sing with the general public. For the first time in US politics it seems like Republican VOTERS (not politicians) are the war-averse party. Moreover even Democratic base does not want war ( mainly because they don’t want the war to come to them which, if you go against Russia, it is a good possibility).

    Therefore a war against Russia would be wildly unpopular. Even if we blow them out of the face of the earth and miraculously no harm comes our way I don’t think our problems would go away. For a war to bring internal cohesion there has to be some great common idea that everyone is fighting for. What idea will this war be about? Christianity? Democracy? Family? Capitalism? Personal Freedoms? All of the above have been bastardized in the US and are now a mere shell of what they once stood for.

    Frankly, Putin’s image as Hitler will not fly, no matter how hard they push for it. We have internet now, I can freaking see the guy giving talks etc, I can hear what he is saying so I can form an opinion of him myself. Same for any other public figure in a developed nation.

    So, to repeat:

    Why would the Democrats even WANT Hillary to win?


    • Two reasons:

      – flood the country with millions more illegal Democrats, er, immigrants to quicken the pace of White genocide

      – Supreme Court justices to severely curtail gun rights and begin the process of disarming White men

      Everything else is secondary.


      • I agree but why do they event want white genocide in the first place? Meaning, are we really that replaceable as a race?

        It seems like a good portion of technological and scientific breakthroughs have been brought on by European and Anglo-Saxon culture and by extension white men. It is undeniable that Jewish people that do not focus on politics,law etc but instead in Science, Math, Engineering etc also produce great results but :

        (i) There is simply not that many of them to go around even if they start procreating like bunnies.
        (ii) Their breakthroughs are usually incremental in nature and not revolutionary. By that I mean that they tend to get a set of already known facts and axioms and deduce new facts but rarely they produce a new field or new area in science. For example Einstein took Poincare’s theory and formed general relativity out of it (no easy task by the way). Compare to Newton single handedly deducing the Laws of Mechanics out of nothing. Or Archimedes basically inventing integration with the geometry knowledge tools of a 6th grade student. Now there are exceptions. Chomsky created his Theory of Syntax out of nothing as well. I’m just stating a general rule of thumb.

        Now, maybe we have discovered enough that we can survive as a species and we no longer need to make breakthroughs. However we also need something more than food and iphones to survive. Some people call it beauty. If there is even a 1% chance that by removing White people from the equation you will lose part (albeit a large part) of that beauty, is it really worth the risk?


      • BTW my comment was to indicate that even from an “Evil Elite Petting White Cat Behind Closed Doors World Domination” perspective it makes no sense to perpetrate White genocide.

        Obviously from our perspective we should be fighting it with our last breath. I was just trying to state that the One World Order plan that is under way is ridiculously autistic and short-sighted in nature since it does not take human nature and biomechanics into account and therefore is probably damned to fail.


      • I’m getting kinda tired of having to repeat this truism, so pay attention this time, youse yeggs:

        The Big Tell of Evil is that, taken to it’s logical conclusion, it destroys itself as well.

        These One World folks are sometimes short-sighted and don’t see the end result, and much evil is done in the name of alleged “fighting for good”.

        But how many times have we heard even them say, when they’ve lost, that they’ll still try to fuck up the works for the victors?

        Satan knows he’s going to lose, but he can’t bring himself to repent… he’ll settle for the grim satisfaction of taking as much of the creation down with him.

        As will his sons and daughters… “Ye are of your father, the Devil… and the lusts of your father ye will do.”

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      • @Greg Eliot

        Fine, so the people running things are not clever enough to see past their malice.

        I guess to a certain extent this justifies CH’s opinion that if you push hard enough against their lies they will crumble. They really AREN’T that clever or cunning. They just got accustomed to never being challenged. Hence when a worthy opponent comes along that can capture the hearts of his people, they will just fall.

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      • Logic’s follow up question is a great one, except that you are asking for a logical explanation for illogical actions. You are right. Jews, who are physically almost white, and intelligent, should stop making white people their enemy while supporting the sub-human blacks that put all of our white and white-ish children in danger of a street mugging or home invasion.

        If they were smart, they would truly be on our side and work towards a world where truth is truly encouraged (not just tolerated), as opposed to being called “hate”.

        A world with only white and Jewish people — working together — would be a very high IQ world with little violence.

        Instead the Jew has pushed PC lies and opposed truth for 70 years while purposely voting the same as the 80 IQ dindus, pushing miscegenation for thee but not for me, and literally attempting slow white genocide. For that alone (((they))) should feel shame.


      • People with small depraved minds don’t think that far ahead. All they want is there drugs and pedo fix.


    • on October 31, 2016 at 11:26 am Enfant Terrible

      Because, some people, or most people, simply don’t do logic. Instead they emote. They want feelings and drama, and feelgood nonsense. They will listen to a speech from a politician about some feelgood nonsense, and go home thinking they were part of some great event, and in the meantime nothing was accomplished, and the politician couldn’t give a shit about solving the issue he or she talked about in their speech.


    • Shit if we go to war with Russia, I will become a Russian. Russians are tougher and better fighters than niggers. I will not fight for no niggers ever, fuck that shit!


  21. Like

  22. Interesting stuff from the comment section of this article

    about senescent owl creature Harry Reid threatening James Comey for doing his job. Dick Morris, the Clinton pollster, says:

    “History will undoubtedly say that the Comey announcement that the FBI is reopening its investigation into Hillary’s emails that turned the 2016 race around and brought Hillary down. But that’s a false narrative. And to grasp what is happening, we must put it aside and concentrate on the real reasons Trump began to overtook Hillary in the week leading up to Comey’s announcement on Friday, October 28th.

    Polling suggests that Trump’s gains predate Comey’s announcement. Most dramatic was the heavily Democratic biased ABC poll that began the week giving Hillary a 12 point lead and ended the week with Mrs. Clinton clinging to a one point margin. Most ABC interviews were conducted well before Comey spoke.

    So what happened?

    • Trump’s negative ads began to hit in swing states. Until this week, Hillary’s attacks on Donald had been dominating the airwaves for months. But, during the past ten days or so, his negative ads — devastatingly effective — began to make their impact felt.

    • ObamaCare premiums increases began to hit. While the full impact of the price hikes won’t be felt until after November 1st — in time for the election — the early notices that they would go up by an average of 25% with many even higher, had a big impact on the race. And Trump moved adroitly to exploit the increases in his speeches.

    • Before the Comey bombshell, the drip-drip-drip of WikiLeaks emails had been taking a daily toll on Hillary’s vote share. The coup de grace was the memo from Doug Band that was written in response to Chelsea’s accusation that she had not done enough for her father. Stung by the first daughter’s charges, Band ticks off the deals that led to a $60 million personal profit for Bill Clinton, a list that vindicates the direst of the pay-for-play accusations.

    • Hillary’s illness prevented her from campaigning more vigorously and her campaign staff, obtuse as ever, failed to give her new issues and material to use on hitting Donald. Once they ran out of abused women to complain about Trump, they had nothing to say.”

    I especially like the point about the ads. Not having nearly the funds of the evil bitch and her dark minions, Trump had to wait until he saw the whites (or sickly yellows) of her eyes before he fired. Now he’s blowing the fuck out of her.

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    • Trump’s attack ads were on heavy rotation during NFL games this weekend…


      • I’ve read that he’s finally unleashed a deluge of attack ads. Trump, a TV-savvy media personality, seems to be betting that hard-hitting ads in the last week of the campaign are more effective than a month-long, mind-numbing drone of negative advertising.

        I suspect that he has ad-men cutting new attack ads on Hillary right now, focused on her the re-opened FBI investigation.

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    • lolzozoz of course Kellyanne has to throw this man under the bus.

      (((Media))), indeed, #weknow and we will not apologize.

      This is JewSA or Weimerica according to everything our lying eyes tell us. Take your pick.

      The (((media))) is deplorable and (((you))) God damned well know it.

      (((Your))) fake anti-white words “racists” and “sexist” and “misogynist” don’t work anymore.

      When will (((you))) report on the death gap?


      • on October 31, 2016 at 6:04 am Divine Son of Kek


        All Jews. All the machinations of 2% of the world’s population.

        No shitloads of white complicity.


      • Turn on CNN, Fox News, or any other channel, and literally 90% of all words spoken, by all faces, are Jews telling us what to think and pushing anti-white propaganda.


      • Jew, it’s not me. I didn’t do it. Turn on the news. Look at (((Wolf Blitzer))) crying.




        Shut your mouth.

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      • I told you before, Divine Dreck…

        Adam and Eve were punished for their sin…

        … that doesn’t mean the Devil gets a pass.

        Many of us here have spoken about how the traitors of our own kind will get the rope first and foremost… and that there are plenty of ’em.

        But don’t keep coming around here with your “oy veys”… even first-year criminology students learn that ringleaders are more guilty than henchmen and useful stooges.


      • “All Jews. All the machinations of 2% of the world’s population.

        No shitloads of white complicity.”

        “complicity” like the way one’s immune system can unknowingly spread a virus until it builds resistance?


      • on October 31, 2016 at 9:41 am Divine Son of Kek

        “The Js did it all” just sounds like a refusal to implicate precious capitalism – the third rail of Alt-Right politics.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 10:03 am Enfant Terrible

        here comes the 2% BS.

        The (((chosen ones))) territory is the UK and the US. From there, they can spread out their tentacles around the world, through their control of news media, entertainment, academia, publishing, and banking.

        Unfortunately, in the west, we no longer have our own people, our own priests, artists, philosophers, etc, exercising their right place as the gatekeepers of our cultures, and instead we have been cleverly infiltrated by those that seek to destroy us.

        Just imagine what a guy like Mel Gibson could do for movie making, if he didn’t have kowtow to the (((chosen ones))).

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      • Whites like Jon Stewart right Kek?


      • The territory is Fleet Street and The City of London in the UK and Hollywood, Madison Ave and Wall Street in the US… And a bit of K St and the Capitol…

        Easily walkable by the 2%…


      • “Just imagine what a guy like Mel Gibson could do for movie making, if he didn’t have kowtow to the (((chosen ones))).”

        The Passion of the Christ is testament to that. The jew-holloywood establish wouldn’t back it. Fought against it.


      • “Divine Son of Kek” is a shill. I’m convinced.

        If you look at where the whole kek thing comes from on 8ch/pol you realize that nobody would make a screen name like that and be soft skype sympathizer as he is.

        The screen name is merely used to grab our intention.

        The biggest tell was the other day when he praised HRC for her tenacity…LOL…


      • Divine Drek is an idiot. Anyone who would thinks that Jason Blaha gives good workout advice needs a straight jacket.

        And, yeah, it’s a shill, too. A waste of space here at Le Chateau.


      • What is the 2% based on? Alot of kikes call themselves secular so might not be in the 2% . These cunts seem to be everywhere from what I see in my private and public life. Would not be suprised if it’s more 10%.
        A media firm I worked at was full of them and fags. Mazel Tov…was a common celebratory slogan and they promoted each other in the firm.
        That actress (((Kendrick ))) is now getting promoted. (((Kunis))) who was voted the most attractive female in the world seems not as popular now. And please take the likes of (((Stiller))) and (((Sandler))) away.


  23. We know intuitively that the media is organized against real democracy but most of us don’t have specifics other than seeing through the disinformation. Jeb Kinnison wrote an essay with some details on who owns who and how the machine operates :

    Journalism or Government Propaganda? The Revolving Door


    • Everyone I talk to says that they don’t trust CNN or the NY times. And I’m talking about liberals and moderates.


  24. on October 31, 2016 at 7:52 am Enfant Terrible

    Hillary Clinton ist Kaput.

    Es Lebe Donald Trump!!! Dem mächtigen Häuptling des Amerikanischen Volkes!!!


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  25. Meanwhile, in Russia..

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  26. Not long now…

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  27. on October 31, 2016 at 8:56 am Captain Obvious

    Asian-American voters, once Republican, are turning Democrat


  28. What on earth were they thinking? They thought white people would just give up? Just be passive and die out? Just disappear?

    No, sir. That’s not how history works.


  29. The globalist shitlib tearful delusions are all over the media today. It’s comfy.

    Here’s a random snippet:

    “Trump now has a roughly 20 percent chance of winning the White House next Tuesday, almost double what it was days earlier after a month of poor debate performances and increasingly unfocused, angry speeches.”


    Poor debate performances, like when he outright told Clinton she’d be in jail if he were president.

    “Unfocused, angry speeches” — one doesn’t have to “focus” when they’re faced with a pile of filth and corruption as far as they eye can see in every direction.

    Angry speeches attended by tens of thousands of angry, White men comprising a tinderbox of second amendment-related headaches for the corrupt, illegitimate regime.

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  30. would love to be a fly on the wall when hildog and huma discussed this. over/under on how many times the jew word came up?



    More made up shit from Zero Hedge, except I know this is true.


    • C’mon, Carlos, don’t fall into the trap of the other side and only selectively read our comments here.

      I said VT comes out with some whoppers sometimes, verified by irishsavant (and maybe others by now).

      The only thing I said about ZH is that they seem to go through great gyrations NOT to name YKW directly… or even indirectly.

      They’ll talk about the diseases, but never mention the germs.

      Don’t make me repeat this again… you’re supposed to be on our side.

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      • “They’ll talk about the diseases, but never mention the germs.”

        yes. i read the headlines and then search the article bodies to see if they ever get to the (((point)). of course they never do. lotta smart guys there for sure, but smart guys with no stones aren’t doing much to solve the main problem.

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      • their articles would be a lot shorter and more interesting if they would just come out and say (((it))). but instead they just go on, and on, and on about how it’s all crashing down any day now.

        yeah, ZH, we got that part. now stop rambling and tell us (((why))) already.


      • on October 31, 2016 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious


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      • Sometimes I think the allowed opposition does a good job for the Synathedral, even if they don’t mean to, by repeating the bad news over and over. It only leads to demoralization.

        Harold Covington often chides the alleged conservative Right of the past 40 years for doing nothing but sending articles to each other to prove how bad things were, are, and are continuing to get.

        For example, anyone who doesn’t already know or admit the RealTalk of simple things like FBI crime stats or the continuing shitskin shitstorm in Europe, well… lost cause.


      • Greg, anyone who doesn’t want to be driven from the Internet is circumspect on that YKW question. Why do you let perfect be the enemy of very good? Zero Hedge names YKW often. Do you have better sources? If so, please post them and stop playing cultural Nazi. It’s tedious. Don’t make me say this again.


      • I consider the chateau a better source… fills in the blanks that sites like ZH leave behind.


    • This weekend two teenagers having a romantic time by the river in Hamburg and the malemale gets stabbed dead in the back by a muslim. The girl is thrown into the water but survives yet very traumatized.
      4 people were stabbed at a Frankfurt train station.


  32. just got a trump letter from Omarosa. That’s funny, how many shitlibs wish they had a black friend, but don’t/


    • Her I can do without… but politics do make strange bedfellows.


    • They need my app Cloud BlackFriend.


    • considering she was a heel in his show, she shows some maturity by not bitching out about it.

      Bitchass shitlibs make fun of trump for having tyson and omorosa as his only black friends, as if your average liberal has any black friends. It’s kind of hard when most of our circles don’t match but they sure are, get this, snippy and haughty about “having black friends”.

      Minor theory is that black people don’t appreciate faggy whites who treat them like exotic pets. Tyson liked that trump treated him and his family like normals.


      • black people don’t WANT shitlibs as friends. a nigga gotta have standards, know what I’m sayin?

        seriously tho, there’s no friendship without loyalty and shitlibs are only loyal to their feelz, which are different depending on the hour of the day. ACTUAL friendship requires accountability, and shitlibs can’t have that because accountability = patriarchy.

        what shitlibs think of as friendship is more like a parasite colony. once the host begins to dry up they feed on each other. watch the cannibalism unfold as the swamp is drained in the coming year.

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  33. on October 31, 2016 at 12:30 pm Canadian Friend

    More busy than usual these days, no time to read all comments, I’m just going to say this ( for now )

    Yesterday while my new girlfriend was cooking supper , I took a break, watched tv, there was a “re-run” of an episode of PBS’s Frontline. It was a sort of “documentary” on who Hillary and Trump are, where they come from, their childhood etc etc.

    They used every event in Trump’s life to have us believe he is a cruel bully – every person they interviewed had bad things to say about Trump0

    , and they did the opposite with Hillary; they portrayed her like misunderstood victim who is actually a saint and every person they interviewed had fantastic things to say about the great fantastic Hillary.

    I could not believe my eyes…it was like a joke, a parody.

    Even when they mentioned Benghazi – which they did very very briefly, they spent maybe 7 seconds on it – they used this event to make Hillary look like a misunderstood fantastic lady who is the victim of mean people.

    To say this “”‘documentary””” was a joke does not begin to describe how absurd everything they said was.

    It boggles the mind how almost every fvck’n journalist is lying trough its teeth to help Hillary win this election and hates Trump to the point of frothing at the mouth.

    Shitlibs are half snake, half human.

    What a repulsive animal the shitlib is.

    ok gotta go!

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  34. X said: “A world with only white and Jewish people — working together — would be a very high IQ world with little violence.”
    Have you ever spent some time around Jewish people? The sexual perversion, the high rates of mental illness, and their willingness to lie, cheat, and steal make them impossible to live with. They need to be deported, walled up and forgotten. They are the mortal enemies of the White race, not to mention being generally pretty ugly.